Swatragh Presbyterian Church Baptisms

Swatragh Presbyterian Church Baptisms complete 1851 to 1924

NameDate of BirthDate of BaptismFatherMotherResidenceTranscriber Comments     
Archibald Lyttle22 Mar 185125 Apr 1851John LyttleHannaMoneysharvin
Thomas SmyrlNot Known27 Apr 1851Archibald SmyrlElizabethSwatragh
Nancy McCord15 Apr 18518 Jun 1851James McCordJaneTivaconway
Elizabeth Connor22 May 185127 Jul 1851Hugh ConnorNancyMoneysharvin
David Johnston9 Aug 185112 Aug 1851William JohnstonEllenSwatragh
Jane Lyttle24 Aug 18515 Oct 1851William LyttleMatildaMoneysharvin
William Hugh Boyd18 Oct 185125 Oct 1851Hugh BoydElizabethLismoyle
____ Dinsmore19 Sep 185127 Oct 1851William DinsmoreAlleyBeagh
Nancy J McFetridge7 Dec 185118 Mar 1852George McFetridgeSarahLaragh
James McFarland18 May 18519 Apr 1852James McFarlandSarahCrossland
Archibald Henderson1 Apr 18529 May 1852William HendersonJaneCrossland
Robert McIlfatrickAug 185016 Jul 1852Thompson McIlfatrickElizabethBallynian
Nancy Campbell24 Sep 185118 Oct 1852James CampbellElizabethLismoyle
Marshall CaskyOct 1851January "James CaskyNancyKnockoneillThe baptism dats says 'January " ' which would suggest January 1852, since the previous baptism was 1852.. But it was Oct 1852. and the baptism following is December 1852, so it can't be January 1853. This suggests this baptism overlooked and entered at a later date.
Maria Cochran26 Nov 185223 Dec 1852John CochranElizabethKnockoneill
Alexander Scott26 Dec 185216 Jan 1853Charles ScottNancyBallynian
Margaret Lyttle5 Feb 185320 Feb 1853John LyttleHannaMoneysharvin
Nancy McKeownFeb 185324 Mar 1853Robert McKeownNancyMoneysharvin
William Smyrl2 Apr 185315 May 1853Archibald SmyrlElizabethSwatragh
Clark? ThompsonNot Known7 Aug 1853John ThompsonElizabethSwatragh
Nancy Connor17 Jun 185314 Aug 1853Hugh ConnorNancyMoneysharvin
Thomas Lyttle18? Oct 185318 Dec 1853William LyttleMatildaMoneysharvin
Thomas Kinney20 Sept 185322 Dec 1853John KinneyJaneTivaconway
Nancy Dinsmore18534 Mar 1854William DinsmoreAlleyBeagh
Elizabeth Adams22 Mar 185330 Apr 1854Thomas AdamsElizabethTirhughTirhue
Sarah BoltonSep 185031 May 1854William BoltonMargaretLismoyle
William BoltonFeb 185431 May 1854William BoltonMargaretLismoyle
Robert Bolton4 May 185431 May 1854Samuel BoltonMaryLismoyle
Nancy Mihui?Not Known11 May 1854William Mihui?MaySwatraghor perhaps Milins? There was a William Mills in Swatragh in Griffith's Valuation.. But this doesnt look like Mills
Nancy J Henderson28 May 185425 Jun 1854James HendersonElizabethCraigavole
Nancy A Boyd18 Jun 185426 Jun 1854Hugh BoydElizabethLismoyle
Rachel Macormac3 Jun 185413 Aug 1854James MacormacNancyGortade
Sarah Jane Given11 Oct 185430 Oct 1854Nathaniel? GivenMargaretTivaconway
___ Henderson21 Dec 185418 Feb 1855William HendersonJaneCrossland
Sarah Smirl26 Mar 18556 May 1855Archibald SmirlElizabethSwatragh
Nancy Lyttle14 Jan 185520 May 1855John LyttleHannaMoneysharvin
Mary Jane McCool20 Oct 185421 Jun 1855John McCoolJaneTivaconway
Robert Dripps13 Oct 185428 Jun 1855Samuel DrippsMargaretUpperlands
Margaret Connor_____1 Jul 1855Hugh ConnorNancyMoneysharvin
George McFetridge14 May 18551 Jul 1855George McFetridgeSarahLaragh
Bessie Henderson_____23 Sep 1855James HendersonElizabethCrossland
Catherine Atkinson13 Jun 18476 Dec 1855Stewart AtkinsonLetitiaLismoyle
William Atkinson27 Feb 18496 Dec 1855Stewart AtkinsonLetitiaLismoyle
Stewart Atkinson28 Jul 18546 Dec 1855Stewart AtkinsonLetitiaLismoyle
Elizabeth Scott14 Jul 185524 Jan 1856Charles ScottNancyBallynian
James Kinney_____27 Jan 1856John KinneyJaneTivaconway
Samuel McCurly? G. Smirl_____12 Apr 1857Archibald SmirlElizabethSwatragh
Samuel Lyttle9 March 185726 Apr 1857John LyttleHannaMoneysharvin
Thomas Adams8 Mar 18573 May 1857Thomas AdamsElizabethTirhugh
Jane Henderson2 Months17 May 1857William HendersonJaneCrossland
Henry Hamilton3 Weeks16 Jun 1857William HamiltonBLANKSwatragh
John Hamilton3 Weeks16 Jun 1857William HamiltonBLANKSwatragh
John Boyd9 Months18 Jun 1857Hugh BoydElizabethLismoyle
Martha Given2 Months1 Jul 1857Nathaniel GivenMargaretTivaconway
William James Neely7 November 18573 Feb 1858William NeelyMaryLaragh
Robert Seip? Bolton5 Oct 185824 Oct 1858William BoltonMaryLaragh
Robert Ballagh30 Dec 185827 Jan 1859Andrew BallaghJaneGortade
Samuel Bolton5 May 185923 Jun 1859James BoltonAnnLismoyle
James Kenedy Scott11 Mar 185923 Jun 1859Charles ScottNancyBallynian
Mary Eliza Neely5 Jun 185922 Jul 1859William NeelyMaryLaragh
Ellen Montgomery15 May 185922 Jul 1859James MontgomeryMarthaLismoyle
John Kennedy Lyttle8 Aug 185925 Sep 1859John LyttleHannaMoneysharvinbaptised since my [ adinster?] T. Turner
Robert Jamison Henderson16 Nov 18598 Jan 1860William HendersonJaneCrossland
Robert Kennedy Smirl3 Jan 186026 Feb 1860Archibald SmirlJaneSwatragh
Mary Matilda Bolton31 Jan 18607 Mar 1860Samuel BoltonMaryLismoyle
Nancy JohnstonJun 186012 Aug 1860John JohnstonMaryMoneysharvin
Anne Bolton29 Jul 186023 Aug 1860William BoltonMargaretLismoyle
John Neely4 Sep 186021 Nov 1860William NeelyMaryLaragh
Thomas John Turner18 Aug 186023 Nov 1860Rev J TurnerJaneUpperlands
Robert John McCoole21 Sep 186030 Nov 1860John McCooleJaneTivaconway
William James Henderson27 Oct 18602 Dec 1860James HendersonElizabethCraigavole
Robert Henery McCormick17 Mar 18616 Jun 1861John McCormickNancyGortade
Hugh Scot Boyd20 Jun 186116 Jan 1862Hugh BoydElizabethLismoyle
Mary Anne Stewart17 Dec 186123 Feb 1862James StewartMarthaSwatragh
Robert Kenedy Neely26 Feb 18624 May 1862William NeelyMayLaragh
Peggy Scott26 May 186222 Jun 1862Charles ScottNancyBallynian
Martha Henderson4 Sep 18629 Nov 1862William HendersonJaneCrossland
Hugh Young20 Nov 18634 Feb 1864John YoungMayKillymuck
Elizabeth C. Casky16 Nov 186319 Nov 1863William J CaskyElizabethSwatraghAgain another baptism which appears to have been omitted at the time and recorded later
Eliza Jane Bolton7 Feb 186426 May 1864Samuel BoltonJaneLismoylethe date of birth was first written as 26 May 1864, but that was obviously the date of baptism entered in the wrong column as the minister has then overwritten that date with 7 Feb
Robert Young11 Jun 186426 Nov 1864John YoungMay JaneKillymuck
Margaret Hill19 Oct 186419 Jan 1865Joseph HillJaneLisachrin
David HarveyMarch 18655 Apr 1865David HarveyMarthaTivaconway
Martha Wilson9 Jun 186515 Jun 1866George WilsonCatherineKillymuck
Mary Jane Casky24 Aug 186626 Nov 1866William J CaskyElizabethTirhugh
Mary E Magilligan27 Feb 18687 Jun 1868John MagilliganMargaretTirhugh
Margaret S Henderson?27 Jun 186826 Jul 1868James HendersonElizabethCraigavole
Elizabeth Norris29 Aug 18689 Nov 1868William NorrisElizabethSwatragh
Mary Ann Bolton23 Sep 1867Oct 1868James BoltonAnneLismoyle
David Hill20 Dec 186813 May 1869Joseph HillJaneLisachrin
Martha Jane Turner?6 Aug 186919 Aug 1869John TurnerAnneCraigavole
John McFarland31 Oct 186926 Jun 1870John McFarlandNancyTivaconway
Martha J Scott30 Jul 18693 Feb 1870Charles ScottNancyBallynian
Sarah Jane Mills30 Dec 187016? Feb 1871Joseph MillsMayLaraghit is either 16 over written by 13 or vice a versa
Thomas Hill5 Mar 187123 Mar 1871Joseph HillJaneLisachrin
Sarah Jane Hill22 Oct 18661866Joseph HillJaneLisachrinObviously another baptism that had the minister had omitted to record at the time of baptism.
Agnes Hill4 Mar 18731873Joseph HillJaneLisachrinThis entry was obviously written at a later point as the ink is very dark compared to the fainter contemporary ink. The name was originally left blank as were the parents names and townland. 1870 was in the DOB column and 1871 in the baptism column. Then to emphasise the original dates the entry below has 1870 & 1871 written above the birth & baptism columns
May Eliza Johnston8 Aug 187030 Mar 1871John JohnstonNancyCulnagrew
Caroline A Campbell12 Feb 18712 Apr 1871John CampbellCarolineKeady
Matilda Bolton8 Feb 18712 Apr 1871Samuel BoltonJaneLismoyle
Sarah McFarland14 Jan 187113 Aug 1871John McFarlandNancyTivaconway
(Lizzie crossed out) Margaret Morrell1 Apr 18719 Aug 1871John MorrellRachel AnnKeady
James Lowe17 Dec 186719 Mar 1872James LoweCatherineMoneysharvin
Daniel Lowe1 Nov 187119 Mar 1872James LoweCatherineMoneysharvin
M Ann Lowe10 Apr 186919 Mar 1872James LoweCatherineMoneysharvin
Elizabeth G? Ferguson27 Jun 187211 Aug 1872Daniel FergusonElizabethSwatragh
Mary Johnston31 May 18675 Sep 1872John JohnstonMaryMoneysharvin
Matilda Johnston25 Dec 186015 Sep 1872John JohnstonMaryMoneysharvin
John Johnston30 Jun 187115 Sep 1872John JohnstonMaryMoneysharvin
William McFarland15 Jun 187214 Jan 1873John McFarlandNancyBoveedy
Archibald Mills17 Nov 187223 Jan 1873Joseph MillsMaryLaragh
Margaret A Casky3 Feb 18738 Jun 1873William CaskyElizabethTirhugh
Elizabeth Morrell?26 Feb 187415 May 1874John MorrellRachel AnnKeady
May Bolton6 Nov 18748 Jul 1875Samuel BoltonJaneLismoyle
Robert J McIlfatrick1 May 187525 Jul 1875John McIlfatrickCatherineBallynian
John Jun? McIlfatrick25 Aug 187516 Nov 1875Robert McIlfatrickElizabethBallynian
Thomas Johnston13 Jul 187210 Feb 1876John JohnstonNancyCulnagrew
Annie Johnston2 Jan 187511 Feb 1876John JohnstonNancyCulnagrew
John McKendry2 Sep 18754 May 1876John McKendryAgnesUpperlands
Robert Lowe14 Oct 18722 Jun 1876Samuel LoweSarahMoneysharvin
Rachel Lowe26 Nov 18742 Jun 1876Samuel LoweSarahMoneysharvin
Liza Jane Speers6 Aug 18766 Oct 1876Samuel SpeersSarah Jane GivenTivaconway
Mary Black McKendry16 Mar 187717 Jun 1877John McKendryAgnus BlackUpperlands
Hugh Caskey18 Apr 18774 Jun 1877William John CaskeyElizabeth Boyd
Elizabeth Jane McIlfatrick10 Mar 18771 Jul 1877John McIlfatrickCatherine AtkinsonBallynian
John Morrell7 Oct 187723 Nov 1877John MorrellRachel Ann YoungKeady
Jane Kinney7 Nov 187727 Dec 1877Thomas KinneySarah MichaelGortade
Martha Wright29 Jul 187618 Apr 1878Thomas WrightJane AlexanderUpperlands
Samuel Lowe25 Nov 187718 Apr 1878Samuel LoweSarah DerbyMoneysharvin
William James Boyd21 Dec 187721 Jun 1878Hugh BoydEllen MichaelLismoyle
Mary Jane Young15 Jun 18704 Jul 1878John YoungMary Jane Getty
Elizabeth Young9 Jun 18734 Jul 1878John YoungMary Jane Getty
Rachel Young12 Jul 18754 Jul 1878John YoungMary Jane Getty
John Johnston18 Aug 187719 Feb 1878John JohnstonNancy PattersonCulnagrew
James Speers20 Oct 187817 Apr 1879Samuel SpeersSarah Jane GivenTrinaltenagh
Annie Ellin Kinney10 Mar 18794 Sep 1879Thomas KinneySarah MichaelGortade
John Johnston4th Jun 18795 Sep 1879John JohnstonNancy PattersonSwatragh
Catherine Maxwell McIlfatrick10 Mar 188024 May 1880John McIlfatrickCatherine AtkinsonBallynian
Samuel Gault20 Jul 18807 Oct 1880Hamilton GaultElizabeth McIlfatrickBallynian
Martha Jane Boyd10 Apr 188019 Nov 1880Hugh BoydEllen MichaelLismoyle
William Hamilton Lowe4 Jun 188027 Jan 1881Samuel LoweSarah DerbyMoneysharvin
Mary Lowe30 Jan 187427 Jan 1881James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Samuel Lowe19 Oct 187627 Jan 1881James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Hamilton Lowe8 Mar 188127 Jan 1881James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Catherine Lowe8 Mar 188127 Jan 1881James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Thomas Wright25 May 188021 2 1881Thomas WrightJane AlexanderUpperlands
Samuel Gault20 Jul 18807 Oct 1880Hamilton GaultElizabeth McIlfatrickBallynianYes this baptism has been entered twice!
John Kinney24 Mar 18818 Oct 1881Thomas KinneySarah MichaelGortade
Jane Caskey6 Dec 188119 Jan 1882Marshall CaskeyMargaret Jane BradlyTirhugh
Mary Jane Caskey6 Dec 188119 Jan 1882Marshall CaskeyMargaret Jane BradlyTirhugh
John Gilmour13 Mar 188219 Oct 1882Alex GilmourMargaret Anne BoltonBallynian
Letitia Tomzina McIlfatrick6 Feb 18826 Nov 1882John McIlfatrickCatherine AtkinsonBallynianTomzina seems unusual.. But that's what it appears to say!
James Caskey25 Aug 1868BLANKWilliam John CaskeyElizabeth BoydTirhughThe minister has written the DOB but not baptism.. But was between 6 Nov 1882 & 4 Feb 1884
George Hill Wilson9 Jun 18614 Feb 1884George H WilsonCatherine BruceKillymuck
George Hill Wilson16 Jul 18825 Jul 1883William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
William Atkinson18 Aug 188322 Nov 1883Stewart AtkinsonSusanah LairdSwatragh
Samuel Michael5 Jan 188421 Feb 1884William MichaelEllen BoydBallynian
Archibald Caskey20 Feb 188427 Apr 1884Marshall CaskeyMargaret Jane BradleyTirhugh
Martha Jane Wilson21 Nov 188317 Jul 1884William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
Lizzie Paul Norris29 May 188421 Jul 1884Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
Hugh Bolton18621865William BoltonAnn StarretBallynianYet another baptism DEFINETELY recorded long after the event!
Susanna Henry Mills5 Nov 18742 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
Margaret Mills1 Feb 18772 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
William John Mills18 Mar 18792 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
Isabella Douglas Mills12 Mar 18822 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
Joseph Mills25 Jan 18842 Oct 1884Joseph MillsMary BradlyLaragh
Margaret Jane Martin5 Oct 18848 Nov 1884James Dorrens MartinElizabeth GreggCraigavole
Mary Atkinson18 Sep 188428 Nov 1884Stewart AtkinsonSusanah LairdSwatragh
William Gilmour30 Aug 188412 Feb 1885Alexander GilmourAnn BoltonBallynian
James Campbell McIlfatrick1 Feb 188420 Mar 1885John McIlfatrickCatherine AtkinsonBallynian
Martha Ann Speers7 Dec 188423 Jul 1885Samuel SpeersSarah Jane GivenTivaconway
Henry Boyd20 Mar 18857 Aug 1885William BoydSarah CookLismoyle
Samuel McIlfatrick4 Nov 188413 Nov 1885BLANKMay McIlfatrickLismoyle
Robert Bolton13 Feb 188521 Jan 1886John BoltonMary Ann BloomfieldBallynian
Matthew Samuel Norris15 Dec 188522 Feb 1886Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
John Hopper? Nevell Atkinson30 Jan 188623 Apr 1886Stewart AtkinsonSusanah LairdSwatraghSecond name of child seems to be Hopper
Hessie Martin17 Nov 18867 Feb 1887James Dorrens MartinElizabeth GreggBallylame
Robert James Bolton21 Aug 188631 Mar 1887Samuel BoltonMargaret BoltonLismoyle
William Norris21 Dec 188621 Mar 1887Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatraghX Beside child's name
Stewart Mills20 Nov 188621 Apr 1887Joseph MillsMary BradleyLaragh
Matilda Anderson Mills20 Nov 188621 Apr 1887Joseph MillsMary BradleyLaragh
Samuel Bolton1 Aug 188616 Jun 1887John BoltonMary Ann BloomfieldBallynian
John Dinsmore17 Jul 188224 Jun 1887John DinsmoreMary JohnstonBeagh
Ellen Dinsmore28 Mar 188424 Jun 1887John DinsmoreMary JohnstonBeagh
William Dinsmore27 Jan 188624 Jun 1887John DinsmoreMary JohnstonBeagh
William John Wilson10 Mar 188615 Jul 1887William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
Ellen Mary Boyd14 May 18876 Oct 1887William BoydSarah CookLismoyle
Samuel Gilmour3 Oct 188620 Oct 1887Alexander GilmourMargaret Anne BoltonLismoyle
Albert Alexander Atkinson4 Apr 188717 Nov 1887Stewart AtkinsonSusan LairdSwatragh
Edward Speers18 Jul 188729 Dec 1887Samuel SpeersSarah Jane GivenTivaconway
James Michael7 Apr 18885 Jul 1888William MichaelEllen Speers BoydLismoyle
Margaret Ann Bolton1 Aug 18875 Jul 1888John BoltonMary Ann BloomfieldBallynian
Hannah Caskey16 Apr 188828 Oct 1888Marshall CaskeyMargaret Jane BradleyTirhugh
Margaret Sarah Norris23 Aug 188830 Nov 1888Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
Margaret Sarah Stewart Gilmour25 Aug 188815 Jan 1889Alexander GilmourMargaret Anne BoltonLismoyle
Joseph Martin1 Jan 18897 Mar 1889James Dorrens MartinElizabeth GreggCraigavole
George Lowe18 Dec 188621 Mar 1889James LoweCatherine WorkmanMoneysharvin
Edith Atkinson7 Oct 18887 Aug 1889Stewart AtkinsonSusan LairdSwatragh
William John Williamson11 Sep 18892 Jan 1890James WilliamsonMaggie NeelyTivaconway
Jeannie Hill Starrett5 Jul 189026 Dec 1890Daniel StarrettElizabeth AtkinsonBallynian
Thomas Bolton7 Mar 188819 Mar 1891Samuel BoltonAnnie BoltonLismoyle
Lizzie Bolton11 Dec 189019 Mar 1891Samuel BoltonAnnie BoltonLismoyle
Robert Thompson Norris12 Nov 189031 Mar 1891Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
James Wray Williamson13 Dec 18908 May 1891James WilliamsonMaggie NeelyTivaconway
William James Bolton28 Sep 18909 Oct 1891John BoltonMary Ann BloomfieldBallynian
Margaret Dripps4 Nov 189124 Dec 1891William James DrippsRachel HeburnTirhugh
Thomas Archibald Smyrl25 Sep 189124 Mar 1892Robert SmyrlNancy Jane LoganSwatragh
Mary Williamson18 Apr 189221 Aug 1892James WilliamsonMaggie NeelyTivaconway
Nancy Stewart Starret9 Mar 189213 Sep 1892Daniel StarrettElizabeth AtkinsonTivaconway
John Neely Williamson1 Jul 189216 Dec 1892John WilliamsonMary Eliza NeelyLaragh
Catherine Ann Bruce Wilson4 Nov 188920 Apr 1893William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
Samuel Dinsmore7 Nov 188714 Jul 1893John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonBeagh
Mary Dinsmore27 Feb 188914 Jul 1893John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonBeagh
Robert Dinsmore2 Oct 189014 Jul 1893John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonBeagh
Matthew Dinsmore17 Feb 189214 Jul 1893John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonBeagh
Matilda McKeown Smyrl24 Apr 189316 Nov 1893Robert SmyrlMary Jane LoganSwatragh
William Hugh Bolton25 Aug 189328 Mar 1894Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayLismoyle
Thomas Dripps25 Feb 189422 Jun 1894William John DrippsRachel HeburnTirhugh
William James Williamson14 Dec 189322 Jun 1894John WilliamsonMary Eliza NeelyLaragh
Joseph Collins Williamson14 Aug 18949 Nov 1894James WilliamsonMaggie NeelyTivaconway
Hugh Starret18 Jan 18949 Nov 1894Daniel StarretLizzie AtlinsonTivaconway
Frances Emma Smyrl8 Apr 18955 Dec 1895Robert SmyrlNancy Jane LoganSwatragh
Albert Augustus Field16 Aug 189529 Sep 1895Joseph FieldJulie HalliganSwatragh
Mary Bolton8 Jul 18952 Apr 1896Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayLismoyle
Mary Ellen Dripps26 Feb 189623 Apr 1896William James DrippsRachel HepburnTirhugh
Thomas Starret1 Dec 189524 Jul 1896Daniel StarretLizzie AtlinsonTivaconway
Charles John Scott3 Aug 189631 Jan 1897Charles ScottMartha McCulloughCulnagrew
Mary Eliza Smyrl28 Nov 189624 Jun 1897Robert SmyrlNancy Jane LoganSwatragh
James Scott4 May 189725 Jul 1897Alexander ScottMargaret McCahonBallynian
Mary Eliza Neely Williamson16 Oct 189723 Nov 1897John WilliamsonSusan StarrettLaragh
William James Dripps7 Nov 189718 Aug 1898William James DrippsRachel HeburnTirhugh
Charles Scott2 Jun 189828 Aug 1898Alexander ScottMargaret McCahonBallynian
John Starrett27 Jul 189824 May 1899Daniel StarrettElizabeth AtkinsonTivaconway
Robert Starrett Williamson25 Apr 189929 May 1899John WilliamsonSusan StarrettLaragh
Annie Bolton18 Jul 189729 Jun 1899Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayLismoyle
Josephine Bolton14 Apr 189929 Jun 1899Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayLismoyle
Robert Boyd8 Mar 189817? Oct 1898John BoydJane HendersonCraigavoleNo, this isnt a mistake, the date of Baptism IS 1898.. Even thought the entry prior and post this entry are 1899!! Another one forgotten to be recorded chronologically?
Jeanne Mary Norris24 Feb 18993 Aug 1899Robert NorrisJane AndersonSwatragh
Hugh Scott5 Aug 189920 Nov 1899Charles ScottMartha McCulloughCulnagrew
Samuel James Wilson22 Jun 189329 Nov 1899William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
Robert Hugh Wilson4 Aug 189629 Nov 1899William WilsonJane LytleKillymuck
William Boyd8 Mar 1899Mar-01-1900John BoydJane HendersonCraigavole
Clara ScottFeb-19-1901Jul-17-1901Charles ScottMartha McCulloughBallynian
William ScottJun-15-1902Nov-15-1902Charles ScottMartha McCulloughBallynian
NameDate of BirthDate of BaptismFatherMotherBaptised by?Transcriber Comments
David Dinsmore17 Oct 1895Mar-17-1903John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonJohn Heney
Job Dinsmore22 Sep 1898Mar-17-1903John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonJohn Heney
Annie DinsmoreDec-05-1900Mar-17-1903John DinsmoreNancy JohnstonJohn Heney
John LyndOct-23-1901Mar-17-1903Thomas James LyndEllen JohnstonJohn Heney
Maggie StarrettJan-10-1902Apr-01-1903Daniel StarrettElizabeth AtkinsonJohn Heney
Sarah BoltonSep-21-1902Apr-09-1903Robert BoltonSarah AndersonJohn Heney
Elizabeth ServiceNov-08-1902Apr-09-1903Joseph ServiceElizabeth CraigJohn Heney
Margaret Bolton23 Apr 1892Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
William Bolton27 Apr 1894Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Samuel John Bolton16 Jun 1896Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Sloan Bolton25 Jun 1898Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Graham BoltonSep-16-1900Apr-09-1903Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Agnes Kennedy ScottOct-12-1902Apr-26-1903Hugh ScottHenrietta KelsoJohn Heney (in Church)
David BoltonMar-09-1904Apr-20-1904Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Matilda BoltonDec-04-1903Apr-20-1904Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayJohn Heney
Susan StarrettMay-31-1904Sep-25-1904Daniel StarrettLizzie AtlinsonJohn Heney (in Church)
Lizzie Ruth Lennox WilliamsonDec-23-1904May-12-1905Rea WilliamsonSarah McShaneJohn Heney
Mary LyndSep-14-1903Feb-26-1905Thomas LyndEllen JohnstonJohn Heney
Mary ElderDec-04-1904Feb-26-1905Robert ElderEllen ConnorJohn Heney
Margaret Moore LilleyMar-13-1905Jul-28-1905William LilleySarah Ellen StewartJohn Heney
Robert James BoltonNov-16-1904May-12-1905Robert BoltonSarah AndersonJohn Heney
Henry BoltonMay-19-1905Jan-16-1906Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayJohn Heney
Alexander NeillyApr-16-1904Nov-21-1906Thomas NeillyRuth McCahonJohn Heney
Stewart BoltonNov-25-1905Nov-23-1906Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonJohn Heney
Thomas WilliamsonJun-13-1907Mar-08-1908John WilliamsonSusan StarrettJohn Heney
William NeillyJan-01-1907Mar-08-1908Thomas NeillyRuth McCahonWilliam J. Smyth
Herbert MorrisonJun-16-1907Apr-27-1908______Helen S MorrisonWilliam J. Smyth
Thomas LyndMay-15-1908Nov-29-1908Thomas LyndEllen JohnstonWilliam J. Smyth
Matilda ElderMar-21-1907Nov-29-1908Robert ElderEllen ConnorWilliam J. Smyth
Mary Jane BarnettMay-22-1908Mar-01-1909Robert BarnettHanna Jane HaslettWilliam J. Smyth
Andrew ElderMay-16-1909Aug-29-1909Robert ElderEllen ConnorWilliam J. Smyth
George BoltonDec-23-1907Jul-05-1909Robert BoltonSarah AndersonH.C. Mulholland
Ethel Mary LilleyDec-06-1909May-24-1910William LilleyMary McCrackenWilliam J. Smyth
William Thomas Craig ServiceJun-09-1910Nov-03-1910Joseph ServiceLizzie CraigWilliam J. Smyth
Alexander BoltonMay-24-1907Mar-28-1908Hugh BoltonAnnie GrayWilliam J. SmythYes, this DOES say 1908.. Definetly appears to be an after thought
Matthew DrippsMay-05-1906Jun-14-1911GuardianMrs DrippsWilliam J. Smyth
John McKeeJun-07-1908Oct-16-1911Robert McKeeMary Ann StarrettWilliam J. Smyth
Albert BoltonMay-31-1911Oct-16-1911Samuel BoltonMargaret Anne BoltonWilliam J. Smyth
Sara Jane KinneyAug-05-1908Jan-15-1912John KinneySara SloanWilliam J. Smyth
Joseph KinneyJan-21-1910Jan-15-1912John KinneySara SloanWilliam J. Smyth
Annie Mary KinneyAug-15-1911Jan-15-1912John KinneySara SloanWilliam J. Smyth
Maggie LyndMar-18-1911Jan-28-1912Thomas LyndEllen JohnstonWilliam J. Smyth
William John KinneyAug-12-1912Oct-24-1913John KinneySara SloanVernon M Corkey
Helena McWatters KilpatrickJan-14-1914Jan-28-1914John KilpatrickM Jane McCahonVernon M Corkey
Gladys LilleyFeb-04-1910Jan-30-1914William LilleyMary McCrackinVernon M Corkey
James John LoweDec-09-1910Feb-12-1912Hamilton LoweM. McAllisterVernon M Corkey
Maggie LyndMar-18-1911Jul-15-1911Thomas James LyndEllen JohnstonVernon M CorkeyAgain out of chronological order
Samuel Johnston LyndJan-22-1915Jun-20-1915Thomas James LyndEllen JohnstonVernon M Corkey
David BoltonDec-31-1918May-17-1919David BoltonThomasina McCahonVernon M Corkey
Robert John BoltonMar-15-192031 Nov 1920David BoltonThomasina McCahonVernon M CorkeyNo, not a transcription error- it really DOES say 31st November 1920!!
James HutchinsonMar-22-1921Dec-01-1921Samuel HutchinsonAnnie LyndVernon M Corkey
Hugh Gray BoltonMar-21-1922Sep-15-1922Samuel J BoltonLizzie J BoltonVernon M Corkey
Minnie HutchinsonNov-20-1922Apr-05-1923Samuel HutchinsonAnnie LyndVernon M Corkey
Elizabeth Mary BoltonAug-08-1923Jan-12-1924Samuel J BoltonLizzie J BoltonVernon M Corkey
Robert B Austin KellyApr-21-1924Aug-14-1924John D. KellyJennie CunninghamVernon M Corkey
Anna Matilda BoltonJun-03-1924Dec-03-1924William BoltonLily CunninghamVernon M Corkey
Lavinia CaskeyAug-31-1915Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey
William CaskeyApr-18-1917Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey
Matthew Henry CaskeyMar-31-1919Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey
John CaskeyApr-22-1921Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey
Robert George CaskeyJun-06-1922Jun-15-1924Henry CaskeyMaggie McNameeVernon M Corkey


Transcribed by Denver Boyd & Checked by Barbara Braswell

Tobermore Presbyterian Church Baptisms

Tobermore Presbyterian Church Baptisms. These are a selection of baptism extracts.

Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's NameFather's OccupationMother's NameResidenceChild baptised at?Transcriber Comments
7 Oct 1860Robert Anderson12 Sept 1860Matthew AndersonFarmerMargaret ShielsFallagloon
11 Nov 1860Elizabeth Anderson21 Aug 1860Samuel AndersonFarmerMary HillFallagloon
29 May 1860Sarah Anne McDowell13 Aug 1856Samuel McDowellFarmerNancy PaulBallinahone Beg
1 Sep 1861Anna Boon1 Feb 1861Henry BoonFarmerM. HopperBallynure
4 Oct 1862James Hunter4 Jun 1862James HunterFarmerM. CaskeyBallinahone
1 Mar 1863William John Lynd3 Jan 1863Robert LyndLabourerE. CanningBallinahoneTobermore
5 Jul 1863David Alexander Anderson7 Apr 1863Samuel AndersonFarmerMary HillFallagloon
7 Feb 1864Ann Jane Hunter13 Nov 1863James HunterFarmerMary CaskieBallinahone
3 Apr 1864Robert Boyd Black13 Aug 1862Samuel BlackFarmerMary BoydKillytoney
3 Jul 1864Margaret Anderson26 Apr 1864Matthew AndersonFarmerMargaret ShielsFallagloon
7 May 1865Jane Lynd9 Feb 1865Robert LyndLabourerE. CanningClooneyTobermore
6 Nov 1865Sarah Rosetta Hunter4 Jul 1865James HunterFarmerM. CaskeyBallinahone
17 Jan 1866Martha ShielsSep 1861Robert ShielsFarmerJ. McWilliamsDrumballyhagan
17 Jan 1866Samuel Shiels16 Sep 1865Robert ShielsFarmerJ. McWilliamsDrumballyhagan
16 Feb 1866Catherine Boon____John BoonFarmerM. DrippsBallynure
28 May 1866Mary Anderson20 Jan 1866Matthew AndersonFarmerMargaret ShielsFallagloon
29 May 1866James Stewart12 Dec 1865Andrew StewartLabourerE. WintonMoneyguiggy
25 Nov 1866Robert Lynd27 Sep 1866Robert LyndLabourerE KinningClooneyTobermore
4 Feb 1867Robert John Boon10 Nov 1866Henry BoonFarmerMary HopperBallynure
25 Nov 1867Jane Shiels3 Sep 1867Joseph ShielsFarmerMary Ann EspieBallinahone
25 May 1867Robert Shields5 Apr 1867Thomas ShieldsFarmerElizabeth HyndmanBallinahone
23 Nov 1867Archibald Whiteside Hunter7 Apr 1867James HunterFarmerM. CaskeyBallinahone
23 Dec 1867Matilda ShieldsDec 1866James ShieldsFarmerElizabeth LytleDrumballyhaganElinor Lyttle
28 Dec 1867William Porter26 Mar 1866David PorterLabourerMargaret SmythBallinahone
26 Mar 1868Catherine Clarke11 Dec 1863Matthew ClarkFarmerEliza BoyleDrumcrow
15 Apr 1869Margaret Paul16 Nov 1868William John PaulFarmerEliza Jane KenningBallinahone
4 Sep 1869Eliza Lytle28 Mar 1868James LytleScutcherSarah StarrsMoyesset?
23 Jun 1869Henry Hunter Boon8 Apr 1864Henry BoonFarmerM. HopperBallynure
11 Nov 1869John Robson23 Aug 1869James Alex RobsonMinisterE McCreaTobermoreBaptised by Rev. Smilie Robson
24 Nov 1869William Charles Boon23 Jun 1869Charles BoonFarmerM.J. HannaBallynure
22 Dec 1869Elizabeth Shields4 Mar 1869Thomas ShieldsFarmerE. HyndmanBallinahone
2 Jan 1870Robert Shields2 Jun 1869Joseph ShielsFarmerM.A. EspieBallinahone
22 Feb 1870James Devlin21 Nov 1869Alexander DevlinLabourerE. PorterTobermore
6 Mar 1870Mary Ann Lynd21 Nov 1869Robert LyndLabourerE. CanningClooneyTobermore
28 Apr 1871Jane Clark11 Oct 1870Henry ClarkeFarmerB. McAnarry?Drumballyhagan
24 Dec 1871William James Charters19 Aug 1867David ChartersFarmerE. KaneBallinahone
24 Dec 1871George Charters25 Oct 1870David ChartersFarmerE. KaneBallinahone
8 Feb 1872William John Devlin7 Jan 1871Francis DevlinLabourerR StarsTobermoreOriginal DOB crossed out
11 Feb 1872William Devlin31 May 1871Alexander DevlinLabourerE. PorterTobermore
27 May 1872Eliza Lynd13 Feb 1872Robert LyndLabourerE KenningClooney
6 Sep 1872Thomas Alexander Shiels1 May 1872James ShieldsFarmerE. LytleDrumballyhagan
Oct 1873Samuel Boon5 Feb 1873William BoonFarmerN. HutchinsonBallynureMoyheeland
26 Oct 1873James Clarke3 Sep 1870John ClarkeFarmerRebecca HendersonDrumballyhagan
12 Jun 1873Samuel Paul1 Feb 1870William John PaulFarmer___ KenningBallinahone
12 Jun 1873David James Paul10 Dec 1871William John PaulFarmer___ KenningBallinahone
18 Feb 1875William Boon27 Aug 1874William BoonFarmerN. HutchinsonBallynure
18 Feb 1875Bella Boon3 Sep 1874John BoonFarmerL. PorterBallynure
7 Mar 1875Maria Lynd17 Oct 1874Robert LyndLabourerE KenningClooney
18 May 1875Eliza Jane Scott14 Feb 1872John ScottFarmerJ. BoonBallynure
18 May 1875Robert Scott25 Jan 1875John ScottFarmerJ. BoonBallynure
24 May 1875Isabella Devlin14 Feb 1873Alexander DevlinLabourerE. PorterTobermore
19 Sep 1876James Boon11 Jul 1876William BoonFarmerN. HutchinsonBallynure
6 Oct 1876Matilda Shields2 Apr 1876Thomas ShieldsFarmerElizabeth HyndmanBallinahone
10 Jan 1877Robert Anderson Shiels29 Aug 1876James ShieldsFarmerE. LytleFallagloon
11 May 1877Thomas LindBLANKRobert LyndFarmerE KinningClooneyCloney
28 May 1877John Porter31 Mar 1870David PorterWeaverM. SmythBallinahone
26 Sep 1877? Clarke___Henry ClarkeFarmerMaria BlackDrumballyhagan
26 Sep 1877? Clarke___Henry ClarkeFarmerMaria BlackDrumballyhagan
14 Oct 1877Eliza Jane Boon10 Sep 1877John BoonFarmerS.J. PaulBallynure
14 Oct 1877Alexander Scott5 Mar 1877John ScottFarmerJ. BoonBallynure
14 Oct 1877Elizabeth Boon18 Apr 1877John BoonFarmerE. PorterBallynure
2 Dec 1877Agnes Paul Stevenson16 Jun 1877Robert Stevenson____J. McDowellInglewood, N.J.(USA)NJ, USA
7 Apr 1878Mary Ann Phillips21 Jan 1868Samuel PhillipsFarmerM. SinclairBallinahone
7 Apr 1878Alexander Phillips23 Jan 1870Samuel PhillipsFarmerM. SinclairBallinahone
24 May 1878Isabella PorterMay 1856Alexander PorterFarmerMary CousleyGortamney
23 Jun 1878David Boon19 Mar 1878William BoonFarmerNancy HutchinsonBallynure
30 Jun 1878Margaret Anderson4 Jan 1878Thomas AndersonFarmerGrace M MeekinFallagloon
27 Mar 1879James Lynd8 Nov 1878Robert LyndLabourerE KenningClooneyTobermore
26 May 1879Minnie Clarke4 Jul 1878John ClarkeFarmerR.J. HendersonDrumcrow
22 Jun 1879Henrietta Clarke21 Mar 1879Henry ClarkeFarmerMaria BlackDrumballyhagan
21 Dec 1879Margaret Hunter Shiels28 Jul 1879Thomas ShieldsFarmerElizabeth HyndmanBallynahone
15 Mar 1880William Thomas Dickson20 Jan 1874William DicksonFarmerE E LytleCloaneCloane
15 Mar 1880James Sinclair Dickson15 Jul 1876William DicksonFarmerE E LytleCloaneCloane
15 Mar 1880Matilda Dickson17 Mar 1879William DicksonFarmerE E LytleCloaneCloane
19 Sep 1880Annie Elizabeth Clarke10 Jun 1877John ClarkeFarmerR HendersonDrumcrow
25 Oct 1880Robert Harbison Anderson29 Jun 1880William AndersonMerchantMartha LawrenceTobermore
1881Thomas James Boon20 Mar 1879John BoonFarmerSarah Jane PaulBallinahoneBallynure
30 Mar 1882Thomas James Anderson Shiels8 Mar 1882Thomas ShieldsFarmerElizabeth HyndmanBallinahone
30 Mar 1882Ellen Shiels1 Dec 1881James ShieldsFarmerEllen LytleFallagloon
7 Sep 1882Jane Lynd8 Mar 1882Robert LyndLabourerE KenningClooneyClooney
23 Oct 1882Mary Ann Clarke16 Jun 1882John S. ClarkeFarmerAnn Tanahill?Drumballyhagan
23 Oct 1882Rebecca Jane Clarke5 Apr 1882John ClarkeFarmerR.J. HendersonDrumcrow
26 May 1883Margaret Anne Henderson26 May 1883William HendersonFarmerSarah Jane HendersonGortamney
3 Aug 1884Robert Boon9 May 1883William BoonFarmerN. HutchinsonBallynure
4 Aug 1884Emily Clark15 May 1884Henry ClarkeFarmerMaria BlackDrumballyhagan
23 May 1886Annie Maud Lynd3 Aug 1875Robert LyndLabourerE KenningClooneyis this 3 Aug 1885???
10 Aug 1886Mary Jane Henderson8 Sep 1875George HendersonFarmerM HendersonKillynumber
10 Aug 1886James Henderson10 Jun 1880George HendersonFarmerM HendersonKillynumber
10 Aug 1886Elizabeth Henderson3 Nov 1885George HendersonFarmerM HendersonKillynumber
12 Jun 1887Marcus Henderson1 Dec 1886William HendersonFarmerSarah Jane HendersonGortamney
20 Aug 1887John Boon1878?John BoonFarmerEliza PorterBallynure
7 Aug 1887Thomas Shiels8 Sep 1886Thomas ShieldsFarmerElizabeth HyndmanBallinahone
17 Nov 1887Thomas Charters1886David ChartersFarmerM KaneBallinahone
5 Aug 1889John Clarke8 Mar 1889John A. ClarkeFarmerE. TannahillDrumcrow
1 Sep 1889Emily Shiels3 Jun 1889Samuel ShielsFarmerMargaret J. WilsonDrumballyhagan
8 Apr 1890William Anderson___William AndersonMerchantMartha LawrenceTobermore
20 May 1891William Boon18 Oct 1890Robert Boon? ScottFallagloon
21 Nov 1893Robert Boon29 Dec 1892Robert BoonM. ScottBallynureGRONI says 30th Dec 1891
12 Dec 1893Margaret Henderson3 May 1881George HendersonFarmerM HendersonKillynumber
12 Dec 1893William Henderson8 Oct 1884George HendersonFarmerM HendersonKillynumber
28 June 1897Samuel Boon10 Nov 1891Robert BoonMary ScottBallynure
8 Jul 1897Teresa Boon3 Feb 1890John BoonM?.A. PorterBallynureIs this Paul not Porter? GRONI Has Teresa being born 23rd Nov 1890 to Paul
5 Nov 1897James Clarke5 May 1878Jackson ClarkeFarmerElizabeth HendersonMoyesset
5 Nov 1897Margaret Clarke23 Feb 1882Jackson ClarkeFarmerElizabeth HendersonMoyesset
13 Jan 1898Agnes Jane Clark14 May 1893John ClarkFarmerE. TannahillDrumballyhagan
2 May 1898Sarah Jane McDowell6 Oct 1897Robert McDowellFarmerM.A. GrahamBallinahone Beg
7 Sep 1898Maria Stewart12 Nov 1889Gordon StewartM. BoydMoyesset
7 Sep 1898Robert James Stewart6 Feb 1891Gordon StewartM. BoydMoyesset
7 Sep 1898David Stewart15 Oct 1893Gordon StewartM. BoydMoyesset
4 May 1899Samuel McDowell10 Jan 1899Robert Barr McDowellFarmerM.A. GrahamBallinahone Beg
10 Feb 1899Mary Anderson5 Nov 1897John AndersonFarmerIsabella ClarkeFallagloon
10 Feb 1899Henry Anderson14 Dec 1898John AndersonFarmerIsabella ClarkeFallagloon
Nov-05-1901Matilda? Jane McDowellJul-03-1901Robert McDowellFarmerM.A. GrahamBallinahone Beg
May-10-1902William BoonNov-07-1901Robert BoonE. ScottBallynure
Jul-05-1902Emily HunterApr-02-1902John HunterM. ClarkeBallinahone More
Sep-10-1904George AndersonMar-07-1903John AndersonIsabella ClarkeFallagloon



Transcribed by Denver Boyd

Draperstown Presbyterian Church Baptisms

Draperstown Presbyterian Church Baptisms are a selection of transcribed baptism records.

No.Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's NameMother's Name
927 Nov 1887Alex Phillips8 Mar 1887Edward PhillipsMargaret Hanna
2124 Jun 1888Margaret Elizabeth Graham31 Mar 1888Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
295 May 1889Sarah Jane Phillips29? Mar 1889Edward PhillipsMargaret Hanna
426 May 1890Job Hutchinson28 Aug 1876William HutchinsonRosella Graham
436 May 1890Archy Hutchinson17 Sep 1877William HutchinsonRosella Graham
446 May 1890Willie Hutchinson17 Sep 1877William HutchinsonRosella Graham
456 May 1890Jackson Hutchinson11 Feb 1882William HutchinsonRosella Graham
466 May 1890Annie May Hutchinson23 Jun 1884William HutchinsonRosella Graham
476 May 1890James Hutchinson3 Oct 1886William HutchinsonRosella Graham
486 May 1890Bella Hutchinson3 Dec 1888William HutchinsonRosella Graham
5913 Mar 1891Mary Adelaide Graham7 Aug 1890Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
6219 Oct 1891William Robert Henderson8 Oct 1890George HendersonEliza Ellen Boon
7427 Oct 1892Sarah Jane Henderson17 Apr 1892George HendersonEliza Ellen Boon
7623 Feb 1893Matilda Graham21 Dec 1891Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
8018 Jun 1893John Craham25 Mar 1893Thomas GrahamMary Phillips
8719 Apr 1894Maggie Jane Boon24 Jan 1894Samuel BoonMary Ann Nelson
8924 Aug 1894Sadie Ethel Anderson18 Jun 1892William Anderson_____ Lawrence
9124 Aug 1894John George Hutchinson6 May 1893William HutchinsonRosella Graham
9827 Jun 1895Sarah Jane Graham21 Mar 1895Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
10026 Nov 1895Thomas Graham26 Jun 1895Thomas GrahamMary Phillips
10824 May 1897John Boon6 Apr 1896Samuel BoonMary Ann Nelson
11226 Aug 1897Anne Graham20 May 1897Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
11526 May 1898William Robert Graham23 Mar 1898Thomas GrahamMary Phillips
11825 Oct 1898Robert Boon11 Sep 1898Samuel BoonMary Ann Nelson
12823 Nov 1899John Graham2 Aug 1899Robert GrahamMinnie Kenning
153Nov-20-1902James Patterson Black Graham6?/10/1902Thomas GrahamMary Phillips

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867)

A selection of transcriptions of St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867

Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's ForeameFather's SurnameMother's ForenameMother's SurnameResidenceFather's OccupationMinister's Comment
8 Mar 1840Sarah1 Mar 1840JacksonClarkePeggyMagheraLabourer
7 Apr 1840James29 Dec 1839JamesGrahamMaryCurragh
4 Apr 1841ElizabethJohnClarkeElizabethMagheraShoemaker
25 Jul 1841Sarah5 Jan 1841RobertPorterJaneCurraghWeaver
15 Aug 1841James27 Jul 1841JamesMackerillCatherineBallinahoneFarmer
8 May 1842William3 Apr 1842SamuelGrahamMary?CurraghWeaver
13 Feb 1843Alex13 Feb 1842AlexanderPorterMarianneMagheraWeaver
7 Aug 1843Joseph6 Aug 1843JohnClarkeJaneSlattybogieLabourer
10 Dec 1843Mary9 Nov 1843GeorgeScottMargaretBeaghFarmer
26 Jan 1845John3 Mar 1829ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
26 Jan 1845Thomas11 Feb 1831ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Sarah21 Jun 1833ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Esther4 Jun 1835?ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Jane30 Jun 1838ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845WilliamThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
3 Feb 1845Mary12 May 1840ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
3 Feb 1845CatherineAug 1842ThomasPhillipsAgnesBallinahoneFarmer
16 Feb 1845Nancy31 Jan 1845AlexanderGrahamElizabethBeaghFarmer
27 Mar 1846SarahRobertGrahamJaneCulnadyWeaver
3 Jan 1847George John22 Dec 1846ThomasScottEliza? JaneMagheraShoemaker
2 Apr 1848Mary5 Feb 1847RobertPorterMaryCulnadyLabourer
22 Sep 1848Henry12 Sep 1848JamesPorterRoseMagheraMaster??
7 Oct 1849James Johnston24 Jun 1849ThomasScottEliza Jane?BallynacrossShoemaker
5 Jun 1853Matilda25 Mar 1853JohnShieldsMatildaBallinahoneLabourer
4 Sep 1854Mary Eliza22 May 1854RobertShieldsPatriciaGrillaghFarmer
30 Sep 1854?ArchibaldArchibaldMcKinnyMary AnnBallymacilcurr?? / Ballinahone??LabourerNo. 37
22 Apr 1856Isabella27 Mar 1838?RobertShieldsMaryBeaghFarmer
6 Dec 1857John22 Oct 1857DanielScottElizabethCulnadyLabourer
17 Apr 1867James10 Feb 1867JohnScottMary AnnCulnadyLabourer


Transcribed by Denver Boyd

St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland Baptisms (1786-1838)

St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland Baptisms (1786-1838). Please bear in mind that this information was taken from microfilm which was extremely difficult to read, due in part to the hap hazard way the original rectors recorded the information and partly due to the microfilming itself. The best tanscription possible has been attempted, but errors may (and probably have) occurred.

Date of BaptismName of ChildFather's ForeameFather's SurnameMother's ForenameMother's SurnameResidenceFather's OccupationMinister's CommentTranscriber Comments 
7 Apr 1786JamesWilliamPhillipsEstherBallinahone
25 Sep 1787WilliamWilliamReadMargaretKnocknakielt
30 Sep 1787JosephFrancisLoudenJaneMaghera
2 Oct 1787JaneAudkly?Magill??JaneHoustonTamneymullan
7 Oct 1787EleanorThomasPettigrewMaryMaghera
18 Oct 1787SarahThomasMulhollandOlivia?Maghera
1? Nov 1787ArthurAbrahamDuganAgnesMaghera
4 Nov 1787JaneRobertWalkers?SarahMaghera
4? Nov 1787AndrewJohnClarkSarahGooladuffGulladuff
22 Nov 1787WilliamJamesElliotMaryCrigadickCraigadick
25 Nov 1787MargaretWilliamGlenholmeSarahBeagh
28 Nov 1787Thomas JohnHughCahanEstherMaghera
10 Dec 1787Richardson?W. JohnAverilEstherBarclayFather: Lurganagoose / Mother: Maghera
3? Jan 1788ElizabethMatthewLoganAnneUpperlane
20 Jan 1788????hAlexanderMcKenna?Mary?Maghera
26 Jan 1788WilliamRichardBroal?SarahTamneymullan
6 Feb 1788JohnAndrewMary?Travillenit does look like 'Travillen' but I am unaware of this place
12 Feb 1788PatrickBLANKBLANKCatherineMcShaneMoneysharvin
12? Feb 1788JamesJames?AnneMaghera
24 Feb 1788SamuelWilliamThompsonMaryClarkFather: Castledawson / Mother: Belly..??
1 Mar 1788ElizabethJohnMitchellFrancesMaghera
21 Mar 1788ElizabethBLANKBLANKMaryMcSarlan??manger???
30 Mar 1788IsabellaWilliamChurchMaryMaghera
18 Apr 1788GreggJamesSheil?JaneDrummuck
19 Apr 1788HenryEdwardLoganMaryCrew
2 May 1788ElizabethThomasVance?ElizabethGooladuff
3 May 1788RobertRobertBroxton?AnneYoungHillhead
18 May 1788RowleyThomasScottMargaretBeagh Spiritual
24 May 1788SarahRobertClarkSarahStewartMaghera
1 Jun 1788ThomasWilliamBrookesCatharionMaghera
4 Jul 1788JaneRichardCreightonAnneMaghera
5 Jul 1788ArchibaldHughScottElizabethSwatragh
12 Jul 1788JohnJohnKemphillMaryMoneymoreHemphill is a name around Garvagh, but this is written like 'Kemphill'
18 Jul 1788JamesWilliamBoydMaryTirnoney
23 Jul 1788SamuelJohnBrownAgnesKnocknakielt
27 Jul 1788EleanorGeorgeBuchanonEleanorMaghera
27? Jul 1788ElizabethJamesBrananMargaretMagheraNo date recorded. I assume it's the same date as the one above
10 Aug 1788JaneJohnKemphillMaryMoneymoreLooks even more like 'Kemphill' than the one above (12th July 1788)
24 Aug 1788MaryJohnMcGuichanEleanorMaghera
2 Sep 1788SarahJamesMcKennaMaryGrahamFather: Aghagaskin / Mother: Crew
10 Sep 1788ThomasJohnNorrisMarthaSwatragh
14 Sep 1788MargaretWilliamMcMullinMaryGooladuffGulladuff
5 Oct 1788MaryHenryMackrilMaryBallinahone
12 Oct 1788JohnRobertMcMullinMaryBallynacrush?Ballinacross?
12? Oct 1788DavidJohnAveril?AnneMcCarrol?LurganagoosNo date recorded. I assume it's the same date as the one above
26 Oct 1788Jane ElizabethWilliamRiceJaneCrigadickCraigadick
9 Nov 1788SamuelSamuelLoganCampbellTamneymullan
21 Nov 1788MaryJosephLoganCatherineApportaneAmportaine
23 Nov? 1788RebeccaCharlesMcGuichanElizabethMaghera
7? Dec 1788JamesFrancisStuartMaryGooladuff
19 Dec 1788RobertJohnMcCagheyMarthaBallinacruck?Not sure - perhaps Ballinacross?
31 Dec 1788WilliamJamesMartinAnneBallinacruck?Not sure - perhaps Ballinacross?
15 Jan 1789WilliamJohnWalkinshawElizabethFallahery? ?????
21 Jan 1789RachelRobertCampbellMargaretUpperlane
25 Jan 1789MarthaJamesCrawfordJaneBroagh, Termonene
13 Feb 1789ElizabethJohnDowningCatherineLemnaroy?, Termonene
15 Feb 1789RachelRichard?BrookeSarahTamneymullan
15? Feb 1789ElizabethJohnMillerMargaret?McMullin?Father: Ballin???? / Mother: Ballinahone?
19 Feb 1789SusannaHughKaneEsther?Maghera
21 Feb 1789MargaretAlexanderCowanMaryCrew
1 Mar 1789MosesMoses???MarianMillikenBallin????
21 Ma 1789GeorgeGeorgeLappinJaneBallinacrum???Not a townland in this or any surrounding parish!! Maybe Ballinacross??
22 Mar 1789RobertRobertWorkmanAgnes?Maghera
26 Mar 1789JohnJohnGordonJane???aghGrillagh??? It's unclear
2 Apr 1789??? (son of)James????AgnesDreenanlooks a bit like Munro??
4 Apr 1789EstherDowningDreenan
14 Apr 1789AnneAlex?ElizabethA black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
7 May 1789DavidJamesPaulSarahMullagh, Termonene
20 May 1789JamesBLANKBLANKCatherineBLANK???
24 May 1789MaryWilliam?Torens???ElizabethTobberideToberhead?
24? May 1789MaryAlexanderMontgomuryJaneBallinacarush?Ballinacross?
31 May 1789MaryHugh????Anne?Maghera
4 Jun 1789Mary AnnHenryMcHenry?MargaretMaghera
17 Jun 1789ElizabethJamesNorrisMarySwatragh
21 Jun 1789ElizabethFrancisLoudenJaneMaghera
26 Jun 1789SarahAdamKatherinMary???? ?????It LOOKS like 'Katherin'!! Maybe a misheard 'Caugherin'
3 Aug 1789MarthaRobert???Mary???
11 Aug 1789JohnGeorge???MargaretUpperlane
14 Aug 1789RoseJamesHipson?AnneMaghera
23 Aug 1789MargaretJamesShepherdMaryDrumuckA black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
8 Sep 1789JamesAndrewDunbarJaneTamneymullan??
10 Sep 1789SarahJohnBracken??CatherineMagheraHard to discern.. It looks like 'Bracken'.. Not sure
1? Oct 1789JaneThomasMcWhirterMaryGorteade
13 Oct 1789CatharinePhilipKening?MagaretMaghera
21 Oct 1789JohnGeorgeDowningElizabethDreenan
26 Oct 1789MaryJamesDonell??MaryBallinahoneSurname is hard to make out..A black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
15 Nov 1789Robert?WilliamWalshJaneMaghera
15? Nov 1789JamesThomasRichardson?MargaretMaghera
2? Dec 1789DanielDaniel?????aghSarahConnorBoth of Maghera
15 Dec 1789IsabellDavidPoole??MargaretTamneymullin?
22 Dec 1789JaneDanielMackrelElizabethBallinahone
27 Dec 1789RobertHughKainMaryMaghera
3 Jan 1790AnneThomasMulholland?Olivia?MagheraInk blot on start of surname.. 'Mulholland' fits (from previous entry.. Right parents firstnames)
7 Feb 1790SarahRobert??Jane????Can't make it out
27 Feb 1790MarthaJohnSmithMaryBallinihone
18 Mar 1790EstherJamesMarlinMaryBallincrush
25 Mar 1790MaryJamesSteelJaneDrummuck
6 Apr 1790AgnesWilliamBrookesCatherineMoneymore
11 Apr 1790Mary AnnAndrewSearightMaryMaghera
10 May 1790SarahEdwardLoganMaryCrew
22 May 1790SusannaJamesLeichElizabethSwatragh
6 Jun 1790MaryPatrickMaguire?MaryGorteadeor could be Maguin
7 Jun 1790ThomasJohnClarkSarahGooladuffGulladuff
20 Jun 1790HughFrederickMulhollandElizabethMaghera
25 Jun 1790FrancisFrancisStewartMaryGooladuff
27 Jun 1790WilliamWilliamNorrisElizabethSwatragh
30 Jun 1790ElizabethJamesNorrisMarthaSwatragh
17 Jul 1790RobertJohnStinsonJamesBallinahoneNo, NOT an error! Entry says "July 17 Robert...Son of John & James Stinson of Ballinahone'.. Someone as got confused SOMEWHERE along the way!!!
13 Aug 1790StuartWilliamReadMaryKnocknikiltKnocknakielt
15 Aug 1790AlexanderHughScottElizabethSwatragh
22 Aug 1790MaryArchibaldMcIlpatrickMargaretMcIlpatrickCraigm...Craigmore
10 Sep 1790SamuelAlexanderLawrenceElizabethTullykeerinAlmost looks like 'Samial'
13 Sep 1790MaryJamesShielMaryCrigadickCraigadick
22 Sep 1790Henry?JamesBrannonMargaretMaghera
28 Sep 1790JamesJamesHipson?Anne?Maghera
6? Oct 1790JaneThomasCampbellElizabethMaghera
21 Oct 1790JohnJohnMcGuiganMarthaBallinahone
5 Nov 1790ThomasJamesHughesSarahBallymackilcurr
12? Nov 1790JamesPaulWhiteMary?CrigadickCraigadick
?? Nov 1790WilliamAbrahamDougalAnnMaghera
30? Nov 1790CharlesEdwardChurchJaneGuthryCrew
26 Dec 1790JohnWilliamWalkinshawAnneMagawBoth of Ballinock
31 Dec 1790ThomasNathanielMackrelElizabethBallinahone
25 Jan 1791HannahHenryMackerillMaryBallinahone
6 Feb 1790JamesThomasNeillyMargaretCarricknakielt
10 Feb 1791JohnJohnGrahamMaryMcElhoneFather: Slaghtybogie / Mother: Curragh
13 Feb 1791IsaacWilliamMcReadyMarthaBoone als SmithFather: America / Mother: Ballinahone
14 Feb 1791JohnJohnHaysJaneDoheryFather: Knocknakielt / Mother: Mullagh
14 Feb 1791JaneJohnHaysJaneDoheryFather: Knocknakielt / Mother: Mullagh
15 Feb 1791ElizabethJosephShannonLillyMaghera
15? Feb 1791Anne JaneWilliamDavisonMarthaMaghera
27 Feb 1791AdamDavidRiddleMargaretKnocknakielt
24 Mar 1791DavidWilliamBoydMaryTirnoney
7 Apr 1791JaneThomasAtkinsSarahMaghera
10 Apr 1791MarthaSamCassidyMargaretMcRlaneFather: Maghera? / Mother: BallinahoneWritten as Caϸidy
13 Apr 1791JaneGeorgeDowningElizabethDreenan
16 Apr 1791JohnRobertClarkSarahMaghera
19 Apr 1791??? (son of)DavidBradleyMarySlattybogy
19? Apr 1791WilliamRobertCarsonMaryBallina???k
23 Apr 1791MathewBLANKBLANKMaryMooreCraigmore
10 May 1791DanielHenryMcReadySarahTircane
22 May 1791EstherWilliamPhillipsEstherBallinahone
27 May 1791MaryJohnHolmesMargaretMooreFather: Garvagh / Mother: Craigmore
1 Jun 1791FrancisHughKainMaryMaghera
5 Jun 1791SarahWilliamBrannonMaryMaghera
5? Jun 1791MarthaThomasSmirlAnneGrillagh
9 Jun 1791SamuelSamuelStuartSarahConnorFather: Termoneny / Mother: Slatybogy
12? Jun 1791NealJohnMcKeownMargeryUpperlane
12? Jun 1791MaryWilliamHazlett?CharlotteDrumballyhagan
12? Jun 1791CatharineFrancisLoudonJaneMaghera
13 Jun 1791MargaretWilliamWilliamsonIsabell????
9 Aug 1791WilliamRobertClarkMary????
11 Aug 1791ElizabethThomasJohnstonElizabethCrew
14 Sep 1791ElizabethJohnBookisle??Sarah????
22 Sep 1791JohnAlexanderCowan?MaryBallymackilcurr
15 Oct 1791WilliamJohnMillerEphy??Knocknakielt
6 Nov 1791RalphGeorgeLapsley?JaneBallynacross
12 Nov 1791GeorgeGeorgeDobbinJaneMcGuiganFather: Randalstown Mother: Maghera
24 Nov 1791CatherineRobertKainEleanorGallagherMullagh
27 Nov 1791MaryAndrewGalbraithMaryMaghera (at ???)
9 Dec 1791SarahCharlesMaddenMargaret?Maghera
11 Dec 1791AlexanderHughMcKeowenMaryCurragh
16? Dec 1791Alexander ??Mark??????RebeccaMullagh
16? Dec 1791JohnJohnMcCordAnneMaghera
22 Dec 1791ElizabethJohnDunbarCatherineTamneymullan
4 Jan 1792MarthaWilliamGiven?Jane?Ballinacross?
22 Jan 1792MargaretJamesWhiteMaryDrips???
23 Jan 1792JamesJohnBarry?AnneMaghera?
11 Feb 1792AnneWilliamReedJane????
26 Feb 1792ElizabethRobertDorking?AnneMaghera
4? Mar 1792AnneJamesMeek?JaneDrummuck?
4? Mar 1792JosephThomasVance?Elizabeth???
14 Mar 1792MaryJamesMartinJane?????
2 Apr 1792ThomasJohnNeilsonCatherine????
14 Apr 1792MargaretPhilip?????Tamara????????
15 May 1792AnneThomas??????????
27 May 1792JamesHughBarclayAnneMaghera
30 May 1792MarySamuelStewart????????
10 Jun 1792WilliamAndrewDunbarJaneTamneymullan??
1 Jul 1792MaryThomasCarsonMary???????
1? July 1792AnneWilliamKidd??MargaretL??????
15 Jul 1792GeorgeThomasScottMargaretsl?????
15? Jul 1792MaryBLANKBLANKAnn?Right?Maghera
22? Jul 1792WilliamWilliamGlenholmeSarahCarricknakielt
24 Jul 1792ArchibaldJamesMorran????CatherineCrueCrew
25 Jul 1792SusanJamesHughesSarahCrue ???? ???? ???Crew
30 Jul 1792JaneJohnJohnstonAgnesMaghera?
1 Aug 1792EleanorJohnGarran?????AnneGrillagh
5 Aug 1792EleanorWilliamSinclairAnneRocksFather: Molyshanare / Mother: Maghera
9 Aug 1792James GlenholmeJohnMcTullyRachelMaghera
11 Aug 1792RobertRobertMagawAgnesWilsonFather: Maghera / Mother: Crue (Crew)
26 Aug 1792WilliamJohnMcTool? (McTod?)MaryDunglady
30 Aug 1792ClothworthyJamesMillikenJaneCourtneyFather: Knock-cloghran / Mother: BallintoyKnockloughrim & Ballintoy (must be County Antrim)
5 Sep 1792GeorgeThomasNeelyMargaretCarricknakielt
6 Sep 1792JohnBenjaminCrocketSarahCrueCrew
21 Sep 1792JaneWilliamMcReadyMaryMaghera
22 Sep 1792JamesPeterBen (or Beri)MaryLurganagoose
28 Sep 1792MaryEdwardLoganMaryCrue
1 Oct 1792JaneHughMontgomeryLillyCarricknakielt
1? Oct 1792WilliamMatthew S?HarnMaryAllen" Co. Cash lampl "It LOOKS like that.. Perhaps " cocash, lampl " it doesn't make sense to me (at this moment in time!)
2? Oct 1792JohnThomasMawhurterMaryBallynacrush?Ballinacross?
14 Oct 1792HannahJamesKennedyRoll?CrueHer name LOOKS like 'Roll' perhaps ' Ron' .. Neither of which seem like a ladies' name.. Hmmm...
21 Oct 1792ThomasWilliamPhillipsEstherBallinahone
1 Nov 1792LetitiaJamesAndersonBLANKGuager? Of Maghera
4 Nov 1792HenryHenryMcHenryMargaretMaghera
11 Nov 1792JaneRobertHemphillMargaretMullagh
14 Nov 1792ThomasFrancisHansert?MaryGooladuffA black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
18 Nov 1792JaneWilliamBrookeCatharineMonymore
2 Dec 1792WilliamGeorgeDowningElizabethDreenan?
18 Dec 1792KiverKiverArmstrongMaryCounty of TyroneBoth the son and father SEEM to be KIVER, a name unknown to me.. But that's what it LOOKS like!
6 Jan 1793MaryDavidBurnsSarahBallinacrush
6? Jan 1793MaryAbrahamDougalAnneMaghera
12 Jan 1793ElizabethJamesThomsonMaryBallynacrush
12? Jan 1793ArchibaldArchibaldLoganAnne?Upperlane
14 Jan 1793JonathanJamesBrannonMargaretMullagh
14 Jan 1793AndrewJamesBrannonMargaretMullagh
20 Jan 1793NeillA foundling
27 Jan 1793HughAndrewHenryMaryKnocknakielt
27? Jan 1793MaryDavidEarlMargaretTamneymullin
7 Feb 1793EdwardJamesBaxterMaryDerganagh
10 Feb 1793GraceJohnScalesMaryTamneymullin
22 Feb 1793HannahWilliamBoydMaryTirnoney
9 Mar 1793WilliamJamesNorrisMarySwatragh
21 Mar 1793JamesJohnDoghertySarahFalgarevy
21? Mar 1793AnneJohnArrellMargaretMillikenFather: Cabragh / Mother: Derganagh?
25 Mar 1793WilliamMatthewElliotAnneBallinacrush
7 Apr 1793Margaret RobertJas.McCoskeyMargaretBLANKMargaret was first written, then struck through and 'Robert son of' inserted
7? Apr 1793RobertFrancisLoudenJaneMaghera
14 Apr 1793AnneRobertMcCauslandMaryCraigmore
19 Apr 1793AlicePatrickMcGuinJaneGorteade
25 Apr 1793SarahHenryRaineyMargaretDrummuck
25? Apr 1793JohnMatthewLoganJaneUpperllane
12 May 1793JohnHenryMcReadyJaneKillelagh
14? May 1793JamesFrancisMarshJaneMaghera
19 May 1793MaryRobertCarsonMaryBallinacrush
29 May 1793MargaretPaulWhiteMaryApportlane
29? May 1793FrancisFrancisLoaneMargaretCarlanFather: Tullykeeran / Mother: of the same place
2 Jun 1793ElizabethAdamMcMilins?MaryDerganaghor Mothilins... But McMilins seems more plausable
5 Jun 1793ElizabethHenryJenkinsonAliceMcTaneBallymackillcurrLooks like ' MTane '
11 Jun 1793Eleanor JaneWilliamGibsonJaneApportlane
16 Jun 1793NathanielNathanielMackrelElizabethBallinahone
20 Jun 1793JohnJohnMon?MaryCullnadyThe name LOOKS like 'Mon' .. Maybe 'More'.. Hard to decide
22 Jun 1793StewartJamesWisnerRachelBallinahone
22 Jun 1793WilliamJamesWisnerRachelBallinahone
22? Jun 1793ArchibaldArchibaldHawMarthaBallynacrush
24 Jun 1793JohnThomasLeckerBridgetCarrownenagh
1 Jul 1793JohnSamuelRaineyJaneRocktown, Ballinacraig
3 Jul 1793BernardCharlesDuffinMargeryBallydollaghan, near Garvagh
6 Jul 1793SarahArthurO' DonaghyHonora??nger??Daught of Arthur & Honora o Donaghy'.. I am ASSUMING it is O' Donaghy.. Could just be Donaghy
17 Jul 1793JohnJamesPaulMaryMoneymore
19 Jul 1793JohnWilliamMcMullanJaneCrue
19 Aug 1793CharlesJohnDawsonA. H.Maghera
19? Aug 1793EstherCharlesLaddon?MargaretMaghera
31 Aug 1793AgnesRobertElliotHannahFarrilFather:Slatybogy / Mother: Carricknakielt
31? Aug 1793MaryWilliamCourtneyMaryBallinahone
2? Sep 1793WilliamBernardMcConailtyCatharineMullagh
The foregoing persons were baptised by the Rev'd ????? Downing curate of Maghera
The following persons were baptised by the Rev'd ........
20 Oct 1793TracyJohnClarkSarahGulladuff
20 Nov 1793MargaretRobertCampbellMargaretTirkane?
29 Nov 1793AliciaJamesSteel?JaneDrummuck
25 Dec 1793AbrahamAbrahamBarberElizabethBLANK
12 Jan 1794DanielDanielLowryEleanorSoldier in 38th Reg.
25 Jan 1794ElizabethArchibald???MaryBallinacrush
13 Feb 1794GeorgeRobert????ane (Jane? / Anne?)A black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
23 Feb 1794WilliamJohnAverillAnne?????Father: Lurganagoose / Mother: ????
15 Mar 1794AgnesThomasScottMargaretBeagh Spr
19 Mar 1794WilliamWilliam?????MargaretBeagh SprA black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
6 Apr 1794HenryHenryMackrelMaryBallinahone
29 Apr 1794CatharineThomasStewartAnne?????
3 May 1794ElizabethAlexDempseyHannahLike??Of Tirnageerah?? and of CurraghThe first townland is hard to make out.. Could be 'Tirmmcoosrah'.. But that makes no sense.. So I am making an educated guess at Tirnageeragh
8 May 1794ThomasAlister?RaffertyBLANKApportlane(his wife died in Child)
11 May 1794MaryMichaelMc????AnneMagheraDoctor?Daughtr of Dr. Michael....McColais???
13 May 1794AnneWilliamClarkWilliam Cark sen?Writing too faint to read from microfilm photocopy.. Need to check original to see if any clearer
15 May 1794DanielWilliamMcReadyMarthaKillilagh
15? May 1794RobertHughKain?Mary?Tamneymullan
30 May 1794ElizabethMatthew??MarthaMaghera
9 Jun 1794RobertPerterBeor??MaryCurrin
13 Jun 1794MaryAdamMcDade?AnneMaghera
13? Jun 1794JamesJohnWilson???Catharine?Crue
19 Jun 1794HenryHenryEdwardsBridgetLate of Maghera
29 Jun 1794JamesJamesNeillJaneLate of Strabane
1 Jul 1794IsabellaA foundling from Coleraine on the way to DublinThere is a word after Isabella.. 'Moore' perhaps??
14 Jul 1794JaneHughMcConomyElizabethMaghera
19 Jul 1794GeorgeThomasRodgersMaryLurganagoose
24 Jul 1794MargaretDanielMcConaghtyCatherineGillespyFather: Milltown / Mother: Maghera
17 Aug 1794ThomasRobertMcMathElizabethMoneyservin
20 Aug 1794MaryDavidMcMullinMaryGibsonBoth of Crue
23 Aug 1794CharlesJohnClarkeMaryDreenan
25 Aug 1794JohnDennisMcCormacAnneMaghera
6 Sep 1794StaffordGeorgeDowningElizabethDreenan
7 Sep 1794JaneFrancisLoudonJaneMaghera
7? Sep 1794MarthaWilliamWatsonAgnesCrue
8 Sep 1794ThomasJohnOttersonMargaretBallynacrush
8? Sep 1794William EdwardWilliamRiceJaneMaghera
8? Sep 1794HannahJamesMagawMargaretMaghera
30 Sep 1794JohnJohnDowningCathGrahamFather: Derganagh / Mother: Ballinacrush
30 Sep 1794JaneJohnDowningCathGrahamFather: Derganagh / Mother: Ballinacrush
12 Oct 1794ElizabethJohnMcKowenAnneKnocknakielt
11? Nov 1794ElizabelleFrancisMadden??JaneMagherait LOOKS like 'Elizabelle' or maybe 'Elizabette' it is DEFINETLY DIFFERENT from the Elizabeth above this one
14 Dec 1794JohnNealMcFaddenUnityMagheraJohn McFadden, son of Neal & Unity McFaddenThis is the first time I've noted that the surname of the child is recorded as well as the parent's surname.. Even though BOTH are the SAME
14? Dec 1794EstherHegirtyDoghertyAnneDungiven
14? Dec 1794JaneThos.MulhollandBLANKMaghera
20 Dec 1794OliviaAndrewMulhollandIsabellaMayogol
20? Dec 1794GeorgeJamesHeneryCatherineCrew
24 Dec 1794MarthaAlfred???eich?MargaretTirnow__Tirnoney?
24 Dec 1794MaryAlfred???eich?MargaretTirnow__Tirnoney?
28 Dec 1794MaryannThos.VanceElizabethGooladuff
20 Jan 1795MaryJohnMcNullaRachelMaghera
28 Jan 1795HenryJamesKenedyRoseCrew
19 Mar 1795JamesWilliamCunninghamMary??bane
16 May 1795Jane?BLANKBLANKAnneTr[ ]noly???FallagloonThe g of the entry above 'Cunningham' falls over her surname making it difficult to interpret
17 May 1795JohnDavidArmstrongAnneMillikenBallinacross
June 1795AnneJasMooreMaryMacray???The Three Moore baptisms are recorded together.. Almost as though someone had copied them from somewhere else...
4 Jun 1797?Arch.JasMooreMaryMacray???The Three Moore baptisms are recorded together.. Almost as though someone had copied them from somewhere else...
2 Jul 1798RobrThos.M'hindryMagttMaghera
3 Jul 1798PaulPaulWhiteMaryApportland
20 Jul 1798Eliz.LawsonEwingJaneCarrick, TermoninyCarricknakielt
24 July 1798JohnWm.AndersonElinorBallinacross
5 Aug 1798JamesThos.MckowenRachl.BLANK
15 Aug 1798AnneRobtDickeyJaneAberdeenshire Regt.
15 Aug 1798Wm. M'CrackenWm.M'CrackenMarySlatabogy
21 Aug 1798Margt.Joh:GordonJaneAberdeenshire
5 Sep 1798Thos. ?ThomasHamiltonM.Swatragh
9 Sep 1798JohnThos.Gordon??SarahAberdeenshire
18 Sep 1798JohnJoh:Mills??MaryAberdeenshire
25 Sep 1798Margt.Jas.Berry?AnneBay
30 Sep 1798Eliz.???Too faint to read
7 Oct 1798Esther?Thos?Too faint to read
7? Oct 1798Too faint to read
9 Oct 1798Roseanna?JamesHenry?AgnesBallina????
9? Oct 1798JohnWmKane???MarthaCarrickakielt
25 Oct 1798ElizabethWmM'WiganHannahMaghera
15 Nov 1798Eliz.?Jas. ?Hipson???
26 Nov 1798Thos.Jos ??PatersonMargt.Beagh
22 Dec 1798NancySaml.McKergan??MaryTamneymullan
23 Dec 1798MattyWm.Lappins?BettyApportlane
8 Jan 1799DavidGeo.ScottMaryBallys (=gairet (amkBallys' is written after the details, then on a second line ' (=gairet ' and on the third line ' (amk '. At least that is what it looks like!! Not sure!!!
8 Jan 1799ElizGeo.ScottMaryBallys (=gairet (amk
20 Jan 1799SarahBenjn. ??PatersonSarah
20? Jan 1799EstherJos.FlemingSarah?Macknagh
22 Jan 1799Andw.Jn.M'Curdy??BLANKBallyin????
3 Feb 1799AnneDavidBradleyMaryCurragh
13 Feb 1799Eliz.BLANKBLANKMarthaDrips?CulnadyEliz. Bastard daughter to Martha Drips? Culnady Would not declare the father's nameMaybe Drips.. Could be Doyle perhaps??
10 Feb 1799MaryHughDougalJaneTamneymullan
19 Feb 1799Mary AnneJohnMitchelFannydo (Tamneymullan)Place of residence is recorded as 'Do'.. With Tamneymullan being the place mentioned above this entry
19 Feb 1799JaneWm.Akinson?MarthaSlatabogythe initial letter appears (from comparison to other capital 'A''s to be A..
20 Feb 1799JohnRobt.?Carton?MaryBallynacrossor could be Carron
24 Feb 1799MaryWm.M'KowenElinorCurragh
24? Feb 1799John LindsayJas.LindsaySallyGulladuff
3 Mar 1799Abrahm.UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAbrahm. Father and Mother unknown
7 Mar 1799MargtWm.ShielsMargt.Falgortrevy
22 Mar 1799Robt.BLANKBLANKEliz.Mham?Robt. Son to Eliz. Mham? A foundlingElizabeth's surname LOOKS like 'M ham' or 'M harn'
26 Mar 1799MaryRobt.?ShawMaryCulnady
8 Apr 1799Saml.Jn.AvarallAnneKellyLurganagoose
30 Apr 1799MaryJam.AllenMaryMoniesharvinJam: could also be Sam: depending on whether it's a styalised S or J!!
5 May 1799Jn. ClaudiusSaml.MitchelCatherineGardinerJn. Claudius son to Saml. Mitchel Gardiner to Rev. Clotworthy Snodden Catharine the mother same?the last word could be 'same'.. Although it actually doesnt look like an 'S'.. More like an 'A'. But if it ISN'T 'same' not sure what else it could be..
5? May 1799AnnePeterM'CahanBLANKBroagh
7 May 1799Thos. ?Jos:NeilyAnneSwatragh
15 May 1799SarahSam:McConnellEliz.Culnady
25 May 1799JohnJohnSloss?Margt.Sloss?A Bastardok. Lots going on here! The entry is recorded in a fine ink . '25 John son to John & Margt Sloss [unreadable]. Then what appears an after thought the Sloss (or perhaps Scott) after Margaret's name appear crossed out and it's inserted after John's name. The words 'A Bastard' are written below in the same fine ink (whereas the entry below that is in heavy smudged ink, leading me to believe that the words 'A Bastard' are associated with the John & Margaret entry.
3 Jun 1799Sam:Sam:BrannonElinorMoneymore
5 Jun 1799Wm.JasMooreMaryMacray???The Three Moore baptisms are recorded together.. Almost as though someone had copied them from somewhere else...
6 Jun 1799EzekillEzekielWilsonMarthaBLANK
7 Jul 1799JohnSamArmstrongElinCrew
14 Jul 1799HughJohnRow?Cathr.Derganagh
30 Jul 1799GeorgeWilliamMillsSallyMoneymore
31 Jul 1799AnneWm.NeilsonMargt.Crewthe surname looks like 'Seilson'
1 Aug 1799Wm.JohnShawMaryTyrnageeragh
27 Aug 1799Robt.Wm.GibsonBLANKMunisharvan
5 Sep 1799Sam:Mr.PatersonMrs.Grillagh
8 Sep 1799Margt.Wm.Robison?MaryDunleady
18 Sep 1799Chas.Wm.RaineyEstherMardien???A black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
22 Sep 1799Thos.J???M'AllisterMaryCarrick____
26 Sep 1799JohnJohnHillJaneMonimore?The townland isn't clear.. It looks like 'Monulmore' with the 'l' in the middle resembling a long s or an f without the cross bar.. Neither of which maks any sense..
1 Oct 1799IsabellaWmPurdy?SarahDarginah
7 Oct 1799Robr.Robr.PatersonSarahGrillagh
20 Oct 1799AgnesSam:KenedyRoseCrew
21 Oct 1799Josph.JosephShannonLillyMaghera
27 Oct 1799JohnJas.MurphyMaryMaghera
3 Nov 1799AgnesFrans.MarsJaneGon???in Frans name, it is recorded like this 'Fran.l' with what looks like a small raised l at the end.. This MUST be a styalised S.. What name other than Francis could it be??
4 Nov 1799MaryTerenceM'CristalEliz.Maghera
5 Nov 1799Eliz.Saml.Deen?Margt.ColeraineThere is a small stroke in front of the 5, making it look like 15 but upon thought, it must be 5th
7 Nov 1799WilliamDr. Saml.McDowellSarahMagheraThere is a small curved stroke in front of the 7, making it look like 27 but upon thought, it must be 7th as the next numbered entry is the 22nd!
7? Nov 1799Thos.Thos.ArmstrongLetitiado (Maghera)
22 Nov 1799JaneSaml.BrannonRacheldo (Maghera)
26? Nov 1799Eliz.Robt. ?Bear?Eliz.Culnady
26? Nov 1799RebeccaJos.McDowellKittyMaghera
1 Dec 1799Eliz.Tho?McConomyEstherMaghera
4 Dec 1799Robt.Danl.Andw.RachelKillyl???
6 Dec 1799Eliz.Wm.M'Voy??MarthaMagheraActually looks like 'M Yoy'
8 Dec 1799AnneJosh:PaulMaryCulnady
8 Dec 1799Frans.Tho.?M'GomeryNancyMackna
14 Dec 1799Eliz.Andw.MulhollandIsabellado (Mackna)
15 Dec 1799JamesWm.Lappins?AnneApportlane
18 Dec 1799SamuelRobtLittle?Maryillegible (smudged)
19 Dec 1799IsaacMr IsaacWilliamsMargt.Maghera
22 Dec 1799EstherChas?CanningAnneApportlane
24 Dec 1799Sam:Alexr.Morgan M'Millin?Cathr.DrumuckThe name 'Morgan' is crossed out and what looks like M'Milliy' written instead.. Could it be M'Millin???
4 Jan 1800JaneWmBoyleJaneCulnady
14 Jan 1800Sam:Jn.HickisonMaryMaghera
15 Jan 1800JohnJn.StevensonJaneCurragh
15? Jan 1800FlorindaMr.LoudonMrs.Maghera
24 Jan 1800JaneAndyDunbarGilisTamneymullan
27 Jan 1800JaneSaml:ShawPeggyMadiganBarlandIt LOOKS like 'Barland'..the 'g' or Madigan overlaps the 'r' of 'Barland'. Maybe it's 'r' or 's'.
31 Jan 1800MaryRich'd.LewisAgnesCulnadythe writer tends to write his 'R's' like 'M's'
2 Feb 1800AnneGeo.HunterEliz.Maghera
5 Feb 1800MaryThos.WhiteAbbeyTyrnageeragh
9 Feb 1800Thos.Thos.MulhollandAgnes?Maghera
16 Feb 1800MarthaHeny.McGradySarahBallylagal???
18 Feb 1800LetitiaJas.NeilsonCath.CulnadyThis entry is on 2 lines (due to the way the previous entry was recorded). It's hard to work out if the townland beside Jas. Name relates to HIM or the entry above. I am ASSUMING it's the entry above.. But there appears to be a word written above the townland name.. it LOOKS like Scott (well a styalised version). Hmmm.. not sure
19 Feb 1800WmWm.HutchinsonJaneKnockcloug[ran?]The last 2 letters of the twnland are smudged together
21 Feb 1800WmWm.M'KowenElinorCurragh
5 Mar 1800MargtAndyShawJaneMaghera
6 Mar 1800Geo.Wm.NeillyEstherTyrgarvil
17 Mar 1800ElizSaml.MaddenMargt.Maghera
25 Mar 1800Wm.Will:WilliamsonBellTraveller
30 Mar 1800Sam:Thos.MilikenMargt.Ballynacross??
2 May 1800AgnesJn.ScalesMaryTamneymullanTwins
2 May 1800RebeccaJn.ScalesMaryTamneymullanTwins
6 May 1800Margt.JohnAkinsonHannahKnockcloughrim
6? May 1800ElizSam.MooreAgnesTamneymullan
15 May 1800Cathr.Jn.DowningCath:Dreenan
16 May 1800JaneNathl.MackarallEliz.?Ballinahone
16? May 1800AnneMattElliotAnneBallyna[ ]Townland in crease of page
25 May 1800HughSaml.ArmorRoseCurragh
30 May 1800Robt.Alexr.MooreSarahCalbemIt LOOKS like Calbem.. But, if correct, there is no local townland of that name..
2 Jun 1800HughHughM'CauslandMaryAntrim
12 Jun 1800MargtJohnAllenCathr.Ternony
13 Jun 1800AnneEdwd.LoganMargt.Crew
15 Jun 1800JohThosVanceBettyGooladuff
15? Jun 1800JaneJohnCas?????Margt.MagheraThe surname was written in heavy ink and is smudged (plus has ink bleed through from the previous page)
15? Jun 1800Margt.David?Trow?AnneMagherait LOOKS like 'Trow'
22 Jun 1800Cathr.Saml.CampbellCathr.Tamnymullan
16 Jul 1800Arthr.Abrahm.DougleAnneMaghera
28 Jul 1800JamesSam: WillMcCreadyMarthaKillylaghTwins
28 Jul 1800Thos.??Sam: WillMcCreadyMarthaKillylaghTwins
1 Aug 1800Sam:Wm.McKeeRoseTernony
7 Aug 1800MarySam:DowningSarahDreenan
20 Aug 1800Wm.JohnPatersonSallySlatabogy
27 Aug 1800AnneSam:DicksonMaryEden???it looks like 'Gdcky'!!
31 Aug 1800WmJohnMooreSarahCraigmore
3 Sep 1800JaneEzek:WilsonMarthaMoneymore
5 Sep 1800Alexr.Danl.SutherlandFannyTamneymullan
6 Sep 1800AnnieJo:McCrackenMyBay
6 Sep 1800Eliz.Jo:McCrackenMyBay
6? Sep 1800SarahJn.AllenEliz.Bay
16 Sep 1800ElizTho.BoyleMattyTyrnageeragh
13 Oct 1800MaryWmClarkeMargt.Craigmore
17 Oct 1800Andw.Andw.MulhollandIsabellaCraigmore
9 Nov 1800Robt.Andw.FlemingEstherMacknaghAlmost looks like 'Mosn' or 'Mobn'.. The writer makes his 'R' look like an 'M'
18 Nov 1800PatrickThos.HamiltonRoseSwatragh
24 Nov 1800JohnWm.GarlandMargt.Lisnagroat
26 Nov 1800Cathr.Mr.PatersonMrs.Grillagh
12 Dec 1800MaryHu:Guthry?Margt.Crew
24 Dec 1800JaneAndw.NeelyJaneTyrgarvil
25 Dec 1800JaneJn.MulhollandMaryMaghera?
31 Dec 1800MaryJos:ElliotSarahMacknagh
13 Jan 1801MaryUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownMary daughter to persons unknown
9 Feb 1801MarthaUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownMartha a foundling
11? Feb 1801Matt?HughMulhollandAnneThe family name is off the bottom of the page (and it LOOKS like 'M'E_______'), but Mulholland is written above this. Mulholland OBVIOUSLY can't relate to the foundling, Martha.. So it's hard to decide WHAT is going on here
1 Mar 1801LetitiaJohnBarryAnneBay
3 Apr 1801JohnWmBrookes?athr???Moneymore
5 Apr 1801MaryWmM'CoyMarthaMaghera
3 May 1801WmPat:Maskernan?MargtDrumard
3? May 1801Thos.JamesLindsaySarahGooladuff
10 May 1801AgnesHeny.McHenryMargt.Maghera
17 May 1801Robt.Saml.McWiganMaryTamneymullan
9 Jun 1801ShawDavidShawAnneMaghera
23 Jun 1801MarthaHenryFlemingAnneCrew
25 Jun 1801Wm.M'CleanA soldier stationed? At Maghera?
28 Jun 1801JaneSam:McIlreeMargaretDrumuck
1 Jul 1801PhelisPhelisConvreyMargt.Ballynock?Phelis son to Phelis & Margt Conrey..
1? Jul 1801HannahWm.McWiganHannahMaghera
Jul 1801Geo:Chas.YoungEliz.Drumuck
7 Aug 1801JohnRich.LewisRoseTamnmartin?
8 Aug 1801JohnChas.M'CahyJane
24 Aug 1801AnneFras.LoudonMrs.Maghera
27 Aug 1801JohnJamesHenry?SarahMaghera
26 Sep 1801MaryJohnGalagherJaneBallynchr????
2[ ]Oct 1801Geo:Wm.AndersonElinor[ ]illy[ ]The entry is in heavy ink and sumdged in many places, including the townland
15 Nov 1801CharlotteJohnAverileAnneLurganagoose
17 Dec 1801MariaUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownMaria a foundling parents unknown
15 Jan 1802SarahJamesAndersonMaryBallinahone
22 Jan 1802AnneRobt.PatersonJaneCraigmore
22? Jan 1802ThomasThos.MulhollandOliviaMaghera
7 Feb 1802Eliz.JohnCaulfieldMary RachelCraigmore
24 Feb 1802BarbaraJohnShawMaryTyrnageeragh
Mar 1802Robt??CharlesHasan??MaryConolly?A bastard
Mar 1802AnneJohnMahonCatherineMoyag[ ]Doesn't look like Mayogall.. More like Moyagoney (near Kilrea)
Apr 1802James??JamesMcDowellMaryTobbermoreApr John??? Son to James & Mary McDowell Tobberm_____Very dark and hard to read. Perhaps name is James and not John?? Could even be Samuel
6 Apr 1802JohnBarnardMcShaneJane???WintonA bastard
15 Apr 1802CharlotteGeo.ScottMary AnnBallynacross
16 Apr 1802MaryWm.MillerEliz.Maghera
14 May 1802DavidSaml.McCleland?BellStuartMagheraA bastard
6 Jun 1802OliverJohnCampbellAnneTraveller
6 Jun 1802JamesRobt.Carson?MaryBallynacross
6 Jun 1802JamesSaml.ElliotRoseSlatabogy
10 Jun 1802Tamneymullan10 Wm. & Kitty Dunbar Wm Shilds name Tamneymullan'This entry is hard to understand, not because of the handwriting which is clear, but because of what it appears to say. It is worded in the opposite way to every other baptism entry. Are Wm & Kitty Dunbar the parents.. Or 2 children of Wm Shilds??
26 Jun 1802SarahAlexr.GrayEliz.YoungBallynardin?A bastard
13 Jul 1802MaryJohn?Carrick?Maryis Carrick the residence.. Or the surname??
22 Jul 1802Eliz.Jn.HepburnMargt.Drumballyhagan
5 Aug 1802JamesThos.JacksonMaryPlattMagheraA bastard
17 Aug 1802Jam:Patt:PorterMargttThere is a bit of confusion here. Between the entry of 17th &22nd, in a heavy ink is written 'Porter' and below that what looks like 'Marksmgh'. It doesn't look like Macknagh.. More like Marksman. Beside that in a lighter ink is 'Crew' (which resembles the entry of the 22nd..but that entry says Slatabogy and this has NOT been crossed out.. so WHICH entry do these two inserts belong to??
22 Aug 1802MaryJohnPatersonSarahSlatabogy
27 Aug 1802AnneDavidEarle?Margt.Tamneymullan
3 Sep 1802JohnJos.NeillyAnneSwatragh
5 Sep 1802Jn.JohnShilesMaryShiles?Tann[smudge]
14 Sep 1802Margt.JamesM??elop??MaryDrummuck
19 Sep 1802Rose AnnaThos.LorimerEliz.Maghera
20 Sep 1802JohnRobn.LoveMaryMaghera
24 Sep 1802JaneJamesM'ArrallEstherBallynahone
26 Sep 1802Anne AgnesWm.CrocketMore??Gooladuff
3? Nov 1802MaryJohnNielsonCatherineCulnady
3? Nov 1802ElizJno:?DevelinAbbeyDrumuck
7 Nov 1802JohnAndr.DunbarGilisTamneymullan
8 Nov 1802MarthaWm.Mardy??MarthaKillylagh
17 Nov 1802Jn.?Chas.Downing?AnneKenningUpperland
20 Nov 1802Mossn.?Jas:Flieming?SarahMaghera
18 Dec 1802JohnPaulWhiteMaryUpperland
21? Dec 1802MarthaRichd.Lewis??Rose?Tamneymartin
30 Dec 1802SarahHenryMcCreadySarahKillylagh
5 Jan 1803JohnJamesNeilMaryCoyleCrewA bastard
24 Jan 1803Thos.Thos.LeckyBridgetCrew
24 Feb 1803JohnWm.AkinsonMargt.Norahill???
8 Mar 1803AgnesJamesAndersonMaryMunishi???
9 Mar 1803HannahHarryMcNeileFannyLara
11 Mar 1803HenryHenryReynoldsMargt.Tamnymullan
24 Mar 1803HenryWilliamTollanMargt.Bay
27 Mar 1803IsaacJohnCrocketAnnCoolagh??
30 Mar 1803Robt.Wm.ClarkeMargt.Maghera
3 Apr 1803JamesGeorgeGivenMatt.?Slatabogy
10? Apr 1803Andw.Andw.MulhollandIsabellaMaghera
16? Apr 1803Frans.Mr.PatersonMrs.Gracefield
22 Apr 1803ElinorJamesBrannonRachelMilltown22 Elinor & Agnes twin daughters to James & Rachel Brannon Milltown'
22 Apr 1803AgnesJamesBrannonRachelMilltown
28 Apr 1803Robt.Robt.Getty?EstherCraigmore
13 May 1803Saml.Saml.ConnorMarySlatabogy
15 May 1803HannahAbrahamDougleAnneMoneymore
20 May 1803Eliz.Wm.CanningAnneApportlane
25? May 1803MarySaml.CampbellMaryMagheraThe second digit is a '5' with a 'I' tight in front of it. This date was either 26 over written by 25, or vice aversa.
30 May 1803ElinorJn.McArrallJaneBallynahone
6 Jun 1803AgnesAndw.NeelyJaneTyrgarvill
11 Jun 1803Eliz.Saml.Milligan?MaryMaghera
12 Jun 1803JohnJamesLindsaySarahGooladuff
23 Jun 1803Saml.Jam:ClarkeElizabethCulnady
6 Jul 1803AnneHen:FlemingAnneCulnady
21 Jul 1803Geo:Hen:McArrallJaneCraigmore
22 Jul 1803JohnJohnReid?ElizKennedyKnockakiltA Bastard
27 Jul 1803IsabellaJoh:HarrisonElizBLANKA soldier
6 Sep 1803AnneArchyBradleyMaryCullackeythe first 'l' of the place name almost looks like a 'T'.. Perhaps he wrote 'l' an tried to change it to 'r'
6 Sep 1803JamesJam:McIlreeMargt.DrumackThe father's name could be 'Jam:' or 'Sam:' the writer makes his S and J very similar
29 Sep 1803CharlesThos.MulhollandOliviaMaghera
2 Oct 1803AnneJohnScalesMaryTamneymullan
3 Oct 1803RobertCharlesWilliamsJennyMayBLANKA Foundling
24 Oct 1803Margt.Edwd.LoganMaryCrew
1 Nov 1803DavidGeo.NelsonMaryTyrnageeragh
7 Nov 1803Eliz.Will.ChartresMaryBallynahone
7? Nov 1803Mary Cath.JohnMcArrallJanedo (Ballynahone)
8? Nov 1803AnneDavidWintonSarahDrumballyhagan
26 Dec 1803FannyHarryMulhollandMaryGibsonA Bastard
30 Dec 1803JaneRobt.M'GomeryAnneDrumuck
2 Jan 1804JohnMichl.DonohyMaryMaghera
7 Jan 1804Jam:Robt.PatersonJaneCraigmorecould also be Sam:
21 Jan 1804Mary AnneJoh.Rany?AnneBayName LOOKS like 'Many'.. Since this writer has on occasions before turned the letter 'R' sideways to look like a 'M'..my GUESS is 'Rany' (i.e. Rainey)
15 Mar 1804Eliz. AnneSaml.ElliotRose?SlatabogyAgain it LOOKS like 'Mose'.. But MUST be Rose!!
23 Mar 1804MaryAndr.ShawJaneMaghera
8? April 1804Wm.Robt.ShaneJaneMagheraThe '8' of the date (if that is what it is!) LOOKS like a 'S' on it's side!! Again, the 'R' of Robert looks like a 'M'
9 April 1804Anne"Anne daughter to persons unknown - A foundling"
15 Apr 1804MaryJam:PorterMaryCrewI think it's Jam[es] but could be Sam[uel]
2 May 1804Esther????ClydeMaryCarrick
6 May 1804JamesDanl.StuartMaryCurran
BLANKJames??Thos.Off PageOff PageCrewThis entry is on the very bottom of the page and the microfilm doesn't record it all (IF it still exists!!)
13 May 1804HughHn:TonorMaryBallynah[in crease]
13? May 1804EstherAndw.FlemingEstherCur[in crease]The townland looks like 'Curg' Perhaps 'Curragh'??? Uncertain
29 May 1804SarahWm.MillarEliz.LindsayA Foundling
3 Jun 1804CharlesAndw.MulhollandBellMaghera
9 Jun 1804CharlesJohnBoonAnneTirna-geeraghLast part of townland witten sandwiched up to the Maghera of the next baptism entry
9 Jun 1804JaneJohnBoonAnneTirna-geeraghLast part of townland witten sandwiched up to the Maghera of the next baptism entry
14? Jun 1804Chas.Chas?MadiganMargt.Maghera
18 Jun 1804Eliz.BLANKBLANKMargt.Dalrymple?A Foundling
29 Jun 1804Margt.Robt.?MooreMarthaTamneymullan
8 Jul 1804Robt.?Andw.Kelsy?AnneDrumulish Tamlaght
11 Jul 1804MaryWm.KaneElinorMcWiganMagheraA Ba[stard] (rest of word in crease of book]
20 Jul 1804GeorgeRobt.CarsonMaryBallinacross
27 Jul 1804Alexr.Thos.Hips?EstherMaghera
28 Jul 1804WilliamJoh:DallaghanCatherineCrew basinit APPEARS to say 'Basin' after the townland of crew.. I am unaware of this term in connection with this townland &can offer no clue to what it means
18 Aug 1804SallyWoods"Sally Woods a foundling left in Drumlamph by person unknown"
7 Sep 1804Joh:HenryMcWiganSallyMaghera
11 Sep 1804NancyRobt.WalkerAnneTmneymullan
11? Oct 1804Thos.WalterCollinsMargt.CrewThe date is impossible to read.. It COULD be '11'th or '5'th.. Or.. Anything else!!
11? Oct 1804Joh:Joh:NeilsonCathr.Culnady
18 Nov 1804BridgetJohnAtkinsonBLANKCrew
18 Nov 1804MargaretJohnAtkinsonBLANKCrew
11 Dec 1804Anne JaneSaml.McGuiganMaryMagh[in crease]The date is impossible to read.. It COULD be '11'th or '5'th.. Or.. Anything else!!
12 Jan 1805Margt.Fras.MurphyMaryMayThe townland looks like 'Ħay' (imagine an M superimposed on an H'..) Maybe it represents Mag[hera] or Bay (Beagh).. Hard to say
16? Jan 1805ElizabethJoh:PhillipsNancyMcWigan?BallinahoneA bastard
20 Jan 1805JaneJohnPetticrewJaneMaghera
13 Feb 1805Margt.BLANKBLANKMargt.McKeeA traveller
16 Feb 1805Robt.JamesLindsaySallySlatabogyThe R of Robert is the ministers usual 'm'
17 Feb 1805MaryAnty?PaulMattyPattersonMullaghThe name is very unclear.. Maybe 'anty'.. Further work required to identify exactly what it is. The word 'Foundling' is written below this entry, but has a dark line aparently 'walling' it off from the next entry.. Is it part of this entry?? If the 'parents' are known, how is the child a foundling? Or did they find the child and have 'adopted' it?? This is very unclear!
26 Feb 1805JamesPatt:?Marksman?Margt.CrewThe word 'Foundling' is written beside this entry, but has a dark line aparently 'walling' it off from this entry.. Is it part of the above entry??
27 Feb 1805Jam:Sam:KenedyEliz.Culnady
3 Mar 1805RoseJamesKenedyRoseCrew
3? Mar 1805WilliamJoh:ClarkeIsabellaDarganagh
11? Mar? 1805Eliz.HughDougleJennyMcCooke?Tamneymartin?A foundling
13 Mar? 1805MarthaDavidB/Rin??ElinorMcArrellA foundling
17 Mar? 1805Eliz:DavidWintonSarahDrumballyhagan
8? May 1805Wm.Thos.LorimerLetitiaMaghera
14 May 1805AgnesWilliamClarkeMargaretMaghera
10 Jun 1805Robert?Jos:Fleming?SarahBallynacross
14 Jun 1805ElizaThos.DobbinHannahGooladuff
14? Jun 1805Margt.ArchyGrahamAnneDrumuck
16 Jun 1805Eliz:HenryMcHeneryMaryBLANK
19 Jun 1805ElizaJohnHughesEliz.thBri??dMaghera
12 Jul 1805Alexr.?Jos:WalshMary?Craigmore
27 Jul 1805HughTho.LeckeyBridgetCrew
3 Aug 1805Jane Louden PatersonPatesonGreenfield3 Aug 1805 Jane Louden Pateson daughter to Mr & Mrs Paterson Greenfield
3? Aug 1805JohnAlex.rMcMullanMargt.Ballinahone
?? Aug 1805Jne?Heny?MulhollandSarah?Todd?BallinahoneFoundling
19 Aug 1805John Clark?JohnClark??Moore??DrumoolishFoundling The words 'Returned to visitation? 23rd' are written below this entry.. Is this a statement or part of this entry??
Returned to visitation? 23rd
11 Sep 1805PatrickJoh:?O'Hara??Mary[smudged]
22 Sep? 1805DavidJosephCatherineSwatraghLitle? Mills??? Unclear on microfilm
11 Nov 1805LiviaThos.MulhollandBellMaghera
4 Dec 1805JohnHenryO'NeillAlleyMaghera
4? Dec 1805Maria JanePeterHasn?Cath.eA Foundling
15 Dec 1805Mary AnneJos:NeelyAnnSwatagh
2 Feb 1806JeanWm.Kane?ElinorMcWiganMagheraA foundling
17 Feb 1806Sarah JanePatrickM/Bunlow?BarbaraCanar????CraigmoreA foundlingCraigmore seems to be inserted below this entry.. It appears to have the same 'hand presure' as this entry.. (The next one is heavier and smudged)
20 Feb 1806Eliz.Geo.JamisonMargt.?????Fallagloon?
9 Mar 1806Robt.Robt. ?McKowenAnneCurragh
16 Mar 1806AgnesRobertKaneJaneMaghera
20 Mar 1806CharlotteThos.BullionMargt.L?????A foundling
21 Mar 1806PaulPaulDividsonRoseMcKeown?Tamneymartin
10 April 1806Chas.??Wm.DougleMarthaga[ ]g[ ]A foundling
11 May 1806Wm.Saml.ElliotRoseSlatabogy
26 May 1806MaryWillLeckeyBellArdson?????
2 Jun 1806Robt.Robt.WalkerJaneMaghera
9 Jun 1806Jebuand????at foot of page and microfilm not the easiest to seeif it just wasn't filimed or if it has beenn lost off the page bottom
10? Jun 1806Eliz.[Ke]nedyCrossNancyTamneym[artin?]There is a smudge at the beginning of the father's name.. But 'Kenedy' seems to fit.
15 Jun 1806Joh??JamesLynnSarahGooladuffin Church15 [Joh?? ] son to James & Sarah Lynn Gooladuff in Church'
20 Jun 1806IsaacHenyClydeMaryCarrick
23 Jun 1806AnneJohnHustonFannyDrum[lamph?]The townland falls into the crease, but seems to be Drumlamph
8 Aug 1806Joh:Robt.WorkmanElinorDr[??????]
19 Aug 1806NancyJosephMontgomeryBettyCulnady?? Son to to Nancy daughter to Joseph & Betty Montgomery Culnady _______' A boys (unreadable)name was incorrectly wrote & then crossed through
2 Sept 1806Robt.Robt.StuartAnneParkMullaghA foundling
9 Sep 1806AnneRobt.Withrale?AnneColraineIt LOOKS like'Withrale'..
16? Sep 1806ElizaChas.Campbell?Feedam?TamlaghtDate is blotted.. The last digit LOOKS like 6.. And since 9 preceeds it and 21 comes after.. Seems like 16. The mother's name is unclear.. It LOOKS like 'Feed am'.. Of 'feed am' or 'jeed me'
21 Sep 1806WilliamRobt.OrrMargt.MagheraSurgeon
26 Sep 1806JamesWm.ChartresMaryBallynahone
28 Sep 1806ElizaRobt.PatersonJean?Maghera
30 Sep 1806Thos.Rich.Silly?Eliz.Tamneym[ullan?]The end of the townland is in the crease, but it LOOKS like Tamneymullan!
2 Oct 1806SusannahWm.Dougle?No name just 'Mrs.'MagheraThe surname is unclear.. It LOOKS like ' Dougle' or 'Boujde' .. Probable Dougle but (less likely) could be Boyd or Boyle too
16? Oct 1806JeremiahJohnJohnstonA travelling womanBLANK16 Oct Jeremiah son to John Johnston & a travelling woman'
4 Nov 1806Wm.Joh:CampbleAnneTamnym[ ]The end of the townland is in the crease, could be Tamneymartin or Tamneymullan!
6 Nov 1806MarthaRobt.StoneEllenHawBallynahoneA foundling
11 Nov 1806MaryJoseph????MaryCraigmoreThe surname is unclear.. It falls into the crease.. It LOOKS like it begins with 'W' or 'H'
12 Nov 1806Thos.James????AnneThe surname is unclear.. It LOOKS like ' Bere Jyan' with perhaps 'of' and a word lost in the crease!!
12 Nov 1806SarahJoh:HipsonSallyCurragh
1? Dec 1806Eliz.Saml.McLynn??MaryTamneymullan
6 Dec 1806MargeryHenyHepburnMaryDrumballyhagan
7 Dec 1806Thos..Joh:PettigrewJaneMaghera
9 Dec 1806Wm.Harry?McHenryNo name just 'Mrs.'Maghera
29 Jan 1807PattPatt:NoherMargt.A traveller
31 Jan 1807RobertRobertMooreEstherGettyGrillaghThis baptism entry is NOT recorded with the rest of the baptisms for 1807… it was recorded between two marriages!!
11 Feb 1807Mary AnneAndr.MulhollandIsabellaMaghera
1 Mar 1807AnneJamesMcWiganSarahBallynahone
10 Mar 1807JamesJamesMcLeanMaryBallinahone
11 Mar 1807Wm.JohnSlevan?SallySlevan?ToberheadA foundlingThere is another word written above Esther in the lower entry but beside 'Toberhead'.. It LOOS like 'Hglly'.. Unclear
20 Mar 1807Eliz.Chas.HipsonEstherMaghera
31 Mar 1807Mary AnneJohElliotLettieMagheraor Ellis
13 Apr 1807MaryGeoWilsonSarahToberheadApl 13 Mary daughter to Geo Wilson Tobberhead & Sarah marriage"...Geo Wilson Tobberhead & Sarah marriage'. Yes, it APPEARS to say 'marriage' after Sarah's name!!
16 Apr 1807ThomasThos.CorrMaryCorrCrewA Foundling
24 Apr 1807Wm.Rogr.CorrKittyBallynahone
11? May 1807MargarettJoh:ReidMaryMilikanDrumuckA Foundling
16 May 1807CharlesEdwd.McKready??Eliza.SlatabogyThe surname has an inkblot.. I THINK the name is McKready
21 May 1807Joh:Joh:McGillAlley?BadgerCurrinA Foundling
31 May 1807JosephHughFleming?SarahBallinacross
2 Jun 1807Wm.WilliamArmerRose?CourtnayA Foundling
4 Jun 1807MarthaWm.McCoyMarthaMagee?A Foundling
9 Jun 1807CharlesOwenCarletonJettyGalaherMagheraA Foundling
30 Jun 1807Isabella?Wm ?Clark???Hard to tell. It LOOKS like there is a very faint 'crew' above what appears to say 'Macross'.. Very unclear
22 Jul 1807PeterMichl.McKennaCathr.McGennisTamneymullanA Foundling
22? July 1807HenyJoh: Mathe.NeilsonCulnady
22? July 1807JohnJames????ElizabethBallynahonevery difficult to read.. LOOKS a bit like 'Janet' or 'Jinet' neither of which are surnames…
31 Jul 1807Eliz.Sam:KenedyRoseCulnady
19 Aug 1807JamesJacksonGrayJaneTobbermore
3 Oct 1807Thos.Saml.BlackMarySwattragh
12 Nov 1807DavidJoh:PeadyMaryHany?A Foundling
?? Nov 1807AnneRobertJenningsLucy?McGuigan???A FoundlingThe mother's name LOOKS a bit like 'Lucy' and the surname could be 'McGahan'.. Both unclear
28 Nov 1807MaryFrancisMcNameeIsabellaStewartMagheraA Foundling
29 Nov 1807EstherHenryName off page bottomMar[ ]tSurname is off page bottom…
23 Dec 1807WilliamRobertShieldsMarthaDrumballyhaganDrumbelly___
20 Feb 1808JohnHenryPorterJaneMaghera
26 Jul 1808WilliamWilliamNorrisElizabethSwatragh
29 Sep 1808Rose?JohnStewartMary AnneSwatragh
6 Aug 1809GeorgeWilliamClarkeMargaretMaghera
18 Oct 1809RobertJamesMcCleanMaryBallinahone
12 Nov 1809WilliamWilliamChartersMaryBallinahone
6 Dec 1809SamuelWilliamBlackCatherineTobermore
23 Dec 1809WilliamRobertShieldsMarthaDrumballyhagan
2 Feb 1810JohnJohnScalesMaryTamneymullan
9 Mar 1810AlexRobertShieldsCatherineFallagloon
24 Jun 1810MargaretThomasScottJaneBeagh Spiritual
22 Jul 1810EstherHenryPorterJaneMaghera
1 Sep 1810JaneBryanShielLydiaTamneymullan
16 Dec 1810JamesIsaacTaylorMaryMilltown
24 Apr? 1811CharlesWilliamScottMargaretSwatragh
12 Jun 1811WilliamWilliamMcreadyMargaretBallinahone
18 Aug 1811JohnJosephMackerillElizabethBallinahone
7 Mar 1812JaneRobertShieldsMarthaDrumballyhagan
7 Jul 1812AnneJohnGrahamElizabethMinister
11 Aug 1814JohnJohnGrahamElizabethTamneymullanMinister
17 Apr 1815JohnJohnScottMaryKnocknakielt17 Apr 1814??
29 Aug 1817MaryThomasScott
19 Aug 1818RobertJamesMackerillBallinahone
27 Dec 1819JohnJohnStewartSwatragh
14 Mar 1819RobertJamesHunterFalgortrevey
21 Nov 1819BernardEdwardKaneCatherineTamneymullan
30 Jan 1820RobertRobertMcClainBallinahone
30 Jan 1820EleanorRobertMcClainBallinahone
30 Jan 1820ThomasRobertMcClainBallinahone
5 Mar 1820ThomasThomasScottBeagh
26 Mar 1820JamesJosephMackerillMargaretWisenerBallinahone
27 Aug 1820AnneFrancisJohnstonElizabethSlattybogie
10 Nov 1820MarthaSamuelStewartElizabethWorkmanMullagh
21 Oct 1820JamesThomasClarkeGulladuff
24 Oct 1820JamesJamesNorrisSwatragh
3 Feb 1821JamesJamesNorrisSwatragh
5 Feb 1821JaneJamesAdamsElizabethHunterMullagh
9 Apr 1821MargaretJohnTailorMargaretMaghera
21 Jun 1821DavidRobertPorter???
10 Jul 1821Jane____FlemingIsabellaPattersonGrillagh
12 Jul 1821WilliamJohnCrockettL?OttersonMother: Maghera Surgeon in Royal Navy
27 Jul 1821JohnJamesHunterJaneBlackFalgortrevey
2 Sep 1821JamesJamesShieldsIsabellaMooreFalgortreveyAn Illegitimate Child
21 Oct 1821JamesThomasClarkGulladuff
4 Nov 1821EllenJamesPorterNancyMeenanBallinahone
18 Nov 1821EstherEdwardKaneCatherineBlackTamneymullan
29 Dec 1821MayWm.GrahamHannahHarbidonThe BayBeagh Spiritual
16 Mar 1822Margaret JaneJamesAdamsElizabethHunterMullaghOr 10th Mar 1821
25 Mar 1822ElizabethWilliamShielsElizabethJohnstonFather: Drumballyhagan / Mother: CoolaghAn Illegitimate Child
27 Mar 1822AdamHenryPorterBallinahone
4 Aug 1822ElizabethJosephMackerillMargaretWisenerBallinahone
10 Aug 1822JamesThomasScottJaneHenryThe BayBeagh Spiritual
12 Aug 1822JohnRobertLittleJaneBendermanFalgortrevey
25 Sep 1822WilliamAlexanderGrahamAgnesKiddBeaghBeagh Spiritual
24 Nov 1822SusannaWilliamBarclayElizabethCaldwellMaghera
2 Jan 1823EleanorIsaacFlemingIsabellaPattersonGrillagh
19 Jan 1823JohnJamesGrahamElizabethMaddenBeaghAn Illegitimate ChildBeagh Spiritual
25 May 1823RobertRobertPorterJaneFultonCurragh
2 Jul 1823NancySamuelKennedyMaryScottUpperland alias Amportaine
12 Jul 1823HenryWilliamClarkSarahJohnston
25 Jan 1824MariaJamesScottMarianneMaghera
29 Jan 1824DavidJamesBowmanMayMcKeeToberhead
23 Feb 1824JaneJamesPorterNancyMeenanBallinahone
30 Apr 1824MaryGeorgeScottMaryHenryBeaghBeagh Spiritual
30 Apr 1824NancyGeorgeScottMaryHenryBeaghBeagh Spiritual
13 Jul 1824JohnJohnTailorElizabethMcGuiganMaghera
29 Sep 1824RoseanneSamlPhillipsMargaretNicholBall____Place in crease.. Probably Ballinahone
26 Oct 1824JohnJohnCrockettL?OttersonMother: Maghera Surgeon in Royal Navy
25 Jan 1825IsabellaIsaacFlemingIsabellaPattersonGracefield, Parish of Maghera
12 Feb 1825CatherineJohnNeelyMary AnneMcKinneyTirgarvil
10 May 1825AlexanderGeorgeNeilyJaneKissockTirgarvil
12 Feb 1825ThomasJamesNorrisSarahMcKeefryCulnagrew
14 Sep 1825ThomasAndrewLamontMaryMoffitCrew
24 Oct 1825Sarah JaneJamesScottMarianneMaghera
6 Jan 1826Peggy JaneThomasClark?Hickman?Gulladuff
14 Jul 1826JanePatrickShieldsJaneGallagherBallinahone
23 Aug 1826JosephThomasScottJaneHenryBeaghBeagh Spiritual
25 Aug 1826MattyJamesNorrisSarahMcKeefrySwatragh
28 Nov 1826DavidJamesKaneNancyNeelyGorteadeAn Illegi____Remainder lost in crease
26 Aug 1827MaryWilliamJudgePeggyCampbellTamneym__Place in crease.. Tamneymullan / Tamneymartin.. Unclear
26 Aug 1827BettyWilliamJudgePeggyCampbellTamneym__Place in crease.. Tamneymullan / Tamneymartin.. Unclear
17 Sep 1827HughEdwardKaneCatherineBlakeTamneymullan
11 Mar 1828RobertRobertKaneJaneMcGuiganAn Illegitimate Child
18 Apr 1828DavidJohnNeelyCatherineMcKinneySwatragh
13 Jul 1828SamuelJohnClarkSarahAllenDrumuckLabourerNo, 26
18 Aug 1828JohnMatthewClarkeEllenKearneyDrumballyhaganNo. 33
3 Dec 1828WilliamWattyGrahamEllenBruceCurragh?An Illegitimate Child
13 Dec 1828JohnJohnClarkMadgeHayburnFather: Rockfield / Mother: DrumballyhaganAn Illegitimate Child
28 Dec 1828JaneThomasScottJaneHenryBeaghBeagh Spiritual
? 1828JohnJohnClarkJaneFoxBeaghLabourerNo. 39
21 Mar 1829Alex StewartWilliamPorterAnneDeighanFather: Beagh / Mother: his wife of Maghera
22 Apr 1829NancyRobinMcConaghtyJaneConveryTullyheron
19 May 1829GeorgeGeorgeGivenKnocknakielt
28 Jan 1829JaneThomasScottJaneHenryBeaghFarmerNo. 50
6 Jan 1829JohnJohnNeelyCatherineMcKinneySwatraghFarmerNo. 51
? 1829MaryPatrickShielsJaneGallagherBallinahoneLabourerNo. 63
17 Feb 1830WilliamShoe??HunterBallinahoneLabourer
5 Jun 1830JohnJohnEldonMary AnneNeelySwatragh(An Illegitimate)
5 Oct 1831JanePeterMcCormickJaneBeagh?????
16 Oct 1831ElizaMichRouall?Cay?CarricknakieltLabourer
23 Oct 1831JohnRoney?MaryBalaghy?Weaver
30? Oct 1831NancyJas.EarlJaneT. MullenLabourer
30 Oct 1831???ElizthCurraWeaver
6 Nov 1831BarbaraJohnMoore??Margt.CoolaghLabourer
13 Nov 1831JaneThos.Palmer?Anna?TullyheronFarmer?
14 Nov 1831GeorgeJamesShannonBLANKMagheraShoemaker??Page 12
21 Nov 1831JohnRobt?Roney?PeggyBellaghy?Farmer?Microfilm has many MANY lines across it at this point making reading next to impossible!!
1 Dec 1831SusannaSaml.?Downing??B. M????Farmer?
4 Dec 1831JohnPat.Farmer?
10 Dec 1831????Robt?C????Agnes?Curragh
1 Jan 1832???AndwMarlinCurrin
1 Jan 1832???JamesMarlinCurrin
8 Jan 1832ArchyJohnMcDonnellAnneCurrinFarmer
8 Jan 1832JamesJas.Humphris?Hesy?B. McilcurrFarmer
15 Jan 1832Henry Jas.Robt.Slevin?Mary?CurranFarmer
29 Jan 1832DavidRobt.BruceHesy?CurraghFarmer
29 Jan 1832Boyde???Jas.OrrNancyCurraghLabourer
29 Jan 1832Thos. GeorgeJohnMcGuiganNancyMagheraShoemaker
30 Jan 1832Margt. JaneParents unknown brought by Mary McKenna left / kept ????
7 Feb 1832Mary AnneJohnPorter?SarahKillynumber [ ]
7 Feb 1832????Off page bottom
12 Mar 1835ElizabethKane?Tamneymullan
20/23 Feb 1837Robt.Wm.JudgePeggyMagheraLabourer
25 Sep 1838JamesJamesShielsElizabethKnocknakieltLabourer
11 Nov 1838JamesWilliamScottMarianneCurraghFarmer

Transcribed by Denver Boyd


Culnady Presbyterian Church Baptism Records (1855-1877)

Culnady Presbyterian Church Baptism Records (1855-1877) provide us with some information as to the children of congregation members of this time frame.

Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's NameMother's NamePlace of BirthComment     
16 Oct 1855Nancy Jane Willson
16 Dec 1855George McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
9 Mar 1856David HustonBallymacilcurr
9 Mar 1856Leticia RiddleDrumuck
24 May 1856Robert HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuckMonday 24th May 1856
22 Jun 1856James Johnston PooleThomas PooleKnocknakielt
9 Dec 1856Jane BullionDavid Bullion
22 Feb 1857William DrippsJames DrippsTernageragh
1 Jun 1857Adam RobisonFisher RobisonCulnady
1 Jun 1857Elizabeth Jane McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
1 Jun 1857Margaret Dickson?James Dickson?DrumuckDiction?
1857Thomas BruceJames BruceDunglady
9 Aug 1857Samuel HyndmanRobert HyndmanCurragh
27 Sep 1857Samuel AndersonJohn AndersonDunglady
6 Dec 1857Catherine MartinJohn MartinDrumuckLooks like Morton.. Probably Martin
20 Dec 1857William James ToshRobert ToshDrumuck
31 Jan 1858Robert WillsonWilliam WillsonDrumuck
28 Mar 1858Robert John HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
12 Sep 1858William PoolThomas PoolKnocknakielt
12 Sep 1858James CampbellJames CampbellKnocknakielt
23 Sep 1858Jane HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuck
23 Sep 1858Matilda HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuck
2 Dec 1858Andrew FlemingWilliam FlemingBallymacilcurr
19 Dec 1858John DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
30 Jan 1859Samuel BoydDavid BoydCulnady
3 Apr 1859Elizabeth DicksonJames DicksonDrumuck
10 Oct 1859Margaret Ann SloneJohn SloneDrumlaneDrumblane
10 Oct 1859Margaret MartinJameson MartinCulnady
10 Mar 1861Joseph MartinJohn MartinDrumuck
10 Mar 1861James BoydDavid BoydCulnady
7 Apr 1861James FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
1 Jun 1863Hugh BoydDavid BoydCrew
21 Jun 1863Elizabeth RobinsonFisher RobinsonCulnady
24 Jun 1863Mary Ann PooleJames PooleBeagh
19 Sep 1863William McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
17 Apr 1864Maria Kyle27 Jan 1864Robert KyleCulnady
31 Oct 1864Margaret HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurrSecond Daughter of Robert
27 Nov 1864Elizabeth Sloan6 Aug 1864John SloanDrumlaneThird Daughter of John Sloan
23 Apr 1865Mary Ann BoydDavid BoydCrew
22 May 1865Hannah Dickson?James Dickson?DrumuckLooks like Dictian
15 Oct 1865Maria Martin1 May 1865James? MartinCulnady
29 Oct 1865Robert Barr Stuart2 Aug 1865Rev J C StuartCulnady
12 Nov 1865Jane Alder KyleRobert KyleCulnadyAlder? Older??
17 Nov 1865Annie McCool12 Sep 1865Kennedy McCoolDunglady
18 Mar 1866Robert WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuck
1 Jul 1866Robert John PollockSmith PollockDrumlane
12 Aug 1866Elizabeth FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
17 Feb 1866Margaret Jane BruceJames BruceDunglady
17 Mar 1867Hollis Kyle HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
21 Apr 1867Sarah Jane McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuck
31 Mar 1867Isabella WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuckSecond Child of Alexander
27 May 1867Sarah Jane Fleming BoydDavid BoydCulnadyMonday 27th May
2 June 1867May SloanJohn SloanDrumlane
14 Oct 1867David HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurrMonday 14th Oct
14 Oct 1867Rebecca StuartRev'd J. C. StuartCulnadyRebecca Third Daughter
17 Nov 1867John Alexander KyleRobert KyleCulnady
5 Jan 1868William James Beaty?Sarah Beaty? (alias Lions)
26 Jan 1868Martha McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
12 Apr 1868John HyndmanMatthew HyndmanTernageeragh
1 Jun 1868Smith PollockSmith PollockDrumlaneMonday
14 Jun 1868Sarah HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
28 Jun 1868Margaret Jane PooleJohn PooleBeagh
25 Oct 1868William FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurrMonday
25 Oct 1868Samuel Fleming StuartRev'd J. C StuartCulnady
18 Apr 1869Clarke HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
15 Aug 1869Thomas ToyWilliam ToyMagheraor Joy
12 Sep 1869James SloneJohn SloneDrumlane
1 Nov 1869Sarah WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuckSarah Third Child
16 Jan 1870Annie Maria DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
23 Jan 1870William KyleRobert KyleCulnady
20 Feb 1870William Henery PollockSmith PollockDrumnacanon
10 Feb 1870Joseph Bruce LittleRobert LittleCulnady
17 Apr 1870Isabella HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
24 Apr 1870John Taylor McCoolKennedy McCoolDungladySecond Son
30 May 1870Margaret HustonWilliam HustonBallymacilcurr
30 May 1870Joseph StuartRev'd J.C. StewartCulnady
3 Jul 1870Nancy BoydDavid BoydCrew
21 Aug 1870William Brown PooleJohn PooleBeagh
26 Dec 1870Joseph HyndmanSarah HyndmanDunglady
5 Jun 1871Robert PooleRobert PooleTinnymortin?Tamneymartin?
5 Jun 1871Eliza PollockSmith PollockDrumuck
16 Jul 1871John PooleJohn PooleBeagh
13 Aug 1871David Paul FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
24 Sep 1871James Andrew DrippsJames Dripps, JunTernageragh
15 Oct 1871Sharlett HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurr
6 Nov 1871Robert James LittleRobert LittleCulnadySecond son
6 Nov 1871Fanny Jane StuartRev. J StuartCulnadySecond Daughter
27 May 1872Sarah Jane ToshJames ToshDrumuckMonday
21 Jul 1872Elizabeth Sarah RankinClara F? RankinKillymuck
18 Aug 1872Hetty PooleRobert PooleTamneymartin
1 Sep 1872Joseph Alexander HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
29 Sep 1872Jane HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
24 Nov 1872Mary McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
19 May 1873John StuartRev J.C. StuartCulnady
19 May 1873Elizabeth KyleRobert KyleCulnady
19 May 1873Robert George HillGeorge HillUpperland
20 Jul 1873Annie McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuck
3 Nov 1873James ToshJames ToshDrumuck
3 Nov 1873Isabella PollockSmith PollockDrumnacanon
1 Mar 1874Jane HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurr
27 Sep 1874John DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
21 Jun 1875Joseph JohnstonRobert JohnstonTirgarvilBaptised by Rev'd James Patrick
21 Jun 1875Thomas James PollockSmith PollockDrumoolishBaptised by Rev'd James Patrick
14 Nov 1875Isabella Joanna Forsyth McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuckBaptised by Rev'd J H Forsyth
24 Dec 1875John FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

St. Patrick’s Chapel, Glen Baptism Records

St. Patrick’s Chapel, Glen Baptism Records are a selection of baptisms that have been transcribed. Naturally, we hope in the future to have the whole baptisms transcribed. Everything takes time, so please be patient and we’ll do our best!

Date of BaptismSurname of ChildForenameDate of BirthFather's ForenameFather's SurnameMother's ForenameMother's SurnameResidenceConducted bySponsor 1Sponsor 2CommentRegisterPage 
27 Feb 1841BradleyPatrickEdwardBradleyNancyQuinBLANK14
29 Mar 1841BradleySusanJohnBradleyMaryLaughlinBLANK2150
11 Apr 1841BradleyMaryAndrewBradleyBiddyConwayBLANK169
11 Apr 1841BradleyMaryAndrewBradleyBiddyConwayBLANK179
03 May 1841BoydAnnWilliamBoydMargaretMcNallyBLANK171
03 May 1841BoydAnnWilliamBoydMargaretMcNallyBLANK144
3 May 1841BoydAnnWilliamBoydMargaretMcNallyPatrick HassanJane Bradly202
31 May 1841BradleyDenisDenisBradleyAnnKaneBLANK18
16 Jul 1841BradleyMaryAndrewBradleyBettyHustonBLANK113
16 Jul 1841BradleyMaryAndrewBradleyBettyHustonBLANK176
3 Sep 1841AtchesonJamesRogerAtchesonAnnabellaMulhollandBLANK137
25 Oct 1841KaneSarahBernardKaneRoseConveryBLANK140
01 Nov 1841BradleyMaryCharlesBradleyMaryKaneBLANK140
26 Dec 1841BradleyNancyFrancisBradleyEleanorCassidyBLANK116
13 Jan 1842BradleyMargaretBernardBradleyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK123
15 Jan 1842BradleyJohnJohnBradleyMaryMcElhoneBLANK1109
16 Jan 1842KaneCatherineDanielKaneAnneBeglyBLANK130
13 Jan 1842BradleyMargaretBernardBradleyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK162
24 Mar 1842GribbenMayPatrickGribbenNancyKaneJohn DempseyJohn KaneMargaret Giddle?94
08 May 1842BradlyFrancisJohnBradlyShibbyMcCormacBLANK1181
11 June 1842BradleyJamesJamesBradleyPeggyConveryBLANK130
12 Jun 1842KaneMaryCharlesKaneNancyBLANKBLANK130
21 June 1842BradleyMaryJohnBradleyBLANKBLANKBLANK157
2 Jul 1842McShain?BridgetFelixMcShainMargaretConnorJohn DempseyJohn ConnorBiddy Brady43
24 Jul 1842JamiesonMargaretJohnJamiesonMaryCrillyBLANK1139
09 Aug 1842BradlyPeggyDanielBradlySallyBradlyBLANK145
21 Aug 1842BradleySara JaneFrancisBradleyNancyO'NeilBLANK136
20 Sept 1842BradlyMatildaJohnBradlyMarySharkeyBLANK1127
26 Sep 1842BradlyWilliamAndrewBradlySarahHarkleyBLANK136
26 Sep 1842BradlyJohnAndrewBradlySarahHarkleyBLANK133
26 Sept 1842BradlyWilliamAndrewBradlySarahHarkleyBLANK156
26 Sept 1842BradlyJohnAndrewBradlySarahHarkleyBLANK156
02 Dec 1842BradlySarahJohnBradlyMaryMcCluskeyBLANK156
16 Dec 1842BradlyJaneJohnBradlyJaneMcShaneBLANK18
7 Jan 1843AchesonMarthaJohnAchesonCatherineMcEldowneyBLANK18
5 Feb 1843CrillyCatherineJohnCrillyMaryO'HaraPatrick HassanJames McGoarn?Ann Reilly157
12 Feb 1843CrillyBiddyFrankCrillyMaryMcShaneJohn DempseyJohn Mckeady?Biddy Bradly3
07 Apr 1843BradlyJamesJamesBradleyAnnWalsheBLANK12
28 Apr 1843BradlyJamesFelixBradlyRoseMcEldowneyBLANK12
30 Apr 1843JudgeWilliamPatrickJudgeJaneMcShaneBLANK179
30 Apr 1843BradlyBiddyEdwardBradlyAnnQuinBLANK1144
30 Apr 1843JudgeWilliamPatrickJudgeJaneMcShainPatrick Hassan?Patrick McShainAnn McGuigan23
07 May 1843BradlyJamesJohnBradlyMaryMcFilloneBLANK124
28 May 1843BradlyHughFrancisBradlyAliciaGallaherBLANK169
28 May 1843BradlyCharlesJohnBradlyMaryLougheryBLANK181
29 May 1843BeglyMargaretBernardBeglySusanConveryBLANK194
6 Jun 1843BradlyNancyFrankBradlyMaryMcKennaBLANK110
16 Jul 1843BradlyAnnAndrewBradlyBiddyConveryBLANK1198
16 Jul 1843BradlyAnnAndrewBradlyBiddyConveryBLANK1140
23 July 1843BradlyJosephDominickBradlyJaneStewartBLANK153
12 Aug 1843BradlyMaryHenryBradlyRoseMclaryBLANK15
12 Aug 1843BradleyCharlesFrancisBradleyEllenCassidyBLANK145
20 Aug 1848BradleyPatrickJohnBradleyJaneCassidyBLANK179
02 Sept 1843BradlyNeal EdwardJamesBradleyAnnDiamondBLANK182
13 Sept 1843BradlyJamesMichaelBradlyBiddyMurryBLANK1102
15 Sep 1843AdamsJohnRobertAdamsBettyHannaBLANK1102
01 Oct 1843BradlyMaryJohnBradlyRoseMcEldowneyBLANK1156
08 Oct 1843BradlyNancyCharlesBradleyMaryKaneBLANK171
29 Oct 1843BradlyMaryFrancisBradlyPeggyMcGowanBLANK1100
15 Nov 1843BradlyMichaelAndrewBradlyRoseMcWilliamsBLANK1176
15 Nov 1843BradleyMichaelAndrewBradlyRoseMcWilliamsBLANK1176
11 Feb 1844BradlyAnnAndrewBradlyAnneKellyBLANK118
11 Feb 1844BradlyAnnAndrewBradlyAnneKellyBLANK120
14 Feb 1844BradlyCatherineDenisBradlyAnneKaneBLANK155
18 Feb 1844BradlySarahHenryBradlyMaryDooganBLANK169
25 Feb 1844BeglyCatherineJohnBeglySusanO'ConnorBLANK13
01 Mar 1844BradlyCatherineMichaelBradlyIsabellaTraceyBLANK13
19 Apr 1844BradlyMary AnnJohnBradlyMarySharkeyBLANK1116
27 Apr 1844BradlyMaryBernardBradlyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK1182
27 Apr 1844BradlyMaryBernardBradlyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK169
12 May 1844SharkeyJamesJamesSharkeyMaryConveryBLANK19
04 Oct 1844BradlyCatherineJohnBradlyMaryLougheryBLANK184
22 Oct 1844JamiesonWinifredJohnJamiesonMaryCrillyBLANK114
12 Jan 1845BradlyDanielJohnBradlyRoseMcEldowneyBLANK114
27 Feb 1845BradlyElizabethAndrewBradlySarahHarkleyBLANK129
27 Feb 1845BradlyElizabethAndrewBradlySarahHarkleyBLANK144
02 Mar 1845BradleyJosephJohnBradleyMaryMcElhoneBLANK139
22 Mar 1845SheilSarahJosephShielMaryBenthorpeBLANK156
23 Mar 1845ShielsSarah22 Mar 1845JosephShielsMaryBeuthorpe72
11 May 1845BradleyMargaretFrancisBradleyMargaretMcGowanBLANK1148
15 June 1845BradlyAnneJohnBradleyAnneWalshBLANK14
19 June 1845BradlyJohnJohnBradlyMaryMcCluskeyBLANK182
13 July 1845BradleyAnneJohnBradleyAliciaCassidyBLANK122
14 Jul 1845SharkeyMargaretJohnSharkeyMaryCassidyBLANK142
14 July 1845BradlyJamesJamesBradleySarahDiamondBLANK147
08 Aug 1845BradlyMichaelFrancisBradlyEllenCassidyBLANK16
18 Jan 1846BradlyFelixJohnBradleyMaryBradlyBLANK129
22 Feb 1846BradleyMargaretJohnBradleyMarySharkeyBLANK179
04 Apr 1846BradlyPatrickCharlesBradlyPeggyMcCormackBLANK1141
06 Apr 1846BradleyRoseyJamesBradleyMaryMcCloskeyBLANK182
03 May 1846BradleyBridgetIsaacBradleySarahMcDonnell155
08 Sept 1846BradlyDanielHarryBradlyRoseMcAllaryBLANK14
12 Nov 1846BradlyFelixJohnBradlyMaryFullonBLANK147
24 Nov 1846SharkeyMichaelJamesSharkeyBiddyConveryBLANK195
25 Nov 1846BradleyMaryMichaelBradleyBelleTraceyBLANK1178
28 Nov 1846BradleyLaurenceJohnBradleyRoseMcEldowneyBLANK132
20 Jan 1847BradlyRoseanneBernardBradlyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK132
20 Jan 1847BradlyRoseanneBernardBradlyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK129
28 Feb 1847BradleySarahFrancisBradleyPeggyMcGuckanBLANK123
06 Mar 1847BradleyElizabethJohnBradleyMaryLougheryBLANK162
9 Mar 1847JamisonJaneJohnJamisonMaryCrillyBLANK1140
12 Mar 1847BegleyMary-AnnWilliamBegleyJaneDonnellyBLANK155
04 Apr 1847BradleyMaryEdwardBradleyNancyQuinnBLANK168
18 Apr 1847BradlyJohnFelixBradlyAnnMcKennaBLANK127
13 July 1847BradleyMichaelFrancisBradleyElinorCassidyBLANK1167
21 July 1847BradleyMaryDennisBradleyNancyO'KaneBLANK127
25 Feb 1848BradlyJohnJohnBradlyMollySharkanBLANK138
04 Mar 1848BradleyMargaretJohnBradleyJaneTailorGortinure130
04 June 1848BradlyMichaelJohnBradleyMaryBradleyBeagh139
04 June 1848BradlyFrancisMichaelBradlyRoseQuinnBallyknock149
14 Oct 1848BradlyCatherineDanielBradlyJaneBradlyTirgarvil176
11 Nov 1848BradlyCatherineFrancisBradlyPeggyMcGowanFallagloon150
19 Nov 1848BradlySarahJamesBradleySallyDiamondMaghera170
26 Nov 1848BlackMargaretHughBlackPeggyMarronMaghera13
02 Dec 1848BradlyJamesJamesBradleySarahHenryFallagloon141
3 Jan 1849ShieldsThomasJosephShieldsMaryBeanthorpLisnamuck181
6 Jan 1849ShielsThomas3 Jan 1849JosephShielsMaryBeuthorpe5
08 Jan 1849BradlyRoseJohnBradlyRoseMcEldowneyKillalagh141
19 Jan 1849ShieldsMary AnnJamesShieldsMary AnnDiamondKillalagh1110
27 Jan 1849BradlyJosephAndrewBradlyAnnKellyTirhugh119
27 Jan 1849BradlyJosephAndrewBradlyAnnKellyTirhugh165
2 Apr 1849BegleyJosephWilliamBegleyJaneDonnellyMaghera1198
5 Apr 1849SharkeyJamesJamesSharkeyBiddyConveryFallagloon115
13 May 1849BradleyHenryFrancisBradleyMary AnnShieldsFallagloon191
30 May 1849BradleyAnnJohnBradleyCatherineLougheryKillalagh113
6 Jul 1849AtkinsonCatherineRobertAtkinsonJaneHustonTiraconway, Kilrea292
21 July 1849BradlyJamesJamesBradleyCatherineMcKennaTircane137
31 July 1849BradlyJohnJohnBradleyWidow JohnBradlySlaughtneal117
05 Aug 1849BradlyMary JaneJohnBradleyAliciaCassidyFallagloon186
19 Aug 1849BradlyMargaretMichaelBradlyBellTraceyCraigadic182
15 Oct 1849BradlyDanielFelixBradlyAnnMcKennaKillalagh182
29 Nov 1849BradleyRoseCharlesBradleyMargaretMcCormackFallalea135
8 Feb 1850BoonCatherineThomasBoonCatherineLennonDrumconready137
12 Feb 1850BradleyElizabethAndrewBradleyMattyHustonMaghera119
12 Feb 1850BradleyElizabethAndrewBradleyMattyHustonMaghera160
19 Feb 1850ShielsJoseph RobertRobertShielsJaneMcWilliamsLisnamuck111
22 Feb 1850ShielsJoseph19 Feb 1850RobertShielsJaneMcWilliams11
3 May 1850JudgeEllenJohnJudgeNancyCrillyUpperlands159
25 May 1850SharkeyMargaretJamesSharkeyBiddyConveryFallagloon171
02 Sept 1850BradlyElisaMichaelBradlyBellTraceyBallinahone183
23 Oct 1850BradlyJohnIsaacBradlyCatherineMcKennaTullyherin123
28 Oct 1850BradlyAlexanderJohnBradlyMarySharkeyCraigmore120
15 Jan 1851BradlyCatharineBernardBradlyBLANKBLANKFallagloon133
15 Jan 1851BradleyCatherineBernardBradleyBLANKBLANKFallagloon160
26 Jan 1851O'KaneFrancisBLANKBLANKMaryO'KaneKeady160
30 Mar 1851BradlyJamesJohnBradleyMaryBradleyBeagh163
8 Apr 1851BeglySusannaWilliamBeglyJaneDonnellyMaghera185
6 May 1851JamiesonJohnJohnJamiesonMaryCrillyFallagortry185
23 May 1851JohnsonElizabethSamuelJohnsonRoseConveryFallagloon1197
13 Jun 1851ShieldsEllenJosephShieldsMaryBenthorpLisnamuck111
19 Jun 1851ShielsEllen13 Jun 1851JosephShielsMaryBeuthorpe65
1 Sep 1851JohnsonMaryBLANKBLANKBessyBrooksMaghera153
10 Sep 1851SheildsMaria AliciaRobertSheildsJaneMcWilliamsLisnamuck164
21 Sep 1851ShielsMaria Alicia10 Sep 1851RobertShielsJaneMcWilliams
02 Nov 1851BradlyThomasJamesBradleySarahHeneyFallagloon1138
04 Dec1851BradlyBernardBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaGortanure174
07 Dec 1851BradleyFransisFrancisBradleyPeggyMcGowanFallagloon174
21 Dec 1851JudgeJaneJohnJudgeNancyCrillyTirgarvill177
06 Jan 1852BradleySusanneJohnBradleyMaryLoughryKillelagh195
03 May 1852BradleyAliceJohnBradleyAliceCassidyFallagloon117
23 May 1852BradlyJosephJamesBradleyCatherineMcKennaFallagloon162
22 Aug 1852BradlyWilliam JamesAndyBradlyBettyHoustonMaghera187
22 Aug 1852BradlyWilliam JamesAndyBradlyBettyHoustonMaghera188
25 Aug 1852BoonThomasThomasBoonCatherineLennonDrumconready188
05 Sept 1852BradlyAnnFelixBradlyAnnMcKennaKillalagh194
17 Sep 1852KaneNealBernardKaneMaryMcCayGortade125
01 Dec 1852BradleyJamesJohnBradleyMollySharkeyMaghera15
17 Apr 1853BegleyJaneWilliamBegleyJaneDonnellyMaghera135
04 June 1853BradleyWilliamMichaelBradleyBellTraceyCraigadick151
27 Jun 1853ShielsJohnRobertShielsJaneMcWilliamsLisnamuck112
29 June 1853BradleyJaneJohnBradleyMaryBradleyBiagh115
03 July 1853BradlyCatherineBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaGortanure138
13 July 1853BradlyAnnFrancisBradlyPeggyMcGowanFallagloon157
24 Jul 1853BradleyJaneBernardBradleyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK17
24 July 1853BradleyJaneBernardBradleyCatherineMcCuskerFallagloon17
10 Oct 1853BradlyMary AnnFelixBradlyPeggyMcQuillanGrillagh119
11 Dec 1853BradleyTeresaJohnBradleyMarySharkeyCraigmore123
18 Dec 1853JamiesonMargaretJohnJamiesonRosannaConveryMaghera123
23 Mar 1854BradlyAliceJohn (Rick)BradlyAllyCassidyFallagloon1160
26 Mar 1854BradlyMaryJohnBradlyMaryLaughranKillalagh1172
07 June 1854BradleyArthurJamesBradleySusanO'NeillTirgarvill1138
15 Sep 1854CassidyPatrickFrancisCassidyMargaretClerkinBallyknock121
10 Oct 1854BoonTeresaThomasBoonC.LennonDrumconready11
6 Dec 1854ShieldsElizaJosephShieldsMaryBenthorpLisnamuck11
16 Dec 1854ShielsEliza16 Dec 1854JosephShielsMaryBeuthorpe94
14 Jan 1855JenkinsMaryJosephBLANKBLANKBLANKMaghera194
19 Jan 1855BeglyBernardWilliamBeglyJaneDonnellyMaghera1162
04 Mar 1855BradleyAndyAndyBradleyBettyHastonMaghera143
04 Mar 1855BradleyAndyAndyBradleyBettyHastonMaghera143
25 Mar 1855BradleyMary AnnBernardBradleyMargaretMcEldowneyTirgarvil2
06 May 1855BradleyPatrickFelixBradleyMargaretMcQuillanTiranony143
17 June 1855BradleySarahJamesBradleySarahHeneryFallagloon117
15 July 1855BradleyMaryBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaGortanure116
05 Aug 1855BradlySarah AnnMichaelBradlyMaryMcWilliamsGranahan134
12 Aug 1855BradlyMaryFelixBradlyAnnMcKennaKillalagh134
18 Sept 1855BradleyJamesFrankBradleyPeggyMcGowanFallagloon188
30 Sept 1855BradleyJosephJamesBradleyMaryFergusonCulnagrew190
6 Oct 1855JudgeCatherineJohnJudgeNancyCrillyUpperland165
15 Nov 1855BradlyPatrickBernardBradlyCatherineCuskeranFallagloon1200
15 Nov 1855BradlyPatrickBernardBradlyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK116
25 Dec 1855BradlyMaryJohnBradleyMaryBradlyBiagh1108
02 Mar 1856BradlyCatharineJamesBradleyRoseO'NeillMaghera113
28 Mar 1856CassidyBiddyFrancisCassidyPeggyClerkinBallynock1201
22 Apr 1856BradlyJohnMichaelBradlyJaneLynchTiranony135
14 June 1865BradlyMaryDenisBradlyBiddyCrillyKillalagh135
16 July 1856BradleyBernardJohnBradleyAliceCassidyFallagloon1182
14 Sept 1856BradleyMargaretBernardBradleyRoseDoyleBallynock1
31 Oct 1865BradlyMaryMichaelBradlyMaryMcWilliamsGranhan1121
21 Nov 1856BradleySusanJohnBradleyJaneQuinnGranagan1121
22 Nov 1856CassidyPaulFrancisCassidyPeggyClerkinBallyknock259
14 Dec 1856BradlyJosephJohnBradlyMaryLaugheryKillelagh118
21 Dec 1856BeglyDominickPatBeglySusanBradlyMaghera125
27 Feb 1857BradlyBridgetBradlyBridgetBradlyTirhugh137
27 Feb 1857BradlyBridgetBLANKBLANKBridgetBradlyTirhugh143
01 Mar 1857BradlyJamesBradleyShibbyMcKennaTirkane117
12 Apr 1857KaneJamesBernardKaneMaryMcCayGortade1198
11 May 1857ShieldsJamesRobShieldsJaneMcWilliamsFallagloon17
17 May 1857ShielsJames11 May 1857RobertShielsJaneMcWilliams95
24 May 1857BradleyMatildaFelixBradleyPeggyMcQuillanTirnanony170
26 May 1857AchesonSusanDavidAchesonMaryCassidyHalfgain149
08 June 1857BradlyCatherineJohnBradleyAliceBradlyTullyheran191
12 Jun 1857BoonCharles JamesThomasBoonCatherineLennonDrumconready129
04 Aug 1857BradleyMichaelFrancisBradleyMargaretMcGowanFallagloon144
18 July 1857BradlyPeggyBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaGortanure115
1 Aug 1857ShieldsJohnJosephShieldsMaryBenthorpLisnamuck115
2 Aug 1857ShielsJohn1 Aug 1857JosephShielsMaryBeuthorpe15
7 Nov 1857O'KaneBridgetBernardO'KaneBiddyCrillyBragh215
15 Dec 1857BradleyElizabethMichaelBradleyMaryMcWilliamsGranaghan296
17 Jan 1858JudgeBridgetJohnJudgeAnnCrillyKeady296
14 Mar 1858BradleyJohnDenisBradleyBiddyKaneKillalagh262
14 Mar 1858BradleyDominickJohnBradleyJaneQuinnGranagan279
29 Apr 1858BradleyAnnJohnBradleyMaryBradleyBiagh210
5 May 1858ShielsDavidBLANKBLANKSallyShiels10
03 June 1858BradlyEllenJohnBradlyHannaCuskerBLANK268
08 Aug 1858BradleyBernardJamesBradleyMaryFergusonCulnagrew299
21 Aug 1858BradlyMichaelJohnBradlyCatherineMcKennaTullyheran2158
25 Aug 1858ShielsTeresaJamesShielsMary AnnDiamondKillalaugh2135
01 Aug 1858BradlyWilliamMichaelBradlyJaneLynchTiranony2114
05 Sept 1858BradleyIsabellaBernardBradleyRoseDoyleKillalagh27
21 Sept 1858BradlyMary AnnDenisBradlyAnnMcBrideBallyknock227
23 Oct 1858BradlyWilliamJohnBradlyMargaretMcQuillenTullyherin237
28 Oct 1858BradlyAndrewMichaelBradlyMaryGribbenGranaghan2204
19 Feb 1859BradlyMaryMichaelBradlyNancyMullenBallinahone245
25 Mar 1859O'KaneAnnBernardO'KaneMaryMcCayGortade244
06 Apr 1869BradlySusanJamesBradleyRosannaO'NeillMaghera2174
10 May 1859BradlySusannaBernardBradlyCatherineMcCuskerFallagloon268
10 May 1859BradlySusannaBernardBradlyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK267
13 May 1859ShieldsCharlesRobertShieldsJaneMcWilliamsLisnamuck258
14 May 1859ShielsCharles13 May 1859RobertShielsJaneMcWilliams23
22 May 1859BradleyCharlesJohnBradleyMaryLaughryKillelagh2192
29 May 1859KaneBernardBernardKaneBiddyCrillyBiagh22
12 June 1859BradlyAnneFrancisBradlyBiddyMcFiloneGranahan22
03 Jul 1859BradleyMary AnnBarneyBradleySusanBegleyMaghera270
03 Jul 1859BradleyMary AnnBernardBradlySusanBegleyMaghera270
20 July 1859BradleyMaryJohnBradleyJaneQuinnGranaghan2
29 July 1859BradleyLawerenceBernardBradleyRosyMcKennaTirkane2107
30 Oct 1859BradleyPatMichaelBradleyMaryMcWilliamsGranaghan281
05 Feb 1860BradleyMaryJohnBradleyCatherineMcKennaTullyherrin194
17 Mar 1860CassidyRoseFrancisCassidyPeggyClerkinBallynock210
18 Mar 1860BradleyMaryJohnBradleySusanKellySlaughtneal291
25 Mar 1860BradleyDomnickDenisBradleyBiddyCrillyKillalagh291
04 Apr 1860BradleyPatrickFrancisBradleyCatherineMcShaneTirhugh21
15 Apr 1860BradleyPatJamesBradleyMageryConnorFallalea225
26 May 1860BradleyPeterMichaelBradleyMaryGribbonGranahan234
19 June 1860BradleyJohnFrancisBradleyBridgetMaloneGranahan216
24 June 1860BradlyDominickJamesBradleyRosannaO'NeillMaghera210
1 Jul 1860BegleySaraWilliamBegleyJaneDonnellyTullyherin2130
5 Aug 1860JudgeHughJohnJudgeAnnCrillyUpperland2130
19 Aug 1860ShielsJosephJosephShielsMaryBenthorpLisnamuck2181
19 Aug 1860BradleyJosephAndrewBradleyEllenKaneBLANK162
19 Aug 1860BradleyJosephAndrewBradleyEllenKaneBLANK267
23 Sept 1860BradleyJohnJohnBradleyMaryBradleyBiagh222
31 Oct 1860BradleyBernardBernardBradleySusanBegleyMaghera239
31 Oct 1860BradleyBernardBernardBradleySusanBegleyMaghera238
01 Nov 1860BradleyJosephJamesBradleyBridgetMcCayTullyheran238
08 Nov 1860BradleyCatherineBernardBradleyBridgetMcBrideFallagloon2185
11 Nov 1860O'KaneArchyAnthonyO' KaneAnnHegartyGortade2185
15 Nov 1860BradleyBridgetFrancisBradleyMaryBradleyTirhugh213
24 Dec 1860BradleyRosyFrancisBradleyPeggyMcGowanFallagloon120
05 Jan 1861BradleySusanBernardBradleyCatherineMcCuskerFallagloon260
05 Jan 1861BradleySusanBernardBradleyCatherineMcCoskerBLANK2118
27 Jan 1861O'KaneMary JaneBernardO'KaneMaryMcCayGortade237
25 Feb 1861BradleyIsabellaJamesBradleyEllenTowmanTirkane2170
10 Mar 1861O'KanePatrickBernardO'KaneBiddyCrillyByagh277
28 Mar 1861BegleyPatPatBegleyMollyO'KaneMaghera224
30 Mar 1861BradleyBridgetJohnBradleyJaneQuinGranagan2
11 May 1861BradleyCatherineJohnBradleyNancyCassidyFallagloon260
22 May 1861BradleyCharlesMichaelBradleyJaneLynchTirmoney260
11 June 1861BradleyAliciaFelixBradleyPeggyMcQuillanTirnoney250
23 June 1861BradleyElizabethFelixBradleyAnnMcKennaKillelagh267
19 July 1861BradleyJamesJohnBradleyMaryKaneFalgatrevy210
02 Aug 1861BradleyJosephJohnBradleyMargaretMcAnullaFalgatrevy24
6 Aug 1861ShielsAgatha JaneRobertShieldsJaneMcWilliamsDrumbellyhagan24
10 Aug 1861BradleyPeterMichaelBradleyMargaretMcWilliamsGranahan233
08 Oct 1861BradlyCatherineJohnBradleyRoseTullyCloverhill233
28 Oct 1861BradleyBridgetJamesBradleyShibbyMcKennaTirkane229
28 Oct 1861BradleyBridgetJamesBradleyShibbyMcKennaTirkane2193
30 Nov 1861BradleyIsabellaBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaGortanure229
30 Nov 1861BradleyIsabellaBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaGortanure268
2 Dec 1861AchesonAndrewDavidAchesonMaryCassidyGortanure219
19 Dec 1861JohnstonJohnRobertJohnstonBessyBrooksMaghera283
12 Jan 1862BradleyIsabellaJohnBradleyCatherineMcKennaTullyherin219
09 Feb 1862BradleyTeresaJamesBradleyRoseanneO'NeillMaghera2155
04 Mar 1862BradleyFelixFelixBradleyMaggieMcNoherFalalea274
29 Mar 1862BradleyPatrickCornelusBradleyMatildaOneilFallagoon274
5 May 1862ShieldsDavidBLANKBLANKSallyShieldsGranaghan226
10 May 1862BradleyMaryMichaelBradleyMaryuGribbonGranahan21
28 May 1862BradleyJane PenelopeBernardBradleySallyMcBrideFallagloon245
29 Jun 1862ShieldsEllenBLANKBLANKBLANKBLANKFallagloon251
19 Sep 1862BegleyJohnWilliamBegleyJaneDonnellyMaghera2180
24 Sep 1862BegleyMaryPatrickBegleyMollyKaneMaghera231
04 Nov 1862BradleyAnnJohnBradleySusanKellySlaughtneal287
09 Nov 1862BradleyMaryFrancisBradleyKateMcShaneTirhugh20
15 Nov 1862O'KaneJosephBernardO'KaneBiddy JaneO'NeillTamnymullen242
21 Feb 1863BradleySarahJamesBradleyAliceBradleyMaghera228
15 Mar 1863BenthorpMariaRobertBenthorpRoseDooganTirkane288
22 Mar 1863JudgeAnnJohnJudgeAnnCrillyUpperland295
31 Mar 1863BradleySara JaneJamesBradleyBridgetMcCayTullyherin228
06 Apr 1863BradleyPatrickJohnBradleyMaryBradleyBiagh2
03 May 1863BradlyHenryFelixBradlyMargaretMcQuillanTiranoney213
09 May 1863BradleyJosephFrancisBradleyMaryBradleyTirhugh230
14 June 1863BradleyAndrewJamesBradleyJaneQuinnGranahan2148
07 Aug 1863BradleyMaryBernardBradleyBridgetMcBrideFallagloon296
25 Sept 1863BradleyMargaretJohnBradleyAliceCassidyFallagloon275
03 Nov 1863BradleyMargaretJohnBradleyMargaretMcAnullaTullyheron278
24 Nov 1863BradleyJohnJohnBradleyAnneCassidyFallagloon278
19 Dec 1863BradleyMargaretJohnBradleyAnnO'NeillTirgarvil2162
20 Dec 1863BradlyJames BernardJohnBradlyMargaretTallyCloverhill252
26 Dec 1863BradlyAnthonyMichaelBradlyMaryMcWilliamsGranaghan244
10 Jan 1864BradleyMichaelDenisBradleyAnnMcBrideBallynock275
12 Jan 1864BradlyJohnCorneliusBradlyMatildaOneilLallagloon2197
31 Jan 1864BradleyPatrickJohnBradleyCatherineMcKennaTullyheron287
15 Feb 1864AtkinsonJohnDavidAtkinsonMaryCassidyGortanure210
17 Feb 1864BradlyAnnDanielBradlyRoseBradlyMaghera234
13 May 1864BradlyMarianJamesBradleyMageyConnorFallalea2183
07 Jun 1864BradleyEdwardBernardBradleyMargaretBradleyFallagloon248
07 June 1864BradleyEdwardBernardBradleyMargaretBradleyFallagloon2116
20 July 1864BradleyMargaret AnnJohnBradleyAnnBradleyFallagloon212
28 July1864BradleyAndrewFrancisBradleyBridgetMaloneGranaghan212
21 Aug 1864BradleyMichaelMichaelBradleyJaneLynchTiranony212
26 Sept 1864BradlyBridgidFrancisBradlyKateMcShaneTirhugh218
26 Oct 1864BegleyJosephPatrickBegleyMaryO'KaneMaghera225
12 Nov 1864BradlySaraMichaelBradlyMaryGribbenGranahan2122
05 Jan 1865BradlyKateFelixBradlyMargaretMcQuillanTirmoney26
22 Jan 1865O'KaneMaryBernardO'KaneBiddy JaneO'NeillByagh2110
02 Mar 1865BradleySusanBernardBradleySusanBegleyMaghera2174
02 Mar 1865BradleySusanBernardBradleySusanBegleyMaghera216
17 June 1865BradlyBernardJamesBradleyRoseMcEldowneyMaghera2
24 Jun 1865SheilsElizabethJosephSheilsCatherineMcWilliamsMaghera258
24 June 1865BradlySarahBernardBradleyBridgetMcBrideFallagloon267
25 Jun 1865ShielsElizabethJosephShielsCatherineMcWilliams????Cathrine Cox? Or Jane McWilliams? Needs to be checked11
25 Oct 1865ShielsPatick SamuelRobertShielsJaneMcWilliamsDrumballyhagan286
29 Oct 1865KaneCatherineAnthonyKaneMarianHegartyGortade2109
29 Oct 1865ShielsPatrickRobertShielsJaneMcWilliams52
09 Nov 1865BradlyBernardJohnBradleyNancyBradlyFallagloon279
03 Dec 1865BradlyDominickJosephBradlyMargaretO'KaneTirhugh272
30 Jan 1866BradlyBernardJohnBradlyMargaretTullyCloverhill220
15 Feb 1866BradlyJohnJohnBradlyNancyCassidyFallagloon2113
28 Feb 1866BradlyRoseDanielBradlyRoseBradlyBallyrurok220
11 Mar 1866BradlyBernardBernardBradlyMargaretBradlyFallagloon2
11 Mar 1866BradlyBernardBernardBradlyMargaretBradlyFallagloon218
18 Mar 1866BradlyCatherineJohnBradlyMargaretMcAnullaMaghera245
29 Mar 1866BradlyElizabethCorneiliusBradlyMatildaO'NeillMaghera2
23 May 1866BradleyJohnDenisBradleyAnnMcBrideBallyknock236
21 Aug 1866McFallJamesJohnMcFallMaryShiels25
02 Sept 1866BradlyMichaelBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaGortanure296
8 Sep 1866AchesonMaryDavidAchesonMaryCassidyGortanure292
23 Oct 1866BeglyMargaretWilliamBeglyJaneDonnellyMaghera252
20 Nov 1866BradlyJamesJosephBradlyMargaretKaneTirhugh273
21 Nov 1866BradlyJohnFelixBradlyMargaretMcQuillanTiranony28
09 Dec 1866BradlyAndrewJohnBradlySusannaKellySlaughtnail227
30 Dec 1866BegleyJamesPatrickBegleyMollyO'KaneMaghera262
12 Jan 1867BradlyPatrichMichaelBradlyJaneLynchTiranony283
28 Mar 1867BradleyBridgetJamesBradleyRoseMcEldoneyMaghera237
07 Mar 1867BradleyMargaretJamesBradleyMargaretConnorFallalea220
10 Mar 1867KanePatrickBernardO'KaneBiddy JaneO'NeillByagh220
05 May 1867BradleyDanielDomnickBradleySallyO'neilSlaghtneil24
07 May 1867BradleyCatherineJohnBradleyAnnBradleyFallagloon228
15 May 1867BradleyPatrickBernardBradleyBridgetMcBrideFallagloon2
24 Aug 1867BradleyHughJamesBradleyAnnConveryFallalea278
01 Sep 1867BradlyAnnBernardBradlySusanBeglyMaghera278
01 Sept 1867BradlyAnnBernardBradlySusanBeglyMaghera2140
08 Dec 1867BradleyFrancisJohnBradleyJaneQuinnGranaghan2204
24 Dec 1867JudgeElizabethJohnJudgeNancyCraig (Crilly??)Upperland222
24 Dec 1867JudgeMaryJohnJudgeNancyCraig (Crilly??)Upperland262
08 Feb 1868BradleyMaryIsaacBradleyJaneLaganCoralacky299
17 Mar 1868KanePatrickAnthonyKaneMaryannHegartyGortade2116
25 Mar 1868BradleyJosephJosephBradleyMargaretKaneTirhugh217
06 Apr 1868BradlyDanielAndrewBradlyEllenMcLaughlinFallalea265
06 Apr 1868BradlyDanielAndrewBradlyEllenMcLaughlinFallalea271
02 May 1868BradleyJamesCorneliusBradleyMatildaOneilMaghera2205
11 Jun 1868BradlyJamesBernardBradleyMargaretMcEldowneyTirgarvil237
27 June 1868BradlyBernardJohnBradleyMaryCassidyFallagloon269
05 Jul 1868BradleyCatherineBernardBradleyPeggyBradleyFallagloon2
06 June 1868BradlyCatherineBernardBradlyPeggyBradlyFallagloon24
12 Jul 1868BradlySarahJohnBradlyPeggyMcNullaTullyheron2190
12 Oct 1868BradlySusanJamesBradleyRoseMcEldowneyMaghera2147
30 Oct 1868BradlyElizabethJohnBradlyMargaretTallyCloverhill2147
02 Nov 1868BradleyEllenHughBradleyMaryCushnahanBallinahone277
14 Dec 1868BradlyAliciaDenisBradlyNancyGallagherBrackagh2
27 Dec 1868JudgePatrickWilliamJudgeElizaMcGuckianGortaid246
2 Jan 1869KaneCatherine ElizabethBernardO'KaneBiddy JaneO'NeillBiagh253
04 Jan 1869BradleyJohnJohnBradleyNancyBradleyFallagloon229
9 Jan 1869AdamsMaryRobertAdamsMaryKaneCorlecky263
17 Jan 1869AchesonAnnDavidAchesonMaryCassidyGortanure222
24 Jan 1869ScottAllyThomasScottNancyTohill7
22 Feb 1869BradleyRoseBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaGortanure216
26 Feb 1869BegleyBernardPatBegleyMollyO'KaneMaghera21
27 Feb 1869BradlyPatrickDenisBradlyAnnMcBrideBallyknock288
06 June 1869BradlyBernardBernardBradleyBiddyMcBrideFallagloon224
25 Sep 1869AtkinsonMarthaDavidAtkinsonMaryCassidyGortanure256
23 Oct 1869BradleyDanielAndrewBradleyAnnMcKennaFallagloon278
23 Oct 1869BradleyDanielAndrewBradleyAnnMcKennaFallagloon278
26 Oct 1869BradlyHughMichaelBradlyJaneLynchTiranony253
07 Nov 1869BradlyAnnFelixBradlyPeggyMcQuillanTiranony297
09 Feb 1870BradlyBridgetJamesBradleyMageyConnorFallalea236
16 Feb 1870KaneJames AlphonsusAnthonyKaneMarianHegartyGortade216
08 Apr 1870BradlySarah AnnJohnBradlyAnnDimondMaghera2
28 May 1870BradleyJosephCorneiliusBradlyMatildaO'NeillMaghera2165
10 June 1870BradleyJosephMichaelBradleySarahMcKinleyGranaghan2134
17 July 1870BradlyElizabethIsaacBradlyAnn JaneLaganKnockoneil2145
19 Nov 1870BradleyFrancisJohnBradleyNancyCassidyFallagloon235
27 Nov 1870BradlyMargaretBernardBradleyMargaretMcEldowneyTirgarvil282
18 Dec 1870BradleyFrancisJohnBradleyMargaretTallyCloverhill282
23 Dec 1870BradlyMaryJohnBradleyNancyBradlyFallagloon2128
29 Dec 1870BegleyElizabethPatrickBegleyMollyO'KaneMaghera24
04 Feb 1871BradlyJamesJamesBradleyRoseMcEldowneyMaghera236
22 Feb 1871BradlyWilliamHughBradlyMaryCushnahanBallinahone248
1 Mar 1871JudgeMichaelWilliamJudgeElizaMcGuckianUpperlands248
5 Mar 1871AtchisonJamesDavidAtchinsonMaryCassidyGortanure269
29 May 1871BradleypatrickDenisBradleyNancyGallagherFallagloon285
26 Jun 1871BradleyPatrickAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon212
06 July 1861BradlyAnnBernardBradleyBridgetMcBrideFallagloon271
07 July 1871BradlyHughJohnBradlyAnnDimondMaghera214
05 Nov 1871BradlyAnnHughBradlyMaryConveryFallalea241
03 Dec 1871BradlyBridgetFelixBradlyPeggyMcQuillanTiranony241
03 Dec 1871BradlyBernardJosephBradlyMargaretKaneTirhugh2
03 Jan 1872BradlySussansDenisBradlyAnnMcBrideBallyknock219
3 Feb 1872JamesonMaryJohnJamiesonPeggyMcElhoneCraigadie2158
02 Mar 1872BradleyJaneJohnBradleyJaneQuinnGranaghan2158
10 Mar 1872BradlyPatrickMichaelBradlySarahMcKinleyGranaghan231
14 Jun 1872JohnsonRobertWilliamJohnsonRebeccaGribbenMaghera275
09 July 1872BradleyMargaretBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaByagh211
29 Jul 1872KaneBiddy JaneBernardO'KaneBiddy JaneO'NeillByagh231
09 Nov 1872BradlyAnnaAndyBradlyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon2
09 Nov 1872BradlyAnnaAndyBradlyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon2199
15 Nov 1872BradlyDominickJohnBradleyNancyBradlyFallagloon277
16 Dec 1872BradleyMary AnnBernardBradleyPeggyBradleyFallagloon297
16 Dec 1872BradleyMary AnnBernardBradleyPeggyBradleyFallagloon287
28 Jan 1873KaneSusanAnthonyKaneMarianHegartyGortade225
25 Feb 1873BradlyAnnabellaJamesBradleyRoseMcEldowneyMaghera263
6 Jun 1873JudgeWilliam JohnWilliamJudgeMaryMcGuckianUpperland281
13 Aug 1873BradlyJohnJohnBradlyMaryTullyCloverhill281
15 July 1873BradlyMaryMichaelBradlyJaneLynchTirmony220
20 July 1873BradlyHughBernardBradleyPeggyMcEldowneyTirgarvil2147
21 Jul 1873JohnsonJohnJohnJohnsonSarahCoyleMaghera24
27 July 1873BradlyJamesJohnBradlyAnnDiamondMaghera2186
07 Aug 1873BradleyDomnickJohnBradleyNancyCassidyFallagloon276
10 Aug 1873BradlyAndrewHughBradlyMaryCushnahanMilltown244
30 Sept 1873BradleyMarianDenisBradleyNancyGallagherFallagloon2100
24 Oct 1873BradleyBridgetHughBradleyMaryConveryFallalea215
09 Nov 1873BradleyCatherine JaneMichaelBradleySarahMcKinleyGranaghan262
30 Nov 1873BradleyRosanneBernardBradleyMargaretBradleyFallagloon2
30 Nov 1873BradleyRoseanneBernardBradleyMargaretBradleyFallagloon294
1 Mar 1874AchesonPatrickDavidAchesonMaryCassidyGortanure26
21 June 1874BradlyDenisDenisBradlyAnnMcBrideBallyknock210
1 Jul 1874BlackJamesJamesBlackRoseMcKennaFallalea242
08 July 1874BradlyAnnJohnBradleyNancyBradlyFallagloon279
16 Feb 1875BradleyMary JaneJohnBradleyAnnDiamondMaghera279
16 May 1875BradleyPeterIsaacBradleyAnn JaneLaganTirnony2125
19 Jun 1875JudgeThomasWilliamJudgeElizaMcGuckianTyrgarvel291
07 July 1875BradleyMaryHughBradleyMaryConveryFallalea289
26 July 1875BradleyJohnMichaelBradleySarahMcKinleyGranaghan27
03 Oct 1875BradleyJamesAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon233
04 Oct 1875BradleyJosephJohnBradleyNancyCassidyFallagloon28
23 Oct 1875BradleyJamesAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon224
21 Nov 1875BradleyJohnJosephBradleyMargaretKaneTirhugh283
01 Dec 1875BradleyRosanneJohnBradleyMargaretTullyCloverhill285
05 Dec 1875BradleyCatherineBernardBradleyMargaretMcEldowneyTirgarvil29
27 Dec 1875BradleyMary AnneAlickBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera292
27 Dec1875BradleyMary AnnAlickBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera225
12 Mar 1876BradleyHughHughBradleyMaryCushnahanCraigadick273
14 Mar 1876BradleyThomasAndrewBradleySarahKaneGortanure284
14 Mar 1876BradleyThomasAndrewBradleySarahKaneGortanure292
24 Apr 1876AtchisonBiddy JaneDanielAtchisonMaryCassidyGortanure245
21 May 1876KaneEllenBernardO'KaneBiddy JaneO'NeillBiagh286
04 June 1876BradleyHenry JohnJamesBradleyRoseMcEldowneyMaghera288
01 July 1876BradleyThomasJohnBradleyAnnBradleyFallagloon288
19 Oct 1876ShieldsRobert AndersonJamesShieldsEllenLyttleFallagloon2130
1 Nov 1876ShielsRobert19 Oct 1876JamesShielsEllenLittle68
05 Nov 1876BradleyTeresaJohnBradleyAnneDiamondMaghera254
26 Dec 1876BradleyAnneDenisBradleyAnneMcBrideBallynock2165
20 Jan 1877BradleyDanielDanielBradleySarahMcClarnonFallagloon2199
6 Feb 1877O' KaneMary ElizabethAnthonyO' KaneMary AnneHegartyGortade27
05 Apr 1887BradleyAnnieAndrewBradleyBridgetNeesonFallagloon3109
10 Apr 1877BradleyJohnAlexanderBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera228
10 Apr 1877BradleyJohnAlexanderBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera249
17 Apr 1877BradleyMaryAndrewBradleyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon221
17 Apr 1877BradleyMaryAndrewBradleyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon221
24 Jun 1877JudgeHughWilliamJudgeElizaMcGuckianTirgarvil221
18 Aug 1877BradleyMaryBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaBiagh221
01 Nov 1877BradleyFrancisJohnBradleySusanKaneGortanure228
07 Nov 1877BradleyPatrickHughBradleyMaryConveryFallalea248
25 Dec 1877BradleyJohnBernardBradleyRoseMcCreanorFallagloon248
10 Apr 1878BradlyBridgetJohnBradleyNancyBradleyFallagloon245
16 Apr 1878KaneMargaretBernardO'KaneBiddy JaneO'NeillBiagh269
5 May 1878KaneJoseph PatrickAnthonyKaneMary AnneHegartyGortade269
24 May 1878BradleyEdwardJosephBradleyPeggyKaneTirhugh211
26 May 1878BradleyJamesFrancisBradleyMaryMcEntireMaghera261
18 Aug 1878SharkeyMary JaneJohnSharkeyMatildaBradleyFallagloon261
18 Aug 1878BradleySara AnnIsaacBradleySara AnneLaganMaghera2202
21 Aug 1878BradleyEdwardAlexanderBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera2202
21 Aug 1878BradleyEdwardAlexanderBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera246
22 Sep 1878BradleyJosephineAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon2111
22 Sept 1878BradleyJosephineAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon2111
19 Nov 1878BradleyJohnJohnBradleyAnneDiamondMaghera214
06 Dec 1878BradleyHughJohnBradleyMargaretTallyCloverhill210
13 Dec 1878BoleBLANKAlexanderBoleSara MariaMcGuckianMaghera210
04 Jan 1879BradleyEllenMichaelBradleySaraMcKinleyGranahan262
25 Mar 1879BradleyJamesAndrewBradleyBiddyNeesonFallagloon2157
25 Mar 1879BradleyJamesAndrewBradleyBiddyNeesonFallagloon243
30 Mar 1879BradleyNealDenisBradleyAnnieMcBrideBallynock254
7 May 1879JudgeHughWilliamJudgeElizaMcGuckianTirgarvil287
09 July 1879BradlyJohnBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaBiagh26
14 Sep 1879ShovelinPatrickTagueShovelinMaryIrvineMaghera26
24 Oct 1879BoyleMaryJamesBoyleSarahMcMasterKeady252
24 Oct 1879BoyleMaryJamesBoyleSarahMcMasterKeady229
08 Dec 1879BradleyBernardJamesBradleyAnneConveryFallalea293
29 Dec 1879BradleyJohnFrancisBradleyMaryMcAteerMaghera234
04 Jan 1880BradleymargaretHughBradleyMaryConveryFallalea260
06 Jan 1880BradleyMichaelJosephBradleyPeggyO'KaneTirhugh297
09 Apr 1880BradleyMarthaAndrewBradleySallyO'KaneGortanure237
09 Apr 1880BradleyMarthaAndrewBradleySallyO'KaneGortanure227
23 May 1880BradleyThomasAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon235
23 May 1880BradleyThomasAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon2189
20 June 1880BradleyThomasMichaelBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera215
29 Jun 1880ShielsEllenAdult Pres37
09 July 1880BradleyAnneMichaelBradleySarahMcKinleyGranahan231
16 Sept 1880BradleyCharlesBernardBradleyRosanneMcKennaBiagh231
25 Sept 1880BradleyMary JaneJamesBradleySusannaMcKeagneyKeady219
28 Sept 1880BradleyMichaelJohnBradleyAnneDiamondMaghera251
26 Dec 1880BradleyMary EllenJamesBradleyAnneConveryFallalea290
05 Feb 1881BradleyRosannaJamesBradleyMaggie AnnLaganMaghera227
26 Aug 1881BradleyAmbroseJosephBradleyPeggyO'KaneTirhugh2129
09 Oct 1881BradleyMaryAndrewBradleyBiddyNeesonDrumballyhaggan24
09 Oct 1881BradleyMaryAndrewBradleyBiddyNeesonFallagloon217
23 Oct 1881BradleyThomasDennisBradleyAnnMcBrideBallynock217
3 Jan 1882ShielsEllenJamesShielsEllenLittleFallagloon283
6 Jan 1882ShielsEllen3 Jan 1882JamesShielsMarthaMcAllister2
30 Jan 1882BradleyAlfredBernardBradleyMaryMcFaddenMaghera253
26 Feb 1882KaneIsabellaAnthonyKaneMary A.HegartyGortade282
19 Mar 1882BradleyEllenJamesBradleySusannaMcKeagneyKeady259
27 Mar 1882BradleyJohnJohnBradleySusanKaneGortanure28
17 June 1882BradlyEdwardMichaelBradlySarahMcKinleyGranahan283
18 July 1872BradleyAnnHughBradleyMaryConveryFallalea2
10 Aug 1882BradleyFrancsisHughBradleySarahBradleyFallagloon2157
22 Nov 1882BradlyMichaelBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaBiagh21
10 Dec 1882BradleyTeresaAlexBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera219
10 Dec 1882BradleyTeresaAlexBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera234
31 Dec 1882JudgeOwenWilliamJudgeElizaMcGuckianTirgarvil231
26 Feb 1883BradleyJohnAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon27
26 Feb 1883BradleyJohnAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon254
11 Mar 1883BradleyMichaelJamesBradleySusanMcKeagneyKeady2119
17 Mar 1883BradleySaraJamesBradleyMargaret AnneLaganMaghera295
11 Mar 1884BradleyMichaelJamesBradleySusannaMcKeagneyKeady295
30 Mar 1884KaneDanielAnthonyKaneMary J.HegartyGortade241
30 Mar 1884Bradley EllenHughBradleyMaryConveryFallalea233
15 Apr 1884BradleyAndrewAndrewBradleyBridgidNeesonBallynahone2
15 Apr 1884BradleyAndrewAndrewBradleyBrigidNeesonFallagloon25
08 May 1884BradleySarah JaneJohnBradleySusanKaneGortanure257
25 May 1884BradleyWilliam JamesBernardBradleyMaryMcFaddenMaghera2110
08 Nov 1884BradlyAndrewDenisBradlyAnnMcBrideBallynock286
26 Dec 1844BradleyWilliamAndrewBradleyAnnMcKennaFallagloon2
26 Dec 1884BradleyWilliamAndrewBradleyAnnMcKennaFallagloon2123
10 Feb 1885BradleyBridgetJamesBradleySusannaMcKeagneyKeady229
02 Mar 1855BradleyJamesJamesBradleyMargaret AnnLaganMaghera229
11 Apr 1885BegleyMartha JaneBernardBegleyAnneMcAlisterMaghera2
11 Apr 1885BradleyDavidBernardBradleyRoseMcKennaBiagh2120
29 Nov 1855BradleyCatherineAlickBradleyCatherineMcMannusMaghera237
29 Nov 1885BradleyCatherineAlickBradleyCatherineMcManusMaghera234
17 Mar 1886BradleyThomasHughBradleySusanBradleyFallagloon286
10 Apr 1886BradleyBernardBernardBradleyMaryMcFaddenMaghera2132
11 Jul 1886ScottAnn26 Jun 1886JohnScottNancyMcKenna15
12 Sep 1886BradleyMatildaAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon279
12 sept 1886BradleyMatildaAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon291
20 Feb 1887BradleyCatherine AnnJamesBradleySusanMcKeagneyKeady290
05 Apl 1887BradleyAnnieAndrewBradleyBridgetNeesonMaghera3115
08 Dec 1887BradleyJamesHughBradleySarahBradleyFallagloon317
10 Jan 1888BegleyAnneBernardBegleyAnneMcAllisterMaghera317
04 Feb 1888BradleyAliceHughBradleyMaryConveryFallalea363
23 Feb 1888BradleyMargaretJohnBradleyMaryMaloneMaghera263
27 Mar 1888BradleyJohnAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon38
27 Mar 1888BradleyJohnAndrewBradleyAnneMcKennaFallagloon344
27 Jan 1890BradleyMargaretAndrewBradleyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon335
27 Jan 1890BradleyMargaretAndrewBradleyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon335
09 Feb 1890BradleyJosephAndrewBradleyBridgetNeesonMaghera3184
09 Feb 1890BradleyJosephAndrewBradleyBridgetNeesonFallagloon363
24 May 1890JudgeOwenBLANKBLANKBLANKBLANKTirgarvil288
10 June 1890BradleyHughHughBradleySarahBradleyFallagloon325
17 Nov 1890BlackMarySamuelBlackRachelMcWilliamsBLANK3116
12 Oct 1891BradleyJohn JosephBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallagloon322
12 Oct 1891BradleyPatrickBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallagloon33
12 Oct 1891BradleyJohn JosephBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallayloon313
12 Oct 1891BradleyPatrickBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallayloon313
15 Feb 1892BoonMaryWilliamBoonJaneDonnellyKirley3196
10 Sep 1892JudgeElizabethJohnJudgeSarahCrillyMackna3113
16 Sept 1892BradleyRosannaAndrewBradleyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon312
08 Jan 1893BradleyRoseJamesBradleyBridgetCallaghanMaghera3
2 Apr 1893BegleyMargaretBernardBegleyAnnieMcAllisterMaghera253
10 May 1894BradleyMichaelBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallagloon3
10 May 1894BradleyMichaelBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallagloon33
22 Nov 1894BradleyJames JosephJamesBradleyBridgetCallaghanMaghera377
28 Nov 1895BellElizabethGeorgeBellMarthaKieltGulladuff317
17 Mar 1869BradleyAndrewAndrewBradleyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon3173
17 Mar 1896BradleyAndrewAndrewBradleyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon373
16 Jul 1896BradleyBernardBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallagloon370
16 July 1896BradleyBernardBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallagloon3
06 Aug 1896BradleyPatrickJamesBradleyBridgetCallaghanMaghera3
17 Nov 1896BradleyJaneFrancisBradleyAnneCassidyFallalea339
02 Dec 1896BradleyJohnJohnBradleySarahConveryFallagloon331
01 Jan 1897BradleyBernardBernardBradleyPeggyMcEldowneyTirgarvil262
06 Sep 1897BradleyMary TeresaBernardBradleyTeresaConveryFallagloon334
06 Sept 1897BradleyMary TeresaBernardBradleyTeresaConveryFallagloon3138
16 Sep 1897BradleyRosannaAndrewBradleyAnnieMcKennaFallagloon3184
6 Mar 1898BegleyMaryBernardBegleyAnnieMcAlisterMaghera325
28 June 1898BradleyNealJohnBradleySarahConveryFallagloon380
10 July 1898BradleyDanielJamesBradleyBrigidO'CallaghanMaghera31
30 Oct 1898BradleyAliceBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallagloon3133
30 Oct 1898BradleyAliceBernardBradleyMargaretCrillyFallagloon3121
28 Jul 1899BradleyPaulBernardBradleyTeresaConveryFallagloon336
28 July 1899BradleyPaulBernardBradleyTeresaConveryFallagloon345
16 January 1900BradleyBridgid MaryJamesBradleyBrigidCallaghanMaghera395

Transcribed by the late Clark Shiels and Denver Boyd

Maghera Presbyterian Church Baptisms (1878-1916)

These are selected Maghera Presbyterian Church Baptisms (1878-1916) and not the complete baptismal record. It is anitcipated that MG will be able to upload the full baptism records in due course.

NumberBaptism DateChild's NameDate of BirthFather's NameMother's NameResidenceComment
10 Mar 1878Robert Anderson Lytle28 Dec 1877William Shiels LytleFanny GrahamTullyheron
7 Apr 1878Martha Elizabeth Paul21 Jun 1876John PaulNancy ArmourCurragh
19 Apr 1878Anna Mary Patterson1 Dec 1861William PattersonElizabeth ShielsCraigmore
10384 Nov 1879Hannah Jane Hazlett13 Jul 1878Hugh HazlettRebecca GrahamBallymacilcurr
10434 Nov 1878David Paul17 Apr 1878James PaulElizabeth BlackCulnady
10476 Oct 1878David James Paul28 May 1878John PaulNancy ArmourCurragh
6 Oct 1878Margaret Shiels Graham22 May 1878Robert GrahamNancy ShielsTamneymullan
10544 May 1879Sarah Clark18 Apr 1878George ClarkMargaret NeillyCraigmore
2 Mar 1879Martha Smyth Shiels22 Aug 1878William ShielsEliza ScottKnocknakielt
2 Mar 1879William Crawford12 Aug 1878John CrawfordJane GrahamKnocknakieltThis MUST be Jane Shiels (but recorded as Jane Graham in error)
10602 Mar 1879Henry Graham Crawford11 Aug 1878James CrawfordJane GrahamKnocknakielt
2 Mar 1879Fanny Shiels24 Oct 1878Robert ShielsElizabeth GrahamMoneymore
6 Apr 1879Joseph Alexander Shiels5 Nov 1878William ShielsMargaret ShielsCrew
6 Apr 1879Mary Anderson24 Nov 1878Thomas AndersonBella FlemingFalgortrevey
7 Mar 1880Annie Lytle4 Aug 1879William LytleMargaret GrahamTirnoney
7 Mar 1880Nancy Shiels12 Apr 1879Joseph ShielsEllen Jane CousleyMullagh
4 Apr 1880Fanny Elizabeth Graham24 Dec 1879Robert GrahamNancy Anne ShielsTamneymullan
5 May 1880Matthew Thomas? Hugh Shiels30 Sep 1879William ShielsElizabeth ScottKnocknakielt
5 May 1880Matilda McClelland? ShielsBLANKRobert ShielsMargaret BoltonTamneymartin
11034 Jul 1880Elizabeth Shiels9 Apr 1880Thomas ShielsMary Ann GrahamKnocknakielt
11064 Jul 1880Andrew Shiels28 Dec 1879James ShielsMargaret LyleCraigadick
11092 Nov 1880Martha Paul16 Nov 1879James PaulEliza BlackCulnady
3 Jul 1881Jane Shiels10 Apr 1881Robert ShielsElizabeth GrahamMoneymore
10 Oct 1882Maggie Clark26 Aug 1880George ClarkMargaret NeillyCraigmore
18 Oct 1882Elizabeth Graham29 Aug 1882Robert GrahamNancy ShielsTamneymullan
12 Nov 1882William John Paul17 May 1873James PaulEliza HoustonCarricknakielt
12 Nov 1882James Paul28 Dec 1876James PaulEliza HoustonCarricknakielt
12 Nov 1882Samuel? Paul23 Mar 1878James PaulEliza HoustonCarricknakieltMUST be Sarah!!!
12 Nov 1882Christy Boyd5 Aug 1882Christy BoydSarah Jane PorterCarricknakielt
12 Nov 1882David Boyd5 Aug 1882Christy BoydSarah Jane PorterCarricknakielt
2 Jun 1883John Anderson12 Mar 1883Thomas AndersonIsabella FlemingTullyheron
Nov 1883Thomas Clark29 Jun 1883George ClarkMargaret NeillyCraigmore
2 Dec 1883Lizzie Smyth29 Jan 1883James SmythNancy SmythTirgarvil
Jan 1884Hugh Graham Barkley18 Nov 1883Hugh Graham BarkleyMary LyonsMaghera
6 Jul 1884Isabella Fleming Shiels Graham1 Mar 1884Robert GrahamNancy Anderson ShielsTamneymartin
1 Mar 1885William Sheils19 Oct 1884Robert ShielsElizabeth GrahamMoneymore
4 May 1885Jane Steele13 May 1884Joseph SteeleNancy Ann SmythKnocknakielt
2 Nov 1885Lizzie Shiels11 Sep 1885James ShielsMargaret LyleFalgortrevey
2 Nov 1885Samuel Anderson24 Oct 1885Thomas AndersonIsabella FlemingFalgortrevey
2 Nov 1885Lizzie Fleming12 Feb 1885James FlemingMatilda ClarkMacknagh
2 Nov 1885Henry John Graham22 Aug 1885Robert GrahamNancy ShielsTamneymartin
3 May 1886John Anderson27 Jan 1886Samuel AndersonElizabeth GloverFalgortrevey
3 May 1886Samuel James Steele15 Nov 1885Joseph SteeleNancy Ann SmythKnocknakielt
2 Sep 1886John Kennedy Paul1 Feb 1886Joshua PaulLizzie Jane McCoolCrew
5 Sep 1886John Robert Smyth24 Oct 1885James SmythNancy SmythGorteade
Nov 1886James Crawford22 May 1886James CrawfordJane GrahamKnocknakielt
Nov 1886Henry John Porter28 Jun 1886Henry PorterJane GrahamKnocknakielt
Nov 1886Henry Graham Shiels27 Jun 1886Thomas ShielsMary Ann GrahamKnocknakielt
2 May 1887Matilda Lyttle26 Jan 1887Samuel LyttleHannah MayberryMoneysharvin
4 Sep 1887John Shiels14 Feb 1887Robert ShielsElizabeth GrahamMoneymore
2 Nov 1887Lucella? Anderson Graham29 Aug 1887Robert GrahamNancy ShielsTamneymullan
7 May 1888Samuel Clark Anderson25 Jan 1888Samuel AndersonElizabeth GloverFalgortrevey
7 May 1888Thomas Anderson15 Feb 1888Thomas AndersonIsabella FlemingFalgortrevey
7 May 1888Sarah Annie Paul16 Feb 1888William PaulSarah Ann McDowellTamneymartin
10 May 1888Jeanie Adelaide Lytle14 Dec 1887Thomas A LytleMargaret MayberryMagheraIn Private by leave of Session
1 Jul 1888William Shiels28 Sep 1887James ShielsMargaret LyleMilltown
Nov 1888Thomas Porter15 Mar 1888Henry PorterJane GrahamKnocknakielt
1235?Nov 1888William George Paul13 Jan 1888Joshua PaulLizzie McCoolCrewGRONI 14th June 1888
Nov 1888Archibald Moore Graham28 Jul 1888Thomas GrahamAnnie AndersonBallymacilcurr
Nov 1888Margaret Steele10 Feb 1888Joseph SteeleNancy Ann SmythKnocknakielt
Feb 1889Dora Evelyn Lynd Barkley16 Dec 1888Hugh G. BarkleyMary LyndMaghera
May 1889Thomas William Shields23 Oct 1888Thomas ShieldsMary Ann GrahamKnocknakielt
May 1889James Shiels3 Oct 1888Robert ShielsElizabeth GrahamMoneymore
May 1889Elizabeth Graham23 Nov 1888John GrahamEllen CraigCraigmore
2 Jun 1889William Lytle3 Apr 1889Thomas A LytleMargaret MayberryMaghera
5 May 1890Sarah Anderson28 Dec 1889Thomas AndersonIsabella FlemingFalgortrevey
5 May 1890Joshua Paul5 Nov 1889Joshua PaulEliza Jane McCoolCrew
Aug 1890Agnes Mary Graham6 Jun 1889Robert GrahamNancy ShielsTamneymullan
24 Oct 1890Margaret Oleana Shields5 Jul 1890Thomas ShiledsMary Ann GrahamKnocknakieltor perhaps Olivia?
3 Nov 1890Margaret Graham10 Jun 1890John GrahamEllen CraigCraigmore
3 Nov 1890Margaret Porter13 May 1890Henry PorterJane GrahamKnocknakielt
3 Nov 1890Joseph Shiels14 Jan 1890James ShielsMargaret LyleCraigadick
18 May 1891James Clark Graham14 Feb 1891Thomas GrahamAnnie AndersonBallymacilcurrGRONI says born 12th Jan 1891
18 May 1891William Thomas Anderson6 Apr 1890Samuel AndersonElizabeth GloverFalgortrevey
Nov 1891James Samuel Paul15 May 1891William PaulSarah Ann McDowellMullagh
130625 Jan 1892Robert John McClean27 Mar 1883John McCleanNancy BoydCraigmore
130725 Jan 1892Elizabeth McClean21 Nov 1884John McCleanNancy BoydCraigmore
130825 Jan 1892Matha Ann McClean5 Jan 1886John McCleanNancy BoydCraigmore
130925 Jan 1892Margaret McClean24 Dec 1888John McCleanNancy BoydCraigmore
13132 May 1891Joseph John Steele20 Mar 1891Joseph SteeleNancy Ann SmythKnocknakielt
13214 Sep 1892Henry Graham5 Apr 1891William GrahamEllen CraigCraigmoreThe minister appears to have got confused! This SHOULD be John Graham, not his brother William
13317 Nov 1892Joseph McClean3 Aug 1892John McCleanSusanna Boyd_____
13449 Apr 1893Robert Alexander Shiels20 Jun 1892Thomas ShielsMary Ann GrahamKnocknakielt
13478 May 1893William Smith Porter13 Nov 1892Henry PorterJane GrahamKnocknakielt
13529 Jul 1893Sarah Jane Quinn1 Feb 1893Robert QuinnMatilda SlossKnocknakielt
13546 Aug 1893William Kennedy Shiels24 Jan 1893William John ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
13561 Oct 1893Margaret Glasgow Graham6 Jul 1893Thomas GrahamAnnie AndersonBallymacilcurr
13571 Oct 1893Annie Mary Paul10 Mar 1893Joshua PaulLizzie Jane McCoolCrew
13581 Oct 1893Emily Mary Anderson20 Oct 1892Samuel AndersonEliza GloverFalgortrevey
13646 Nov 1893David James Paul24 Mar 1893David PaulMaria SmithMullagh
13737 May 1894Martha Elizabeth Quinn30 Mar 1894Robert QuinnElizabeth SlossKnocknakielt
137519 Aug 1894Mary Taylor Shiels8 Mar 1894William John ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
13786 Nov 1894Lizzie Jane Paul21 Jul 1894William PaulSarah Jane McDowellMullagh
13906 May 1895Martha Agnes Lyttle9 Mar 1895Thomas A LytleMary J MooreMaghera
13926 May 1895Hugh Porter8 Nov 1894Henry PorterJane GrahamBeagh
13967 Jul 1895Martha Ellen Graham21 Sep 1894John GrahamEllen CraigCraigmore
14001 Sep 1895Margaret Salina Shiels26 Mar 1895William John ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
14021 Sep 1895Robert Clarke24 Aug 1878Samuel ClarkePeggy Jane WilsonBallymacilcurr
14031 Sep 1895Margaret Ann Clarke2 Oct 1880Samuel ClarkePeggy Jane WilsonBallymacilcurr
14041 Sep 1895John Clarke31 Aug 1882Samuel ClarkePeggy Jane WilsonBallymacilcurr
14051 Sep 1895Elizabeth Clarke17 Jul 1884Samuel ClarkePeggy Jane WilsonBallymacilcurr
14074 Nov 1895Robert George Paul17 May 1895David PaulMaria SmithMullagh
14084 Nov 1895David McClean27 May 1895John McCleanNancy BoydCraigmore
14134 Feb 1895Thomas James Steele19 Jun 1893Joseph SteeleNancy Ann SmithKnocknakielt
141631 Mar 1896Annie Scott25 Mar 1872Benjamin ScottMary Ann BrownKnocknakielt
141731 Mar 1896Agnes Scott10 Oct 1875Benjamin ScottMary Ann BrownKnocknakielt
141831 Mar 1896Matilda Scott11 Sep 1879Benjamin ScottMary Ann BrownKnocknakielt
14191 Apr 1896David Alex Lawrence Anderson2 Jul 1895William AndersonMartha LawrenceTobermore
14204 May 1896Rose Ella Graham18 Jan 1895Thomas GrahamAnnie AndersonBallymacilcurrGRONI says born 24th Oct 1895
14356 Sep 1896Annie Shiels27 Jun 1896Thomas A LytleM J MooreMaghera
14402 Nov 1896William Robert Stevenson Paul1 Jun 1896William PaulSarah Ann McDowellMullagh
14473 May 1897Robert John Quinn29 Jan 1897John QuinnIsabella PalmerCraigmore
14524 Aug 1897David Eakin Anderson9 Apr 1897Samuel AndersonLizzie GloverFalgortrevey
14555 Sep 1897John Shiels13 Jun 1897Samuel ShielsMaggie StewartMullagh
14579 Sep 1897Joseph James Moore McKinney1 Aug 1896Joseph C McKinneyMartha F MooreMaghera
14589 Nov 1897Jane Quinn21 May 1897Samuel QuinnMaggie WilsonCarricknakielt
14618 Nov 1897Mary Agnes Victoria Paul22 Jun 1897David PaulMaria SmithMullagh
14628 Nov 1897Mary Jane Graham13 Jul 1897John GrahamLizzie CraigCraigmore
14638 Nov 1897Robert Shiels7 Sep 1897William John ShielsLizzie McCoolTamneymartin
14668 Nov 1897Henry John Porter9 Mar 1897Henry PorterJane GrahamBeagh
146819 Jan 1898Margaret ShielsBLANKClark ShielsSarah MooreUpperlands
14716 Feb 1898Moore Jackson Graham30 Sep 1897Thomas GrahamAnnie AndersonBallymacilcurr
14732 May 1898Thomas Paul17 Mar 1898Archibald PaulMargaret McKayMullagh
14807 Nov 1898Annie Lizzie Steele7 Jul 1897Joseph SteeleNancy Ann SmithBeagh
148619 Mar 1899Archibald Graham21 Dec 1898Thomas GrahamAnnie AndersonBallymacilcurr
14889 May 1899George Ernest Shiels8 Dec 1898William John ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
1489?16 Oct 1899Elizabeth Anderson27 Jul 1899Samuel AndersonEliza GloverFalgortrevey
1491Sunday, March 11, 1900Anne Helena Graham27 Sep 1899John GrahamEllen CraigCraigmore
1492Friday, May 04, 1900David Paul16 Sep 1899William PaulSarah Ann McDowellMullagh
1493Friday, May 04, 1900Annie Stewart Shiels19 Dec 1899Samuel ShielsMaggie StewartMullagh
1494Friday, May 04, 1900Hugh Wilson Quinn16 Dec 1899Samuel QuinnMaggie WilsonKnocknakielt
1500Monday, November 05, 1900John ShielsJun-09-1900William John ShielsLizzie McCoolTamneymartin
1501Sunday, September 22, 1901James ShielsFeb-01-1901Samuel ShielsMaggie StewartMilltown
1504Monday, November 04, 1901Sarah Robina Elizabeth CrawfordMar-18-1901Robert CrawfordMaggie HutchinsonMaghera
1505Monday, November 04, 1901James PaulBLANKJohn PaulMary HazlettCraigadick
1506Monday, November 04, 1901Jeanie CrawfordBLANKJohn CrawfordAgnes GrayKnocknakielt
1508Sunday, February 10, 1901Alexander GrahamNov-09-1900Thomas GrahamAnnie AndersonBallymacilcurr
1511Monday, May 06, 1901Annie Elizabeth PaulDec-26-1900David PaulMaria SmithMullagh
1512Monday, May 06, 1901Samuel James PorterJun-23-1900Henry PorterJane GrahamKnocknakielt
1514Sunday, January 05, 1902Edith Elizabeth ShielsAug-05-1901William John ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
1526Tuesday, November 04, 1902Elizabeth Graham NelsonMay-09-1902Joseph NelsonEliza SheilsBallymacilcurr
1527Tuesday, November 04, 1902Jane Artureene? CrawfordBLANKRobert CrawfordMarjory HutchinsonMaghera
1529Sunday, February 01, 1903Thomas Alexander Ernest LytleSep-27-1902Thomas A LytleMary Jane MooreMaghera
1530Saturday, April 11, 1903Samuel James ShielsSep-30-1902William John ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
1532Sunday, November 01, 1903David James PaulJul-30-1903Hugh Wilson PaulSarah CraigGrillagh
1534Sunday, November 01, 1903William PorterMay-05-1903Joseph PorterLizzie ServiceSlattybogey??
1536Sunday, May 31, 1903BLANKBLANKSamuel QuinnMaggie WilsonCarricknakielt
1539Sunday, May 31, 1903BLANKBLANKRobert J ArmourRachel CrawfordMaghera
1541Sunday, December 27, 1903Eleanor AndersonOct-19-1903Samuel AndersonLizzie GloverFalgortrevey
1542Sunday, December 27, 1903Annie Elizabeth GrahamOct-19-1903Thomas GrahamAnnie AndersonBallymacilcurr
1543Sunday, May 01, 1904David Alexander PaulNov-16-1903John PaulMary HazlettCraigadick
1546Wednesday, June 22, 1904Matilda Elizabeth QuinnBLANKSamuel QuinnMaggie WilsonCarricknakielt
1556Sunday, November 06, 1904Samuel ArmourAug-24-1904Robert J ArmourRachel CrawfordBeagh
1558Sunday, November 06, 1904Minnie PorterFeb-29-1904Thomas H PorterMaggie A McCrackenKnocknakielt
1559Sunday, November 06, 1904Joseph Alexander ShielsJul-13-1904William John ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
1561Sunday, February 05, 1905Thomas Alexander PaulAug-19-1904Hugh PaulSarah CraigGrillagh
1562Saturday, May 06, 1905Annie Marjorie CrawfordSep-20-1904Robert CrawfordMarjory HutchinsonMaghera
1563Saturday, May 06, 1905John Alexander ScottJan-10-1905Alexander ScottCharlotte KyleMaghera
1564Saturday, May 06, 1905Samuel Norman LytleJan-30-1905Thomas A LytleMary Jane MooreMaghera
1565Saturday, November 04, 1905Margaret Caroline ShielsApr-27-1905Samuel ShielsMargaret StewartMullagh
1567Saturday, November 04, 1905Henry ShielsJul-12-1905William John ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
1560Friday, June 23, 1905David James PorterDec-29-1904Robert James PorterMary Jane BadgerCarricknakieltAt this point the Minster has got confused and started at 1560 again instead of 1570
1561Wednesday, October 04, 1905Annie Mitchell MichaelJul-07-1905Alexander MichaelLizzie ShielsGortade
1563Friday, December 01, 1905John Dickson CrawfordNov-21-1905Robert CrawfordMarjory HutchinsonMaghera
1564Saturday, May 19, 1906Annie Maria QuinnAug-20-1905Samuel QuinnMaggie WilsonCarricknakielt
1571Wednesday, October 31, 1906William ShielsSep-01-1905Robert ShielsJane CrawfordCrew
1572Wednesday, October 31, 1906George Ernest MontgomerySep-09-1906George MontgomerySarah ShielsVisitors at Crew
1573Saturday, November 17, 1906MaryNov-29-1905_____Annie WilsonKillymuckMother unmarried baptised by permission of session
1574Thursday, November 08, 1906Elizabeth ClarkJan-05-1906Robert ClarkMartha RichardsonTullyheron
1576Friday, May 10, 1907William ArmourMar-22-1906Robert J ArmourRachel CrawfordBeagh
1581Sunday, February 03, 1907Thomas Alexander MichaelAug-04-1906Alexander MichaelLizzie ShielsGortade
1582Sunday, April 07, 1907Ellen Matilda ShielsJan-08-1907John R ShielsLizzie WilsonTamneymartin
1583Sunday, May 05, 1907Elizabeth CrawfordJan-21-1907Joseph CrawfordElizabeth KyleTamneymartin
1588Sunday, May 05, 1907Annie ShielsOct-28-1906William J ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
1589Sunday, July 14, 1907Isabella GrahamApr-02-1907John GrahamEllen CraigCraigmore
1592May 1906John William PaulFeb-22-1906John PaulMary HazlettCraigadick1906 is a year out of sequence, but that is what it APPEARS to say...
1612Sunday, April 05, 1908Thomas AndersonFeb-07-1908John AndersonNancy McKinneyFalgortrevey
1616Wednesday, August 12, 1908James Smyth MichaelMar-29-1908Alexander MichaelLizzie ShielsGortade
1620Wednesday, May 20, 1908John Thomas PaulAug-17-1904David PaulMaria SmythMullagh
1621Margaret Dora Paul
1622Thursday, May 17, 1906Annie Maria QuinnApr-20-1904Samuel QuinnMaggie WilsonCarricknakielt
1629Saturday, October 05, 1907Sarah Ann PaulApr-15-1907Hugh PaulSarah CraigGrillagh
1613Sunday, May 02, 1909Thomas ShielsMar-02-1909William J ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartinAt this point the Minster has got TOTALLY confused! He had started at 1620, then simply numbered them 01, 02,03 and so on.. Until he got to 10 which SHOULD have been 1630.. Except he just kept on going.. 10, 11, 12, 13....
Sunday, May 02, 1909William Shiels PaulNov-17-1907William PaulSarah M ShielsCarricknakieltCheck this!!! Baptism date SEEMS to be 2nd May 1907.. Must be 1909??
1616Sunday, May 02, 1909Robert James CrawfordMar-14-1908Robert CrawfordMarjory HutchinsonMaghera
1617Friday, April 30, 1909Albert PaulBLANKJohn PaulMary HazlettCraigadick
1624Sunday, November 07, 1909Isabella Fleming AndersonJun-08-1909John AndersonNancy McKinneyFalgortrevey
1638?Sunday, May 09, 1909William Charles PaulJul-30-1908Hugh PaulSarah CraigGrillagh
Wednesday, May 17, 1911David PaulOct-01-1910Samuel PaulAnnie StewartCurragh
Sunday, May 07, 1911David George ChartersNov-16-1910John ChartersSara KennedyBallinahone
1656Sunday, August 06, 1911Thomas William PorterMar-24-1911Robert PorterIsabella MontgomeryCarricknakielt
1663Nov 1911Sarah Kathleen PaulJun-04-1911John PaulMary HazlettCraigadick
1689Thursday, December 08, 1910Elizabeth PaulOct-01-1910Hugh PaulSarah CraigGrillagh
1690Thursday, December 08, 1910Hugh PaulOct-01-1910Hugh PaulSarah CraigGrillagh
1712Sunday, October 26, 1913Susanna PorterJun-09-1913Robert PorterIsabella MontgomeryTivaconway
1732Sunday, November 01, 1914Eileen ShielsJul-06-1914William J ShielsAnnie McCoolTamneymartin
1751Sunday, November 07, 1915David PaulJun-30-1915John PaulMary HazlettMilltown
1757Monday, November 01, 1915Thomas James McKinneyJun-22-1900Joseph McKinneyMatha E MooreMaghera

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

Maghera Presbyterian Church Baptisms (1843-1878)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Baptisms complete from 19th July 1843 to 10th March 1878.

No.Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's NameMother's NameResidenceCommentsAdditional Comments  
A19 Jul 1843Robertina Hall Clark20 May 1843James Johnston ClarkFanny HallLargantocher
B24 Jul 1843Sarah McIver13 May 1843Thomas McIverJane CourtneyMaghera
C26 Jul 1843Martha Haslett11 Jul 1843Alexander HaslettMartha HillCraigmoreGrillagh is crossed out
D26 Jul 1843Isabella Hazlett16 Jun 1843James HazlettMary LyttleTamneymulan
E22 Aug 1843Thomas James Huston26 Jul 1843William HustonRebecca JohnstonBallymacilcurr
F22 Aug 1843James Moore8 Aug 1843Archibald MooreSarah MooreCraigmore
G17 Sep 1843Catherine CampbellRobert CampbellHanna McNeillTirnageragh
H25 Sep 1843Margaretta Thompson16 Sep 1843David ThompsonMargaret SmythMaghera
I29 Oct 1843Robert Shiels29 Mar 1843John ShielsNancy AndersonMullagh
V29 Oct 1843Margaret Ann KerrWilliam KerrEliza AndersonCraigadick
J29 Oct 1843Thomas Lytle9 Oct 1843John LytleSarah Jane BoonTullyherron
K5 Nov 1843Rebecca WilsonOct 1843John WilsonMary GrahamMacknagh
L5 Nov 1843Samuel LongWilliam LongMargaret TaylorMaghera
M27 Nov 1843Samuel Bullion1 Nov 1843John BullionEllen GillisCulnady
N27 Nov 1843William John Phillips31 Oct 1843James PhillipsSarah TaylorMaghera
O27 Nov 1843Nancy Jane Service24 Nov 1843James ServiceElizabeth BoltonGrillagh
P2 April 1844Joseph Clark27 Feb 1844James ClarkMatilda MooreCarricknakielt
Q14 May 1844Joseph McKee17 Mar 1844Thomas McKeeJane McCookMullagh
R14 May 1844Margaret Paul10 Mar 1844Andrew PaulJane BeattyMullagh
S4 Jun 1844Matilda Bratten16 Nov 1843Hugh BrattenMargaret AndersonBallynaught
T30 Jun 1844Robert Lappin4 May 1844Robert LappinCrew
U1 Oct 1844Martha Graham30 Sept 1844Robert GrahamEliza SlossCrew
V4 Oct 1844Robert Shiels4 Aug 1844William Shiels grocerMatilda ReidMaghera
W5 Oct 1844William John Neilson3 May 1841Henry NeilsonJane LongCrew
X5 Oct 1844Samuel Neilson21 Sept 1844Henry NeilsonJane LongCrew
Y7 Dec 1844Elizabeth Martin1 Nov 1843Robert MartinMary ParkCulnady
Z21 Dec 1844James WilsonJohn WilsonJane McCoolTirgavil
AA21 Feb 1845Esther ClarkeMathew ClarkeAnne MillarDrumuck
AB28 May 1845Jane Kissock4 Mar 1845George KissockAnna GrahamTamnymartin
AC30 Jul 1845Sarah Moore25 Jul 1845Archibald MooreSarah MooreCraigmore
112 Oct 1845Eleanor Lytle12 Sept 1845John LytleMatilda ShielsTullyherran
212 Oct 1845Sarah Jane Lytle27 Sept 1845John LytleSarah Jane BoonTullyherran
312 Oct 1845Sarah Taylor17 Jun 1845Thomas TaylorLucinda LytleMaghera
412 Oct 1845William James Campbell7 Aug 1845Robert CampbellHannah McNeilTernagiragh
57 Dec 1845John McIlree26 Oct 1845Mathew McIlreeNancy ShielsMullagh
67 Dec 1845Eliza Boylen25 Oct 1845John BoylenEllen GillisCulnady
77 Dec 1845Peggy Wilson23 Oct 1845Alexander WilsonPeggy JohnsonGrillagh
87 Dec 1845Thomas Earl28 Oct 1845William EarlEliza HaslettTamnymullan
91 Feb 1846Elizabeth Adams8 Nov 1845George AdamsNancy PaulCrew
101 Feb 1846Thomas Wilson11 Dec 1845Smyth WilsonNancy BoleMacknagh
111 Feb 1846Henry Graham7 Jan 1846Henry GrahamElizabeth ShielsCraigmore
121 Feb 1846Nancy Huston8 Dec 1845William HustonRebecca JohnsonBalymacilurr
131 Mar 1846Elizabeth Hare9 Feb 1846James HareJane JohnstonCraigadick
141 Mar 1846James Drennan10 Feb 1846James DrennanMargaret McCrackenMullagh
151 Mar 1846James Crawford14 Sep 1845John CrawfordEster McWilliamsKnocknakielt
161 Mar 1846Mary Black1 Aug 1845John BlackElizabeth Jane PaulKnocknakielt
171 Mar 1846James Service15 Oct 1845James ServiceElizabeth BoltonGrillagh
181 Mar 1846Abraham Neill12 Oct 1845Samuel NeillMargaret JohnstonTirgavil
191 Mar 1846Jackson Hugh Graham26 Jan 1846Archibald GrahamMary Annie ElderBallymacilcurr
201 Mar 1846Henry Hagan26 Oct 1845Henry HaganLetitia ElliotCrew
2119 Mar 1846Jane McMath11 Mar 1846Robert McMathCatherine KennedyMoneysharvin
225 Apr 1846Sarah Jane McCool25 Dec 1845William McCoolNancy BellTirgarvil
235 Apr 1846Henrietta Quigley3 Jun 1845Alex QuigleyMary ClydeBeagh
245 Apr 1846Thomas Gibson31 Dec 1845Andrew GibsonSarah HopperBallynacross
2514 Jun 1846Rebecca Forester Long16?Feb 1846William LongMargaret TaylorMaghera
2614 Jun 1846Thomas Moore19 May 1846Robert MooreJane AlexanderMaghera
275 Jul 1846Ellen Shiels28 Apr 1846William ShielsMatilda ReidTamnymartin
285 Jul 1846Sarah Shiels28 Apr 1846William ShielsMatilda ReidTamnymartin
295 Jul 1846John Kerr9 May 1846William KerrEliza AndersonCraigadick
305 Jul 1846John Black6 Mar 1846William BlackMargaret BrownCarricknakielt
315 Jul 1846Robert McKeown13 Jan 1846Robert McKeownEliza KelsoCurragh
325 Jul 1846Joseph Paul1 May 1846Andrew PaulJane BeattyMullagh
3320 Jul 1846Sandy Craig15 Jul 1844Clarke CraigJane McIntosh?Tamnymullan
342 Aug 1846Mary Smith23 May 1846Thomas SmithElizabeth BlackTirgarvil
352 Aug 1846James Anderson16 Apr 1846William AndersonMargaret RiskCurragh
362 Aug 1846Wiliam Logan31 Mar 1846None givenIsabella LoganTullyherran
3713 Aug 1846Jane Anne Boon24 Jul 1846Robert BoonIsabella RobinsonBallyknock
3824 Aug 1846John Morrison17 Mar 1845Joseph MorrisonMartha McDowell-
396 Sept 1846Margaret Lyle28 Jul 1845Andrew LyleBetty DripsTirgavil
406 Sept 1846David McDowell13? Jul 1846David McDowellMary McLaughlinTamnymullan
416 Sep 1846Joseph Barkley19 Jul 1845?James BarkleyAnne SmithMaghera
4211 Oct 1846Hannah Graham18 Jul 1846Walter GrahamJane WilsonCrew
4311 Oct 1846Samuel Neely25 Sept 1846John NeelyMary ShielsTamnymullan
4411 Oct 1846Thomas Henry20 Sept 1846Robert HenryMary WhiteTirgavil
4511 Oct 1846William James Huston5 Aug 1846James HustonJane HustonTirgavil
4611 Oct 1846Robert McClelland Reid-John ReidEllen McNeillMaghera
472 Nov 1846Joseph Crawford13 Jun 1843John CrawfordHetty? McWilliamsKnocknakielt
482 Nov 1846Eliza Jane Black1 Aug 1843John BlackElizabeth Jane PaulKnocknakielt
492 Nov 1846Nancy McKee25 Sept 1846Thomas McKeeAnn McCookMullagh
502 Nov 1846Alexander Campbell18 Aug 1846James CampbellMary CampbellTamnymullan
5111 Nov 1846Alexander Lytle11 Sept 1846late Robert LytleJane ShielsTirnoney
526 Dec 1846Thomas Courtney McIvor1 Oct 1846Thomas McIvorJane CourtneyMaghera
536 Dec 1846Eliza Jane Lytle27 Oct 1846Robert LytleMary MacLachlanTullyherran
546 Dec 1846James Wilson11 Oct 1846John WilsonJane McCoolTirgavil
556 Dec 1846Thomas Millar13 Nov 1846John MillarJane ServiceCarricknakielt
563 Jan 1847Eliza Clark27 Sept 1846David ClarkMartha SinclairBallymacilcurr
577 Feb 1847Sandy Clark7 Dec 1846James ClarkMary BoleMacknagh
5814 Mar 1847Joseph Haslett18 Jan 1847William HaslettMargaret DripsGrillagh
5914 Mar 1847Alexander Kissock17 Jan 1847John KissockMargaret Jane MooreCrew
6014 Mar 1847Thomas Johnson11 Jan 1847Robert JohnsonHannah HazlettTamnymullan
6114 Mar 1847Rachel McKeown12 Nov 1847Thomas McKeownJane JohnsonMaghera
6214 Mar 1847Martha Kyle21 Jan 1847John KyleCharlotte KyleCulnady
634 Apr 1847Mary Lytle15 Nov 1846William LytleMary Ann MagowanTullyherran
649 May 1847John Conner7 Apr 1847James ConnerEleanor ChristieMoneysharvin
659 May 1847Mary Wilson6? Mar 1847Henry WilsonEliza BeattyMacknagh
666 Jun 1847James Henry5 May 1847WilliamJane PaulGrillagh
676 Jun 1847Margaret Jane Huston9 Jan 1847Joseph HustonEliza LyleGortead
684 July 1847John McCool13 June 1847Thomas McCoolEliza BoonMaghera
694 Jul 1847Clarke Wilson16 June 1847John WilsonMargaret HustonMacknagh
7026 July 1847James Canning15 Jul 1847Thomas CanningMary Anne SmythAughlish Banagher
711 Aug 1847James Shiels25 Jun 1847Robert ShielsMargaret StuartCarricknakielt
728 Aug 1847Henry Haslet17 Jul 1847James HasletMary LytleTamneymullan
735 Sep 1847Maria Campbell9? June 1847Robert CampbellHanna McNeillTirnageeragh
743 Oct 1847Matilda Beatty15 Aug 1847Joseph BeattyMary Ann DeanKnocknakielt
753 Oct 1847Margaret GrahamFeb 1844William GrahamNelly PedenBeagh Spiritual
761 Nov 1847Thomas LappinJune 1847Robert LappinAnn LongMoneymore Maghera
771 Nov 1847John StewartAug 1847James StewartJane ConnorCraigadick
781 Nov 1847Mary Wilson5 Oct 1847John WilsonMary GrahamBeagh Spiritual
791 Nov 1847William Taylor-Thomas TaylorLucinda LytleMaghera
801 Nov 1847Margaret Ann MacConaghieJuly 1847Daniel MacConaghieRachel KyddMullagh
811 Nov 1847Isabella Clark1 Sep 1847John ClarkMargaret Sarah MayneMacknagh
825 Dec 1847James McMath27 Nov 1847Robert McMathCatherine KennedyMoneysharvin
8328 Dec 1847William Shiels2 Dec 1847Robert ShielsPatricia KellyGrillagh
842 Jan 1848John Shiels22 Nov 1847Joseph ShielsNancy SmithMoneymore
8515 Jan 1848Mary Clarke20 Jun 1847Andrew ClarkeMary CampbellMaghera
866 Feb 1848Elizabeth Graham7? Nov 1847John GrahamHannah GrahamCrew
876 Feb 1848Elizabeth Paul1 Nov 1847David PaulMary PaulCrew
886 Feb 1848Elizabeth Graham8 Jan 1848Henry GrahamEliza ShielsCraigmore
895 Mar 1848James Philips2 Jan 1848James PhilipsSarah TaylorMaghera
9021 Mar 1848John Boyle14 Jan 1848Samuel BoyleJane BearCulnady
912 Apr 1848William McIlree8 Jan 1848Matthew McIlreeNancy ShielsMullagh
9224 Apr 1848Thomas Kyle14 Apr 1848John KyleCharlotte KyleCulnady
9324 Apr 1848Thomas Alex Lytle6 Nov 1847John LytleMatilda ShielsTullyherran
9424 Apr 1848Mary Jane Neilson12 May 1847Robert NeilsonMary WinchesterBeagh
954 Jun 1848Sarah Lyle26 Apr 1848Andrew LyleBetty PattersonFalgatrevy
964 Jun 1848Eliza Boyle1 Feb 1848None givenEliza BoyleMacknagh
9721 Jun 1848Joesph Neill25 Apr 1848Samuel NeilMargaret JohnstonTirgavil
983 Sept 1848Sarah Paul5 June 1848James PaulEliza GloverCarricknakielt
993 Sept 1848William Earl23 July 1847James EarlPeggy MooreMullagh
1001 Oct 1848James Huston7 Sept 1848Joseph HustonEliza LyleGortead
1011 Oct 1848Margaret ServiceApril 1848James ServiceMargaret BoultonGrillagh
1021 Oct 1848William Earl20 Jul 1848William EarlEliza HaslettTamneymullan
1033 Dec 1848Robert LamontSept 1848Joseph LamontMargaret MillikenCrew
1047 Jan 1849Elizabeth Dysart6 Dec 1848Andrew DysartJane McKeownCrew
1057 Jan 1849Samuel Shiels15 Nov 1848John ShielsNancy AndersonMullagh
1067 Jan 1849Elizabeth White21 Oct 1848James WhiteMary NelsonBallymacilcurr
1077 Jan 1849Mary Conner14 Nov 1848Samuel ConnerPeggy WilsonBallymacilcurr
1087 Jan 1849Anne Wilson25 Nov 1848Alexander WilsonPeggy JohnsonGrillagh
1097 Jan 1849Peggy Haslett2 Dec 1848Thomas HaslettJane ParkGrillagh
1104 Feb 1849Robert Henry8 Dec 1848Robert HenryMary WhiteTirgavil
1114 Feb 1849Sally Reid14 Oct 1848John ReidEllen McNeillMaghera
1124 Feb 1849John Johnson1 Jan 1849Robert JohnsonPeggy Jane ClarkeSlattyboggy
1134 Feb 1849George Barkley3 Jan 1849James BarkleyAnne SmythMaghera
1144 Mar 1849Watty Fultonsupposed 1845Thomas FultonNancy GrahamBeagh
1154 Mar 1849James Fulton1 Mar 1847Thomas FultonNancy GrahamBeagh
1164 Mar 1849Samuel ServiceNone givenSamuel ServiceMary ServiceNone given
1171 Apr 1849Matilda Clark4 Feb 1849James ClarkMary PooleMacknagh
1181 Apr 1849Eliza Lytle4 Feb 1849John LytleSarah Jane BoonTullyherran
1191 Apr 1849William Hare15 Feb 1849James HareJane JohnstonCraigadick
1206 May 1849John Wilson16 Mar 1849Henry WilsonEliza BeattyMacknagh
1216 May 1849Elizabeth Anderson21 Feb 1849William AndersonMargaret RiskCurragh
12210 Jun 1849Margaret Ann Lytle20 Apr 1849Robert LytleMary MacLachlanTullyherran
1233 Jun 1849Elizabeth McIlree4 Mar 1848James McIlreeMary Jane MulhollandMaghera
1243 Jun 1849David Taylor26 Feb 1849Thomas TaylorLucinda LytleMaghera
1253 Jun 1849Maria Wilson13 Apr 1849James WilsonPeggy Jane HendersonMaghera
1263 Jun 1849Sarah McEwen1 Jan 1849John McEwenAnne FlemingCulnady
1271 Jul 1849John Hunter25 Apr 1849John HunterJane HunterTirgavil
1281 Jul 1849Thomas Hagan3 May 1849Henry HaganLetitia ElliotCrew
1291 Jul 1849Joseph Martin25 Apr 1849James MartinNancy ReidKnocknakielt
1305 Aug 1849Matilda Moore11 Jun 1848Robert MooreJane AlexanderMaghera
1315 Aug 1849Barbara Fleming2 or 3 Mar 1849Robert FlemingMargaret StewartCulnady
1322 Sept 1849Charles Long9 Jul 1849William LongMargaret TaylorMaghera
1332 Sept 1849Thomas Long9 Jul 1849William LongMargaret TaylorMaghera
1342 Sept 1849Thomas McCool12 Aug 1849Thomas McCoolEliza BoonMaghera
1352 Sept 1849Georgina Charlotte Shiels9 Jul 1849Robert ShielsPatricia KellyGrillagh
1367 Oct 1849Elizabeth Shiels20 Jul 1849William ShielsMatilda ReidTamneymartin
1377 Oct 1849Samuel Wilson29 Jul 1849James WilsonPeggy ClarkCraigmore
1387 Oct 1849Nancy Stewart9 Aug 1849James StewartJane ConnorCraigadick
13929 Oct 1849Letitia Jane Campbell30 Jun 1849James CampbellMary CampbellTamneymullan
14029 Oct 1849Mary Anne Cunningham16 Sept 1849Robert CunninghamMargaret Moore ServiceGrillagh
1412 Dec 1849John Burnside Shiels17 Nov 1849Robert ShielsMargaret StuartCarricknakielt
1422 Dec 1849William Kydd18 Mar 1849William KyddMargaret YorkCrew
14326 Dec 1849James Lytle10 Mar 1849John LytleMary McKeownFallagloon
1446 Jan 1850John Graham12 Nov 1849Henry GrahamElizabeth ShielsCraigmore
1456 Jan 1850William Johnson28 Oct 1849Robert JohnsonHannah HazlettTamneymullan
1463 Feb 1850Margaret Jane Hughes15 Dec 1849John HughesBetty Jane LyonsMaghera
1473 Mar 1850James Kirkpatrick Lytle17 Dec 1849John LytleMatilda ShielsTullyherran
1483 Mar 1850Matthew Smith Lytle17 Dec 1849John LytleMatilda ShielsTullyherran
1493 Mar 1850William Thomas Lytle11 Nov 1849William LytleMary Anne MagowanTullyherran
1507 Apr 1850William John McCool11 Feb 1850Thomas McCoolJane WilsonTirgavil
1517 Apr 1850Nancy McKeownFeb 1849Thomas McKeownJane JohnsonMagera
1527 Apr 1850John McKee12 Jan 1850Thomas McKeeIsabella RobinsonTullyherran
1537 Apr 1850Jane Campbell23 Nov 1849Thomas CampbellMatilda BoyleCrew
15414 Apr 1850Peggy McMath5 Apr 1850Robert McMathCatherine KennedyMoneysharvin
1551 May 1850John Anderson1 Mar 1850William AndersonJane HenryCurragh
1565 May 1850Margaret Shiels10 Feb 1850Joseph ShielsNancy SmithMoneymore
1575 May 1850David Stuart21 Sep 1842Charles StuartEliza BoydTernageragh
1585 May 1850Vance Stuart25 Dec 1848Charles StuartEliza BoydTernageragh
1592 Jun 1850Thomas McKeown26 May 1850Thomas McKeownJane JohnstonMaghera
1602 Jun 1850Mary FultonThos FultonNancy GrahamBeagh
1612 Jun 1850James Lyle31 Mar 1850Andrew LyleBetty PattersonFalgatrevyx beside number
1624 Aug 1850Eliza Hunter Neely12 May 1850John NeelyMary ShielsTamnymullan
1634 Aug 1850Henry Hazlet24 July 1850James HazletMary LytleTamnymullan
1641 Sep 1850Nancy Smyth17 Jul 1850Thomas SmythElizabeth BlackTirgavil
1651 Sep 1850Peggy Jane Nelson14 Feb 1847Joseph NelsonEliza PattersonBallymacilcur
1661 Sept 1850Joseph Nelson19 Jun 1850Joseph NelsonEliza PattersonBallymacilcurx beside number
1671 Sep 1850Roseanna Jane Nelson16 Oct 1849Henry NelsonJane LongSlattybogy
1681 Sep 1850Anne Graham12 May 1844Archibald GrahamMary A. ElderBallymacilcurr
1691 Sep 1850Thomas Graham23 May 1850Archibald GrahamMary A. ElderBallymacilcurr
17026 Nov 1850William Drennan26 Aug 1850James DrennanSarah HendersonMullaghx beside number
1711 Dec 1850Sarah Clark GrahamJohn GrahamHannah GrahamCrew
1721 Dec 1850Elizabeth McMaster1 Sep 1850John McMasterMary MewhanMaghera
1739 Dec 1850Samuel Adams4 Nov 1849James AdamsMary McIlreeCrew
1749 Dec 1850William John Huston25 Jul 1850Joseph HustonEliza LyleGortead
17525 Dec 1850Jane McFarland17 Oct 1850Andrew McFarlandMary RossCarnabane
1765 Jan 1851Samuel McIlree3 Nov 1850Matthew McIlreeNancy ShielsMullagh
1775 Jan 1851Mary Ann Lappin1 Oct 1850Robert LappinAnne LongMoneymore
17830 Jan 1851Mary Service11 Aug 1850James ServiceMargaret BoltonGrillaghX beside childs name
1796 Apr 1851William John Kerr23 Feb 1851James KerrSarah ClarkeTirnoney
1806 Apr 1851Thomas HoneymanFeb 1851Thos HoneymanIsabella MayMaghera(Maybe Hyndman??)
1816 Apr 1851Margt Jeanette Paul27 Dec 1850David PaulMary PaulCrew
1824 May 1851Elizabeth Wilson23 Mar 1851Smyth WilsonNancy BoyleMacknagh
1838 Jun 1851John KyleJohn KyleCharlotte KyleCulnady
1848 Jun 1851Robert Earl12 Mar 1851William EarlEliza HazletTamnymullan
1858 Jun 1851Robert Woodhouse Huston12 Mar 1851James HustonJane HustonTirgavil
18628 Jul 1851William Barkley15 Jul 1851James BarkleyAnne SmithMaghera
18710 Aug 1851Robert John McKee15 May 1851John McKeeEliza HazlettTullyherran
18810 Aug 1851Joseph Stewart2 Jul 1851James StewartJane ConnorMaghera
18910 Aug 1851William Graham16 Jul 1851William GrahamJane SmithTamnymullan
1907 Sep 1851Peggy Clarke1 Jul 1851James ClarkeMary BoyleMacknagh