Maghera Past and present – A view of Maghera in 1913

Lower Main Street, Maghera circa 1903 400x254

Maghera Past and present – A view of Maghera in 1913The Larne Times & Weekly Telegraph covered the town of Maghera in an interesting and wonderfully detailed article featured in their 8th November 1913 edition. This was part of their ‘In Ulster towns and villages’ series of articles and gives a wonderfully informative  zeitgeist of Maghera on the eve of World War I:





Progressing to Maghera in continuation of our series of articles on Ulster towns and village the ancient town of St. Lurach is the next natural stopping place after Castledawson and Magherafelt, the outlines of whose history we reviewed last week. If instead of the sequence of geographical situations we had consulted the interests of cultural precedence, Maghera should be given premier place in Derry by way of its rank and standing as the oldest town in the county.

The authority of Lewis, without whose topographical records the country would be much [poorer?] it is not necessary to establish the fact that Maghera is a place of great antiquity. The town to this day bears silent but indisputable testimony, not merely to its existence, but also its great importance, in early epochs of Ireland’s history, when many centres have grown up in the intervening centuries had not taken form from out the forest that covered wide tracts of what is now [ ] pasture land. The Plantation [period marks] the beginning of quite a large [  ] in the northern towns of Ireland. Not such Maghera. Three hundred years have passed into history since first settlers under King James’s scheme of colonisation [mov]ed to the regions watered by the Lower Bann. Twice or thrice three hundred years would not carry us back to the times when Maghera first assumed prominence as a centre of.


 St. Lurach’s Old Church.

Although we are told there is no precise account of the original foundation of an abbey for Canons Regular, believed to have been established there at a very early period, yet it is beyond controversy that at so remote a time as 537 the ancient see of Ardstra or Ardstrath was removed to the town. In the olden times the place was called Machaire Ratha Luraigh- Machaire meaning a plain (as in Magherafelt, the plain of the rushes). Gradually the name changed to its present form, Ratha Luraigh means the fort of Lurach, St. Lurach being the patron saint of the parish. This eminent ecclesiastical, of whom the town has more than one memorial, substantial as well as legendary, throws the mind back to the days of St. Patrick himself. Lurach, like many another Irish saint, was of Royal Lineage, and had close family ties with the patron saint of Ireland. One has but to turn to the ruins of St. Lurach’s Church, happily in an excellent state of preservation, to find abundant confirmation as to Maghera’s importance in the era in which Ireland won its first fame as the home of saints and scholars. The old church and grounds have been the hunting ground of the antiquarian and archaeologist who have written and lectured upon some of its features which have a distinctiveness of their own among Irish ecclesiastical remains. Some portions bear marks of very remote antiquity. The square-headed western doorway, with its representation of the Crucifixion, rudely sculptured in high relief with the company of the apostles, has long fascinated the attention of those who find a delight in the study of these memorials of an age, of which relics are but too few. It has been estimated that the date of this interesting piece of sculptury is between the years 960 and 1,000 A.D.. Lewis, in his indispensible Topographical Dictionary (1837) mentioned not only the fact that in the churchyard are the tomb and pillar of Leuri (or Lurach, but added that the grave of the patron saint was opened early in the last century, when a silver crucifix was found in it, and was carefully replaced. It has been placed on record that this addendum had been better suppressed, as it is related that a couple of thieves came afterwards, opened the grave, and


An information was sworn by the late Alexander Hipson, of Maghera, describing the thieves, and the late Rev. Spencer Knox had them followed to Magherafelt and Moneymore, but unfortunately all traces of them was lost. Readers of the “Ulster Journal of Archaeology” were indebted over ten years ago to the late Mr. A. K. Morrison and to Mr. S. D. Lytle for a copy of the deposition of Hipson, describing the disgraceful act of vandalism, and we take leave to reproduce it here. MADGHS

It was sworn and signed on January 20, 1865, before Mr. J. J. Clarke J.P., at Largantogher, as follows:-

I Alexander Hipson of Maghera in the county of Londonderry carpenter do solemnly & sincerely declare that in or about the year 1839 I think in the month of March I was in the employment of the Rev. James Spencer Knox rector, of the parish of Maghera, when one morning having to pass through the old graveyard on my way from the glebe house to the town of Maghera to buy nails I met two persons dressed like gentlemen in the graveyard, one had a paper in his hand, on which there was writing. He asked was I a native of the town I said I was. He then enquired if there was a long grave in the churchyard in which Saint Lorny was buried. I said I had often heard of it. He again asked if it had a black whin stone for a head stone I told him it had. He looked at the paper and bid the other gentleman to come along. We went together to the grave which I pointed out. He took a rule out of his pocket & measured the grave which he compared with the writing on the paper with it and the headstone. At his request I got him a spade from James Cassidy who was planting potatoes. On giving him the spade he gave me a half crown piece & said to me & Thomas Quinn who had just come up that we might go and have a glass. We went to Billy Crocketts had a glass & divided what was left of the half-crown between us. I then went to Harry Porters the nailer, got the nails & returned  through the graveyard, and there found the two gentlemen filling up the hole in the grave that appeared about 2½ feet long & about 2 ft broad. I don’t know the depth. On the grass was a handkerchief spread out the wind raising it up I saw underneath a cross which might be about 18 inches long. They then left taking the cross with them. I began to think I should tell Mr. Knox & went to the hall door, but he was not in the house. Half an hour after I returned I found him in his study and told what had occurred.  He sent me immediately to the hotel kept by Mr Falls to make enquiry who said, they had been gone for some time, but whether to Moneymore or Magherafelt he could not say. Mr Knox & myself then drove in his gig to Magherafelt but could not find any trace of them there but got a fresh horse & proceeded to Moneymore, with no better success-  came back by Desertmartin to Magherafelt hoping to meet with them Mr Knox having left instructions in Magherafelt to have them detained should they make their appearance there. Mr Knox told me afterwards he had reason to believe they had gone to Dungannon & was greatly displeased with Mr Falls as he blamed him for misleading him.

This is the story which, in point of detail, certainly seems very circumstantial. The resting-place of St. Lurach is marked by a rude whinstone, which is evidently the remains of a cross. The hope has been more than once expressed that some suitable monument should mark the resting-place of Maghera’s patron saint, but this natural and commending desire has not yet been realised. There is a local tradition that an underground passage existed between the old church and the church of Mullagh Hill, about a mile distant. No one, however, has been industrious enough to test the accuracy of tradition by any extensive excavation.


Another reminder of St. Lurach is the well which perpetuates his name to the present day. It is in the centre of the town not far from the principal street, at the entrance of Mr. John Marker’s yard. The well was for a considerable time the principal source of the water supply for the town, but was closed in recent years by the district authorities, and a pump erected over it. The legends concerning the efficacy of the waters of the well, as may well be conceived, are numerous.

Reverting to the earlier times we recall that for nearly 600 years Maghera continued to be the seat of the diocese but in 1158 it was united to the See of Derry and the cathedral church was established in that city. The transference meant more than a mere loss of prestige to the ancient town, for it appears to have declined rapidly in importance after that period, and a few events of historical interest occurred, except occasional depredations during the insurrections of the O’Nials, to whom the surrounding territory belonged. On the plantation of Ulster the lands of the ancient See of Maghera were confirmed to the Bishop of Derry, and other parts of the parish were also assigned by James I to the Mercers’, Vintners’, Salters’, and Drapers’ companies of London, who retained possession till their disposal under the Land Acts of the last few decades. In the war of 1641 Maghera suffered very heavily, being burned by the insurgents under Macdonnell. It was in that terrible period that the ironworks which were established at Drumconready in the reign of Charles I, were destroyed. In 1688 the town, which had scarcely recovered from its former devastation, was assaulted by the Irish adherents of James II, and the inhabitants were compelled to abandon their houses and seek refuge in the city of Derry. 1641 and 1688 are outstanding dates, but much could be written of long periods during which hardships tried the people of Maghera, as well as the country’s inhabitants generally. We must hasten on, however, and come to


Which not unnaturally had its influence upon the folk in and around Maghera. Times were different then, and the general discontent, which was generated by causes which should have been removed, found expression in the well-known incidents of the period. In our reference to the history of Presbyterianism we touch incidentally upon ’98. Suffice here briefly to relate that in Maghera a corps was formed called the Maghera National Guards, which was composed principally of Presbyterians, and a number of Roman Catholics and even a few Episcopalians joined the ranks. The corps was about 5,000, but only a tenth of them had firearms, the remainder carrying pikes, pitchforks, spades, and bludgeons. They assembled at Crewe Hill on the 7th June, 1798, but owing to the defeat of the other corps of United Irishmen in the neighbourhood when the soldiers put in an appearance they disbanded. Some of the leaders escaped to America. Walter or “Watty” Graham was not so fortunate. He found shelter in Limavady, but was betrayed, and brought back to Maghera, where he was hanged, the place of his execution in the Square being pointed out to the present day. His servant man, reputed to be dull-witted, was ordered to proclaim at intervals as his master’s head was carried on the top of the pole through the streets- “Behold the head of a traitor”. The man, whether intentionally or not is not known, cried out,


Many of the people emigrated to America at these times. England had cause to regret her misrule of the country afterwards. In America the Ulster people proved England’s most bitter enemies when that country was wrested from the British. It is a well-known fact that the Declaration of Independence was principally signed by Irish Presbyterians. Two of the signatories on that historic roll are Charles Thompson and a man named Hawthorne, two Maghera Presbyterians. Only two of the signatories added any address, and one was Thompson, who was proud to place Maghera after his name.


It is a long skip from 1798 to 1913, but in the interests of space we are compelled to make it. As we have said, Maghera is a town which can boast an historic continuity that none of its neighbours can eclipse. While proud of its almost unique record in this respect, the town by no means lives in the past, its inhabitants being animated by a spirit of progressiveness that has left its impress in many directions. It enjoys the reputation of being the most progressive market town in South Derry. Modern Maghera is improving materially both as regards size and importance. The installation of electric light is one of the indications of its up-to-dateness.


By far the most important event in recent times was the establishment of the new handkerchief embroidery works in Hall Street by Messrs. Glendinning, McLeish & Co., Belfast, in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction. The advent of this industry as thus introduced holds encouraging potentialities for the future, and will be destined to mark a new era in the history of the town. The splendid structure in fine modern style means more than an ornate addition to Maghera’s buildings, but will prove a boon to the people around, as the prosperity of the works will reflect its influence on the town in an altogether gratifying way. The number of hands employed at present s necessarily somewhat limited, but larger schemes are in the air, including the erection of a large factory, into which the girls, after training in the embroidery works, will be qualified to pass. We trust, with every well-wisher of the town, that nothing will stand in the way of expansion and development. Our illustrations include one or two representations of machine embroidery as carried on in the interior of the well-lighted and pleasantly-ventilated works. The Juxtaposition on the same page of such widely differing views as that of the old Abbey Church and of those depicting his recent industrial development may seem to savour of the incongruous. And yet is there not in them a faithful reflex of Maghera- the one representing the glory of its storied past and the other pointing to the hopes of a brightening future?

A word or two must be said in regard to the churches. The present parish church, of which the respected incumbent is Rev. A. H. Maturin, dates back to 1820. The exact date upon which the last services were held in the old church is not known, but it is likely that the devotions of the church people were conducted there up to the consecration of the present church. The inscription on a stone above the doorway of the modern parish church reads:








Colonel Clark has recalled the fact that his late father, who was born over a century ago, worshiped in the old church. Compared with its venerable predecessor, the “new” parish church is but an “infant”, and yet in a few short years the centenary of its consecration will be celebrated!


Columns could be written, and indeed, have been written, of the history of Presbyterianism in Maghera. To the researches of Mr. S. Lytle, a leading merchant of the town, the community owes much for the information which from time to time he has brought to light concerning former times not alone in regard to the Church of which he is an honoured member, but in regard to the general history of the town. As Mr. Lytle pointed out on a public occasion over five years ago, the Presbyterian Church in Maghera has a history in many respects unique. The church was on two occasions closed by a partial Government, once it was burned, and in 1798 it was used as temporary quarters by the Tipperary Militia. The first mention that can be found of the Maghera congregation was in 1665, when a Mr. Anthony Kennedy, of Templepatrick was sent to supply the pulpit for two Sabbaths. The first minister appointed was Robert Rowan, who was placed in charge in 1658, but, after the restoration, which occurred a short time after his appointment, he went over to the Episcopalian Church and became rector of Maghera. The Presbyterian Church was closed, but the congregation continued their worship in a building accommodating 500 people provided by Major Montgomery, a member of the Established Church. For his catholicity of spirit the major was arrested- such was the spirit of tolerance in those early times. The succession of ministers till the famous Dr. Glendy was- Rev. James Kirkpatrick, Rev. John Tomb, Rev. Archibald Boyd, Rev. James Dykes, and Rev. David Smylie. In 1785 the church was removed to its present site from Fair Hill, where one of the foundation stones of the former building is to be seen. The name of Rev. Dr. Glendy, who was a man of outstanding abilities, stands out conspicuously on account of the prominent position he took in the rebellion of 1798. Upon the disabilities of the Presbyterians and all religious bodies except the Established Church and the causes of the ’98 rising it is happily not for us to dwell here, as they are common history. There is no evidence to show that Dr. John Glendy was not a United Irishman, but there is not the slightest doubt that he was in thorough sympathy with their principles. He was, accordingly, a marked man. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and when the soldiers arrived at his house, which occupied the site of Mr. Henry Shiver’s house, they found Dr. Glendy had escaped. Hs house and property was burned, and the doctor found refuge in “The Grove”, where Mr. Wilson now resides. He eventually made good his escape in feminine garb, and in Baltimore, America, founded a church, over which he presided for many years. He became acquainted with Thomas Jefferson, then


Who became his friend, and in 1805 Glendy was appointed chaplain of the House of Representatives, and in 1815 served the Senate in the same capacity. Dr. John Glendy’s successors in the pastorate of Maghera were Rev. Charles Kennedy, ordained 29th July, 1801 ; Rev. Smylie Robson, 16th June, 1843 ; Rev. Dr. Witherow (afterwards professor in Magee College), 1st October, 1845 ; Rev. Dr. Leitch (now President of Assembly College, Belfast), 2nd October, 1866; Rev. R.H.F. Dickey, B.D. (now Professor in Magee College), 26th January, 1880 ; Rev. Dr. Hall (who afterwards took up duty in Colbrooke Row, London, and Coleraine), 16th September, 1891 ; and Rev. Dr. Magill, 4th February, 1900, who resigned in 1903, when he was appointed professor in Toronto, and is now Minister of Agriculture in Canada. The present minister is Rev. Wm. McMurray, who was ordained on March 3, 1904. It is not out of place to add that during Mr. McMurray’s pastorate many improvements have been effected. What is practically a new entrance to the church has been made, at a cost of about £400, while there has been purchased an acre of ground adjoining for a graveyard. A wall has been built all around, and stabling and coach-houses, for the use of country members, have been provided, while electric light has been installed in the church. Among many others, the following may be mentioned as having been at one time members of Maghera Presbyterian Church- The Rev. Dr. Cooke, who was baptised by the Rev. Dr. Glendy in the Presbyterian Church; Rev. Jackson Graham, Rev. William McCullaugh, Rev. Joseph Barkley, Cormany ; Rev. Thomas Lyttle, Sandymount, Dublin ; and the Rev. Robert G. Milling, Ballinahinch ; also Judge Barkley, all of whom have passed away. Rev. John Macmillan, late Moderator of Assembly ; the Rev. Dr. Patterson, of May Street, Belfast; Professor Woodburn, of Magee College ; and Rev. James Woodburn, of Castlerock, were also members of the church in former days.


Amongst the men of wide renown who claimed the neighbourhood of Maghera as the place of their nativity and upbringing, foremost place will be given to the late Rev. Henry Cooke, D.D., L.L.D., the eminent Presbyterian orator and theological controversialist. Dr. Cooke was born on the 11th may, 1788, in a cottage, traces of which no longer remain, in the townland of Grillagh, about a mile and a half north of the town. His father’s house stood on the declivity of a hill. The road to Coleraine then passed over the summit of the hill ; now the new road winds around the base, and on the sloping ground between the old road and the new road was placed the mansion. Like almost every other great leader of men, Cooke was of humble origin. The stock from which he sprang, though poor as the world estimates wealth, was rich in independence and industry. His father was a farmer and his mother had been a farmer’s daughter. By fidelity to their common task they were enabled to transmit to their children, of whom Henry was the youngest, the priceless inheritance of a stainless and honoured name. Much of his stock-in-trade as an orator was inherited, his attractive appearance and his marvellous powers of memory. His speeches were word pictures that dazzled the eyes of all with their beauty. His mind was a galaxy, not of old masters, but of original works of art, whose colour and technique nevertheless revealed an intimate acquaintance with all the best. Neither as a lad at school nor as a youth at college did Cooke display any evidence of the great powers that lay slumbering in his soul, yet, though uncapped with academic honours, he did not go empty away, but carried with him a taste for reading, combined with a knowledge of how to read, which were the highest accomplishments in the gift of a university. As a boy Cooke had witnessed the horrors of the ’98 times, and they left a deep impress on his young mind. Thus he became the confirmed antagonist of every liberal sentiment and the consistent supporter of the powers that were. His college days having drawn to a close, he was ordained, though only in his twentieth year, as assistant and successor to the Rev. Robert Scott at Duneane, a settlement which turned out anything but happily. It could hardly have been otherwise, the two men being as far removed as the poles from one another in temperament and ability. Scott not only held Arian views, but discharged his duties with apathy. Cooke was evangelical and deeply interested in his mission and in his message. He deemed it wise to resign, and after a short interval, occupied as a tutor, he was installed in Donegore, a large and important congregation of about 500 families. The spheres of his subsequent labours were Killyleagh to Belfast. His reply to the Rev. J. Smithurst, which was the beginning of the struggle between Arianism and orthodoxy, culminated in the great debate that took place in Lurgan on the 30thof June, 1829. The one political act of Dr. Cooke’s life , which gave most satisfaction to his brethren, was the bold stand which in 1841 he made against the Repeal of the Union, his challenge of Daniel O’Connell to a public discussion of the whole subject, a challenge which the “Liberaltor” deemed prudent to decline, enhanced his already great popularity. Had Dr. Cooke been guided by no higher motive than the ambition of worldly success he would have sought some more conspicuous field than a remote province in Ireland for the exercise of his great and varied powers. A Scottish parish, a London congregation, a seat in the House of Commons were positions quite within his reach at an early period of his career. But on principle he shut out all such suggestions, and gave his undivided strength to the Church in whose membership he was born, and to the community among whom his lot had been cast. For the last 40 years of his life he was the most conspicuous personage not only in Belfast, but in Ulster. When at the close of a long and laborious life death called him away (13th December, 1868), the whole province did him honour in a manner such as was never shown to any man who hitherto died in Ulster. Belfast buried him with the burial of a king.

Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke, the famous Biblical commentator, was a native of Maghera district, having been born at Moybeg in 1760. Although as a lad he received a very sparse education he blossomed forth into one of the most learned divines of the Wesleyan connexion, a man distinguished for the remarkable variety of his gifts, especially as a linguist. He was president of the Conference three times, an almost unique record. His great work was his commentary, the first volume of which appeared in 1810, and the last in 1826. By special request of the British and Foreign Bible Society, he prepared their Arabic Bible. Dr. Clark was offered a bishopric in England, but declined it. He died of cholera in London in 1832.

Hall Street (Wth RIC baracks)    Hall Street National School


We approach the end of our review with a brief allusion to some spots of interest in the neighbourhood. About an English mile from Maghera, at Tirnoney, there is a very fine cromleac, near to which Lewis says there is an artificial cave formed of field stones and covered with flags; but that there is a souterrain there is doubtful. To the northwest of the cromleac, about 200 yards distant, there are the ruins of Killelagh old church, a very ancient structure, but unfortunately no reliable record can be found regarding its erection. The building, like so many others, is stated to have been destroyed in the wars of 1641 by the Earl of Tyrone and subsequently rebuilt. Lying close to the wall of the churchyard is a large flat stone, 3ft. by 4ft., and about 6in. thick, with two basin-shaped cavities. Close to this old church is a very fine rath, with one circumvallation. About two miles farther there is a sweathouse in Tirkane, with a well a few yards distant from its entrance. The favourite explanation of this sweathouse is that it was used to perform the purpose of Turkish baths, and as a cure for rheumatism and kindred complaints. A fire was lighted on its flagged floor, and when well heated, the fire was cleared out, and after the patient had dipped himself in the well, he was closed up in the house until he perspired profusely, with beneficial results. There are several other places in the neighbourhood of traditional interest, such as giant’s graves- one in Slaghtnail and one in Corlecky, also the remains of what is said to be one of the places of some of the Irish kings in Granaghan. At there is a very large and perfect rath at Dunglady. It is encompassed by treble walls and a trench, but unfortunately, there are no records regarding its occupation. It is said to be one of the most perfect in Ireland, and commands a most extensive view of the surrounding country. There are several other raths and forts in the parish. Numerous celts, swords, spear heads, and ornaments of bronze and brass have been found in the parish and vicinity.

In a sketch like the foregoing much has necessarily been omitted, but we trust we have indicated, even in a general way, sufficient to show that if Maghera had been excluded a prominent place in our present series the omission would have been grave and unpardonable.

St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867)

A selection of transcriptions of St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867

Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's ForeameFather's SurnameMother's ForenameMother's SurnameResidenceFather's OccupationMinister's Comment
8 Mar 1840Sarah 1 Mar 1840Jackson ClarkePeggyMagheraLabourer
7 Apr 1840James 29 Dec 1839James GrahamMaryCurragh
4 Apr 1841Elizabeth John ClarkeElizabethMagheraShoemaker
25 Jul 1841Sarah 5 Jan 1841Robert PorterJaneCurraghWeaver
15 Aug 1841James 27 Jul 1841James MackerillCatherineBallinahoneFarmer
8 May 1842William 3 Apr 1842Samuel GrahamMary?CurraghWeaver
13 Feb 1843Alex 13 Feb 1842Alexander PorterMarianneMagheraWeaver
7 Aug 1843Joseph 6 Aug 1843John ClarkeJaneSlattybogieLabourer
10 Dec 1843Mary 9 Nov 1843George ScottMargaretBeaghFarmer
26 Jan 1845John 3 Mar 1829Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
26 Jan 1845Thomas 11 Feb 1831Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Sarah 21 Jun 1833Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Esther 4 Jun 1835?Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Jane 30 Jun 1838Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845William Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
3 Feb 1845Mary 12 May 1840Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
3 Feb 1845Catherine Aug 1842Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
16 Feb 1845Nancy 31 Jan 1845Alexander GrahamElizabethBeaghFarmer
27 Mar 1846Sarah Robert GrahamJaneCulnadyWeaver
3 Jan 1847George John 22 Dec 1846Thomas ScottEliza? JaneMagheraShoemaker
2 Apr 1848Mary 5 Feb 1847RobertPorterMaryCulnadyLabourer
22 Sep 1848Henry12 Sep 1848James PorterRoseMagheraMaster??
7 Oct 1849James Johnston24 Jun 1849Thomas ScottEliza Jane?BallynacrossShoemaker
5 Jun 1853Matilda 25 Mar 1853John ShieldsMatildaBallinahoneLabourer
4 Sep 1854Mary Eliza 22 May 1854Robert ShieldsPatriciaGrillaghFarmer
30 Sep 1854?Archibald ArchibaldMcKinnyMary AnnBallymacilcurr?? / Ballinahone??LabourerNo. 37
22 Apr 1856Isabella 27 Mar 1838?Robert ShieldsMaryBeaghFarmer
6 Dec 1857John 22 Oct 1857Daniel ScottElizabethCulnadyLabourer
17 Apr 1867James 10 Feb 1867John ScottMary AnnCulnadyLabourer


Transcribed by Denver Boyd

Some Notes on the Parish of Maghera and Neighbourhood


Published in the Ulster Journal of Archeology Vol. VIII, McCaw, Stevenson & Orr, The Linenhall Press, 1902.

THE town and parish of Maghera are situated in the barony of Loughinshollin and the county of Derry. The parish is bounded on the north by Killyleagh, on the west by Ballinascreen and Kilcronaghan, on the south-east by Ballyscullion and Termoneeny, and on the east by Tamlaght-o’-Crilly, all in the diocese of Derry.

The town is of great antiquity. It is recorded that the see of Ardstra, or Ardstragh, was removed to Maghera in 597 ; it continued as a separate diocese until 1158, when it was united to the see of Derry. In 1641 it was burnt by the Irish, under Macdonnell. In 1688 it was assaulted by the army of James II, the inhabitants seeking refuge in the city of Derry.

It was anciently called Machaire Ratha Luraigh Machaire means a plain this was changed into its present name, Maghera. Ratha Luraigh means the fort of Lurach. St. Lurach was the patron saint of this parish, and his festival was formerly celebrated on the 17 February. Like many Irish saints, Lurach was of royal lineage. Lurach of the Poems, son of Griana uais, monarch of Ireland, who married Davorca, sister of Saint Patrick.

The ruins of St. Lurach’s church adjoin the town, and are in a good state of preservation. They are now under the charge of the Board of Works, and so are well looked after.

Samuel Lewis, in his Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837), says about this church :

“The ruins of the old church are highly interesting, and some portions bear marks of very remote antiquity. Over the west entrance is a representation of the Crucifixion, rudely sculptured in high relief, with ten of the apostles ; and in the churchyard are the tomb and pillar of Leuri, the patron saint, whose grave was opened some time since, when a silver crucifix was found in it, which was carefully replaced.”

It would have been much better to have suppressed this information, as a couple of thieves came afterwards and opened this grave and stole the sacred relics. An information was sworn by the late Alexander Hipson of Maghera, describing these thieves ; and the late Rev. Spencer Knox had them followed to Magherafelt and Moneymore, but unfortunately all trace of them was lost.

On the 4 January, 1881, a paper was read before the Belfast Naturalists’ Field Club by F. W. Lockwood, on “The Crucifixion and other Sculptures of the Ruined Church at Maghera, Co. Derry,” in which he stated :

“The ruined church at Maghera presents features perfectly unique amongst Irish ecclesiastical remains in its square-headed west doorway, above which is carved in relief, according to Lord Dunraven, the Crucifixion, the figures of the eleven disciples, and the two soldiers with spear and sponge. In Miss Stokes’s work it is described as ‘the Crucifixion, with lance and sponge, the figure of the Saviour draped to the hands and wrists, the three disciples and the woman standing near.’ A full-sized drawing explained that the decay of the stone rendered it difficult to identify some of the figures, but the two Roman soldiers, the blessed Virgin, and probably nine disciples, with the position of the tenth, are clearly to be made out ; angels are also to be seen hovering above the cross. Several similar features are also to be seen in the sculptured crosses of the ninth and tenth centuries at Monasterboice and elsewhere. The probable date of this interesting relic is between the years 960 to 1000 A.D.”

Local tradition has it that an underground passage existed between this church and the church on Mullagh Hill, about a mile distant.

St. Lurach’s grave is in the churchyard, and is marked by a rude stone, which is so decayed that no trace of anything can be made out of it. It is hoped that some suitable monument will soon mark the resting-place of our patron saint.

St. Lurach’s well is in the centre of the down [sic], at the gateway of A. K. Morrison. It was for a considerable time the principal source of the water supply for the town, but is now threatened with closure by the district authorities, and a pump erected over it; and though from a sanitary point of view this might be an improvement, yet it is a pity to obliterate such an ancient and celebrated landmark.

About an English mile from Maghera, at Tirnony, there is a very fine cromleac, near to which Lewis says there is an artificial cave formed of field stones and covered with flags; but the oldest inhabitant never heard of this souterrain, and if it exists its precise whereabouts is unknown. To the north west of this cromleac, about 200 yards distant, we have the ruins of Killelagh old church, a very ancient structure, but unfortunately no reliable record can be found regarding its erection. Lewis says it was destroyed in the wars of 1641 by the Earl of Tyrone, and subsequently rebuilt. Lying close to the wall of the churchyard is a large Flat stone, 3 feet by 4½ feet, and about 6 inches thick, with two basin-shaped cavities in it. Close to this old church there is a very fine rath, with one circumvallation. MADGHS

About two miles farther there is a sweat house in Tirkane, with a well a few yards distant from its entrance. The favourite explanation of this sweat-house is that it was used something like our Turkish baths, and as a cure for rheumatism and such-like complaints. A fire was lighted inside on its jagged floor, and when well heated the fire was cleared out, and after the patient had dipped himself in the well he was closed up in the house until he perspired profusely, with beneficial results.

There are a number of other places in this neighbourhood of traditional interest, such as giants’ graves one in Slaghtnail and one in Corlecky ; also the remains of what is said to be one of the palaces of some of the Irish kings in Granaghan.

At Culnady, about three miles distant from Maghera, there is a very large and perfect rath at Dunglady. It is compassed by treble walls and a trench, but unfortunately there are no records regarding its occupation. It is said to be one of the most perfect in Ireland, and commands a most extensive view of the surrounding country.


The following is a copy of a deposition made by Alexr. Hipson regarding

the rifling of Saint Lurach’s grave, before J. J. Clarke, 20 January, 1865 :

CITY & COUNTY OF LONDONDERRY TO WIT.} I Alexander Hipson of Maghera in the county of Londonderry  carpenter do solemly & sincerely declare that in or about the year 1829 I think in the month of March I was in the employment of the Rev. Jas. Spencer Knox rector of the parish of Maghera, when one morning having to pass through the old graveyard on my way from the glebe house to the town of Maghera to buy nails I met two persons dressd like gentlemen in the graveyard, one had a paper in his hand, on which there was writing. He askd was I a native of the town I said I was- He then enquird [sic] if there was a long grave in the churchyard in which Saint Lorny was buried. I said I had often heard of it. He again askd if it had a black whin stone for a head stone I told him it had. He lookd at the paper and bid the other gentleman to come along. We went together to the grave which I pointed out. He took a rule out of his pocket & measurd [sic} the grave which he compard [sic]with the writing on the paper with it and the headstone. At his request I got him a spade from James Cassidy who was planting potatoes. On giving him the spade he gave me a half crown piece & said to me & Thomas Quinn who had just come up that we might go and have a glass. We went to Billy Crocketts had a glass & divided what was left of the half crown between us. I then went to Harry Porters the nailer, got the nails & retd  through the graveyard, and there found the two gentlemen filling up the hole in the grave that appeared about 2½ feet long & about 2 ft broad. I don’t know the depth. On the grass was a handkerchief spread out the wind raising it up I saw underneath a cross which might be about 18 inches long. They then left taking the cross with them. I began to think I should tell Mr. Knox & went to the hall door, but he was not in the house. Half an hour after I ret d1 found him in his study and told what had occurrd [sic]. He sent me immediately to the hotel kept by Mr Falls to make enquiry who said, they had been gone for some time, but whether to Moneymore or Magherafelt he could not say. Mr Knox & myself then drove in his gig to Magherafelt but could not find any trace of them there but got a fresh horse & proceeded to Moneymore, with no better success-  came back by Desertmartin to Magherafelt hoping to meet with them Mr Knox having left instructions in Magherafelt to have them detaind shd they make their appearance there.

Mr Knox told me afterwards he had reason to believe they had gone to Dungannon & was greatly displeased with Mr Falls as he blamd him for misleading him.

I make this solemn deposition conscientously believing same to be true, and by virtue of an act passd in the 6 year of his late Magesty King Wm. the Fourth chapt 62 for the abolition of unnecessary oaths. Alexander Hipson.  {Made and subscribed before me this 20 day of January, 1865 (sixty-five), at Largantogher. Jas. J. Clarke, J.P. for Co. Londonderry.

Adam Clarke’s visit to the Maghera Area

Adam Clarke, the celebrated Methodist preacher, who was born at Moybeg just outside Tobermore in 1760/62, and who lived for a few years just outside Maghera wrote (upon a return visit to the area in circa 1807) “From Castle-Dawson I proceeded toward Maghera, and stopped to view the place where I had spent the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth years of my checkered life. Half the house in which we lived, one of the best in that country, is pulled down I walked through the grounds where I had laughed and cried, sought birds’ nests, looked for fairies’ haunts, made good resolutions, and spent the most happy (and, perhaps, the most innocent) period of my life. Though I had left that place when about eight years of age, yet I remembered every hill and every hedge where my brother and I used to see the fairies’ nocturnal fires. The orchard, from which I had eaten often of the choicest fruit, no longer exists. Zion is ploughed like a field. The emotions to which these scenes now gave birth cannot be described They connect the long interval between four years of age and fifty … To the poor woman I gave three tenpenny pieces, who received them as from heaven, and, addressing the child, said, ‘See, my dear, God has sent you a new coat by this gentleman; and may the blessing of God rest upon him and his family forever! ‘ … We soon got to Maghera, — looking over which before dinner, went to the quondam [former] dwelling of Dr. Bernard, the bishop of Limerick, celebrated in Boswell. This is also in a state of ruin; nothing like its former self, except the great beach-tree. Left the place with reflections not the most pleasant … “

St. Patrick’s Chapel, Glen Burial Records

A few extracts from the buril  Register at Glen Chapel. Naturally, we hope to provide all of the informaton in due course. Please bear with us.

Date of BurialSurnameForenameResidenceRegisterPage
29 Nov 1851ScullionJohnLisnamuck13
18 Apr 1854McShaneOwenCulnagrew15
23 Jun 1855ScullionDanielLisnamuck16
25 Sep 1855McShaneMaryTirgarvill17
27 Oct 1856RowansBLANKLisnamuck17
11 Jul 1857McShanePeterCulnagrew18
7 Sep 1859McShane(Miss)Culnagrew21
27 Oct 1859ScullinMaryLisnamuck23
22 Mar 1860ScullionJosephLisnamuck23
30 Jun 1860McShaneFrancisTirhugh24
24 Dec 1860McShaneNealCulganew25
24 May 1861ScullinDanielLisnamuck26
2 Jul 1862McShaneOwenMacknagh22
28 May 1863ScullyMichael, Rev.Maghera29
13 Nov 1863McShaneJohnMackna210
17 Dec 1863McShaneSarahTirgarvill210
26 Mar 1864HenryJohnBracka211
14 Aug 1864SlamonAndrewCulnagrew211
11 Sep 1864ScullinCatherineLisnamuck212
21 Oct 1864JudgePatrickUpperlands212
30 Sep 1865HenryJamesKillalagh213
30 Oct 1865HenryJohn F.Maghera213
25 Jan 1867McShaneRoseCulnagrew215
17 May 1867McShanePatrickCulnagrew216
25 Apr 1868ScullinPatGranahan25
20 May 1868ScullionPatrickMaghera217
30 Jan 1869McShanePatrickCulnagrew218
28 Oct 1869SharkeyBridgetFallagloon220
29 Nov 1869SlamonAliceKeady220
6 Feb 1870O'RourkeJohnTirhugh220
29 Jul 1870McShaneJamesCulnagrew221
14 Dec 1870McShaneCatherineUpperland221
31 Mar 1871McShanePeterTyrhugh222
30 Mar 1872McShaneMaryTirgarvil224
7 Aug 1872ScullinCatherineLisnamuck224
30 Jan 1873McShaneJamesMackna225
3 Mar 1873McShaneFelixTirkane225
21 Mar 1873SlamonAnneCulnagrew228
7 Jun 1873McShanePatrickCulnagrew226
19 Oct 1873McShaneElizaTirhugh226
19 Dec 1873JudgeCatherineUpperlands226
20 Jan 1875McShaneJohnTyrgarvel228
6 Jul 1875McShanePatrickTyrhugh228
27 Mar 1876McShaneBridgetCulnagrew229
16 Jan 1877Mrs Robert ShielsDrumballyhagan
16 Jan 1877Shiels(Mrs.)Drumballyhagan231
26 Mar 1877SlamonAnnCulnagrew231
12 Jul 1877ShielsAnthonyDrumballyhagan231
6 Sep 1878ScullionPatrickLisnamuck233
8 Nov 1878McShaneJohnTyrgarvil233
18 Mar 1879SlamenAliceCulnagrew234

Transcribed by the late Clark Shiels

Maghera Presbyterian Marriage Notice List (1891-1897)

Maghera Presbyterian Marriage Notice List (1891-1897) is a later list of brides and grooms covering marriages in different Presbyterian Churches within the Presbytery. This record was transcribed from microfilm which did not want to reveal all the information!

DateNamesResidenceChurch to be married inNotes
1891Robert John SlossCrew
Nancy ShielsMoneymoreCastledawson Meeting HouseWife a minor
22 Feb 1892Robert QuinnKnocknakieltCastledawson Meeting House
Matilda SlossCrew
10 Mar 1892Wm Jas CampbellTernageraghTobermore Meeting House
Mary Jane LennoxMoneysally
25 May 1893Charles McAllisterBallynianTobermore Meeting HouseHusband a widower
Annie ServiceGrillagh
12 ? 1893Henry Clark PattersonCarricknakieltMaghera Meeting House
Annie GrayGrillagh
10 May 1894Kennedy BradleyBallynahoneC
Christiann SmithTamneymartin
24 May 1894Samuel HazletCraigadickMaghera Meeting House
Mary WhiteMaghera
Sep 1894Jas Moore MilliganTullyheronMaghera Meeting House
Maggie Jane PooleMaghera
Nov 1894Thos Alex LytleMagheraMoneymore Meeting HouseHusband a widower
Mary Jane MooreCrew
9 Apr 1895Samuel BarrUpperlandsMaghera Meeting House
Jane McIlroyTirgarvil
11 Apr 1895William John CrockettSlattybogieD
Margaret PatonSlattybogie
10 Sep 1895Thomas WilsonTrinaltanaghMaghera Meeting HouseHusband a widower
Annie M. PaulCarricknakielt
26 Sep 1895John MontgomeryMacknaghTobermore Meeting HouseHusband a widower
Esther PaulCarricknakielt?
12 Oct 1895William NelsonBallymacilcurrMaghera Meeting House
Margaret SufferinTamneymullan
30 Dec 1897Hugh GrahamBeaghMaghera Meeting House
Eliza Jane KellySlattybogieBride ??
W. J.CampbellCurragh (Kerragh??)Draperstown Meeting House?Husband a widower
Ellen ShielsTamneymartin
Hugh McReynoldsLismoyleCastledawson Meeting House
Matilda GrayBallinacross

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll 1866-1894

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll 1866-1894 being the Communicants Roll Book of the Congregation of Maghera Part II 1866-1875 and 1892-1894

PART TWO 1866-1875
No.Date of AdmissionNameResidenceMinister’s RemarksTranscriber Remarks
0Nov 1866Margaret Jeanette PaulCrewAfter examination - Mrs. McGheeNot crossed out
1_____Jane McConaghtyMullaghAfter examination - Mrs. Williamson - removed
2_____Mary Jane McKennaAfter examination
3_____Agnes McCutcheonMagheraAfter examination - Certified to America
4_____William McKeownCurraghAfter examination - dead
5_____Robert GrayGrillaghAfter examinationNot crossed out
6_____ John GrayCookstownAfter examination - removed
7_____Nancy McCrackenKnockCert from A. G. McCauley -5th Ref Presbyterian ChurchPhiladelphia
8May 12th 1867Annie KerrMagheraCertificate from Ms. Anderson - TobermoreNot crossed out
9_____Mary Jane LytleTullyherronCertificate from James McAlister Ruling Elder-Secession ChurchBracketed with below
10_____James LytleTullyherronStruck off for drunkenessAfter examination - the following 21 persons
11_____William BarnetCurraghNot crossed out
12_____John PaulCurraghNot crossed out
13_____Robert SheildsTamneymartin
14_____Henry HannaMagheraCertified to Ballymoney
15_____John McCrackenCrewCertified to America
16_____James CrawfordKnocknakieltNot crossed out
17_____Edward TippingMullaghGone
18_____Thomas AndersonFalgatrevyNot crossed out
19_____Sarah AndersonFalgatrevyMrs. Graham - dead 78Actually died 19th Feb 1876
20_____Elizabeth AndersonFalgatrevyMrs. McIlree - certified to Mr. Robson
21_____Elizabeth McCrackenCrewMrs. Wilson
22_____Elizabeth PaulCrewCertified to America
23_____Jane KiddCrewCertified to America
24_____Jane SuffernTirnoney
25_____Martha Ann SuffernTirnoneyRemoved
26_____Mary Ann DrennanMullaghMrs. MacAunney - removed
27_____Margaret Jane DrennanMullagh
28_____Maria WilsonMagheraMrs. Scales - left
28_____Margaret Jane Hare?FalgatrevyCertified to America
29_____Sarah Jane CanningMagheraMrs. Beatty - Left
30_____William MitchellGortadeCertificate from Mr. TorrensNot crossed out
31_____Nancy SmithGortadeAfter examination - the following 11 personsNot crossed out
32_____Mary SmithGortadeNot crossed out
33_____Margaret SmithGortadeMrs. NeillNot crossed out
34_____Thomas SmithGortadeNot crossed out - bracketed with above 3
35_____Catherine CampbellDunlady (Dunglady)Mrs. Brady - TergavilNot crossed out
36_____Maria CampbellDunlady (Dunglady)Mrs. Beare - removed
37_____Robert John CampbellDunlady (Dunglady)Not crossed out - bracketed with above 2
38_____James ParkCulnadyRemoved to Culnady
39_____Elizabeth KissockGrillaghCertified to America
40_____Thomas C. HoustonTergarvil
41_____Margaret GrahamCreweStruck off for fornication
42May 10th 1868William DrennanMaghera(removed) After examination - the following 20 persons
43_____Clark WilsonBallymacilcurNot crossed out
44_____John GrahamCrewe
45_____Campbell ReidMaghera
46_____Joseph BarkleyMagheraCertified to America
47_____Thomas HaslettGrillaghCertified to America
48_____Alexander MitchellCarntogher
49_____Sarah ReidMagheraCertified
50_____Elizabeth GrahamCraigmoreMrs. R. Shiels
51_____Ellen NeillyTamneymullanRemoved
52_____Peggy HaslettGrillaghRemoved - Mrs. Paul
53_____Sarah PaulCarrickNot crossed out
54_____Margaret PaulBallymacilcur?Certified to America
55_____Margaret A. WilsonBallymacilcur
56_____Ann WilsonGrillaghdead
57_____Sarah J. ClarkBallymacilcurGone to Australia
58_____Matilda SmithGortadeNot crossed out
59_____Eliza LytleTullyheronRemoved
60_____Betty LamontCurraghNot crossed out
61_____Mary J. LamontCurragh
62_____Rosa Anne NelsonCurraghDead
63_____Hannah PaulCreweCertificate from Mr. Montgomery - Mrs. Young -gone to America 1890
64_____Jane SmithGrillaghBy certificate from Mr. Torrens - left
65_____Samuel E. Fanning?MagheraBy certificate from Dr. Morgan - removed Gle????
66_____Agnes KellyMagheraCertificate from Mr. Rentoul- Garvagh
67Nov 8th 1868William McMeekanCraigadickBy certificate from R. S. Campbel - Ramelton
68_____Jesey McMeekenCraigadickMrs Anderson - removedBracketed with above
69_____James ClarkMaghera
70_____Maria EarlMagheraCertified from Gt James Ct. - Derry - left
71_____Sarah Burns ArmstrongMagheraBy certe from George Wilson - Glenluce
72_____Robert PaulCulnadyBy Cert from Mr. Madill - Garvagh - dead
73_____Mary Paul (Jane)CulnadyBracketed with above
74_____Mary StewartMagheraCertified from Mr. Montgomery - removed
75_____Samuel H. AndersonMagheraCertified from Mr. McDickey? - Castlehaney? - removed
76_____Samuel AndersonCoolaghCertified from W. Anderson - TobermoreNot crossed out
77_____Mary AndersonCoolaghNot crossed out - bracketed with above
78_____James ClarkMagheraCertified from Scotland
79_____Mary McCrackenCarrickAfter examination - the following 16 persons
80_____Susan McCrackenCarrickMrs. Montgomery
81_____Robert RaineyCurragh
82_____Emily MillingMagheraRemoved to Bally?????
83_____Anna MooreTamneymullanMrs. McCracken - Curragh - Tamneymullan
84_____Isabella MooreTamneymullanMrs HazlettBracketed with above
85_____Mary Ann CunninghamGrillaghMrs. McWilliams?
86_____Mary CrossanMacnagh
87_____Thomas EarlTamneymullanremoved
88_____Rebecca CampbellTamneymartinNot crossed out
89_____James McMeekanCraigadickremoved
90_____Sally McMeekanCraigadickBracketed with above
91_____Walter MartinBeaghNot crossed out
92_____Mary AndersonSlattybogydead
93_____Paul WhiteCreweNot crossed out
94_____Thomas WhiteSlattybogeyremovedBracketed with above
343 Communicants May 1869
95May 1869Eliza BoyleMacknaghRemoved by certificate
95_____Sarah SheildsMullaghDead 1889
96_____Nancy SheildsMullaghBracketed with above
97_____Isabella MooreTamneymullan
98_____Lizzie AndersonCurraghCertified to Cookstown
99_____Margaret AndersonCurraghRemoved
100_____Mary AndersonCurraghRemoved to Culnady - Mrs. IrwinBracketed with above two
101_____Joseph MartinKnocknakieltAmerica
102_____Samuel KissockMagheraAmerica
103_____James AndersonCurraghCertified to Union Road Magherafelt Nov 20 1872
104_____Nancy McKeownMagheraCertified to Newcastle
105_____Wm John LamontKnocknakieltRemoved to K????C????
106_____Hugh LamontKnocknakieltBracketed with above
107_____John BoyleCulnadyCertified to New Zealand
108_____Robert BoyleCulnadyBracketed with above
109_____Henry HaslettTamneymullanNot crossed out
110_____James BewglassMagheradead 1888These bracketed together
111_____Mrs. BewglassMagheraCertified from J. W. Ellison - Castlebellingham
112_____Rebecca BewglassMagheraMrs. Grey -Removed to America
113_____Thomas StewartCarntogherBracketed together
114_____Mrs. StewartCarntogherCertified from T. S. Woods Ballygowan
115_____Jane BoydMacknagh
307 Communicants Nov 1869
116Nov 1869John GrahamCraigmoreNot crossed out
117_____Thomas LappinMagheraNot crossed out
118_____William McIntyreKnocknakieltNot crossed out
119_____James GivenGrillaghdead
120_____James Lussin?Grillaghleft
121_____Samuel MillarCurraghNot crossed out
122_____Robert CampbellMagheraNot crossed out
123_____Jane GrahamCraigmoreMrs. CrawfordNot crossed out
124_____Mary Jane NeilsonBeaghMrs. Smyth Kelso - The following 6 by examinationNot crossed out
125_____Mary McCrackenKnocknakieltMrs. D. Porter?Not crossed out - poss Parks
126_____Eliza LytleTullyheronName crossed out and Mrs. Or Wm. James Campbell written on top
127_____Elizabeth LytleTullyherongoneBracketed with above
128_____Matilda McCrackenCarrickNot crossed out
129_____Anna GrahamMagheraMrs. R. McCracken
130_____Jane GrahamMagheraBy certificate from Revd Smyth of DraperstownBracketed with above
131_____Mrs. Margt? McIvorMagheraReg. certificate from S. Wilson - Lecumpher - Dead
132_____Mrs. Isabella ServiceGrillaghBy certificate from Andrew Thompson
133_____Thomas? LytleMagheraCertificate from W. T. Martin - Newtonards
134May 1870Thomas LamontKnocknakieltdead -- The following 10 by examination
135_____Matw Drips McIlreeMullagh
136_____Margaret McIlreeMullaghRemoved
137_____Mary Jane McIntireKnocknakielt
138_____Robert ClarkMagherasetinuated? By certificate to Tobermore - 1870
139_____Anne McIvorMagheraMrs. Meharg
140_____Joseph Dennan?MullaghRemoved
141_____John McMillenCrewThe Rev J Mc M. - Dundalk
142_____Elizabeth LongMoneymoreMaghera - Removed
143_____Mary MartinCulnadyAfter expressing repentence for sin before Session
144_____John DiamondMagheraCertified from Killead - removed
145_____James McKeownCurraghCertified from 10th U P Church - Philadelphia /Cert to California
146_____William WilsonLarghantocherdead
147_____Samuel BoonBallynockby official examination - dead 1876
148_____Thomas SmythFalgatrevyby official examination - removed
149_____Mrs. Thomas SmythFalgatrevyby certificate from Oritor - removedBracketed with above
150_____Mrs. Robert HazlettGrillaghCovenanter - by official examinationNot crossed out
151_____Mrs. Jane PaulCulnadyFrom Baptism Congr -Tobermore
321 Communicants on Nov 6th 1870
152Nov 6th 1870Wentworth BewglasMagheraRemoved
153_____Hunter? BewglasMagherareturned - Rev R Peoples? - Kilmacrenan
154_____Mary Ann ServiceGrillaghBy examinationNot crossed out
155_____John WilsonMacknaghBy examination - Gone to Coleraine?
156_____James LytleTullyheronBy examination - son of Robert Lytle
157_____John WalkinshawMullaghBy examination
158_____William EarlTamneymullanBy examinationNot crossed out
159_____William T. Atin?MagheraAdmitted by Session - removed
158John J. Kenagh?CreweBy cert from H. Carson -
320 Communicants - May 7th 1871
159May 7th 1871Margaret LyleFalgatrevyMrs. Shiels. By examination the following 12 :Not crossed out
160_____Martha A. ShielsTamneymartinNot crossed out
161_____Sarah AndersonFallagloonRemoved - Mrs. Linton
162_____Annie McMeekanCraigadickDead
163_____Margt Jane McCrackenCarrickakielt? ? Question marks by minister
164_____Sarah Jane ClarkBallymacilcurDead
165_____Sarah Jane McMathCurraghDead
166_____Thomas AndersonFallagloonSon of Samuel Anderson
167_____David McCrackenCarricknakieltLeft
168_____Thomas McCrackenCarricknakieltNot crossed out
169_____Matthew McMathCurraghNot crossed out
170_____Mrs. Mary Jane BoyleCulnady? ?Question marks by minister
171_____Isabella DunwoodieMagheraBy certificate from Rev J. Gass- Clones - dead
172_____Matilda McCayMagheraBy certificate from Rev. S. Stewart - CulnadyNot crossed out
173_____Mary McCayMagheradead 78Bracketed with above
174_____Mrs. Henry HazlettTamneymullanBy cert from S. Smyth- DraperstownNot crossed out
175_____Mrs. Joseph FlemingCreweDo " " DoNot crossed out
176_____Jemima KennedyMagheraBy certificate from Wellington St. - Ballymena - left for N Z
177_____James? CupplesMagheraCertified from Rev. Buchanan - L???
178_____James GrayMagheraBy Certificate from Rev. A. Lowry - Ballyshannon
314 Communicants on Nov 5th 1871
179Nov 5th 1871Robert SuffernTirnoneyBy examination the following 7 :Not crossed out
180_____Margaret SuffernTirnoneyTamneymullanNot crossed out
181_____Robert Jno LytleTullyheronNot crossed out
182_____James McConaghyMullaghNot crossed out
183_____Abraham NeillTirgarvilNot crossed out
184_____Isabella TaylorMagheraLeft
185_____Matilda Carlton?MagheraLeft by certif to Phila.
186_____Mrs. Eliza J. Walkinshaw (John)Mullagh
187____Eliza J. WalkinshawMagheraCertificate from Rev. J. Fitzpatrick
188_____William BradyTyrgarvilCertificate from Rev. J. Stewart - Culnady - Dead
189_____Nancy BradyTyrgarvilRemovedBracketed with above
190_____William McIreeMullaghBy leave of Session - left
191Sarah J. DillMullaghBy leave of Session - left
192May 5th 1872Eliza DrippsMagheraBy certificate from L. Magill - GarvaghNot crossed out
193_____Ellen DrippsMagheraBy certificate from L. Magill - GarvaghNot crossed out - bracketed with above
194_____Robert GilmoreSlatybogyBy certificate from L. Magill - Garvagh
194_____Annie GilmoreSlatybogyBy certificate from L. Magill - Garvagh
195_____Robert LonieMagheraCertified from U.P. Church - Glasgow - left
323 Communicants - May 5th 1872
196_____Margaret LonieMagheraBracketed with above
197_____Thomas A.? LytleMoneysharvinBy examination the following 8Not crossed out
198_____Jane LytleMoneysharvinNot crossed out
199_____Mary Ann GrahamCraigmoreMrs. Thos? ShieldsNot crossed out
200_____Matilda ServiceGrillaghNot crossed out
201_____Mary ServiceGrillaghMrs. Hugh Kelso - removed to Churchtown
202_____Sarah SheilsBallynockMarried a R. Cath.
203_____Christina MitchellCarntogher
204_____Mary J. DiamondMagheradead
205Nov 1872Alexander McCrackenCurraghBy examination - Knock.Not crossed out
206_____Matilda ClarkMacknaghBy examination - Mrs. James Fleming - removed
207_____Margaret MorrisonMagheraBy examination
208_____Margaret SheilsMullaghBy examination - removed to Aghadowey
209_____Nancy McKeownMoneysharvinBy examination - removed - Mrs. Hutchinson
210_____Matilda McKeownMagheraBy examination - deaddead scored out
211_____Ellen ShielsTamneymartinBy examination - dead
327 Communicants - Nov 1872
212_____Sarah MillarSlattyhogher ? Question marks by minister
213_____Matilda Dunlop?TullyheronBy examination - removed to America
214_____William McGowan M.D.MagheraBy certificate from BallywattNot crossed out
215_____John KissockTamneymullanBy certificateNot crossed out
216_____Mary Ann KissockTamneymullanBy certificate - deadBracketed with above
217_____Peggy Jane Fleming (Mrs. Wm?)BallymacilcurBy act of Session from CulnadyNot crossed out
218_____Margt McKeown (Mrs. Hugh)MacknaghBy act of Session from Episcopal? Church - Mrs. Hugh McKeownNot crossed out
- 321 Communicants on May 4th 1873
219May 4th 1873Margaret GrahamCraigmoreBy examinationNot crossed out
220_____William GrahamCraigmoreBy examinationNot crossed out
221_____Matilda AndersonBeaghBy examination - Mrs. PorterNot crossed out
222_____Ellen McCartneyMagheraBy examination - removed
223_____Mrs. Jane DunlopTullyheronBy examination - Mrs. John DunlopNot crossed out
224_____William SheilsCreweBy examinationNot crossed out
225_____Samuel GrahamCurraghBy examinationNot crossed out
226_____James ShielsCarrickBy examination - dead
227_____Samuel BoltonCarrickBy examinationNot crossed out
228_____David BoltonCarrickBy examination - removed to Knockcloughrin
229_____Thomas GrahamBallymacilcurBy examinationNot crossed out
230_____Marshal AndersonCurraghBy examinationNot crossed out
231_____John AndersonCurraghBy examinationNot crossed out
232_____Jemima E. M. KerrMagheraBy certificate from Rev. Stuart - Portstewart
233_____Margaret McMillenMagheraMarried in I?ucksholin?
234_____David ReaLarghantocherBy certificate from Henry Heuckson -Holyrood
235_____William ReaLarghantocherleftBracketed with above
236_____Hannah PollockLarghantocherBy certificate from StewartstownNot crossed out
366 Communicants on Nov 2nd 1873
Nov 2nd 1873James BeuglessMagheraThe following 16 by examination - dead
237_____Joseph SheilsMullaghremoved
238_____Wm James ClarkMacknaghremoved by certificate to Sydney
239_____Mary LamontKnocknakielt? (married) ?Not crossed out - questions by minister
240_____Isabella HazlettMaghera
241_____William BrownMagheradead
242_____Matilda SteeleCreweNot crossed out
243_____James GrahamSlattybogey
244_____Nancy WalkinshawMullaghNot crossed out
245_____Annie GrahamCurraghBy certificate to Glasgow
246_____James PatonSlattybogeyremoved
247_____Sarah DrennanRemoved - Mrs. G. Hutchinson
248_____Wm John HustonBallymacilcurNot crossed out
249_____Joseph NeilsonBeaghNot crossed out
250_____Elizabeth AndersonBeaghRemoved
251_____Mary McCrackenKnocknakieltNot crossed out
252May 3rd 1874Sarah YoungCreweBy certificate from Rev. R. Torrens - Removed
253_____Hannah YoungCreweBy certificate from Rev. R. Torrens - RemovedBracketed with above
254_____Henry MartinBallymacilcurBy certificateNot crossed out
255_____Margaret HustonBallymacilcurFrom Culnady CongregationNot crossed out
256_____William LytleMoneysharvinBy examinationNot crossed out
257_____Minnie ChambersMagheraBy examination - dead
258_____Elizabeth MillarCurraghBy examinationNot crossed out
259_____Elizabeth McIntyreKnocknakieltBy examinationNot crossed out
260_____Annie E. McLemonMagheraBy examinationNot crossed out
261_____Eliza McMathCurragh ?By examinationNot crossed out
262_____Margaret McMathCurraghBy examinationNot crossed out - bracketed with above
263_____Andrew ConnorMoneysharvinBy examinationNot crossed out
264_____Ann Jane ConnorMoneysharvinBy examinationNot crossed out - bracketed with above
312 Communicants on Nov 8th 1874
265Nov 8th 1874Peggy HazlettMagheraBy examination
266_____Jane HazlettTamneymullanBy examination - Mrs. MontgomeryNot crossed out
267_____Mary HazlettTamneymullanBy examination - Mrs. WhiteNot crossed out
268_____Homes KiddCreweBy examination
269_____Archibald PattonSlattybogyBy examinationNot crossed out
270_____Margaret PattonSlattybogyBy examinationNot crossed out - bracketed with above
271_____John ConnorMoneysharvinBy examination - removed to Ballymoney
272May 1875Alexander CheyneMagheraBy certificate from Drumbolg Refd. Pres. ChurchNot crossed out
273_____Jane CheyneMagheraBy certificate from Drumbolg Refd. Pres. ChurchNot crossed out - bracketed with above
274_____Thomas NelsonMagheraBy certificate from Rev. F. Pettigrew
275_____James MitchellCarntogherBy certificate
276_____Christian MitchellCarntogherBy certificateBracketed with above
277_____Robt John McNielBeagh ? ?Not crossed out - questions by minister
278_____Andrew CunninghamBallymacilcurBy certificate
279_____Mary Anna CunninghamBallymacilcurBy certificateBracketed with above
280_____Ellen Jane SheilsBallynock ?Question marks by minister
281_____William MullikenSlattybogeyBy examinationNot crossed out
282_____Alexander McCrackenKnocknakieltBy examinationNot crossed out
283_____Elizabeth GrayCurraghBy examination - Married and gone to America
284_____Samuel WilsonMacknaghBy examinationNot crossed out
285_____Catherine Jane HeaneyTamneymullanBy examination - Removed
286_____Eliza LamontKnocknakieltBy examinationNot crossed out
287_____Nancy SmithTamneymartin ? By examinationQuestion marks by minister
288_____Jane GrahamSlattybogeyBy examination
289_____Charlotte KyleSlattybogeyBy examinationNot crossed out
290_____Thomas MartinKnocknakieltBy examination - America
291_____Susannah McLaughlinDrummuckBy examination
292_____Margaret Caisons?MagheraBy examination - Mrs. Reynolds
293_____Nancy Anderson SheilsCreweBy examination - Mrs. R. GrahamNot crossed out
294_____Ellen Jane MartinKnocknakieltBy examination - Mrs. Marshall
295_____Jane MartinBeaghBy examinationNot crossed out
296_____Robt. John FlemingCulnadyBy examination
297_____Thomas FlemingBallymacilcurBy examinationNot crossed out - bracketed with above
298_____Samuel PeeblesKnocknakieltBy examinationNot crossed out
299_____Samuel ShielsMullaghBy examinationNot crossed out
300_____William PattersonBeagh (Baptised in Class)By examinationNot crossed out
301_____Thomas KyleSlattybogeyBy examinationNot crossed out
302_____Hugh Wilson PaulCarrickBy examination - Removed
303_____John WalkinshawMullaghBy examinationNot crossed out
304_____James PaulCarrickBy examinationNot crossed out
305_____Eliza KerrGrillaghBy examination - Now Mrs. Woodburn - Kil???
306_____George WoodburnMagheraBy examination - Removed
307_____John Demfater?MagheraBy examination
308_____Jane Demfater?MagheraBy examinationBracketed with above
309_____William John GrahamMagheraBy examination - dead
Names of Communicants in connection with Maghera Presbyterian Church.
Revised November 1892
NB. Those marked thus X were present at communion Nov 1892
NameTownlandMinister's CodeCommentsTranscriber comments
Robert ClarkeBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Mary ClarkeBallymacilcurrA
Thomas GrahamBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Mrs GrahamBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Mary GrahamBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Matthew GrahamBallymacilcurrA
John HendersonBallymacilcurrAx inside circle beside name
Mrs Jno. HendersonBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Wm. John HoustonBallymacilcurrACrossed out & Certified to Culnady December 1st 1893
Margaret HoustonBallymacilcurrACrossed out & Certified to Culnady December 1st 1893
Henry MartinBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Jane MartinBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Mary Jane McIntyreBallymacilcurrA
James GrayBallymacilcurrA
Clarke WilsonBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Mary A. WilsonBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Robert McFarlandBallymacilcurrA
Mrs McFarlandBallymacilcurrA
Sam CunninghamBallymacilcurrA
William FlemingBallymacilcurrA
Mrs FlemingBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Thos? FlemingBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Mrs FlemingBallymacilcurrA
Thos NelsonBallymacilcurrA
Mrs NelsonBallymacilcurrA
Mary Jane NelsonBallymacilcurrA
Joseph NelsonBallymacilcurrAx beside name
Mrs CampbellBallyknockB
Sarah CampbellBallyknockBx beside name
Isabella BoonBallyknockB
John GrayBallynacrossC
Mrs GrayBallynacrossC
Miss GrayBallynacrossC
A. J. MacmillanBeaghDx beside nameCrossed out
Annie MacmillanBeaghDx beside nameCrossed out
David MacmillanBeaghDx beside nameCrossed out
Robert G. ArmourBeaghDx beside name
Henry PorterBeaghDx beside name
Jane PorterBeaghD
Mrs HemphillBeaghDx beside name
Mary HemphillBeaghD
Matilda HemphillBeaghDx beside name
Maggie HemphillBeaghDx beside name
Robert Hohn McNeillBeaghDx beside name
Mary A. McNeillBeaghDx beside name
Minnie Isabella McNeillBeaghDx beside name
Walter MartinBeaghDx beside name
Mary MartinBeaghD
David PorterBeaghDx beside name
David PorterBeaghDx beside name
Robert PorterBeaghDx beside name
Janet McGheeBeaghDx beside name
James GrahamBeaghDx beside name
Thomas PattersonBeaghDx beside name
Jeannie PattersonBeaghDx beside name
David PaulCarricknakieltEx beside name. Deaddied 7 Jan 1894
M.A.PaulCarricknakieltEx beside name
Margaretta PaulCarricknakieltE
Annie M. PaulCarricknakieltEx beside name
William PaulCarricknakieltEx beside name
William John PorterCarricknakieltEx beside name
Mary Jane PorterCarricknakieltE
Henry A. PattersonCarricknakieltEx beside name
Mrs H. PattersonCarricknakieltEx beside name
Agnus J. PattersonCarricknakieltE
Eliza PaulCarricknakieltEx beside name
Esther PaulCarricknakieltEx beside name
Elizabeth PaulCarricknakieltEx beside name
Archie NelsonCarricknakieltEx beside name
Ellen NelsonCarricknakieltEx beside name
Samuel PeeplesCarricknakieltEx beside name
Margaret KerrCraigadickFDead?Crossed out
Ellen MorrisonCraigadickFx beside name
Maggie ShielsCraigadickF
Robert KissickCraigmoreGx beside name
Margaret A KissickCraigmoreGx beside name
John McCleanCraigmoreGx beside name
William GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
Fanny GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
William GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
Eliz. J. GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
William GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
Thomas GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
Robert J. GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
Margaret GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
Mary Jane GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
John GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
Mrs Jno. GrahamCraigmoreGx beside name
James AndersonCraigmoreGx beside name
Robert WilsonCraigmoreGx beside name
Sarah Jane WilsonCraigmoreGx beside name
John QuinnCraigmoreGx beside name
Alexander CraigCraigmoreG
Mrs MooreCrewHx beside name
J.G. MooreCrewHx beside name
C. A. MooreCrewH
M.E. MooreCrewHx beside name
M.J. MooreCrewHx beside name
Mrs M.J. ElliotCrewHx beside name
M.J. ElliotCrewHx beside name
Esther ElliotCrewHx beside name
Mrs Thos WilsonCrewH
Sarah J. WilsonCrewHx beside name
John TaylorCrewHx beside name
Mrs Jno. TaylorCrewHx beside name
Nancy KissickCrewHx beside name
James BradleyCrewH
Maggie BradleyCrewHx beside name
Annie Mary BradleyCrewHx beside name
Mrs ShielsCrewHx beside name
Maggie J. ShielsCrewHx beside name
Sara ShielsCrewHx beside name. Went to Melbourne Nov. 16th 1892
Robert ShielsCrewHx beside name
Matthew Henry ShielsCrewHx beside name. Went to Melbourne Nov. 16th 1892
Mary McKeownCrewHx beside name
Lizzie J. PaulCrewHx beside name
Nancy PaulCrewHx beside name
Paul WhiteCrewHx beside name
Mary WhiteCrewHx beside name
Martha WhiteCrewHx beside name
Thomas WhiteCrewHx beside name
Lizzie WhitreCrewHx beside name
Margaret Jane WhiteCrewHx beside name
Margaret Jane McCrackenCrewHx beside name
A. J. MacmillanCrewHx beside name
Annie MacmillanCrewHx beside name
Daria? MacmillanCrewHx beside name
James KyleCulnadyIx beside name
Mrs Jas KyleCulnadyIx beside name
Sarah J. KyleCulnadyIx beside name
Miss KyleCulnadyIx beside name
Mrs McCrackenCurraghJ
Maggie McCrackenCurraghJx beside name
Robert RaineyCurraghJx beside name
John RaineyCurraghJx beside name
Eliza McKeownCurraghJx beside name
John HendersonCurraghJx beside name
Marshall HendersonCurraghJ
Mary Ann MillarCurraghJx beside name
Martha MillarCurraghJx beside name
Matilda McKeownCurraghJ
Maria Jane McKeownCurraghJx beside name
William McKeownCurraghJ
Thomas AndersonFalgortrevyK
Isabella AndersonFalgortrevyKx beside name
? ShielsFalgortrevyKx beside name
? ShielsFalgortrevyKx beside name
? ShielsFalgortrevyKx beside name
John McKibbenFalgortrevyK
Thomas J. McKibbenFalgortrevyKx beside name
Samuel AndersonFalgortrevyK
Mrs S. AndersonFalgortrevyK
Samuel AndersonFallagloonL
Mrs S. AndersonFallagloonL
Thos J? AndersonFallagloonLx beside name
Lizzie AndersonFallagloonLx beside name
William MitchellGorteadeM
Elizabeth MitchellGorteadeM
John A. MitchellGorteadeMx beside name
Sam. W. MitchellGorteadeMx beside name
Margt. A MitchellGorteadeMx beside name
Alexander MitchellGorteadeM
Anne MitchellGorteadeM
Alexander MichaelGorteadeM
John GrayGrillaghN
John GrayGrillaghNx beside name
Matilda CunninghamGrillaghNx beside name
Robert HazlettGrillaghN
Mrs HazlettGrillaghN
Mary A. ServiceGrillaghNx beside name
Mrs HeaneyGrillaghNx beside name
James ServiceGrillaghN
Elizabeth ServiceGrillaghN
John ServiceGrillaghNx beside name
Joseph ServiceGrillaghN
Samuel ServiceGrillaghNx beside name
Jane KerrGrillaghNx beside name
Lizzie KerrGrillaghNx beside name
Rachel GloverGulladuffOx beside name
Mary A GloverGulladuffOx beside name
James GloverGulladuffOdeadCrossed out
James CrawfordKnocknakieltPx beside name
Jane CrawfordKnocknakieltPx beside name
Mary Ann MontgomeryKnocknakieltPx beside name
Mary Ann PendyKnocknakieltPx beside nameUnusual name..but that's what it looks like
Sarah Ann EdwardsKnocknakieltPx beside name
William ShielsKnocknakieltP
Mrs William ShielsKnocknakieltPx beside name
Annie ShielsKnocknakieltPx beside name
Elizabeth J. ShielsKnocknakieltPx beside name
William Geo. SheilsKnocknakieltPx beside name
Samuel QuinnKnocknakieltPx beside nameCrossed out
Thomas ShielsKnocknakieltPx beside name
Marianne ShielsKnocknakieltPx beside name
John ShielsKnocknakieltPx beside name
Thomas McCrackenKnocknakieltPx beside name
Mary McCrackenKnocknakieltP
Robert FlemingKnocknakieltP
Jane FlemingKnocknakieltP
Robert QuinnKnocknakieltPx beside name
Matilda QuinnKnocknakieltPx beside name
Matilda SteeleKnocknakieltP
Nancy Ann SteeleKnocknakieltP
Robert LamontKnocknakieltP
Jane LamontKnocknakieltPx beside name
James LamontKnocknakieltPx beside name
Robert HazlettKnocknakieltPx beside name
Ann HazlettKnocknakieltP
Thomas McIntyreKnocknakieltP
Mrs McIntyreKnocknakieltP
William McIntyreKnocknakieltPx beside name
Eliza McIntyreKnocknakieltP
William McIntyreKnocknakieltPx beside name
Eliza McIntyreKnocknakieltP
Margt Ann McIntyreKnocknakieltPx beside name
Nancy McIntyreKnocknakieltPx beside name. Died Oct 7th 1893Crossed out
Thomas H. McIntyreKnocknakieltP
William McCrackenKnocknakieltPx beside name
Mary McCrackenKnocknakieltPx beside name
Eliza WilsonMacknaghQ
Saml. WilsonMacknaghQx beside name
Martha Ann WilsonMacknaghQx beside name
James McIlroyMacknaghQDeadCrossed out
Robert WilsonMacknaghQ
Matilda WilsonMacknaghQ
Peggy WilsonMacknaghQ
Lizzie WilsonMacknaghQx beside name
Henry? WilsonMacknaghQx beside name
John WilsonMacknaghQx beside name
Barbara WilsonMacknaghQ
John LoganMacknaghQx beside name
Matilda J. LoganMacknaghQx beside name
Job loganMacknaghQ
Mary E. LoganMacknaghQx beside name
Hugh McKeownMacknaghQ
William McKeownMacknaghQ
Mrs BoalMacknaghQ
Jas BoalMacknaghQx beside name
Hugh G. BarkleyMagheraRx beside name
Mary BarkleyMagheraRx beside name
Anna E. BarkleyMagheraRx beside name
Annie White (Milliner)MagheraRx beside name
Elizabeth B. WoodburnMagheraRx beside name. Newtownbreda, Belfast
Robert BoltonMagheraRx beside name
Mina BoltonMagheraRx beside name
Alexander CheyneMagheraRx beside name. Removed to Belfast
Grace CheyneMagheraRx beside name. Removed to Belfast
Mary M. CheyneMagheraRx beside name. Removed to Belfast
Adam Jas. DunlopMagheraRx beside name
Isabella DunlopMagheraRx beside name
Matilda StockmanMagheraR
William Osborough A.J.C???MagheraRx beside name
Thomas HoustonMagheraRx beside name
William McGowan M.D.MagheraRx beside name
Annie W. McGowanMagheraRx beside name
Miss Fleming (Goreman??)MagheraRx beside name
William A MillingMagheraR
Jeannie MillingMagheraRx beside name
M.A. McGriffinMagheraRx beside name
Annie J. JohnstonMagheraRx beside name
S.D.LytleMagheraRx beside name
Mrs? LytleMagheraRx beside name
?? MilliganMagheraRx beside name
Fanny GrahamMagheraR
Margaret GlasgowMagheraR
R.S. LytleMagheraRx beside name
Sarah LytleMagheraRx beside name
J.A. LytleMagheraRx beside name
Samuel ????MagheraR
William FowlerMagheraRx beside name
Mrs FowlerMagheraRx beside name
Joseph SmythMagheraRx beside name
Lizzie SmythMagheraRx beside name
William McIvorMagheraRx beside name
Mrs McIvorMagheraRx beside name
Robert Picken?MagheraRx beside name
W.H. MiskellyMagheraR
Robert CampbellMagheraRx beside name. Removed
Elizabeth CampbellMagheraRx beside name. Removed
John CampbellMagheraRx beside name. Removed
Maggie Jane PooleMagheraRx beside name
James WilsonMagheraRx beside name
Thomas McKeownMagheraRx beside name
Lizzie J. McKeownMagheraRx beside name
Mary HazlettMagheraRx beside name
Billi? HazlettMagheraRx beside name
Peggie HazlettMagheraRx beside name
Thomas FieldMagheraR
Mrs FieldMagheraR
William J. NelsonMagheraRx beside name
Margt LongMagheraR
A.K. MorrisonMagheraR
John MartinMagheraR
Letty HaganMoneymoreSx beside name
Robert ShielsMoneymoreSx beside name
Lizzie ShielsMoneymoreSx beside name
Henry ShielsMoneymoreSx beside name
Hugh WilsonMoneymoreSx beside name
Matilda WilsonMoneymoreSx beside name
Maggie WilsonMoneymoreS
Jane WilsonMoneymoreSx beside name
John Thos WilsonMoneymoreSx beside name
Maria WilsonMoneymoreSx beside name
Lizzie WilsonMoneymoreSx beside name
Andrew ConnorMoneysharvinT
Ann J. ConnorMoneysharvinT
Martha ConnorMoneysharvinTx beside name
William LytleMoneysharvinTdied Jul ????Crossed out
William LytleMoneysharvinTx beside name
Jane LytleMoneysharvinTx beside name
Mrs McMathMoneysharvinT
Miss McMathMoneysharvinT
Fleming BurnsMullaghUx beside name
Annie BurnsMullaghUx beside name
Martha Jane BurnsMullaghUx beside name
Robert BurnsMullaghUx beside name
Mary Ann BurnsMullaghU
Joseph BurnsMullaghUx beside name
Sarah Isabella BurnsMullaghUx beside name
Joseph PooleMullaghUx beside name
John CrawfordMullaghUx beside name
Jane CrawfordMullaghUx beside name
Nancy CrawfordMullaghUx beside name
John CrawfordMullaghUx beside name
Rachel CrawfordMullaghUx beside name
Mrs McElreeMullaghUx beside name
M.D. McElreeMullaghUx beside name
Mrs M.D.McElreeMullaghUx beside name
John PooleMullaghUx beside name
Margt. PooleMullaghUx beside name
John ShielsMullaghUdied Jany 5th 1893
Sarah ShielsMullaghUx beside name
Saml. ShielsMullaghUx beside name
John WalkinshawMullaghUx beside name
Eliza WalkinshawMullaghU
Jane WalkinshawMullaghUx beside name
Nancy WalkinshawMullaghU
Robert PaulMullaghUx beside name
Betty PaulMullaghUdied Jany 9 1893
Nancy PaulMullaghU
William HenryMullaghU
Matilda HenryMullaghU
Nancy HenryMullaghUx beside name
Margaret KennedySlattybogieVx beside name
Thomas J. KyleSlattybogieVx beside name
Matilda KyleSlattybogieVx beside name
Samuel MillarSlattybogieVx beside name
Eliza Jane ServiceSlattybogieVx beside name
Eliza PooleTamneymartinWx beside name
Robert PooleTamneymartinWx beside name
W.J. ShielsTamneymartinWx beside name
Annie ShielsTamneymartinWx beside name
John SmythTamneymartinW
Mary SmythTamneymartinWx beside name
Thomas SmythTamneymartinWx beside name
James SmythTamneymartinWx beside name
Christina SmythTamneymartinW
Elizaberth SmythTamneymartinWx beside name
Maggie J. SmythTamneymartinWx beside name
William ShielsTamneymartinW
Mrs ShielsTamneymartinW
John R. ShielsTamneymartinWx beside name
Miss ShielsTamneymartinWx beside name
Margaret SufferinTamneymullinXx beside name
Nancy Ann SufferinTamneymullinXx beside name
Mrs HoustonTirgarvilYx beside name
Wm J. HoustonTirgarvilYx beside name
Albert W. HoustonTirgarvilYx beside name
H.J. HoustonTirgarvilYx beside name
Elisha HoustonTirgarvilYx beside name. Died July 2nd 1893Crossed out
Thomas McElroyTirgarvilYx beside name
Mrs McElroyTirgarvilY
Mrs McelroyTirgarvilY
Miss McElroyTirgarvilY
James MorrisonTirnoneyZx beside name
Anne J. MorrisonTirnoneyZx beside name
Jane MorrisonTirnoneyZx beside name
John MorrisonTirnoneyZx beside name
Maggie MorrisonTirnoneyZx beside name
Annie MorrisonTirnoneyZx beside name
William LytleTirnoneyZx beside name
??? LytleTirnoneyZx beside name
Elizabeth LytleTirnoneyZx beside name
Nancy? LytleTirnoneyZx beside name
William J. LytleTirnoneyZx beside name
Eleanor Lytle (Falagloon)TirnoneyZx beside name
John SufferinTirnoneyZ
Elizabeth SufferinTirnoneyZx beside name
Robert SufferinTirnoneyZx beside name
Sarah J. SufferinTirnoneyZx beside name
Nancy G. HazlettTirnoneyZx beside name
Rebecca HazlettTirnoneyZx beside name
Joseph MorrisonTirnoneyZx beside name
Mrs CunninghamTirnoneyZx beside name
David CampbellTirnoneyZx beside name. DeadCrossed out
Matilda CampbellTirnoneyZx beside nameCrossed out
Martha CampbellTirnoneyZx beside nameCrossed out
Alexander CampbellTirnoneyZx beside name. ???????Crossed out
John DunlopTullyheronA'
Jane DunlopTullyheronA'
Robert DunlopTullyheronA'x beside name
Maggie DunlopTullyheronA'x beside name
Thomas Dunlop S(enior?)TullyheronA'x beside name.The Letter S is after name. I assume this means Senior
Thomas Dunlop J(unior?)TullyheronA'x beside nameThe Letter J is after name. I assume this means Junior
John ClarkeTullyheronA'x beside name
Sarah ClarkeTullyheronA'x beside name
Lizzie ClarkeTullyheronA'
Jane ClarkeTullyheronA'
Mrs LytleTullyheronA'x beside name
John A. SmythUpperlandsB'x beside name
Mrs SmythUpperlandsB'x beside name
Jas H. PeacockUpperlandsB'x beside name
Mrs PeacockUpperlandsB'x beside name
David IrelandUpperlandsB'Removed to BelfastCrossed out
The following were admitted by an examination at present Commumion (November 1892):-
Robert John ArmourBeagh
David PorterBeagh
Robert PorterBeagh
Joseph NelsonBallymacilcurr
John MorrisonTirnoney
James BoalMacknagh
John GrayGrillagh
Thomas WhiteCrew
Matthew Henry ShielsCrew. Went to Melbourne Nov. 16th 1892
William Geo. ShielsKnocknakielt
John ShielsKnocknakielt. Went to Melbourne Nov. 16th 1892
Sarah CampbellBallyknock
Jane WalkinshawMullagh
James AndersonCraigmoreElderly
Mary AnnKnocknakieltElderly
John Alexr. SmythUpperlandsElderly
The following were admitted by certificate:-
Annie McCool now Mrs ShielsCrew, from Culnady
Sarah Lockart MillarSlattybogie, from Knockloughrim
Miss. E.H. FlemingMaghera, from Cullybackey
Robert QuinnKnocknakielt, from Drimbolg
William J. Osburough? N.J.L.Maghera, from Bellaghy
Communion May 1893
The following were admitted by examination on May 3rd 1893
Rebecca Jane CampbellTirnoney1
Margaret Jane BoltonCarricknakielt2
Agnes HemphillBeagh3
Anne Mary NelsonBeagh4
Margaret Jane NelsonBeagh5
Anne GrahamBeagh6
Lizzie KellySlattybogie7
Lizzie BradleyCrew8
Tilly TaylorTamneymullan9In Cert 60? ????? ??? ??? May? 12 '94
Sarah MillarSlattybogie10
Fanny Mary LytleTirnoney11
Robert James CrawfordMullagh12
Also following admitted by certificate
Mrs QuinnCraigmore, from Maghera Epis'l Church1
Mr& Mrs Joseph Stuartfrom Churchtown
Miss Nancy Ann Hunterfrom Knockloughrim
Miss Wrayfrom 1st Randlestown
Communion November 1893
William SpeersBallynahone1
Annie SpeersBallynahone2
Samuel DunlopTullyheron3
Robert ClarkeTullyheron4
John CrawfordKnocknakielt5
Saml John McCrackenKnocknakielt6
Joseph CrawfordMullagh7
Mary KellySlattybogie1Elderly
Robert StockmanMaghera2Elderly
Thos. StockmanMaghera3Elderly
Thos. NelsonBallymacilcurr4Elderly
Also following admitted by Certificate of Disjunction from other congregations:-)
Sergt. John Neelyfrom Lucan, Co.Dublin1
Mrs Thos. GrahamMaghera, from Culnady2
Mr John CaskeyMaghera, from 2nd Dunboe3
Mrs John CaskeyMaghera, from 2nd Dunboe4
Signed William Hill } Minister
Communion May 1894
The following admitted by examination before the session on May 2nd 1894
Tilly CampbellBallyknock1
Minnie PeacockUpperlands2
Mary Elizabeth DunlopTullyheron3
Jeannie CrawfordMullagh4
James MorrisonTirnoney5
Admitted by Certificate
Mrs Samuel Brownfrom St. Paul's, Manchester1
Mrs Samuel Shielsfrom Ballywillan2
Mr Wm Andersonfrom Tubbermore3
Mrs Wm Andersonfrom Tubbermore4
John Elliotfrom U.P. Lisburn5
Wm Hipsonfrom Maghera Episcopal Church6
Mrs Wm Hipsonfrom Maghera Episcopal Church7
After Conference with the Session
William Shielsfrom Knockloughrim
Thomas Brownfrom Knockloughrim
Benjamin Scottfrom Knockloughrim
Mrs Benj. Scottfrom Knockloughrim
Signed William Hall } Minister
The following were admitted by examination before the Session on October 31st 1894
Sarah LoganMoneysharvin
Lizzie ShielsMoneymore
Maggie CunninghamGrillagh
A WilsonMacknagh
Robert WilsonMacknagh
Robert WilsonMacknagh
Thomas PeacockUpperlands
Isabella WilsonMacknagh


Transcribed by William Scott & Barbara Braswell

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll 1847-1865

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll 1847-1865 or a ‘List of Communicants added since Summer 1847’
Note: Information contained in brackets refer to comments penned by a later minister other than Rev Witherow.

No.Date of AdmissionNameProb AgeResidenceMinister’s RemarksTranscriber Remarks
025 Oct 1847William Dunlop16Tullyherrondead 1869
1_____Jane Graham18Beagh Spiritual(dead 1888)
2_____Jane Graham (Mrs Robt Paul)17Crew(dead)
3_____Fleming Burns19Moneymore MullaghName not crossed out
4_____William Lytle16TullyherronTirgavilName not crossed out
5_____Robert Lytle25Tullyherron(Certified to Culnady 1888)
6_____Matilda Reid a.Shiels24MullaghName not crossed out
7_____Jane Fleming17BallynacrossMrs John Elliot - Certificate to Curran Apr. 29/56
8_____William Henry33Grillagh
9_____Jane Tomb a. Henry27GrillaghReceived certificates April 1849Bracketed with above
10_____Sarah Boyle ?36Culnady(removed 78)Question mark is minister's
11_____Jane Macartney40Maghera
12_____Thomas Lytle20TullyherronMinister of Sandymount (1856)
1327 Oct 1847Ellen Patterson (Mrs John Graham)18MagheraBy Cert. From Churchtown Rev. R. Torrens. Gone to America 1865
14_____James Stewart34Craigadickdo. Went to America
15_____Jane Connor a. Stewart30_____do. Gone to America
16_____John Gregg60Beagh(dead)
1717 Apr 1848Robert Nixon40Beagh(struck off for non attendance)
18_____Mary Nelson a. Winchester34BeaghBracketed with above.& Struck off for same reason
19_____Nancy Anne Lytle18FalgortrevyMarried to a Churchman
20_____Elizabeth Thompson16MagheraJoined the Baptists - 1853.
21_____Matilda Connor17MoneysharvinMarried & removed
22_____Betty Logan17_____Married & removed
23_____Jane Cunningham17Grillagh(struck off for non attendance) (dead)
24_____Ann Jane Taylor (Mrs. McFall)17MagheraMrs Archibald McFall. Not ????
25_____Mary Ann Mitchel16GorteadMarried at Kilrea
26_____Sarah Taylor a. Phillips22MagheraReceived disjunction certif. May 1848 Belfast
27_____James Glover19Slattybogy
28_____Robert Luppin33MoneymoreNot crossed out
29_____James Cooper?26CulnadyReceived certif. For America 1850
30_____Margaret McWilliams21CarricknakieltGone to America 1848 without Certificate. 1848
3112 June 1848Eliza Boyle23Macknaghdead 1855
3225 Apr 1849Thomas Milling Senr45Maghera(Removed to Ballynahinch)
3315 Sep 1849Mary McCleary30LargantogherCertified by Rev John Radcliffe. Removed with Cert 1849
341 Nov 1849Nancy Cooper a. Mrs. Clark20CulnadyMarried a Churchman
35_____Elizabeth McCool18TirgarvilMrs. McClenaghan - Certified to Garvagh 56
36_____Mary Pettigrew19MagheraLeft
37_____James Lyle19CulnadyNot crossed out
38_____Hugh Wilson19MoneymoreNot crossed out
39_____John McCracken36KnocknakieltCertified by Rev J. Nhec Cunan???. Dead.
40_____Agnes McCracken36Knocknakielt (dead)Bracketed with above.
4112 May 1849Margaret McKeown19CurraghMrs John Boyle (removed)
42_____Margaret Hughes19CrewNot crossed out
43_____Allan Hamilton24MagheraCertified to Cootehill 1893
44_____James Martin30KnocknakieltNot crossed out
45_____Mary Smith30MagheraCertified by Rev. P. White - Bailaboo? (got cert 1850)
4627 Oct 1849Margaret Moon_____Tamneymullen(removed)
47_____Matilda Boyle a. Mrs. Thos Campbell_____CrewCertified by Rev. Joseph Stuart
48_____Sarah Radisson a. Mrs. Dremenon?Mullagh(Left)
4929 Oct 1849Jane SmythMagheraCertified by Rev. Lyle Dunboe - died 1853
50_____Mrs. Thos MillingMaghera(dead 1869)
51_____John ReynoldsCrewCertified by Late Mr. Mulligan. Removed without Certificate.
52_____Hugh MorrisonTirnoney
53_____Thomas CampbellCrewCertified to Rev. Mr. Torrens
54_____Daniel CampbellTirnoneyNot crossed out
55_____Margaret SmithCraigmoreDisjoined by certificate to Oritor? 1857
56_____Mary Ann Shiels ? ?TullyherronQuestion marks are minister's
57_____Lydia DripsDunglady(Married to a Covenanter)
58_____Mary Ann ConnorMoneysharvinMrs. Johnson (dead)
59_____Matilda ConnorMoneysharvinMarried & removed
6011 May 1850Jane SmithTergarvil(dead 1878)
61_____Betty SmithTergarvilGortade wrote lightly after - Not crossed out
62_____Matilda BurnsMullaghMrs. Daniel CampbellNot crossed out
63_____Mrs. KissockGorteadLeft the congr.
64_____Rev. James RobsonGrillagh(1858 - Removed without certificate - Minister of Tobermore)
65_____Mrs. Robson Senr.GrillaghDead - 1857
66_____William ClarkDrummuckCertified by Rev Thomas Kennedy - Largy- Removed
67_____John GloverGulladuffStruck off 1853 for intemperance
68_____Mrs James KerrTirnoney(dead)
697 Dec 1850Margaret Ann LoganMoneysharvinNow Mrs Kirkwood - Certified to Churchtown Apr 18th 1854
70_____Peggy Jane HazletCrewdead 1853
71_____Eliza Jane BoydCarricknakieltNow Mrs W. PattersonNot crossed out
7230 Mar 1851Mrs. HoneymanMagheraCertified by Rev. Matthew Dickie of Convie? Scotland
73_____Thomas Honeyman_____Ditto} Disconnected Nov. 4th 1851
747 May 1851Mrs Thos McCrackenCarricknakieltCertified by Rev Jno McKee -CurranNot crossed out
75_____Rachel CampbellTirnoneyAfter satisfaction - Certified to America
76_____Mary PattersonBeaghCertified to America
77_____Letitia RankinTamneymartinRemoved
78_____Matthew Lytle SenrCulnady(gone to Culnady)
79_____James Morrison Junr.Tirnoney(dead)
801 Nov 1851Nancy KissockCrewCertificate to America - autumn 185??
81_____Maria PaulCrewCertified to Culnady
82_____Anne LytleTullyherron(dead 78)
83_____Ellen ReidMagheraCertified to Mr. Macdonnel - Coleraine
84_____Eliza CunninghamGrillagh(Mrs. Michael) (Removed)
85_____Mary McClergTamneymartinnow Mrs. John Smith Junr.Not crossed out
86_____Margaret WilsonMoneymoreGone to America
87_____Hannah ReidMagheraCertified to Mr. Macdonnell
88_____Jane Grier?Crewdisjoined by certificate to America - May 2 1853
89_____Jane WatsonTirnoney(America)
90_____David PaulTamneymartin(dead)
91_____Mrs. William KyddCrew(dead)
92_____Betty LeckyFalgatrevyAfter giving satisfaction (dead)
93_____Peggy Jane HasletCrewdead
941 May 1852George CarmichaelMagheraCertified by Rev. Mr. Wilson - 4th Derry - removed
95_____Thomas McIntyreKnocknakieltNot crossed out
96_____Mrs. Thomas McIntyreKnocknakieltNot crossed out
97_____Jane LoganMacknaghGone to America with Certificate 1857Could be 1853 or 1854
98_____Mary Ann SmithTergarvil(dead)
99_____Margaret SmithUpperland(removed & left)
100_____Eliza Jane McKeownCarricknakieltCertified to America 21 Aug 1857
101_____Elizabeth GrahamBeaghCertified to America 20th Aug 1857
102_____David ThompsonMaghera Disjointed by certificate to Australia
103_____James ThompsonDisjointed by certificate to Australia
104_____Alexander McConaghieMullaghInserted by mistake
105_____Thomas KerrMaghera (Certified to Canada)
106_____Alexander Kerr(dead)
107_____Samuel HasletGrillaghDisjoined by certificate to Australia
108_____Neil KelsoMaghera Certified by Rev. D. Ronald of Saltcoats - Removed
109_____Mary LoganMoneysharvin(Cert to America -1867)
110_____Mary BurnsMullaghdead
111_____Anne DripsTernageeraghNot crossed out
112_____Hannah CampbellTernageeraghMrs John Bolton - Certified to Churchtown - 1865
113_____Peggy Jane ServiceTyrnoney(Gone to Magherafelt - 68)
114_____Susanna HughesCrewNot crossed out
115_____Margaret Elliot
116_____Mrs James GloverGulladuffCertified by Rev R. L. Rogers of BanagherNot crossed out
117____David MartinBeagh(Dead 78)
118_____Mrs David MartinBeaghNot crossed out
119_____William PattersonCarricknakieltAfter giving satisfaction (Gone to America)
12026 June 1853Eliza Jane BoltonTamneymartinCertified by Mr. Dickey (Dead)
12129 Oct 1853John SuffernTirnoneyCovenanter - admitted without certificateNot crossed out
122_____Mrs Jane MillarKnocknakieltCertified by Rev. J. B. Rentoul - Garvagh - Removed? 1854
123_____Rebecca GrahamCrewMrs Hugh Haslet ?Not crossed out - question is minister's
124_____Elizabeth MitchelGortadeCertified at her marriage to 1st Kilrea
125_____Elizabeth GrahamCulnadyMrs. Wm Boyd (Gone to America)
126_____Nancy SmythFalgatrevy(Married & left)
127_____Margaret ElliotLemnaroyRemoved
128_____Sarah LyleFalgatrevy(Australia 1871)
129_____Mary Annie ShielsKnocknakieltMrs. Rodgers Castledawson
130_____Nancy LytleTirnoneydead 1865
131_____John ClarkCraigmoreGone to America
132_____John ElliotLemnaroyCertified to Curran April 1856
133_____Isabella MillingMaghera Removed to Magherafelt (Mrs A.Morrison)
13413 May 1854Margaret AndersonCurragh(Mrs. Hyndman Connor) (Certificate lifted?)
135_____Mary PattersonTullyherron(Mrs Thomas DunlopNot crossed out
136_____Eliza BlackCarrickMrs. Poole - Transferred to Culnady
137_____Peggy McKeownCurraghStruck off for ante nuptial fornication
138_____Eliza McKeownCurraghNot crossed out
139_____Eliza KissockGortadeMrs McKinney Removed to
140_____Peggy ShielsFalgatrevy(dead 60) ?Question mark is minister's
141_____Jane ShielsFalgatrevy
142_____Elizabeth McMullanKnocknakieltMrs Bradley ?Question mark is minister's
1431 Nov 1854Annie LytleTullyherronStruck off 1857
144_____Matilda CunninghamGrillaghMrs Hugh WilsonNot crossed out
145_____Elizabeth KyleCulnadyMarried & gone to America
146_____Eliza KisockGortade(Now Mrs McKinney Ballynahone) Gone to America
147_____Archibald GrahamBallymacilcurrdead
148_____William MitchellGortadeCertified to Churchtown
149_____Alex LyttleTullyherronStruck off 1854
150_____James ClarkBallymacilcurr?Not crossed out
151_____Wm HazlettUpperlandCertified to Australia 1857
152_____James SlossCrewNot crossed out
153_____James FlemingKnocknakielt(dead)
154_____Mrs John ShielsKnocknakieltMartha Anderson from Dungiven - Episcopalian
155_____Catherine MillingMaghera Mrs Witherow - Removed to Derry 1865
15627 Apr 1855Wm John Ferguson?Maghera By Certificate from Rev Thos Boyd - C'Blayney
157_____Margt. Jane HustonB'macilcurTransferred to America Ap 3/58. Mrs S. Clarks?Not crossed out
495 Communicants on April 29th 1855 of whom 260 attended communion celebrated this day in Maghera - Thos. Witherow
158_____Elizabeth KyleCulnadyCertified to America
159_____Sarah ClydeMullagh
160_____Henry HustonB'macilcurGone to America
161_____Wm DaleMaghera Removed to Derry
162_____Robert GrayTullyherronGone to America
163_____Matthew KerrMaghera Removed to Draperstown
164_____Alex MaconaghieFalgatrevyNot crossed out
165_____Thomas MooreCrew(Died Jany 1880)
16631 Oct 1855Hamilton Mrs KellyMaghera By Certificate from Rev Dr Molyneaux Larne
167_____Elizabeth ShielsKnocknakieltMrs Patterson - become wife of an Anabaptist
168_____Margaret Ann McKeownCarricknakieltCertified to America 21 Aug 1857
169_____Anne LyttleTullyherronStruck off for fornication
170_____Robert ConnorMoneysharvinRemoved 1865
171_____Samuel ClarkBallymacilcurrStruck off for disregard of ordinances
172_____John SmithMullagh?
173_____James WalkingshawMullagh(dead)
174_____David PorterKnocknakielt
175_____Mrs. Robert ConnorMoneysharvinRemoved 1865
17630 April 1856Mrs. Margaret Peebles (Wilson)CarricknakieltCertified by Mr. Montgomery -Magherafelt -Cert to Lurgan 1863 (dead 1871)
177_____Mrs. Jane Boon a. LockhartMagheraBy Dr. Denham - Derry
178_____Maria LockhartMagheraNow Mrs. Hunter- removed to Belfast 1856Bracketed with above
179_____Mrs. Elizabeth M. LyttleMagheraBy Mr. Thomson - Raphoe - (gone to Letterkenny?)
180_____Matilda McHarg?MagheraBy Mr. Bear- Dunreagh - Married a churchman
181_____Mrs. Jane McCronaghieCraigadickBy Mr. McIlree-Curran? (America)
182_____Mrs. Alex McKeownB'macilcurDisjoined by certificate
183_____David PorterKnocknakielt(Gone to Tobermore without certificate)
184_____Mrs. Robson a. Ellen McCreaGrillaghWithout Certificate (Gone to Tobermore)Bracketed with above
185_____Peggy ClarkB'macilcur(dead)
186_____Mary Ann McKeanGarvagh(dead)
187_____Matilda ShielsBallyknock(America)
Ministers Note: 4 May 1856-316 Communicants attended the Lords Supper this day in Maghera
188_____Jane BoyleCulnady?Not crossed out
189_____Maria WilsonMoneymore(gone to America)
190_____Elizabeth BarkleyMagheraMrs. Woodburn
191_____Samuel McClenaghanMagheraRemoved and certified
192_____Matthew LyttleMagheraGone to Magherafelt
193_____William BoydTernageraghGone to America
194_____James BoyleCulnadyNot crossed out
195_____John ClarkCraigmoreNot crossed out
196_____Alexr McKeownBallymacilcurrdead
197_____Isaac VanceBallynahoneCertified from Rev. J. Maxwell-Beagh - (gone to college?)
198_____Thomas BoyleCulnadyEntered by mistake
199_____Robert EarlTamneymullan(Removed to Scotland)
20029 Oct 1856Mrs. Margaret ShielsCrewCertified by Rev. J. C. Stewart - CulnadyNot crossed out
201_____Mrs. Eliza WalkingshawMullaghCertified by Rev. J. C. Stewart - Culnady (America) (dead)
202_____Mrs. James GreggMagheraCertified by Rev. W.? Brown - Tobermore
203_____Mr. Samuel PorterMagheraCertified by Rev. J. Wilson- Magherafelt
204_____Mrs. Molly KyddCrew(dead 1867)
205_____Mary Ann ClarkCraigmoreAfter examination - (dead 1870)
206_____Matilda McKeownCurraghAfter examination - (dead)
207_____Sarah MaconaghieMullaghAfter examination - married a member of Est Church
208_____Robert WitherowMagheraAfter examination - certified to Aughadowey - 1857
209_____James Barkley JunrMagheraAfter examination - certified to Antrim 1860
210_____John HillMagheraAfter examination - transferred to 1 Kilrea Ap 5/58
211_____William LytleTullyherronAfter examination Not crossed out
212_____Thomas Boyle ?CulnadyAfter examination (removed)Question mark is minister's
213_____William ShielsKnocknakieltAfter examination -( removed to Knockcloughfin)
307 persons attended this communion held 2nd Nov 1856
214_____Robert MaconaghieMullaghRemoved to Draperstown
215_____Joseph BoyleMaghera(Struck off for non attendance 18??)
216_____John BoyleRemoved
217_____Mrs. Jane BoyleMagheraAfter examination - (Struck off -1871)
218_____Ann Jane KerrCraigadickAfter examination (Mrs. James Morrison Lowney)
219_____Mrs. Sarah Paul (Lytle)CrewAfter examination - (dead 1890)
220_____Mrs. Sarah PorterMagheraAfter examination - (dead)
221_____Mr. W. H. AndersonMagheraAfter examination - (dead 1870)
22213 May 1857Mrs. Andrew McKeownTamneymullanA Covenanter admitted without certificate
223_____Mrs. John McKeown (Marg J Fleming)TamneymullanAdmission refused on a ?ama? Of fornication & struck off
224_____Mrs KnoxMagheraCertified by Rev. W Richey (transferred to Bangor 13 Mar 1858)
225_____James ClarkeMagheraCertified by Rev. S. Hanson - Conly
226_____Bessie CaldwellMagheraCertified by Rev. John Macdonnell - Coleraine (gone to Australia 1865)
227_____Alex HutchinsonMagherahanged himself in a fit of insanity 1867
228_____Mrs. HutchinsonMagheraAdmitted by special act of the SessionBracketed with above and below
229_____Mrs. FergusonMagheraTransferred to America Ap/3/58
230_____Matilda DrippsTernageraghAfter examination
231_____Mary Jane FlemingBallymintaAfter examination
17th May 1857 -302 persons sat at the Lord's Table this day
232_____Eleanor LytleTirnoneyAfter examination - (Mrs. John Lytle)
233_____Eliza Anderson (Mrs. Graham)CurraghAfter examination
234_____Matilda SmythUpperlandAfter examination (Mrs. Wallace McKeown)
235_____David JohnstonMagheraAfter examination (transferred to Ballymena)
236_____Thomas DunlopTullyherronAfter examination
237_____John KissickCrewAfter examination
238_____Thomas McKayTamneymartinAfter examination
23928 Oct 1857Eliza PorterTullyherronAfter examination - (removed & left)
240_____Ann Jane SmythGortadeAfter examination
241_____Ellen BoyleCulnadyAfter examination - (Mrs. Drips - Tamlaght)
242_____Thomas? CampbellTernageraghBy Certificate - to Kilrea 1864
243_____Charlotte SmythUpperland
244_____Rosy YoungMrs Tenny?
245_____More McIlreeBallymacilcurr
1st Nov 1857 - No. of Communicants at the Lord's Table this day in Maghera - 327
246_____Andy SmythTirgavilCertif to Australia
247_____Samuel WilsonMacknaghgone to America
248_____Robert PaulCulnady(dead)
249_____James PaulFalgortrevy
250_____David Graham BarkleyMagheraTransferred to India - Nov 1857
251_____Hugh WaideGrillaghBy certificate from Rev F. Buick - removed
252_____Mrs. John GrahamTernageragh(removed)
253_____Hugh McKool? Senr_____(removed)
254_____Hugh McKeownMoneysharvinstruck off for fornicationnoted as a mistake
255_____Mrs. McKeownCertificate from Rev J. Graham
256_____Hugh McKeown JunrMoneysharvinSuspend for fornication (restored)
2575 May 1858Robert McFarlandMacknaghStruck off for ante nuptial fornication
258_____James MooreMaghera
259_____Miss YoungMagheraCertif by Rev H. Henderson of Holywood - (removed)
260_____Mary Ann McCartneyTullyherronCertif by Rev R. Torrens (gone to Balylenan?)
261_____John W. RodgersMaghera(removed to C:dawson)
26222 Aug 1858Anne LyttleTullyherronAfter confessing sin (struck off 1868)
263_____Alexander BoylanCulnadyCertification from Rev. J. Stewart -Portstewart
264_____Margaret BoylanCulnadyBracketed with above
2653 Nov 1858James AndersonFalgortrevyCertificate from Rev. W. Brown-TobermoreNot Crossed out
266_____Mrs. (Mary Clarke) AndersonFalgortrevyBracketed with above - not crossed out
267_____Mrs. RicheyMagheraCertificate from Rev. M. Brown- Cookstown?
268_____Mrs. Alex WilsonMagheraCertified by Rev. J. Stuart? - Culnady (Mrs. McKeown)
269_____Matilda HustonBallymacilcurr
270_____Margaret Ann TombCulnadydisannexed by certificate 22 Jan 1864
271_____Mary GrahamBallymacilcurr
272_____Henry WilsonBallymacilcurrBy certificate to Queensland 1863
273_____Alex WilsonBallymacilcurr
274_____James GreyMagheraCertified by Rev. Thos. Logan - Drogheda - removed
275_____Mrs. RicheyMagheraCertified by Rev. Mr. Brown - Portchill (disjoined)
276May 1859Margaret JohnsonTirgavilfor falsehood
277_____Sarah ClarkeBallymacilcurr(dead)
278_____James ShielsKnocknakielt(removed)
279_____Joseph MorrisonMaghera
280_____James McClelland?MagheraSuspended for drunkeness
281_____Robert CrawfordKnocknakielt(Certified to Wm? Fitzpatrick)
282_____James HannaMagheraremoved and disjoined
283_____Mary Jane Elliott??Crew?? (Mrs. Elliott)Question marks are ministers - not crossed out
2842 Nov 1859Jane CaldwellTullyherronRemoved after certificated from Rev J. MacDonnell-Coleraine
285_____Thomas Milling JunrMagheradead 1861
286_____Hugh BarkleyMagheraNot crossed out
287_____Thomas MooreTamneymullan
288_____Andrew To??MagheraBy certificate to Crew?/Clone? 1863
289_____George C???MagheraBy certificate to Manchester 1863
290_____Robert Lytle JunrMaghera(Belfast - dead)
291_____William MillingMagheraNot crossed out
292_____Robert ShielsMullagh(America)
293_____Henry McKeownCurraghCertificate 23 July 1862 to America
294_____James WilsonMagheraNot crossed out
295_____James GrayMagheraRemoved to Co. Donegal
296_____Joseph McKeownCurraghNot crossed out
297_____Hugh CunninghamMagheraBy certificate to Clones (returned)
298_____Maria ThompsonMagheraMrs. Thos. Kerr - Maghera
299_____Mary Ann PattersonMagheraMarried & gone to America
290_____Mary Ann NeelyTamneymullandead 1860
291_____Eliza MackyBeaghMrs. Wm. Millikan (Slattybogy)
292_____Maria MackyBeagh(Certified to Wm? Fitzpatrick)
293_____James ThomsonMagheraEmigrated with certificate 1861
294_____Matilda WilsonGrillagh(dead 1872)
295_____Jane TaylorMagheraMarried a Roman Catholic 1861
296_____Elizabeth MillingMaghera(dead March 1871)
297_____Mary Ann McKeownMaghera(Struck off 1871)
298_____Mrs. James WilsonMaghera(dead)
299_____Mary MaconaghieMullaghgone to America
300_____Jane ShielsMullagh(gone to America)
301_____Elisa? ConnorMoneysharvinStruck off for fornication
302_____Maria PaulCrewMarried to Andy McKeown
303_____Sarah LyonsCulnadyGone to America
304_____Mrs. John NeelyTamneymullan
305_____James ReidMaghera(Lives in Coleraine)
306_____James S.? LytleTullyherron(Removed)
307_____Nancy McKeownCurragh(Mrs. Thos? Moore)
308_____Margaret McKeownCurraghMrs James McMullan - Tamneymartin
309_____Mary McKeownCurraghMrs. Scales - by certificate to America
310_____Eliza Jane McKeownCurraghCertificate 23 July 1862 to Americasee Henry McKeown above
311_____Eliza Ellen LytleTullyherronCertified to Coleraine
312_____Nancy Jane LytleTullyherronMrs. John Lytle - Falgatrevy (dead)
313_____Mrs. LappinMoneymoreNot crossed out
314_____Wm. McKeown Junior(Gone to America)
3154 May 1860Robert McKeownMoneysharvinCertified from Swatera
316_____Mrs. Robert McKeown_____Certified from Swatera
317_____Samuel GalwayTamneymullanCertified by Rev. M. Richey -Coleraine
318_____Mrs. GalwayTamneymullanCertified by Rev. M. Richey - Coleraine (dead)
319_____Eliza PaulBallymacilcurr(Gone to America) (dead)
320____Anne ServiceMullagh(Mrs. Neilson)
321_____Rose SheilsBallynock(Certified to America)
322_____ Mary Anne GrahamBeagh(Mrs. McNeil)
323_____James George WileyMagheraCertified to Cootehill
324_____James GrahamMaghera?Question is Minister's
325_____Mary Jane HazlettGrillagh(Removed and gone to Belfast)
326_____Matilda McKeownMoneysharvinMrs. John LoganNot crossed out
327_____Mrs. McIlroy a. M. TaylorMagheraNot crossed out
328_____Elizabeth TaylorMaghera(Restored after professing repentance for fornication)
329_____Eliza NelsonBallymacilcurr(married - removed)
330_____Sarah Jane AndersonCurraghCertified to Hu????? Magherafelt
331_____Sarah TaylorMaghera(Married a churchman)
332_____Mary Ann Graham_____(Mrs. Jas. Boyle)
333_____William GrahamCraigmore(Struck off for drunkeness - Oct 1878)
334_____Thomas SheilsKnocknakieltNot crossed out
335_____Robert McCrackenKnocknakielt(Slattybogy)Not crossed out
336_____Margaret GrahamCraigmoreMrs. William Lytle - TirnoneyNot crossed out
337_____Fanny GrahamCraigmore(Mrs. Wm? Lytle - Tullyheron)Not crossed out
338_____Eliza LytleTullyherron(Mrs. Boyle)Not crossed out
339_____Sarah KyleCulnadyNot crossed out
340_____Betty PattersonTernageraghillegible
341_____Nancy McConaghieMullagh(Mrs. Hopper - Tobermore)
342_____Sarah MooreMagheraMrs. John Watson (Certified to C. Dawson)
343_____Matilda Ann BoydTernageragh(Gone to Culnady - Certified)
344_____Thomas TaylorMaghera(Certified to Scotland - Aug 1862)
317 Persons attended on this occasion - Minister's comment
34514 May 1861Letitia MooreMaghera(America)
346_____Margaret CampbellTamneymartin(removed to Glasgow with certificate)
347_____Mary Ann HazlettCrewCertified to Australia 9 Feb 1863
348_____Eliza CrawfordKnocknakielt(Married Robt Poole - Culnady)
349_____George ClarkCraigmoreNot crossed out
350_____Mary Jane GrahamCurragh
351_____Mrs. W. H. AndersonMaghera(removed)
352_____Mrs. Fleming BurnsMullaghNot crossed out
35320 May 1861Mrs. Ellen Connor a. Denham?Moneysharvinafter confession of sin - lifted certificate
354_____James MorrisonTirnoneyafter confession of sin
3556 Nov 1861Mary Ann ClarkBallymacilcurrNot crossed out
325 communicants attended 11 Nov 1861 - Minister's comment
356_____Jane McCrackenKnocknakielt
357_____Fanny SheilsMullaghMrs. John McCracken JunrNot crossed out
358_____Mary Jane McIlreeBallymacilcurrMrs. Harry Orr - certified
359_____Henry LytleTullyherronCertified to Coleraine
360_____Catherine PaulCrew
361_____Nancy PaulCrewNot crossed out
362_____Robert ClarkBallymacilcurrNot crossed out
363_____John McCracken JunrKnocknakielt(dead 1878)
364_____John NelsonBeagh (Knock)after confession of sinNot crossed out
365_____Mrs. BoltonCarricknakieltCertified from Swatera (dead)
366_____Saml BoltonCarricknakieltCertified from SwateraNot crossed out
367_____John BoltonCarricknakieltCertified from Swatera - removed to Tamlaghtbracketed with above two
368_____Mrs. James Kyle JunrCulnadyCertified from ChurchtownNot crossed out
369_____Andrew McCreaMagheraCertified from Ballindrait
3707 May 1862Archibald LytleMoneysharvin
320 communicants attended 11 May 1862 - Minister's comment
371_____Thomas McLenon?Maghera(dead)
372_____Robert Lamont ? ?Culnady(removed)2 Question marks by minister
373_____Mrs. LamontCulnady(dead)
374_____Samuel BoyleCulnady(dead)
375_____Ellen DrennanMullaghcertified to England
376_____Elizabeth ShielsMullagh?Not crossed out - Question mark by minister
377_____Nancy ShielsMullagh
378_____Martha WilsonBallymacilcurr(dead)
379_____Mary Jane WilsonBallymacilcurr
380_____Matilda BoyleMacknagh(Mrs. Robert Wilson)
3812 Nov 1862Margaret CunninghamGrillagh(struck off for ante nuptial fornication
382_____Elizabeth MartinBallymacilcurr(Mrs. Gray ?)Not crossed out - Question mark by minister
383_____Mary Ann WilsonBallymacilcurr(removed)
384_____Margaret Jane McCrackenCrew(dead)
385_____Mrs. Wm Taylor ?MagheraQuestion mark is minister's
386_____James McCormackMagheraCertified by Rev. J. MacNaughton (Struck off)
315 Persons at communion 16 Nov 1862
387_____Mrs. McCormackMaghera(certified)
388____Robert Kennedy MDMagheraNot crossed out
389_____Mrs. KennedyMagheraNot crossed out
390_____Miss MontgomeryMagheraNow Mrs. Paul - removed to Garvagh
400_____Margaret BrownMagheraCertified by Rev. A. Minnis (Mrs. Poole - Culnady)
40122 Apr 1863Hugh McKeownMoneysharvinafter repentanceNot crossed out
402_____Mrs. Matthew LytleMagheraCertified by Rev. M. Woodburn
403_____Mr. P.? MackintoshMagheraCertified from Mr. Anderson - Banbridge (Removed to Newtonards)
404_____Mrs. __________
405_____Samuel MartinBallymacilcurr(Certified to America)
406_____John LoganMacknaghNot crossed out
407_____Lecky SmithFalgatrevyDisjoined by certificate to Oritor
408_____James SmithTergarvilNot crossed out
409_____Sarah FlemingGrillagh(Mrs. Anderson - struck off for non attendance)
410_____Nancy Jane ConnorMoneysharvin(Married near Coleraine)
411_____Eliza McConachyMullagh(America)
412_____Eliza Jane McNallyBeagh(dead)
413_____Letitia MahargMagheraMarried a Churchman - ceased to attend
414_____Nancy McHargMaghera(dead 78)
415_____Eleanor LytleTullyherron(Mrs. Shields - To Tobermore)
4164 Nov 1863Sally QuigleyMagheraOn certificate of Rev. S. Smyth - Draperstown (dead)
417_____James HazlettTamneymullan(dead)
304 persons at Communion 8 Nov 1863
418_____Isabella HazlettTamneymullan(Certified to Draperstown)
419_____Nancy HoustonBallymacilcurMrs. Henry MartinNot crossed out
420John CrawfordKnocknakieltNot crossed out
42128 Feb 1864Betty Ann PaulMacknaghAfter confessing to ante nuptial fornication before the session
422April 1864Robert ParkerMagheraCertified by Rev M. McClure - Crossroads - Left town without cert 1865
423_____Mrs. ParkerMagherabracketed with above
424_____James J. ElderMagheraCertified to Kilrush
299 attended Communion 8 May 1864
425_____Matilda EarlTamneymullanMrs. M.
426_____Sarah Jane LytleTullyherron
427_____? Sarah Jane FlemingKnocknakielt(Gone to America)Question mark is minister's
428_____Margaret FlemingKnocknakieltbracketed with above
4292 Nov 1864Margaret Jane McMullanCrewafter examination (Mrs Moore - to America)
430_____Martha HazlettGrillaghafter examination
431_____Sarah Jane McCrackenCrewafter examinationNot crossed out
432_____Elizabeth McKean?Magheraafter examination (Struck off - 1868)
433_____John Shornack?MagheraCertified from Rev. Jas. Macnaughie - Urney?
434_____Thomas PooleMagheraCertificate from J. C. Stewart - Culnady
435_____Mrs. Eliza PooleMaghera(Certificate to Wm? Fitzpatrick)bracketed with above
436_____Jane McCutcheonMagheraCertificate from Rev. A. Montgomery
437_____Eliza PaulMagheraCertificate from Rev. Robt Black
438_____Mrs. Hugh McKean?MacknaghBy special act out of session (dead)
43910 May 1865Mary LyndMagheraCertificate from Mr. Markin - Crossgar (Mrs. Hugh Barklie)Not crossed out
440_____Mrs. Jane CanningMagheraCertificate from Mr. Fitzpatrick -KnockcloghinNot crossed out
441_____Anne TaylorRectoryCertificate from Mr. Jamison - Derrymore
442_____Margaret BlairMagheraCertificate from Mr. Huston - Bellaghy (to America)
443_____Mrs. John GrayBallynacrossAfter examinationNot crossed out
444_____Mary Jane DysartCurraghAfter examination - Mrs. BarnettNot crossed out - bracketed with above
44512 May 1865Hugh HazlettBallymacilcurBy special act of my ownNot crossed out
44622 Sep 1865William LoganMacknaghAfter examinationNot crossed out
447_____Robert ShielsMullaghafter examinationNot crossed out
448_____Robert GrahamCraigmoreafter examination (Tamney mullan)Not crossed out
449_____Elizabeth ClarkBallymacilcurafter examination (dead)
450_____Ann GrahamBallymacilcurafter examination (America)
317 attended Communion 24 Sep 1865
451_____Mrs. JohnstonTergarvilafter examination (dead - 74)
452_____Peggy MitchellGortadeafter examinationNot crossed out
453_____Jane HazlettGrillaghafter examination (removed)
454_____Thomas C. HustonTergarvilafter examination (gone to church)
455_____James PaulCrewafter examinationNot crossed out
456_____William McIvorMagheraafter examinationNot crossed out


Transcribed by William Scott & Barbara Braswell

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll 1847

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll 1847 or the ‘Communicants Roll Book of the Congregation of Maghera in connection with the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’ as Thomas Witherow entitled it was effectively a church census of members. It lists not only the members of the congregation, but also where they lived (as districts of the parish), who they were married to (for women, their maiden names) and where they moved to, etc.

“The rolls were first commenced in 1847 and were annotated (minister’s note) at irregular intervals subsequently resulting in a rather untidy system with later-dated comments. The majority of names on the list were eventually crossed out in time (as they would be) for various reasons. Surely, additions of new communicants would also have been recorded, although there is no confirmation of this by date or comment. However, this is all supposition unless there is an entry along with the original record.” William Scott.

Complied by the Rev. Thomas Witherow, Minister 1847

No.1st nameSurnameMinister's notesTranscriber's remarkDistrict
1Charles (Revd)KennedyMinister - died 8th Febr. 1855-
2Thomas (Revd)Witherow Minister - removed to Derry 1865-
3AndrewLyle- gone to America without certificate 1848-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
4BettyDripsa. Lyle gone to America without certificate 1848-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
5WilliamDripsdead 1849-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
6MargaretDripsa. HarperBracketed with 5 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
7JamesDrips--I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
8MaryDripsMrs McConway - Married a Baptist and removed 1856-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
9JohnBoledeadnever come out & have not done so for many yearsI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
10AnnBole-bracketed with 9 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
11JohnJohnsondead-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
12SallyJohnsonMrs. Anderson - Crew-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
13SamuelNeildead 1877-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
14Peggy JaneJohnson-bracketed with 13 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
15AndrewSmythdied 20th July 1862-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
16JohnSmyth--I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
17MaryMcKeown-bracketed with 16 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
18ThomasSmythDon't attend -74-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
19ElizabethBlackdeadbracketed with 18 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
20JamesHustondon't attend. 1868-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
21JaneHuston-bracketed with 20 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
22MaryHustondead-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
23JaneHuston? Not attend- struck off - 1871-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
24JohnMitchelldead-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
25Peggy JaneSmythdeadbracketed with24 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
26AlexanderMitchell--I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
27AnneMitchell-not struck outI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
28AlexanderMitchellson gone to Tamlaght-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
29CharlesStewartditto (son gone to Tamlaght)-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
30ElizaBoyd-bracketed with 29 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
31WilliamStewartremoved-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
32RobertCampbellDead-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
33HannaMcNeil-bracketed with 32 aboveI. District of Gortead & Dungleady
34JaneCampbellreceived certificate for America-I. District of Gortead & Dungleady
35WilliamKennedydied 30th April 1855-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
36JaneBoyledeadbracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
37MargaretKennedydoes not attend 1868struck off 1871II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
38NancyKennedyAmerica-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
39RobertMcMathremoved by certificate April 1850 to Aghadoey-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
40CatherineKennedyditto?bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
41JohnConnordead Spring 1847-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
42PeggyMcMathdead '68bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
43MaryConnordead-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
44JamesConnordead 1898-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
45EleanorChristie-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
46JamesWilsongone to America-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
47MaryPatterson-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
48NancyWilson--II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
49JamesWilsonDisjoined by certificate to America 1849-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
50JohnFultonremoved by certificate - to Scotland-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
51JamesLogandead 1867-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
52MaryGilmoreditto (dead)bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
53HenryWilson--II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
54ElizaBeatty-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
55ThomasWilsondead-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
56SamuelCrossanstruck off for drunkenness-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
57PeggyWilsondead-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
58Betty JaneWilsondead '67could be '63 or '69II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
59SamuelWilsondied 1864-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
60SmithWilsoncertified to Culnady-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
61NancyBole-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
62Nancy Wilsondead-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
63Matty ?Neely?-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
64JohnWilsondied spring 1848-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
65PeggyWilson?(? Dead-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
66Rose AnneWilsonMrs Wm. Paul - struck off for ???? Fornication-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
67JohnWilsonBallymacilcurnot struck outII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
68PeggyHuston-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
69AndrewWilsondied Nov 1860 aged 95-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
70JaneDunlopdead 1864bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
71Wm.Wilson--II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
72MaryWilsonMarried and gone-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
73JamesMcIlroydead 1861-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
74JaneBoledied 1860bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
75GeorgeMcIlroy--II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
76JamesMcIlroy--II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
77NancyMcIlroyMrs Stone? / Storie -lives in Curranrecd certificate to CurranII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
78MattyBole(Widow) dead '78-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
79ElizaBoleexcommunicated 17th April 1848-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
80Mrs ?Bolestruck off for fornication - 1855-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
81Widow JaneLyttledied 1855-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
82AlexanderLyttleremarried & certificate Spring 1848-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
83WidowClarkdead-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
84WilliamClarkgone to America 1848 without certificate - farm ???????-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
85MattyClarkdead 1863-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
86JamesClarknever come out - struck off for non attendance-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
87MaryBole-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
88JamesHuston--II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
89Anne???yletgone to Swaterabracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
90JosephHuston-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
91AnneHuston-disjoined by certificate to 2nd Moneymore - since dead-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
92ThomasSmithdisjoined by certificate spring 1848. America-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
93JohnWilsondisjoined by certificate spring 1848. Americabracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
94JaneMcCooldisjoined by certificate spring 1848. Americabracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
95ThomasMcCoolstruck off for non attendance. Dead 1863-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
96MaryMarks-bracketed with aboveII District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
97MarthaStuartdead 1848-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
98ThomasMcCoolgone to Drumbolg-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
99WilliamMcCoolset aside for drunkenness-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
100Wm.Clarkdead-II District of Macknagh and Tergarvil
101Robert LyttleElderdisjoined from membership 24 th August 1848 church elder or Robert senr?III Tirnony and Craigmore
102JohnMorrisondead 1857-III Tirnony and Craigmore
103EllenKerrdead 1871bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
104JamesMorrisonstruck of for fornication1871-III Tirnony and Craigmore
105MargaretMorrisonMrs. Wm. Kerr 1869-III Tirnony and Craigmore
106AlexMorrisonbecome a Methodist - Removed to Magherafelt - dead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
107RobertMorrisonhave not attended for years - dead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
108AnneClarkedittobracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
109AlexanderMorrison-not struck outIII Tirnony and Craigmore
110MargaretMorrison-not struck outIII Tirnony and Craigmore
111JaneMorrison--III Tirnony and Craigmore
112ThomasMorrisondead 1862-III Tirnony and Craigmore
113BettyKerr-bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
114HughMorrisondead - -III Tirnony and Craigmore
115MargaretMorrison--III Tirnony and Craigmore
116Anne JaneMorrisonMrs William Cunninghamnot struck outIII Tirnony and Craigmore
117AlexanderCampbellDead '67-III Tirnony and Craigmore
118MaryCampbelldead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
119JaneCampbelldead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
120BettyEarla.-III Tirnony and Craigmore
121BettyMcCu??????????????????????????-III Tirnony and Craigmore
122??Moore?-III Tirnony and Craigmore
123???bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
124?John?Clarke?-III Tirnony and Craigmore
125???bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
126RobertClarke? ????? ?-III Tirnony and Craigmore
127PeggyClarkea. Mrs James Wilson - dead '68-III Tirnony and Craigmore
128SallyMoorecertified to America 1847-III Tirnony and Craigmore
129JohnMooredead 1847-III Tirnony and Craigmore
130JamesClarkedead 98?-III Tirnony and Craigmore
131BettyBoon ?dead 68bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
132SallyClarkemarried to an Episcopalian and removed-III Tirnony and Craigmore
133JohnMooredisjoined by certificate spring 1847-III Tirnony and Craigmore
134Mary AnneConnordisjoined by certificate summer 1847bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
135Wm.Mooreexcommunicated 1848-III Tirnony and Craigmore
136ElizabethCaldwell-bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
137RobertMcConaghiedead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
138MattyMcConaghiesister - certified to America-III Tirnony and Craigmore
139DanielMcConaghiedead 1854-III Tirnony and Craigmore
140HenryGrahamdead 7?-III Tirnony and Craigmore
141ElizabethSheils-bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
142WilliamGraham--III Tirnony and Craigmore
143MargaretBearMrs Graham senr-III Tirnony and Craigmore
144MaryGrahamdead 1860-III Tirnony and Craigmore
145JohnBoyleremoved without certificate 1847-III Tirnony and Craigmore
146Mary AnneMcCloskeyremoved by death summer 1867Mary Anne could be Marg. Anne. Bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
147DanielCarmichaeldead winter 1849-III Tirnony and Craigmore
148RobertJohnston--III Tirnony and Craigmore
149HannaHazletleft the country without certificate 1863Bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
150JohnNeelyremoved-III Tirnony and Craigmore
151MarySheilsdead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
152JohnWilson--III Tirnony and Craigmore
153BettyWilsonMrs McAllen - dead 1871-III Tirnony and Craigmore
154MaryWilson--III Tirnony and Craigmore
155JamesWilsonstruck off for non attendance. 1874-III Tirnony and Craigmore
156JamesHazlet--III Tirnony and Craigmore
157MaryHazlet-Bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
158WidowHazletdead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
159RobertHazletdead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
160JamesMooredead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
161MaryHazletremoved by death - winter 1847Bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
162WidowCraigremoved without certificate 1847 to America-III Tirnony and Craigmore
163Mary JaneCraigDisjoined by certificate to America 1849-III Tirnony and Craigmore
164WidowCourtneyremoved by death April 1847-III Tirnony and Craigmore
165RobertCourtneygone to America without certif 1848-III Tirnony and Craigmore
166NancyCourtneydisjoined by certificate to America 1867?-III Tirnony and Craigmore
167SarahCourtneycertificate for America summer 1847-III Tirnony and Craigmore
168JohnCourtneyP.S. removed without certificate-III Tirnony and Craigmore
169AnneNealgoneBracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
170MaryCampbellRemoved to Finvoy-III Tirnony and Craigmore
171WidowCampbelldead 1853-III Tirnony and Craigmore
172Mary AnnePattersonreceived certificate to join 2 Kilrea - March 2 1852-III Tirnony and Craigmore
173JohnMoore--III Tirnony and Craigmore
174Ruby ?Moore-Bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
175JohnEarldisjoined by certificate to Drumack 1848-III Tirnony and Craigmore
176JaneEarl--III Tirnony and Craigmore
177WilliamEarl--III Tirnony and Craigmore
178ElizaHazlett?-Bracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
179PeggyMooredead '78 ?-III Tirnony and Craigmore
180WilliamClarkeRockfield -removed by deathApril 1847-III Tirnony and Craigmore
181ThomasSmithFalgortravy - dead-III Tirnony and Craigmore
182MargaretHazletdeadBracketed with aboveIII Tirnony and Craigmore
183MarySmithMrs Hazlett-III Tirnony and Craigmore
184AndySmith-III Tirnony and Craigmore
185Betty JaneSmith-III Tirnony and Craigmore
186WalterGrahamsremoved without certificate 1847 - America-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
187JaneWatson (a. Graham)removed without certificate 1848 - AmericaBracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
188WilliamGrahamgone to America without certif. 1848-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
189RebeccaGrahamremoved by death spring 1848Bracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
190SamuelGrahamdisjoined by certificate to America June 1849. dead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
191MargaretBrown a. Grahamditto. ditto.Bracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
192WilliamKissockremoved to Co Antrim without certificate 1847Married at 1st Garvagh 1836IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
193AnneStewart a. KissockdittoBracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
194WidowKissockdead 1873-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
195MaryKissock--IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
196MaryPaul a. Taylor(Maghera) never attend - dead 1874-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
197AlexKissockstruck off for drunkenness-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
198MargaretKissockdead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
199EstherNeelygone to America 1853-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
200JohnKissockgone to America without certif. 1848-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
201M. J.Kissock a. Mooregone to America without certif.-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
202MargaretKissock--IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
203MarthaKissock--IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
204JohnKyleleft the congn-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
205CharlotteKyle-Bracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
206JamesChambersdead August 1853-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
207NancyBole a. Chambersdead 1873Bracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
208GeorgeAdamsnever attend -dead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
209NancyPaul a. Adamsnever attend -deadBracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
210JamesAdamsnever attend -dead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
211MaryMcIlree a. Adamsnever attend -deadBracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
212SamuelMcIlreegone to America 1851-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
213JaneGrahamdead in AmericaBracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
214JohnMcIlreeremoved to America autumn 1847-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
215Annie ?McIlreegone 1851-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
216Peggy JaneMcIlreedisjoined by certif to America 1849-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
217JohnHughesdead 1861-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
218MargaretClark a. HughesdeadBracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
219SarahHughesdied Nov 1850-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
220Anne JaneHughesMrs McMillinnot struck outIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
221ThomasMcCrackendead 78-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
222JaneMcMullan a. McCrackendead 78-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
223WilliamMcMullan--IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
224EstherMcMullanMrs Paul - gone to Culnady wit& ??-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
225ArchibaldGibsondead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
226MaryAuld a. Gibsondead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
227WidowSlossdied 1861-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
228JosephLamontremoved without certificate-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
229MargaretMilliken a. Lamont-Bracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
230JamesMoore--IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
231MaryAllen a. Mooredead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
232SamuelAuldcertificate to Aghadowey 1857-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
233JohnAulddead 1851-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
234SamuelAuldremoved by death - spring 1848-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
235Sarah (Miss)AuldMrs R Wilsonministers note in different hand - presume later addnIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
236JohnPaulnever attend -dead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
237ElizabethMcAfee a. Paulnever attend -deadBracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
238JohnBolenever attend -IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
239RobertMartinnever attend -dead '78-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
240SamuelBoleold peoplenever attend -removed by certif.IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
241JaneBear-Bracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
242WidowCooperdied 1859-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
243Mrs.Millikendead 1850-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
244NancyMilliken-gone to America 1851-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
245JaneGrahamdead 1865-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
246WilliamMcEwandead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
247Mrs.McEwandead 1865-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
248RachelMcEwancertified to Culnady-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
249JohnBoylenby certificate to Orritor-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
250JamesKylesenr. - dead-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
251MrsKyle-Bracketed with above - not struck outIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
252BarbaraKyle-not struck outIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
253PeggyKyleMrs Huston - certificate lifted-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
254MatthewMcCrackenstruck off for drunkenness-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
255JaneMcCracken a McKeownstruck off for drunkennessBracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
256DanielPauldead '69-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
257MaryPaul-Bracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
258MollyKyddadmitted again 1856-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
259LettyKydddied April 1848-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
260Nancy????--IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
261JohnGrahamdead '66-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
262HannaGraham-Bracketed with aboveIV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
263SamuelMcKeowngone to America-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
264MaryClarke a. McKeowndead 1868-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
265Sarah JaneMcKeownMrs Sloss-IV Crew and Culnady District March 1847
266NancyMcKeowna. Mrs Lamont - removed to Garvagh without cert-V Curragh and Drummuck District
267JosephMcKeowndead - spring 1850-V Curragh and Drummuck District
268AnneMcClean a. McCracken ?--V Curragh and Drummuck District
269WilliamMcKeowndead -V Curragh and Drummuck District
270MaryWallace a. Mckeowndead '78Bracketed with aboveV Curragh and Drummuck District
271NancyMcKeownMrs Thomas MooreBracketed with aboveV Curragh and Drummuck District
272RobertMcKeown--V Curragh and Drummuck District
273ElizaKelso a. McKeown-Bracketed with aboveV Curragh and Drummuck District
274John Andersondead 1854-V Curragh and Drummuck District
275MargaretHarknessdead 1863Bracketed with aboveV Curragh and Drummuck District
276JamesAnderson-not struck outV Curragh and Drummuck District
277ElizaAndersonreceived certificate to 3d Cookstown 1856 ????-V Curragh and Drummuck District
278JohnPattersondead 1855-V Curragh and Drummuck District
279NancyPattersongone to America without certificate 1848 ????184?-V Curragh and Drummuck District
280WilliamAndersondead 1873-V Curragh and Drummuck District
281MargaretRisk-Bracketed with aboveV Curragh and Drummuck District
282JamesAndersondied 1856-V Curragh and Drummuck District
283Mrs.Andersondead - May 1856Bracketed with aboveV Curragh and Drummuck District
284MaryAndersonleft without certificate 1874-V Curragh and Drummuck District
285MargaretAndersonleft without certificate 1874-V Curragh and Drummuck District
286Peggy J.Andersoncertified to Garvagh on marriage-V Curragh and Drummuck District
287SamuelAndersonleft without certificate-V Curragh and Drummuck District
288Wm.Pattersondied ????1848-V Curragh and Drummuck District
289Robert Grahamdisjoined by certificate 1848-V Curragh and Drummuck District
290MrsGrahamgone to America with certif. 1848-V Curragh and Drummuck District
291WalterGrahamcertificate for America Oct 25 1847-V Curragh and Drummuck District
292MariaGrahamgone to America with certif. 1848-V Curragh and Drummuck District
293MissGrahamgone to America with certif. 1848-V Curragh and Drummuck District
294JohnWilsonremoved to America without certificate 1847-V Curragh and Drummuck District
295MaryGraham a. Wilsongone to America without certificate 1848-V Curragh and Drummuck District
296JosephBrowndead 1852-VI Slattyboggy District
297Mrs.Browndead 1854-VI Slattyboggy District
298JohnNelsondead 1855-VI Slattyboggy District
299MrsNelsondead 1853-VI Slattyboggy District
300MrsGregg1870?query mark is minister'sVI Slattyboggy District
301NancyGreggnever comes out-VI Slattyboggy District
302PeggyGreggmarried a Churchman-VI Slattyboggy District
303MaryGreggMrs Charles McKeown - left-VI Slattyboggy District
304RobertGreggnever comes out-VI Slattyboggy District
305WilliamGrahamdead 1870-VI Slattyboggy District
306MollyPeden a. Grahamdead 78Bracketed with aboveVI Slattyboggy District
307GeorgeGraystruck off for non attendance-VI Slattyboggy District
308WidowGivendead 1857-VI Slattyboggy District
309MrsJohnsonput on by mistake-VI Slattyboggy District
310HughMartinremoved to America 1847 without certif-VI Slattyboggy District
311MrsMartinremoved to America 1847 without certifBracketed with aboveVI Slattyboggy District
312JamesMcAlistergone-VI Slattyboggy District
313JamesAlexandergone to America without certificate-VI Slattyboggy District
314LetitiaAlexandercertificate for America Oct 20th 1847-VI Slattyboggy District
315ElizabethHenry--VI Slattyboggy District
316MrsMillikendead 7 (?) Jany '59-VI Slattyboggy District
317RobertGrahamcertificate for America June 1848-VI Slattyboggy District
318MrsGraham-Bracketed with aboveVI Slattyboggy District
319Miss (Mary)Grahamcertificate for America 7th June 1848-VI Slattyboggy District
320RobertGrahamcertificate for America Oct 25th 1847-VI Slattyboggy District
321WidowPaulCrew - dead-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
322MargaretPaul--VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
323Mrs WalterGrahamdead 1861-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
324DavidClarkedead 1854-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
325MarthaSinclair a. Clarkedied 1860Bracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
326JamesService-not struck outVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
327BettyBolton a. Service-Bracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
328MaryService-not struck outVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
329RobertSheilsgone to Australia 1854 without certif-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
330PatriciaKellyditto with certifBracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
331WilliamHustondead-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
332JaneHustondeadBracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
333JohnMcMullangone to America 1850-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
334MaryMcMullanditto-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
335IsabellaMcMullangone without certificate Spring 1850-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
336NancyMcMullan-Bracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
337JohnWilsondead 1873-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
338AnneWilson--VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
339SamuelWilsondied 1857-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
340Mrs SamuelWilsondead 1868-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
341ElizabethWilson-not struck outVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
342JohnWilson-not struck outVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
343AnneWilsondead-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
344Mrs (Senr)Wilsondead 1849-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
345MatthewWilsongone to Australia-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
346MrsWilsondead '67-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
347WilliamMcAllendead 1869-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
348JaneMcAllenmarried and gone-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
349NancyMcAllenstruck off - lost sight of ? - 1871-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
350ElizaMcAllen a. Hagangone off to Tubbermore without certif-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
351JosephMcKeown- Garvagh ? - dead 66-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
352MrsMcKeown--VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
353NancyMcKeownCurraghBracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
354Mary JaneMcKeownMrs Michael? Dead 1860query mark is minister'sVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
355WilliamHazlettCrew-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
356PeggyHazlett a. Dripsdead 1857-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
357JamesHazlettgone to Australia-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
358ThomasHazlettdead '78-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
359JaneHazlett a. Leckydead 71Bracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
360AlexanderHazlettRemoved to America with certificate 17th April 1848-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
361WilliamHenrycertified to Culnady-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
362JaneLamb a. Henry-Bracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
363DavidServicedead --VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
364Rob.Cunninghamdead 1873-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
365Margaret (Mrs)Cunninghamdied 1861-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
366WilliamCunninghamdead 1861-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
367NancyHaslettdead - 1871-VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
368Alex.WilsondeadBracketed with aboveVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
369PeggyJohnson otherwise Wilson--VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
370SamuelGray--VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
371ArchibaldGraham-not struck outVII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
372MrsGraham--VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
373JaneGrahamMarried a Churchmandead 1865VII Grillagh and Ballymacilcur
374????Smithdead 77(?)-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
375Ann?Smith a. ???dead-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
376JohnScott?? Certificate ??-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
377MatildaShielsMrs Mc-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
378GeorgeWattdead-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
379Mrs GeorgeWattdead 78-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
380WidowMcCrackendead 78-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
381SallyMcCracken--VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
382JohnBlackremoved to America 1848 - without certificate-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
383Elizabeth JaneBlack a. Paulditto spring 1848 - without certificate-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
384JamesSteele--VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
385Mrs. JamesSteeledead-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
386DavidDrips?struck off 1874-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
387Mrs.Ewingdead-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
388ThomasHustonhas not attended for years-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
389WilliamMillergone to America 1854-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
390JamesMcCrackennever attends-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
391ElizaPaul a. Glover-not struck outVIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
392RobertShielsdead 1871-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
393MargaretSheils otherwise Stuart-Bracketed with aboveVIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
394WilliamMcKeowngone to America without certficate-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
395MrsMcKeown-Bracketed with aboveVIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
396MaryMcKeownMrs. John Lytle - dead-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
397AndrewMcKeowngone to America with certif. 1853-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
398WilliamMcKeownremoved to America spring 1848 without certificate-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
399JosephClarkedead 1871-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
400Mrs JosephClarkedead 1871-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
401SamuelPeeblesdead 1860-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
402MrsPeeblesdead '78-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
403PeggyPeebles-not struck outVIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
404SarahPeebles-not struck outVIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
405DavidPeeblesdead 1871-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
406John?Peeblesdisjoined by certificate spring 1848 - gone to A(merica) or Australia ?VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
407WilliamBlackgone to America summer 1864 - dead 72 ?-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
408Mrs WilliamBlacknever attends - struck off-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
409MaryBlackMrs Robert Crawford - certified to Knockcloghrim-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
410JosephBeattygone to America without certificate-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
411Mary AnnieDean a. Beatty--VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
412IsaacFlemingdead 1862-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
413MrsFlemingdead 1850Bracketed with aboveVIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
414HannahFleming- received certificate for America Spring 1848-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
415WidowCrawfordinfirm to travel to Maghera - gone to Nockcloghrim-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
416JohnSheilsdead 1860-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
417MrsSheilsstruck off for non attendance-VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
418JaneShielsexcommunicated May 1849 for joining Romish ????????VIII Knocknakielt Carricknakielt & Ballynacross
419JosephMooneydead 1853-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
420MrsMooneyremoved to TubbermoreBracketed with aboveIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
421JosephSheilsdead 78-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
422NancySheilsotherwise SmithBracketed with aboveIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
423JamesPaulstruck off for non attendance-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
424SarahPauldeadBracketed with aboveIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
425JamesMcIlreeAmerica-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
426JamesWalkingshawdead 1853-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
427MrsWalkingshawa. Dunlop dead 72Bracketed with aboveIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
428JohnWalkingshawdead July / 58-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
429MrsWalkingshawdead 78-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
430WidowSheilsdead-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
431WidowSheilsgone to America without certificateall scratched outIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
432WilliamGrayLeft for Culnady or Curran?-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
433WidowSheilsMooney - gone to America Sp? 1848 without certificate-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
434WidowWilsonDead-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
435ThomasWilsonremoved to Boveedy district-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
436Martha AnnWilson29not struck outIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
437WilliamSheils-not struck outIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
438MatildaSheils a. Reid-Bracketed with aboveIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
439JohnBeattygone to America without cert.-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
440MrsBeattynot gone - gone now.Bracketed with aboveIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
441Mary?Beattygone to America without certificate-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
442MarthaBeatty-Bracketed with aboveIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
443JohnSmithdead 78-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
444MrsSmith-Bracketed with aboveIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
445BettySmithgone by certif - to America 1853-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
446JamesMcCleerydead 1855-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
447MrsMcCleerydead 1849-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
448AndrewMcCleeryGone to America by certif 1852-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
449JohnMcCleeryreceived certificate for America spring 1848-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
450JohnBurnsdead 1870-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
451MrsBurnsdead '78-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
452RobertBurnsreceived certificate for America spring 1848-IX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
453FlemingBurns-heavily crossed out. No other noteIX Mullagh and Tamnimartin
454WilliamMcIvordead 78-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
455WilliamMcIvordead 70-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
456MrsMcIvor--X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
457JamesMcIvorgone to America-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
458WidowBoondead 1865-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
459IsabellaBoon-not struck outX Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
460PeggyDonaghydead-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
461Mrs ? MosesLyttlestruck off /58 for stealing turf-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
462MattyPattersonnot struck outX Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
463WidowMcKeeremoved-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
464JohnMcKeegone to America without Certif.-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
465Mrs JamesLytle a. Clarkdead 1873-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
466RobertLytlecertified to Culnady-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
467JaneLytle-Mrs Saml Clarkgone to America-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
468WilliamLytledead 1856-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
469Mrs.Lytle a. McGowandead 1854-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
470JohnLytledead-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
471Mrs.Lytle a. Boondead-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
472John SenrDunlopstruck off for non attendance-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
473John JunrDunlop--X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
474Mrs JohnDunlop--X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
475??Dunlop???-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
476Mrs JamesDunlopdead 1861-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
477JohnLytledead-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
478Mrs JohnLytle a. Shielsdead 1873-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
479John Junr?Lytle--X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
480RobertLytledead-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
481Mrs R.Lytle--X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
482WidowMcKee--X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
483JohnMcFalldead-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
484Mrs JohnMcFall--X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
485IsabellaLogandead 1849-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
486Peggy JaneSheils- disjoined by certificate to America Oct 31st 1848-X Tullyherron and Ballyknock District
487Alex.Lytledead1853-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
488MrsLytledead1853-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
489ThomasLytledead 1851-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
490WidowSheilsdead 1867-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
491PeggyLyledead 1866-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
492RobertLittledead-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
493JaneLittle(his daughter) married and gone to Culnady with her husband-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
494JamesLyledied July 1848-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
495Mrs. JamesLyledied July 1849-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
496AndrewLylestruck off for fornication - restored 1873-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
497Mrs AndrewLyle a. Patterson--XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
498GeorgeLyledead-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
499JamesHaredead 1858-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
500Mrs JamesHareAmericaBracketed with aboveXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
501JohnReidBallymacilcur. Dead 78-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
502MrsShielsdead 1853-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
503SarahShiels--XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
504JohnShiels-not struck outXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
505NancyShiels a. AdamsdeadBracketed with aboveXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
506DanielMcConaghie--XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
507Mrs RachelMcConaghie a. Kydddead-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
508ThomasMcKeeremoved to Co. Antrim without certificate. 1847-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
509MatthewMcIlree-not struck outXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
510NancyMcIlree a. Sheils-not struck outXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
511PeggyPaul--XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
512Andrew??gone to America. Dead-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
513Jane??deadBracketed with aboveXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
514??Kenny--XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
515MargaretMc a. ????? June 18??-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
516WilliamKerrremoved to America - without certificate 1848-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
517Mrs WilliamKerr-Bracketed with aboveXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
518MissKerr-Bracketed with aboveXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
519JamesKerrGrillagh-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
520MrsKerrdead 1868-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
521ArchibaldKerrdisjoined by certif. June 12th 1849-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
522WalterKerrremoved to America without certificate-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
523JohnKerrdead 1851-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
524WilliamKerr-not struck outXI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
525JacksonKerr-died Oct 1850-XI Falgatrevy and MullaghDistrict
526JamesStewart--XII Maghera
527JaneConnor a. Stewart--XII Maghera
528WilliamWilsondon't attend-XII Maghera
529MrsWilson-Bracketed with aboveXII Maghera
530JohnWilson--XII Maghera
531JohnHughesdead-XII Maghera
532WmClark--XII Maghera
533ThomasMcKeown-not struck outXII Maghera
534JaneJohnston a. McKeown-Bracketed with aboveXII Maghera
535RobertCampbell-XII Maghera
536MrsCampbelldead-XII Maghera
537RachelCampbellstruck off for fornication 1851-XII Maghera
538Mrs ThomasTaylor--XII Maghera
539ElizaTaylorremoved 78-XII Maghera
540DavidThompsondied May 1849-XII Maghera
541MrsThompsongone to Tubbermore 1855-XII Maghera
542MrsPattersondead 1852-53-XII Maghera
543Miss JPatterson-Bracketed with aboveXII Maghera
544JamesMcClellandanabaptist-XII Maghera
545MrsMcClellanddead-XII Maghera
546HughMcClellandgone to Australia without cert. 1853-XII Maghera
547ThomasMcCoolgone to America without certificate 1858-XII Maghera
548MrsMcCool a. Boonafterwards received certificateBracketed with aboveXII Maghera
549JamesLytleMethodists-XII Maghera
550MrsLytle-Bracketed with aboveXII Maghera
551JohnLytle(Falgatrevy)-XII Maghera
552Matthew JunrLytledead '68-XII Maghera
553RebeccaKennedyremoved to Waterford without cert. 1853 (Mrs Davidson)-XII Maghera
554MrsMontgomerydead 1851-XII Maghera
555Mrs ??????gone-XII Maghera
556Mrs John????dead-XII Maghera
557Mr JohnReiddead-XII Maghera
558MrsReiddead-XII Maghera
559MrsHilldead 1859-XII Maghera
560Mrs SenrMcClellanddead 1849-XII Maghera
561MrsMoore (McClelland)gone to America 1850 without certificate-XII Maghera
562Mrs AlexMoore (McClelland)received certif. 1849 - for Belfast --XII Maghera
563Mrs AndrewClarketo America with certif.-XII Maghera
564JohnHopedeceased May 1848-XII Maghera
565MissHopeMrs. Munk certified 1850-XII Maghera
566MissDixonremoved to Bangor with certif. Nov /58-XII Maghera
567Miss MargaretDixoncertif to Belfast 1857.-XII Maghera
568HughMcMillanremoved to Cookstown 1854 - certified verbally 1855-XII Maghera
569JamesMcMillan-Bracketed with aboveXII Maghera
570MatthewLytledied 31 Aug. 1865-XII Maghera
571MrsLytledied June 1860-XII Maghera
572JamesBarkley-not struck outXII Maghera
573MrsBarkleydead July 1851-XII Maghera
574ThomasMcIvor--XII Maghera
575MrsMcIvor a. Courtneyremoved to America without certificate 1848Bracketed with aboveXII Maghera
576MrsDixondead 1863-XII Maghera
577RobertMoore-not struck outXII Maghera
578Mrs?McMullandied February 1855-XII Maghera
579Miss CatherineMcMullanstruck off - gone to Church of England-XII Maghera
580JamesKennedydead 1849-XII Maghera
581ThomasNeelyremoved to America 1847 without certif-XII Maghera
582MrsNeely--XII Maghera
583JosephMorrisonremoved to America without certif 1848 - June 5-XII Maghera
584MrsPettigrewdead-XII Maghera
585Miss A.?Pettigrew(Mrs. Henry) removed to Cookstownunusual name but clearXII Maghera
586Miss M.?Pettigrew--XII Maghera
587??????Pettigrew--XII Maghera
588WilliamAllenRemoved to America without certificate 1848Bracketed with above but target of brackets not clearXII Maghera
589MrsAllen-Bracketed with aboveXII Maghera
590MichailMcClellandgone to Derry-XII Maghera
591William JunrLytleRemoved to Cookstown 1857-XII Maghera
592Miss CatherineHopedisjoined by certificate February 8th 18??heavily crossed out. No other noteXII Maghera


Transcribed by William Scott & Barbara Braswell

Maghera Presbyterian Burial Register

Maghera Presbyterian Burial Register is a number of attempts to record the burials of members of the congregation. It spans from January 1861 to June 1865, then The Presbyterian minister was not always present and this can be seen from the many comments by the ministers over the years recording reasons for their absence, even sometimes not even knowing that one of their flock had died and was buried! It should be noted tht these records do NOT give any location of burial or a map of where the graves are actually located, etc. Some of the burials are in St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland Graveyard (old and new yards) and some are in the Presbyterian graveyard, whilst others have no known gravemarker. This record has been transcribed from Microfilm and sometimes certain parts of the film are unclear and this has been indicated by ‘?’.

No.Date of FuneralName ResidenceProb. AgeCause of DeathRemarksTranscriber Comments
12 Jan 1861Mrs Walter GrahamBallymacilcurr60?Service at house
24 Jan 1861Mrs John ClarkeCraigmore65Service at house
34 Jan 1861George DrippsCurragh75Service at house
48 Jan 1861Mrs Samuel McKeownCurragh60TumourService at house
58 Jan 1861Molly PattersonCurragh50Service at the grave
611 Jan 1861Eliza MulhollandCurragh15ConsumptionService at the grave
721 Jan 1861Mrs Walter GrahamCurragh75Service at the grave
821 Jan 1861John PaulBallymacilcurr18Service at the grave
924 Jan 1861Agnes Lockhart BrownMaghera5Luinsy?Service at the grave
107 Feb 1861Peggy GivenMaghera60Consumption
118 Feb 1861Thomas Milling Jun.Maghera21Head DiseaseService at the grave
1222 Feb 1861____ ClydeMullagh70DysenteryService at the grave
1316 Mar 1861Isabella EarlTamneymullan16Erysipdas? Erysipelas?Service at the grave
14March 1861____ ServiceSlattybogy2 daysInflammationDid not hear of the death
152 Apr 1861John HughesCrew70Service at house
166 Apr 1861Robert WilsonMaghera7Brain diseaseService at house
1718 Apr 1861Mrs CrocketCrew70Service at house
1826 Apr 1861Samuel LongMoneymore87Service at house
1913 May 1861Nancy LytleMoneysharvin15Disease of ???Service at the grave
2022 May 1861Mrs Elizabeth MontgomeryMaghera55ParalysisService by Rev R. TorrensCharles Kennedy's Daughter
211 Jun 1861Matthew McMathMoneysharvin60Service at the grave
226 Jun 1861Mrs JohnstonGrillagh84Service at the grave
238 June 1861Jane ShielsFalgortrevy40Service at the grave
2417 Jun 1861Mrs Robert CunninghamGrillagh55Rheumatic PainService at the grave
2514 Aug 1861James McIlroyMacknagh80ConstipationI was absent in Belfast
26Sep 1861Mrs James FlemingKnocknakielt40Internal ComplaintNo Service
2726 Oct 1861Esther Gullour?(Guthrie?)Ballymacpeake80Internal ComplaintService at house
2829 Oct 1861Mrs SlossCrew70Service at house
2929 Oct 1861Margaret DunlopTullyherron63DiahorreaService at house
302 Dec 1861Isabella FlemingKnocknakielt19ConsumptionService at house
3110 Dec 1861William ElliotCrew20Head DiseaseService at the grave
3211 Dec 1861Isaac FlemingBallynacross80Absent in Belfast
3320 Dec 1861Wm CunninghamGrillagh35InflammationService at the grave
3411 Jan 1862Thomas MorrisonTirnoney90Service at house
3513 Jan 1862John ClarkCraigmore75absent
3615 Jan 1862Henry McKeownCurragh70Service at house
3730 Jan 1862Mrs James MooreCraigmore50Internal ComplaintAbsent in Belfast
387 Feb 1862Margaret GrahamTamneymullan81Service at house
3910 Feb 1862John McKeownBeagh4CroupService at house & Grave
4027 Feb 1862Nancy McIntyreKnocknakielt3CroupService at house
41Feb 1862Mrs LamontKnocknakielt80Old agedid not hear of the Funeral
425 Mar 1862Wm McMullanCrew7Feverdid not hear of the Funeral
439 Mar 1862_____ GordonBeagh3Croupdid not hear of the Funeral
4413 Mar 1862_____ LamontKnocknakielt3Croupdid not hear of the Funeral
4528 Mar 1862William GreggKnocknakielt47?Service at grave
4610 Apr 1862Martha LytleMaghera4Water in BrainAbsent in Derry
47June 1862Mrs ShielsMullagh80Absent at Portrush
482 Jul 1862Jane CampbellTirnoney63DropsyService at house
492 Jul 1862William TaylorMaghera66AccidentService at house
5023 Jul 1862Andrew SmythTirgarvil89Heart DiseaseService at house
51July 1862George McIlroyMacknagh66Internal ComplaintAbsent at General Asembly
521 Sep 1862James Drennan JnrMullagh20Spinal ComplaintService at house
531 Sep 1862Sarah PorterMaghera35ComsumptionService at house
5430 Oct 1862____ MulhollandCurragh3Croup
55Aug 1862William PaulCurragh1Internal hive?I was absent in London(yes it appears to say August!)
5615 Nov 1862Nancy BrooksMoneymore72Service at house
574 Dec 1862Samuel Anderson SenCurragh65Mollification?Service at house
5831 Dec 1862John ClarkeMacknagh70PleurisyService at house by Rev. R, Clark?
59 2 Jan 1863Alexander GrahamMaghera28No Service
603 Jan 1863Sarah GambleMaghera18ConsumptionService at house
6121 Jan 1863Thos John AndersonMaghera4 monthsConvultionsService at grave
6222 Jan 1863Archibald GibsonCrew82No Service
6322 Jan 1863Mrs Bob WilsonMaghera60ConsumptionGot no word of funeral
6431 Jan 1863Mrs EwingCarricknakielt70Service at grave
655 Feb 1863John? Reid's MotherBallymacilcurr81Service at grave
6616 Feb 1863James MooreTamneymullan60CancerService at grave
6723 Feb 1863Catherine AndersonBallynacross70Service at grave
6823 Feb 1863Peggy DonaghyCrew80ParalysisAttending the other funeral
692 Mar 1863Mrs Thos McCoolTirgarvil70Service at house
702 Mar 1863Matilda McKeownCurragh18DropsyService at house
71Feb 1863Eliza BoylenCulnady7Mortificationdid not hear of death 'till a month after (the word looks like 'like' but must be 'till)
7214 Mar 1863Robert WalkingshawMullagh2CroupService at house
73March 1863Jane Moore SlossCrew2DysenteryReceived no word
7421 Apr 1863Margaret MontgomeryMaghera34Water in ChestService at grave
7511 May 1863Mrs Thos TaylorMaghera35after ChildbirthService in home
7612 May 1863Joseph NelsonBallymacilcurr32ConsumptionService at grave
77Jun 1863Mrs DixonMaghera84Absent at Portrush (Church Service)
78July 1863John LyleBallymacilcurr25Hurt (or Heart)Absent at Scotland
792 Sep 1863Mary WhiteBallymacilcurr51InflammationService at house
809 Sept 1863Thos McCoolTergarvil85?Disease of HeartService at house
815 Oct 1863Margaret ClarkBallymacilcurr65Service at house
827 Oct 1863Mrs John AndersonCurragh70Service at house
838 Oct 1863M. ClarkMacknagh49Service at grave
844 Oct 1863___ LongKnocknakielt70??eringdid not know of funeral
8531 Oct 1863Archibald KennedyMoneysharvin50Struck by a cartdid not know of funeral
862 Nov 1863Betty MooreCraigmore75Cold &want of CareService at grave
872 Nov 1863Isabella McEwenCulnady12DropsyService at grave
8821 Nov 1863Henry LongKnocknakielt25ConsumptionToo late to reach house - Burial? In ?
8916 Dec 1863Samuel WilsonMacknagh50Internal ComplaintService at home
907 Jan 1864Elizabeth GalwayFalgortrevy2Burned with fireService at grave
9112 Jan 1864Barbara WilsonMacknagh2Rheumatic feverService the day before funeral
9227 Jan 1864Mrs George ClarkCraigmore30FeverService at grave (????)Mary, wife of George Clarke of Craigmore
9320 Feb 1864Nancy GambleMaghera22FeverService at grave
9429 Feb 1864_____ PattersonMaghera70Service at house
9530 Mar 1864William NelsonCarricknakielt69AsthmaService at grave
961 Apr 1864Robt McConaghieMaghera60Service at gouse(yes, gouse! I guess he just couldnt make his mind up!)
9713 Apr 1864Mrs BruceMaghera80Old agedid not hear of funeralEllen
9816 Apr 1864William McEwenCulnady82Old ageService at grave
9918 Apr 1864Charles KennedyMaghera50ParalysisService at grave
10019 Apr 1864Sarah MulhollandCurragh20ConsumptionService at grave
10127 Apr 1864Moses LytleTullyherron75Service at grave
1027 May 1864Mrs TonerDerganagh80Service at graveRose Toner
10312 May 1864William KyleSlattybogy64Heart DiseaseServicce at grave
10419 May 1864Margaret McGuckenCurragh19Internal ComplaintService at house
1053 June 1864John LytleFallagloon40ScrofulaService at House
1068 Aug 1864Thos MartinKnocknakielt80Service at House
107Aug 1864Mrs KennedyCulnady60RheumatismAbsent at shoreIt looks like that!!
108Aug 1864John NeilsonBallymacilcurr25ConsumptionAbsent at shore
10930 Sep 1864William KiddCrew63AsthmaService at grave
110Nov 1864John CrawfordKnocknakielt70Service at grave
111Dec 1864Jane Elizabeth LytleMaghera1CroupService at house
112Jan 1865Eliza HenrySlattybogy25ConsumptionService at house
113Jan 1865Mrs Bob WhiteSlattybogy70Service at houseEliza
114Jan 1865Mrs John LytleTullyherron50Disease of Heartill with cold and not at funeral
115Jan 1865Nancy LytleMaghera36Nervous disorderService at house
11623 Jan 1865James KyleCulnady80InfirmityService at house
11718 Feb 1865John McKeownTamneymullan84Service at house
11818 Jun 1865Bob WilsonMaghera69Internal DiseaseService at grave
12 Sep 1891Margaret LamontCurragh87Old ageService at house
24 Nov 1891James MitchellBelfast86Old ageService at grave
311 Dec 1891Matilda McKayMaghera54InfluenzaService at house
412 Jan 1892Samuel Geo. HeneyBallymacilcurr26ParalysisService at homeHeaney
513 Jan 1892James KennedyMoneysharvin81InfirmityService at home
618 Jan 1892James AndersonFalgortrevy10CroupService at home
728 Jan 1892Robert McKeownCurragh88Old ageService at home
829 Jan 1892Samuel AndersonFalgortrevy6CroupService at home
94 Feb 1892Thomas PeacockBallymacilcurr70Partial InsanityService at home
105 Feb 1892Matilda StockmanMaghera%sBronchitisService at grave
1126 Feb 1892Jane MooreMagheraInjuries caused by a fallNo service, did not hear of death
129 Mar 1892David WhiteTamneymullan70Old ageService at home
1318 Mar 1892Thomas KelsoBeagh7Inflammation of ???Service at home
1421 Apr 1892Ann MansfieldTirnoney82Old ageNo Service, ? At Dra?
1522 Apr 1892Eliza HyndmanCurragh76Old ageNo Service, ? At Dra?
1627 Apr 1892Matthew KerrMagheraConvulsionsService at home
1730 Apr 1892Thos GloverBallinahone85Old ageService at home
1830 Apr 1892Eliza NelsonCrew74Old ageService at grave
195 May 1892Joseph BoyleMaghera68InfluenzaService at home
207 May 1892Sarah ClydeMullagh68InfluenzaService at home
2111 May 1892Jane McKeownCurragh52Kidney diseaseMcB???????????
2216 May 1892James AndersonCurragh72Old ageService at ??
234 June 1892John PooleMullagh21Spinal diseaseService at ??
245 July 1892Samuel BoltonCarricknakielt21Heart diseaseService at ??
2520 July 1892John GrahamBeagh21Rev. Patterson
26William LytleDrumlane3 yr 3 mosService at home
27James TaylorMaghera57BronchitisService at house
289 Sep 1892Jane MontgomeryKnocknakielt63BronchitisService at house
2924 Sep 1892Anna MontgomeryBeagh78Old ageService at house
3028 Sep 1892William WilsonMacknagh75GravelService at house
3129 Sep 1892Lizzie GrayBallymacilcurr5DiahorreaService at house
321 Oct 1892Archie GrahamBallymacilcurr4Scarlet feverRev. J.Browne Jackson at house
334 Oct 1892Moore WilsonBeagh (?)57ConsumptionNo service being in BelfastThe question mark after Beagh is original
348 Oct 1892Arnold CheyneMaghera51CancerService a house
3515 Oct 1892William WilsonMoneymore20PleurisyService at house
3612 Dec 1892Robert LappinMullaghOld ageNo Service; away at Aughnacloy (Ordination)
3722 Dec 1892Margaret PeeblesCarricknakielt80Old ageWm Geo. Woodburn conducted service at house
3827 Dec 1892Sarah PeeblesCarricknakielt85Old ageDr Leitch conducted service at house
3930 Dec 1892James H. PeacockUpperlands8DiphtheriaService at house
407 Jan 1893John ShielsMullagh84Old ageService at house
4111 Jan 1893Betty PaulMullagh85Old ageService at house
4216 Jan 1893William McIvorMaghera62CirrhosisService at house
439 Feb 1893John WilsonCraigmore89Old ageService at house
4415 Feb 1893Matilda DrippsTirnageeragh55InfirmityService at house
4524 Feb 1893Rebecca HazlettBallymacilcurr60Old ageService at houseRebecca Graham
4625 May 1893William WallaceDerry44Consunptiion of LungsService at grave
4728 June 1893Matilda McKeownCurragh55Rev. J.Browne ???? ????? ??? away in YorkshireMatilda Smyth
484 Jul 1893Alicia HustonTirgarvilConsumptionService at home
4912 July 1893William LytleMoneysharvin81Old age?
5017 Jul 1893Mary HazlettTamneymullan80Old ageService at houseMary Lytle
5118 Sep 1893Elizabeth EarlCraigmore84Service at house
5222 Aug 1893Joseph PattonSlattybogie_Rev McIntyre ??? At home, I being ??????????
539 Oct 1893Nancy McIntyreBeagh30ConsumptionService at home
547 Dec 1893James McIlroyBallymacilcurr79?Old ageService a home
5512 Dec 1893Samuel LongMaghera79Old ageRev J. Browne held service at house ????????
56___ TaylorMaghera
578 Jan 1894___ PaulCarricknakielt81Service at house by Rev. Geo GillespieEliza Glover wife of James Paul
589 Jan 1894David PaulCarricknakielt63?????Husband of Martha Ann Wilson
59Jane WalkinshawMullagh62Service at house
60Margaret KerrCraigadickHeart diseaseService at House
6120 Jan 1894Mary Ann McMathMoneysharvin71Old ageService at houseMary Ann Kennedy?
6212 Feb 1894Daniel CampbellTirnoney60Paralysis of the Brain??Service at house
6316 Mar 1894Robert LamontKnocknakielt81Old ageServiice at house
6423 Mar 1894Jane MontgomeryMacknagh34Service at house
6527 Mar 1894Samuel ServiceGrillagh80Old ageService at house
661 May 1894Matilda WilsonBallymacilcurr3Service at house
6729 May 1894John BowmanBallinahone?ConsumptionService at house
686 Jun 1894Robert WilsonCrew18Consumption????????
6922 Jun 1894James PattonSlattybogie88ApoplexyService at home
7030 Aug 1894Emily GloverGullaguffCough? CholeraService at home
7120 Oct 1894Sarah Matda. LytleTirnoney11DiphtheriaService at home
7226 Oct 1894Wm John AverilCrew%sScarletinaDid not hear of Death
7327 Oct 1894Margaret M LytleMaghera38DiphtheriaService ?
741 Nov 1894Alexander AverilCrew%sScarletinaService ?
7523 Nov 1894Robert SuffrinTirnoney42ParalysisService at house
7615 Jan 1895Margaret McKeownMacknagh48Cancer of Womb?Service st house
774 Feb 1895James WilsonMacknagh57GangreneService at house
7811 Feb 1895Walter KerrTirnoneyHeart diseaseService at house
7913 Feb 1895John LytleBallynock84Old ageService at house
8016 Feb 1895Mary Ann NelsonBallymacilcurr?_BronchitisService at house
8128 Feb 1895Archy McFallBallynock61The results of fall in the frostService at house
829 Mar 1895Joseph McKinneyMaghera6 mths??? John Marshall
8320 Mar 1895Margaret ThompsonMaghera79Service at house
8428 Mar 1895Thomas Henry? MartinBallymacilcurr10?
859 Apr 1895Jane HustonTirgarvil79?
869 May 1895Margaret LongBlank
8720 May 1895Robert PooleBlank
881? Jun 1895James McKeownCurraghBlank
8915? Jun 1895Joseph LamontDo62
9019? Jun 1895Henry John PorterBeagh9?
914 Jul 1895Tubbermore?
943 Aug 1895____ StockmanMaghera12?Heart diseaseService at house
956 Aug 1895Elizabeth McIntyreKnocknakielt72Old ageService at grave
968 Aug 1895Marcus HoustonMaghera2Water on lungsService at house
977 Sep 1895Samuel ServiceGrillagh28Heart diseaseService at house
9828 Sep 1895Thomas McKeownMaghera80Old ageService at house
9915 Oct 1895____ WilsonBallymacilcurrDid not hear of Death or Funeral
10025 Oct 1895Matthew AndrewsCarricknakielt?88Old ageService at grave
10111 Dec 1895Jane CanningTullyherron84Old ageI was away in Belfast
10217 Dec 1895Nancy B. WilsonCrew14ConsumptionService at house
101___ McFallBallynock93Old ageDr Leitch held service at house(Yes, 101 again!)
103____ ServiceTullyherron____Dr Leitch held service at house
1042 Feb 1896Agnes PorterKnocknakielt%sBy burning in fireService at home
10528 Feb 1896Margaret CampbellBallynock57Luinpain? StomachService at home
10629 Feb 1896John MontgomeryMacknagh34Inflamation of lungService at grave
1075 Mar 1896Ann McCrackenTamneymullan57Acute BronchitisService at house
1082 May 1896Robert McKeownMoneysharvin86Old ageService at house
10930 May 1896James MorrisonTirnoneyHeart diseaseService at house
1101 June 1896Robert LytleTirnoneyAcute BronchitisService at house
11110 Aug 1896Maggie MilliganMullagh27ConsumptionService held by Mr Marshall
11216 Oct 1896Thomas Wilson? JnrCrew24ConsumptionService at house
11316 Oct 1896William McCrackenKnocknakielt60?Service at house
11424 Oct 1896Mary Jane PaulCarricknakielt60Heart diseaseService at house
1154 Nov 1896Robert WilsonCraigmore81ConsumptionService at house
11623 Nov 1896Mrs MartinBeagh91Old ageService at houseMary
11728 Nov 1896Elizabeth PooleTamneymartinCancerService at house
1181 Dec 1896Mrs? (Dr.) KennedyMagheraOld ageService at house
11923 Dec 1896Rose Ella GrahamBallymacilcurr14 MthsInflamation Service at house
1208? Jan 1897Nancy McCaugheyBallymacilcurrOld ageService at house
12110 Jan 1897Mrs ElliotMagheraLoss of controls??Service at house
1224 Jan 1897(Mrs Shattock Dr.Magowan's m. in LawHer remains taken to Bristol)
12313 Jan 1897Mrs James CrawfordKnocknakieltInfl of LungsService by Dr. Leitch
12410? Jan 1897Wm Nelson?Beagh80Liver complaintService at house
12522 Jan 1897Wm GrahamGrillagh70Lung infection?Service at house
12627 Jan 1897Mrs MartinKnocknakielt72Old ageService at houseNancy
1278 Feb 1897Mrs LappinMullagh98?Service at houseAnne Long
12815 Feb 1897James H. DrippsTirnageeragh77ParalysisService at house
12918 Feb 1897Mrs? J DunlopTullyherron64Service at houseJane
13024 March 1897Margaret McMathMoneysharvin40LungsService at house
13110 Apr 1897John MooneyBelfast46Heart diseaseService at grave
13222 Apr 1897Elissa McFallBallymacilcurr??25Service at house
13316 Jun 1897____ WilsonMagheraRev. John Burns ????
13430 July 1897Nancy McElreeMullagh77old age paralysisService at house
13529 Sept 1897Annie ShielsKnocknakielt27Consumption(Service at..Can't quite make out what he wrote!)
13613 Dec 1897Mrs McKeownMoneysharvin84Old ageService at house administered by her ???
13712 Jan 1898Letty HaganMaghera82Old ageService at ??Letitia Elliot wife of Henry Hagan
13819 Feb 1898Samuel AndersonFallagloon84ParalysisService at ??
13919 Feb 1898Margaret BoalLisburn64Heart diseaseService at ??
14019 Mar 1898Andrew ConnorMacknagh55ConsumptionService at House
14130 Mar 1898Sam BoydBeagh87Old ageService at house
14227 Apr 1898James ShielsKnocknakielt15Brain TumourService at house
14326 May 1898Maggie CrawfordKnocknakieltBrain TumourService at house
14429 Jun 1898Margt EdwardsKnocknakieltService at ??
145Mrs ShielsBeaghOld ageService at house
146Emma KelsoCarricknakieltOld ageService at house
14717 Aug 1898Charlotte SmythUpperlands60Drowning in a well had a fit of epilepsyService ??
14806 Oct 1898Robert WilsonMacknagh71CancerService ??
1496 Oct 1898Sarah AndersonCurragh89Old ageService at house
15017 Dec 1898Annie AndersonTubbermoreInflamationService at house assisted by Rev M. Stevens
15119 Dec 1898Mrs W GrahamCraigmore____Service at houseElizabeth Jane Graham (Betty Jane Smyth)
15225 Jan 1899Joseph Faulkner McKinneyMaghera%s_____Service conducted by Rev. MarshallActually Annie McKinney!
153Feb 1899Mrs FlemingBallywillanOld Age_____Service conducted by A. StevensonCheck!!
15411 Mar 1899Thomas PooleBeagh69GravelService at house
15516 Mar 1899Elizabeth BoydGlasgow29Service at grave
15629 Mar 1899Mary Jane HemphillBeaghInfluenzaService at house
15715 Apr 1899James MartinKnocknakielt78GravelService at house
15817 Apr 1899Robert JohnstonMoneysharvin67Result of AccidentService at house
15912 May 1899Alexander CraigGrillagh58Cerebral AfflictionService at house
16020 Jun 1899Mrs McIlroyUpperlands76Old ageNo ClergymanMatilda
16123 Aug 1899Thos McIlroyUpperlands39Heart diseaseNo Clergyman
16223 Aug 1899John KissickCrew75Stomach diseaseRev. Dr. Leitch ?????
16311 Sep 1899Ellen PeacockBelfast15Inflamation of lungsService at grave by Dr Hall
16426 Sep 1899_____ PorterKnocknakieltService at the houseEliza
165Mrs McKeownTamneymullan69Heart disease??Margaret Anne
16617 Oct 1899Mrs GloverGulladuff70Heart diseaseServive at house. Rev J BrownRachel
16718 Oct 1899Isabella BooneBallynock70Old ageService at house. Rev J BrownIsabella Robinson
16824 Oct 1899James McKeownCurragh51Overflow of BloodNo Clergyman
169Mary McKeownCurragh80Old ageNo ClergymanJan - Mar 1900
170Saturday, January 27, 1900Mrs R J FlemingKnocknakielt50Lung DiseaseRev. R. Johnston-Castledawson
171Tuesday, February 06, 1900Wm MorrisonTirnoney70_____Rev. D. Magill
172Saturday, February 16, 1901Mary Jane FlemingCulnady65Bronchitis_____
173Sunday, May 15, 1904Nancy MooreCrew Hill84Old Ageillegible
174no dateHugh G. BarklyMaghera_____Heart diseaseRev. D. B. McKay
175no dateSamuel BrownMaghera__________Rev. D. B. McKay
176no dateRobert McKeownMacknagh_____Heart diseaseRev. D. B. McKay
177no dateMrs. McIlroyUpperlands_____Heart diseaseRev. D. B. McKay
178no dateMrs. MacMillanCrew88Old ageRev. D. B. McKay
179no dateMiss B. KyleCulnady9Old ageRev. D. B. McKayYes it DOES say 9 - Old age!!!!
180no dateJames KyleCulnady__________Rev. D. B. McKayApr - Jun 1905
181no dateMrs. S. ShielsMullagh__________Rev. D. B. McKay Died 13 Apr 1912
182Monday, June 01, 1908Mrs. McMurrayThe Manse__________Funeral to Belfast
183Sunday, January 19, 1908Ada LytleMaghera28_____Service at House
184Thursday, March 30, 1905Wm HipsonMaghera__________Service at House
185no dateMrs. Wm. WilsonTamnymullan__________Service at House
1Monday, March 05, 1900Elizabeth Savage?Knockloughrim97Senile DebilityServices at Both [ ] [ ]
1Monday, August 19, 1940Robert EarlTamneymullan92
2Monday, August 19, 1940Annie RichardsonKnocknakielt36
Monday, August 19, 1940Thomas GrahamCraigmore84
3Sunday, September 01, 1940Samuel MartinKnocknakielt--
4Sunday, September 01, 1940Wm? BrownBelfast- From Maghera
5Monday, October 21, 1940Jackie WilsonMacknaghc. 69Saturday, October 19, 1940
6Friday, October 25, 1940Meta SmythUpperlands18
7Thursday, January 30, 1941Maggie WintonHall Street, Maghera70
8Thursday, February 13, 1941Mrs Robert FlemingKnocknakielt70+
9Monday, February 24, 1941Mrs Thos McCrackenKnocknakieltc.85
10Tuesday, March 04, 1941Mrs John MartinMaghera92
11Tuesday, March 04, 1941Mrs KellySlatabogie88
12Thursday, March 06, 1941Agnes PorterKnocknakielt44Never Physically strong
13Wednesday, April 30, 1941William John McCracken?67
14Sunday, May 04, 1941Miss Sarah Burns69
15Friday, June 06, 1941James Service?Fallagloon4 mths?
1Thursday, July 17, 1941John O'Neill70
2Thursday, July 17, 1941Wm Jn ShielsTamneymullan82Died 15th?Husband of Annie McCool
3Saturday, July 26, 1941Mrs Margaret? GrahamUpper Craigmore87
4Sunday, August 03, 1941Robert John FlemingKnocknakielt86
5Thursday, September 04, 1941William NelsonTamneymullan80Wednesday, September 03, 1941
6Wednesday, October 01, 1941Mrs John? HazlettTirnoney65+
7Wednesday, October 08, 1941James SmythTamneymartin80
8Wednesday, October 08, 1941Wm FayTullyherronc. 79
9Wednesday, January 07, 1942James GrayMoneymorec. 74
10Wednesday, January 14, 1942Mrs ShielsTamneymartinover 70 ?Is this Margaret Bolton from Dullaghy???
11Friday, February 06, 1942Matilda MillenLargantogher76
12Friday, February 06, 1942Hubert Cunningham's childMoneymore5 Wks?Margaret Dorothera CunninghamThursday, February 05, 1942
13Thursday, March 12, 1942Hugh StewartGrave at Knocklochrim?47
14Tuesday, June 16, 1942Daniel McConaghyMullagh46
1Saturday, August 01, 1942Eva MontgomeryKnocknakielt31
2Sunday, November 01, 1942Sargeant James DunlopTullyherron81
3Friday, November 06, 1942Mr BoydCarricknakielt70+Old Mullagh Grave yardor could it be Mrs Boyd?
4Friday, January 15, 1943Matthew JohnstonCrew74+Born in Moneysharvin, 36 years in USA, Baptised in 1926?
5Sunday, February 28, 1943Sarah PaulCarricknakielt65?Son is John? { W. Pastin? Dublin 1936?Service taken by Mr Gastin Dublin? --36?
6Monday, March 08, 1943Sarah Jane PorterCraigmore82 ?
7Sarah Craig PaulCraigmore3?Accident burningFriday, April 23, 19432 years 1 month
8Anna Rose ServiceFallagloon3 mthsFriday, April 23, 1943
9Sunday, June 27, 1943Mrs Smyth WilsonCrewRev R Sloan
10Wednesday, June 30, 1943Thomas Henry PorterGulladuff2mths
Wm Speers
Maud PorterMaghera
Nancy HemphillMaghera?c. 78
Willie FowlerMaghera14Friday, October 01, 1943
Wednesday, November 17, 1943Sloan E. BoltonMaghera45
George HazlettDungiven?33Thursday, December 30, 1943
Tuesday, January 18, 1944Wm DunlopTullyherronc.78
Saturday, January 22, 1944Mr HoustinTamneymullinc 80
Margerite Sophia Service?Maghera7mths
James PedenKnocknakieltC. 30
Robert MillenMagherac.24
Friday, March 17, 1944George TaylorMagherac.70
15Friday, March 31, 1944Minnie TaylorMaghera25
Friday, September 01, 1944Jane ClarkTullyheron78
Monday, March 05, 1945Lizzie PaulMullagh47Sunday, March 04, 1945
Thursday, March 15, 1945John McCrackenKnocknakielt75
Friday, March 30, 1945Elizabeth FaithMaghera4 mths

Transcribed by Denver Boyd