Draperstown Presbyterian Church Baptisms

Draperstown Presbyterian Church Baptisms are a selection of transcribed baptism records.

No.Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's NameMother's Name
927 Nov 1887Alex Phillips8 Mar 1887Edward PhillipsMargaret Hanna
2124 Jun 1888Margaret Elizabeth Graham31 Mar 1888Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
295 May 1889Sarah Jane Phillips29? Mar 1889Edward PhillipsMargaret Hanna
426 May 1890Job Hutchinson28 Aug 1876William HutchinsonRosella Graham
436 May 1890Archy Hutchinson17 Sep 1877William HutchinsonRosella Graham
446 May 1890Willie Hutchinson17 Sep 1877William HutchinsonRosella Graham
456 May 1890Jackson Hutchinson11 Feb 1882William HutchinsonRosella Graham
466 May 1890Annie May Hutchinson23 Jun 1884William HutchinsonRosella Graham
476 May 1890James Hutchinson3 Oct 1886William HutchinsonRosella Graham
486 May 1890Bella Hutchinson3 Dec 1888William HutchinsonRosella Graham
5913 Mar 1891Mary Adelaide Graham7 Aug 1890Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
6219 Oct 1891William Robert Henderson8 Oct 1890George HendersonEliza Ellen Boon
7427 Oct 1892Sarah Jane Henderson17 Apr 1892George HendersonEliza Ellen Boon
7623 Feb 1893Matilda Graham21 Dec 1891Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
8018 Jun 1893John Craham25 Mar 1893Thomas GrahamMary Phillips
8719 Apr 1894Maggie Jane Boon24 Jan 1894Samuel BoonMary Ann Nelson
8924 Aug 1894Sadie Ethel Anderson18 Jun 1892William Anderson_____ Lawrence
9124 Aug 1894John George Hutchinson6 May 1893William HutchinsonRosella Graham
9827 Jun 1895Sarah Jane Graham21 Mar 1895Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
10026 Nov 1895Thomas Graham26 Jun 1895Thomas GrahamMary Phillips
10824 May 1897John Boon6 Apr 1896Samuel BoonMary Ann Nelson
11226 Aug 1897Anne Graham20 May 1897Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
11526 May 1898William Robert Graham23 Mar 1898Thomas GrahamMary Phillips
11825 Oct 1898Robert Boon11 Sep 1898Samuel BoonMary Ann Nelson
12823 Nov 1899John Graham2 Aug 1899Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
153Nov-20-1902James Patterson Black Graham6?/10/1902Thomas GrahamMary Phillips

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

Draperstown, Tobermore, and Maghera Farming Society annual ploughing match

Banner of Ulster – Friday, 10 March, 1843
DRAPERSTOWN, TOBERMORE, AND MAGHERA FARMING SOCIETY. — The annual ploughing match of this Society took place at Macknagh, near Maghera, on Monday, 27th February. The day being favourable for ploughing, great numbers were assembled to witness the proceedings, amongst whom were the Rev. William Spencer Knox, the Rev. James S. Knox, James J. Clark, Esq., R. L. Malverer, Esq., and many other gentlemen who have long very zealously and efficiently exerted themselves in supporting and promoting the interests of the Society. Thirteen well-appointed ploughs started, and finished their respectable lots in due time. The judges — Messrs. David M’Kane, John Brooks, and James Duff — after a most careful and attentive inspection, awarded the Society’s premiums in the following order: — 1st premium and the Silver cup to Mr. Massey M’Elree, plough held by himself; 2d, to Mr. David Kenning, plough held by his son; 3d, to Mr. Samuel M’Gown, plough held by his servant; 4th, Mr. Robert Wallace, plough held by his son; 5th, Mr. Samuel M’Elree, plough held by his servant; 6th, Mr. James Paul, plough held by his servant; 7th, Mr. P. Duffy, plough held by his son; 8th, Mr. T. A. Dickson, plough held by his servant; 9th, Mr. Abraham Kennedy, plough held by his servant; 10th, Mr. W. Young, plough held by his servant. In the evening, the Society met in the Maghera Hotel, and sat down to an excellent dinner, prepared by Mr. Mulholland, in his best style. James J. Clarke, Esq., presided, and in the course of the evening made many useful and highly interesting observations relating to the Society, and the means of extending this usefulness. The cloth being removed, and the health of the Queen and many other loyal toasts being given and duly honoured, the health of the “Judges of the day” was proposed and drank with great enthusiasm, all present vieing with each other in testifying the high opinion entertained of the superior kill skill and integrity of the judges. The health of the several friends and supporters of the Society, some of whom were unavoidably absent, was given and responded to in the most cordial manner. “The successful candidates,” “The unsuccessful candidates,” and many other toasts, were given and replied to in the most friendly spirit imaginable,. Several challenges for stock and crops were given and accepted. The meeting then separated, the greatest harmony and good feeling having prevailed throughout the entire proceedings.