Swatragh Presbyterian Church Baptisms

Swatragh Presbyterian Church Baptisms complete 1851 to 1924

NameDate of BirthDate of BaptismFatherMotherResidenceTranscriber Comments     
Archibald Lyttle22 Mar 185125 Apr 1851John LyttleHannaMoneysharvin
Thomas SmyrlNot Known27 Apr 1851Archibald SmyrlElizabethSwatragh
Nancy McCord15 Apr 18518 Jun 1851James McCordJaneTivaconway
Elizabeth Connor22 May 185127 Jul 1851Hugh ConnorNancyMoneysharvin
David Johnston9 Aug 185112 Aug 1851William JohnstonEllenSwatragh
Jane Lyttle24 Aug 18515 Oct 1851William LyttleMatildaMoneysharvin
William Hugh Boyd18 Oct 185125 Oct 1851Hugh BoydElizabethLismoyle
____ Dinsmore19 Sep 185127 Oct 1851William DinsmoreAlleyBeagh
Nancy J McFetridge7 Dec 185118 Mar 1852George McFetridgeSarahLaragh
James McFarland18 May 18519 Apr 1852James McFarlandSarahCrossland
Archibald Henderson1 Apr 18529 May 1852William HendersonJaneCrossland
Robert McIlfatrickAug 185016 Jul 1852Thompson McIlfatrickElizabethBallynian
Nancy Campbell24 Sep 185118 Oct 1852James CampbellElizabethLismoyle
Marshall CaskyOct 1851January "James CaskyNancyKnockoneillThe baptism dats says 'January " ' which would suggest January 1852, since the previous baptism was 1852.. But it was Oct 1852. and the baptism following is December 1852, so it can't be January 1853. This suggests this baptism overlooked and entered at a later date.
Maria Cochran26 Nov 185223 Dec 1852John CochranElizabethKnockoneill
Alexander Scott26 Dec 185216 Jan 1853Charles ScottNancyBallynian
Margaret Lyttle5 Feb 185320 Feb 1853John LyttleHannaMoneysharvin
Nancy McKeownFeb 185324 Mar 1853Robert McKeownNancyMoneysharvin
William Smyrl2 Apr 185315 May 1853Archibald SmyrlElizabethSwatragh
Clark? ThompsonNot Known7 Aug 1853John ThompsonElizabethSwatragh
Nancy Connor17 Jun 185314 Aug 1853Hugh ConnorNancyMoneysharvin
Thomas Lyttle18? Oct 185318 Dec 1853William LyttleMatildaMoneysharvin
Thomas Kinney20 Sept 185322 Dec 1853John KinneyJaneTivaconway
Nancy Dinsmore18534 Mar 1854William DinsmoreAlleyBeagh
Elizabeth Adams22 Mar 185330 Apr 1854Thomas AdamsElizabethTirhughTirhue
Sarah BoltonSep 185031 May 1854William BoltonMargaretLismoyle
William BoltonFeb 185431 May 1854William BoltonMargaretLismoyle
Robert Bolton4 May 185431 May 1854Samuel BoltonMaryLismoyle
Nancy Mihui?Not Known11 May 1854William Mihui?MaySwatraghor perhaps Milins? There was a William Mills in Swatragh in Griffith's Valuation.. But this doesnt look like Mills
Nancy J Henderson28 May 185425 Jun 1854James HendersonElizabethCraigavole
Nancy A Boyd18 Jun 185426 Jun 1854Hugh BoydElizabethLismoyle
Rachel Macormac3 Jun 185413 Aug 1854James MacormacNancyGortade
Sarah Jane Given11 Oct 185430 Oct 1854Nathaniel? GivenMargaretTivaconway
___ Henderson21 Dec 185418 Feb 1855William HendersonJaneCrossland
Sarah Smirl26 Mar 18556 May 1855Archibald SmirlElizabethSwatragh
Nancy Lyttle14 Jan 185520 May 1855John LyttleHannaMoneysharvin
Mary Jane McCool20 Oct 185421 Jun 1855John McCoolJaneTivaconway
Robert Dripps13 Oct 185428 Jun 1855Samuel DrippsMargaretUpperlands
Margaret Connor_____1 Jul 1855Hugh ConnorNancyMoneysharvin
George McFetridge14 May 18551 Jul 1855George McFetridgeSarahLaragh
Bessie Henderson_____23 Sep 1855James HendersonElizabethCrossland
Catherine Atkinson13 Jun 18476 Dec 1855Stewart AtkinsonLetitiaLismoyle
William Atkinson27 Feb 18496 Dec 1855Stewart AtkinsonLetitiaLismoyle
Stewart Atkinson28 Jul 18546 Dec 1855Stewart AtkinsonLetitiaLismoyle
Elizabeth Scott14 Jul 185524 Jan 1856Charles ScottNancyBallynian
James Kinney_____27 Jan 1856John KinneyJaneTivaconway
Samuel McCurly? G. Smirl_____12 Apr 1857Archibald SmirlElizabethSwatragh
Samuel Lyttle9 March 185726 Apr 1857John LyttleHannaMoneysharvin
Thomas Adams8 Mar 18573 May 1857Thomas AdamsElizabethTirhugh
Jane Henderson2 Months17 May 1857William HendersonJaneCrossland
Henry Hamilton3 Weeks16 Jun 1857William HamiltonBLANKSwatragh
John Hamilton3 Weeks16 Jun 1857William HamiltonBLANKSwatragh
John Boyd9 Months18 Jun 1857Hugh BoydElizabethLismoyle
Martha Given2 Months1 Jul 1857Nathaniel GivenMargaretTivaconway
William James Neely7 November 18573 Feb 1858William NeelyMaryLaragh
Robert Seip? Bolton5 Oct 185824 Oct 1858William BoltonMaryLaragh
Robert Ballagh30 Dec 185827 Jan 1859Andrew BallaghJaneGortade
Samuel Bolton5 May 185923 Jun 1859James BoltonAnnLismoyle
James Kenedy Scott11 Mar 185923 Jun 1859Charles ScottNancyBallynian
Mary Eliza Neely5 Jun 185922 Jul 1859William NeelyMaryLaragh
Ellen Montgomery15 May 185922 Jul 1859James MontgomeryMarthaLismoyle
John Kennedy Lyttle8 Aug 185925 Sep 1859John LyttleHannaMoneysharvinbaptised since my [ adinster?] T. Turner
Robert Jamison Henderson16 Nov 18598 Jan 1860William HendersonJaneCrossland
Robert Kennedy Smirl3 Jan 186026 Feb 1860Archibald SmirlJaneSwatragh
Mary Matilda Bolton31 Jan 18607 Mar 1860Samuel BoltonMaryLismoyle
Nancy JohnstonJun 186012 Aug 1860John JohnstonMaryMoneysharvin
Anne Bolton29 Jul 186023 Aug 1860William BoltonMargaretLismoyle
John Neely4 Sep 186021 Nov 1860William NeelyMaryLaragh
Thomas John Turner18 Aug 186023 Nov 1860Rev J Turner JaneUpperlands
Robert John McCoole21 Sep 186030 Nov 1860John McCooleJaneTivaconway
William James Henderson27 Oct 18602 Dec 1860James HendersonElizabethCraigavole
Robert Henery McCormick17 Mar 18616 Jun 1861John McCormickNancyGortade
Hugh Scot Boyd20 Jun 186116 Jan 1862Hugh BoydElizabethLismoyle
Mary Anne Stewart17 Dec 186123 Feb 1862James StewartMarthaSwatragh
Robert Kenedy Neely26 Feb 18624 May 1862William NeelyMayLaragh
Peggy Scott26 May 186222 Jun 1862Charles ScottNancyBallynian
Martha Henderson4 Sep 18629 Nov 1862William HendersonJaneCrossland
Hugh Young20 Nov 18634 Feb 1864John YoungMay Killymuck
Elizabeth C. Casky16 Nov 186319 Nov 1863William J CaskyElizabethSwatraghAgain another baptism which appears to have been omitted at the time and recorded later
Eliza Jane Bolton7 Feb 186426 May 1864Samuel BoltonJaneLismoylethe date of birth was first written as 26 May 1864, but that was obviously the date of baptism entered in the wrong column as the minister has then overwritten that date with 7 Feb
Robert Young11 Jun 186426 Nov 1864John YoungMay JaneKillymuck
Margaret Hill19 Oct 186419 Jan 1865Joseph HillJaneLisachrin
David HarveyMarch 18655 Apr 1865David HarveyMarthaTivaconway
Martha Wilson9 Jun 186515 Jun 1866George WilsonCatherineKillymuck
Mary Jane Casky24 Aug 186626 Nov 1866William J CaskyElizabethTirhugh
Mary E Magilligan27 Feb 18687 Jun 1868John MagilliganMargaretTirhugh
Margaret S Henderson?27 Jun 186826 Jul 1868James HendersonElizabethCraigavole
Elizabeth Norris29 Aug 18689 Nov 1868William NorrisElizabethSwatragh
Mary Ann Bolton23 Sep 1867Oct 1868James BoltonAnneLismoyle
David Hill20 Dec 186813 May 1869Joseph HillJaneLisachrin
Martha Jane Turner?6 Aug 186919 Aug 1869John TurnerAnneCraigavole
John McFarland31 Oct 186926 Jun 1870John McFarlandNancyTivaconway
Martha J Scott30 Jul 18693 Feb 1870Charles ScottNancyBallynian
Sarah Jane Mills30 Dec 187016? Feb 1871Joseph MillsMayLaraghit is either 16 over written by 13 or vice a versa
Thomas Hill5 Mar 187123 Mar 1871Joseph HillJaneLisachrin
Sarah Jane Hill22 Oct 18661866Joseph HillJaneLisachrinObviously another baptism that had the minister had omitted to record at the time of baptism.
Agnes Hill4 Mar 18731873Joseph HillJaneLisachrinThis entry was obviously written at a later point as the ink is very dark compared to the fainter contemporary ink. The name was originally left blank as were the parents names and townland. 1870 was in the DOB column and 1871 in the baptism column. Then to emphasise the original dates the entry below has 1870 & 1871 written above the birth & baptism columns
May Eliza Johnston8 Aug 187030 Mar 1871John JohnstonNancyCulnagrew
Caroline A Campbell12 Feb 18712 Apr 1871John CampbellCarolineKeady
Matilda Bolton8 Feb 18712 Apr 1871Samuel BoltonJaneLismoyle
Sarah McFarland14 Jan 187113 Aug 1871John McFarlandNancyTivaconway
(Lizzie crossed out) Margaret Morrell1 Apr 18719 Aug 1871John MorrellRachel AnnKeady
James Lowe17 Dec 186719 Mar 1872James LoweCatherineMoneysharvin
Daniel Lowe1 Nov 187119 Mar 1872James LoweCatherineMoneysharvin
M Ann Lowe10 Apr 186919 Mar 1872James LoweCatherineMoneysharvin
Elizabeth G? Ferguson27 Jun 187211 Aug 1872Daniel FergusonElizabethSwatragh
Mary Johnston31 May 18675 Sep 1872John JohnstonMaryMoneysharvin
Matilda Johnston25 Dec 186015 Sep 1872John JohnstonMaryMoneysharvin
John Johnston30 Jun 187115 Sep 1872John JohnstonMaryMoneysharvin
William McFarland15 Jun 187214 Jan 1873John McFarlandNancyBoveedy
Archibald Mills17 Nov 187223 Jan 1873Joseph MillsMaryLaragh
Margaret A Casky3 Feb 18738 Jun 1873William CaskyElizabethTirhugh
Elizabeth Morrell?26 Feb 187415 May 1874John MorrellRachel AnnKeady
May Bolton6 Nov 18748 Jul 1875Samuel BoltonJaneLismoyle
Robert J McIlfatrick1 May 187525 Jul 1875John McIlfatrickCatherineBallynian
John Jun? McIlfatrick25 Aug 187516 Nov 1875Robert McIlfatrickElizabethBallynian
Thomas Johnston13 Jul 187210 Feb 1876John JohnstonNancyCulnagrew
Annie Johnston2 Jan 187511 Feb 1876John JohnstonNancyCulnagrew
John McKendry2 Sep 18754 May 1876John McKendryAgnesUpperlands
Robert Lowe14 Oct 18722 Jun 1876Samuel LoweSarahMoneysharvin
Rachel Lowe26 Nov 18742 Jun 1876Samuel LoweSarahMoneysharvin
Liza Jane Speers6 Aug 18766 Oct 1876Samuel SpeersSarah Jane GivenTivaconway
Mary Black McKendry16 Mar 187717 Jun 1877John McKendryAgnus BlackUpperlands
Hugh Caskey18 Apr 18774 Jun 1877William John CaskeyElizabeth Boyd
Elizabeth Jane McIlfatrick10 Mar 18771 Jul 1877John McIlfatrickCatherine AtkinsonBallynian
John Morrell7 Oct 187723 Nov 1877John MorrellRachel Ann YoungKeady
Jane Kinney7 Nov 187727 Dec 1877Thomas KinneySarah MichaelGortade
Martha Wright29 Jul 187618 Apr 1878Thomas WrightJane AlexanderUpperlands
Samuel Lowe25 Nov 187718 Apr 1878Samuel LoweSarah DerbyMoneysharvin
William James Boyd21 Dec 187721 Jun 1878Hugh BoydEllen MichaelLismoyle
Mary Jane Young15 Jun 18704 Jul 1878John YoungMary Jane Getty
Elizabeth Young9 Jun 18734 Jul 1878John YoungMary Jane Getty
Rachel Young12 Jul 18754 Jul 1878John YoungMary Jane Getty
John Johnston18 Aug 187719 Feb 1878John JohnstonNancy PattersonCulnagrew
James Speers20 Oct 187817 Apr 1879Samuel SpeersSarah Jane GivenTrinaltenagh
Annie Ellin Kinney10 Mar 18794 Sep 1879Thomas KinneySarah MichaelGortade
John Johnston4th Jun 18795 Sep 1879John JohnstonNancy PattersonSwatragh
Catherine Maxwell McIlfatrick10 Mar 188024 May 1880John McIlfatrickCatherine AtkinsonBallynian
Samuel Gault20 Jul 18807 Oct 1880Hamilton GaultElizabeth McIlfatrickBallynian
Martha Jane Boyd10 Apr 188019 Nov 1880Hugh BoydEllen MichaelLismoyle
William Hamilton Lowe4 Jun 188027 Jan 1881Samuel LoweSarah DerbyMoneysharvin
Mary Lowe30 Jan 187427 Jan 1881James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Samuel Lowe19 Oct 187627 Jan 1881James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Hamilton Lowe8 Mar 188127 Jan 1881James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Catherine Lowe8 Mar 188127 Jan 1881James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Thomas Wright25 May 188021 2 1881Thomas WrightJane AlexanderUpperlands
Samuel Gault20 Jul 18807 Oct 1880Hamilton GaultElizabeth McIlfatrickBallynianYes this baptism has been entered twice!
John Kinney24 Mar 18818 Oct 1881Thomas KinneySarah MichaelGortade
Jane Caskey6 Dec 188119 Jan 1882Marshall CaskeyMargaret Jane BradlyTirhugh
Mary Jane Caskey6 Dec 188119 Jan 1882Marshall CaskeyMargaret Jane BradlyTirhugh
John Gilmour13 Mar 188219 Oct 1882Alex GilmourMargaret Anne BoltonBallynian
Letitia Tomzina McIlfatrick6 Feb 18826 Nov 1882John McIlfatrickCatherine AtkinsonBallynianTomzina seems unusual.. But that's what it appears to say!
James Caskey25 Aug 1868BLANKWilliam John CaskeyElizabeth BoydTirhughThe minister has written the DOB but not baptism.. But was between 6 Nov 1882 & 4 Feb 1884
George Hill Wilson9 Jun 18614 Feb 1884George H WilsonCatherine BruceKillymuck
George Hill Wilson16 Jul 18825 Jul 1883William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
William Atkinson18 Aug 188322 Nov 1883Stewart AtkinsonSusanah LairdSwatragh
Samuel Michael5 Jan 188421 Feb 1884William MichaelEllen BoydBallynian
Archibald Caskey20 Feb 188427 Apr 1884Marshall CaskeyMargaret Jane BradleyTirhugh
Martha Jane Wilson21 Nov 188317 Jul 1884William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
Lizzie Paul Norris29 May 188421 Jul 1884Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
Hugh Bolton18621865William BoltonAnn StarretBallynianYet another baptism DEFINETELY recorded long after the event!
Susanna Henry Mills5 Nov 18742 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
Margaret Mills1 Feb 18772 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
William John Mills18 Mar 18792 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
Isabella Douglas Mills12 Mar 18822 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
Joseph Mills25 Jan 18842 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
Margaret Jane Martin5 Oct 18848 Nov 1884James Dorrens MartinElizabeth GreggCraigavole
Mary Atkinson18 Sep 188428 Nov 1884Stewart AtkinsonSusanah LairdSwatragh
William Gilmour30 Aug 188412 Feb 1885Alexander GilmourAnn BoltonBallynian
James Campbell McIlfatrick1 Feb 188420 Mar 1885John McIlfatrickCatherine AtkinsonBallynian
Martha Ann Speers7 Dec 188423 Jul 1885Samuel SpeersSarah Jane GivenTivaconway
Henry Boyd20 Mar 18857 Aug 1885William BoydSarah CookLismoyle
Samuel McIlfatrick4 Nov 188413 Nov 1885BLANKMay McIlfatrickLismoyle
Robert Bolton13 Feb 188521 Jan 1886John BoltonMary Ann BloomfieldBallynian
Matthew Samuel Norris15 Dec 188522 Feb 1886Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
John Hopper? Nevell Atkinson30 Jan 188623 Apr 1886Stewart AtkinsonSusanah LairdSwatraghSecond name of child seems to be Hopper
Hessie Martin17 Nov 18867 Feb 1887James Dorrens MartinElizabeth GreggBallylame
Robert James Bolton21 Aug 188631 Mar 1887Samuel BoltonMargaret BoltonLismoyle
William Norris21 Dec 188621 Mar 1887Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatraghX Beside child's name
Stewart Mills20 Nov 188621 Apr 1887Joseph MillsMary BradleyLaragh
Matilda Anderson Mills20 Nov 188621 Apr 1887Joseph MillsMary BradleyLaragh
Samuel Bolton1 Aug 188616 Jun 1887John BoltonMary Ann BloomfieldBallynian
John Dinsmore17 Jul 188224 Jun 1887John DinsmoreMary JohnstonBeagh
Ellen Dinsmore28 Mar 188424 Jun 1887John DinsmoreMary JohnstonBeagh
William Dinsmore27 Jan 188624 Jun 1887John DinsmoreMary JohnstonBeagh
William John Wilson10 Mar 188615 Jul 1887William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
Ellen Mary Boyd14 May 18876 Oct 1887William BoydSarah CookLismoyle
Samuel Gilmour3 Oct 188620 Oct 1887Alexander GilmourMargaret Anne BoltonLismoyle
Albert Alexander Atkinson4 Apr 188717 Nov 1887Stewart AtkinsonSusan LairdSwatragh
Edward Speers18 Jul 188729 Dec 1887Samuel SpeersSarah Jane GivenTivaconway
James Michael7 Apr 18885 Jul 1888William MichaelEllen Speers BoydLismoyle
Margaret Ann Bolton1 Aug 18875 Jul 1888John BoltonMary Ann BloomfieldBallynian
Hannah Caskey16 Apr 188828 Oct 1888Marshall CaskeyMargaret Jane BradleyTirhugh
Margaret Sarah Norris23 Aug 188830 Nov 1888Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
Margaret Sarah Stewart Gilmour25 Aug 188815 Jan 1889Alexander GilmourMargaret Anne BoltonLismoyle
Joseph Martin1 Jan 18897 Mar 1889James Dorrens MartinElizabeth GreggCraigavole
George Lowe18 Dec 188621 Mar 1889James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Edith Atkinson7 Oct 18887 Aug 1889Stewart AtkinsonSusan LairdSwatragh
William John Williamson11 Sep 18892 Jan 1890James WilliamsonMaggie NeelyTivaconway
Jeannie Hill Starrett5 Jul 189026 Dec 1890Daniel StarrettElizabeth AtkinsonBallynian
Thomas Bolton7 Mar 188819 Mar 1891Samuel BoltonAnnie BoltonLismoyle
Lizzie Bolton11 Dec 189019 Mar 1891Samuel BoltonAnnie BoltonLismoyle
Robert Thompson Norris12 Nov 189031 Mar 1891Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
James Wray Williamson13 Dec 18908 May 1891James WilliamsonMaggie NeelyTivaconway
William James Bolton28 Sep 18909 Oct 1891John BoltonMary Ann BloomfieldBallynian
Margaret Dripps4 Nov 189124 Dec 1891William James DrippsRachel HeburnTirhugh
Thomas Archibald Smyrl25 Sep 189124 Mar 1892Robert SmyrlNancy Jane LoganSwatragh
Mary Williamson18 Apr 189221 Aug 1892James WilliamsonMaggie NeelyTivaconway
Nancy Stewart Starret9 Mar 189213 Sep 1892Daniel StarrettElizabeth AtkinsonTivaconway
John Neely Williamson1 Jul 189216 Dec 1892John WilliamsonMary Eliza NeelyLaragh
Catherine Ann Bruce Wilson4 Nov 188920 Apr 1893William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
Samuel Dinsmore7 Nov 188714 Jul 1893John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonBeagh
Mary Dinsmore27 Feb 188914 Jul 1893John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonBeagh
Robert Dinsmore2 Oct 189014 Jul 1893John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonBeagh
Matthew Dinsmore17 Feb 189214 Jul 1893John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonBeagh
Matilda McKeown Smyrl24 Apr 189316 Nov 1893Robert SmyrlMary Jane LoganSwatragh
William Hugh Bolton25 Aug 189328 Mar 1894Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayLismoyle
Thomas Dripps25 Feb 189422 Jun 1894William John DrippsRachel HeburnTirhugh
William James Williamson14 Dec 189322 Jun 1894John WilliamsonMary Eliza NeelyLaragh
Joseph Collins Williamson14 Aug 18949 Nov 1894James WilliamsonMaggie NeelyTivaconway
Hugh Starret18 Jan 18949 Nov 1894Daniel StarretLizzie AtlinsonTivaconway
Frances Emma Smyrl8 Apr 18955 Dec 1895Robert SmyrlNancy Jane LoganSwatragh
Albert Augustus Field16 Aug 189529 Sep 1895Joseph FieldJulie HalliganSwatragh
Mary Bolton8 Jul 18952 Apr 1896Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayLismoyle
Mary Ellen Dripps26 Feb 189623 Apr 1896William James DrippsRachel HepburnTirhugh
Thomas Starret1 Dec 189524 Jul 1896Daniel StarretLizzie AtlinsonTivaconway
Charles John Scott3 Aug 189631 Jan 1897Charles ScottMartha McCulloughCulnagrew
Mary Eliza Smyrl28 Nov 189624 Jun 1897Robert SmyrlNancy Jane LoganSwatragh
James Scott4 May 189725 Jul 1897Alexander ScottMargaret McCahonBallynian
Mary Eliza Neely Williamson16 Oct 189723 Nov 1897John WilliamsonSusan StarrettLaragh
William James Dripps7 Nov 189718 Aug 1898William James DrippsRachel HeburnTirhugh
Charles Scott2 Jun 189828 Aug 1898Alexander ScottMargaret McCahonBallynian
John Starrett27 Jul 189824 May 1899Daniel StarrettElizabeth AtkinsonTivaconway
Robert Starrett Williamson25 Apr 189929 May 1899John WilliamsonSusan StarrettLaragh
Annie Bolton18 Jul 189729 Jun 1899Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayLismoyle
Josephine Bolton14 Apr 189929 Jun 1899Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayLismoyle
Robert Boyd8 Mar 189817? Oct 1898John BoydJane HendersonCraigavoleNo, this isnt a mistake, the date of Baptism IS 1898.. Even thought the entry prior and post this entry are 1899!! Another one forgotten to be recorded chronologically?
Jeanne Mary Norris24 Feb 18993 Aug 1899Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
Hugh Scott5 Aug 189920 Nov 1899Charles ScottMartha McCulloughCulnagrew
Samuel James Wilson22 Jun 189329 Nov 1899William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
Robert Hugh Wilson4 Aug 189629 Nov 1899William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
William Boyd8 Mar 1899Mar-01-1900John BoydJane HendersonCraigavole
Clara ScottFeb-19-1901Jul-17-1901Charles ScottMartha McCulloughBallynian
William ScottJun-15-1902Nov-15-1902Charles ScottMartha McCulloughBallynian
NameDate of BirthDate of BaptismFatherMotherBaptised by?Transcriber Comments
David Dinsmore17 Oct 1895Mar-17-1903John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonJohn Heney
Job Dinsmore22 Sep 1898Mar-17-1903John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonJohn Heney
Annie DinsmoreDec-05-1900Mar-17-1903John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonJohn Heney
John LyndOct-23-1901Mar-17-1903Thomas James LyndEllen JohnstonJohn Heney
Maggie StarrettJan-10-1902Apr-01-1903Daniel StarrettElizabeth AtkinsonJohn Heney
Sarah BoltonSep-21-1902Apr-09-1903Robert BoltonSarah AndersonJohn Heney
Elizabeth ServiceNov-08-1902Apr-09-1903Joseph ServiceElizabeth CraigJohn Heney
Margaret Bolton23 Apr 1892Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
William Bolton27 Apr 1894Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Samuel John Bolton16 Jun 1896Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Sloan Bolton25 Jun 1898Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Graham BoltonSep-16-1900Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Agnes Kennedy ScottOct-12-1902Apr-26-1903Hugh ScottHenrietta KelsoJohn Heney (in Church)
David BoltonMar-09-1904Apr-20-1904Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Matilda BoltonDec-04-1903Apr-20-1904Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayJohn Heney
Susan StarrettMay-31-1904Sep-25-1904Daniel StarrettLizzie AtlinsonJohn Heney (in Church)
Lizzie Ruth Lennox WilliamsonDec-23-1904May-12-1905Rea WilliamsonSarah McShaneJohn Heney
Mary LyndSep-14-1903Feb-26-1905Thomas LyndEllen JohnstonJohn Heney
Mary ElderDec-04-1904Feb-26-1905Robert ElderEllen ConnorJohn Heney
Margaret Moore LilleyMar-13-1905Jul-28-1905William LilleySarah Ellen StewartJohn Heney
Robert James BoltonNov-16-1904May-12-1905Robert BoltonSarah AndersonJohn Heney
Henry BoltonMay-19-1905Jan-16-1906Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayJohn Heney
Alexander NeillyApr-16-1904Nov-21-1906Thomas NeillyRuth McCahonJohn Heney
Stewart BoltonNov-25-1905Nov-23-1906Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Thomas WilliamsonJun-13-1907Mar-08-1908John WilliamsonSusan StarrettJohn Heney
William NeillyJan-01-1907Mar-08-1908Thomas NeillyRuth McCahonWilliam J. Smyth
Herbert MorrisonJun-16-1907Apr-27-1908______Helen S MorrisonWilliam J. Smyth
Thomas LyndMay-15-1908Nov-29-1908Thomas LyndEllen JohnstonWilliam J. Smyth
Matilda ElderMar-21-1907Nov-29-1908Robert ElderEllen ConnorWilliam J. Smyth
Mary Jane BarnettMay-22-1908Mar-01-1909Robert BarnettHanna Jane HaslettWilliam J. Smyth
Andrew ElderMay-16-1909Aug-29-1909Robert ElderEllen ConnorWilliam J. Smyth
George BoltonDec-23-1907Jul-05-1909Robert BoltonSarah AndersonH.C. Mulholland
Ethel Mary LilleyDec-06-1909May-24-1910William LilleyMary McCrackenWilliam J. Smyth
William Thomas Craig ServiceJun-09-1910Nov-03-1910Joseph ServiceLizzie CraigWilliam J. Smyth
Alexander BoltonMay-24-1907Mar-28-1908Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayWilliam J. SmythYes, this DOES say 1908.. Definetly appears to be an after thought
Matthew DrippsMay-05-1906Jun-14-1911GuardianMrs DrippsWilliam J. Smyth
John McKeeJun-07-1908Oct-16-1911Robert McKeeMary Ann StarrettWilliam J. Smyth
Albert BoltonMay-31-1911Oct-16-1911Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonWilliam J. Smyth
Sara Jane KinneyAug-05-1908Jan-15-1912John KinneySara SloanWilliam J. Smyth
Joseph KinneyJan-21-1910Jan-15-1912John KinneySara SloanWilliam J. Smyth
Annie Mary KinneyAug-15-1911Jan-15-1912John KinneySara SloanWilliam J. Smyth
Maggie LyndMar-18-1911Jan-28-1912Thomas LyndEllen JohnstonWilliam J. Smyth
William John KinneyAug-12-1912Oct-24-1913John KinneySara SloanVernon M Corkey
Helena McWatters KilpatrickJan-14-1914Jan-28-1914John KilpatrickM Jane McCahonVernon M Corkey
Gladys LilleyFeb-04-1910Jan-30-1914William LilleyMary McCrackinVernon M Corkey
James John LoweDec-09-1910Feb-12-1912Hamilton LoweM. McAllisterVernon M Corkey
Maggie LyndMar-18-1911Jul-15-1911Thomas James LyndEllen JohnstonVernon M CorkeyAgain out of chronological order
Samuel Johnston LyndJan-22-1915Jun-20-1915Thomas James LyndEllen JohnstonVernon M Corkey
David BoltonDec-31-1918May-17-1919David BoltonThomasina McCahonVernon M Corkey
Robert John BoltonMar-15-192031 Nov 1920David BoltonThomasina McCahonVernon M CorkeyNo, not a transcription error- it really DOES say 31st November 1920!!
James HutchinsonMar-22-1921Dec-01-1921Samuel HutchinsonAnnie LyndVernon M Corkey
Hugh Gray BoltonMar-21-1922Sep-15-1922Samuel J BoltonLizzie J BoltonVernon M Corkey
Minnie HutchinsonNov-20-1922Apr-05-1923Samuel HutchinsonAnnie LyndVernon M Corkey
Elizabeth Mary BoltonAug-08-1923Jan-12-1924Samuel J BoltonLizzie J BoltonVernon M Corkey
Robert B Austin KellyApr-21-1924Aug-14-1924John D. KellyJennie CunninghamVernon M Corkey
Anna Matilda BoltonJun-03-1924Dec-03-1924William BoltonLily CunninghamVernon M Corkey
Lavinia CaskeyAug-31-1915Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey
William CaskeyApr-18-1917Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey
Matthew Henry CaskeyMar-31-1919Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey
John CaskeyApr-22-1921Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey
Robert George CaskeyJun-06-1922Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey


Transcribed by Denver Boyd & Checked by Barbara Braswell

2 thoughts on “Swatragh Presbyterian Church Baptisms”

  1. Hello folk. Have just been looking at you list of children.
    My Ancestor are Stewart Atkinson and Susanah/Susan Laird.
    I not that there doesn’t appear to be many Baptisms for the 1891 year.
    They had a son Christopher born 14th May 1891 and I have not been able to find his Baptism can you find him please?
    Kind regards
    Robyn Atkinson Debnam
    Qld. Australia

    1. Hi Robyn,

      Well, I had access to the Swatragh Presbyterian Baptism records and there were only the 6 baptisms for 1891. There is indeed a birth registration for Christopher but, unfortunately, no baptism..

      Best regards,


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