St. Nossonus – Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower graveyard

Tamlaght O'Crilly Lower Parish Church - Copy

St. Nossonus Parish Church (Church of Ireland), (also known as Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower) is located
about a quarter mile outside the hamlet of Innishrush. According to the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of 1830,
Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Church was described in the Ordnance Survey memoirs of 1830 as a ‘Chapel of Ease’
“built on some rising ground near Innishrush, being a perpetual Curacy now held by the Reverend Mr. Mark
Bloxham” (and also calls it Tyanee Church) and that it was “a slated, rectangular building with four windows,
three at the southern wall, one in the eastern. “ It describes the church as having a 3 storey belfry with
Gothic pinnacles at the western end of the church, and had enough room inside for 192 people. In 1830
the date of the erection of the church was unknown!

Freshly dug double plot with a simple stone.
A separate plaque says
” In loving memory of our dear Father and Mother –
You were always someone special,
Someone kind and true,
Who will never be forgotten,
For we thought the world of you ”

A recently dug single grave with a black urn type flower pot simply with the name ‘Moore’ engraved.

Here lieth the body of John
Cochran who died
8? February ????
(an old stone covered with lichen and moss, rendering the date extremely hard to read)

Erected by
Stewart Ritchie, Lisnagarron
In memory of his beloved wife, Agnes Ritchie
Died 11th July 1935 Aged 63 Years,
Also his child died in infancy,
Also his Grandchild died in infancy,
Also his Grandson William John Ritchie,
Died 21st January 1937 Aged 29 years.
Also the above named Stewart Ritchie
Died 6th November 1949 Aged 78 years
Also his son Daniel (Dan)
Died 13th November 1996 Aged 84 years
“Til the day breaks”

Erected by
Letitia Preston
In loving memory of her Husband
Samuel Preston
Who died 9th June 1903
Aged 68 years
Also their son
Samuel Preston
Who died 7th June 1896
Aged 25 years
“For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God”

Iron railed grave with the remains of an Iron ‘head stone’ which has almost disintegrated. No names are apparent.

Erected by
Annie Ritchie
Of Wheling, Virginia
In memory of her father
Samuel McMullan
Of Innishrush
Died 23rd Dec 1845?
Aged 37 years.
Also his son James
Died 27th Oct 1869?
Aged 19 years.
Blessed are the dead,
Which die in the Lord
Rev XIV 13.
Also her Mother,
Jane McMullan
Who died 22nd April 1841
Aged 29 years.


Erected by
Wm and Nan Regan, Glasgow
in fond and loving memory
of our dear Mother
Sarah McCaw Regan
who died 11th June 1936
Aged 52 years.
Also Grand Parents
Wm. J. McCaw, Matilda McCaw
and children.


The burying ground
of the Chambers Family


Small simple flat stone with flower holder


in loving memory of
Charles G. Finlay, died 23rd July 1923.
His Wife Jane Finlay, died 25th June 1959.
Their Sons William J. M. Finlay, died 9th Nov. 1952.
Joseph W. Finlay, died 14th June 1970.
Gerald Orr Finlay, died 15th August 1991.
And their Daughter
Margaret Ann Stewart Finlay, died 29th Feb. 1992
Also their Son
Thomas C. G. Finlay, died 9th April 2005.

“For Ever with the Lord.”


Errected by
James Ballentine
in memory of his Wife Nancy
who departed this life 21st Jan 18??
aged 64 years
The above named James Ballentine
who died 16th nov 1907 aged 70? years.
And their Son John
who died 12th May 1944, Aged ?



In loving memory of
Thomas Michael
Died 11th February 1954, Aged 81 years.
His Daughters: Agnes Lavinia,
And Margaret Douglas.
Also his Wife Jemima Michael,
Died 7th March 1956, Aged 77 years.
Mary Michael
Died 27th Oct. 1985
Aged 83 Years.
Also their Daughter
Rebecca Ruby Michael
Died 19th December 2007 Aged 86
“At Rest”



Loving memories of
My dear Wife Margaret neé Hasting
Died 12th February 1963
Also her Husband John
Died 11th August 1982

“Ever remembered by her loving Husband Johnie”


Erected by
James Getty
In loving memory of
His dear Daughter
who died 26th August 1903.
Aged 20 years.
Also the above neamed James Getty
died 1st March 1920
Also his Son James
Died 29th Dec 1926
Also his WIfe Margaret Jane
Died 30th August 1933.



In Loving memory of
Robert James died July 1980 aged 73
His Wife Agnes died Sept 1983 aged 75
And their Son Bertie died Nov 2000 Aged 63

“Erected by their Son Bertie”


Erected by
MAry A. French

In memory of her Husband
Benjamin French,
Who died 18th May 1955,
Aged 63 years.



Grave is marked with a simple low stone with the name ‘Wilton’
it is covered in green marble chipings and has 2 additional
flower ‘Urns’ both with the name ‘Wilton’ inscribed..but no other details.



A simple Urn with Lennox inscribed



Precious memories of
A loving Husband and devoted Dad
Robert Thomas
Passed away 9th April 2006, aged 35 years


In loving memory of
A dear Wife, Mother and Grandmother
Called home 28th June 2001 Aged 57 years
“Always Remembered”


Bare earth Grave. Urn with flowers.No name


In memory of
Samuel James Kyle
died 17th September 1908
His Wife Nancy Kyle
died 4th August 1913
Their Son
Samuel James Kyle
Died 14th December 1942
Wife Annie Kyle
died 8th July 1942.


In loving memory of
Patrick died April 1953 Aged 75
His Wife Sarah Jane
Died April 1950 Aged 82
Their Daughter Mary died July 1965
And their son Pat died July 1987 Aged 83
Also his Nephew William died Dec. 1992 Aged 56

Erected by their Son Pat


In loving Memory of
A dear Wife and Mother Margaret
died 6th november 1995 Aged 78 Years

And her Sister Elizabeth Jane Kyle
died 23rd August 1981 Aged 68 years

“At Rest”



In loving Memory of
Robert James died July 1980 Aged 73
His Wife Agnes died Sept 1983 Aged 75
And their Son Bertie died Nov 2000 Aged 63

Erected by thir Son Bertie



A bare earth grave with 3 Urns / rectangular flower holders.

1. Moore

2. In loving memory of Harry
3. In loving memory of Mother



Another bare earth grave with a black rectangular flower holder

Moore Greta died 12-12-1991


In loving memory of
James Brown Kyle
who died 28th February 1894,
Aged 64 years.
Also His Wife
Agnes Kyle,
who died 2nd January 1909
Aged 64 Years.
And their Son
Thomas Taylor Kyle,
who died 20th April 1946
Aged 78 years.
Also his Daugther-in-law
Annie Elizabeth Kyle
who died 3rd December 1970
Aged 90 years.
And their Grandson
Thomas Taylor Kyle
who died 30th April 1989
aged 67 years



A broken stone, the remaining portion reads

…Aged 63 years
Also the above named James Preston
died 12 th April 1913
Aged 82 years

“There remaineth therefore a Resting
the people of God” Hebrews


Erected by
the children at Glenhuru?
In memory of John Preston
who died 19th June 1878
Aged 74 Years
Also his Wife
Lavinia Preston
Who died 14th October
1880 aged 86 years


In memory of
John Armstrong
who died 11th January 1901
Aged 67 years.
Also his Wife Elizabeth
who died 17th September 1917
Aged 77 years.
Also his Brother James
who died 25th May 1922
Aged 89 years.
And his Daughter Elizabeth
who died 29th August 1944
Aged 72 years.
Also their son David
who died 27th July 1954
Aged 76 years.
And his wife Edith
Who died 12th July 1964
Aged 69 years.


In loving memory of
Maggie died 19th July 1952
Thomas died 31st Oct. 1966
William James died 10th Dec. 1974
Edith May died 1st Dec. 1975
Thomas Jun. died 28th Jan. 1995
Robert John died 23rd May 2003
Margaret Elizabeth died 7th Aug. 2004

“At peace”


In Memory of
his Father
who died 9th July 186
Aged 91 Years

” one another daily while
is called To day” Heb III 13
Also his Mother Elizabeth
who died 1888 Aged 40 years

“Praying always with all prayer and
supplication in the spirit”

Also his Son Robert Smyth Murdoch who
died 4th May 1905 Aged 61 years
ALso his Daughter
Elizabeth Murdoch
who died 3rd August 1917
Aged 41 Years

In memory of his beloved Wife
Hannah Jane
who died 28th Dec 1877
Her Children ?? up and call her
Blessed her ???????????and her
praises ???
Also their Son Robert
who died in infancy
And their Daughter Margaret
who died 9th Dec? 1869
Also the above named Robert Murdoch
who died 28th Apr 1893 Aged 83 Yrs


Erected by Joseph Bradley, Ballymacpeake
in memory of his Father
Henry John, died 23rd May 1967.
And his Mother Annie Mary who Died 15th Dec. 1972.
Also Joseph Alexander
died 3rd March 1995
And Margaret Died 2nd May 2004

“The Lord is My Shepherd”


Erected by
Mary Keenan
in loving memory of her Father
Daniel Keenan,
who died 21st Dec. 1872
Aged 70 Years
Also her Mother
Eliza Keenan
who died 1st Feb. 1877,
Aged 71 years.
Also their daughter, Isabel
who died 1st Nov. 1909
Aged 66 years.



In loving memory of William Henry (Billy)
died 20th Aug 2006


In loving memory of
James died 1st August 1971 Aged 50

Also his Parents
William died 22nd July 1961 Aged 76
Elizabeth died 9th 1976 Aged 79

“At Rest”


In loving memory of
22nd April 1924 – 26th October 1993
Beloved Husband of Jean
And loving Dad of Jackie


In loving Memory of
A devoted Husband and father
William Hugh (Hubert)
died 14th September 1993 Aged 36 years
(Result of an accident in Scotland)


in loving memory of
My dear Husband Robert John,
Called home 17th July 1987
And his Son Robert Godfrey,
Called home 29th Sep. 1981
Also Adelaide Wife of Robert J.
died 12th September 2000

“Redeemed with the Precious Blood of Christ” Ist Peter C,1:V19.”


Underneath Lieth the body of
Rose Glasgow
Wife to Adam Glasgow who dep
this life 31 July 1833? aged 66 yrs.
and Daughter Eliza Aged ?6
Also the above named Adam Glasgow
who dep this life June 1844?
Aged 86?? Years
Also his Son James Glasgow
who dep this life 11th Dec 1878
Aged 84 Years
Also his Second? Son William Glasgow
who dep this life 21st?? Nov? 1885?
Aged 27 years.
(This is an old flat stone and is hard to read)



Erected by his Sisters
in affectionate memory od
William George Courtenay
of Glenburn
died 24th June 1923
His Sister mary Courtenay
died 7th December 1929
His Sister
Edith Marion Thompson
wife of
George M. Thompson, M.D. J.P. D.L,
Bellaghy Castle
died 24th may 1946
Emily Martha Hume
widow of
Andrew Hamilton Hume, esq
Died 3rd Jan 1961, aged 94 years
Edith E. Hamilton Hume
Daughter of
the late Emily Hume died 4th Dec. 1971


In loving memory of
Stewart Preston
died 24th February 1934
Aged years

Also his ???
Mary Preston
died 23 February 1953


Margaret Gibson?

in memory of her beloved? husband
who died ??????????????????? 1891
Also their ??????
who died ??? 1915

(this grave has bad corrosion / lichen down the centre, thus rendering reading it nigh on impossible!)


Erected by
Sarah Gibson of Glenone?
In memory of her Husband
Thomas Gibson
who departed this life
5th March
1876 aged 60 years
Also the above named Sarah
who departed this life 3rd
1898 aged ?? years
and their Daughter Charlotte??
Who departed this life ??????
Also ????????????????????
who departed this life January? 1891?


Erected in loving memory of
Lavinia Cameron,
Who died 28th July 1948.
And her Husband Andrew Cameron,
Who died 25th October 1957.
Also their Daughter Louisa
who died 29t May 2000

“Thy will be done”


In loving memory of
Mary Jane Morris
died 15th April 1954
“Thy will be done”


In loving memory of
John H. Clements,
late of Tyanee
died 6th June 1973.
And his devoted Wife
died 4th June 1975.
Also their loving Daughter-in-law
died 1st February 1992
“Loved and Remembered”


William John Clements
Died 28th Dec. 1931.
Also his Wife Annie Clements.
Died 1oth April, 1937
And their Daughter Emily Clements.
Died 30th Dec. 1900


Erected in the memory of
Courtenay McCaw
who departed this life 4th?
February 1855 aged 13 years
Also his Father Charles McCaw
Who departed this life 4th May?
1866 aged 76 years
Also his Daughter Jane McCaw
who departed this life
1871 aged 40 years
Also her mother Elizabeth McCaw
Who departed this life ????
1888? aged 86 years


In loving memory of
A dear Husband and Father
James Richard (Richie)
Died result of an accident
16th September 1982 aged 53 Years
“Peace perfect peace”


In loving memory of
Margaret French
Also her Daughter

Erected by
Catherine & Margaret Greer


Treasured memories of
Margaretta died 19th May 1924 Aged 2 months
Lena died 1st June 1924 aged 2 years
Beloved Daughters of Robert George & Elizabeth
Robert George died 30th June 1957 aged 70 years
Elizabeth died 28th September 1977 aged 92 years
And their Son
James died 8th October 2004 aged 83 years
“Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall Flourish in the Courts of our God.” Ps 92 v13


Erected by
Harper York, senr, Drumaine
in memory of his Son Ferguson
who died 28th July 1947 aged 18 years
Also the above named
Harper York
who died 4th Nov. 1956 aged 76 years
his Wife Sarah Matilda
Who died 1st Apri 1975 aged 75 years


Erected by
Henry York of Drumlaine
in memory of
His Daughter Eliza who
departed this life 18th Oct 1839?
aged 8 years
also his Daughter Anne Jane Moore
who fell asleep in Jesus 22nd Feby
1866 aged 32 years
and his Son Adam Arthur York
who died 18th May 1869 aged 24 years

(there is a new plaque screwed to the old stone perhaps concealing extra text on the original stone?)
In loving memory of
our dear Mother
Isabella (Bella)
died 22nd August 1978.
Also our dear Father
John, died 28th october 1994.


In loving memory of
Elizabeth H. Kissick, died 26th may 1968
Also her Husband
James Kissick, died 7th Sept. 1990.


In loving memory of
A dear Husband and Father
died 7th December 1871 aged 54 years
His Wife and a dear Mother
died 3rd January 2005 aged 82 years


Erected by
Henry York, Eden
who died 19th July 1924
In memory of his Father
Henry York.
His Mother
Matilda York.
His Brother
James T. York.
Also his Sister
Matilda Faith,


In loving memory of
Our dear Sister
Annie Mary died 29th December 1938 aged 2 years
Our Grandmother
Agnes died 21st August 1954 aged 72 years
Also our dear Father
Charles died 18th May 1974 aged 62 years
And our loving Mother
Sarah died 23rd February 1997 aged 77 years
Also Margaret Henry
died 31st December 1999 aged 89 years
“Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life”
A seperate rectangular flower urn says”To Mum from Anne”


In loving memory of
Charlotte Mulholland (Hill House)
died 31st March 1913 aged 45 years
Her Husband James Richardson Mulholland
died 11th November 1923 aged 62 years
Their Sons William Mulholland
died 7th September 1973 aged 67 years
John Smyth Mulholland
died 11th September 1973 aged 75 years
James Richardson Mulholland
died 28th September 1978 aged 77 years
“Thy will be done”


Erected by
Joseph Mulholland
of New York,
in memory of his Father
James Mulholland,
of Eden,
who died 31st Jan. 1902,
aged 73 years.
also his Mother
Eiza Mulholland,
who died 17th Jan. 1888,
aged 62 years.
and his Sister
Isabella Mulholland,
who died 18th April 1886,
aged 17 years.
also his Sister
Eiza Mulholland,
who died 11th July 1886?
aged 22 years.
His Brother James Mulholland,
who died Sep. 1928
And his Wife Caroline,
who died May 1947,


earth plot with a black rectangular flower urn
William H. York


Erected by
William York,
in memory of his Son
John S. York,
born 1st May 1887
died 6th May 1887
also the above named
William York
died 3rd February 1929
aged 81 years.
his Wife Catherine,
died 2nd March 1933,
Aged 77 years.




Erected by John Boyd, U.S.A.
In memory of his Father Henry Boyd,
Who died 13th August 1904. Also his Mother,
Mary Boyd, who died 16th February 1927.
Also his Brothers,
Henry Boyd, who died 21st July 1942.
Frank Boyd, who died 14th December 1963.


in loving memory of
A dear Husband and Father
Thompson Mulholland (Hill House)
died 19th December 1979, aged 83 years
Also his dear Wife
Isabella Burnside Mulholland
died 13th December 1983 aged 76 years

“The Lord is my shepherd”



In loving memory of
Ellen McDonald.
died 21st June 1973, aged 86
and her Husband, Robert,
Killed in action in France 1st July 1916
Their Son
Robert William McDonald
died 7th May 1993 aged 83 years


Erected by
Samuel Greer,
Vancouver, British Columbia.
“In testimony of his deep respect for his
Father abd Mother, both of Ancient families
of Innishrush, They saw adversity and poverty
in Ireland,and prosperity in the New World.”
John Greer, who departed this life
26th February 1879, aged 75 years.
His Wife Eizabeth Orr, who departed this life
8th April 1854, aged 36 years.
Whose Father William Orr
was 61 years clerk of this Church

In loving memory of
William James Greer
Killed by Terrorist
14th Jan. 1977, Aged 27 years.
His Father
William John Greer
died 26th Sept. 1989, Aged 88 years.
And His Mother
Ethel Kennedy Greer
died 2nd Dec. 2001, aged 92 years.
Also Rosie Carr
His second Wife
who died January 12th 1884
aged 14 years.
‘Be patient, the veil will lift
and O, then the mystery’

Also Eliza Greer,
wife of James Greer,
died 20th Nov. 1937.
Their daughter Lizzie,
died in infancy
Also James Greer,
died 22nd March 1945.
And their Daughter
Matilda Rose Greer
died 24th March 1949


Erected by
John McCaw, U.S.A.
in memory of his Father
William J.McCaw,
who died 30th March 1909.
Aged 80 years.
Also Martha McCaw,
Wife of
William McCaw,
died 27th February 1917.
And Lizzie McCaw
Wife of Vernor McCaw’
who died 6th July 1929.
and William McCaw,
Husband of
Martha McCaw
who died 29th Feb. 1956,
aged 77 years.
Verner McCaw,
who died 19th June 1956
Aged 86 years
Also his Son
William McCaw,
who died 6th May 1967
Aged 49 years
Also his Son
William McCaw,
Who died 6th may 1967
Aged 49 years.
Margaret McCaw
Wife of William,
who died 7th April 2007
Aged 80 years.
Howard McCaw
Who died 26th September 2000.


Erected by the family
In loving memory of
Henry McCaughey, Ballymacpeake
Who died 3rd November 1937, aged 75 years
and our dear Mother Margaret McCaughey
who died 20th May 1953, aged 88 years.
Also their dear Sister Jeannie McCaughey
who died 12th Feb. 1972, aged 62 years.
John McCaughey
who died 25th April 1982 Aged 85 years
Robert McCaughey (J.P.)
who died 11th May 1996, Aged 93 years


In loving Memory of
Henry Stewart
died 18th May 1904, aged 58 years
His Brother James,
died 1st March 1931, aged 72 years
And his Wife Sarah Ann,
died 19th Nov. 1944, aged 80 years
Their Son James W.
died 20th Jan. 1958, aged 76 years
Their Son Robert A. Stewart,
died 13th Jan 1975, aged 79 years.


In loving memory of
My dear Parents
Sarah Ann,
died 12th June 1972, Aged 82 years.
died 5th June 1974, aged 79 years.
Also their Daughter Agnes Ann
died 13th March 1925,
Aged 2 years and 4 months.

Erected by their Daughter Martha

(Also on same grave a flat stone plaque)
Also interred here
Henry David,
died 18th Feb. 1986 aged 57 years.


(a rectangular black flower holder)


The burying place of Wm Orr?
Rebecca Orr Dep this life
June the 24 1855? Aged 42
years Also Margaret Orr? ?????
?he ????????? e??????

(an old flat stone, next to impossibe to read!)


(Another flat impossible to read stone)


????? to the memory of
John Patton
died 11th April 1937?
And his Wife
Sarah Patton
died 12th 1927?



Robert Stewart
In loving memory of his Wife
Maria Stewart
who died 21st January 1907
Aged 70 years.
Also the above named
Robert Stewart
Who died 5th march 1927
Aged 97 years
“The grave is mine house” Job 17. 13


Erected by
Robert Stewart
In memory of his Father
Robert Stewart
died 31st March 1882 aged 90 years
Also his Brother
James Stewart
died 22nd Sep. 1888 aged 47 years
And his Mother
Mary Stewart
died 24th Sep. 1889 aged 82 years


In loving memory of
James Stewart
died 4th July 1962 aged 87 years
Also his Wife Letitia,
died 23rd May 1964
Their Daughter Leta
died 8th June 1933 Aged 16 years.
And their son John Ridell (Jack)
died 21st Dec 2001 Aged 89 years

“The Lord is my Shepherd”


Erected by George Stewart, Ballymacpeake
In memory of his beloved Wife,
Martha Gilmour Stewart who died 26th August 1946
Also of three children who died in infancy
The above George Stewart, who died 31st October 1956



In loving memory of
A dear Husband, Father and Grandfather
Died 13th April 1983
Also his beloved Wife
Margaret (Maggie)
Died 9th February 2007 Aged 93 Years
“As for God, Perfect is his way” Psalm 18 v.30


Erected by
Margaret Jane Scott
In memory of
her beloved Husband Jones Scott
who departed this life 17th March 1882
Aged 40 years
his Son William, died 5th Mar:
1875 aged 4 years
And his Daughter Maryann died
9th March 1875 aged 2 years.
Also the above named
Margaret Jane Scott
departed this life 2nd Dec 1900
aged 54 years


a bare earth grave with black rectangular flower holder with ‘Rogers’ engraved.


Erected in loving memory of
Joseph Sinclair Kyle
who died 8th March 1956,
In his 76th Year
Also his Wife Mary Ellen
who died 18th January 1981
in her 90th year.

“Rest is thine – Rememberence ours”


(this is a tall black column with four engraved panels. Obviously, the panels themselves aren’t numbered, they have been numbered here purely for clarity)
Erected in memory of
Robert Adams
who died 13th Aug. 1907,
Aged 84 years
And his Wife
Mary Adams
who died 6th Dec. 1918,
aged 83 years.
Also their Son Bob,
who died in infancy
And his Son
Robert A. Adams,
who died 7th june 1944
aged 77 years.

Also in memory of
John Adams
who died 27th May 1833
aged 94 years
Also his Son
Samuel Adams,
who died 19th March 1862
Aged 75 years.
And his Wife
who died 21st August 1870
Aged 75 years.

Margaret I.
Wife of
Samuel Adams,
died 17th May 1940.
Also the above
Samuel Adams,
died 27 Feb. 1956.
Also his Son
died 6th July 1977
and his Son
James Surgenor
died 18th January 1990.

Also his Father Robert Adams,
who died 8th Nov. 1862,
Aged 84 years
And his Wife,
who died 9th July 1859,
Aged 71 years.


Erected by John Patton, Tyanee,
in memory of his Father Archie Patton,
who died 27th Feby 1878. Also his mother
Matilda Patton, who died 28th june 1918,
Also his Brother James Patton,
who died 18th March 1926. Also his Sister
Nancy J. Patton,. who died 17th August 1931,
And his Sister Margaret Patton, died 16th Dec. 1932.
Also his Brother John Patton, died 5th April 1938
And his Sister Tillie Patton, died 16th March 1946


An unnamed well tended grave


in memory of Thomas Orr who
depd this life 23rd 1809? aged
?6 years.


Erected by
Essie Campbell
In memory of her Husband
Thomas Campbell,
died 14th April 1900,
Also of her two children who died in infancy
and her Daughter
Evangeline Thomasina
died 25th June 1901

“He shall gather the lambs with his arms”


Erected by
William O. Robinson
Vancouver, B.C.
In memory of his Father
Fisher Robinson
who died 6th May 1903, aged 73 years
Also his Mother Jane,
who died 2nd Feb. 1910, aged 84 years.
Also his Sister Roseanna Robinson,
who died 15th July 1921, aged 65 years.


In loving Memory of
a dear and loving Daughter
Carole Agnes Mary
died 5th may 2004, aded 47 years



In loving memory of
William Gamble
died 9th August 1934
His Wife Edith died 19th June 1947
Their infant Daughter Doris died Nov. 1916
Their Son John died 31st may 1971
their Son-in-law James Andrews
died 5th September 1980
also his Wife Eliabeth Andrews
died 28th November 1995
“My God hath given me rest”


In loving memory of
George died 5th August 1981
And his Sister
Dorothy died 10th February 1992


In memory of
Lizzie, died 6th Nov. 1958.
David, died 29th Dec. 1973.


In loving memory of
A dear Mother Annie Eliabeth
died 16th April 1983
and a dear Father Albert
died 19th December 1995

“At home with the Lord”


In loving memory of
William Wilson,
who died 5th Nov 1879,
aged 82 years
Also his Wife
Jane Wilson,
who died 27th June 1877,
Aged 77 years.
Also his Son,
Robert Wilson
who died 8th july 1915
And his Wife,
who died 15th Dec 1910
Also their Son,
Williwm Wilson,
who died 15th March 1945.

Also their Daughters
Margaret Wilson
died 10th April 1964.
Minnie Wilson,
died 18th May 1968.
Their Daughter-in-law
Margaret J. Wilson
died 24th Oct 1964.
Her Son
James M. Wilson,
died 22nd Jan. 1982.

In loving memory of
Jane Wilson, Wife of
Samuel Thompson,
who died 7th Aug. 1948.
The above
Samuel Thompson,
who died 14th May 1952.
And their Son
Henry J. Thompson,
who died 17th Jan. 1955.

Also their Grandchildren
Anna, and
Margaret Wilson,
who died in childhood.



“The Lord is my shepherd. Psalm. 23”


Erected by
Henry Archibald Black
In memory of his beloved Wife
Sarah Black
who died 16th March 1934, Aged 70 years
Also his brother
William Knox Black
who died 18th March, 1932. Aged 55 years.



In loving memory of
of a dear Mother and Grandmother
Barbara Bristow
who died on 3rd July 2001 aged 95 years
Also her Brother
Ernest Henry Elgin
who died on 19th September 1997 aged 85 years

“Treasured Memories”


In loving memory of
????????, Glenone

(this concrete grave is almost impossible to read)


Erected by
Charlotte Macaw Bruce
in loving memory of her Father
Samuel R. Macaw,
who died 17th April 1897, aged 66 years.
Also her Mother
Catherine Macaw,
who died 1st july 1931 aged 75 years
and her Brother
who died 25th Nov. 1971, aged 83 years.
“God gave..he took, he will restore
He doeth all things well”


Erected by
Nancy Johnston
in loving memory of
her Father
John Marshall
late of Tyanee
who died 18th january 1884
aged 75 years
Also her Mother
Margaret Marshall
who died 29th October 1888
Aged 65 years
And her Brother
John Marshall
who died 28th March 1915
Aged 66 years
Also of
Robert Marshall
who died 23rd June 1842
aged 79 years
Also his wife
Letetia Marshall
who died 7th March 1857
aged 84 years
Eliza Marshall
who died 1843
her beloved Husband
joseph Johnston
who died 4th may 1918
aged 56 years
“Again a little while and ye shall see me”


Bob Robinson
In loving memory of
a dear Father
and Grandfather
died 2nd Feb 1973
aged 73 years
“At rest”


In loving memory of
Kennedy Bradley died 18th April 1948
And his Wife
Nancy died 23rd May 1963
Also their Son
James died 17th Feb. 1978.

Erected by their Son John.


A fallen stone


Erected by
Rosina Adams,
Townhill, Portglenone
In loving memory of her Husband,
Samuel Adams,
who died 1st December 1907,
Aged 90 years.
Also the above named
Rosina Adams
who died 23rd January 1909,
aged 86 years.
Also Maggie Adams,
who died 16th February 1924.
Also Mary Adams,
who died 14th October 1942.


A rectangular black flower holder

In loving memory of a dear Sister


Erected by
John Smyth, Sprucebank
in loving memory of his Father and Mother
John Smyth died March 1884 aged 71 years.
His Wife Elizabeth, died 5th April 919 aged 87 years
Also three of their children who died in infancy.
their Son Joseph Smyth, M.B.B.Ch. B.A.O., R.U.I., Q.C.B.,
Who died in 1907. Aged 42 years
Also his Son John Smyth.N.I.H.
Who served in the Great War 1914-1918
Also the above named John Smyth
who died 24th April 1939. aged 82 years
Also his Wife Annie Smyth
who died 21st August, 1935. aged 71 years
His Daughter Mary M. died 24th May, 1849. Aged 48 years.
Also his Son Joseph Samuel Smyth
died 23rd July 1970, Aged 77 years.

Also Robert James Adams Smyth
died 24th Dec. 1990. Aged 93 years
Annie Caroline Smyth
died 3rd March 1991, aged 86 Years.


Erected by
Thomas Smyth,
In memory of his Son
Thomas F. Smyth,
who died 11th March 1899.
Aged 3 years.
Also his Daughter
Evelyn Smyth
who died 4th July 1931.
Aged 21 years.
Also his Son
Joseph M. Smyth,
who died 22nd Nov. 1935.
Aged 35 years.
The above named
Thomas Smyth,
who died 7th Nov. 1941.
Also his Wife Jane,
who died 8th Dec. 1948.
Also their Daughter
Anna M. Smyth
who died 23rd Feb. 1968
aged 66 years.
Also their Daughter
Elizabeth Smyth
who died 1st Nov. 1986
aged 88 years


Erected by Kennedy Mulholland, Taylorstown
In memory of his beloved wife Margaret jane,
who died 10th December 1951, aged 54 years.
Also the above named kennedy Mulholland,
who died 8th May 1961, aged 77 years.


The burying ????????

Here lie the body of
Mulholland ?the w??
and lne of the 4th orhing ow
who depd this life Oct the
AD 1822 aged ?0 years
Also his Son Henry Mulholland
who departed this life 17th D
1847, aged 50 years
And his Wife Maria Mulholland
who departed this life 28th Oct
1859 aged 52 years
Akso his Son-in-law Bernard Mulholland
who departed this life 12th
aged 86 years
And his Wife Mary Mulholland
who departed this life 15th June
Aged 90 years

(I can’t quite make out the first couple of lines..but that’s what it looks like!)


In loving memory of
Sarah, died 28th Oct 1960 aged 71 years.
and her Husband
James, died 12th july 1974 aged 83 years.
Also their son
John (Jack) died 22nd Feb 1932 aged 9 years
“The Lord’s my shepherd”


Erected by Mary Downing
in memory of her parents and their family
James died 18th Feb 1910
His Sons William James died 11th Dec.1918
Robert died 14th Jan 1927
His Wife Ellen died 2nd Feb. 1928
And His Daughter Jeannie Died 7th June 1947
Also his Son Andrew died 3rd June 1974


Erected by
John Mulholland
In memory of his Father
Smylie Mulholland, Eden
who died 25th February,1918, aged 72 years
Also his Mother Mary Mulholland
who died 19th May 1943, aged 87 years.
The above named John Mulholland,
who died 14th February, 1951. aged 58 years.



“The Lord is my shepherd”


Erected by
Margaret Fowler
In memory of her Husband John Fowler
Who dep this life April
188?5 Aged 60? years
who departed this life June
8?? 1875 aged 1?0 years


In loving memory of
died 29th October 1974, aged 82 years.
Also his Wife Maria Ida
died 16th November 1999 aged 94 years.

“In Heavenly love abiding”


Erected by
William Stewart
In memory of his Father
William Stewart
who died 6th Feby 1909
Aged 82 years.
Also his Mother
Margaret Stewart
who died 22nd Sept 1908
Aged 84 years.
Also the above named
Wiliam Stewart,
beloved Husband of
Nancy Stewart
who died 5th Feb 1923


In memory of
John Black, Father 1861 – 1911
Mary Essie Black, Sister 1892-1911.
Jane Stewart Black, Mother 1854-1936.
Erected by Samuel Bell Black, Son U.S.A.


In loving memory of
Annie, died 7th July 1946 aged 61.
and her Brother
James, died 11th Oct. 1953 aged 67.
Isabella, died 21st Nov. 1979 Aged (no age given!)

“At Rest”


In loving Memory of
Joseph Campbell, died 29th May 1940.
His Wif Margaret, died 11th Sep. 1953.

Erected by their son George of Innishrush.
“Thy will be done”


Here Lie the mortal remains of
Joanna Power
Sister of Thomas Power
of Beech hill, Co. Kilkenny
she died on 17th April 1877
In the 80th year of her age.


Here lie the mortal remains of
Elizabeth Waring
Wife of the Revd John D. Waring
Incumbent of this Parish
She died loved and lamented
by all who knew her
on the 17th May 1877
in the ?7th? year of her age
She fell asleep in Jesus
Also of the Revd John D. Waring


To the memory
Elizabeth Waring
Wife of the late John Waring
of Belleyaireo?, Kilkenny
Aged 68 years
“Looking unto Jesus HEB 12:2”


The grave adjoining No.124 is a similar large flat stone.
However, it is covered with corrugated iron with a number of concrete blocks sitting on top. I did not disturb these.


Erected to the memory of
my dear Husband
John Wilson
Who departed this life
14th November 1888?
Aged 69 years
Also our Son Robert
who died in Boyhood


Here among his people
lie the remains
of the
Revd Mark Bloxham
for ?3 years
incumbent of this Parish
He died 10th April [ ]1?9
aged years
Also his Son?
Fennell Collin? Bloxham
who died the 28th april 1816
aged 2 years & 10 months
Also his Mother in law
Alex Jane Collins

(Stone broken at this point & rest missing)

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