Some Notes on the Parish of Maghera and Neighbourhood


Published in the Ulster Journal of Archeology Vol. VIII, McCaw, Stevenson & Orr, The Linenhall Press, 1902.

THE town and parish of Maghera are situated in the barony of Loughinshollin and the county of Derry. The parish is bounded on the north by Killyleagh, on the west by Ballinascreen and Kilcronaghan, on the south-east by Ballyscullion and Termoneeny, and on the east by Tamlaght-o’-Crilly, all in the diocese of Derry.

The town is of great antiquity. It is recorded that the see of Ardstra, or Ardstragh, was removed to Maghera in 597 ; it continued as a separate diocese until 1158, when it was united to the see of Derry. In 1641 it was burnt by the Irish, under Macdonnell. In 1688 it was assaulted by the army of James II, the inhabitants seeking refuge in the city of Derry.

It was anciently called Machaire Ratha Luraigh Machaire means a plain this was changed into its present name, Maghera. Ratha Luraigh means the fort of Lurach. St. Lurach was the patron saint of this parish, and his festival was formerly celebrated on the 17 February. Like many Irish saints, Lurach was of royal lineage. Lurach of the Poems, son of Griana uais, monarch of Ireland, who married Davorca, sister of Saint Patrick.

The ruins of St. Lurach’s church adjoin the town, and are in a good state of preservation. They are now under the charge of the Board of Works, and so are well looked after.

Samuel Lewis, in his Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837), says about this church :

“The ruins of the old church are highly interesting, and some portions bear marks of very remote antiquity. Over the west entrance is a representation of the Crucifixion, rudely sculptured in high relief, with ten of the apostles ; and in the churchyard are the tomb and pillar of Leuri, the patron saint, whose grave was opened some time since, when a silver crucifix was found in it, which was carefully replaced.”

It would have been much better to have suppressed this information, as a couple of thieves came afterwards and opened this grave and stole the sacred relics. An information was sworn by the late Alexander Hipson of Maghera, describing these thieves ; and the late Rev. Spencer Knox had them followed to Magherafelt and Moneymore, but unfortunately all trace of them was lost.

On the 4 January, 1881, a paper was read before the Belfast Naturalists’ Field Club by F. W. Lockwood, on “The Crucifixion and other Sculptures of the Ruined Church at Maghera, Co. Derry,” in which he stated :

“The ruined church at Maghera presents features perfectly unique amongst Irish ecclesiastical remains in its square-headed west doorway, above which is carved in relief, according to Lord Dunraven, the Crucifixion, the figures of the eleven disciples, and the two soldiers with spear and sponge. In Miss Stokes’s work it is described as ‘the Crucifixion, with lance and sponge, the figure of the Saviour draped to the hands and wrists, the three disciples and the woman standing near.’ A full-sized drawing explained that the decay of the stone rendered it difficult to identify some of the figures, but the two Roman soldiers, the blessed Virgin, and probably nine disciples, with the position of the tenth, are clearly to be made out ; angels are also to be seen hovering above the cross. Several similar features are also to be seen in the sculptured crosses of the ninth and tenth centuries at Monasterboice and elsewhere. The probable date of this interesting relic is between the years 960 to 1000 A.D.”

Local tradition has it that an underground passage existed between this church and the church on Mullagh Hill, about a mile distant.

St. Lurach’s grave is in the churchyard, and is marked by a rude stone, which is so decayed that no trace of anything can be made out of it. It is hoped that some suitable monument will soon mark the resting-place of our patron saint.

St. Lurach’s well is in the centre of the down [sic], at the gateway of A. K. Morrison. It was for a considerable time the principal source of the water supply for the town, but is now threatened with closure by the district authorities, and a pump erected over it; and though from a sanitary point of view this might be an improvement, yet it is a pity to obliterate such an ancient and celebrated landmark.

About an English mile from Maghera, at Tirnony, there is a very fine cromleac, near to which Lewis says there is an artificial cave formed of field stones and covered with flags; but the oldest inhabitant never heard of this souterrain, and if it exists its precise whereabouts is unknown. To the north west of this cromleac, about 200 yards distant, we have the ruins of Killelagh old church, a very ancient structure, but unfortunately no reliable record can be found regarding its erection. Lewis says it was destroyed in the wars of 1641 by the Earl of Tyrone, and subsequently rebuilt. Lying close to the wall of the churchyard is a large Flat stone, 3 feet by 4½ feet, and about 6 inches thick, with two basin-shaped cavities in it. Close to this old church there is a very fine rath, with one circumvallation. MADGHS

About two miles farther there is a sweat house in Tirkane, with a well a few yards distant from its entrance. The favourite explanation of this sweat-house is that it was used something like our Turkish baths, and as a cure for rheumatism and such-like complaints. A fire was lighted inside on its jagged floor, and when well heated the fire was cleared out, and after the patient had dipped himself in the well he was closed up in the house until he perspired profusely, with beneficial results.

There are a number of other places in this neighbourhood of traditional interest, such as giants’ graves one in Slaghtnail and one in Corlecky ; also the remains of what is said to be one of the palaces of some of the Irish kings in Granaghan.

At Culnady, about three miles distant from Maghera, there is a very large and perfect rath at Dunglady. It is compassed by treble walls and a trench, but unfortunately there are no records regarding its occupation. It is said to be one of the most perfect in Ireland, and commands a most extensive view of the surrounding country.


The following is a copy of a deposition made by Alexr. Hipson regarding

the rifling of Saint Lurach’s grave, before J. J. Clarke, 20 January, 1865 :

CITY & COUNTY OF LONDONDERRY TO WIT.} I Alexander Hipson of Maghera in the county of Londonderry  carpenter do solemly & sincerely declare that in or about the year 1829 I think in the month of March I was in the employment of the Rev. Jas. Spencer Knox rector of the parish of Maghera, when one morning having to pass through the old graveyard on my way from the glebe house to the town of Maghera to buy nails I met two persons dressd like gentlemen in the graveyard, one had a paper in his hand, on which there was writing. He askd was I a native of the town I said I was- He then enquird [sic] if there was a long grave in the churchyard in which Saint Lorny was buried. I said I had often heard of it. He again askd if it had a black whin stone for a head stone I told him it had. He lookd at the paper and bid the other gentleman to come along. We went together to the grave which I pointed out. He took a rule out of his pocket & measurd [sic} the grave which he compard [sic]with the writing on the paper with it and the headstone. At his request I got him a spade from James Cassidy who was planting potatoes. On giving him the spade he gave me a half crown piece & said to me & Thomas Quinn who had just come up that we might go and have a glass. We went to Billy Crocketts had a glass & divided what was left of the half crown between us. I then went to Harry Porters the nailer, got the nails & retd  through the graveyard, and there found the two gentlemen filling up the hole in the grave that appeared about 2½ feet long & about 2 ft broad. I don’t know the depth. On the grass was a handkerchief spread out the wind raising it up I saw underneath a cross which might be about 18 inches long. They then left taking the cross with them. I began to think I should tell Mr. Knox & went to the hall door, but he was not in the house. Half an hour after I ret d1 found him in his study and told what had occurrd [sic]. He sent me immediately to the hotel kept by Mr Falls to make enquiry who said, they had been gone for some time, but whether to Moneymore or Magherafelt he could not say. Mr Knox & myself then drove in his gig to Magherafelt but could not find any trace of them there but got a fresh horse & proceeded to Moneymore, with no better success-  came back by Desertmartin to Magherafelt hoping to meet with them Mr Knox having left instructions in Magherafelt to have them detaind shd they make their appearance there.

Mr Knox told me afterwards he had reason to believe they had gone to Dungannon & was greatly displeased with Mr Falls as he blamd him for misleading him.

I make this solemn deposition conscientously believing same to be true, and by virtue of an act passd in the 6 year of his late Magesty King Wm. the Fourth chapt 62 for the abolition of unnecessary oaths. Alexander Hipson.  {Made and subscribed before me this 20 day of January, 1865 (sixty-five), at Largantogher. Jas. J. Clarke, J.P. for Co. Londonderry.

Culnady Presbyterian Church Baptism Records (1855-1877)

Culnady Presbyterian Church Baptism Records (1855-1877) provide us with some information as to the children of congregation members of this time frame.

Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's NameMother's NamePlace of BirthComment
16 Oct 1855Nancy Jane Willson
16 Dec 1855George McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
9 Mar 1856David HustonBallymacilcurr
9 Mar 1856Leticia RiddleDrumuck
24 May 1856Robert HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuckMonday 24th May 1856
22 Jun 1856James Johnston PooleThomas PooleKnocknakielt
9 Dec 1856Jane BullionDavid Bullion
22 Feb 1857William DrippsJames DrippsTernageragh
1 Jun 1857Adam RobisonFisher RobisonCulnady
1 Jun 1857Elizabeth Jane McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
1 Jun 1857Margaret Dickson?James Dickson?DrumuckDiction?
1857Thomas BruceJames BruceDunglady
9 Aug 1857Samuel HyndmanRobert HyndmanCurragh
27 Sep 1857Samuel AndersonJohn AndersonDunglady
6 Dec 1857Catherine MartinJohn MartinDrumuckLooks like Morton.. Probably Martin
20 Dec 1857William James ToshRobert ToshDrumuck
31 Jan 1858Robert WillsonWilliam WillsonDrumuck
28 Mar 1858Robert John HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
12 Sep 1858William PoolThomas PoolKnocknakielt
12 Sep 1858James CampbellJames CampbellKnocknakielt
23 Sep 1858Jane HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuck
23 Sep 1858Matilda HeneryWilliam HeneryDrumuck
2 Dec 1858Andrew FlemingWilliam FlemingBallymacilcurr
19 Dec 1858John DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
30 Jan 1859Samuel BoydDavid BoydCulnady
3 Apr 1859Elizabeth DicksonJames DicksonDrumuck
10 Oct 1859Margaret Ann SloneJohn SloneDrumlaneDrumblane
10 Oct 1859Margaret MartinJameson MartinCulnady
10 Mar 1861Joseph MartinJohn MartinDrumuck
10 Mar 1861James BoydDavid BoydCulnady
7 Apr 1861James FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
1 Jun 1863Hugh BoydDavid BoydCrew
21 Jun 1863Elizabeth RobinsonFisher RobinsonCulnady
24 Jun 1863Mary Ann PooleJames PooleBeagh
19 Sep 1863William McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
17 Apr 1864Maria Kyle27 Jan 1864Robert KyleCulnady
31 Oct 1864Margaret HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurrSecond Daughter of Robert
27 Nov 1864Elizabeth Sloan6 Aug 1864John SloanDrumlaneThird Daughter of John Sloan
23 Apr 1865Mary Ann BoydDavid BoydCrew
22 May 1865Hannah Dickson?James Dickson?DrumuckLooks like Dictian
15 Oct 1865Maria Martin1 May 1865James? MartinCulnady
29 Oct 1865Robert Barr Stuart2 Aug 1865Rev J C StuartCulnady
12 Nov 1865Jane Alder KyleRobert KyleCulnadyAlder? Older??
17 Nov 1865Annie McCool12 Sep 1865Kennedy McCoolDunglady
18 Mar 1866Robert WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuck
1 Jul 1866Robert John PollockSmith PollockDrumlane
12 Aug 1866Elizabeth FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
17 Feb 1866Margaret Jane BruceJames BruceDunglady
17 Mar 1867Hollis Kyle HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
21 Apr 1867Sarah Jane McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuck
31 Mar 1867Isabella WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuckSecond Child of Alexander
27 May 1867Sarah Jane Fleming BoydDavid BoydCulnadyMonday 27th May
2 June 1867May SloanJohn SloanDrumlane
14 Oct 1867David HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurrMonday 14th Oct
14 Oct 1867Rebecca StuartRev'd J. C. StuartCulnadyRebecca Third Daughter
17 Nov 1867John Alexander KyleRobert KyleCulnady
5 Jan 1868William James Beaty?Sarah Beaty? (alias Lions)
26 Jan 1868Martha McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
12 Apr 1868John HyndmanMatthew HyndmanTernageeragh
1 Jun 1868Smith PollockSmith PollockDrumlaneMonday
14 Jun 1868Sarah HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
28 Jun 1868Margaret Jane PooleJohn PooleBeagh
25 Oct 1868William FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurrMonday
25 Oct 1868Samuel Fleming StuartRev'd J. C StuartCulnady
18 Apr 1869Clarke HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
15 Aug 1869Thomas ToyWilliam ToyMagheraor Joy
12 Sep 1869James SloneJohn SloneDrumlane
1 Nov 1869Sarah WilsonAlexander WilsonDrumuckSarah Third Child
16 Jan 1870Annie Maria DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
23 Jan 1870William KyleRobert KyleCulnady
20 Feb 1870William Henery PollockSmith PollockDrumnacanon
10 Feb 1870Joseph Bruce LittleRobert LittleCulnady
17 Apr 1870Isabella HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
24 Apr 1870John Taylor McCoolKennedy McCoolDungladySecond Son
30 May 1870Margaret HustonWilliam HustonBallymacilcurr
30 May 1870Joseph StuartRev'd J.C. StewartCulnady
3 Jul 1870Nancy BoydDavid BoydCrew
21 Aug 1870William Brown PooleJohn PooleBeagh
26 Dec 1870Joseph HyndmanSarah HyndmanDunglady
5 Jun 1871Robert PooleRobert PooleTinnymortin?Tamneymartin?
5 Jun 1871Eliza PollockSmith PollockDrumuck
16 Jul 1871John PooleJohn PooleBeagh
13 Aug 1871David Paul FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr
24 Sep 1871James Andrew DrippsJames Dripps, JunTernageragh
15 Oct 1871Sharlett HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurr
6 Nov 1871Robert James LittleRobert LittleCulnadySecond son
6 Nov 1871Fanny Jane StuartRev. J StuartCulnadySecond Daughter
27 May 1872Sarah Jane ToshJames ToshDrumuckMonday
21 Jul 1872Elizabeth Sarah RankinClara F? RankinKillymuck
18 Aug 1872Hetty PooleRobert PooleTamneymartin
1 Sep 1872Joseph Alexander HustonRobert HustonBallymacilcurr
29 Sep 1872Jane HyndmanSamuel HyndmanDunglady
24 Nov 1872Mary McCoolKennedy McCoolDunglady
19 May 1873John StuartRev J.C. StuartCulnady
19 May 1873Elizabeth KyleRobert KyleCulnady
19 May 1873Robert George HillGeorge HillUpperland
20 Jul 1873Annie McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuck
3 Nov 1873James ToshJames ToshDrumuck
3 Nov 1873Isabella PollockSmith PollockDrumnacanon
1 Mar 1874Jane HustonWilliam John HustonBallymacilcurr
27 Sep 1874John DrippsJames DrippsTernageeragh
21 Jun 1875Joseph JohnstonRobert JohnstonTirgarvilBaptised by Rev'd James Patrick
21 Jun 1875Thomas James PollockSmith PollockDrumoolishBaptised by Rev'd James Patrick
14 Nov 1875Isabella Joanna Forsyth McKeownRobert McKeownDrumuckBaptised by Rev'd J H Forsyth
24 Dec 1875John FlemingAndrew FlemingBallymacilcurr

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

Culnady Presbyterian Church Additional Documents

This ‘certificate’ was found in Culnady Presbyterian Records and relates to a couple moving from Churchtown Presbyterian in Tamlaght O’Crilly to Culndy Presbyterian:

“This is to certify that Mr James McCartney and his wife are members of Churchtown Presbyterian Church and in the full enjoyment of all Church priveledges; and are hereby recommended to the Communion and Fellowship of Culnady Presbyterian Church.
Signed J? C. Mulholland, Minister
Dated this day 26th Apr 1920”

Culnady Presbyterian Marriage Records (1845-1936)

Culnady Presbyterian Marriage Records (1845-1936) was transcribed by a man who we are proud to call our friend, the late Clark Shiels.

No.DateNamesAgeConditionOccupationResidenceFather's NameFather's OccupationWitnessesMinisterAdditional information
121 Sept 1864Joseph C Stuart45WidowerMinisterCulnadyWilliam StuartFarmerWilliam S MackionnW J Clugstow
Sarah J FlemingfullSpinsternoneBurnstock StRobert FlemingMinisterRobert Elliot Fleming
225 Jan 1865Alexander WilsonfullBachelorLabourerDrumuckRobert WilsonFarmerSamuel BoydJoseph C Stuart?
Matilda HyndmanfullSpinsterNoneDungleady(David) HyndmanFarmerSamuel Fleming
31 Mar 1866Robert McKeownfullBachelorFarmerDrumuckJames McKeownFarmerRobert WilsonJoseph C Stuart?
Mary SloanfullSpinsternoneDrumlane........James SloanFarmerJames Dripps
405 Sep 1866John PoolefullBachelorFarmerBeaghRobert PooleFarmerJoseph Poole?Joseph C Stuart
Margret BrownfullSpinsternoneBallynenaghDavid BrownFarmerFleming Burns
55 Oct 1866Samuel Hyndman fullBachelorFarmerDungleadyDavid HyndmanFarmerThomas Wilson??Joseph C Stuart
Mary Ann Riddles fullSpinsternoneDrumuckRobert RiddlesFarmerJohn Riddel
626 Oct 1866William John HustonfullBachelorFarmerBallymucklicurWilliam HustonFarmerRobert HustonJoseph C Stuart?
Maria KylefullSpinsternoneCulnadyJohn KyleFarmerJohn Dalyrample
717 Dec 1868James DrippsFullBachelorFarmerDungleadyJames DrippsFarmerSamuel BlackThomas Beare &Joseph C Stuart?
Ellen Jane BeareFullSpinsternoneTernageraghJohn BeareFarmerHugh Bruce
825 Feb 1869Robert Rankin?20BachelorWeaverCulnadyRobert RankinWeaverHenry Arbuthnot?Joseph C StuartLooks like Raukin
Clara BeatyFullSpinsternoneCulnadyRobert BeatyLabourerJohn Raukin
921 Apr 1870Robert McKeownFullBachelorFarmerDrumuckJames McKeownFarmerRobert WilsonJoseph C Stuart?
Margret HyndmanFullSpinsternoneDungleadyDavid HyndmanFarmerAlexander Wilson
1022 Sept 1870Thomas HoustonFullBachelorFarmerBallymucklicurThomas HustonFarmerHugh Patterson?Joseph C Stuart?
Jane KyleFullSpinsternoneCulnadyJohn KyleFarmerWilliam McIntyre
1129 Aug 1878 Robert ClarkFullBachelorCarpenterBallymucklicurJas ClarkFarmerClark WilsonJohn H Forsyth?
Margret RiddelFullSpinsternoneDrumuckRobert RiddelFarmerMargret Ann Riddel
Written in Margin of page 6 reference to No. 11(entered in this book by mistake should have been in Maghera book and cancelled here)
14th Aug 1887Thomas HunterfullBachelorFarmerLislea Thomas HunterFarmerOliver HutchinsonJames Stewart?
Bessie HutchinsonfullSpinsternoneLisleaCreighton HutchinsonFarmerLizzie Hutchinson
215 Jan 1889Robert WilsonfullBachelorFarmerCurranWilliam WilsonFarmerJohn Parke?William Sands
Mary Ann ParksfullSpinsternoneGrangeRobert ParksFarmerMaggie Parks
319 Aug 1889Margret Anne DrippsfullSpinsterFarmerUpperlandsSamuel DrippsFarmerJohn BoltonJohn Browne?
Samuel BoltonfullWidowerProvisions MerchantGlasgowWilliam BoltonFarmerMatilda Bolton
420 Feb 1890Robert JohnstonFullBachelorFarmerTirgarvilDavid JohnstonFarmerJohn W ScottJohn Browne
Mary DoolFullSpinsterServant TyaneeRobert DoolFarmerElizabeth Scott
58th Jan 1894Joseph McFallFullBachelorLabourerBallyknockArchie McFallLabourerThomas PorterJohn Browne?
Rebecca Hazlett20SpinsternoneTyronenyHenry George HazlettLabourerSara Ann Edwards
63 Apr 1895Thomas George ShawfullBachelorFarmerLishielauJohn ShawFarmerAlex Shaw?Alex Gallagher
Jane CarsonfullSpinsternoneLishielauJames CarsonMaria Carson
74 Nov 1896David BrooksfullBachelorFarmerTullyrowanSamuel BrooksFarmerJames ScottJohn Browne?
Catherine McKeefullSpinsternoneTullyrowanRobert McKeeFarmerMargret Scott
88 Mar 1898John MichaelfullBachelorFarmerTivaconawayThomas MichaelFarmerTommie MichaelJohn Browne?
Annie McAlisterfullWidownoneTivaconawayJames ServiceFarmerMaggie Cunningham
910 May 1899William McFaddenFullBachelorPostman?KilreaJames McFaddenPostman?William McAlister?Alex Gallagher
Annie Wilson McAlisterFullSpinsternoneKilreaAndrew McAlister TailorMerion McFadden
10Feb-04-1903Rea WilliamsonFullBachelorFarmerLismoyleJohn WilliamsonFarmerJohn WilliamsonJohn Henrey?
Sarah McShaneFullSpinsternoneTivaconawaySamuel McShaneFarmerSarah Rock
11Mar-01-1906James ArmourFullBachelorCarpenterBeaghRobert ArmourFarmer DeceasedSamuel ArmourJohn Henrey
Ellen DrippsFullSpinsternoneTernageeraghJoseph DrippsFarmer DeceasedJane Dripps
12Aug-19-1906Joseph CrawfordFullBachelorFarmerMullaghJohn CrawfordFarmerWilliam Crawford?John Henrey
Elizabeth KyleFullSpinsterNoneCulnadyRobert KyleFarmerMaggie Patterson
13Sep-19-1906George StockmanFullBachelorCarterMagheraThomas StockmanWilliam J McKinney?W.B.
Mary MillarFullSpinsterNoneSlatabogie MagheraThomas MillerFarmerA C ? StockmanM cMurray
14Oct-09-1906William Barkley KennedyfullBachelorFarmerBellaghyHenry KennedyFarmerWilliam Wallace?Norman
Annie WallaceFullSpinsterNoneToomeMatthew WallaceFarmerMaggie WallaceMcCann
15Oct-18-1907James MawhinneyFullBachelorMasonCraigmore Co. AntrimJoseph MawhinneyMasonRobert MawhinneyC M Dickey?
Margret BrowneFullSpinsternoneCulnadyJohn BrowneLizzie Brown
16Nov-01-1910Thomas JohnstonFullBachelorLabourerMoneysharvinRobert Johnston?LabourerWilliam John HamiltonW Forysthe
Agnes HamiltonFullSpinsternoneCraigmoreJohn HamiltonLabourerMary Ann Given
17Jun-27-1912Robert ScottFullBachelorLapperCraigmoreJames ScottLabourerJames ShielsWilliam Forsythe
Tillie ShielsFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsClarke ShielsMillerMaggie Hill
18Aug-05-1913Thomas J K RankinFullBachelorPresbyterian ministerLisburnJoseph RankinFarmerW R Rankin?VM Corkey
Mary E CorkeyFullSpinsternoneCulnadyJoseph CorkeyPresbyterian ministerElla Corkey
19Oct-07-1915Samuel J McKeownFullWidowerFarmerCurraghJames McKeownFarmerSarah Campbell?V M Corkey?
Mary J McCartneyFullSpinsternoneTernageraghAndrew McCartneyFarmerBob McKeown
20Mar-01-1917Robert KissickFullBachelorClerkUpperlandsRobert KissickFarmerJohn B BurnsideV M Corkey?
Maggie FergusonFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsJames FergusonLand StewartMinnie Ferguson
21Jul-11-1917Hugh MontgomeryFullBachelorLapperUpperlandsDavid MontgomeryLabourerEliza RamseyV M Corkey?
Minnie GibsonFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsJames GibsonLabourerTom Montgomery
22Mar-28-1918John BurnsideFullBachelorClerkUpperlandsJohn BurnsideFarmerJim Ferguson?V M Corkey?
Minnie FergusonFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsJames FergusonFarmerLizzie Kane
23Apr-01-1919Thomas MillikenfullBachelorFarmerCrew MagheraThomas MillikenFarmerAlex McCaughey?V M Corkey?
Catherine BradyfullSpinsternoneCulnadyWilliam BradyFarmerRachel Brady
24Dec-22-1919John Flemingfull BachelorLabourerTernageraghJames FlemingFarmerWilliam Brown?V M Corkey?
Jeannie CrockettfullSpinsternoneDrumnacannonGeorge CrockettFarmerMaggie Porter
25Jun-17-1920Alex McCaugheyFullBachelorLabourerTirgarvilGeorge McCaugheyFarmerNancie Spallen?V M Corkey?
Rachel BradyFullSpinsternoneTirgarvilWilliam BradyFarmerWesley Carson
265th Oct 1921William McAleesefull BachelorFarmerBallymaconollyDeceasedDeceasedAlexander BellinghamJoseph Wasson?
Mary Brown Shawfull SpinsternoneBallymaconollyThomas George ShawFarmerJeannie Ross Shaw
27Mar-09-1922George McKinleyfullBachelorFarmerDrumardAndrew McKinleyFarmerMary Johnston?James Stewart
Mary ShielsfullWidowernoneLisnagrotHugh ShielsFarmerRobert Shiels
28Jun-13-1923John ShielsfullBachelorFarmerMoneymore MagheraRobert ShielsFarmerRobert Shiels?R L Marshall
Annie Mary GibsonfullSpinsternoneDullaghyThomas GibsonFarmerA M Sloss
This is blank
30Jul-06-1923John FarrellfullBachelorPostmanTobermoreJohn FarrellFarmerAlex Farrell?V M Corkey?
Mary Cooke Arbuthnot17SpinsternoneGortadeSamuel ArbuthnotLabourerAnnie Arbuthnot
31Oct-16-1923William J BoltonfullBachelorFarmerLismoyleJohn BoltonFarmerJohn Gilmour?V M Corkey?
Jeannie MichaelfullWidownoneBoveedyAlex GilmourFarmerMargret Sarah Moore
32Oct-16-1923John GilmourfullBachelorFarmerBoveedyAlex GilmourFarmerWilliam James Bolton?V M Corkey?
Margaret MoorefullSpinsternoneBoveedyRobert John MooreFarmerJeannie Michael
33Apr-17-1924James ScottfullBachelorFarmerBallynianAlexander ScottFarmerHugh Scott?V M Corkey?
Margaret Jane BoltonfullSpinsternoneBallynianRobert BoltonFarmerSarah Bolton
34Jul-10-1924Alexander CaldwellFullBachelorLabourerFallahogeyJames CaldwellFarmerJohn Holmes?V M Corkey?
Maggie CaskeyFullSpinsternoneKilreaMarshall CaskeyFarmerMaggie McLoughlin
35Nov-10-1925Robert A HessinFullBachelorFarmerKillytoney TobermoreJames HessinFarmerMary CorkeyV M Corkey?
Annie ParkFull SpinsternoneUpper Grange MagherafeltRobert ParkFarmerSybil J Corkey
36Jan-19-1928Robert Hunter19BachelorLabourerCulnadyRobert HunterLabourerHugh Fleming?V M Corkey?
Jeannie Dillon19SpinsternoneUpperlandsJames DillonLabourerMetta Dillon
37Nov-07-1928Stewart A McIlfatrickfullBachelorTailorBallynianJohn McIlfatrickFarmerJames Atkinson?V M Corkey?
Mary A MilliganfullSpinsternoneLaraghAlexander MilliganFarmerSusan Milligan
38Jan-03-1929William Henry HughesFull BachelorConstable RUCBelfastRichard HughesFarmer Crockett?V M Corkey
Annie RiddellFullSpinsternoneDrummuckJohn RiddellFarmerJeannie Stewart
39Apr-18-1929James DawsonFullBachelorDealerPortglenoneWilliam James DawsonDealerJames Scott?V M Corkey?
Maggie ScottFullSpinsternoneCulnadyWilliam ScottLabourerMaggie Scott
40Jun-27-1929William McConnellFullBachelorElectricianDrumoolishJames McConnellFarmerFreddie Crockett?V M Corkey?
Mary McGinnis18SpinsternoneCulnadyWilliam McGinnisLabourerTilly McGinnis
41Aug-01-1929Robert FlemingFullBachelorTextile WorkerCulnadyRobert FlemingTextile WorkerJohn Holmes?V M Corkey?
Nettie Dillon18SpinsternoneUpperlandsJames DillonLabourerIsabella Dillon
42Sep-12-1929William ClarkeFullBachelorLabourerTiernageeraghJohn ClarkeFarmerHugh Fleming?V M Corkey?
Isabella CunninghamFullSpinsterNoneTiernageeraghSamuel CunninghamLabourerAnnie Cunningham
43Mar-19-1931James AnnettFullBachelorPolicemanSwatraghJohn AnnettFarmerJoseph Vallelly?V M Corkey?
Susan MilliganFullSpinsternoneLaraghAlexander MilliganFarmerMaggie Valley
44Jul-01-1931Robert A McIlroyFullBachelorLinen WorkerUpperlandsThomas McIlroyLapperAlex MichaelV M Corkey?
Mary RamseyFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsWilliam RamseyLabourerLily Johnston
45Jan-21-1932David S PollockFullBachelorFarmerDrumard Robert John PollockFarmerT J Pollock?V M Corkey?
Lizzie Ruth L WilliamsonFullSpinsternoneLismoyleRea WilliamsonFarmerMaggie Bolton
46Nov-08-1932John Thomas McMullinFullBachelorFarmerMoneysallin KilreaJohn Thomas McMullinFarmerSamuel Richard Gordon?Hans Hadden
Mary Jane WilsonFullSpinsternoneClaragh KilreaJames WilsonFarmerSara Agnes Wilson
472nd February 1933Wallace McClureFullBachelorLabourerKilreaWilliam James McClureLabourerRobert Neely?Hans Hadden
Catherine McAlisterMinorSpinsternoneKilreaWilliam McAlisterTailorElizabeth Neely
48May-17-1934Robert William McCawFullBachelorLinen WorkerTamletRobert McCawPlate LayerArchiebald Nelson?V M Corkey
Jeannie CunninghamFullSpinsternoneCulnadySamuel CunninghamTextile Worker Margret E Cunningham
4914th June 1934Hugh Fleming FullBachelorTextile WorkerUpperlandsRobert FlemingLabourerJohn Scott??V M Corkey
Martha Dillon20SpinsternoneUpperlandsJames DillonLabourerSara Campbell
50Dec-26-1934John Mercer FullBachelorClerkLeft blankRobert Mercer FarmerIsabell Hyndman???V M Corkey
Mary E HyndmanFullSpinsternoneLeft blankJohn HyndmanFarmerJames Buchanan
51Sep-05-1935Samuel BennettFullBachelorLorry DriverGortfadWilliam George BennettFarmerSamuel Porter?V M Corkey
Emily CampbellFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsJames CampbellTextile WorkerSarah Campbell
52Dec-04-1935James McQuillanFullBachelorLorry DriverCoolhill KilreaJames McQuillanBlacksmithJoe McQuillan?Hans Hadden
Susan GrahamMinorSpinsternoneColeraine St KilreaAlexander GrahamLabourerAnnie Barbour
53Apr-08-1936Robert PattersonFullBachelorButcherMoletraghRobert PattersonFarmerJoseph Patterson ?V M Corkey
Mary MartinFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsWilliam MartinFarmerMeta McGinnis
54Apr-08-1936Thomas McGeownFullBachelorLabourerCookstownWilliam McGeownLabourerJoseph Patterson?V M Corkey
Marta McGinnisFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsThomas McGinnisTextile WorkerMeta McGinnis
55May-06-1936Marcus HessinFullBachelorFarmerGortamney TobermoreJames Hessin FarmerAlexander Henderson?S Esler
Annie CrooksFullSpinsternoneKnocknakielt, MagheraThomas CrooksFarmerJean Crooks
56Oct-21-1936Thos Hugh PorterFullBachelorRailway PorterKnocknakielt MagheraThomas Henry PorterRailway PorterJames Porter???V M Corkey
Nancy J McKeownFullSpinsternoneCurraghSamuel J McKeownFarmerCharlotte McKeown
57Dec-24-1936Samuel James PorterFullBachelorMotor DriverCulnady Thomas Porter LabourerSam Armour????V M Corkey
Sarah CampbellFullSpinsternoneUpperlandsJames CampbellLabourerAnnie Murray


Clark said “Names and dates are copied as written in the original books. However, some of the writing was illegible and a best guess was taken. Underlined names were not complete and a guess was not appropriate.”


Culnady Presbyterian Church

Culnady Presbyterian Church Records begin in 1845 and we have endeavoured to transcribe them faithfully and present them here for your information.

Culnady Baptism Records (1855-1877)

Culnady Marriage Records (1845-1936)

Culnady Presbyterian Church additonal Documents

Transcribed by Clark Shiels and Denver Boyd