Castledawson Presbyterian Church

History of Castledawson Presbyterian Church

The first minister of this congregation of whom we have any account was Mr. John Tomb, who was ordained here about the year 1696. Prior to this time Maghera and Castledawson were united. Mr. Tomb continued in this charge till his death in February, 1718. He was succeeded by Mr. Hugh Wallace, who was installed here September 7, 1720. He had previously been minister of Loughgall, and the congregation of Castledawson now included Magherafelt. The later place was erected into a separate congregation in 1738, and Mr. Wallace became minister. Castledawson was thus left vacant, and it then obtained as minister Mr. Robert Henry, who was ordained here by the Presbytery of Route, June 7, 1743. He resigned this charge through age and infirmity October 28, 1798 ; and died November 1, 1802, leaving a family. He was succeeded by Mr. Solomon Brown,* brother to the Rev. John Brown, D.D., of Aghadoey, who was ordained on the 1st Tuesday of December, 1802. On the 24th of December, 1833, Mr. Brown resigned the charge through infirmity, and died November, 20, 1834. The next minister was Mr. James Glasgow, who was ordained here by the Presbytery of Magherafelt, October 6, 1835. At the first meeting of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland Mr. Glasgow (now D.D.) was sent abroad as a missionary to India, and Castledawson became vacant. The next minister was Mr. John Radcliffe, who was ordained here on the 23rd of June, 1841. Mr. Radcliffe, having being appointed to a charge n the West Indies, resigned the congregation on the 15th of August, 1848 ; and was succeeded by Mr. Robert Gamble, who was ordained on the 1st of August, 1849, by the Presbytery of Magherafelt.

*Father of Dr. S. Browne, R.N., J.P., of Belfast.

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