Census Records

Census records can provide a wonderful insight into not just who lived in a particular place at a particular time in history, but can provide a social history of a townland, town or place. We have presented here the available census records (more will be added when time allows). It should be noted that the eaarlier census records will only list the head of a family and, unfortunately in most cases, no other information will have been recorded.


Religious Census of Parish of Magherafelt, 1766

1831 Census of County Londonderry (MADGHS transcription to be added soon). These can also be searched at the National Archives of Ireland by following this link 1831 Census  and selecting 1831.

1841 & 1851 Census returns were mostly distroyed. However, when the old age pension was introduced in 1909, these records were used to prove a pension applicant’s elgibility for the OAP and these searches still exist. They can be checked by clicking on this link and selecting the appropriate year.

1901 & 1911 Census returns are available at the National Archive of Ireland and can be searched free of charge

Religious Cenus of Parish of Magherafelt 1766

A Religious census of the Parish of Magherafelt 1766 contained in Parliamentary Returns as to Religion as preserved in documents in the Record Office, Dublin (Bundle 76, No.674)  for the Parish of Magherafelt in the Dioceses of Armagh in the barony of Loughenshollen in County Londonderry. Whilst the rector of each parish was obliged to complete this return, few actually did (or if they did, the returns have been lost). Luckily, the return for the Parish of Magherafelt still survives and is preented here.
A list of the several families in said Parish. Taken the 28th day of March 1766.

Revd. James Richardson Recr. Page 2 James Semple Page 4 Bryan McTeig Page 8
Edward Betty Page 2 James Bowman Page 4 Cormick O'Neill Page 8
Samuel McElroy Page 2 Mattw. Johnston Page 4 Patrick Judge Page 8
Abraham Keightly Page 2 Hugh Garven Page 4 John O'Neill Page 8
Robert Brodly Page 2 William Dickey Page 4 Phelemy O'Neill Page 8
Robert Redfern Page 2 William Galway Page 4 Edward Tole Page 8
Benjamin Reffern Page 2 William Robinson Page 4 Edward McWilliams Page 8
James Lenox Page 2 George Stuart Page 4 Bernard McCann Page 8
Margt. McConnel, widow Page 2 Thomas Johnston Page 4 Patrick McTeig Page 8
James Holdon Page 2 Neal McMullen Page 4 Roger O'Lagan Page 8
William Lenox Page 2 Thomas Dale Page 4 Henry Tole Page 8
William Hodwell Page 2 John Stuart Page 4 John McAtier Page 8
Matthw. Hodwell Page 2 Samuel Stuart Page 4 Darley Morron Page 8
William Hodwell younger Page 2 David Evans Page 4 James Dowdal Page 8
Richard Hawthorn Page 2 Joseph Evans Page 4 Patrick Mulderig Page 8
Tracey Dawson Page 2 Mattw. Evans Page 4 John Griffin Page 8
Richard Dawson Page 2 Samuel Evans Page 4 John Morron Page 8
William Hawthorn Page 2 Robert McErlain Page 4 Patrick Griffin Page 8
Daniel Reynolds Page 2 Adam Robinson Page 4 Torlagh McLaughlin Page 8
Gerard Carelton Page 2 Joseph Bell Page 4 Roger McGillan Page 8
Elisabth. Campbell Widw. Page 2 William McGarvey Page 4 Cormick O'Lagan Page 8
James Leekey Page 2 Moses Thompson Page 4 James O'Lagan Page 8
Henry Hall Page 2 James Brown Page 4 John Morgan Page 8
George McCalla Page 2 Thomas Shannon Page 4 Daniel Mulholland Page 8
John Downing Page 2 Samuel Shannon Page 4 Owen O'Hemphey Page 8
Joseph Reynolds Page 2 Hugh Cor ? Con Page 4 Neal O'Devlin Page 8
John Reynolds Page 2 Robert Wiley Page 4 Archbd. McDonald Page 8
William Winchester Page 2 John Wiley Page 4 Tole Gilmer Page 8
Mary Reynolds, Wids. Page 2 William Dool Page 4 Owen McWilliams Page 8
Henry Reynolds Page 2 Hugh Miller Page 4 William Gilmor Page 8
Alexander Lawson Page 2 James Taylor Page 4 John Dowdal Page 8
John Johnston Page 2 Joseph Pattison Page 4 Robert Bordly Page 8
Archibd. Brodly Page 2 John Brown Page 4 Hugh Cossily Page 8
Thomas Redfern Page 2 Hanna Dunban Widw. Page 4 Maurice O'Murray Page 8
Roger Palmer Page 2 Thomas Ditty Page 4 James McQuillan Page 8
Jane Brown Widw. Page 2 James Brown Page 4 Daniel O'Neill Page 8
Elisabeth Fullerton Page 2 Robert Steel Page 4 Patrick Nocher Page 8
William McLane Page 2 Thomas Eakin Page 4 Dennis McElhone Page 8
Edward Marlin Page 2 Jane Eaken, Widow Page 4 Roger McCamel Page 8
William Marlin Page 2 James Richey Page 4 John McGonnigill Page 8
James Collins Page 2 Alexr. Graves Page 4 Patrick Conary Page 8
Daniel McGonigill Page 2 James Gilmer Page 4 James McAtier Page 8
Henry Dernam Page 2 Robert Gilmer Page 4 Thomas Henry Page 8
George Burrows Page 2 Andrew Hays Page 4 Bridgt. Henry widw. Page 8
John Buntin Page 2 Adam Costin Page 4 Owen Toner Page 8
Samuel Pue Page 2 William Stuart Page 4 Michael McCann Page 8
Anthony Buntin Page 2 Mattw. McKee Page 4 Philemy Conary Page 8
Mary Williams Page 2 Mary Purvis, Widw. Page 4 Nicholas Ledan Page 8
John Hillman Page 2 Francis Morton Page 4 Ferdinand Devlin Page 8
Michael Buntin Page 2 Margt. Morton Widw. Page 4 Hugh McCann Page 8
Charles Greer Page 2 Andrew Morton Page 4 Dennis Conary Page 8
Olivia Fox Page 2 William Gray Page 4 Bryan McKelvey Page 8
Charles Brown Page 2 Stuart Morton Page 4 James McLaughlin Page 8
John Hamersly Page 2 James McMullen Page 4 Andrew McLaughlin Page 8
James Pardee Page 2 Alexr. Wier Page 4 John McTeig Page 8
Ralph Brodly Page 2 Moses Moor Page 4 Thomas McTeig Page 8
Thomas McGurk Page 2 James Cathcart Page 4 Bryan McTeig Page 8
Thomas Graves Page 2 George Badger Page 4 Phelemy Cahan Page 8
Robert Garven Page 2 William Badger Page 4 John Gillaspey Page 8
Patrick Hillman Page 2 Joseph Paul Page 4 George Lawson Page 8
Edward Tipper Page 2 George Campbell Page 4 Henry Taminey Page 8
Francie Garven Page 2 Jacob Wilson Page 4 Owen O'Morron Page 8
William Taylor Page 2 Thomas Caulfield Page 4 Hugh Corr Page 8
Francis Searson Page 2 James Paul Page 4 Adam Ward Page 8
Daniel McQuilkin Page 2 James Long Page 4 Maurice Ward Page 8
George Howles Page 2 Hercules Douglas Page 4 Roger Farril Page 8
Thomas McMurray Page 2 Thomas Dunlap Page 4 Fergus Ward Page 8
Elisabeth Conyngham Wid. Page 2 George Eaken Page 4 Patrick Taminey Page 8
Thomas Man Page 2 Alexr. Wiley Page 4 Margt. O'Neill widw. Page 8
James York Page 2 John Eaken Page 4 Gloshney McGinnis Page 8
Jane Graves Widw. Page 2 William Hunter Page 4 Mary Follerty Page 8
Thomas Lawson Page 2 James Stitt Page 4 Robert Coshilley Page 8
Henry Hall Page 2 Kennedy Henderson Page 4 Roger McCorley Page 8
Joseph Donnison Page 2 Samuel Crawford Page 4 Connor McAnalley Page 8
James Kane Page 2 Sophia Birkby Widw. Page 4 Bryan Devlin Page 8
Henry York Page 2 James Willox Page 4 Roger Lorcan Page 8
George Foster Page 2 Jane Garven Widw. Page 4 Hugh Mulkennen Page 8
Samuel Murdagh Page 2 Thomas Woodworth Page 4 John Scullion Page 8
John Leskey, youngr. Page 2 John Caldwell Page 4 Cormick O'Neill Page 8
Joseph Mallard Page 2 James Crawford Page 4 Allin McQuaid Page 8
Richard Mardock Page 2 Neal Campbell Page 5Lewis Walsh Page 9
William Brown Page 2 Neal McErlain Page 5Daniel O'Lorean Page 9
Francis Morgan Page 2 John Finlay Page 5Manasses Mulgrue Page 9
Alexander Brown Page 2 Alexr. McCool Page 5Michael O'Connor Page 9
William Peacock Page 2 William Farlow Page 5Michael Mulgrue Page 9
John Brown Page 2 Alexr. Semple Page 5Bryan McGonnigill Page 9
John Boggs Page 2 Ann Reed Widw. Page 5Jane Morron, Widw. Page 9
Thomas McVey Page 2 Joseph Warden Page 5Dominick Dowdall Page 9
Robert Nelson Page 2 William Marks Page 5Henry O'Neill Page 9
Alexr. Montgomery Page 2 William Dempster Page 5William Stevens Page 9
George Armstrong Page 2 William Proctor Page 5Owne Kelly Page 9
Margt. Newton Page 2 Thomas Rooney Page 5James McGurk Page 9
John Jennings Page 3 Francis Davison Page 5Bryan McGurk Page 9
Ralph Brunkard Page 3 Robert Crawford Page 5Gilldoe Trolan Page 9
Edward Brown Page 3 Mary Wilson Widw. Page 5George McCamel Page 9
Christophilus Reynolds Page 3 Robert Crawford Page 5Dennis McCarrol Page 9
Hugh McElhone Page 3 John Watson Page 5James Flanigan Page 9
Adam Hendry Page 3 Andrew Fullerton Page 5William Chievers Page 9
Richard Williams Page 3 William Parks Page 5Patrick Chievers Page 9
Robert Dawson Page 3 William Clownish Page 5Thmas Coshilley Page 9
George Rodgers Page 3 Edward McGarvey Page 5Hugh Coshilley Page 9
James Brown Page 3 John Creighton Page 5Patrick McNavall Page 9
Arthur Tracey Page 3 Adam Vance Page 5Manasses McNavall Page 9
Joseph Evans Page 3 James Little Page 5Thomas McNavall Page 9
Phillis Warburton Widw. Page 3 John Patterson Page 5Hugh McNavall Page 9
Alexr. Bradey Page 3 Matthw. Lindsay Page 5Bridget McCanna Page 9
Thomas Johnston Page 3 William Lee Page 5Charles Diamond Page 9
Jeremy Hainey Page 3 ames Johnston Page 5Michael Walsh Page 9
Thomas Bordley Page 3 John Brown Page 5Nicholas Walsh Page 9
James McGarvey Page 3 John Johnston Page 5Bryan McAlpin Page 9
Thomas Barnett Page 3 John Wilson Page 5Bryan McCorrey Page 9
Joseph Bennett Page 3 Thomas Robinson Page 5William Barnett Page 9
Robert Brown Page 3 John Stuart Page 5Daniel Mulderig Page 9
James Carothers Page 3 Hugh Stuart Page 5William Mulderig Page 9
Richard Stanley Page 3 Thomas Staunton Page 5Daniel Coshilley Page 9
Thomas Deacon Page 3 James Caldwell Page 5Patrick Walsh Page 9
Bartholomew Clark Page 3 Arthur Forbess Page 5Peter Brodley Page 9
John Devlin Page 3 David Duncan Page 5Neal O'Boyle Page 9
Randle Cox Page 3 Matthw. Harbison Page 5John McOwen Page 9
Michael Stanley Page 3 Thomas McClatchy Page 5Miles McOwen Page 9
James Cox Page 3 Thomas Lee Page 5Michael Short Page 9
Elisabth. Lawson, Widw. Page 3 Robert Clark Page 5Thomas Mulholland Page 9
Richardson Williams Page 3 John Johnston Eldr. Page 5Bernard McGuckian Page 9
James Miller Page 3 John Johnston youngr. Page 5Mary Dunn Page 9
Thomas Richardson Page 3 James Millikin Page 5Henry Madden Page 9
Sarah Badger, Widw. Page 3 Rowley Mullen Page 5Edward Boyle Page 9
William Badger Page 3 William Dobbin Page 5Patrick Slane Page 9
John Leckey Page 3 Duncan Campbell Page 5Michael McNavall Page 9
Margery Huey Widw. Page 3 Matthw. Johnston Page 5John McFillone Page 9
John Redfern Page 3 John Buntin Page 5Patrick McMahon Page 9
Joseph Redfern Page 3 William Buntin Page 5Hugh McNavall Page 9
John Morrow Page 3 James Hodge Page 5Col McTeig Page 9
John Nelson Page 3 Robert Lee Page 5Daniel McGorrary Page 9
Mary Vance Widw. Page 3 Alexr. Christey Page 5Eveng Brodley Page 9
Mary Mullen Widw. Page 3 Robt. Maxwell Page 5Patrick Smith Page 9
Edward Whiteside Page 3 Joseph Richey Page 5Daniel Mulholland Page 9
John Whiteside Page 3 John Ditty Page 5Matthew Boylan Page 9
Jane Whieside Widw. Page 3 John Cannon Page 5Torlach McAllester Page 9
Hugh Mullen Page 3 Henry Barry Page 5Owen Hughs Page 9
John Mullen Page 3 James Steel Page 5Dennis McTeig Page 9
Archibd- Williams Page 3 Elisabth. Foster Widw. Page 5Thomas McTeig Page 9
Andrew Frazier Page 3 John McCullogh Page 5Edward McLaughlin Page 9
William Cuddy Page 3 James Sloss Page 5Daniel Crawford Page 9
Hugh Rodgers Page 3 James Sloss youngr. Page 5Duncan Gilmer Page 9
Thomas Rodgers Page 3 John Johnston Page 5Patrick Gilmer Page 9
Thomas Man Page 3 Alexr. McKay Page 5John McGown Page 9
Richd. Garven Page 3 David Duncan Page 5George Smith Page 9
Ezekiel Richardson Page 3 Samuel Crossen Page 5Owen Donnell Page 9
David Duncan youngr. Page 5Patrick Quinn Page 9
William Taylor Page 5Patrick Shields Page 9
James Duncan Page 5Mary Henry Widw. Page 9
Sarah Duncan Widw. Page 5John Conwall Page 9
Mary Duncan Widw. Page 5John Henry Page 9
Mark Morrow Page 5Thomas Hagan Page 9
James Booth Page 5Richard McAllester Page 9
William Barry Page 5John Diamond Page 9
Henry Car Page 5Daniel McGuire Page 9
William Hills Page 5James McQuaid Page 10
William Ray Page 5Richard McQuaid Page 10
Matthw. Boden Page 5Phelemy Dairy Page 10
Mary Campbell Widw. Page 6John Doeherty Page 10
James Brown Page 6Cornalius McGonnigill Page 10
Andrew Richey Page 6James McGonnigill Page 10
William Berryman Page 6John Scullion Page 10
John Graves Page 6John Cargan Page 10
John Staunton Page 6Daniel O'Cahan Page 10
Mary Given Widw. Page 6Francis McCrystall Page 10
John Laurence Page 6John McDonnell Page 10
Catherine Given Widw. Page 6Alexander McDonnell Page 10
William Given Page 6Charles McCamel Page 10
Margt. Trotter Widw. Page 6Cormick McNichol Page 10
William Berfoot Page 6Alexr. McNichol Page 10
Catherine Maghlin Page 6Andrew McNichol Page 10
Michl. Wallace Page 6Christopher McKay Page 10
Hugh Wallace Page 6Neal Quigley Page 10
James McCrackin Page 6John Smith Page 10
William Mullen Page 6Daniel O'Donnelly Page 10
Robert Houston Page 6Edward Keenan Page 10
Andrew Shannon Page 6Francis McTeig Page 10
Matthw. Taylor Page 6Phelemy Devlin Page 10
James Taylor Page 6Manasses Mulholland Page 10
Thomas Ramsay Page 6Patrick Coshilley Page 10
Duncan Swainey Page 6 James Bordly Page 10
David Armstrong Page 6Edward Keenan Page 10
John Greer Page 6Edward Laverty Page 10
James Greer Page 6Bryan Kerney Page 10
Elisabth. Johnston Widw. Page 6Daniel Kerney Page 10
John Murphey Page 6Dennis Keenan Page 10
William Peacock Page 6James O'Cahan Page 10
Isabella Burney Widw. Page 6Edward O'Cahan Page 10
Esther Brunkard Widw. Page 6Bryan O'Cahan Page 10
William Steel Page 6John O'Cahan Page 10
Samuel Laird Page 6James O'Cahan youngr. Page 10
John McNeill Page 6Michael McEldoon Page 10
George Patterson Page 6Neal Keenan Page 10
Thomas Ditty Page 6Murtagh Keenan Page 10
Robert Steel Page 6Dennis McCanna Page 10
John Lewis Page 6Bryan Car Page 10
John Glenholmes Page 6Charles McQuaid Page 10
Joseph Thompson Page 6Richard Mulholland Page 10
James Ditty Page 6
Joseph Thompson Page 6
John McMurdey Page 6
David Jennings Page 6
John Graham Page 6
Anne Fulton Page 6
William Scott Page 6
Matthw. Kyle Page 6
James Maghlin Page 6
David McGarvey Page 6
John Stitt Page 6
John Hunter Page 6
Hugh Graham Page 6
David Mulholland Page 6
Cornelius Costin Page 6
Mary Semple Widw. Page 6
Archibd. McGinnis Page 6
John Richey Page 6
Nathanl. Mitchell Page 6
William Stitt Page 6
Mary Johnston Widw. Page 6
William Kirkpatrick Page 6
Alexander McCrackin Page 6
George Woods Page 6
John Tomb Page 6
William Trotter Page 6
Abrahm. Matthews Page 6
Alexr. McMullen Page 6
Andrew Little Page 6
George Benderman Page 6
Matthw. Allison Page 6
Jeremy Lindsay Page 6
George Lindsay Page 6
James Houston Page 6
Robert Conning Page 6
Andrew Richey Page 6
William Oar Page 6
Martha Taylor Widw. Page 6
Andrew Davidson Page 6
William Duncan Page 7
Robert Armstrong Page 7
Mary Loughey Widw. Page 7
Samuel Bates Page 7
George Graham Page 7
William Graham Page 7
David Reed Page 7
William Dunlap Page 7
Adam Burrows Page 7
David Graham Page 7
Robert Burrows Page 7
John Ditty Page 7
John Ditty youngr. Page 7
Samuel Ditty Page 7
William Ditty Page 7
George Wright Page 7
Benjamin Brown Page 7
John Brown Page 7
James Brown Page 7
William Brown Page 7
Mary Ann Brown Widw. Page 7
John Waller Page 7
John Waller youngr. Page 7
James McNaught Page 7
James McNaught youngr. Page 7
Robert McMaster Page 7
Hugh Brown Page 7
William Eaken Page 7
Thomas Wallace Page 7
Robert Love Page 7
John McKee Page 7
Thomas Maghlin Page 7
George Philipps Page 7
John Askin Page 7