Culnady Presbyterian Church Baptism Records (1855-1877)

Culnady Presbyterian Church Baptism Records (1855-1877) provide us with some information as to the children of congregation members of this time frame.

Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's NameMother's NamePlace of BirthComment
16 Oct 1855Nancy Jane Willson
16 Dec 1855George McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
9 Mar 1856David HustonBallymacilcurr
9 Mar 1856Leticia RiddleDrumuck
24 May 1856Robert HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuckMonday 24th May 1856
22 Jun 1856James Johnston PooleThomas PooleKnocknakielt
9 Dec 1856Jane BullionDavid Bullion
22 Feb 1857William DrippsJames DrippsTernageragh
1 Jun 1857Adam RobisonFisher RobisonCulnady
1 Jun 1857Elizabeth Jane McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
1 Jun 1857Margaret Dickson?James Dickson?DrumuckDiction?
1857Thomas BruceJames BruceDunglady
9 Aug 1857Samuel HyndmanRobert HyndmanCurragh
27 Sep 1857Samuel AndersonJohn AndersonDunglady
6 Dec 1857Catherine MartinJohn MartinDrumuckLooks like Morton.. Probably Martin
20 Dec 1857William James ToshRobert ToshDrumuck
31 Jan 1858Robert WillsonWilliam WillsonDrumuck
28 Mar 1858Robert John HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
12 Sep 1858William PoolThomas PoolKnocknakielt
12 Sep 1858James CampbellJames CampbellKnocknakielt
23 Sep 1858Jane HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuck
23 Sep 1858Matilda HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuck
2 Dec 1858Andrew FlemingWilliam FlemingBallymacilcurr
19 Dec 1858John DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
30 Jan 1859Samuel BoydDavid BoydCulnady
3 Apr 1859Elizabeth DicksonJames DicksonDrumuck
10 Oct 1859Margaret Ann SloneJohn SloneDrumlaneDrumblane
10 Oct 1859Margaret MartinJameson MartinCulnady
10 Mar 1861Joseph MartinJohn MartinDrumuck
10 Mar 1861James BoydDavid BoydCulnady
7 Apr 1861James FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
1 Jun 1863Hugh BoydDavid BoydCrew
21 Jun 1863Elizabeth RobinsonFisher RobinsonCulnady
24 Jun 1863Mary Ann PooleJames PooleBeagh
19 Sep 1863William McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
17 Apr 1864Maria Kyle27 Jan 1864Robert KyleCulnady
31 Oct 1864Margaret HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurrSecond Daughter of Robert
27 Nov 1864Elizabeth Sloan6 Aug 1864John SloanDrumlaneThird Daughter of John Sloan
23 Apr 1865Mary Ann BoydDavid BoydCrew
22 May 1865Hannah Dickson?James Dickson?DrumuckLooks like Dictian
15 Oct 1865Maria Martin1 May 1865James? MartinCulnady
29 Oct 1865Robert Barr Stuart2 Aug 1865Rev J C StuartCulnady
12 Nov 1865Jane Alder KyleRobert KyleCulnadyAlder? Older??
17 Nov 1865Annie McCool12 Sep 1865Kennedy McCoolDunglady
18 Mar 1866Robert WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuck
1 Jul 1866Robert John PollockSmith PollockDrumlane
12 Aug 1866Elizabeth FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
17 Feb 1866Margaret Jane BruceJames BruceDunglady
17 Mar 1867Hollis Kyle HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
21 Apr 1867Sarah Jane McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuck
31 Mar 1867Isabella WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuckSecond Child of Alexander
27 May 1867Sarah Jane Fleming BoydDavid BoydCulnadyMonday 27th May
2 June 1867May SloanJohn SloanDrumlane
14 Oct 1867David HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurrMonday 14th Oct
14 Oct 1867Rebecca StuartRev'd J. C. StuartCulnadyRebecca Third Daughter
17 Nov 1867John Alexander KyleRobert KyleCulnady
5 Jan 1868William James Beaty?Sarah Beaty? (alias Lions)
26 Jan 1868Martha McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
12 Apr 1868John HyndmanMatthew HyndmanTernageeragh
1 Jun 1868Smith PollockSmith PollockDrumlaneMonday
14 Jun 1868Sarah HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
28 Jun 1868Margaret Jane PooleJohn PooleBeagh
25 Oct 1868William FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurrMonday
25 Oct 1868Samuel Fleming StuartRev'd J. C StuartCulnady
18 Apr 1869Clarke HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
15 Aug 1869Thomas ToyWilliam ToyMagheraor Joy
12 Sep 1869James SloneJohn SloneDrumlane
1 Nov 1869Sarah WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuckSarah Third Child
16 Jan 1870Annie Maria DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
23 Jan 1870William KyleRobert KyleCulnady
20 Feb 1870William Henery PollockSmith PollockDrumnacanon
10 Feb 1870Joseph Bruce LittleRobert LittleCulnady
17 Apr 1870Isabella HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
24 Apr 1870John Taylor McCoolKennedy McCoolDungladySecond Son
30 May 1870Margaret HustonWilliam HustonBallymacilcurr
30 May 1870Joseph StuartRev'd J.C. StewartCulnady
3 Jul 1870Nancy BoydDavid BoydCrew
21 Aug 1870William Brown PooleJohn PooleBeagh
26 Dec 1870Joseph HyndmanSarah HyndmanDunglady
5 Jun 1871Robert PooleRobert PooleTinnymortin?Tamneymartin?
5 Jun 1871Eliza PollockSmith PollockDrumuck
16 Jul 1871John PooleJohn PooleBeagh
13 Aug 1871David Paul FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
24 Sep 1871James Andrew DrippsJames Dripps, JunTernageragh
15 Oct 1871Sharlett HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurr
6 Nov 1871Robert James LittleRobert LittleCulnadySecond son
6 Nov 1871Fanny Jane StuartRev. J StuartCulnadySecond Daughter
27 May 1872Sarah Jane ToshJames ToshDrumuckMonday
21 Jul 1872Elizabeth Sarah RankinClara F? RankinKillymuck
18 Aug 1872Hetty PooleRobert PooleTamneymartin
1 Sep 1872Joseph Alexander HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
29 Sep 1872Jane HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
24 Nov 1872Mary McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
19 May 1873John StuartRev J.C. StuartCulnady
19 May 1873Elizabeth KyleRobert KyleCulnady
19 May 1873Robert George HillGeorge HillUpperland
20 Jul 1873Annie McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuck
3 Nov 1873James ToshJames ToshDrumuck
3 Nov 1873Isabella PollockSmith PollockDrumnacanon
1 Mar 1874Jane HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurr
27 Sep 1874John DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
21 Jun 1875Joseph JohnstonRobert JohnstonTirgarvilBaptised by Rev'd James Patrick
21 Jun 1875Thomas James PollockSmith PollockDrumoolishBaptised by Rev'd James Patrick
14 Nov 1875Isabella Joanna Forsyth McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuckBaptised by Rev'd J H Forsyth
24 Dec 1875John FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

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