About us

In the beginning whilst researching my own family history, unrelated records were discovered that was felt would be of interest to someone. These records were transcribed and initially presented on the Bann Valley website. What began in late 2008 early 2009 as an idea amongst like minded amateur family history / genealogy enthusiasts to have a new website dedicated to the South Derry / Londonderry area where local information and records could be shared, evolved (with a little nudging and persuasion) into our first website in January 2010. Since then, we have grown by word of mouth into a body of like minded amateur enthusiasts with more records transcribed and presented for the benefit of the public. We also now haveĀ  a presence on Facebook (both a page and a group for discussion). We exist through volunteers and kind donations to keep our website online. Whilst we offer our knowledge for free, it costs Maghera and District Genealogical and History Society to host this information online so any help with this cost is extremely welcome.