Gravestone (Left stone) - Shoan McTrener died January 27th 1735

Gravestones or Headstones.. whatever you call them, they’re a wonderful record of the past! Some gravestones are easy to read.. others have been ravaged by time and the elements.. so HOW can you best record the information carved on the stone? Rather than trying to write the information down at the graveyard, the best thing is to photograph the stones. This allows for the recording of the information to take place not only in the comfort of the home, but also at a pace that suits you.. rather than a hurried hour or two hours walking around a graveyard. All these records have been transcribed from gravestones which have been photographed. We photograph ALL the gravestones in the graveyard and any stone that is going to present a problem (for example, where there is wear or decay of the stone at crucial places, etc.) is photographed many times, from different angles, and sometimes on different days, just so the most information that is available can be recorded. Grave stones are wonderful sources of information. But a word of CAUTION.. not everything you read will be correct. Consider this: Most grave stones (particularly 150+ years ago) were erected when people had money, and usually when the last of a family was buried. So, there could be a gap of maybe 50 or more years between the date of death and the date the stone was erected. Therefore, take dates, ages, etc., with the proverbial pinch of salt. They may be perfectly correct.. they may also be wrong. I can think of one example where a man died on the 16th September 1887 (confirmed by death certificate), yet his grave says 15th September 1888. Mistakes can and DO happen! Having said that, we believe that our recording of these gravestones is probably 99% accurate (NOTHING is 100%!).

“The inscription on a tombstone generally furnishes very scant information relating to the dead ; and yet, at the distance of a century or more, it is perused with avidity by heirs or descendents.”

Rev. W. D.  Killen D.D., History of Congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and biographical notices of eminent Presbyterian Ministers and Laymen, 1886

Whilst we have endeavoured to record the information on the headstones as faithfully as possible, occasionally errors can happen. Please click on the link below and then follow the links to the required graveyard.

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  1. I am looking for surnames: Mayberry/Maybury, Boyd, Armstrong, Fife, Lytle.
    Thank you so much.
    I live in Moville, Iowa

    1. Hi Peggy,
      I know the Mayberry family very well! I assume you’re a descendent of Thomas (who went to Nebraska) and not William who stayed here? 🙂 Denver

      1. Hi Denver,
        I am a descendent of William John Mayberry and his wife Isabella (Crockett) via their son Edward who left Knockloughrim (Drumlamph) in 1883 and settled in Australia. We are aware of another son/brother who went to America but know very little else. William is recorded as being a stationmaster on Edwards death certificate. Any information would be appreciated, I have all the details of Edwards family from 1883 forward in Australia but not the Irish background.

    2. I am a descendent of John Armstrong (b. 1789 m. 1815 to Isabelle Johnston). I will be heading over to Maghera this weekend. What are you looking for?

  2. How can I find the burial place of my great grandfather, George Mullan who lived on Tirgarvil Road. He was Roman Catholic. Might he be buried in his local Church grave yard? But if he is, where would that graveyard be located? I believe he died in 1884.

    Thank you for providing us with such a great resource.
    Veronica Cook
    Bronx, New York

  3. Hello!
    I am looking for any trace of the Hazlett families who lived in Grillaugh and Craigmore.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. I am looking for any grave site information as well as related family history on several of my Great Grand Parents who resided in Movanagher / Kilrea area.

    1) John Darragh and his wife Mary Mooney both RC married around 1770.

    Their son:
    2) James Darragh b. 1784 d. 1847 who married Mary Bateson of Antrim b. 1801 both RC. Mary Bateson’s parents were Alexander Bateson of Scotland and Ms. McMullen of Ireland. Mary later migrated to America in 1854.
    Thanks in advance for your Society and your concern in these matters.

    1. Hello Rick I have ancestors from Movanagher George Darragh married Catherine Broadley ,later moving to Glasgow.
      His father was Patrick Darragh married to Helen/Ellen Hutchison.

      George was born about 1823

  5. Thank you, Denver Boyd and Barbara Braswell for these acts of kindness in photographing and transcribing graveyard information. I live in Canada, a long way from the graves of my ancestors, so I thank you.


  6. I am looking for the burial of Patton’s and McPeake’s. Believed to be in the Tamlaght Ocrilly and Kilrea areas. Mathew and wife, Martha McPeake, and several children left Ireland in 1834 for Quebec, Canada.

  7. Hi: Looking for John Kane and Susan Diamond. John Kane died 1866 died in Gortmacrane or Drumagarner. Susan Diamond was from Swatragh, died in Glasgow.

  8. I am looking for graves for William Turner died 3.12.1906, Anne Bateman who died 17/7/1891 at the Post Office in Swatragh.

    William Turner’s children:
    Melesina Bennet Turner born 1885
    William Bateman Redmond Turner born 12.12.1867 Ballymoney

    All i know is that William Turner was a teacher who married Melesina Bateman, also a teacher, born in Helvick. They then ran the Swatragh Post Office/Grocery Store.

    I am trying to trace the above children. I am most appreciative of any information/photos etc. It is very hard to trace from here in Australia

    Kindest Regards


  9. I am looking for the Archibald family and info for Robert Archibald circa 1680s and his Son John who supposedly is born in Maghera in 1719. They then come to Londonderry, New Hampshire. Any relevant info available for that time frame in the local region?
    Thank you,
    Colin Brooks
    The 1718 Project

    1. Hi Colin,

      Unfortunately, I have no information that early. St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland parish baptisms (and records in general) only begin in 1783, I believe.

      Best regards,


  10. I am looking for the Grave of Susan Murray (McPeake) wife of Neal Murray. She had three sisters, Mary ? (McPeake), Margaret Murphy (McPeake) and Catherine ? (McPeake).She lived in Chicago Illinois for 20-25 years from about 1925-1953 then returned back to her family farm (The McPeake Farm) in after the death of her husband Neal Murray in 1963-65. She was Born May 23, 1907 and died shortly there after 1976-86? Susan was born in Tamney Ireland and then moved from her family farm in 1976 to the Maghera /Swaghtera area. Any information would be greatly appreciated …. in sincerity and appreciation. Teri Canada

  11. I am looking for the McPeake Family Farm on Gortinure, Granaghan which is very close to Swatragh. This is a relative of mine and we would like to drive by when we come to Ireland in September. I believe they lived on this farm from the early 1900s until the late 1970s. I am from Canada and would love any info you can give me. I am also looking for St Michael’s graveyard where Susan McPeake is buried and also for St. John’s Graveyard in Craigavole where her parents’ Mary and Michael McPeake and her sister Mary McPeake are buried. We will be driving and do not know the area but would love to be able find what we can. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated

  12. I am looking for any information on the Loughery and McCruskle famlies from Ballihone, County Derry,Maghera,Ireland. My GGG Grandmother Cathrine Loughery was born there in 1827 and sailed to Montreal, Canada in 1845.

  13. Does anyone know where I can access actual written records of deaths in Magherafelt c1908 and c1920. My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother are buried in Milltown Cemetary, I have photos of the family grave, but need to establish his actual name; as it conflicts with other details I have.

    His name is James Kearns died 1908 and his wife was Kate Kearns died 1920.

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