Tobermore Presbyterian Church Old Graveyard

Tobermore Presbyterian Church - Copy

Tobermore Presbyterian Church is located on the main street of the village of Tobermore which is located about 3 miles South West of the town of Maghera. The church is located on the left hand side of the street, just before the road rises up the hill on the road to Draperstown. The current Presbyterian church was built in 1728. The Ordnance Survey memoires of 1836 describe the church as being “..a plain white building with a slated roof and is 69 feet by 25 feet inside”. The memoires also say that at that time, there were 21 rectangular windows and that the aisle was made of earth and the roof not ceiled! Today, it has a nice interior with a small seated gallery. In 1825 the building was nearly fully reroofed and had 2 butresses built at the back of the building to support it. In 1831 the Drapers company (one of the original London companies ‘charged’ with the settlement of Ulster in 1609) paid £50 to repair all the seats of the church. The graveyard surrounding the church is the old graveyard. The new Presbyterian graveyard is located at the top of the hill at the South Western end of the village beside Kilcronaghan Church of Ireland.

Thomas Kenning
Died February 11th 1836
Aged 21 years
Elizabeth Kenning
(Mother to the above)
Died November the 6th 1836
Aged 61 years
Also her Husband
David Kenning
Who died March the 12th 1850
Aged 80 years
Margaret, Daughter of his Son James
Died January 1st 1861
Age 7 months
Also his Son James
Died April 24th 1888
Aged 77 Years.
Wife Margaret Jane Kenning
Died 21st October 1907.
Son James, died 31st December 1941
Wife Jane, died 17th October 1936
And their Sons,
John Caldwell, died 2nd June 1894
Robert Alexander, died 5th February 1900.
“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” Rev.XIV.13

Erected by John Clarke
In loving memory of his Daughter
Who died 17th November 1895.
And his Wife Rebecca,
Who died 12th December 1895.
Also the above named
John Clarke
Who died 19th July 1928.

In memory of
Wife of the late Robert
Kenneth, and Daughter of the
Late James Christie,
Who died 28th Jan 1861, Aged 46 years
And her Sister Anna Christie
Who died 15th April 1901 Aged 85? Years
Also Mary A. Collins,
Who died 8th? September 1917.
the surface of this grave has started to deteriorate

In Loving memory of
Samuel McElree
Also George Clarke, died 6th March 1908
His Wife Maria died 16th Feb 1919
And their Son John died 6th July 1947
Erected by Robert Clarke

Erected by
The children of the late
John Wilkinson
Of Belfast
In affectionate Remembrance
Of their Uncle
William Wilkinson
Who died at Moneyshanere
On the 6th of August 1890.
Aged 85 years.
And is here interred
Also of their Aunt
Sarah Wilkinson,
Who died at Moneyshanere,
On the 14th December 1892
Aged 74 years.
Richard Wilkinson
Born 7th June 1846
Went home 17th April 1899
Annie Wilkinson
Wife of Richard Wilkinson
Died 5th July 1946.

Erected by
James Esler
In loving memory of
His Mother Ann Clarke,
Died 25th Feb. 1945.
And his Father
John Esler
Died 5th March 1895.
His Brothers
David, died 22nd Jan. 1913
Henry, died 9th Sep. 1946.

Erected by Samuel Reid
In loving memory of his Son
Who died 26th November 1918 Aged 23 years
Also the above
Samuel Reid
Who died 21st January 1956 aged 85 years
His Wife
Emily nee Currie
Who died 11th April 1964 aged 89 years

Erected by Mary Jane Paul,
In loving memory of
Her Daughter, Mary S. Paul,
Who died 12th August 1906,
Also her Son, John L. Paul,
Who died 3rd December 1908,
And her Daughter Maggie Paul
Who died 7th November 1923.

In loving memory of
My dear Husband
John Currie
Who died 15th Jany. 1951, aged 71 years,
Also his dear Wife Rebecca Edwards,
Who died 14th Oct. 1966 aged 89 years
“Worthy of everlasting remembrance”

The family burying ground of
Henry Ellison
And of his Son
James Ellison

Erected by
Samuel McGowan,
In loving memory of
His Father
Samuel McGowan
Died 29th July 1877,
Aged 71 years.
Also his Mother
Margaret K. McGowan
Died 31st January 1911,
Aged 75 years.
Also his brothers
William J. McGowan,
Died 2nd April 1871,
Aged 8 months.
William S. McGowan
Died 1st February 1873
Aged 6 months.
And his Aunt
Jane McGowan,
Died 13th July 1884, aged 72 years
Samuel McGowan
Died 12th Nov. 1939,
Aged 77 years.
Lila McGowan,
Died 14th Nov. 1963.
And her Son
Samuel A.
Died 25th Sep. 1981
Aged 78 years.

In loving Memory of
John Diamond
Who died 8th June 1926
Also Mary Jane Diamond,
Who died 26th November 1875.
Also Marianne Diamond
Who died 25th October 1936.
Also Wm Robert Diamond,
Who died 16th November 1958.

In loving memory of
James Henderson, J.P.
Died 6th January 1935
Also my dear Wife Elizabeth
Died 21st November 1963
The under-named John Henderson
Died 29th September 1965
Erected by John Henderson, Killynumber.

Erected by
Eliza J. Hanna
In memory of her
Beloved Husband
Alexander Hanna
Of Moneyshanere,
Who died 13th June 1906,
Aged 69 years.
Also their Children
James F. Hanna,
Died 15th Sep 1888,
Aged 17 years
Samuel Hanna,
Died 17th Dec. 1888,
Aged 21 years.
Isabella Kennedy,
Died 22nd Dec 1922,
Aged 49 years.
The above named Eliza J. Hanna’
Died 12th Dec. 1916.
Also Thomas Kennedy,
Died 22nd Feb. 1938,
Aged 70 years.

In memory of James Neely
Who departed this life 12th June 1885
Aged 80 years.
Also his Wife Nancy Neely,
Who died 11th April 1904,
Aged 95 years.

The family burying ground
Of the late
Jackson Clark
Died 24th Sept 1928
“His end was peace”

In Sacred Memory of (Sacred to the Memory)
Margaret Corriston
Who departed this life [January]26 1835
Aged 42 [years]
John Corriston
Her Husband
Who died [ ] December
30th 1840
Aged 65?
This headstone was carved in sandstone but is deteriorating because chunks
of the surface are flaking off like an onion peel. I’m not sure how much longer ANY
inscription will survive!

James Wisenor
In memory of his Parents
Martha Wisenor who
Departed this life 12th
March 1842 Aged 62 years
Andrew Wisenor who
Departed this life 12th
July 1844 Aged 66 years

In loving memory of
Robert George Henderson
Died 20th March 1920
And his Wife Ellen S. Henderson
Died 29th June 1961
Also her brother James May
Died 12th April 1963
And their daughter
Kathleen A. Hanna, died 19th March, 1979
Jeannie I. Dennis B.A. died 6th Feb 1995

The burying place of
Samuel Hanna and
Family of Moyheeland

Sacred to the memory of the
Revd William Brown
Who departed this life on the 19th of
April 1860 in the 70th year of his age
and the 50th year of his ministry.
his infant daughter Isabella who
died on the 26th of August 1816 aged
12 weeks
His wife Mary E. Brown alias Douglas
Who departed this life on the 9th of
January 1864 Aged 72 years

In loving memory of
Robert Paul, died 3rd April 1956
And his Wife
Isabella, died 27th February 1965
Also his brother
David, died 28th February 1959.

In loving memory of
James McGowan
Born January 4th 1802
Died January 3th 1868
Also his wife
Mary Edwards McGowan
Born February 14th 1795
Died October 8th 1863
Eliza Wilkinson
Dau[ghter of the above]
stone broken here so letters almost gone
Died July 7th 1861
Aged 40 Years
this stone is broken in three pieces, has moss in all the best places and if
that wasn’t enough, is behind rails!!

In memory of
John Paul
Who died 17th June 1871
Aged 71 Years
And his Wife Sarah
Who died 14th October 1881
Aged 67 years
Also his Son David
Who died 12th April 1925
Aged 75 years
And Fanny
Wife of His Son David
Who died 27th April 1925
Aged 66 years
Martha Jane Paul
Who died 29th June 1929
Abraham Paul
Who died 25th Feb. 1932.

To the memory of
Andrew Johnston
Who departed this life 5th February 1862
Aged 82 years
His Son
Departed this life 8th February 1862
Aged 42 years
And his Son
Who departed this life 13th April 1865
Aged 42 years.

Erected by
Thomas J. Anderson
In loving memory
Of his father,
Samuel Anderson
Who died 16th February 1898
Aged 82 years.
Also his mother
Mary Hill Anderson,
Who died 18th March 1906,
Aged 80 years,
Also his sister,
Mary B. Anderson,
Who died 16th July 1883,
Aged 22 years,
Also his sister
Elizabeth Anderson
Who died 14th October 1919
Aged 59 years;

In affectionate Remembrance
James Anderson
Who died (at Falgortreavy) 11th April 1889
Aged 72 years
James, died 17th January 1892
Aged 11 years
Samuel, died 27th January 1892
Aged 7 years
Mary, died 5th September 1900
Aged 76 years
Isabella Fleming, died 26th July 1902
Aged 49 years.
Thomas, died 20th May 1911
Aged 64 years.
Margaret, died 11th Aug. 1947
Aged 71 years.

“We know that when the soul unclothed
Shall from the body fly
T’will animate a purer flame
With life that cannot die.”

In loving memory of
Sarah J Waters
died 19th November 1940
Willie Waters aged 7 years
Maud White
died 26th January 1973

The burying ground of George Neely.
“Neither can they die anymore.”

Erected by the family of
Hugh Starrs, Calmore
in loving memory of their Mother
Sarah Margaret Starrs
who died 2nd March 1890, aged 47 years
Also their Father
Hugh Starrs,
Who died 16th April 1922, Aged 86 years

In loving memory of
Samuel Johnston
dearly loved Husband of Annie Johnston
called home 20th October 1941
Aged 75 years.
Also his wife Annie Johnston,
died 30th October 1945.
Aged 83 years.
“Perfect in Christ Jesus” Col.1.28

In loving memory of
Robert Lyle
Died 29th May 1899, Aged 99 years
And his wife Eliza
Died 26th June 1878, Aged 44 years,
Also their daughters
Died 24th May 1878, Aged 19 years
Died 27th March 1884, Aged 22 years
And their son, William,
Died 10th March 1924, Aged 52 years
Also his wife Mary Lyle,
Died 8th Oct, 1940 Aged 60 years.
Erected by their daughter Sarah Kenning

Erected by
Jane Lyle
In memory of her beloved husband
James Lyle
Died 18th Sept. 1884, Aged 88 years

James Moore
departed this life
Sept. 15, 1881
Aged 78 years
also his Wife
Died May 17, 1868
Aged 76 years
“Our father and mother, gone but not forgotten.”

In loving memory of
George McGuigan
died 27th January 1914
Aged 75 years
Also his beloved Wife
Mary Ann
died 31st July 1923
Aged 84 Years

Erected by
Nancy Moore
in memory of her Daughter
Also the above named
Nancy Moore
died 14th April 1894, Aged 69 years

In loving memory of
Frederick Dickson,
Died 25th March 1910, Aged 73 years.
And his Wife Mary Jane,
Died 1st September 1925, Aged 71 Years.
Erected by their Family

In memory
Samuel Winton
died 9th January 1934 Aged 3 Years
Maggie Winton (Meg)
died 29th January 1941 Aged 70 years
Mary Elizabeth Moreland (nee Winton)
died 10th November 1949 Aged 31 years
Mary Ann Winton
died 13th April 1962 Aged 64 years
beloved wife of
Matthew Winton
died 29th October 1962 Aged 66 years
“At Rest”


Erected by
T.J. McKee, Tobermore,
In memory of his Father and Mother
Robert and Matilda,
Also his Brother and Sister
Samuel and Margaret

In memory of James Henderson
who departed this life
2nd November 1881, Aged 71 years
Also his beloved Wife
Elizabeth Ann
who departed this life
3rd April 1862, Aged 49 years
Also their Son
George Henderson,
died 30th July 1900, Aged 60 years
William Henderson,
Died 15th February 1917, Aged 81 years.
Elizabeth J. Henderson
died 29th March 1912, Aged 40 years
Margaret Ann Henderson
died 6th Dec. 1954 Aged 71 years.
Thomas Henderson
died 23rd Jan. 1969 Aged 79 years.

Erected by
John Porter
In loving memory of
His dear Father and Mother
Alexander Porter
Died 23rd April 1905 Aged 90 years
Mary Porter
Died 25th October 1887 Aged 60 years
“Until the day break and the shadows flee away”

In loving memory
of our dear Parents
Died March 1 1926
Robert Died Feb. 2 1949
Their family
Cora Irene
Died March 11 1948
Robert James
Died March 8 1909
John Died March 12 1916
“At Rest”

In memory of
Elizabeth died 18th October 1898
Her Mother Alicia died 7th September 1909
Her Father Robert died 28th October 1934
Her brother Thomas
born 22nd January 1878 died 2nd December 1970
Susan Wife of Thomas
Born 7th August 1892 died 9th May 1975

Patrick Kearns to the memory of
His beloved father William Kearns
Who departed this life 10th April
1848 Aged 47 years.
Also the above Pat Kearns son Alex
Who died Aug 24th 1865
Aged 11 Months

Extremely old stone that has totally deteriorated
this is definitely a case of ‘Known only unto God”!!

The family burying ground of
Thomas Moore

John Cousley of Moneyshanere
In memory of his Beloved wife
Margaret Cousley
Who departed this life
17th November 1878
And their daughter Annabella Henry
Who departed this life 3rd March
1861 Aged 23 years.
Also the above John Cousley
1st May 1880 Aged 85 years
And their son James Cousley
25th Dec. 1896 Aged 60 years
And their grandson James Shiels
16th Jan. 1900 Aged 19 years

In loving Memory of
Matthew Anderson
of Fallagloon
Who died Jan. 17th 1875
Aged 57 years.
And of his beloved wife
Margaret Shields
Who died Jan 17th 1908
Aged 88 years.
Also their son John,
Who died Jan 1st 1916
Aged 60 years
And his wife
Isabella Anderson
Who died 17th Jan 1946,
Aged 74 years.
Their son John,
Who died 20th May 1974,
Aged 73 years.
Their daughter Margaret,
Who died May 16th 1976,
Aged 79 years.
In loving memory of their daughter
Died Sep. 25 1985
Aged 80 years
Also their son
Died 11th August 1986
Aged 76 years.

Erected by
Thomas Black
To the memory of his wife
Sarah Black,
Who departed this life 6th Sep.
1874 Aged 78 years.
Stone broken at this point

To the Memory of
Joseph Steele
Who departed this life
25th October 1850
Aged 29 Years
Of Mrs I Steele relict of the late
Dr. Steele Surgeon in British Army
Who died 3rd March 1876
Aged 78 Years
old worn flat stone..very hard to read

Erected by
Thomas Gallagher
In memory of his Mothr Jean
Who depd this life 3rd Augt 1842
Aged 64 years.
Hessie Gallagher
Died 23rd Dec. 1955 Aged 83 years
And her husband James
Died 3rd Feb. 1956 aged 89 years.

Under Neath lieth the body of
William Hutchison who depd this
Life 25th March 1831 Aged 8? Years
James Hutchison
Who died December 23rd 1852 Aged 39 Years
His beloved wife Margaret Hutchison
Who died on the 16th June 1873
Aged 56 years
Their son William Hutchison
Who died on the 18th December 1875
Aged 51 years.
Julia McKee widow of
William Hutchison
Who died on the 17th June 1911
Aged 70 years.
For the first named William Hutchison, at first It was thought it might be 5 years, but
on further examination, the numeral has the same middle bar as the 8 of 1831 so it’s
now felt to be 8 years.

Erected by
John Boon
In memory of his beloved wife
Margaret who died 22nd
July 1868, Aged 51 years

In memory of
Joseph Phillips
Died 16th Jan 1940
Also of Nancy Phillips
Died 10th Nov 1942

Thomas Phillips
Died 28 March 1869
Aged 71 years
Graves 57 & 58 are tight beside each other

To the memory
Of Margaret Hunter the beloved
Wife if Charles Hunter
Who departed this life
29th January 1884
Aged 74 years.
These people are Hunters of Ballinahone Beg

In memory of
Letetia Faith Lytle
Who died 15th May 1855 aged 3 months
Rosetta Lytle
13th February 1866 Aged 22
Elizabeth Jane Lytle
14th March ^^ 1869. Aged 26 years
Anna Margretta Lytle,
16th June ^^^ 1871 Aged 22 years
Samuel Lytle
15th August^^ 1871 Aged 26 years
Francis Lytle
22nd September 1871 Aged 19 years
Samuel Lytle,
Father of the above named children,
Died 19th March 1891 Aged 80 years
And his wife Grace,
Died 10th June 1891 Aged 80 years
I’m not sure what the purpose of the ^ are on the head stones..
they resemble little pyramidical underscores!

James Patterson
Departed this life May the 20th 1838
Aged 42 years.
This flat grey slate stone looks like it was carved yesterday!

To the memory of
John Scott, Ballynure
Who died 21st September 1888 aged 51 years
And his wife Isabella,
Who died 2nd April 1922 aged 83 years.
Isabella Scott nee Boon from Ballynure townland, Draperstown

Erected by
Samuel Lyle, of Clooney
In affectionate remembrance of
His father Hugh Lyle,
Who departed this life 4th Jan (BHS incorrectly has 8th)
1871, Aged 74 years.
His Mother Rose Ann Lyle
Died 1st May 1890, Aged 82 years
stone is broken diagonally just below this,
but there doesn’t seem to be any further inscription

In loving memory of a little
Ulster Volunteer
Bobbie Wisner
Who died 2nd January
1915 Aged 8 years
Buried with Military Honour

In Remembrance of
our dear mother
Elizabeth Jane Atkinson
Died 9th September 1964
Aged 85 years
Also our father
Samuel Atkinson,
Died 8th August 1965
Aged 93 years

Erected by
Etta Patterson
In memory of her Parents
William Johnston, died 5th June 1942.
Margaret, died 28th July 1894.
And their Infant Son.
Her children
Daisy Patterson died 23rd Nov.1918.
Samuel, died 21st August 1924
Maggie died 28th Feb. 1931
and one in infancy.

In loving memory of
Thomas Johnston
died 20th Aug. 1917.
And his Wife Mary Downing
Died 12th May 1902.
Also their Son John Downing Johnston
died 18th July 1927.
Also their Son Thomas George
Died 15th Feb. 1940.
Also their Daughter Annie Jane
Died 28th Jan. 1945.
Also their Son William
Died 31st Oct. 1946.

To the memory of
William John Dowdall, Drumard
Who died 23rd October 1831
Aged 31 years

In loving memory of
Sarah Hadassah Elliot
Died 27th Feb. 1966, aged 83.
And her Parents
James Stewart
died 29th May 1907, aged 66.
Mary Ann Stewart,
Died 28th April 1916 aged 75.
Her Husband Andrew Henry,
Died 13th Dec. 1977 Aged 92 years.