Drumagarner Chapel

Whilst the current Drumagarner Chapel building might be ‘modern’, Drumagarner Church is certainly an old church. We need look no further that this extract from Kernohan’s book:

“When stock was taken of the Church property in 1622, there were two churches in our parishes – Tamlaght and Kilrea. The Pope Nicholas taxation of 1306 shows there was another church and parish – Dromogarnan – that was subsequently merged into Tamlaght. The site of the church was probably on the ridge of Drumagarner, called Church Hill, on Hutchinson’s farm, where there had been a forgotten burial ground, and where a baptismal font was unearthed.”

J.W. Kernohan, M.A.  The Parishes of Kilrea and Tamlaght O‘Crilly, 1912


Drumagarner Chapel Baptism Records

Drumagarner Chapel Burial Records

Drumagarner Chapel Marriage Records








Drumagarner Chapel Marriage Records

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