Drumagarner Burial Register

Drumagarner Burial Register extracts

DateNameResidence at time of death
10 Oct 1846Blank BradleyDrumagarner
23 May 1852Berd? BradleyDrumagarner
9 Apr 1855Jas BradleyDrumagarner
5 Jun 1856John BradleyDrumagarner
25 Aug 1858Pk BradleyDrumagarner
25 Oct 1859John BradleyDrumagarner


Transcribed by Boyd Gray

Maghera Presbyterian Burial Register

Maghera Presbyterian Burial Register is a number of attempts to record the burials of members of the congregation. It spans from January 1861 to June 1865, then The Presbyterian minister was not always present and this can be seen from the many comments by the ministers over the years recording reasons for their absence, even sometimes not even knowing that one of their flock had died and was buried! It should be noted tht these records do NOT give any location of burial or a map of where the graves are actually located, etc. Some of the burials are in St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland Graveyard (old and new yards) and some are in the Presbyterian graveyard, whilst others have no known gravemarker. This record has been transcribed from Microfilm and sometimes certain parts of the film are unclear and this has been indicated by ‘?’.

No.Date of FuneralName ResidenceProb. AgeCause of DeathRemarksTranscriber Comments
12 Jan 1861Mrs Walter GrahamBallymacilcurr60?Service at house
24 Jan 1861Mrs John ClarkeCraigmore65Service at house
34 Jan 1861George DrippsCurragh75Service at house
48 Jan 1861Mrs Samuel McKeownCurragh60TumourService at house
58 Jan 1861Molly PattersonCurragh50Service at the grave
611 Jan 1861Eliza MulhollandCurragh15ConsumptionService at the grave
721 Jan 1861Mrs Walter GrahamCurragh75Service at the grave
821 Jan 1861John PaulBallymacilcurr18Service at the grave
924 Jan 1861Agnes Lockhart BrownMaghera5Luinsy?Service at the grave
107 Feb 1861Peggy GivenMaghera60Consumption
118 Feb 1861Thomas Milling Jun.Maghera21Head DiseaseService at the grave
1222 Feb 1861____ ClydeMullagh70DysenteryService at the grave
1316 Mar 1861Isabella EarlTamneymullan16Erysipdas? Erysipelas?Service at the grave
14March 1861____ ServiceSlattybogy2 daysInflammationDid not hear of the death
152 Apr 1861John HughesCrew70Service at house
166 Apr 1861Robert WilsonMaghera7Brain diseaseService at house
1718 Apr 1861Mrs CrocketCrew70Service at house
1826 Apr 1861Samuel LongMoneymore87Service at house
1913 May 1861Nancy LytleMoneysharvin15Disease of ???Service at the grave
2022 May 1861Mrs Elizabeth MontgomeryMaghera55ParalysisService by Rev R. TorrensCharles Kennedy's Daughter
211 Jun 1861Matthew McMathMoneysharvin60Service at the grave
226 Jun 1861Mrs JohnstonGrillagh84Service at the grave
238 June 1861Jane ShielsFalgortrevy40Service at the grave
2417 Jun 1861Mrs Robert CunninghamGrillagh55Rheumatic PainService at the grave
2514 Aug 1861James McIlroyMacknagh80ConstipationI was absent in Belfast
26Sep 1861Mrs James FlemingKnocknakielt40Internal ComplaintNo Service
2726 Oct 1861Esther Gullour?(Guthrie?)Ballymacpeake80Internal ComplaintService at house
2829 Oct 1861Mrs SlossCrew70Service at house
2929 Oct 1861Margaret DunlopTullyherron63DiahorreaService at house
302 Dec 1861Isabella FlemingKnocknakielt19ConsumptionService at house
3110 Dec 1861William ElliotCrew20Head DiseaseService at the grave
3211 Dec 1861Isaac FlemingBallynacross80Absent in Belfast
3320 Dec 1861Wm CunninghamGrillagh35InflammationService at the grave
3411 Jan 1862Thomas MorrisonTirnoney90Service at house
3513 Jan 1862John ClarkCraigmore75absent
3615 Jan 1862Henry McKeownCurragh70Service at house
3730 Jan 1862Mrs James MooreCraigmore50Internal ComplaintAbsent in Belfast
387 Feb 1862Margaret GrahamTamneymullan81Service at house
3910 Feb 1862John McKeownBeagh4CroupService at house & Grave
4027 Feb 1862Nancy McIntyreKnocknakielt3CroupService at house
41Feb 1862Mrs LamontKnocknakielt80Old agedid not hear of the Funeral
425 Mar 1862Wm McMullanCrew7Feverdid not hear of the Funeral
439 Mar 1862_____ GordonBeagh3Croupdid not hear of the Funeral
4413 Mar 1862_____ LamontKnocknakielt3Croupdid not hear of the Funeral
4528 Mar 1862William GreggKnocknakielt47?Service at grave
4610 Apr 1862Martha LytleMaghera4Water in BrainAbsent in Derry
47June 1862Mrs ShielsMullagh80Absent at Portrush
482 Jul 1862Jane CampbellTirnoney63DropsyService at house
492 Jul 1862William TaylorMaghera66AccidentService at house
5023 Jul 1862Andrew SmythTirgarvil89Heart DiseaseService at house
51July 1862George McIlroyMacknagh66Internal ComplaintAbsent at General Asembly
521 Sep 1862James Drennan JnrMullagh20Spinal ComplaintService at house
531 Sep 1862Sarah PorterMaghera35ComsumptionService at house
5430 Oct 1862____ MulhollandCurragh3Croup
55Aug 1862William PaulCurragh1Internal hive?I was absent in London(yes it appears to say August!)
5615 Nov 1862Nancy BrooksMoneymore72Service at house
574 Dec 1862Samuel Anderson SenCurragh65Mollification?Service at house
5831 Dec 1862John ClarkeMacknagh70PleurisyService at house by Rev. R, Clark?
59 2 Jan 1863Alexander GrahamMaghera28No Service
603 Jan 1863Sarah GambleMaghera18ConsumptionService at house
6121 Jan 1863Thos John AndersonMaghera4 monthsConvultionsService at grave
6222 Jan 1863Archibald GibsonCrew82No Service
6322 Jan 1863Mrs Bob WilsonMaghera60ConsumptionGot no word of funeral
6431 Jan 1863Mrs EwingCarricknakielt70Service at grave
655 Feb 1863John? Reid's MotherBallymacilcurr81Service at grave
6616 Feb 1863James MooreTamneymullan60CancerService at grave
6723 Feb 1863Catherine AndersonBallynacross70Service at grave
6823 Feb 1863Peggy DonaghyCrew80ParalysisAttending the other funeral
692 Mar 1863Mrs Thos McCoolTirgarvil70Service at house
702 Mar 1863Matilda McKeownCurragh18DropsyService at house
71Feb 1863Eliza BoylenCulnady7Mortificationdid not hear of death 'till a month after (the word looks like 'like' but must be 'till)
7214 Mar 1863Robert WalkingshawMullagh2CroupService at house
73March 1863Jane Moore SlossCrew2DysenteryReceived no word
7421 Apr 1863Margaret MontgomeryMaghera34Water in ChestService at grave
7511 May 1863Mrs Thos TaylorMaghera35after ChildbirthService in home
7612 May 1863Joseph NelsonBallymacilcurr32ConsumptionService at grave
77Jun 1863Mrs DixonMaghera84Absent at Portrush (Church Service)
78July 1863John LyleBallymacilcurr25Hurt (or Heart)Absent at Scotland
792 Sep 1863Mary WhiteBallymacilcurr51InflammationService at house
809 Sept 1863Thos McCoolTergarvil85?Disease of HeartService at house
815 Oct 1863Margaret ClarkBallymacilcurr65Service at house
827 Oct 1863Mrs John AndersonCurragh70Service at house
838 Oct 1863M. ClarkMacknagh49Service at grave
844 Oct 1863___ LongKnocknakielt70??eringdid not know of funeral
8531 Oct 1863Archibald KennedyMoneysharvin50Struck by a cartdid not know of funeral
862 Nov 1863Betty MooreCraigmore75Cold &want of CareService at grave
872 Nov 1863Isabella McEwenCulnady12DropsyService at grave
8821 Nov 1863Henry LongKnocknakielt25ConsumptionToo late to reach house - Burial? In ?
8916 Dec 1863Samuel WilsonMacknagh50Internal ComplaintService at home
907 Jan 1864Elizabeth GalwayFalgortrevy2Burned with fireService at grave
9112 Jan 1864Barbara WilsonMacknagh2Rheumatic feverService the day before funeral
9227 Jan 1864Mrs George ClarkCraigmore30FeverService at grave (????)Mary, wife of George Clarke of Craigmore
9320 Feb 1864Nancy GambleMaghera22FeverService at grave
9429 Feb 1864_____ PattersonMaghera70Service at house
9530 Mar 1864William NelsonCarricknakielt69AsthmaService at grave
961 Apr 1864Robt McConaghieMaghera60Service at gouse(yes, gouse! I guess he just couldnt make his mind up!)
9713 Apr 1864Mrs BruceMaghera80Old agedid not hear of funeralEllen
9816 Apr 1864William McEwenCulnady82Old ageService at grave
9918 Apr 1864Charles KennedyMaghera50ParalysisService at grave
10019 Apr 1864Sarah MulhollandCurragh20ConsumptionService at grave
10127 Apr 1864Moses LytleTullyherron75Service at grave
1027 May 1864Mrs TonerDerganagh80Service at graveRose Toner
10312 May 1864William KyleSlattybogy64Heart DiseaseServicce at grave
10419 May 1864Margaret McGuckenCurragh19Internal ComplaintService at house
1053 June 1864John LytleFallagloon40ScrofulaService at House
1068 Aug 1864Thos MartinKnocknakielt80Service at House
107Aug 1864Mrs KennedyCulnady60RheumatismAbsent at shoreIt looks like that!!
108Aug 1864John NeilsonBallymacilcurr25ConsumptionAbsent at shore
10930 Sep 1864William KiddCrew63AsthmaService at grave
110Nov 1864John CrawfordKnocknakielt70Service at grave
111Dec 1864Jane Elizabeth LytleMaghera1CroupService at house
112Jan 1865Eliza HenrySlattybogy25ConsumptionService at house
113Jan 1865Mrs Bob WhiteSlattybogy70Service at houseEliza
114Jan 1865Mrs John LytleTullyherron50Disease of Heartill with cold and not at funeral
115Jan 1865Nancy LytleMaghera36Nervous disorderService at house
11623 Jan 1865James KyleCulnady80InfirmityService at house
11718 Feb 1865John McKeownTamneymullan84Service at house
11818 Jun 1865Bob WilsonMaghera69Internal DiseaseService at grave
12 Sep 1891Margaret LamontCurragh87Old ageService at house
24 Nov 1891James MitchellBelfast86Old ageService at grave
311 Dec 1891Matilda McKayMaghera54InfluenzaService at house
412 Jan 1892Samuel Geo. HeneyBallymacilcurr26ParalysisService at homeHeaney
513 Jan 1892James KennedyMoneysharvin81InfirmityService at home
618 Jan 1892James AndersonFalgortrevy10CroupService at home
728 Jan 1892Robert McKeownCurragh88Old ageService at home
829 Jan 1892Samuel AndersonFalgortrevy6CroupService at home
94 Feb 1892Thomas PeacockBallymacilcurr70Partial InsanityService at home
105 Feb 1892Matilda StockmanMaghera%sBronchitisService at grave
1126 Feb 1892Jane MooreMagheraInjuries caused by a fallNo service, did not hear of death
129 Mar 1892David WhiteTamneymullan70Old ageService at home
1318 Mar 1892Thomas KelsoBeagh7Inflammation of ???Service at home
1421 Apr 1892Ann MansfieldTirnoney82Old ageNo Service, ? At Dra?
1522 Apr 1892Eliza HyndmanCurragh76Old ageNo Service, ? At Dra?
1627 Apr 1892Matthew KerrMagheraConvulsionsService at home
1730 Apr 1892Thos GloverBallinahone85Old ageService at home
1830 Apr 1892Eliza NelsonCrew74Old ageService at grave
195 May 1892Joseph BoyleMaghera68InfluenzaService at home
207 May 1892Sarah ClydeMullagh68InfluenzaService at home
2111 May 1892Jane McKeownCurragh52Kidney diseaseMcB???????????
2216 May 1892James AndersonCurragh72Old ageService at ??
234 June 1892John PooleMullagh21Spinal diseaseService at ??
245 July 1892Samuel BoltonCarricknakielt21Heart diseaseService at ??
2520 July 1892John GrahamBeagh21Rev. Patterson
26William LytleDrumlane3 yr 3 mosService at home
27James TaylorMaghera57BronchitisService at house
289 Sep 1892Jane MontgomeryKnocknakielt63BronchitisService at house
2924 Sep 1892Anna MontgomeryBeagh78Old ageService at house
3028 Sep 1892William WilsonMacknagh75GravelService at house
3129 Sep 1892Lizzie GrayBallymacilcurr5DiahorreaService at house
321 Oct 1892Archie GrahamBallymacilcurr4Scarlet feverRev. J.Browne Jackson at house
334 Oct 1892Moore WilsonBeagh (?)57ConsumptionNo service being in BelfastThe question mark after Beagh is original
348 Oct 1892Arnold CheyneMaghera51CancerService a house
3515 Oct 1892William WilsonMoneymore20PleurisyService at house
3612 Dec 1892Robert LappinMullaghOld ageNo Service; away at Aughnacloy (Ordination)
3722 Dec 1892Margaret PeeblesCarricknakielt80Old ageWm Geo. Woodburn conducted service at house
3827 Dec 1892Sarah PeeblesCarricknakielt85Old ageDr Leitch conducted service at house
3930 Dec 1892James H. PeacockUpperlands8DiphtheriaService at house
407 Jan 1893John ShielsMullagh84Old ageService at house
4111 Jan 1893Betty PaulMullagh85Old ageService at house
4216 Jan 1893William McIvorMaghera62CirrhosisService at house
439 Feb 1893John WilsonCraigmore89Old ageService at house
4415 Feb 1893Matilda DrippsTirnageeragh55InfirmityService at house
4524 Feb 1893Rebecca HazlettBallymacilcurr60Old ageService at houseRebecca Graham
4625 May 1893William WallaceDerry44Consunptiion of LungsService at grave
4728 June 1893Matilda McKeownCurragh55Rev. J.Browne ???? ????? ??? away in YorkshireMatilda Smyth
484 Jul 1893Alicia HustonTirgarvilConsumptionService at home
4912 July 1893William LytleMoneysharvin81Old age?
5017 Jul 1893Mary HazlettTamneymullan80Old ageService at houseMary Lytle
5118 Sep 1893Elizabeth EarlCraigmore84Service at house
5222 Aug 1893Joseph PattonSlattybogie_Rev McIntyre ??? At home, I being ??????????
539 Oct 1893Nancy McIntyreBeagh30ConsumptionService at home
547 Dec 1893James McIlroyBallymacilcurr79?Old ageService a home
5512 Dec 1893Samuel LongMaghera79Old ageRev J. Browne held service at house ????????
56___ TaylorMaghera
578 Jan 1894___ PaulCarricknakielt81Service at house by Rev. Geo GillespieEliza Glover wife of James Paul
589 Jan 1894David PaulCarricknakielt63?????Husband of Martha Ann Wilson
59Jane WalkinshawMullagh62Service at house
60Margaret KerrCraigadickHeart diseaseService at House
6120 Jan 1894Mary Ann McMathMoneysharvin71Old ageService at houseMary Ann Kennedy?
6212 Feb 1894Daniel CampbellTirnoney60Paralysis of the Brain??Service at house
6316 Mar 1894Robert LamontKnocknakielt81Old ageServiice at house
6423 Mar 1894Jane MontgomeryMacknagh34Service at house
6527 Mar 1894Samuel ServiceGrillagh80Old ageService at house
661 May 1894Matilda WilsonBallymacilcurr3Service at house
6729 May 1894John BowmanBallinahone?ConsumptionService at house
686 Jun 1894Robert WilsonCrew18Consumption????????
6922 Jun 1894James PattonSlattybogie88ApoplexyService at home
7030 Aug 1894Emily GloverGullaguffCough? CholeraService at home
7120 Oct 1894Sarah Matda. LytleTirnoney11DiphtheriaService at home
7226 Oct 1894Wm John AverilCrew%sScarletinaDid not hear of Death
7327 Oct 1894Margaret M LytleMaghera38DiphtheriaService ?
741 Nov 1894Alexander AverilCrew%sScarletinaService ?
7523 Nov 1894Robert SuffrinTirnoney42ParalysisService at house
7615 Jan 1895Margaret McKeownMacknagh48Cancer of Womb?Service st house
774 Feb 1895James WilsonMacknagh57GangreneService at house
7811 Feb 1895Walter KerrTirnoneyHeart diseaseService at house
7913 Feb 1895John LytleBallynock84Old ageService at house
8016 Feb 1895Mary Ann NelsonBallymacilcurr?_BronchitisService at house
8128 Feb 1895Archy McFallBallynock61The results of fall in the frostService at house
829 Mar 1895Joseph McKinneyMaghera6 mths??? John Marshall
8320 Mar 1895Margaret ThompsonMaghera79Service at house
8428 Mar 1895Thomas Henry? MartinBallymacilcurr10?
859 Apr 1895Jane HustonTirgarvil79?
869 May 1895Margaret LongBlank
8720 May 1895Robert PooleBlank
881? Jun 1895James McKeownCurraghBlank
8915? Jun 1895Joseph LamontDo62
9019? Jun 1895Henry John PorterBeagh9?
914 Jul 1895Tubbermore?
943 Aug 1895____ StockmanMaghera12?Heart diseaseService at house
956 Aug 1895Elizabeth McIntyreKnocknakielt72Old ageService at grave
968 Aug 1895Marcus HoustonMaghera2Water on lungsService at house
977 Sep 1895Samuel ServiceGrillagh28Heart diseaseService at house
9828 Sep 1895Thomas McKeownMaghera80Old ageService at house
9915 Oct 1895____ WilsonBallymacilcurrDid not hear of Death or Funeral
10025 Oct 1895Matthew AndrewsCarricknakielt?88Old ageService at grave
10111 Dec 1895Jane CanningTullyherron84Old ageI was away in Belfast
10217 Dec 1895Nancy B. WilsonCrew14ConsumptionService at house
101___ McFallBallynock93Old ageDr Leitch held service at house(Yes, 101 again!)
103____ ServiceTullyherron____Dr Leitch held service at house
1042 Feb 1896Agnes PorterKnocknakielt%sBy burning in fireService at home
10528 Feb 1896Margaret CampbellBallynock57Luinpain? StomachService at home
10629 Feb 1896John MontgomeryMacknagh34Inflamation of lungService at grave
1075 Mar 1896Ann McCrackenTamneymullan57Acute BronchitisService at house
1082 May 1896Robert McKeownMoneysharvin86Old ageService at house
10930 May 1896James MorrisonTirnoneyHeart diseaseService at house
1101 June 1896Robert LytleTirnoneyAcute BronchitisService at house
11110 Aug 1896Maggie MilliganMullagh27ConsumptionService held by Mr Marshall
11216 Oct 1896Thomas Wilson? JnrCrew24ConsumptionService at house
11316 Oct 1896William McCrackenKnocknakielt60?Service at house
11424 Oct 1896Mary Jane PaulCarricknakielt60Heart diseaseService at house
1154 Nov 1896Robert WilsonCraigmore81ConsumptionService at house
11623 Nov 1896Mrs MartinBeagh91Old ageService at houseMary
11728 Nov 1896Elizabeth PooleTamneymartinCancerService at house
1181 Dec 1896Mrs? (Dr.) KennedyMagheraOld ageService at house
11923 Dec 1896Rose Ella GrahamBallymacilcurr14 MthsInflamation Service at house
1208? Jan 1897Nancy McCaugheyBallymacilcurrOld ageService at house
12110 Jan 1897Mrs ElliotMagheraLoss of controls??Service at house
1224 Jan 1897(Mrs Shattock Dr.Magowan's m. in LawHer remains taken to Bristol)
12313 Jan 1897Mrs James CrawfordKnocknakieltInfl of LungsService by Dr. Leitch
12410? Jan 1897Wm Nelson?Beagh80Liver complaintService at house
12522 Jan 1897Wm GrahamGrillagh70Lung infection?Service at house
12627 Jan 1897Mrs MartinKnocknakielt72Old ageService at houseNancy
1278 Feb 1897Mrs LappinMullagh98?Service at houseAnne Long
12815 Feb 1897James H. DrippsTirnageeragh77ParalysisService at house
12918 Feb 1897Mrs? J DunlopTullyherron64Service at houseJane
13024 March 1897Margaret McMathMoneysharvin40LungsService at house
13110 Apr 1897John MooneyBelfast46Heart diseaseService at grave
13222 Apr 1897Elissa McFallBallymacilcurr??25Service at house
13316 Jun 1897____ WilsonMagheraRev. John Burns ????
13430 July 1897Nancy McElreeMullagh77old age paralysisService at house
13529 Sept 1897Annie ShielsKnocknakielt27Consumption(Service at..Can't quite make out what he wrote!)
13613 Dec 1897Mrs McKeownMoneysharvin84Old ageService at house administered by her ???
13712 Jan 1898Letty HaganMaghera82Old ageService at ??Letitia Elliot wife of Henry Hagan
13819 Feb 1898Samuel AndersonFallagloon84ParalysisService at ??
13919 Feb 1898Margaret BoalLisburn64Heart diseaseService at ??
14019 Mar 1898Andrew ConnorMacknagh55ConsumptionService at House
14130 Mar 1898Sam BoydBeagh87Old ageService at house
14227 Apr 1898James ShielsKnocknakielt15Brain TumourService at house
14326 May 1898Maggie CrawfordKnocknakieltBrain TumourService at house
14429 Jun 1898Margt EdwardsKnocknakieltService at ??
145Mrs ShielsBeaghOld ageService at house
146Emma KelsoCarricknakieltOld ageService at house
14717 Aug 1898Charlotte SmythUpperlands60Drowning in a well had a fit of epilepsyService ??
14806 Oct 1898Robert WilsonMacknagh71CancerService ??
1496 Oct 1898Sarah AndersonCurragh89Old ageService at house
15017 Dec 1898Annie AndersonTubbermoreInflamationService at house assisted by Rev M. Stevens
15119 Dec 1898Mrs W GrahamCraigmore____Service at houseElizabeth Jane Graham (Betty Jane Smyth)
15225 Jan 1899Joseph Faulkner McKinneyMaghera%s_____Service conducted by Rev. MarshallActually Annie McKinney!
153Feb 1899Mrs FlemingBallywillanOld Age_____Service conducted by A. StevensonCheck!!
15411 Mar 1899Thomas PooleBeagh69GravelService at house
15516 Mar 1899Elizabeth BoydGlasgow29Service at grave
15629 Mar 1899Mary Jane HemphillBeaghInfluenzaService at house
15715 Apr 1899James MartinKnocknakielt78GravelService at house
15817 Apr 1899Robert JohnstonMoneysharvin67Result of AccidentService at house
15912 May 1899Alexander CraigGrillagh58Cerebral AfflictionService at house
16020 Jun 1899Mrs McIlroyUpperlands76Old ageNo ClergymanMatilda
16123 Aug 1899Thos McIlroyUpperlands39Heart diseaseNo Clergyman
16223 Aug 1899John KissickCrew75Stomach diseaseRev. Dr. Leitch ?????
16311 Sep 1899Ellen PeacockBelfast15Inflamation of lungsService at grave by Dr Hall
16426 Sep 1899_____ PorterKnocknakieltService at the houseEliza
165Mrs McKeownTamneymullan69Heart disease??Margaret Anne
16617 Oct 1899Mrs GloverGulladuff70Heart diseaseServive at house. Rev J BrownRachel
16718 Oct 1899Isabella BooneBallynock70Old ageService at house. Rev J BrownIsabella Robinson
16824 Oct 1899James McKeownCurragh51Overflow of BloodNo Clergyman
169Mary McKeownCurragh80Old ageNo ClergymanJan - Mar 1900
170Saturday, January 27, 1900Mrs R J FlemingKnocknakielt50Lung DiseaseRev. R. Johnston-Castledawson
171Tuesday, February 06, 1900Wm MorrisonTirnoney70_____Rev. D. Magill
172Saturday, February 16, 1901Mary Jane FlemingCulnady65Bronchitis_____
173Sunday, May 15, 1904Nancy MooreCrew Hill84Old Ageillegible
174no dateHugh G. BarklyMaghera_____Heart diseaseRev. D. B. McKay
175no dateSamuel BrownMaghera__________Rev. D. B. McKay
176no dateRobert McKeownMacknagh_____Heart diseaseRev. D. B. McKay
177no dateMrs. McIlroyUpperlands_____Heart diseaseRev. D. B. McKay
178no dateMrs. MacMillanCrew88Old ageRev. D. B. McKay
179no dateMiss B. KyleCulnady9Old ageRev. D. B. McKayYes it DOES say 9 - Old age!!!!
180no dateJames KyleCulnady__________Rev. D. B. McKayApr - Jun 1905
181no dateMrs. S. ShielsMullagh__________Rev. D. B. McKay Died 13 Apr 1912
182Monday, June 01, 1908Mrs. McMurrayThe Manse__________Funeral to Belfast
183Sunday, January 19, 1908Ada LytleMaghera28_____Service at House
184Thursday, March 30, 1905Wm HipsonMaghera__________Service at House
185no dateMrs. Wm. WilsonTamnymullan__________Service at House
1Monday, March 05, 1900Elizabeth Savage?Knockloughrim97Senile DebilityServices at Both [ ] [ ]
1Monday, August 19, 1940Robert EarlTamneymullan92
2Monday, August 19, 1940Annie RichardsonKnocknakielt36
Monday, August 19, 1940Thomas GrahamCraigmore84
3Sunday, September 01, 1940Samuel MartinKnocknakielt--
4Sunday, September 01, 1940Wm? BrownBelfast- From Maghera
5Monday, October 21, 1940Jackie WilsonMacknaghc. 69Saturday, October 19, 1940
6Friday, October 25, 1940Meta SmythUpperlands18
7Thursday, January 30, 1941Maggie WintonHall Street, Maghera70
8Thursday, February 13, 1941Mrs Robert FlemingKnocknakielt70+
9Monday, February 24, 1941Mrs Thos McCrackenKnocknakieltc.85
10Tuesday, March 04, 1941Mrs John MartinMaghera92
11Tuesday, March 04, 1941Mrs KellySlatabogie88
12Thursday, March 06, 1941Agnes PorterKnocknakielt44Never Physically strong
13Wednesday, April 30, 1941William John McCracken?67
14Sunday, May 04, 1941Miss Sarah Burns69
15Friday, June 06, 1941James Service?Fallagloon4 mths?
1Thursday, July 17, 1941John O'Neill70
2Thursday, July 17, 1941Wm Jn ShielsTamneymullan82Died 15th?Husband of Annie McCool
3Saturday, July 26, 1941Mrs Margaret? GrahamUpper Craigmore87
4Sunday, August 03, 1941Robert John FlemingKnocknakielt86
5Thursday, September 04, 1941William NelsonTamneymullan80Wednesday, September 03, 1941
6Wednesday, October 01, 1941Mrs John? HazlettTirnoney65+
7Wednesday, October 08, 1941James SmythTamneymartin80
8Wednesday, October 08, 1941Wm FayTullyherronc. 79
9Wednesday, January 07, 1942James GrayMoneymorec. 74
10Wednesday, January 14, 1942Mrs ShielsTamneymartinover 70 ?Is this Margaret Bolton from Dullaghy???
11Friday, February 06, 1942Matilda MillenLargantogher76
12Friday, February 06, 1942Hubert Cunningham's childMoneymore5 Wks?Margaret Dorothera CunninghamThursday, February 05, 1942
13Thursday, March 12, 1942Hugh StewartGrave at Knocklochrim?47
14Tuesday, June 16, 1942Daniel McConaghyMullagh46
1Saturday, August 01, 1942Eva MontgomeryKnocknakielt31
2Sunday, November 01, 1942Sargeant James DunlopTullyherron81
3Friday, November 06, 1942Mr BoydCarricknakielt70+Old Mullagh Grave yardor could it be Mrs Boyd?
4Friday, January 15, 1943Matthew JohnstonCrew74+Born in Moneysharvin, 36 years in USA, Baptised in 1926?
5Sunday, February 28, 1943Sarah PaulCarricknakielt65?Son is John? { W. Pastin? Dublin 1936?Service taken by Mr Gastin Dublin? --36?
6Monday, March 08, 1943Sarah Jane PorterCraigmore82 ?
7Sarah Craig PaulCraigmore3?Accident burningFriday, April 23, 19432 years 1 month
8Anna Rose ServiceFallagloon3 mthsFriday, April 23, 1943
9Sunday, June 27, 1943Mrs Smyth WilsonCrewRev R Sloan
10Wednesday, June 30, 1943Thomas Henry PorterGulladuff2mths
Wm Speers
Maud PorterMaghera
Nancy HemphillMaghera?c. 78
Willie FowlerMaghera14Friday, October 01, 1943
Wednesday, November 17, 1943Sloan E. BoltonMaghera45
George HazlettDungiven?33Thursday, December 30, 1943
Tuesday, January 18, 1944Wm DunlopTullyherronc.78
Saturday, January 22, 1944Mr HoustinTamneymullinc 80
Margerite Sophia Service?Maghera7mths
James PedenKnocknakieltC. 30
Robert MillenMagherac.24
Friday, March 17, 1944George TaylorMagherac.70
15Friday, March 31, 1944Minnie TaylorMaghera25
Friday, September 01, 1944Jane ClarkTullyheron78
Monday, March 05, 1945Lizzie PaulMullagh47Sunday, March 04, 1945
Thursday, March 15, 1945John McCrackenKnocknakielt75
Friday, March 30, 1945Elizabeth FaithMaghera4 mths

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

Maghera Presbyterian Church Records

Presbyterian Church, Maghera 3Presbyterian Church, Maghera circa 1905Presbyterian Church, Maghera 2


Maghera Presbyerian Church has existed at it’s current location since 1792. It was previously located on Fair hill at where McKee’s Factory currently exists, where worship was held since 1660. A church was built at this location, but was destroyed during the Williamite Wars (1689-1690) when Jacobean forces destroyed many towns on their way to the City of Derry. The church was rebuilt, but by the 1790s it was felt a new church was needed and land for it was given to the congregation by the Clarks of Largantogher (who were presbyterian at that time) and this new chuurch was constructed during the pastorship of the Reverend John Glendy. This church was severely damaged by the Tipperary Militia during it’s occupation of Maghera after the 1798 Rebellion as the congregation (and the Reverend John Glendy in particular,) had sympathies for the United Irish Men (Watty Graham being the son of the Session Clerk). The current church was rebuilt in 1835.


Maghera Presbyterian Church Baptisms (1843-1878)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Baptisms (1878-1916)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll (1847)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll (1847-1865)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll (1866-1894)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Early marriages (1843-1846)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Marriage Registers (1845-1936)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Marriage Notices (1857-1860)

Maghera Presbyterian Marriage Notice List (1891-1897)

Maghera Presbyterian Church Burial Records (1861-65, 1891-1908,1940-45)