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Kilrea First Presbyterian Early Marriage Records (1825-1827)

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  1. It would be a blessing to get a response. My mother’s maiden name was Lennox. I have ALS and spend this last bit of time trying to find a proper document linked to our Lennox family. My Lennox ancestors were from somewhere near there. Are they currently part of the congregation? My Great-Great Grandfather Henry Lennox, born about 1813, married Mary Marks. His father Richard and mother Mary, whom travelled with Henry and Mary to Canada in the 1840’s, might be on record too? If there is anyway to gain access to proper confirmation documentation I would be indebted to you.
    An appropriate document would be marriage, birth, ceremonial etc.. Anything attested to by the authority of record would deepen belief that life is a miracle.

    Thank you, Billy

    1. Hi Billy,

      Sorry for the delay in my reply, but I ws trying to see if I could get you the answers you wanted. Unfortunately, I’m not any closer. In the 1831 Census we have these Richard & Henry Lennox families:
      Lenox Henry Keenaght Dungiven Dungiven Town
      Lenox Harry Loughinsholin Artrea Aughrim
      Lenox Richard Loughinsholin Artrea Aughrim
      Lenox Richard Loughinsholin Artrea Aughrim
      Lenox Richard Loughinsholin Artrea Aughrim
      Lennox Henry Loughinsholin Desertlyn Lisalbanagh
      Lennox Henry Loughinsholin Maghera Largantogher
      Lenox Henry Loughinsholin Magherafelt Aghagaskin
      Lenox Henry Loughinsholin Magherafelt Tullylinkisay
      Lenox Henry Loughinsholin Tamlaght O’Crilly Moneysallin

      As you can see most are from the Magherafelt Area (with one in Dungiven an the other at Moneysallin, near Kilrea). Which one (if any) mght be your family, I can’t yet say. I will, however, keep looking for you.

      Best regards,


      1. Denver,

        I’m still digging into our roots. It’s so compassionate to see your effort and reply. I’ve got other information that might help find the tie…
        Henry Lennox married Mary Marks – the Marriage Record must be somewhere… Henry and Mary must have gotten married some time close to Benjamin’s birth year (1834)…range might be 1828-1833?? The First Presbyterian Church in Kilrea??? They had a son Benjamin Lennox, born 1834…there must be a Baptism or Birth Record somewhere for Benjamin???
        Henry also had two brothers: Joseph and Robert…so, typical Census notes that…
        My deepest thank you Denver. I will not leave it so long to check back here to see if anything is found… Though each day at this point is a gift.

        Thank you, Billy

  2. Im finding this site very interesting. I am looking for information regarding the mccaugheya/mccahon of killygullibe glebe, kilrea. In particular a Freda who was born 1920/1930s.. she went onto marry Bertie Galbraith of coleraine. I think Freda’s grandparents where Alexander mccahon.
    Thank you to anyone who can point me in the right direction

  3. I am looking for any record you may hold of James Gamble m. Jane McKay in 1831. James’ father was Aaron Gamble and his mother Elizabeth. I believe Aaron & Elizabeth Gamble are buried there also.

    James & Jane’s daughter Nancy or Ann Gamble married my husband’s great great grandfather Henry John Keenan there also in 1863.

    The family appears to have come from Lislea.

    Any information you may be able to provide would be great.

  4. I am searching for any information re john TORRENS and Mary BURLINGTON who mar c 1827. Their children, Sarah, Dinah, Archibald, John and William were bp in 1st Pres Church Kilrea. William mar Sarah Jane JAMIESON in 1872.
    I would like to know more of this family for a TORRENS reunion in Feb 2018.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      I’m just a little bit late in replying. I apologise for that. I don’t know if you’ve seen this before, but in Garvagh First Presbyterian Church, there is the following marriage “10 Jun 1825 Jno Torrance Mary Burlington Alex Madin & Kenedy Torrance”. I would think this could well be them!!
      Best regards,

  5. I would be very grateful for help on the following people:
    My ancestor Charles Scott married Annie Armstrong in the Parish of Tamlaght O’ Crilly, on 11 December 1874.
    Their son William Armstrong Scott emigrated South Africa as a young man (I am not sure of the date, possibly about 1901), and we descend from him.
    My problem is that I can’t find William Armstrong Scott’s birth registration at all. I have found a Charles Scott born in Lismoyle on 11 February 1878, to Charles Scott and Annie Scott, formerly Armstrong.
    The birth date matches what could be the birth date of William Armstrong Scott. Although according to the death notice of William Armstrong Scott, who died in South Africa, he was born in Drimbolg.
    Could it be that at the time of the birth registration he had not been named yet, and that the parents put the father’s name in the place of the child’s name? Or perhaps this infant named Charles passed away at a very young age and William Armstrong was born a bit earlier or a bit later?
    I have also not been able to find names of any further offspring, although I think there was a daughter Annie born in about 1877.
    The mother Annie Scott died in 1882.
    Any information which can help me fill in these gaps will be very much appreciated.
    Beverley Scott

    1. I have discovered in the meantime that Charles and Annie Scott (nee Armstrong) had three children, all born in Lismoyle:
      Nancy Anne Scott – born 19 October 1875.
      Charles Scott – born 7 February 1878
      Charles Scott – born 17 August 1881.
      So could it be that the first boy child named Charles died and the second boy child was then also named Charles?
      Unfortunately I am unable to find any record of the death of the first baby Charles.
      And it doesn’t explain where William Armstrong Scott fits in. He was the son of Charles and Annie Scott (nee Armstrong), and he died in 1935, aged 57, in South Africa. Which would mean he was born in about 1878.
      The mother Annie Scott died in 1882 and Charles Scott remarried. With his new wife he had a son Joseph Scott, born in 1895.
      The 1901 census shows that his daughter Nancy (known as Annie) and son William were living with him and his new wife Sarah., as well as their son Joseph.
      I would greatly appreciate any information available on any of these ancestors.

      1. Hi There LSD Church records

        Immigration 1904 Ship Name Bavarian.
        Joseph Scott age 9 Birth abt 1895 Derry
        Charles Scott age 50 Birth Derry
        Sarah Scott age 41 Birth Derry.

        In the 1911 census Middlesex West Sub-Districts 23-42 Ontario canada.
        Joseph A Scott age 14 abt 1897, Immigration 1904
        Charles Scott age 56 abt 1855 Religion Presbyterian
        Sarah J Scott age 64 abt 1847

        Joseph Alexander Scott Birth registration 1896 Ballymoney.
        Joseph Alexander Scott 12 Feb 1916 Simcoe Norfolk Ontario
        Father Charles Scott,
        Birthplace Ireland
        Joseph Alexander Scott Married Maud Earl Smith
        26 March 1915 Toronto , York Ontario
        Father Charles Scott Mother Sarah Jane Glass.
        Maud Earl Smith
        Father Cameron Smith Mother Emily Cosluer.

        Charles Scott Married Sarah Jane Glass 1889 Coleraine Ireland.

        Regards Janet

  6. I am looking for information about my great grandmother, Margaret Adams, her sisters Esther & Kate. They emigrated to Australia sometime around 1880s .
    The family were Presbyterian. Do you have any information? I understand there was a David & maybe a Sam in the family.

  7. Hello Denver.
    I am looking for any information about a William Mitchell who married the widow Margaret ONeill 8th Dec. 1852 at 1st Kilrea Presbyterian Church. She was the daughter of Samuel Neely and his wife Ellen.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Robyn Atkinson Debnam

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