St. Patrick’s Chapel, Glen Burial Records

A few extracts from the buril  Register at Glen Chapel. Naturally, we hope to provide all of the informaton in due course. Please bear with us.

Date of BurialSurnameForenameResidenceRegisterPage
29 Nov 1851ScullionJohnLisnamuck13
18 Apr 1854McShaneOwenCulnagrew15
23 Jun 1855ScullionDanielLisnamuck16
25 Sep 1855McShaneMaryTirgarvill17
27 Oct 1856RowansBLANKLisnamuck17
11 Jul 1857McShanePeterCulnagrew18
7 Sep 1859McShane(Miss)Culnagrew21
27 Oct 1859ScullinMaryLisnamuck23
22 Mar 1860ScullionJosephLisnamuck23
30 Jun 1860McShaneFrancisTirhugh24
24 Dec 1860McShaneNealCulganew25
24 May 1861ScullinDanielLisnamuck26
2 Jul 1862McShaneOwenMacknagh22
28 May 1863ScullyMichael, Rev.Maghera29
13 Nov 1863McShaneJohnMackna210
17 Dec 1863McShaneSarahTirgarvill210
26 Mar 1864HenryJohnBracka211
14 Aug 1864SlamonAndrewCulnagrew211
11 Sep 1864ScullinCatherineLisnamuck212
21 Oct 1864JudgePatrickUpperlands212
30 Sep 1865HenryJamesKillalagh213
30 Oct 1865HenryJohn F.Maghera213
25 Jan 1867McShaneRoseCulnagrew215
17 May 1867McShanePatrickCulnagrew216
25 Apr 1868ScullinPatGranahan25
20 May 1868ScullionPatrickMaghera217
30 Jan 1869McShanePatrickCulnagrew218
28 Oct 1869SharkeyBridgetFallagloon220
29 Nov 1869SlamonAliceKeady220
6 Feb 1870O'RourkeJohnTirhugh220
29 Jul 1870McShaneJamesCulnagrew221
14 Dec 1870McShaneCatherineUpperland221
31 Mar 1871McShanePeterTyrhugh222
30 Mar 1872McShaneMaryTirgarvil224
7 Aug 1872ScullinCatherineLisnamuck224
30 Jan 1873McShaneJamesMackna225
3 Mar 1873McShaneFelixTirkane225
21 Mar 1873SlamonAnneCulnagrew228
7 Jun 1873McShanePatrickCulnagrew226
19 Oct 1873McShaneElizaTirhugh226
19 Dec 1873JudgeCatherineUpperlands226
20 Jan 1875McShaneJohnTyrgarvel228
6 Jul 1875McShanePatrickTyrhugh228
27 Mar 1876McShaneBridgetCulnagrew229
16 Jan 1877Mrs Robert ShielsDrumballyhagan
16 Jan 1877Shiels(Mrs.)Drumballyhagan231
26 Mar 1877SlamonAnnCulnagrew231
12 Jul 1877ShielsAnthonyDrumballyhagan231
6 Sep 1878ScullionPatrickLisnamuck233
8 Nov 1878McShaneJohnTyrgarvil233
18 Mar 1879SlamenAliceCulnagrew234

Transcribed by the late Clark Shiels

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for my Grandfathers grave. All I know is his surname Neeson and that Maghera is in Irish on his tombstone. He was buried roughly 1954/55. I would appreciate all the help I can get to find my family members.

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