St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867)

A selection of transcriptions of St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867

Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's ForeameFather's SurnameMother's ForenameMother's SurnameResidenceFather's OccupationMinister's Comment
8 Mar 1840Sarah1 Mar 1840JacksonClarkePeggyMagheraLabourer
7 Apr 1840James29 Dec 1839JamesGrahamMaryCurragh
4 Apr 1841ElizabethJohnClarkeElizabethMagheraShoemaker
25 Jul 1841Sarah5 Jan 1841RobertPorterJaneCurraghWeaver
15 Aug 1841James27 Jul 1841JamesMackerillCatherineBallinahoneFarmer
8 May 1842William3 Apr 1842SamuelGrahamMary?CurraghWeaver
13 Feb 1843Alex13 Feb 1842AlexanderPorterMarianneMagheraWeaver
7 Aug 1843Joseph6 Aug 1843JohnClarkeJaneSlattybogieLabourer
10 Dec 1843Mary9 Nov 1843GeorgeScottMargaretBeaghFarmer
26 Jan 1845John3 Mar 1829ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
26 Jan 1845Thomas11 Feb 1831ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Sarah21 Jun 1833ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Esther4 Jun 1835?ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Jane30 Jun 1838ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845WilliamThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
3 Feb 1845Mary12 May 1840ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
3 Feb 1845CatherineAug 1842ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
16 Feb 1845Nancy31 Jan 1845AlexanderGrahamElizabethBeaghFarmer
27 Mar 1846SarahRobertGrahamJaneCulnadyWeaver
3 Jan 1847George John22 Dec 1846ThomasScottEliza? JaneMagheraShoemaker
2 Apr 1848Mary5 Feb 1847RobertPorterMaryCulnadyLabourer
22 Sep 1848Henry12 Sep 1848JamesPorterRoseMagheraMaster??
7 Oct 1849James Johnston24 Jun 1849ThomasScottEliza Jane?BallynacrossShoemaker
5 Jun 1853Matilda25 Mar 1853JohnShieldsMatildaBallinahoneLabourer
4 Sep 1854Mary Eliza22 May 1854RobertShieldsPatriciaGrillaghFarmer
30 Sep 1854?ArchibaldArchibaldMcKinnyMary AnnBallymacilcurr?? / Ballinahone??LabourerNo. 37
22 Apr 1856Isabella27 Mar 1838?RobertShieldsMaryBeaghFarmer
6 Dec 1857John22 Oct 1857DanielScottElizabethCulnadyLabourer
17 Apr 1867James10 Feb 1867JohnScottMary AnnCulnadyLabourer


Transcribed by Denver Boyd

One thought on “St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867)”

  1. The entry on 9 Oct 1798 – child “Roseanna?” father James Henry, mother Agnes, Balli? is definitely my 3G grandfather James Henry 1761-1849 and his wife Agnes Gray – they lived in Ballynacross. Another child James Henry 1798? (according to his Canadian gravestone) -1887 may have been Roseanna’s twin. Could it at all be possible that it was a dual baptism and the name entry is Rose and James?

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