Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Marriages

Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Marriages. A few marriage extracts.

DateNamesAgeConditionOccupationResidenceFather's NameFather's OccupationWitnesses  
30 Jul 1845James BoydFullBachelorShoemakerGlenoneJohn BoydLabourer_____
Esther FowlerMinorSpinsterNoneAhoghill_______________
15 Apr 1850Francis BoydFullWidowerFarmerGlenoneJohn BoydFarmerHenry Browne
Jane PriceFullSpinsterNoneGlenoneJames PricePensionerJames Price
10 Mar 1851James StewartFullBachelorFarmerGlenoneJames StewartFarmerRobert Proctor?
Elizabeth SloanFullSpinsterNoneGlenoneCharles SloanFarmerDavid Sloan
1 Jul 1858John GambleFullBachelorLabourerGlenoneFrank GambleLabourerWilliam West
Ellen BoydFullSpinsterNoneGlenoneJohn BoydFarmerJames Lyons
23 Aug 1860John BoydFullBachelorLabourerGlenoneJohn BoydFarmerWilliam John McClelland
Ellen Jane TillyFullSpinsterServantPortglenoneJames TillyOffice ClerkJane Menoimee?
7 Apr 1864Henry BoydfullBachelorShoemakerGlenoneJohn BoydFarmerWilliam French
Mary KeenanfullSpinsternoneGlenoneJames KeenanFarmerSamuel Preston
14 May 1891James RodgersFullBachelorServantGlenoneWilliam RodgersFarmerThomas Wilson
Martha BoydFullSpinsterNoneGlenoneJames BoydFarmerIsabella Campbell

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

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  1. I can’t read the letters as they all are broken up and read from top down

    I am looking for Robert Bellingham married to Mary McCord. Living at Monisyallin township and my grandmothers birth was registered at Tamlaght o Crilley … I would love to find the house which I suspect was on Monasyllin road towards tamlaght o crilley . I do hope to visit again this year
    Thank you Maureen

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