Boveedy Presbyterian Church Graveyard

Boveedy Presbyterian Church - Copy

In loving memory of
John Boyd, died 4 February 1918
and his wife, Elizabeth, died 17 December 1915
and their daughter-in-law, Jane Boyd, died 1 March 1918
and their son, John, died 20 December 1949

A large stone, face down on the ground

In memory of
Elizabeth, wife of William Gilmore, Bovedy,
who died 1 March 1866, aged 48 years
also William Gilmore, who died 15 April 1888, aged 81 years
and their son, Samuel Gilmore,
who died 30 May 1927, aged 85 years
also Mary, wife of Samuel Gilmore,
who died 24 April 1931, aged 74 years
and their son, William Johnston Gilmore,
who died 24 March 1954, aged 79 years
also Jane Hannah, wife of William Johnston,
who died 25 December 1974, aged 83 years

In memory of
Dorathea, wife of the Rev. J. Gilmour, pastor of Bovedy,
who died 15 February 1863, aged 38 years
also the Rev. James Gilmour,
the dearly beloved pastor of the Bovedy church
who departed this life 8 July 1887, aged 70 years
also Mary Agnes, died 1879, aged 3 years

To the memory of
Ann Boyle, other wife, young daughter to the Rev. Adam Boyle,
who died 22 March 1876, aged 51 years
here also lies the body of Nancy Boyle,
wife of Rev. Adam Boyle, died 23 November 1838, aged 78 years
also Rev. A. Boyle, minister of Boveedy,
who died 10 November 1848, aged 94 years

In loving memory of
Samuel James Bolton, Lismoyle, died 14 September 1958
also his son, Samuel James, died 27 May 1929
and his infant daughter died 14 July 1937
his son, Hugh Gray, died 11 March 1971
and his wife, Elizabeth Jane, died 16 March 1975

In loving memory of
Samuel B. Warwick, Bovedy, who died 4 July 1911, aged 73 years
also his daughter, Henrietta, who died 25 October 1886, aged 5 years
and his son, Major Hugh F. Warrick, M.C.M.B., CLAS., L.R.C.P.,
and S. Edin. War Service South Africa, France, Mesopotamia,
1914-19, dispensing medical officer in Ballymoney, died 13 April 1923
also his son, Alexander, who died 9 August 1927
and Henrietta, wife of Samuel B. Warwick, who died 13 August 1931

Their son Samuel Warwick who died 6th January 1968
his wife Nellie Warwick who died 12th May 1970
In loving memory of Samuel Brown Warwick who died 11th June 2000

In loving memory of
Sarah Jane, wife of John Mitchell, Moneycarrie, who departed this life, 2 October 1913

Erected in memory of
Robert Warwick, Bovedy, who died 18 April 1874, aged 84 years
his son, Robert Warwick, Innisrush, who died 8 August 1890, aged 40 years
Alexander Warwick, Bovedy, who died 13 January 1894, aged 62 years
also his wife, Mary Ann Warwick, who died 13 January 1897, aged 93 years
Samuel Warrick, who died 30 August 1915, aged 65 years
On the other side of stone
Annie Maria Warwick, Innisrush, died 4 November 1917, aged 77 years
and their daughter, Mary Roberta Warwick, died 27 January 1951
their son, Robert A. Warwick, died 24 September 1959
their daughter, Ann Warwick, died 4 June 1965
Sandy Warwick, Gorran, died 6 March 1994

Erected in loving memory of
our dear father, William Wallace, Trinaltinagh,
who died 15 January 1911,aged 73 years
and mother, Matilda Wallace, died 25 April 1920, aged 83 years
their daughters
Letitia E., died 16 April 1929, aged 56 years
Matilda Jane, died 22 January 1930, aged 55 years
and their son, Alexander, died 17 August 1940, aged 68 years

In memory or
Thomas S. Wilson, Trinaltinagh, died 18 March 1937, aged 74 years
also Mary Wilson, born 1858-1894
also Anne M. Wilson, born 1862, died 1946
also their son, Thomas Wilson, born 1890, died 1918
and their son, Hugh Wilson, born 1892, died 1980
Florence W. Wilson, wife of Hugh Wilson, 1901-1981

In loving memory of Hugh Wilson Armstrong, died 1 June 1974, aged 90 years
and his wife, Maud, died 9 April 1980, aged 87 years
and their daughter-in-law, Mary E. F., died 4 April 1980, aged 47 years


In loving memory of

Erected by Thomas W. Stewart, Lismoyle, in memory of
his father, James Stewart, who died 1 March 1894, aged 80 years
and his mother, Margaret Stewart, who died 16 April 1903, aged 84 years
and the above named Thomas W. Stewart, who died 24 November 1918
also his sister, Margaret Stewart, who died 10 June 1928

In loving memory of
my dear wife, Lilly Ann, died 13 August 1970, aged 77 years
and her husband, Robert, died 7 July 1981, aged 93 years
and their son, Harry Gardiner, died 30 October 1992, aged 66 years

In loving memory of
Robert J. Stewart, died February 1937
and his wife, Nancy, died November 1912
also their son, Thomas, died March 1927
and their daughters
Alice, died March 1925
Sadie, died July 1931
Margaret, died January 1952
and their son, Robert James, died December 1977
and his wife, Jenny, died July 1990

Stewart, Drumard, in loving memory of
William Stewart, died 6 February 1918
his wife, Rachel, died 7 October 1927


In loving memory of
William Lynn Michael, Drumsara, who departed this life 25 February 1925
and his wife, Elizabeth, who departed this life, 19 November 1940



Erected in memory of
James Michael, Bovedy, who died 26 January 1897, aged 78 years
also his wife, Hannah Michael, who died 8 October 1903, aged 80 years
Also Annie E. Michael, died 22 February 1934, aged 70 years
also their son, Hugh Lynn Michael, who died 10 December 1945, aged 85 years


Erected to the memory of
James Michael, late of Boveedy, who departed this life on the 13 day of December 1843, aged 60 years
also that of his wife, Mary Ann Michael, who departed this life 28 April 1858, aged 65 years



Erected in loving memory of
Hugh Michael, Boveedy, died 21 May 1908, aged 82 years
also his wife, Elizabeth, who died 2 December 1919, aged 85 years
In loving memory of
Edward Moons McAllister, died 1 June 1957, aged 85 years
and his son, Joseph Gregg, died 10 August 1960, aged 28 years
also his wife, Jeanie, died 11 June 1962, aged 69 years
and their son, William Samuel, died 11 February 1993, aged 67 years

Erected by Mary Jane Demsey, Trinaltinagh, in loving memory of
her dear husband, William Dempsey, who died 8 November 1933, aged 69 years
and his wife, Mary Jane Demsey, who died 24 October 1945, aged 80 years

24345524 CPL. William C. McCaughey, the Ulster Defense Regiment,
died 11 November 1976, aged 34 years

In loving memory of a dear husband and father
Ernest, died 4 August 1999

In loving memory of
Susan, died 4 October 1938, aged 47 years
and her husband, Robert, died 24 December 1940, aged 69 years
their sons
Robert, died 9 December 1952, aged 38 years
David, died 16 December 1960, aged 49 years

Also Thomas died 19th Feb 2001 aged 75 years


A new grave with flowers but no gravestone

In loving memory of
the Rev. William John Hill, B.A., for 44 years minister of Bovedy congregation,
who died 1 February 1931, aged 71 years
and his wife, Annie M. Hill, who died 31 July 1932, aged 56 years
also their son, Frederick Robert Hill, Winter Slow, Killiney,
who died 26 September 1955
and their son-in-law, John Reid McKinlay, Burnside Road, Portstewart,
who died 15 July 1970
and their daughter, Kathleen Anna McKinlay, who died 21 November 1982

In memory of
Robert, died 6 September 1944, aged 57 years
his wife, Mary Evelyn, died 9 March 1975, aged 79 years
and their son, Robert, died 21 July 1992, aged 64 years

Erected by Elizabeth Wallace Simpson, in loving memory of
my husband, Thomas Simpson, late teacher, Bovedy, N.S,
who died 3 February 1923, aged 51 years

In memory of
William Hugh Boyd, died 23 December 1911, aged 60 years
also his mother, Elizabeth, died 24 April 1895
also his daughter, Maggie, died 19 April 1902, aged 17 years

In loving memory of
Robert Boyd, Lismoyle, who died 1 February 1895, aged 80 years
and his wife, Mary Ross Boyd, who died 27 April 1907, aged 79 years
also their son, William Neely Boyd, died 3 March 1947, aged 86 years
and his wife, Mary Jane Boyd, who died 8 March 1973, aged 87 years

Erected by James H. Knox in loving memory of
his son, Samuel, killed in action in France,
8 August 1918, aged 26 years who was interred in Heath Cem., Bray
and his daughter, Nettie, died 8 October 1893, aged 3 years
also his son Alfred, died 21 May 1894, aged 4 months
and also his daughter, Meta, died 28 April 1921, aged 26 years
also the above James H. Knox, died 22 February 1931, aged 75 years
and his wife, Elizabeth T. Knox, died 12 March 1941, aged 79 years
and his daughter, Bessie H., died 9 April 1973, aged 84 years

In loving memory of
Bryce Knox, who died 25 August 1871, aged 45 years
and his wife, Elizabeth, died 23 December 1904, aged 80 years
and his son Bryce, died 5 March 1926, aged 60 years

Erected in loving memory of
John Gilmore, late of Victoria, Australia,
who died 8 May 1905, aged 70 years
Mary Rachel Gilmore, Ballycastle,
who died 21 April 1935, aged 70 years

Large stone broken in half and face down.

Large stone, face down

In loving memory of
Jane Gilmore who died 30 April 1902, aged 46 years
her husband, James Gilmore, died 23 May 1928, aged 85 years
also their children
Jeannie, died 2 May 1905, aged 9 years
John, died 29 October 1914, aged 27 years
James, died 11 February 1955, aged 63
his wife, Sarah Emily, died 14 August 1976 (no age listed)

In loving memory of
Mary Ann Faulkner, died 25 February 1910, aged 78 years
and her husband, William John, died 20 September 1910, aged 84 years
also their son, James, died 13 December 1928, aged 71 years
their daughter, Sarah, died 21 October 1940, aged 72 years
and their son, Robert, 24 March 1949, aged 72 years
Inscribed at the bottom of above stone
In loving memory of the Cassidy Family

In loving memory of
Hugh Henry, died 13 December 1968
also his wife, Annabella, died 13 January 1994
and his sister, Martha Jane, died 20 December 1936

Erected by Stewart McAleese, Lismoyle, to the memory of
his mother, Mary McAleese,
who departed this life 19 February 1865, aged 68 years
and his father, Robert McAleese,
who departed this life 25 December 1871, aged 80 years
also their son, Stewart, who departed this life 1 June 1890, aged 72 years


Erected to the memory of
John McCahon, who died 28 July 1853, aged 93 years
and Nancy Ann, his wife, who died 6 February 1849, aged 75 years
also their son, John, who died
23rd Feby 1885 Aged 91.
And Mary Ann his wife,
Who died 21 July 1853, aged 45 years
and their grandson, Alexander, who died 31 August 1888, aged 47 years
also their son, William, died 29 December 1922, aged 77 years

Erected in memory of the family by Thomas James Gamble

In loving memory of
Alexander Park, Moyletratoy, died 4 January 1921, aged 80 years
and his son, Alexander, died 8 April 1926, aged 46 years
and his wife, Margaret Jane Park, 31 March 1836, aged 81 years
Martha Hunter, died 6 April 1956, beloved wife of William Hunter

Erected in 1933 in loving memory of
William Michael, Drumagarner, who died 6 March 1927, aged 70 years
and his wife, Isabella, who died 4 March 1944, aged 82 years

In loving memory of
James, died 4 July 1934
his wife, Mary, died 11 March 1950
his sister-in-law, Annie, died 3 April 1963
his sister, Annie E. Salisbury, died 7 January 1972
his brother, Henry, died 14 March 1976
his brother, Leslie, died 22 January 1982
his brother, Andrew, died 7 April 1984

Erected to the memory of
Daniel McAleese, who died 23 November 1914
and his wife, Jane, who died 7 November 1905
and their sons,
James, who died 5 August 1886
William, who died 22 April 1921

In loving memory of
Sarah, who died 16 October 1957
and her husband, David, who died 15 June 1959
and their daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Jane, who died 10 November 1963
also her husband, David, who died 22 October 1982
Erected by their son David, husband of Elizabeth Jane, and family

In loving memory of
my dear wife, Martha, died 29 April 1949
also her husband, Thomas Hunter, died 3 March 1956

Erected by James Bolton in memory of
his wife, Jane, who died 4 February 1885, aged 62 years
also the above name James Bolton
who died 26 July 1894, aged 69 years
his daughter, Margaret, (rest of stone, flaked off)

In loving memory of
John W. Scott, Dullaghy, who died 22 July 1948, aged 90 years
also his wife, Margaret Anderson,
who died 1 December 1948, aged 84 years
their son, John Gray, died 12 January 1964
and his wife, Elizabeth May, died 19 March 1978

Erected by Hugh S Bolton in loving memory of his wife
Elizabeth Service Bolton died Aug 1934
The above Hugh S Bolton died October 1941

The Cooke family of Dullagh in loving memory

In memory of Robert Gilmore Boveedy died 23 Sept 1888 aged 84 years
Also his wife Martha died 19th Feb 1889 aged 74 years
And their son Robert Gilmore died 6th March 1936 aged 87 years
And their daughter Elizabeth Gilmore died 13th Feb 1944 aged 32 years

In loving memory of John Gilmour Boveedy
who died 28th Feby 1884 aged 74 years
And his wife Margaret T Gilmour who died 13th Decr 1904 aged 74 years
Also their son John B Gilmour who died 27th September 1877 aged 21 years
And Samuel Gilmour who died 18th March 1907 aged 97 years
Also their son Wm James Gilmour who died 13th September 1935 aged 76 years
And his wife Margaret W Gilmour who died 25th Feby 1948 aged 84 years
”And they did that which was right in the sight of the Lord•

In memory of William Henderson late of Crossland
who died 23rd Augt 1875 aged 65 years
And his wife Jane Hilton who died 20th June 1897 aged 80 years
Also their children Mary who died 20th March 1873 aged 25 years
And Elizabeth who died 28th Feby 1875 aged 19 years
Also Joseph Henderson who died at Portstewart
on 28th Decr 1904 aged 55 years
Also Martha Henderson who died 21st Jany 1940 aged 70 years
Robert Henderson who died 18th April 1943 aged 84 years

Erected to the memory of William Hilton late of Dullaghy
who died on the 6th of December 18?2 aged 72 years
Also daughters Mary who died 5th June 1899 aged 72 years
And Martha who died 29th Sept 1906 aged 74 years
In memory of William Hilton late of Dullaghy
who died 16th June 1902 aged 83 years
Also his wife Ann Elder who died 5th July 1910 aged 74 years
Also sons Hugh who died 12th May 1896 aged 30 years
Robert who died 20th Feby 1897 aged 22 years
William James died 28th June 1940 aged 77 years
Charlotte Hilton died 4th Oct 1956
Erected to the memory of Nancy daughter of the late
William Hilton of Dullaghy who died on the 30th of June 1855 aged 28 years
Also her sister Elizabeth who died 9th May 1875 aged 51 years
Also her niece Mary Hilton who died 11th Dec 18?3 aged 6 years

In loving memory of William James died 5th March 1956 aged 84

In loving memory of William John died 13th July 1962 aged 75 years
Also his wife Elizabeth died 12th March 1978 aged 75 years
And their daughter-in-law Margaret Kennedy (Netta)
died 21st January 1987 aged 65 years

In loving memory of Mary Jane Michael wife of John Michael Lismoyle
Who died 23rd January 1899 aged 60 years
Also the above named John Michael died 12th June 1912 aged 72 years
And their son James D Michael died 16th Sept 1922 aged 48 years
Also his wife Annie Michael died 17th Feb 1940 aged 67 years
And Martha McCaughey died 18th August 1946

In Loving memory of a dear husband and father Robert Wm
died 10th March 1981
And his son Thomas G died 3rd January 1968

Large family plot Difficult to read.
In loving memory John W Starrett Dullaghy
who died 22nd July 1948 aged 80 years
Also his wife Margaret Anderson who died 1st December 1948 aged 84 years
Their son John Gray Died 12th April 1964
His wife Elizabeth Mary who died 19th March 1978

In loving memory of Margaret Ann Stewart of Boveedy
who died 6th August 1918
Also her son Thomas Stewart of Omagh who died 8th September 1934
And her son James Stewart who died 28th July 1904

The burying ground of Robert Wallace 1910

In loving memory of Robert Walls

In loving memory of Robert Gilmore Warwick
died 20th June 1961 aged 79 years
Also his wife Annie died 16th October 1966 aged 75 years
Their son Samuel Knox Warwick died 26th April 1995 aged 72 years
And his wife Maureen Warwick died 20th Jany 1997 aged 71 years

In memory of Alexander Gilmore
who died 25th July 1865 aged 86 years
And his wife Elizabeth who died 10th Dec 1873 aged 93 years
Also their son Samuel Gilmore who died 2nd Decr 1886 aged 65 years
And their nephew George G Warwick died 5th Feby 1906 aged 61 years
Re-erected by Warwick and Perry 1895

In loving memory of Robert (Robin) Gilmore Warwick
died 18th February 1999 aged 47 years
Beloved husband of Jennifer and father

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  1. Hi, the list of graves at Boveedy and in particular grave 27. if this has black surround grave markers this would be my Grandfather James Burns born 10th October 1884. his brother Robert born 1882 and his wife Rosie Burns.
    the site is at the rear lefthand corner of the church.
    regards, James Burns

    1. Hi James,
      It’s been a while since I was at that graveyard, but I will certainly check it out and update the record here! 🙂

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