Drumagarner Burial Register

Drumagarner Burial Register extracts

DateNameResidence at time of death
10 Oct 1846Blank BradleyDrumagarner
23 May 1852Berd? BradleyDrumagarner
9 Apr 1855Jas BradleyDrumagarner
5 Jun 1856John BradleyDrumagarner
25 Aug 1858Pk BradleyDrumagarner
25 Oct 1859John BradleyDrumagarner


Transcribed by Boyd Gray

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  1. Hi, I am researching my family from Kilrea area. My McReynolds, McReonalds. I have a record of William McReonalds marriage to Mary Maguiness in1846. Willims father was John McReonalds. Marys father was Owen Maguiness. Witness’s were Patrick McReonalds and Sarah Otterson. Williams address simply says Glebe and Marys Kilrea.
    Is it possible it is Drumagarner Church? I think the Glebe could be off Drumard Rd.

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