Tobermore Presbyterian Church Marriages

Tobermore Presbyterian Church Marriages complete from 1845 to 1918.

No.DateNamesAgeConditionOccupationResidenceFather's NameFather's OccupationWitnessesTranscriber comments
111 Sep 1845James Boon24BachelorFarmerBallynureCharles BoonFarmerHenry Boon
Mary Ann Boon24SpinsterFarmerBallynureWilliam BoonFarmerCharles Boon
213 Jan 1845Thomas Sturgeon35BachelorFarmerToberheadJohn SturgeonFarmerEaby? Nelson?
Jane Silly45UnmarriedSpinsterBallinahoneMichael SillyFarmerHenry McNally
327 Jan 1846Robert Hutchinson26BachelorFarmerMoneyguiggySamuel HutchinsonFarmerWilliam Nelson
Sarah Jane Campbell23UnmarriedSpinsterTamneyaskinHenry CampbellFarmerJohn Hopper
424 Feb 1846John Boon30BachelorFarmerBallynureWilliam BoonFarmerRobert Clarke
Peggy Boon28SpinsterSpinsterBallynureRobert BoonFarmerJames L?ule?
519 Mar 1846William Black23BachelorFarmerCalmoreWilliam BlackFarmerJohn Stewart
Jane Linn21UnmarriedSpinsterCloneyJohn LinnFarmerJohn Hopper
624 April 1846John Early21BachelorLabourerMoneyguiggy P.O. BallynascreenJohn EarlyWeaverJames Hughes
Betty McReady21SpinsterSpinster (crossed through)Tobermore, P.O. KilcronaghanIsaac McReadyLabourerHenry McNally
7Left Unfilled by Mr Brown
811 May 1846Henry Atkinson46?WidowerLabourerBoth in Dunglady, P.o.MagheraJohn AtkinsonLabourerJohn Moss
Hanna Atkinson34?SpinsterNoneJohn AtkinsonLabourerJames Atkinson
912 Jan 1847John Johnston40BachelorFarmerFallagloonRobert JohnstonFarmerWilliam Baird?
Margaret Peoples22SpinsterSpinsterKnockaneill, both P.O. MagheraJames PeoplesBLANKJohn Peoples
1019 Jan 1847Alexander Kenning30BachelorFarmerGortnaskeaDavid KenningFarmerHenry? ?
Anna McGowan20SpinsterNoneDuntybryan Co. DerryJames McGowanFarmerThomas? A Hanna?
1123 Feb 1847William Dobbin32BachelorFarmerGlenmaquillRichard DobbinFarmerRobert Millican
Ester Knight25SpinsterNoneBalnahoneJames KnightFarmerSamuel Dobbin
127 Feb 1848Robert Stewart32BachelorFarmerTullyroanWilliam StewartFarmerRobert Lyle (or Clark)
Mary Boyd26SpinsterSpinsterDurnascallionRobert BoydFarmerGeorge Booth
1326 May 1848Alexander Porter20UnmarriedFarmerGortamneyJohn PorterFarmerJoseph Dickson
Mary Cousley20UnmarriedSpinsterMoneyshanereJohn CousleyFarmerWilliam Waters
147 Sep 1848Thomas Shannon24UnmarriedFarmerCarmaineGeorge ShannonFarmerSamuel LytleCarmean?
Eliza Clarke20UnmarriedSpinsterDrumcrowMatthew ClarkeFarmerMatthew Clarke
1523 Sep 1848John Nelilson34UnmarriedLabourerDromore?David? NeilsonBLANKJohn BuntingThe word Dromore? Is written once, but appears to be for the two parties
Hanna Curry22UnmarriedSpinster?Dromore?Jackson CurryBLANKJohn Leech?
1617 May 1849John Neely41BachelorFarmerCloghfinJohn NeelyFarmerJohn Neely
Nancy Milliken30UnmarriedSpinsterGortamney?James MillikenFarmerGeorge Neely
1721 May 1849James McBride21BachelorLabourerBallinahoneJames McBrideFarmerJohn McC??y
Jane Arthur20SpinsterSpinsterCalmoreJohn ArthurBlankJohn Arthur
1822 May 1849Thomas Taylor55WidowerFarmerMoyheelandJames TaylorFarmerThomas Witherow
Elizabeth Scott50WidowFarmerTobermoreMatthew KyleFarmerJames? Hanna
1919 Jul 1849James Porter25BachelorLabourerDuntibryanWilliam PorterFarmerA Campbell
Eliza McCracken20SpinsterSpinsterDuntibryanWilliam McCrackenLabourerMary A ??
2029 Aug 1849John P? Patterson24BachelorFarmerCross Kearnay??BlankBlankAndrew Tannahill?
Jane Clark21SpinsterSpinsterDrumcrowJohn ClarkFarmerGeorge Stewart?
214 Sep 1849Charles Kennedy22BachelorTailorDergenagh?William KennedyTailorDavid Boyle
Eliza Bradley21SpinsternoneDergenagh?Samuel? BradleyLabourerRobert Bradley
221 Nov 1849Alexander WhiteFullBachelorFarmerKillytoneyRobert WhiteFarmerAlexander White
Nancy JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneMoyessetWilliam JohnstonFarmerRobert Mitchel
237 Dec 1849James SampsonFullBachelorFarmerDrumballyhaganMatthew SampsonFarmerWilliam Sampson
Nancy LyleFullSpinsternoneMormealJohn LyleFarmerMargaret Lyle
24BLANKJames Ross?Left unfilled by Mr BrownRobert Ross?George? Boot?Moss??
Eliza MillerJohn Otterson?
254 Jun 1850Matthew Anderson26BachelorFarmerFallagloonSamuel AndersonFarmerSamuel Anderson
Mary Shields26SpinsterNoneBallinahoneJohn ShieldsFarmerJohn Lytle
2627 Jul 1850David Hepburn28BachelorFarmerDrumardDavid HepburnFarmerRobert Leick?
Sarah Clarke22SpinsterNoneDrumcrowMatthew ClarkeFarmerGeorge Hepburn
2726 Aug 1850William Laird23BatchelorLabourerDuntybrianSamuel LairdLabourerMargaret McClain
Eliza Ann Magill25SpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam? MagillFarmerSamuel? Steele
2821 Mar 1851John Lafferty24UnmarriedWeaverCalmoreWilliam LaffertyWeaverRobert Milligan
Sarah Gregg23UnmarriedSpinsterTobermoreJames GreggNailorJohn Arthur
299 Apr 1851William Higgins21UnmarriedLabourerDrumballyhaganJohn HigginsRope makerRobert Campbell
Jane Winton21UnmarriedSpinsterMoyessetThomas WintonWeaverThomas Sampson
3024 Nov 1851Robert GreggFullBachelorLabourerTobermoreWilliam GreggWeaverRobert Campbell
Mary Ann LeeMinorSpinsterNoneTobermoreHenry LeeNailorDavid Watters
3117 Jan 1852John Orr24BachelorFarmerDerryard, BovevaWilliam OrrFarmerHenry Porter
Mary Jane Lynn22SpinsterNoneBallynahoneGeorge LynnFarmerWilliam Porter
325 Mar 1852David Hanna21BachelorFarmerMoyheelandSamuel HannaFarmerAlexander Kenning
Eliza Hutchinson23SpinsterNoneMoneyguiggySamuel HutchinsonFarmerWilliam Hanna
3325 Mar 1852Thomas Knight35BachelorFarmerMurmeal, KilcronaghanThomas KnightFarmerJohn LyleThe film is very light for this one
Matilda Martin19SpinsterNoneDuntybrian, BallynascreenJohn MartinFarmerMargaret Rea
3415 Apr 1852William NelsonFullBachelorFarmer & ShopkeeperTobermoreWilliam NelsonWatchmaker?Robert NelsonThe film is very light for this one
Anna QuinFullSpinsterNoneBLANKThomas QuinFarmerSarah Hanna(perhaps the minister meant BOTH were from Tobermore? Not sure)
3517 May 1852Robert McGill28BachelorFarmerKillynumberWilliam McGillFarmerRobert Nelson
Margaret McClean23SpinsterSchool MistressGrannyJohn McCleanFarmerJohn Cathers?
3621 Jul 1852Andrew Stuart35BachelorServantMurmealJohn StuartLabourerThomas Winton
Elizabeth Winton19SpinsterNoneTobermoreJames WintonLabourerSamuel? Winton
3725 Feb 1853John Lyle20BachelorFarmerMormealWilliam LyleFarmerBLANK
Nancy McGowan28SpinsterNoneBallinderryWilliam McGowanFarmerBLANK
383 Mar 1853James Johnston30BachelorFarmerKnockandoo?Robert JohnstonFarmerJoseph Johnston
Esther Shiels24SpinsternoneBallinahoneRobert ShielsFarmerJohn Hunter
3923 Mar 1853Charles Dunn22BachelorFarmerGlencopper?BLANKFarmerSamuel Gregg
Isabella Sampson23SpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganThomas SampsonFarmerWilliam Neilson
409 Jun 1853William Clark28UnmarriedFarmerDrumballyhaganRobert ClarkFarmerAlexander Lyle
Jane Booth20SpinsterNoneTullyrowanJohn BoothFarmerWilliam Clark
4129 Jul 1853James Patterson73WidowerFarmerCarnamoneyAlexander PattersonFarmerRobert Hutchinson
Eliza Leacock37SpinsterNoneDunmurryRobert LeacockFarmerJames Henderson
423 Sep 1853Henry James Early22BachelorFarmerBalnahoneJames EarlyFarmerSamuel Winton
Mary Badger16SpinsterNoneBalnahoneEdward BadgerWeaverStewart Mark
4313 Oct 1853James Wilkinson28BachelorOf Railway Station LisburnLisburnWilliam WilkinsonFarmerAlexander Patterson
Eliza McGowan28SpinsterNoneDuntybrianJames McGowanFarmerJames Williamson
449 Nov 1853Robert Lynn22BachelorWeaverBallymucklecurrSamuel LynnLabourerRobert Lyle
Isabella Winton24SpinsterNoneTobermoreJohn WintonLabourerFrederick? Lees?
4521 Nov 1853James Reid21BachelorWeaverBalnahoneJohn ReidLabourerThomas Mackerill
Catherine Bowman22SpinsterNoneBalnahoneMatthew BowmanLabourerGeorge Stewart
4622 Nov 1853Samuel Hazlett25BachelorLabourerCalmoreGeorge HazlettLabourerJames Nelaon
Nancy McCrory25BLANKBLANKDrumballyhaganWilliam McCroryLabourerRobert John Hazlet
473 Nov 1853William Hamilton27BachelorFarmerBroaghJohn HamiltonFarmerJohn HamiltonYes, it IS dated Nov 3rd 1853. I assume the minister meant December as the preceeding enteries are late November 1853
Eliza Millar24SpinsternoneBallinderryWilliam MillarFarmerJames Taylor
4828 Feb 1854William Milliken24BachelorWeaverBLANKAlexander MillikenFarmerHugh Johnston
Nancy Brown26SpinsterNoneBLANKJoseph BrownLabourerThomas Kane
4913 Mar 1854David Waters21BachelorShoemakerCalmoreDavid WatersFarmerMargaret Magill
Sarah Magill22SpinsterNoneBLANKWilliam MagillFarmerJames Milligan
5023 Mar 1854James Henderson28BachelorFarmerCarnmoneyGeorge HendersonFarmerJohn Kennedy
Jane Steele26SpinsterNoneDuntybrianJoseph SteeleSurgeonWilliam Henderson
5110 Apr 1854John Atkinson24BachelorLabourerCalmoreBLANKLabourerJohn Atkinson
Elizabeth Lapping22SpinsterNoneTullyrowanJohn LappingLabourerWilliam Campbell
525 Jun 1854William Johnston26BachelorLabourerCalmoreJohn JohnstonLabourerJohn Young
Mary Jane Gibson23SpinsterWeaverBalnahoneAndrew GibsonLabourerSamuel Winton
5314 Jul 1854Robert McClasky40WidowerFarmerKnockadooRobert McClaskeyFarmerJohn Faith?
Mary Ann Shiels30SpinsterNoneMormealRobert ShielsFarmerArchibald Shiels
542 Nov 1854John Winton20BachelorWeaverMoyessetThomas WintonWeaverWilliam Wallace
Margaret Mansfield20SpinsterNoneTobermoreEdward MansfieldServantWilliam Porter
552 Feb 1855Thomas Young22BachelorLabourerCarrick near MagheraThomas YoungLabourerRobert ClarkCarricknakielt
Martha Brown21SpinsterNoneBalnahonePatrick BrownLabourerHenry McNally
561 Mar 1855Kennedy McAdoo25BachelorFarmerKnockadooRobert McAdooFarmerArchibald Shiels
Nancy Shiels21SpinsterNoneMormealRobert ShielsFarmerJane McMullan
571 May 1855Robert Lyle35? 55?BachelorFarmerTullyronanHugh LyleFarmerAlexander LyleNo Date is recorded in Marriage Register; this date comes from Emerald Ancestors
Eliza Lyle20SpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam LyleFarmerJohn McElree
5826 Sep 1855Joseph Montgomery20BachelorWeaverCorrydarraghJohn MontgomeryFarmerJohn Reid
Mary Betty McMullan19SpinsterNoneBalnahoneJohn McMullanFarmerWilliam Montgomery
592 Nov 1855John Taylor20BachelorLabourerDraperstownJohn TaylorFarmerPatrick Murray?
Anna Ball21SpinsterNoneDraperstownJohn BallLabourerJames Henderson
607 Nov 1855Joseph Stars22BachelorNailorCloneyGeorge StarsNailorWilliam Waters?
Peggy Jane Winton16SpinsterNoneCloneyJohn WintonFarmerDavid Martin Jones??
6129 Nov 1855John Mitchell20BachelorLabourerCalmoreEly MitchellLabourerRobert Lamont
Mary Ann Paul20SpinsterNoneCalmoreDavid PaulLabourerWilliam Faith
626 Dec 1855Jonathan Gregg28BachelorShoemakerTobermoreJohn GreggShoemakerJohn Young
Eliza Waters18SpinsterNoneCalmoreDavid WatersFarmerPeter Waters
637 Dec 1855Thomas Mackeral20BachelorLabourerBalnahoneRobert MackeralLabourerGeorge Wilson
Caroline Bowman18SpinsterNoneDergenaghMatthew BowmanFarmerJames Henderson
6418 Feb 1856William Todd21BachelorLabourerTullyrowanWilliam ToddLabourerGeorge McKee
Eliza Lynn25SpinsterNoneCloneyJohn LynnLabourerEliza Todd
656 Mar 1856Robert HenryFullBachelorArchitectMagheraJames HenryFarmerAlexander Morrison
Ann PettigrewFullSpinsterNoneMagheraJoseph PettigrewMerchantJames Henderson
6620 Mar 1856James Wylie22BachelorLabourerBallynagowan?John WylieLabourerJohn Paul
Nancy Burnside23SpinsterNoneMoyessetDavid BurnsideLabourerJames Henderson
6720 Mar 1856Henry James McGowan22BachelorFarmerBallinderryWilliam McGowanFarmerAlexander Lyle
Sarah Jane McConway25SpinsterNoneBalnahoneWilliam McConwayScripture ReaderJames Henderson
684 Apr 1856Andrew JohnstonFullBachelorFarmerFallagloonSamuel JohnstonFarmerJohn Johnston
Elizabeth ShielsFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJohn ShielsFarmerJames Henderson
698 Apr 1856Henry Pedan19BachelorLabourerCloughfinJames PedanLabourerJames Pedan
Mary Porter18SpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam PorterLabourerJames Henderson
7011 Apr 1856James McClelland20BachelorWeaverCloughfinEdward MclellandWeaverGeorge Stars
Mary Ann Stars18SpinsterNoneCloneyJohn StarsFarmerJames Henderson
7124 May 1856David Paul23BachelorLabourerGortamneyDavid PaulFarmerWilliam White
Jane Todd19SpinsterNoneTullyrowanIsaac ToddLabourerWilliam Henderson
7229 May 1856John McKee23BachelorLabourerFallagloonMoses McKeeFarmerJames Henderson
Sarah Johnston17SpinsterNoneFallagloonThomas JohnstonFarmerJames Anderson
7330 July 1856Edward WilsonFullBachelorWeaverBallymacphersonDavid BrooksFarmerJane JohnstonNo, I haven't made a mistake, the Bride & Groom's fathers appear EXACTLY as in the Marriage register
Eliza Jane BrooksFullSpinsterNoneKillynumberEdward WilsonWeaverJoseph Fulton
749 Oct 1856Charles McAughy21BachelorLabourerBalnahoneCharles McAughyFarmerRobert Shiels
Susanna Rankin20SpinsterNoneBalnahoneJames RankinFarmerJane Shiels
7519 Jan 1857George FerrisFullBachelorFarmerCoolshinneyWilliam FerrisFarmer & Reed makerJohn Clark
Ellen Clark18SpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJames ClarkFarmerRobert Clark
7625 Mar 1857William Martin?FullWidowerFarmerTobermoreDavid Martin?FarmerRobert CampbellThe name LOOKS like Watns.. But there is DEFINETLY a dot above a letter near the end of the name....
Nancy Campbell20SpinsterNoneFallyLeagh?John CampbellFarmerRobert Matins?
779 Apr 1857Henry George Hazlett23BachelorLabourerMoneyguiggyGeorge HazlettFarmerJohn Sampson
Jane Mansfield21SpinsterNoneTobermoreEdward MansfieldBLANKWilliam Wallace
7810 Apr 1857Matthew Clark21BachelorServantKillytoneyJames ClarkLabourerMargaret Mitchell
Jane Mason23SpinsterNoneKillytoneyJames MasonLabourerJane Henderson
799 Sep 1857David Winton45WidowerFarmerTownland of CloneyRalph WintonFarmerWilliam Lyle
Mary Ann Linn32SpinsterNoneTownland of CloneyJohn LinnFarmerJames Winton
8022 Dec 1857Joseph SteeleFullBachelorFarmerBallymoughanWilliam SteeleFarmerDavid Archer
Mary SteeleFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreJoseph SteeleSurgeonJohn Ditty
8114 Jan 1858William Moon20BachelorLabourerTobermoreWilliam MoonLabourerWilliam Lyle
Eliza Devlin19SpinsterNoneTobermoreJohn DevlinLabourerJames Winton
8221 May 1858Robert MitchellFullBachelorCarpenterBallydonnel???Thomas MitchelLabourerWilliam Shuton?
Isabella BradleyFullSpinsterNoneCalmoreJohn BradleyBLANKSamuel Paul
8315 Jul 1852Henry BoonFullBachelorFarmerBallynureCharles BoonFarmerJohn HopperThe date of this entry says 1852.. Even though the entry before is 1858! I assume that the wrong year was entered and perhaps the
Mary HopperUnderSpinsterNoneCalmoreJohn HopperFarmerJames Hendersonminister did not want to correct the register so he got the couple to sign the register again on No.85 as that is obviously the same parties!
841 Sep 1858James StewartFullBachelorFarmerGrannyAndrew StuartFarmerGeorge Walker
Mary Ann Taylor20SpinsterNoneMurmealSamuel TaylorFarmerJames Henderson
8516 Jul 1858Henry BoonFullBachelorFarmerBallynureCharles BoonFarmerJohn Hopper
Mary HopperUnderSpinsterNoneCalmoreJohn HopperFarmerJohn Boon
8618 Oct 1858Robert Gordon21BachelorLabourerCalmoreRobert GordonLabourerJames Winton
Mary Ann Martin21SpinsterNoneTobermoreSamuel MartinLabourerJohn Henderson
8721 Dec 1858Thomas HannaFullBachelorFarmerMoyheelandSamuel HannaFarmerJane Huston
Mary Jane Hutchinson18?SpinsterNoneMoyheelandSamuel HutchinsonFarmerJames Henderson
88Left vacant by Late Rev Wm Brown but for what cause I cannot tell. William Anderson July 12 1866
8929 Feb 1859James WallaceFullWidowerLabourerCoolsaraghWilliam WallaceLabourerWilliam Robert Smyth
Margaret Jane Winton19SpinsterNoneTobermoreJames WintonLabourerDavid Winton
9013 Jul 1859James ConnorFullBachelorFarmerFlandersJohn ConnorFarmerJoseph OrrFlanders, Parish of Bovevagh (Dungiven)
Margaret LinnFullSpinsternoneBallynahoneGeorge LynnFarmerJohn Orr
9122 Jul 1859John AvrallFullBachelorFarmerRocktownJohn AvralFarmerDavid McElree
Eliza Scott18? 15?SpinsterNoneBallynureJohn ScottFarmerWilliam Kyle
9215 Nov 1859John Gordon22BachelorLabourerTobermoreHenry GordonLabourerJames McGrede?
Eliza Moore21SpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam MooreLabourerJames Moore
9324 Jan 1860Thomas Andrew DicksonFullBachelorLabourerMoybegThomas Andrew DicksonFarmerJames McGowan
Mary Douglas? McGowanFullSpinsterNoneDuntybrianJames McGowanFarmerMatthew? Lyttle
9424 Feb 1860Ross StarsFullBachelorTradesmanTobermoreJohn StarsFarmerHugh Stars
Margaret McGready20SpinsterNoneCloneyWm McGreadyFarmerJames M'Aerter?
9513 Jan 1860John GettyFullBachelorFarmerDungladyThomas GettyFarmerJoseph Shiels
Jane ShielsFullSpinsternoneBallinahoneRobert ShielsFarmerMatilda Shiels
9617 Apr 1860John MartinFullBachelorLabourerTobermoreRobert MartinLabourerJames Cousley
Nancy McKeeFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreJames McKeeFarmerRobert Moore
9717 Apr 1860James ThompsonFullBachelorMillerCavanreaghJohn ThompsonMillerThomas Knight
Jane MartinFullSpinsterNoneDuntybrianJohn MartinFarmerAlexander Martin
984 May 1860Samuel Brooks20BachelorFarmerKillynumberDavid BrooksFarmerAlexander Porter
Nancy Stewart21SpinsterNoneGrannyAndrew StewartFarmerThomas Henderson
9911 May 1860Thomas Henry21BachelorFarmerKnocknaginWilliam HenryFarmerJohn Gillespie?
Anabella Cousley21SpinsterNoneMagherafeltJohn CousleyFarmerNancy Cousley
100This space No.100 was passed over by mistake and should not contain the ???? Of a marriage. Wm Anderson Officiating Minister Jan 22 1861
116 Jul 1860George Alexander Clarke20BachelorFarmerDrumballyhaganJames ClarkFarmerJohn Clark
Maria Ann McElree19SpinsterNoneMoneyshanereSamuel McElreeFarmerEliza Jane McNalley
215 Nov 1860William BarnettFullBachelorFarmerMoneyconeyJohn BarnettFarmerJohn Barnett
Sarah ShieldsFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJohn ShieldsFarmerMary Ann Clark
36 Dec 1860Robert WattersFullBachelorFarmerCalmoreDavid WattersFarmerThomas Anderson
Mary Jane Shields19SpinsterNoneBrackaghlisleaJohn ShieldsFarmerRobert Nelson
47 Feb 1861John ScottFullBachelorFarmerBallynureJohn ScottFarmerSamuel? Scott
Isabella BoonFullSpinsterNoneBallynureCharles BoonFarmerJohn Taylor?
528 Feb 1861Thomas SillyUnderBachelorFarmer?BallinahoneMichael SillyFarmerJohn McConway
Margaret Jane JohnstonUnderSpinsterNoneFallagloonThomas? JohnstonFarmerGeorge Stewart
61 Aug 1861James MorrisonFullBachelorFarmerTirnoneyJohn MorrisonFarmerJames Kerr
Annie Jane KerrFullSpinsterNoneCraigadickJohn KerrFarmerJames Alex Robson
719 Sep 1861Edward StonesFullBachelorServantKillyatoneyEdward StonesFarmerJames WhiteMourne = Moran
Eliza Mourne19SpinsterNoneCloneyJames MourneFarmerWilliam White
822 Oct 1861Hugh StarsFullBachelorNailerCloneyGeorge StarsNailerJames Allen
Sarah Margaret MartinunderSpinsterNoneDuntybryanJohn MartinFarmerJonathan Stars
95 Dec 1861William HazlettFullBachelorFarmerFallagloonGeorge HazlettFarmerMatilda McKee?
Sarah ClarkeUnderSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJames ClarkeFarmerRobert McLean
109 Jan 1862Samuel LivingstoneFullBachelorFarmerDerryhollaghSamuel HannaFarmerJohn WilsonNo, I haven't made a mistake, the Bride & Groom's fathers appear EXACTLY as in the Marriage register.
Sarah Martha HannaFullSpinsterNoneMoyheelandRobert LivingstoneFarmerMary A Livingston? (looks like Hirhhson??)
1127 Jan 1862Robert LyndFullBachelorLabourerClooneyJohn LyndLabourerJohn McElree
Eliza CanningUnderSpinsterNoneTobermoreRobert CanningLabourerWilliam Wilson
122 May 1862James LindsayFullWidowerWeaverDrumraineyWilliam LindsayBLANKJames Lindsay
Isabella WintonFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreRalph WintonLabourerAndrew Stewart
1315 May 1862Andrew StewartFullWidowerLabourerTobermoreJohn StewartLabourerHugh lyle
Eliza WintonFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreRalph WintonLabourerHugh? Nelson
1415 May 1862John EspieFullWidowerFarmerBallinahoneWilliam EspieFarmerJoseph Mills
Hessy DalrimpleFullSpinsterNoneLaraghJohn DalrimpleFarmerWilliam Torrens
154 Jun 1862James HunterFullBachelorFarmerBallinahoneJames HunterFarmerChristy Johnston
Mary ClarkeFullSpinsternoneDrumballyhaganJohn ClarkeFarmerJames? Paul
1619 Aug 1862Jonathan StarsFullBachelorNailerCloneyGeorge StarsFarmerThomas Hazlett
Matilda McKeeUnderSpinsterNoneTobermoreThomas McKeeGrocerJohn Montgomery
1723 Dec 1862Samuel McGawFullBachelorFarmerDunloy?James McGawFarmerJames Magaw?
Mary Ann ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganSamuel ClarkeFarmerElizabeth Jane Lytle
189 Jan 1863Joseph HughesUnderBachelorLabourerCloughfinWilliam HughesWeaverWilliam Hughes
Eliza StarsUnderSpinsterNoneCloneyGeorge StarsFarmerJonathan Stars
1910 Apr 1863John FersonFullBachelorLabourerDunamoneyJohn FersonLabourerHenry Mawhinney
Mary Ann StewartFullSpinsterNoneGrannyAndrew StewartLabourerSamuel Brooks
2011 Jun 1863John LytleFullBachelorFarmerFalgortrevyAlexander LytleFarmerW Jany?
Nancy Jane LittleFullSpinsterNoneTullyheranJohn LittleFarmerA.J. Lytle
2110 Nov 1863Thomas Leacock26BachelorWeaverTobermoreWilliam LeacockFarmerWilliam White
Margaret Paul21SpinsterNoneGortamneyDavid PaulFarmerAnn Jane Paul
2217 Dec 1863Andrew LintonFullBachelorFarmerCarhillWilliam LintonFarmerWilliam John Linton
Margaret BlackFullSpinsterNoneCloughfin?Thomas BlackFarmerSarah J Kleinaning?
2313 Jan 1864George ReidFullBachelorFarmerBallinderryJames ReidFarmerAlexander Hughes
Eliza RodgersUnderSpinsterNoneBallinderryRobert RodgersWeaverEllen Brittin?
2419 Feb 1864William John WisenorFullBachelorNailerCalmoreJohn WisenorNailerSam Paul
Matilda DevlinFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam DevlinLabourerJane Young Hopper
253 Mar 1864Robert John HendersonFullBachelorFarmerGortamneyJames HendersonFarmerJames White
Sarah WhiteFullSpinsterNoneKillytoneyJohn WhiteFarmerRobert McCracken
2626 May 1864Robert MurphyFullWidowerFarmerDoneybraggyMatthew MurphyFarmerWilliam Shields
Sarah ShieldsUnderSpinsterNoneBrackislisleaJohn ShieldsFarmerEliza Shields
2726 Jun 1865Isaac McCreaFullBachelorFarmerKnockadoo?Samuel McCreaFarmerMargaret Neely
Matilda ShieldsUnderSpinsterNoneBallinahoneRobert ShieldsFarmerRobert McKee
2811 Apr 1865James JohnstonFullBachelorFarmerCraiagill?Robert JohnstonFarmerJames? Johnston
Margaret Jane TaylorFullSpinsterNoneMurmealSamuel TaylorFarmerWilliam McCann?
2929 Apr 1865James LyttleFullBachelorLabourerMoneyshanereJames LyttleFarmerWilliam John Walker
Sarah StarsUnderSpinsterNoneClooneyJohn StarsFarmerNathaniel Stars
302 Jan 1865Ralph WintonFullBachelorLabourerTobermoreRalph WintonLabourerWilliam McCready
Margaret PorterFullSpinsterNoneFallagloonJames PorterFarmer?????
3122 Nov 1865James ShieldsFullBachelorFarmerDrumballyhaganJohn ShieldsFarmerThomas Johnston
Elinor LytleFullSpinsterNoneTullycalln? (Tullyheran?)John LytleFarmerMary Lytle
3231 Jan 1866Matthew MarlinFullBachelorPensionerTobermoreRobert MarlinLabourerJames McKee
Catherine McKayFullSpinsterNoneBallinascreenJames McKayFarmerBessie J NelsonThe minister wrote McKay, although Catherine signs McCay
3326 Feb 1866George StewartFullBachelorFarmerT?ough James StewartFarmerDaniel J Hepburn
Mary Ann MillarFullSpinsterNoneTullyrowanWilliam MillarFarmerEliza Jane Stewart
348 Mar 1866Alexander HazlettFullBachelorFarmerFallagloonGeorge HazlettFarmerWilliam Johnston
Margaret JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneFallagloonRobert JohnstonFarmerJohn Hepburn
3510 Apr 1866John JohnstonFullBachelorFarmerFallagloonRobert JohnstonFarmerWilliam McGill
Eliza PaulFullSpinsterNoneGortamneyDavid PaulFarmerAnn Jane Paul
3616 May 1866James KyleFullBachelorFarmerTayneeJames KyleFarmerJohn AdamsTaynee is a phonetical rendition ot Tyanee
Agnes CousleyFullSpinsterNoneMonashanaireJohn CousleyFarmerAgnes? Cousley
3713 Sep 1866David ChartersUnderBachelorFarmerBallinahoneJohn RankinFarmerIsabella Brunton?
Ellen CainFullSpinsterNoneCalmoreGeorge KaneFarmerJohn Cain
3820 Sep 1866Thomas ShielsUnderBachelorFarmerBallinahoneRobert ShielsFarmerRobert Hunter
Elizabeth HyndmanUnderSpinsterNoneCurraghRobert HyndmanFarmerEliza Jane McNally
396 Nov 1866James NelsonFullBachelorFarm ServantMoneyguiggyWilliam NelsonFarmerPatrick Mulholland
Eleanor PorterFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam PorterCottyerMary Jane Porter
4016 Nov 1866James BradleyFullBachelorFarmerTamnydaceJames BradleyBLANKThomas Rea
Ann MackerillFullSpinsterNoneAnaghmoreGeorge MackerillBLANK?????
4120 Nov 1866John NelsonFullBachelorFarmerGrannyJohn NelsonFarmerW H Glendinning
Jame NeelyFullSpinsterNoneTamneyaskinGeorge NeelyFarmerJane Neely
4229 Nov 1866Joseph ShielsFullBachelorFarmerBallinahoneJoseph ShielsFarmerJohn ?
Mary Anne EspieFullSpinsterNoneBallinahoneWilliam EspieFarmerMary Jane Gardiner
4312 Dec 1866James NicholFullBachelorLabourerBallinahoneJames NicholFarmerSamuel G Hepburn?
Mary CamphilFullSpinsterNoneDarganaThomas CampbellFarmerEliza McSeane?Dargana must be Derganagh
4420 Dec 1866George McGuiganFullBachelorLabourerDrumballyhaganWilliam McGuiganFarmerJoseph McGuigan
Mary MehargFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganWilliam MehargFarmerJohn Rodgers
459 Apr 1867William ReadUnderBachelorLabourerBallinderryJames ReadBLANKMartha Jane Cousley
Catherine WintonFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreRalph WintonLabourerAlexander Lyle
461 Oct 1867William GreggFullBachelorNailerTobermoreWilliam GreggNailerSamuel Hughes
Margaret NealFullSpinsterNonePortadownWilliam NealNailerEliza Porter
4713 May 1868James McArthurFullBachelorLabourerTobermoreJames McArthurLabourerJoseph Wylie
Mary Jane HipsonMinorSpinsterNoneKnocknaginWilliam Hipson____Eliza McArthur
4825 Nov 1868James JohnstonFullBachelorLabourerFallagloonRobert JohnstonFarmerAlexander Lyle
Nancy PaulFullSpinsterNoneGortamneyDavid PaulFarmerAnn Jane Paul
4915 Dec 1868John LeacockFullBachelorFarmerStramoreJohn LeacockFarmer?William Leacock
Isabella BooneFullSpinsterNoneBallynureJohn BooneFarmer?Sarah Jane Boone
5029 Dec 1868William ForsytheFullBachelorFarmerTullybuoy?Adam ForsytheFarmerCharles Forsythe
Mary LyleMinorSpinsterNoneCloneyHugh LyleFarmerRosann Lyle
514 Jan 1869Alexander DevlinFullWidowerLabourerTobermorePeter DevlinLabourerJoseph Hughes
Eliza PorterFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam PorterLabourerMary Jane Porter
5227 Jan 1869Henry LeacockFullBachelorFarmerMulnavooJohn LeacockFarmerHarry Leacock
Sarah Jane BooneFullSpinsterNoneBallynureJohn BooneFarmerEliza Ellen Lyttle
531 Apr 1869John AtkinsonFullBachelorFarmerMoyessetJames AtkinsonFarmerAlexander Porter
Annie HutchinsonFullSpinsterNoneMoneyguiggyJaes HutchinsonFarmerEliza Quin
541 Jul 1869Adam AndersonFullBachelorFarmerTurneyfaceJames AndersonFarmer? Anderson
Margaret BooneFullSpinsterNoneBallynureThomas BooneFarmerAnn Boone
5524 Jan 1870James BoothMinorBachelorMasonTullyrowanGeorge BoothMasonJohn Booth
Nancy StewartMinorSpinsternoneTullyrowanRobert StewartFarmerMargaret Stewart
5622 Feb 1870Francis DevlinMinorBachelorLabourerMoyessetPeter DevlinLabourerAlexander Stars
Rebecca StarsMinorSpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam StarsNailerSarah Stars
573 Mar 1870Robert HazlettFullBachelorFarmerGrillaghThomas HazlettFarmerHenry Wilson
Sarah McKeeFullSpinsterNoneCraigmoreJames McKeeFarmerMatilda McKee
5816 June 1870Andrew ConnorFullWidowerFarmerMoneysharvinJames ConnorFarmerSamuel Lowe / Law
Ann Jane BoonFullSpinsterNoneBallynureCharles BoonFarmerNancy Hutchinson
591 Aug 1870Robert McKeeFullBachelorFarmerCloneyThomas McKeeFarmerAlexander Stars
Mary ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreJames ClarkeFarmerMary Shiel
6013 Dec 1870John ClarkeFullBachelorFarmerMoyessetRobert ClarkePresbyterian MinisterRobert Paul
Rebecca J HendersonFullSpinsterNoneGortamneyJames HendersonFarmerElizabeth Anderson
616 Jan 1871John KnipeFullBachelorFarmerMayknockGeorge KnipeFarmerJoseph Reid
Elizabeth BoltonFullSpinsterNoneMoneysallinSloan BoltonFarmerSarah Bolton
6214 Nov 1871Robert HannaFullBachelorFarmerMoyheelandSamuel HannaFarmerSamuel Hutchinson
Matilda DicksonFullSpinsterNoneMoybegAlexander DicksonFarmerHugh Dickson
6312 Dec 1871Alexander McCreadyFullBachelorBlacksmithTeacherWilliam McCreadyBlack SmithWilliam R Nelson?
Isabella JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneFallagloonThomas JohnstonFarmerEllen McCready
6428 Dec 1871William SinclairFullBachelorFarmerRouskeyJohn SinclairFarmerJosias Fleming
Ann Jane DicksonFullSpinsterNoneMoybegAlexander DicksonFarmerCharlotte Dickson
6529 Feb 1872William John FlemingFullBachelorFarmerDromoreWilliam FlemingFarmerJohn Kain
Sarah Jane McElreeFullSpinsternoneMoneyshanereSamuel McElreeFarmerNancy Jane McElree
6610 May 1872Daniel DonnellyFullBachelorLabourerBallynahoneJohn DonnellyLabourerJames Keely
Catherine McMullanFullSpinsterNoneBallynahoneJohn McMullanLabourerElizabeth Caskey
6720 Jul 1872John McGowanFullBachelorLabourerCloneySamuel McGowanFarmerThomas Atkinson
Mary BearFullSpinsterNoneCloneyJames BearLabourerSarah Hillman
685 Sep 1872Samuel ScottFullBachelorFarmerCrabarkeyJohn ScottFarmerJames Scott?
Elizabeth ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneMoyessetRobert ClarkePresbyterian MinisterMar A Clarke
6928 Nov 1872Samuel CampbellFullBachelorFarmerGrannyWilliam CampbellFarmerRobert John Campbell
Matilda NeelyFullSpinsterNoneTamneyaskinGeorge NeelyFarmerMary A Neely
703 Dec 1872William H DicksonFullBachelorFarmerCloaneThomas A DicksonFarmerJoseph Dickson
Eliza E LytleFullSpinsterNoneTullyherronWilliam LytleFarmerAnnie Lytle
7112 Nov 1873William EarlMinorBachelorLabourerMullaghDavid EarlLabourerJoseph Wilson
Eliza NelsonFullSpinsterNoneMullaghWilliam NelsonButcherNancy Rogers
7218 Nov 1873John BoonFullWidowerFarmerBallynureWilliam BooneFarmerRobert J Lytle
Elizabeth PorterFullSpinsterNoneTullyheranRobert PorterFarmerSarah J Lytle
7328 Jan 1874James GrayFullBachelorMerchantMagheraSamuel GrayFarmerJohn Gray
Rebecca BewglasFullSpinsterNoneMagheraJames BewglasMerchantMaria Kerr
7430 Jan 1874George EdwardsFullBachelorWeaverCreweJohn EdwardsLabourerJames Sloss
Margaret DysartFullSpinsterNoneCreweAndrew DysartLabourerMary Ann Sloss
759 Apr 1874James McConaghieFullBachelorFarmerMullaghDaniel McConaghieFarmerJames Shiels
Eliza ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJohn ClarkeFarmerMaggie Campbell
7618 Jun 1874James StephensFullBachelorFarmerKillymuckSpencer StephensFarmerJames Hamilton
Elizabeth DicksonFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJames DickinsonFarmerMarie Dickson
7726 Aug 1874John McWilliamsFullBachelorSmithJohn McWilliamsFarmerJacob Cunningham
Mary Anne CunninghamFullSpinsterNoneRobert CunninghamFarmerMatilda Cunningham
7810 Sep 1874Thomas EarlFullBachelorFarmerTamneymullanWilliam EarlFarmerJoseph Smyth
Margarett HazlettFullSpinsterNoneGrillaghThomas HazlettFarmerMargaretta Campbell? (or Hemphill?)
796 Oct 1874John M ClelandFullBachelorMerchantBelfastAndrew S ClelandMerchantAndrew S Cleland
Sarah M RobsonFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam RobsonFarmerAnnie? Robson
806 Oct 1874David JohnstonFullWidowerFarmerTyrgarvilMatthew JohnstonFarmerWilliam Tomb
Elizabeth JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneTyrgarvilWilliam JohnstonFarmerCatherine Diamond
8129 Oct 1874George HutchinsonFullBachelorFarmerMoyheelandSamuel HutchinsonFarmerJames Hutchinson
Sarah DrennanMinorSpinsterNoneMullaghJames DrennanFarmerMgt J Drennan
823 Jan 1875James ShielsFullBachelorMillerCraigadickJames ShielsMillerThomas Anderson
Margaret LyleFullSpinsterNoneFalgortrevyAndrew LyleFarmerSarah Shiels
8320 Jan 1875William DobbinFullBachelorDoctor of MedicineBanbridgeWilliam DobbinPresbyterian MinisterJohn Wm Kerr
Margaret RobsonFullSpinsterNoneBallynahoneJohn RobsonFarmerMaggie Dobbin
8420 Jan 1875Joseph ShielsFullBachelorFarmerMullaghJoseph ShielsFarmerRobert Graham?
Ellen Jane CousleyFullSpinsterNoneMoneyshanereJohn CousleyFarmerMaggie C Porter?
851 Feb 1875John QuinnFullBachelorFarmerCarricknakieltNeil QuinnFarmerThomas Shiels
Elizabeth PattersonFullWidownoneKnocknakieltJames ShielsFarmerAnnie E Lervor???
869 Mar 1875Job FlemingFullBachelorFarmerRoshureJames FlemingFarmerJames Jameson
Margaret E. PorterFullSpinsternoneGortamneyAlex PorterFarmerMaggie Duncan
877 Apr 1875William R GillFullBachelorClerkDungannonJohn GillFarmerThomas Davidson
Charlotte RobsonFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam M RobsonFarmerMary Jane Anderson
886 May 1875William BoonFullBachelorFarmerBallynureThomas BoonFarmerCharles Boon
Matilda McDowellFullSpinsternoneBallinahoneSamuel McDowellFarmerElizabeth McDowell
896 May 1875William MawhinneyFullBachelorFarmerCastledawsonEzekiel MawhinneyFarmerAllen Mawhinney
Marianne DrennanFullSpinsterNoneCastledawsonJames DrennanFarmerM J Drennan
9014 May 1875Robert PaulFullBachelorWeaverCreweWilliam PaulWeaverWilliam Earl
Jane EarlFullSpinsterNoneMagheraWilliam EarlLabourerElizabeth McEldowney
9126 May 1875William MurdockFullBachelorCarpenterColeraineRobert MurdockCarpenterTheophilus Kins? O'Neill
Ellen NeelyFullSpinsterNoneMoneysharvinJohn NeelyFarmerEllen Savage
923 Sep 1875Robert Jackson ClarkeFullBachelorFarmerMoyessetRobert ClarkePresbyterian MinisterJohn Blain?
Elizabeth HendersonFullSpinsterNoneGortamneyJames HendersonFarmerBella Porter
9318 Nov 1875Thomas StockmanFullBachelorLabourerTullyheronThomas StockmanLabourerJohn Canning?
Annie M'HarghFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJohn M'HarghSmithCatherine Montgomery
9411 Feb 1876Thomas HazlettFullBachelorFarmerGrillaghThomas HazlettFarmerSandy Hazlett
Elizabeth HutchinsonFullSpinsterNoneMoyheelandSamuel HutchinsonFarmerAnna Maria Hanna
954 Apr 1876Thomas John HopperFullBachelorFarmerCalmoreRobert HopperFarmerAndrew Milliken
Ellen HopperFullSpinsterNoneCalmoreJohn HopperFarmerSarah Milliken
963 Aug 1876Robert CrawfordFullWidowerFarmerBallynacrossJohn CrawfordFarmerJoseph Crawford
Annie LindFullSpinsterNoneBallinahoneGeorge LindFarmerNancy Lind
9716 Aug 1875Robert McCrackenFullBachelorCarpenterCurraghAlexander McCrackenCarpenterRobert McMath
Anna MooreFullSpinsterNoneTamneymullanJohn MooreFarmerAgnes Canning
9817 Aug 1876George HendersonFullBachelorFarmerCarnamoneyGeorge HendersonFarmerW D Robson
Eliza Ellen BooneFullSpinsterNoneBallynureJohn BooneFarmerCharlotte Brown
9912 Oct 1876Robert NorrisFullBachelorFarmerSwatraghWilliam NorrisFarmerRobert Adams
Jane AndersonFullSpinsterNoneFallagloonMatthew AndersonFarmerSarah Anderson
10022 Nov 1876Samuel CunninghamFullBachelorLabourerBallymacilcurrAndrew CunninghamLabourerJoseph Nelson
Margaret NelsonFullSpinsterNoneBallymacilcurrHenry NelsonLabourerMargaret Ann Long
129 Nov 1876Thomas BoothFullBachelorFarmerTullyrowanJohn BoothFarmerJohn K Kidd
Annie McCordFullSpinsterNoneMagherafeltJames McCordMerchantNancy Kidd
23 Jan 1877James HenryFullBachelorFarmerDrumuckWilliam HenryFarmerDavid Beare
Sarah BeareFullSpinsterNoneTernageeraghJohn BeareFarmerMaria? Georgina? Beare
31 Feb 1877James HustonFullBachelorFarmerGortadeHenry HustonFarmerJames Huston
Margaret J HustonFullSpinsterNoneGortadeJoseph HustonFarmerNancy McCormack
47 Mar 1877William John LintonFullBachelorFarmerCarhillWilliam LintonFarmerJohn A Campbell
Sarah AndersonFullSpinsterNoneFallagloonSamuel AndersonFarmerMary Hill Anderson
59 Mar 1877James CampbellFullBachelorFarmerFallaleaWilliam CampbellFarmerW J Patterson
Eliza LytleFullSpinsterNoneTullyheronJohn LytleFarmerEliza Jane Smyth
615 Mar 1877William John McCahonFullBachelorFarmerKillymuckDavid McCahonFarmerTheophilus O'Neill
Isabella ShielsFullSpinsterNoneBrackaghlisleaJohn ShielsFarmerEliza Shiels
73 Apr 1877John StewartFullBachelorGrocerCastledawsonJohn StewartFarmerJames Stewart
Marion CoulterFullSpinsterNoneCastledawsonJoseph CoulterTeacherSarah J Coulter
84 May 1877John MillikenFullWidowerFarmerCurraghJohn MillikenFarmerJames McKeown
Eliza GrayFullSpinsterNoneCurraghWilliam GrayFarmerElizabeth Walker
924 Sep 1877Thomas MartinFarmerBachelorFarmerKnocknakieltJames MartinFarmerJohn B Shiels
Eliza Jane PattersonMinorSpinsterNoneKnocknakieltHenry PattersonFarmerEllen Jane Martin
1030 Oct 1877William BoothFullBachelorFarmerTullyrowanJohn BoothFarmerThomas Porter
Rosanne KerrFullSpinsterNoneMurmealGeorge KerrFarmerMarjory Murray
111 Jan 1878Hugh PedenFullBachelorMerchantGlasgowHugh PedenFarmerJames Peden
Lizzie Catherine LyleFullSpinsterNoneTamneyaskinJames LyleFarmerMatilda Lyle
1211 Apr 1878Isaac DonaldsonFullWidowerFarmerKillymuckJohn DonaldsonFarmerJames Stewart
Mary W DicksonFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJames DicksonFarmerMaria M? Anderson
1316 Apr 1878John CorbettFullBachelorMerchantMagherafeltRobert CorbittFarmerJohn Shaw?
Annie SampsonFullSpinsterNoneMonashanereJames SampsonFarmerEliza Sampson
1410 Jul 1878Robert John SmythFullBachelorPresbyterian MinisterChurchtownDavid SmythFarmerThomas Moerson?
Elizabeth DickeyFullSpinsterNoneDrumaneJoseph DickeyPresbyterian MinisterJeannie Dickie
1531 Jul 1878Archie NelsonFullBachelorLabourerCrewJoseph NelsonButcherThomas Graham
Ellen CrockettFullSpinsterNoneCrewWilliam CrockettWeaverMargaret Ann Long
1623 Aug 1878James FlemingFullBachelorFarmerBallymacilcurrWilliam FlemingFarmerRobert Boyle
Matilda ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneMacknaghJames ClarkeFarmerAnn? Jane? Johnston
1715 Nov 1878Samuel FergusonFullBachelorFarmerBallynagarveAndrew FergusonFarmerJames Derby
Isabella PorterFullSpinsterNoneGortamneyAlexander PorterFarmerAnnie M Porter
1821 Nov 1878John Alexander JohnstonFullBachelorFarmerTirgarvilJoseph JohnstonFarmerRobert B. McDowell
Maggie McDowellFullSpinsterNoneBallynahone BegSamuel McDowellFarmerAnn McDowell
1923 Jan 1879John McKibbenFullBachelorFarmerCraigadickGeorge McKibbenFarmerJohn Kyle
Ann J LyleFullSpinsterNoneFalgortrevyAndrew LyleFarmerSarah Shiels
206 Mar 1879Thomas ShielsFullWidowerFarmerKnocknakieltJames ShielsFarmerJames Shiels
Mary Anne GrahamFullSpinsterNoneCraigmoreHenry GrahamFarmerMargaret? Graham
2114 Mar 1879William John NelsonFullWidowerFarmerBallymacilcurrHenry NelsonFarmerJohn Crockett
Margaret ArmstrongFullSpinsterNoneMagheraSamuel LongLabourerAnnie J Boylin?
2229 Apr 1879Robert CaufieldFullBachelorFarmerBallymacilcurrWilliam CaufieldFarmerWilliam John Duncan
Annie Mary PorterMinorSpinsterNoneGortamneyAlex PorterFarmerRosanna Caufield
2319 Jun 1879David BullionFullWidowerFarmerCulnadyJames BullionFarmerRobert Kirkwood
Elizabeth McIvorFullSpinsterNoneCulnadyJohn McIvorTailorAnnie N Toylin?
2431 Jul 1879Stewart CollinsFullWidowerFarmerLongfieldJohn CollinsFarmerJames Johnston
Mary Ann ClarkFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreRev. Robert ClarkPresbyterian MinisterEliza Lytle
2524 Oct 1879James WisenerFullBachelorNailerCalmoreJohn WisenerLabourerWilliam John Stars
Mary WintonFullSpinsterNoneCalmoreJohn WintonLabourerMary Ann Wisener
2624 Oct 1879Robert McCahonFullWidowerMerchantTobermoreJohn McCahonFarmerThomas Bamford
Margaret CaskeyFullSpinsterNoneKnockaneillJames CaskeyFarmerLizzie C Caskey
276 Nov 1879Andrew PaulFullBachelorFarmerGreenockAndrew PaulFarmerJohn Paul
Sarah DowneyFullSpinsterNoneCarnamoneyJames DowneyFarmerEliza Jane McCleland
2816 Jan 1880Samuel SmythFullBachelorMuslaw? MagheraThomas SmythFarmerJohn B Shiels
Margaret ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganJohn ClarkeFarmerEllen Jane Martin
293 Jun 1880Henry MartinFullBachelorFarmerBallymacilcurrJames MartinFarmerClark Wilson
Jane HustonFullSpinsterNoneTirgarvilJames HustonFarmerHannah Isabella Huston
308 Sep 1880William John McDaidFullBachelorLabourerCloughfinWilliam John McDaidLabourerRobert Armstrong
Margaret CurrieFullSpinsterNoneGortamneyJohn CurrieLabourerJane Steele?
3112 Feb 1881Henry JohnstonFullBachelorLabourerBallinahone BegHugh JohnstonLabourerWilliam Bradley
Hannah HenryFullSpinsterNoneMullaghAlex HenryFarmerIsabella Cochran
323 Aug 1881George HendersonFullBachelorFarmerDuntibryanJames HendersonFullThomas Dickson Jun.
Bessie DicksonFullSpinsterNoneMoybegAlexander DicksonFullEllen Dickson
331 Sep 1881Joseph SteeleFullBachelorFarmerKnocknakieltJohn SteeleFarmer?Thomas Smyth
Nancy Ann SmythFullSpinsterNoneTamneymartinJohn SmythFarmer?Maggie J Caskey?
3411 Apr 1882Robert LytleFullWidowerFarmer?CulnadyJames LytleFarmerCharlotte Dickson
Mary Anne ArbuthnotFullSpinsterNoneGorteadeSamuel ArbuthnotFarmerMary Jane Rainey
353 Aug 1882Andrew ElliotFullBachelorFarmerCrewAndrew ElliotFarmerMatthew Noon
Jane McKayFullSpinsterNoneTamneymartinThomas McKayFarmerMary A McKay
3626 Oct 1882Samuel JohnstonFullBachelorFarmerDrumballyhaganAndrew JohnstonFarmerThomas Clarke
Margaret Jane WilsonFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganEdward WilsonConstableLizzie Clarke
3711 Oct 1883Smyth KelsoFullBachelorLabourerDrumlaneKennedy KelsoFarmerJoseph Service
Mary ServiceFullSpinsterNoneGrillaghJames ServiceFarmerElizabeth Service
3830 Nov 1883Thomas McCreadyFullBachelorFarmerCloneyWilliam McCreadyFarmerIsaac McCready
Martha MooreMinorSpinsterNoneMoyessetooooooooooooooSarah Ann McDowellThe looped OOOs with the line through are what is in the Church register for both Father's name and occupation
395 Mar 1884David WhiteFullBachelorLabourerKnocknakieltRobert WhiteFarmerJames Armstrong
Mary HazlettFullSpinsterNoneTamneymullanJames HazlettFarmerElizabeth Shepherd
4019 Mar 1885James Every21BachelorLabourerCraigmoreWilliam EveryLabourerGeorge McCaughey
Elizabeth Moore22SpinsterDomestic ServantTamneymullanJames MooreLabourerRosely Galway
4121 May 1885Hugh BoltonFullBachelorLabourerBallynianWilliam BoltonFarmerWilliam Starret
Elizabeth ServiceFullSpinsterNoneGrillaghJames ServiceFarmerAnnie Service
4223 Jun 1886Matthew ShannonFullBachelorFarmerCarmeanAdam ShannonFarmerJames Shannon
Mary ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneDrumcrowMatthew ClarkeFarmerSarah Clarke
4329 Mar 1887John BeareFullWidowerFarmerTarnageeraghJohn BeareFarmerJames Henry
Catherine CampbellFullSpinsterNoneTarnageeraghRobert CampbellFarmerSarah Henry
4413 May 1887Samuel ScullionFullBachelorLabourerMullaghWilliam ScullionFarmerWilliam Scullion
Annie JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneFallagloonRobert JohnstonFarmerJane Hazlett
452 Jun 1887James HessinFullBachelorFarmerKillytoneyJohn HessinFarmerRobert Crooks
Annie LyleFullSpinsterNoneTullyrowanJames LyleFarmerLizzie Lyle
4611 Jun 1887Robert MillikenFullWidowerFarmerBallymuldergJohn MillikenFarmerRobert Boone
Sarah Jane BooneFullSpinsterNoneBallynureHenry BooneFarmerAnne Boone
476 Dec 1887Thomas HamiltonFullBachelorFarmerSwatraghJohn HamiltonFarmerJoseph Kinney
Elizabeth AndersonFullSpinsterNoneFallagloonMatthew AndersonFarmerMargaret Anderson
4823 May 1888John WintonFullBachelorLabourerTobermoreJohn WintonLabourerThomas Wallace
Martha BradleyMinorSpinsterNoneTobermoreWilliam BradleyLabourerNancy Bradley
4926 Apr 1889Robert BooneFullBachelorFarmerBallynureJohn BooneFarmerJohn Kelso
Eliza ScottMinorSpinsterNoneBallynureJohn ScottFarmerMartha ??
5014 Jun 1889James LeacockFullBachelorFarmerGlenmaquillThomas LeacockFarmerJames Bowman
Annie BooneFullSpinsterNoneBallynureHenry BoonFarmerMary Hopper
5122 May 1890James BoonFullBachelorFarmerBallynureThomas BoonFarmerWilliam John Boon
Margaret Jane BoonFullSpinsterNoneBallynureCharles BoonFarmerLizzie Clarke
5226 Feb 1891John ScottFullWidower_____Brantyville?, Knock, BelfastRichard ScottFarmer?????
Matilda WilkinsonFullSpinsterNoneMonashanere, TobermoreJohn WilkinsonShipbrokerAnna G Hoey
5327 Aug 1891James BrooksFullBachelorFarmerKillynumberJohn BrooksFarmerSamuel Johnston
Margaret Jane JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreSamuel JohnstonFarmerMary Jane Lennox
541 Oct 1891David WallaceFullBachelorLabourerTobermoreJames WallaceLabourerSamuel Johnston
Lucy MehargFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreJohn MehargLabourerMary Meharg
5519 Nov 1891John MehargFullBachelorFarmerDrumballyhaganWilliam MehargFarmerJames? Watters
Matilda WattersFullSpinsterNoneCalmoreDavid WattersFarmerMinnie Hughes
5622 Dec 1891William James CampbellFullBachelorFarmerTernageeraghRobert CampbellFarmerJames Paul
Mary Jane LennoxFullSpinsterNoneMoneysallyJames LennoxFarmerCatherine Lennox
5714 Jan 1892Robert Barr McDowellFullBachelorFarmerBallinahone BegSamuel McDowellFarmerJohn Anderson
Mary Anne GrahamFullSpinsterNoneFalgortrevyWilliam GrahamFarmerLizzie Lytle
5822 Feb 1892Charles McAlisterFullWidowerFarmerBallynianCharles McAllisterFarmerJacob Cunningham
Annie ServiceFullSpinsterNoneGrillaghJames ServiceFarmerMaggie Cunningham
594 Oct 1892James StewartFullBachelorLabourerCarndaisyJohn StewartFarmerWilliam Stewart
Jemima Kelly KiddMinorSpinsterNoneBoveaghJohn K KiddFarmerLizzie KiddEmerald Ancerstors has her name as Jemima Kelly Kidd although in the register it looks like Jemima Robley Ridd!
6015 Nov 1894William JohnstonFullWidowerFarmerTobermoreRobert JohnstonFarmerSamuel Johnston
Nancy ScullionFullWidowNoneTobermoreWilliam MooreFarmerMary Moore
6111 Apr 1895John MontgomeryFullWidowerLabourerMacknaghRobert MontgomeryLabourerRobert John Paul
Esther PaulFullSpinsterNoneCarricknakieltJames PaulFarmerElizabeth Johnston
6228 Nov 1895Henry DonnellyFullBachelorLabourerBallynahoneDaniel DonnellyLabourerGeorge Bradley
Mary Jane McFaddenMinorSpinsterNoneBroaghAlan McFaddenLabourerSamuel McFadden
6320 Apr 1899Matthew JohnstonFullBachelorFarmerFallagloonMatthew JohnstonFarmerJames Bradley
Anne Mary BradleyFullSpinsterNoneCrewJames BradleyMasonLizzie Bradley
647 Nov 1899Samuel AtkinsonFullBachelorLabourerMoyessetJohn AtkinsonFarmerAlexander Grogan
Elizabeth Jane McGeaghMinorSpinsterNoneGortamneyHenry A McGeaghFarmerSelina Nesbitt
65Oct-02-1900Thomas TippingFullBachelorArchitectCastledawsonGeorge TippingGrocer & Hardware MerchantThomas Thomson
Katharine Martha StarrFullSpinsterNoneStewartstownHugh StarrFarmerM Thomson
66Jan-05-1901Robert George GibsonFullBachelorLabourerCurranThomas GibsonLabourerWilliam Neill
Rose Ann YoungMinorSpinsterNoneBallynahoneThomas YoungLabourerEileen Young
67May-21-1901Robert MundellFullWidowerFarmerMoyheelandJames MundellFarmerRobert Hopper
Nancy WhiteFullSpinsterNoneKillytinneyAlexander WhiteFarmerLizzie Carter
68Oct-08-1901Robert KingFullBachelorPolicemanGulladuffHenry KingFarmerWilliam Stewart
Ellen Jane ShieldsFullSpinsterNoneBallynahone MoreThomas ShieldsFarmerMaggie Shiels
69Oct-31-1901Thomas KirkwoodFullBachelorFarmerTullyheronRobert KirkwoodFarmerJohn Stewart
Margaret GlasgowFullSpinsterNoneMagheraJohn Glasgow_____Isabella Martin
70Nov-01-1901James Henry BowmanFullBachelorFarmerAughagaskinJames BowmanFarmerThomas McCleland?
Mary LeacockFullSpinsterNoneGlenmaquillThomas LeacockFarmerAgnes Leacock
71Dec-31-1901Daniel MagillFullBachelorFarmerCoolsaraWilliam MagillFarmerD? Hepburn
Jane DowdallMinorSpinsterNoneDrumardWilliam DowdallFarmerMaggie Dowdall
72Jan-02-1902Thomas KirkwoodFullBachelorMasonToberheadAndrew KirkwoodMasonGeorge McDonald
Jemima CurryFullSpinsterNoneGortamneyJohn CurryLabourerEllen Kirkwood
73Jan-14-1902Washington Hyland HarrisFullBachelorFarmerGrange Corner?, ToombridgeThomas HarrisFarmerThomas Kerr
Margaret Palmer HannaFullSpinsterNoneMoneyshanereAlexander HannaFarmerIsabella Hanna
74Mar-20-1903Isaac Brown28WidowerFarmerToberheadJohn BrownFarmerSamuel Kirkwood
Agnes LeacockFullSpinsterNoneGlenmaquillThomas LeacockFarmerJeanne Fullerton
75Apr-22-1903John McClellandFullBachelorFarmerAughagaskinJohn McClelandFarmerThomas? W Bowman
Jane FullertonFullSpinsterNoneLemnaroyHugh FullertonTelegraph officerAnne M Elliot
76May-08-1903Robert G HendersonFullBachelorMerchantTobermoreGeorge HendersonFarmerJames Henderson
Ellen S MayFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreRobert MayNational School TeacherMinnie? B Hughes
77Jan-09-1904John KissickFullWidowerFarmerTirnoneyJames KissickFarmerJames Kissick
Isabella HendersonFullWidowNoneBallynureJohn BooneFarmerElizabeth Boone
78Feb-06-1907Samuel BoydFullBachelorFarmerConagher, BallymoneyJohn BoydFarmerRobert Woodside
Jane Steele HendersonFullSpinsterNoneBlackhil, DraperstownGeorge HendersonFarmerMsry Hawk? Henderson
79Apr-10-1908Samuel McFaddenFullBachelorFarmerRandalstownHugh McFaddenGrocerA R McFadden
Mary Ann ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreArchibald ClarkeFarmerSarah Clarke
80Apr-29-1908John ShielsFullWidowerPrivateKnocknakielt, MagheraThomas ShielsFarmerJohn Miller
Mary Elizabeth RossboroughFullSpinsterNoneTullylinkesay, MagherafeltThomas RossboroughFarmerAgnes J Shiels
8111? Mar 1909William EslerFullBachelorFarmerFallagloonJohn EslerFarmerSamuel Johnston
Isabella JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneDrumballyhaganSamuel JohnstonFarmerLizzie Esler
82Jun-22-1909Thomas McMillinFullBachelorFarmerCastledawsonJohn McMillinFarmerAndrew McMillin
Minnie StewartFullSpinsterNoneCurranDavid StewartFarmerLillie Stewart
83Nov-03-1909William AndersonFullBachelorLabourerToberheadWilliam AndersonFarmerRichardson Weir
Lizzie MawhinneyFullSpinsterSchool TeacherBallynogherAlexander MawhinneyFarmerHannah Mawhinney
84Sep-07-1911Thomas ShieldsFullWidowerFarmerBallinahoneThomas ShieldsFarmerRobert Henery Hyndman
Maggie Tillie McKeownFullSpinsterNoneCurraghJames McKeownFarmerLizzie Boyce McKeown
85Nov-21-1912William BodenFullBachelorSalesmanMagherafeltAlexander BodenMerchantAndrew Thompson
Helena J HutchinsonFullSpinsterTeacherMagherafeltSamuel HutchinsonFarmerEllen J Berryman
86Jan-30-1913Samuel MartinFullBachelorCaretakerKnockloughrimIllegitimate_____William Hemphill
Sarah Winton19SpinsterNoneKnocknakieltJohn WintonLabourerJane Young
87Jul-30-1913John Brownlow20BachelorCloth PasserMoneymore, MagheraHugh BrownlowLabourerWilliam James Anderson
Sarah GordonFullSpinsterNoneTobermoreGeorge GordonLabourerMary Ann Gordon
88Nov-03-1913William StewartFullBachelorLabourerTamneyaskeyRobert StewartFarmerRobert Gibson
Maggie GibsonFullSpinsterNoneTamneyaskeyAndrew GibsonLabourerMartha Gibson
89Jun-25-1914John FullertonFullBachelorFarmerLemnaroyHugh FullertonSignalmanJohn Fullerton
Agnes McCreadyFullSpinsterNoneSlattybogieHenry McCreadyFarmerAnnie McCready
90Sep-28-1914William McCandlessFullBachelorJewellerColeraineDavid McCandlessStationerThomas Johnston
Elizabeth HessinFullSpinsterNoneKillytoneyJames HessinFarmerAnna M Hessin
91Dec-17-1914Thomas William ArmourFullBachelorFarmerDerganaghThomas ArmourFarmerJoseph Dickey
Mary EwingFullSpinsterNoneBallinahoneJohn EwingFarmerLizzie Armour
92Apr-06-1915John Robert James FaithFullBachelorFarmerCalmoreJohn FaithFarmerHugj J Marshall
Jane ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneCalmoreArchibald ClarkeFarmerMaggie Clarke
93Jul-26-1915Henry John Bradley22BachelorFarmerDrumardJohnston BradleyFarmerMarcus Pycroft
Anne Mary ElliotFullSpinsterNoneBallinacrossWilliam ElliotFarmerMaggie Nelson
94Spoiled in copy book
95Feb-04-1916Robert James HuestonFullBachelorShoemakerCastledawsonThomas HuestonShoemakerGeorge Hueston
Anne Elizabeth GarvinFullSpinsterNoneCastledawsonJames GarvinFarmerEleanor Jane? Garvin
96Jul-11-1916David CampbellFullBachelorFarmerTullyard, DonemanaWilliam CampbellFarmerWilliam J Campbell
Matilda ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneCalmore, TobermoreArchibald ClarkeFarmerMaggie Clarke
97Jun-25-1917Matthew WintonFullBachelorSoldierOn Active ServiceJohn WintonLabourerMarcus R Houston
Mary Ann WintonFullSpinsterNoneMagheraRalph WintonLabourerNellie Hunter
98Nov-07-1917William ScilleyFullBachelorFarmerToberheadWilliam ScilleyFarmerJames Taylor
Marianne MillerFullSpinsterNoneDrumlamphRobert MillerFarmerMartha Miller
99Aug-02-1918John JohnstonFullBachelorSoldierOn Active ServiceJohn JohnstonBricklayerRobert Holmes
Agnes JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneMagheraWilliam JohnstonFarm LabourerSarah Elizabeth Johnston
100Nov-21-1918Samuel MillikenFullBachelorFarmerCrewThomas MillikenFarmerRobert Martin
Lizzie FullertonFullSpinsterNoneSlattybogieArchibald FullertonFarmerJulia? Fullerton


Transcribed by Denver Boyd

Tobermore Presbyterian Church Baptisms

These are a selection of baptism extracts from Tobermore Presbyterian Church.

Date of Baptism Name of Child Date of Birth Father’s Name Father’s Occupation Mother’s Name Residence Child baptised at? Transcriber Comments
7 Oct 1860 Robert Anderson 12 Sept 1860 Matthew Anderson Farmer Margaret Shiels Fallagloon
11 Nov 1860 Elizabeth Anderson 21 Aug 1860 Samuel Anderson Farmer Mary Hill Fallagloon
29 May 1860 Sarah Anne McDowell 13 Aug 1856 Samuel McDowell Farmer Nancy Paul Ballinahone Beg
1 Sep 1861 Anna Boon 1 Feb 1861 Henry Boon Farmer M. Hopper Ballynure
4 Oct 1862 James Hunter 4 Jun 1862 James Hunter Farmer M. Caskey Ballinahone
1 Mar 1863 William John Lynd 3 Jan 1863 Robert Lynd Labourer E. Canning Ballinahone Tobermore
5 Jul 1863 David Alexander Anderson 7 Apr 1863 Samuel Anderson Farmer Mary Hill Fallagloon
7 Feb 1864 Ann Jane Hunter 13 Nov 1863 James Hunter Farmer Mary Caskie Ballinahone
3 Apr 1864 Robert Boyd Black 13 Aug 1862 Samuel Black Farmer Mary Boyd Killytoney
3 Jul 1864 Margaret Anderson 26 Apr 1864 Matthew Anderson Farmer Margaret Shiels Fallagloon
7 May 1865 Jane Lynd 9 Feb 1865 Robert Lynd Labourer E. Canning Clooney Tobermore
6 Nov 1865 Sarah Rosetta Hunter 4 Jul 1865 James Hunter Farmer M. Caskey Ballinahone
17 Jan 1866 Martha Shiels Sep 1861 Robert Shiels Farmer J. McWilliams Drumballyhagan
17 Jan 1866 Samuel Shiels 16 Sep 1865 Robert Shiels Farmer J. McWilliams Drumballyhagan
16 Feb 1866 Catherine Boon ____ John Boon Farmer M. Dripps Ballynure
28 May 1866 Mary Anderson 20 Jan 1866 Matthew Anderson Farmer Margaret Shiels Fallagloon
29 May 1866 James Stewart 12 Dec 1865 Andrew Stewart Labourer E. Winton Moneyguiggy
25 Nov 1866 Robert Lynd 27 Sep 1866 Robert Lynd Labourer E Kinning Clooney Tobermore
4 Feb 1867 Robert John Boon 10 Nov 1866 Henry Boon Farmer Mary Hopper Ballynure
25 Nov 1867 Jane Shiels 3 Sep 1867 Joseph Shiels Farmer Mary Ann Espie Ballinahone
25 May 1867 Robert Shields 5 Apr 1867 Thomas Shields Farmer Elizabeth Hyndman Ballinahone
23 Nov 1867 Archibald Whiteside Hunter 7 Apr 1867 James Hunter Farmer M. Caskey Ballinahone
23 Dec 1867 Matilda Shields Dec 1866 James Shields Farmer Elizabeth Lytle Drumballyhagan Elinor Lyttle
28 Dec 1867 William Porter 26 Mar 1866 David Porter Labourer Margaret Smyth Ballinahone
26 Mar 1868 Catherine Clarke 11 Dec 1863 Matthew Clark Farmer Eliza Boyle Drumcrow
15 Apr 1869 Margaret Paul 16 Nov 1868 William John Paul Farmer Eliza Jane Kenning Ballinahone
4 Sep 1869 Eliza Lytle 28 Mar 1868 James Lytle Scutcher Sarah Starrs Moyesset?
23 Jun 1869 Henry Hunter Boon 8 Apr 1864 Henry Boon Farmer M. Hopper Ballynure
11 Nov 1869 John Robson 23 Aug 1869 James Alex Robson Minister E McCrea Tobermore Baptised by Rev. Smilie Robson
24 Nov 1869 William Charles Boon 23 Jun 1869 Charles Boon Farmer M.J. Hanna Ballynure
22 Dec 1869 Elizabeth Shields 4 Mar 1869 Thomas Shields Farmer E. Hyndman Ballinahone
2 Jan 1870 Robert Shields 2 Jun 1869 Joseph Shiels Farmer M.A. Espie Ballinahone
22 Feb 1870 James Devlin 21 Nov 1869 Alexander Devlin Labourer E. Porter Tobermore
6 Mar 1870 Mary Ann Lynd 21 Nov 1869 Robert Lynd Labourer E. Canning Clooney Tobermore
28 Apr 1871 Jane Clark 11 Oct 1870 Henry Clarke Farmer B. McAnarry? Drumballyhagan
24 Dec 1871 William James Charters 19 Aug 1867 David Charters Farmer E. Kane Ballinahone
24 Dec 1871 George Charters 25 Oct 1870 David Charters Farmer E. Kane Ballinahone
8 Feb 1872 William John Devlin 7 Jan 1871 Francis Devlin Labourer R Stars Tobermore Original DOB crossed out
11 Feb 1872 William Devlin 31 May 1871 Alexander Devlin Labourer E. Porter Tobermore
27 May 1872 Eliza Lynd 13 Feb 1872 Robert Lynd Labourer E Kenning Clooney
6 Sep 1872 Thomas Alexander Shiels 1 May 1872 James Shields Farmer E. Lytle Drumballyhagan
Oct 1873 Samuel Boon 5 Feb 1873 William Boon Farmer N. Hutchinson Ballynure Moyheeland
26 Oct 1873 James Clarke 3 Sep 1870 John Clarke Farmer Rebecca Henderson Drumballyhagan
12 Jun 1873 Samuel Paul 1 Feb 1870 William John Paul Farmer ___ Kenning Ballinahone
12 Jun 1873 David James Paul 10 Dec 1871 William John Paul Farmer ___ Kenning Ballinahone
18 Feb 1875 William Boon 27 Aug 1874 William Boon Farmer N. Hutchinson Ballynure
18 Feb 1875 Bella Boon 3 Sep 1874 John Boon Farmer L. Porter Ballynure
7 Mar 1875 Maria Lynd 17 Oct 1874 Robert Lynd Labourer E Kenning Clooney
18 May 1875 Eliza Jane Scott 14 Feb 1872 John Scott Farmer J. Boon Ballynure
18 May 1875 Robert Scott 25 Jan 1875 John Scott Farmer J. Boon Ballynure
24 May 1875 Isabella Devlin 14 Feb 1873 Alexander Devlin Labourer E. Porter Tobermore
19 Sep 1876 James Boon 11 Jul 1876 William Boon Farmer N. Hutchinson Ballynure
6 Oct 1876 Matilda Shields 2 Apr 1876 Thomas Shields Farmer Elizabeth Hyndman Ballinahone
10 Jan 1877 Robert Anderson Shiels 29 Aug 1876 James Shields Farmer E. Lytle Fallagloon
11 May 1877 Thomas Lind BLANK Robert Lynd Farmer E Kinning Clooney Cloney
28 May 1877 John Porter 31 Mar 1870 David Porter Weaver M. Smyth Ballinahone
26 Sep 1877 ? Clarke ___ Henry Clarke Farmer Maria Black Drumballyhagan
26 Sep 1877 ? Clarke ___ Henry Clarke Farmer Maria Black Drumballyhagan
14 Oct 1877 Eliza Jane Boon 10 Sep 1877 John Boon Farmer S.J. Paul Ballynure
14 Oct 1877 Alexander Scott 5 Mar 1877 John Scott Farmer J. Boon Ballynure
14 Oct 1877 Elizabeth Boon 18 Apr 1877 John Boon Farmer E. Porter Ballynure
2 Dec 1877 Agnes Paul Stevenson 16 Jun 1877 Robert Stevenson ____ J. McDowell Inglewood, N.J.(USA) NJ, USA
7 Apr 1878 Mary Ann Phillips 21 Jan 1868 Samuel Phillips Farmer M. Sinclair Ballinahone
7 Apr 1878 Alexander Phillips 23 Jan 1870 Samuel Phillips Farmer M. Sinclair Ballinahone
24 May 1878 Isabella Porter May 1856 Alexander Porter Farmer Mary Cousley Gortamney
23 Jun 1878 David Boon 19 Mar 1878 William Boon Farmer Nancy Hutchinson Ballynure
30 Jun 1878 Margaret Anderson 4 Jan 1878 Thomas Anderson Farmer Grace M Meekin Fallagloon
27 Mar 1879 James Lynd 8 Nov 1878 Robert Lynd Labourer E Kenning Clooney Tobermore
26 May 1879 Minnie Clarke 4 Jul 1878 John Clarke Farmer R.J. Henderson Drumcrow
22 Jun 1879 Henrietta Clarke 21 Mar 1879 Henry Clarke Farmer Maria Black Drumballyhagan
21 Dec 1879 Margaret Hunter Shiels 28 Jul 1879 Thomas Shields Farmer Elizabeth Hyndman Ballynahone
15 Mar 1880 William Thomas Dickson 20 Jan 1874 William Dickson Farmer E E Lytle Cloane Cloane
15 Mar 1880 James Sinclair Dickson 15 Jul 1876 William Dickson Farmer E E Lytle Cloane Cloane
15 Mar 1880 Matilda Dickson 17 Mar 1879 William Dickson Farmer E E Lytle Cloane Cloane
19 Sep 1880 Annie Elizabeth Clarke 10 Jun 1877 John Clarke Farmer R Henderson Drumcrow
25 Oct 1880 Robert Harbison Anderson 29 Jun 1880 William Anderson Merchant Martha Lawrence Tobermore
1881 Thomas James Boon 20 Mar 1879 John Boon Farmer Sarah Jane Paul Ballinahone Ballynure
30 Mar 1882 Thomas James Anderson Shiels 8 Mar 1882 Thomas Shields Farmer Elizabeth Hyndman Ballinahone
30 Mar 1882 Ellen Shiels 1 Dec 1881 James Shields Farmer Ellen Lytle Fallagloon
7 Sep 1882 Jane Lynd 8 Mar 1882 Robert Lynd Labourer E Kenning Clooney Clooney
23 Oct 1882 Mary Ann Clarke 16 Jun 1882 John S. Clarke Farmer Ann Tanahill Drumballyhagan
23 Oct 1882 Rebecca Jane Clarke 5 Apr 1882 John Clarke Farmer R.J. Henderson Drumcrow
26 May 1883 Margaret Anne Henderson 26 May 1883 William Henderson Farmer Sarah Jane Henderson Gortamney
3 Aug 1884 Robert Boon 9 May 1883 William Boon Farmer N. Hutchinson Ballynure
4 Aug 1884 Emily Clark 15 May 1884 Henry Clarke Farmer Maria Black Drumballyhagan
23 May 1886 Annie Maud Lynd 3 Aug 1875 Robert Lynd Labourer E Kenning Clooney is this 3 Aug 1885???
10 Aug 1886 Mary Jane Henderson 8 Sep 1875 George Henderson Farmer M Henderson Killynumber
10 Aug 1886 James Henderson 10 Jun 1880 George Henderson Farmer M Henderson Killynumber
10 Aug 1886 Elizabeth Henderson 3 Nov 1885 George Henderson Farmer M Henderson Killynumber
12 Jun 1887 Marcus Henderson 1 Dec 1886 William Henderson Farmer Sarah Jane Henderson Gortamney
20 Aug 1887 John Boon 1878? John Boon Farmer Eliza Porter Ballynure
7 Aug 1887 Thomas Shiels 8 Sep 1886 Thomas Shields Farmer Elizabeth Hyndman Ballinahone
17 Nov 1887 Thomas Charters 1886 David Charters Farmer M Kane Ballinahone
5 Aug 1889 John Clarke 8 Mar 1889 John A. Clarke Farmer E. Tannahill Drumcrow
1 Sep 1889 Emily Shiels 3 Jun 1889 Samuel Shiels Farmer Margaret J. Wilson Drumballyhagan
8 Apr 1890 William Anderson ___ William Anderson Merchant Martha Lawrence Tobermore
20 May 1891 William Boon 18 Oct 1890 Robert Boon ? Scott Fallagloon
21 Nov 1893 Robert Boon 29 Dec 1892 Robert Boon M. Scott Ballynure GRONI says 30th Dec 1891
12 Dec 1893 Margaret Henderson 3 May 1881 George Henderson Farmer M Henderson Killynumber
12 Dec 1893 William Henderson 8 Oct 1884 George Henderson Farmer M Henderson Killynumber
28 June 1897 Samuel Boon 10 Nov 1891 Robert Boon Mary Scott Ballynure
8 Jul 1897 Teresa Boon 3 Feb 1890 John Boon M?.A. Porter Ballynure Is this Paul not Porter? GRONI Has Teresa being born 23rd Nov 1890 to Paul
5 Nov 1897 James Clarke 5 May 1878 Jackson Clarke Farmer Elizabeth Henderson Moyesset
5 Nov 1897 Margaret Clarke 23 Feb 1882 Jackson Clarke Farmer Elizabeth Henderson Moyesset
13 Jan 1898 Agnes Jane Clark 14 May 1893 John Clark Farmer E. Tannahill Drumballyhagan
2 May 1898 Sarah Jane McDowell 6 Oct 1897 Robert McDowell Farmer M.A. Graham Ballinahone Beg
7 Sep 1898 Maria Stewart 12 Nov 1889 Gordon Stewart M. Boyd Moyesset
7 Sep 1898 Robert James Stewart 6 Feb 1891 Gordon Stewart M. Boyd Moyesset
7 Sep 1898 David Stewart 15 Oct 1893 Gordon Stewart M. Boyd Moyesset
4 May 1899 Samuel McDowell 10 Jan 1899 Robert Barr McDowell Farmer M.A. Graham Ballinahone Beg
10 Feb 1899 Mary Anderson 5 Nov 1897 John Anderson Farmer Isabella Clarke Fallagloon
10 Feb 1899 Henry Anderson 14 Dec 1898 John Anderson Farmer Isabella Clarke Fallagloon
05-Nov-01 Matilda Jane McDowell 03-Jul-01 Robert McDowell Farmer M.A. Graham Ballinahone Beg
10-May-02 William Boon 07-Nov-01 Robert Boon E. Scott Ballynure
05-Jul-02 Emily Hunter 02-Apr-02 John Hunter M. Clarke Ballinahone More
10-Sep-04 George Anderson 07-Mar-03 John Anderson Isabella Clarke Fallagloon

Tobermore Presbyterian Church

tobermore-presbyterian-churchTobermore Presbyterian Church - Copy

The original Presbyterian Church on this site was bult in 1728. In the early 19th century the church was described thus: “There is a meeting-house for Presbyterians at Tubbermore : it was built in l728, and is of the second class, in connection with the Synod of Ulster.

Tobermore Presbyterian Baptisms

Tobermore Presbyterian Marriages

Tobermore Presbyterian Church Old Graveyard

Tobermore Presbyterian Church - Copy

Tobermore Presbyterian Church is located on the main street of the village of Tobermore which is located about 3 miles South West of the town of Maghera. The church is located on the left hand side of the street, just before the road rises up the hill on the road to Draperstown. The current Presbyterian church was built in 1728. The Ordnance Survey memoires of 1836 describe the church as being “..a plain white building with a slated roof and is 69 feet by 25 feet inside”. The memoires also say that at that time, there were 21 rectangular windows and that the aisle was made of earth and the roof not ceiled! Today, it has a nice interior with a small seated gallery. In 1825 the building was nearly fully reroofed and had 2 butresses built at the back of the building to support it. In 1831 the Drapers company (one of the original London companies ‘charged’ with the settlement of Ulster in 1609) paid £50 to repair all the seats of the church. The graveyard surrounding the church is the old graveyard. The new Presbyterian graveyard is located at the top of the hill at the South Western end of the village beside Kilcronaghan Church of Ireland.

Thomas Kenning
Died February 11th 1836
Aged 21 years
Elizabeth Kenning
(Mother to the above)
Died November the 6th 1836
Aged 61 years
Also her Husband
David Kenning
Who died March the 12th 1850
Aged 80 years
Margaret, Daughter of his Son James
Died January 1st 1861
Age 7 months
Also his Son James
Died April 24th 1888
Aged 77 Years.
Wife Margaret Jane Kenning
Died 21st October 1907.
Son James, died 31st December 1941
Wife Jane, died 17th October 1936
And their Sons,
John Caldwell, died 2nd June 1894
Robert Alexander, died 5th February 1900.
“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” Rev.XIV.13

Erected by John Clarke
In loving memory of his Daughter
Who died 17th November 1895.
And his Wife Rebecca,
Who died 12th December 1895.
Also the above named
John Clarke
Who died 19th July 1928.

In memory of
Wife of the late Robert
Kenneth, and Daughter of the
Late James Christie,
Who died 28th Jan 1861, Aged 46 years
And her Sister Anna Christie
Who died 15th April 1901 Aged 85? Years
Also Mary A. Collins,
Who died 8th? September 1917.
the surface of this grave has started to deteriorate

In Loving memory of
Samuel McElree
Also George Clarke, died 6th March 1908
His Wife Maria died 16th Feb 1919
And their Son John died 6th July 1947
Erected by Robert Clarke

Erected by
The children of the late
John Wilkinson
Of Belfast
In affectionate Remembrance
Of their Uncle
William Wilkinson
Who died at Moneyshanere
On the 6th of August 1890.
Aged 85 years.
And is here interred
Also of their Aunt
Sarah Wilkinson,
Who died at Moneyshanere,
On the 14th December 1892
Aged 74 years.
Richard Wilkinson
Born 7th June 1846
Went home 17th April 1899
Annie Wilkinson
Wife of Richard Wilkinson
Died 5th July 1946.

Erected by
James Esler
In loving memory of
His Mother Ann Clarke,
Died 25th Feb. 1945.
And his Father
John Esler
Died 5th March 1895.
His Brothers
David, died 22nd Jan. 1913
Henry, died 9th Sep. 1946.

Erected by Samuel Reid
In loving memory of his Son
Who died 26th November 1918 Aged 23 years
Also the above
Samuel Reid
Who died 21st January 1956 aged 85 years
His Wife
Emily nee Currie
Who died 11th April 1964 aged 89 years

Erected by Mary Jane Paul,
In loving memory of
Her Daughter, Mary S. Paul,
Who died 12th August 1906,
Also her Son, John L. Paul,
Who died 3rd December 1908,
And her Daughter Maggie Paul
Who died 7th November 1923.

In loving memory of
My dear Husband
John Currie
Who died 15th Jany. 1951, aged 71 years,
Also his dear Wife Rebecca Edwards,
Who died 14th Oct. 1966 aged 89 years
“Worthy of everlasting remembrance”

The family burying ground of
Henry Ellison
And of his Son
James Ellison

Erected by
Samuel McGowan,
In loving memory of
His Father
Samuel McGowan
Died 29th July 1877,
Aged 71 years.
Also his Mother
Margaret K. McGowan
Died 31st January 1911,
Aged 75 years.
Also his brothers
William J. McGowan,
Died 2nd April 1871,
Aged 8 months.
William S. McGowan
Died 1st February 1873
Aged 6 months.
And his Aunt
Jane McGowan,
Died 13th July 1884, aged 72 years
Samuel McGowan
Died 12th Nov. 1939,
Aged 77 years.
Lila McGowan,
Died 14th Nov. 1963.
And her Son
Samuel A.
Died 25th Sep. 1981
Aged 78 years.

In loving Memory of
John Diamond
Who died 8th June 1926
Also Mary Jane Diamond,
Who died 26th November 1875.
Also Marianne Diamond
Who died 25th October 1936.
Also Wm Robert Diamond,
Who died 16th November 1958.

In loving memory of
James Henderson, J.P.
Died 6th January 1935
Also my dear Wife Elizabeth
Died 21st November 1963
The under-named John Henderson
Died 29th September 1965
Erected by John Henderson, Killynumber.

Erected by
Eliza J. Hanna
In memory of her
Beloved Husband
Alexander Hanna
Of Moneyshanere,
Who died 13th June 1906,
Aged 69 years.
Also their Children
James F. Hanna,
Died 15th Sep 1888,
Aged 17 years
Samuel Hanna,
Died 17th Dec. 1888,
Aged 21 years.
Isabella Kennedy,
Died 22nd Dec 1922,
Aged 49 years.
The above named Eliza J. Hanna’
Died 12th Dec. 1916.
Also Thomas Kennedy,
Died 22nd Feb. 1938,
Aged 70 years.

In memory of James Neely
Who departed this life 12th June 1885
Aged 80 years.
Also his Wife Nancy Neely,
Who died 11th April 1904,
Aged 95 years.

The family burying ground
Of the late
Jackson Clark
Died 24th Sept 1928
“His end was peace”

In Sacred Memory of (Sacred to the Memory)
Margaret Corriston
Who departed this life [January]26 1835
Aged 42 [years]
John Corriston
Her Husband
Who died [ ] December
30th 1840
Aged 65?
This headstone was carved in sandstone but is deteriorating because chunks
of the surface are flaking off like an onion peel. I’m not sure how much longer ANY
inscription will survive!

James Wisenor
In memory of his Parents
Martha Wisenor who
Departed this life 12th
March 1842 Aged 62 years
Andrew Wisenor who
Departed this life 12th
July 1844 Aged 66 years

In loving memory of
Robert George Henderson
Died 20th March 1920
And his Wife Ellen S. Henderson
Died 29th June 1961
Also her brother James May
Died 12th April 1963
And their daughter
Kathleen A. Hanna, died 19th March, 1979
Jeannie I. Dennis B.A. died 6th Feb 1995

The burying place of
Samuel Hanna and
Family of Moyheeland

Sacred to the memory of the
Revd William Brown
Who departed this life on the 19th of
April 1860 in the 70th year of his age
and the 50th year of his ministry.
his infant daughter Isabella who
died on the 26th of August 1816 aged
12 weeks
His wife Mary E. Brown alias Douglas
Who departed this life on the 9th of
January 1864 Aged 72 years

In loving memory of
Robert Paul, died 3rd April 1956
And his Wife
Isabella, died 27th February 1965
Also his brother
David, died 28th February 1959.

In loving memory of
James McGowan
Born January 4th 1802
Died January 3th 1868
Also his wife
Mary Edwards McGowan
Born February 14th 1795
Died October 8th 1863
Eliza Wilkinson
Dau[ghter of the above]
stone broken here so letters almost gone
Died July 7th 1861
Aged 40 Years
this stone is broken in three pieces, has moss in all the best places and if
that wasn’t enough, is behind rails!!

In memory of
John Paul
Who died 17th June 1871
Aged 71 Years
And his Wife Sarah
Who died 14th October 1881
Aged 67 years
Also his Son David
Who died 12th April 1925
Aged 75 years
And Fanny
Wife of His Son David
Who died 27th April 1925
Aged 66 years
Martha Jane Paul
Who died 29th June 1929
Abraham Paul
Who died 25th Feb. 1932.

To the memory of
Andrew Johnston
Who departed this life 5th February 1862
Aged 82 years
His Son
Departed this life 8th February 1862
Aged 42 years
And his Son
Who departed this life 13th April 1865
Aged 42 years.

Erected by
Thomas J. Anderson
In loving memory
Of his father,
Samuel Anderson
Who died 16th February 1898
Aged 82 years.
Also his mother
Mary Hill Anderson,
Who died 18th March 1906,
Aged 80 years,
Also his sister,
Mary B. Anderson,
Who died 16th July 1883,
Aged 22 years,
Also his sister
Elizabeth Anderson
Who died 14th October 1919
Aged 59 years;

In affectionate Remembrance
James Anderson
Who died (at Falgortreavy) 11th April 1889
Aged 72 years
James, died 17th January 1892
Aged 11 years
Samuel, died 27th January 1892
Aged 7 years
Mary, died 5th September 1900
Aged 76 years
Isabella Fleming, died 26th July 1902
Aged 49 years.
Thomas, died 20th May 1911
Aged 64 years.
Margaret, died 11th Aug. 1947
Aged 71 years.

“We know that when the soul unclothed
Shall from the body fly
T’will animate a purer flame
With life that cannot die.”

In loving memory of
Sarah J Waters
died 19th November 1940
Willie Waters aged 7 years
Maud White
died 26th January 1973

The burying ground of George Neely.
“Neither can they die anymore.”

Erected by the family of
Hugh Starrs, Calmore
in loving memory of their Mother
Sarah Margaret Starrs
who died 2nd March 1890, aged 47 years
Also their Father
Hugh Starrs,
Who died 16th April 1922, Aged 86 years

In loving memory of
Samuel Johnston
dearly loved Husband of Annie Johnston
called home 20th October 1941
Aged 75 years.
Also his wife Annie Johnston,
died 30th October 1945.
Aged 83 years.
“Perfect in Christ Jesus” Col.1.28

In loving memory of
Robert Lyle
Died 29th May 1899, Aged 99 years
And his wife Eliza
Died 26th June 1878, Aged 44 years,
Also their daughters
Died 24th May 1878, Aged 19 years
Died 27th March 1884, Aged 22 years
And their son, William,
Died 10th March 1924, Aged 52 years
Also his wife Mary Lyle,
Died 8th Oct, 1940 Aged 60 years.
Erected by their daughter Sarah Kenning

Erected by
Jane Lyle
In memory of her beloved husband
James Lyle
Died 18th Sept. 1884, Aged 88 years

James Moore
departed this life
Sept. 15, 1881
Aged 78 years
also his Wife
Died May 17, 1868
Aged 76 years
“Our father and mother, gone but not forgotten.”

In loving memory of
George McGuigan
died 27th January 1914
Aged 75 years
Also his beloved Wife
Mary Ann
died 31st July 1923
Aged 84 Years

Erected by
Nancy Moore
in memory of her Daughter
Also the above named
Nancy Moore
died 14th April 1894, Aged 69 years

In loving memory of
Frederick Dickson,
Died 25th March 1910, Aged 73 years.
And his Wife Mary Jane,
Died 1st September 1925, Aged 71 Years.
Erected by their Family

In memory
Samuel Winton
died 9th January 1934 Aged 3 Years
Maggie Winton (Meg)
died 29th January 1941 Aged 70 years
Mary Elizabeth Moreland (nee Winton)
died 10th November 1949 Aged 31 years
Mary Ann Winton
died 13th April 1962 Aged 64 years
beloved wife of
Matthew Winton
died 29th October 1962 Aged 66 years
“At Rest”


Erected by
T.J. McKee, Tobermore,
In memory of his Father and Mother
Robert and Matilda,
Also his Brother and Sister
Samuel and Margaret

In memory of James Henderson
who departed this life
2nd November 1881, Aged 71 years
Also his beloved Wife
Elizabeth Ann
who departed this life
3rd April 1862, Aged 49 years
Also their Son
George Henderson,
died 30th July 1900, Aged 60 years
William Henderson,
Died 15th February 1917, Aged 81 years.
Elizabeth J. Henderson
died 29th March 1912, Aged 40 years
Margaret Ann Henderson
died 6th Dec. 1954 Aged 71 years.
Thomas Henderson
died 23rd Jan. 1969 Aged 79 years.

Erected by
John Porter
In loving memory of
His dear Father and Mother
Alexander Porter
Died 23rd April 1905 Aged 90 years
Mary Porter
Died 25th October 1887 Aged 60 years
“Until the day break and the shadows flee away”

In loving memory
of our dear Parents
Died March 1 1926
Robert Died Feb. 2 1949
Their family
Cora Irene
Died March 11 1948
Robert James
Died March 8 1909
John Died March 12 1916
“At Rest”

In memory of
Elizabeth died 18th October 1898
Her Mother Alicia died 7th September 1909
Her Father Robert died 28th October 1934
Her brother Thomas
born 22nd January 1878 died 2nd December 1970
Susan Wife of Thomas
Born 7th August 1892 died 9th May 1975

Patrick Kearns to the memory of
His beloved father William Kearns
Who departed this life 10th April
1848 Aged 47 years.
Also the above Pat Kearns son Alex
Who died Aug 24th 1865
Aged 11 Months

Extremely old stone that has totally deteriorated
this is definitely a case of ‘Known only unto God”!!

The family burying ground of
Thomas Moore

John Cousley of Moneyshanere
In memory of his Beloved wife
Margaret Cousley
Who departed this life
17th November 1878
And their daughter Annabella Henry
Who departed this life 3rd March
1861 Aged 23 years.
Also the above John Cousley
1st May 1880 Aged 85 years
And their son James Cousley
25th Dec. 1896 Aged 60 years
And their grandson James Shiels
16th Jan. 1900 Aged 19 years

In loving Memory of
Matthew Anderson
of Fallagloon
Who died Jan. 17th 1875
Aged 57 years.
And of his beloved wife
Margaret Shields
Who died Jan 17th 1908
Aged 88 years.
Also their son John,
Who died Jan 1st 1916
Aged 60 years
And his wife
Isabella Anderson
Who died 17th Jan 1946,
Aged 74 years.
Their son John,
Who died 20th May 1974,
Aged 73 years.
Their daughter Margaret,
Who died May 16th 1976,
Aged 79 years.
In loving memory of their daughter
Died Sep. 25 1985
Aged 80 years
Also their son
Died 11th August 1986
Aged 76 years.

Erected by
Thomas Black
To the memory of his wife
Sarah Black,
Who departed this life 6th Sep.
1874 Aged 78 years.
Stone broken at this point

To the Memory of
Joseph Steele
Who departed this life
25th October 1850
Aged 29 Years
Of Mrs I Steele relict of the late
Dr. Steele Surgeon in British Army
Who died 3rd March 1876
Aged 78 Years
old worn flat stone..very hard to read

Erected by
Thomas Gallagher
In memory of his Mothr Jean
Who depd this life 3rd Augt 1842
Aged 64 years.
Hessie Gallagher
Died 23rd Dec. 1955 Aged 83 years
And her husband James
Died 3rd Feb. 1956 aged 89 years.

Under Neath lieth the body of
William Hutchison who depd this
Life 25th March 1831 Aged 8? Years
James Hutchison
Who died December 23rd 1852 Aged 39 Years
His beloved wife Margaret Hutchison
Who died on the 16th June 1873
Aged 56 years
Their son William Hutchison
Who died on the 18th December 1875
Aged 51 years.
Julia McKee widow of
William Hutchison
Who died on the 17th June 1911
Aged 70 years.
For the first named William Hutchison, at first It was thought it might be 5 years, but
on further examination, the numeral has the same middle bar as the 8 of 1831 so it’s
now felt to be 8 years.

Erected by
John Boon
In memory of his beloved wife
Margaret who died 22nd
July 1868, Aged 51 years

In memory of
Joseph Phillips
Died 16th Jan 1940
Also of Nancy Phillips
Died 10th Nov 1942

Thomas Phillips
Died 28 March 1869
Aged 71 years
Graves 57 & 58 are tight beside each other

To the memory
Of Margaret Hunter the beloved
Wife if Charles Hunter
Who departed this life
29th January 1884
Aged 74 years.
These people are Hunters of Ballinahone Beg

In memory of
Letetia Faith Lytle
Who died 15th May 1855 aged 3 months
Rosetta Lytle
13th February 1866 Aged 22
Elizabeth Jane Lytle
14th March ^^ 1869. Aged 26 years
Anna Margretta Lytle,
16th June ^^^ 1871 Aged 22 years
Samuel Lytle
15th August^^ 1871 Aged 26 years
Francis Lytle
22nd September 1871 Aged 19 years
Samuel Lytle,
Father of the above named children,
Died 19th March 1891 Aged 80 years
And his wife Grace,
Died 10th June 1891 Aged 80 years
I’m not sure what the purpose of the ^ are on the head stones..
they resemble little pyramidical underscores!

James Patterson
Departed this life May the 20th 1838
Aged 42 years.
This flat grey slate stone looks like it was carved yesterday!

To the memory of
John Scott, Ballynure
Who died 21st September 1888 aged 51 years
And his wife Isabella,
Who died 2nd April 1922 aged 83 years.
Isabella Scott nee Boon from Ballynure townland, Draperstown

Erected by
Samuel Lyle, of Clooney
In affectionate remembrance of
His father Hugh Lyle,
Who departed this life 4th Jan (BHS incorrectly has 8th)
1871, Aged 74 years.
His Mother Rose Ann Lyle
Died 1st May 1890, Aged 82 years
stone is broken diagonally just below this,
but there doesn’t seem to be any further inscription

In loving memory of a little
Ulster Volunteer
Bobbie Wisner
Who died 2nd January
1915 Aged 8 years
Buried with Military Honour

In Remembrance of
our dear mother
Elizabeth Jane Atkinson
Died 9th September 1964
Aged 85 years
Also our father
Samuel Atkinson,
Died 8th August 1965
Aged 93 years

Erected by
Etta Patterson
In memory of her Parents
William Johnston, died 5th June 1942.
Margaret, died 28th July 1894.
And their Infant Son.
Her children
Daisy Patterson died 23rd Nov.1918.
Samuel, died 21st August 1924
Maggie died 28th Feb. 1931
and one in infancy.

In loving memory of
Thomas Johnston
died 20th Aug. 1917.
And his Wife Mary Downing
Died 12th May 1902.
Also their Son John Downing Johnston
died 18th July 1927.
Also their Son Thomas George
Died 15th Feb. 1940.
Also their Daughter Annie Jane
Died 28th Jan. 1945.
Also their Son William
Died 31st Oct. 1946.

To the memory of
William John Dowdall, Drumard
Who died 23rd October 1831
Aged 31 years

In loving memory of
Sarah Hadassah Elliot
Died 27th Feb. 1966, aged 83.
And her Parents
James Stewart
died 29th May 1907, aged 66.
Mary Ann Stewart,
Died 28th April 1916 aged 75.
Her Husband Andrew Henry,
Died 13th Dec. 1977 Aged 92 years.

A New Graveyard for Tobermore?


Belfast Newsletter 3rd January 1896 Edition

MAGHERAFELT BOARD OF GUARDIANS.- A special meeting was held yesterday- Mr. James Shivers, deputy vice-chairman, presiding. The other Guardians present were Colonel Sir W.F.L. Conyngham, K.C.B; Messrs. Andrew Brown, J.P.; Brigade-Surgeon Waters, C.B., J.P.; James Sinclair, J.P.; Wm. Eakin, J.P.; Thomas S. Ash, J.P.; W.J. Derby, J.P.; John Keenan, J. P.; Wm. Harbison, J.P.; Felix Ferran, J.P.; James Caldwell, Thomas Daley, J.P.; Daniel McKenna, James Garvin, Alexander Burnett, Thomas Shiels, George Mullan, Thomas Houston, Hugh Barkley, William Rutherford, J. P.; Robert Eakin, Wm. Anderson, Andrew Lattimar, Nicholas Mulholland, Joseph Carson, Charles Convery, Henry O’Neill, J.P.; Robert Bell, John O’Kane, Robert S. Murdock and Thomas Carleton.
… The Board was specially summoned to consider a memorial from ratepayers in Tobermore, praying that a public cemetery be provided by the Guardians for the district. A memorial against the proposal was presented by Mr. Anderson, Guardian of the division, the grounds of composition being –
1. That there are at present three burying-grounds around Tobermore, in which the members of the different Protestant Churches who have existing rights have full liberty to bury.
2. That it has always been customary for each of the denomination (the Baptist denomination excepted) in the division to provide a burying-ground of its own. Many members of the Baptist Church have undisputed right of interment both in the Parish Church and Presbyterian Church burying-grounds.
3. Under the foregoing circumstances there was no necessity for a cemetery being provided.
The memorial was influentially signed. Dr. Waters, C.B., J.P., Whitefort, in moving that a public burying-ground be provided, dwelt on the fact that one of the graveyards mentioned in the memorial was closed for upwards of twenty years, and that the Presbyterian graveyard was practically closed. Regarding the new parish church graveyard, the Church authorities had resolved that, except in a few instances, no one outside their own congregation would be allowed to bury there, consequently there was no place of burial. Mr. Caldwell seconded Dr. Waters’ proposition. Rev. Mr. Stevenson, Tobermore; Rev. G.K. Moriarty, Kilcronaghan; and several other laymen, appeared before the Board in support of the memorial against a public cemetery being provided, and were heard at length. Mr. Murdock moved, and Mr. Mulholland seconded, an amendment that a public cemetery be not provided, which, on a poll being taken. 19 votes for and 33 against.

Draperstown, Tobermore, and Maghera Farming Society annual ploughing match

Banner of Ulster – Friday, 10 March, 1843
DRAPERSTOWN, TOBERMORE, AND MAGHERA FARMING SOCIETY. — The annual ploughing match of this Society took place at Macknagh, near Maghera, on Monday, 27th February. The day being favourable for ploughing, great numbers were assembled to witness the proceedings, amongst whom were the Rev. William Spencer Knox, the Rev. James S. Knox, James J. Clark, Esq., R. L. Malverer, Esq., and many other gentlemen who have long very zealously and efficiently exerted themselves in supporting and promoting the interests of the Society. Thirteen well-appointed ploughs started, and finished their respectable lots in due time. The judges — Messrs. David M’Kane, John Brooks, and James Duff — after a most careful and attentive inspection, awarded the Society’s premiums in the following order: — 1st premium and the Silver cup to Mr. Massey M’Elree, plough held by himself; 2d, to Mr. David Kenning, plough held by his son; 3d, to Mr. Samuel M’Gown, plough held by his servant; 4th, Mr. Robert Wallace, plough held by his son; 5th, Mr. Samuel M’Elree, plough held by his servant; 6th, Mr. James Paul, plough held by his servant; 7th, Mr. P. Duffy, plough held by his son; 8th, Mr. T. A. Dickson, plough held by his servant; 9th, Mr. Abraham Kennedy, plough held by his servant; 10th, Mr. W. Young, plough held by his servant. In the evening, the Society met in the Maghera Hotel, and sat down to an excellent dinner, prepared by Mr. Mulholland, in his best style. James J. Clarke, Esq., presided, and in the course of the evening made many useful and highly interesting observations relating to the Society, and the means of extending this usefulness. The cloth being removed, and the health of the Queen and many other loyal toasts being given and duly honoured, the health of the “Judges of the day” was proposed and drank with great enthusiasm, all present vieing with each other in testifying the high opinion entertained of the superior kill skill and integrity of the judges. The health of the several friends and supporters of the Society, some of whom were unavoidably absent, was given and responded to in the most cordial manner. “The successful candidates,” “The unsuccessful candidates,” and many other toasts, were given and replied to in the most friendly spirit imaginable,. Several challenges for stock and crops were given and accepted. The meeting then separated, the greatest harmony and good feeling having prevailed throughout the entire proceedings.