Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll 1847-1865

Maghera Presbyterian Church Communicants Roll 1847-1865 or a ‘List of Communicants added since Summer 1847’
Note: Information contained in brackets refer to comments penned by a later minister other than Rev Witherow.

No.Date of AdmissionNameProb AgeResidenceMinister’s RemarksTranscriber Remarks
025 Oct 1847William Dunlop16Tullyherrondead 1869
1_____Jane Graham18Beagh Spiritual(dead 1888)
2_____Jane Graham (Mrs Robt Paul)17Crew(dead)
3_____Fleming Burns19Moneymore MullaghName not crossed out
4_____William Lytle16TullyherronTirgavilName not crossed out
5_____Robert Lytle25Tullyherron(Certified to Culnady 1888)
6_____Matilda Reid a.Shiels24MullaghName not crossed out
7_____Jane Fleming17BallynacrossMrs John Elliot - Certificate to Curran Apr. 29/56
8_____William Henry33Grillagh
9_____Jane Tomb a. Henry27GrillaghReceived certificates April 1849Bracketed with above
10_____Sarah Boyle ?36Culnady(removed 78)Question mark is minister's
11_____Jane Macartney40Maghera
12_____Thomas Lytle20TullyherronMinister of Sandymount (1856)
1327 Oct 1847Ellen Patterson (Mrs John Graham)18MagheraBy Cert. From Churchtown Rev. R. Torrens. Gone to America 1865
14_____James Stewart34Craigadickdo. Went to America
15_____Jane Connor a. Stewart30_____do. Gone to America
16_____John Gregg60Beagh(dead)
1717 Apr 1848Robert Nixon40Beagh(struck off for non attendance)
18_____Mary Nelson a. Winchester34BeaghBracketed with above.& Struck off for same reason
19_____Nancy Anne Lytle18FalgortrevyMarried to a Churchman
20_____Elizabeth Thompson16MagheraJoined the Baptists - 1853.
21_____Matilda Connor17MoneysharvinMarried & removed
22_____Betty Logan17_____Married & removed
23_____Jane Cunningham17Grillagh(struck off for non attendance) (dead)
24_____Ann Jane Taylor (Mrs. McFall)17MagheraMrs Archibald McFall. Not ????
25_____Mary Ann Mitchel16GorteadMarried at Kilrea
26_____Sarah Taylor a. Phillips22MagheraReceived disjunction certif. May 1848 Belfast
27_____James Glover19Slattybogy
28_____Robert Luppin33MoneymoreNot crossed out
29_____James Cooper?26CulnadyReceived certif. For America 1850
30_____Margaret McWilliams21CarricknakieltGone to America 1848 without Certificate. 1848
3112 June 1848Eliza Boyle23Macknaghdead 1855
3225 Apr 1849Thomas Milling Senr45Maghera(Removed to Ballynahinch)
3315 Sep 1849Mary McCleary30LargantogherCertified by Rev John Radcliffe. Removed with Cert 1849
341 Nov 1849Nancy Cooper a. Mrs. Clark20CulnadyMarried a Churchman
35_____Elizabeth McCool18TirgarvilMrs. McClenaghan - Certified to Garvagh 56
36_____Mary Pettigrew19MagheraLeft
37_____James Lyle19CulnadyNot crossed out
38_____Hugh Wilson19MoneymoreNot crossed out
39_____John McCracken36KnocknakieltCertified by Rev J. Nhec Cunan???. Dead.
40_____Agnes McCracken36Knocknakielt (dead)Bracketed with above.
4112 May 1849Margaret McKeown19CurraghMrs John Boyle (removed)
42_____Margaret Hughes19CrewNot crossed out
43_____Allan Hamilton24MagheraCertified to Cootehill 1893
44_____James Martin30KnocknakieltNot crossed out
45_____Mary Smith30MagheraCertified by Rev. P. White - Bailaboo? (got cert 1850)
4627 Oct 1849Margaret Moon_____Tamneymullen(removed)
47_____Matilda Boyle a. Mrs. Thos Campbell_____CrewCertified by Rev. Joseph Stuart
48_____Sarah Radisson a. Mrs. Dremenon?Mullagh(Left)
4929 Oct 1849Jane SmythMagheraCertified by Rev. Lyle Dunboe - died 1853
50_____Mrs. Thos MillingMaghera(dead 1869)
51_____John ReynoldsCrewCertified by Late Mr. Mulligan. Removed without Certificate.
52_____Hugh MorrisonTirnoney
53_____Thomas CampbellCrewCertified to Rev. Mr. Torrens
54_____Daniel CampbellTirnoneyNot crossed out
55_____Margaret SmithCraigmoreDisjoined by certificate to Oritor? 1857
56_____Mary Ann Shiels ? ?TullyherronQuestion marks are minister's
57_____Lydia DripsDunglady(Married to a Covenanter)
58_____Mary Ann ConnorMoneysharvinMrs. Johnson (dead)
59_____Matilda ConnorMoneysharvinMarried & removed
6011 May 1850Jane SmithTergarvil(dead 1878)
61_____Betty SmithTergarvilGortade wrote lightly after - Not crossed out
62_____Matilda BurnsMullaghMrs. Daniel CampbellNot crossed out
63_____Mrs. KissockGorteadLeft the congr.
64_____Rev. James RobsonGrillagh(1858 - Removed without certificate - Minister of Tobermore)
65_____Mrs. Robson Senr.GrillaghDead - 1857
66_____William ClarkDrummuckCertified by Rev Thomas Kennedy - Largy- Removed
67_____John GloverGulladuffStruck off 1853 for intemperance
68_____Mrs James KerrTirnoney(dead)
697 Dec 1850Margaret Ann LoganMoneysharvinNow Mrs Kirkwood - Certified to Churchtown Apr 18th 1854
70_____Peggy Jane HazletCrewdead 1853
71_____Eliza Jane BoydCarricknakieltNow Mrs W. PattersonNot crossed out
7230 Mar 1851Mrs. HoneymanMagheraCertified by Rev. Matthew Dickie of Convie? Scotland
73_____Thomas Honeyman_____Ditto} Disconnected Nov. 4th 1851
747 May 1851Mrs Thos McCrackenCarricknakieltCertified by Rev Jno McKee -CurranNot crossed out
75_____Rachel CampbellTirnoneyAfter satisfaction - Certified to America
76_____Mary PattersonBeaghCertified to America
77_____Letitia RankinTamneymartinRemoved
78_____Matthew Lytle SenrCulnady(gone to Culnady)
79_____James Morrison Junr.Tirnoney(dead)
801 Nov 1851Nancy KissockCrewCertificate to America - autumn 185??
81_____Maria PaulCrewCertified to Culnady
82_____Anne LytleTullyherron(dead 78)
83_____Ellen ReidMagheraCertified to Mr. Macdonnel - Coleraine
84_____Eliza CunninghamGrillagh(Mrs. Michael) (Removed)
85_____Mary McClergTamneymartinnow Mrs. John Smith Junr.Not crossed out
86_____Margaret WilsonMoneymoreGone to America
87_____Hannah ReidMagheraCertified to Mr. Macdonnell
88_____Jane Grier?Crewdisjoined by certificate to America - May 2 1853
89_____Jane WatsonTirnoney(America)
90_____David PaulTamneymartin(dead)
91_____Mrs. William KyddCrew(dead)
92_____Betty LeckyFalgatrevyAfter giving satisfaction (dead)
93_____Peggy Jane HasletCrewdead
941 May 1852George CarmichaelMagheraCertified by Rev. Mr. Wilson - 4th Derry - removed
95_____Thomas McIntyreKnocknakieltNot crossed out
96_____Mrs. Thomas McIntyreKnocknakieltNot crossed out
97_____Jane LoganMacknaghGone to America with Certificate 1857Could be 1853 or 1854
98_____Mary Ann SmithTergarvil(dead)
99_____Margaret SmithUpperland(removed & left)
100_____Eliza Jane McKeownCarricknakieltCertified to America 21 Aug 1857
101_____Elizabeth GrahamBeaghCertified to America 20th Aug 1857
102_____David ThompsonMaghera Disjointed by certificate to Australia
103_____James ThompsonDisjointed by certificate to Australia
104_____Alexander McConaghieMullaghInserted by mistake
105_____Thomas KerrMaghera (Certified to Canada)
106_____Alexander Kerr(dead)
107_____Samuel HasletGrillaghDisjoined by certificate to Australia
108_____Neil KelsoMaghera Certified by Rev. D. Ronald of Saltcoats - Removed
109_____Mary LoganMoneysharvin(Cert to America -1867)
110_____Mary BurnsMullaghdead
111_____Anne DripsTernageeraghNot crossed out
112_____Hannah CampbellTernageeraghMrs John Bolton - Certified to Churchtown - 1865
113_____Peggy Jane ServiceTyrnoney(Gone to Magherafelt - 68)
114_____Susanna HughesCrewNot crossed out
115_____Margaret Elliot
116_____Mrs James GloverGulladuffCertified by Rev R. L. Rogers of BanagherNot crossed out
117____David MartinBeagh(Dead 78)
118_____Mrs David MartinBeaghNot crossed out
119_____William PattersonCarricknakieltAfter giving satisfaction (Gone to America)
12026 June 1853Eliza Jane BoltonTamneymartinCertified by Mr. Dickey (Dead)
12129 Oct 1853John SuffernTirnoneyCovenanter - admitted without certificateNot crossed out
122_____Mrs Jane MillarKnocknakieltCertified by Rev. J. B. Rentoul - Garvagh - Removed? 1854
123_____Rebecca GrahamCrewMrs Hugh Haslet ?Not crossed out - question is minister's
124_____Elizabeth MitchelGortadeCertified at her marriage to 1st Kilrea
125_____Elizabeth GrahamCulnadyMrs. Wm Boyd (Gone to America)
126_____Nancy SmythFalgatrevy(Married & left)
127_____Margaret ElliotLemnaroyRemoved
128_____Sarah LyleFalgatrevy(Australia 1871)
129_____Mary Annie ShielsKnocknakieltMrs. Rodgers Castledawson
130_____Nancy LytleTirnoneydead 1865
131_____John ClarkCraigmoreGone to America
132_____John ElliotLemnaroyCertified to Curran April 1856
133_____Isabella MillingMaghera Removed to Magherafelt (Mrs A.Morrison)
13413 May 1854Margaret AndersonCurragh(Mrs. Hyndman Connor) (Certificate lifted?)
135_____Mary PattersonTullyherron(Mrs Thomas DunlopNot crossed out
136_____Eliza BlackCarrickMrs. Poole - Transferred to Culnady
137_____Peggy McKeownCurraghStruck off for ante nuptial fornication
138_____Eliza McKeownCurraghNot crossed out
139_____Eliza KissockGortadeMrs McKinney Removed to
140_____Peggy ShielsFalgatrevy(dead 60) ?Question mark is minister's
141_____Jane ShielsFalgatrevy
142_____Elizabeth McMullanKnocknakieltMrs Bradley ?Question mark is minister's
1431 Nov 1854Annie LytleTullyherronStruck off 1857
144_____Matilda CunninghamGrillaghMrs Hugh WilsonNot crossed out
145_____Elizabeth KyleCulnadyMarried & gone to America
146_____Eliza KisockGortade(Now Mrs McKinney Ballynahone) Gone to America
147_____Archibald GrahamBallymacilcurrdead
148_____William MitchellGortadeCertified to Churchtown
149_____Alex LyttleTullyherronStruck off 1854
150_____James ClarkBallymacilcurr?Not crossed out
151_____Wm HazlettUpperlandCertified to Australia 1857
152_____James SlossCrewNot crossed out
153_____James FlemingKnocknakielt(dead)
154_____Mrs John ShielsKnocknakieltMartha Anderson from Dungiven - Episcopalian
155_____Catherine MillingMaghera Mrs Witherow - Removed to Derry 1865
15627 Apr 1855Wm John Ferguson?Maghera By Certificate from Rev Thos Boyd - C'Blayney
157_____Margt. Jane HustonB'macilcurTransferred to America Ap 3/58. Mrs S. Clarks?Not crossed out
495 Communicants on April 29th 1855 of whom 260 attended communion celebrated this day in Maghera - Thos. Witherow
158_____Elizabeth KyleCulnadyCertified to America
159_____Sarah ClydeMullagh
160_____Henry HustonB'macilcurGone to America
161_____Wm DaleMaghera Removed to Derry
162_____Robert GrayTullyherronGone to America
163_____Matthew KerrMaghera Removed to Draperstown
164_____Alex MaconaghieFalgatrevyNot crossed out
165_____Thomas MooreCrew(Died Jany 1880)
16631 Oct 1855Hamilton Mrs KellyMaghera By Certificate from Rev Dr Molyneaux Larne
167_____Elizabeth ShielsKnocknakieltMrs Patterson - become wife of an Anabaptist
168_____Margaret Ann McKeownCarricknakieltCertified to America 21 Aug 1857
169_____Anne LyttleTullyherronStruck off for fornication
170_____Robert ConnorMoneysharvinRemoved 1865
171_____Samuel ClarkBallymacilcurrStruck off for disregard of ordinances
172_____John SmithMullagh?
173_____James WalkingshawMullagh(dead)
174_____David PorterKnocknakielt
175_____Mrs. Robert ConnorMoneysharvinRemoved 1865
17630 April 1856Mrs. Margaret Peebles (Wilson)CarricknakieltCertified by Mr. Montgomery -Magherafelt -Cert to Lurgan 1863 (dead 1871)
177_____Mrs. Jane Boon a. LockhartMagheraBy Dr. Denham - Derry
178_____Maria LockhartMagheraNow Mrs. Hunter- removed to Belfast 1856Bracketed with above
179_____Mrs. Elizabeth M. LyttleMagheraBy Mr. Thomson - Raphoe - (gone to Letterkenny?)
180_____Matilda McHarg?MagheraBy Mr. Bear- Dunreagh - Married a churchman
181_____Mrs. Jane McCronaghieCraigadickBy Mr. McIlree-Curran? (America)
182_____Mrs. Alex McKeownB'macilcurDisjoined by certificate
183_____David PorterKnocknakielt(Gone to Tobermore without certificate)
184_____Mrs. Robson a. Ellen McCreaGrillaghWithout Certificate (Gone to Tobermore)Bracketed with above
185_____Peggy ClarkB'macilcur(dead)
186_____Mary Ann McKeanGarvagh(dead)
187_____Matilda ShielsBallyknock(America)
Ministers Note: 4 May 1856-316 Communicants attended the Lords Supper this day in Maghera
188_____Jane BoyleCulnady?Not crossed out
189_____Maria WilsonMoneymore(gone to America)
190_____Elizabeth BarkleyMagheraMrs. Woodburn
191_____Samuel McClenaghanMagheraRemoved and certified
192_____Matthew LyttleMagheraGone to Magherafelt
193_____William BoydTernageraghGone to America
194_____James BoyleCulnadyNot crossed out
195_____John ClarkCraigmoreNot crossed out
196_____Alexr McKeownBallymacilcurrdead
197_____Isaac VanceBallynahoneCertified from Rev. J. Maxwell-Beagh - (gone to college?)
198_____Thomas BoyleCulnadyEntered by mistake
199_____Robert EarlTamneymullan(Removed to Scotland)
20029 Oct 1856Mrs. Margaret ShielsCrewCertified by Rev. J. C. Stewart - CulnadyNot crossed out
201_____Mrs. Eliza WalkingshawMullaghCertified by Rev. J. C. Stewart - Culnady (America) (dead)
202_____Mrs. James GreggMagheraCertified by Rev. W.? Brown - Tobermore
203_____Mr. Samuel PorterMagheraCertified by Rev. J. Wilson- Magherafelt
204_____Mrs. Molly KyddCrew(dead 1867)
205_____Mary Ann ClarkCraigmoreAfter examination - (dead 1870)
206_____Matilda McKeownCurraghAfter examination - (dead)
207_____Sarah MaconaghieMullaghAfter examination - married a member of Est Church
208_____Robert WitherowMagheraAfter examination - certified to Aughadowey - 1857
209_____James Barkley JunrMagheraAfter examination - certified to Antrim 1860
210_____John HillMagheraAfter examination - transferred to 1 Kilrea Ap 5/58
211_____William LytleTullyherronAfter examination Not crossed out
212_____Thomas Boyle ?CulnadyAfter examination (removed)Question mark is minister's
213_____William ShielsKnocknakieltAfter examination -( removed to Knockcloughfin)
307 persons attended this communion held 2nd Nov 1856
214_____Robert MaconaghieMullaghRemoved to Draperstown
215_____Joseph BoyleMaghera(Struck off for non attendance 18??)
216_____John BoyleRemoved
217_____Mrs. Jane BoyleMagheraAfter examination - (Struck off -1871)
218_____Ann Jane KerrCraigadickAfter examination (Mrs. James Morrison Lowney)
219_____Mrs. Sarah Paul (Lytle)CrewAfter examination - (dead 1890)
220_____Mrs. Sarah PorterMagheraAfter examination - (dead)
221_____Mr. W. H. AndersonMagheraAfter examination - (dead 1870)
22213 May 1857Mrs. Andrew McKeownTamneymullanA Covenanter admitted without certificate
223_____Mrs. John McKeown (Marg J Fleming)TamneymullanAdmission refused on a ?ama? Of fornication & struck off
224_____Mrs KnoxMagheraCertified by Rev. W Richey (transferred to Bangor 13 Mar 1858)
225_____James ClarkeMagheraCertified by Rev. S. Hanson - Conly
226_____Bessie CaldwellMagheraCertified by Rev. John Macdonnell - Coleraine (gone to Australia 1865)
227_____Alex HutchinsonMagherahanged himself in a fit of insanity 1867
228_____Mrs. HutchinsonMagheraAdmitted by special act of the SessionBracketed with above and below
229_____Mrs. FergusonMagheraTransferred to America Ap/3/58
230_____Matilda DrippsTernageraghAfter examination
231_____Mary Jane FlemingBallymintaAfter examination
17th May 1857 -302 persons sat at the Lord's Table this day
232_____Eleanor LytleTirnoneyAfter examination - (Mrs. John Lytle)
233_____Eliza Anderson (Mrs. Graham)CurraghAfter examination
234_____Matilda SmythUpperlandAfter examination (Mrs. Wallace McKeown)
235_____David JohnstonMagheraAfter examination (transferred to Ballymena)
236_____Thomas DunlopTullyherronAfter examination
237_____John KissickCrewAfter examination
238_____Thomas McKayTamneymartinAfter examination
23928 Oct 1857Eliza PorterTullyherronAfter examination - (removed & left)
240_____Ann Jane SmythGortadeAfter examination
241_____Ellen BoyleCulnadyAfter examination - (Mrs. Drips - Tamlaght)
242_____Thomas? CampbellTernageraghBy Certificate - to Kilrea 1864
243_____Charlotte SmythUpperland
244_____Rosy YoungMrs Tenny?
245_____More McIlreeBallymacilcurr
1st Nov 1857 - No. of Communicants at the Lord's Table this day in Maghera - 327
246_____Andy SmythTirgavilCertif to Australia
247_____Samuel WilsonMacknaghgone to America
248_____Robert PaulCulnady(dead)
249_____James PaulFalgortrevy
250_____David Graham BarkleyMagheraTransferred to India - Nov 1857
251_____Hugh WaideGrillaghBy certificate from Rev F. Buick - removed
252_____Mrs. John GrahamTernageragh(removed)
253_____Hugh McKool? Senr_____(removed)
254_____Hugh McKeownMoneysharvinstruck off for fornicationnoted as a mistake
255_____Mrs. McKeownCertificate from Rev J. Graham
256_____Hugh McKeown JunrMoneysharvinSuspend for fornication (restored)
2575 May 1858Robert McFarlandMacknaghStruck off for ante nuptial fornication
258_____James MooreMaghera
259_____Miss YoungMagheraCertif by Rev H. Henderson of Holywood - (removed)
260_____Mary Ann McCartneyTullyherronCertif by Rev R. Torrens (gone to Balylenan?)
261_____John W. RodgersMaghera(removed to C:dawson)
26222 Aug 1858Anne LyttleTullyherronAfter confessing sin (struck off 1868)
263_____Alexander BoylanCulnadyCertification from Rev. J. Stewart -Portstewart
264_____Margaret BoylanCulnadyBracketed with above
2653 Nov 1858James AndersonFalgortrevyCertificate from Rev. W. Brown-TobermoreNot Crossed out
266_____Mrs. (Mary Clarke) AndersonFalgortrevyBracketed with above - not crossed out
267_____Mrs. RicheyMagheraCertificate from Rev. M. Brown- Cookstown?
268_____Mrs. Alex WilsonMagheraCertified by Rev. J. Stuart? - Culnady (Mrs. McKeown)
269_____Matilda HustonBallymacilcurr
270_____Margaret Ann TombCulnadydisannexed by certificate 22 Jan 1864
271_____Mary GrahamBallymacilcurr
272_____Henry WilsonBallymacilcurrBy certificate to Queensland 1863
273_____Alex WilsonBallymacilcurr
274_____James GreyMagheraCertified by Rev. Thos. Logan - Drogheda - removed
275_____Mrs. RicheyMagheraCertified by Rev. Mr. Brown - Portchill (disjoined)
276May 1859Margaret JohnsonTirgavilfor falsehood
277_____Sarah ClarkeBallymacilcurr(dead)
278_____James ShielsKnocknakielt(removed)
279_____Joseph MorrisonMaghera
280_____James McClelland?MagheraSuspended for drunkeness
281_____Robert CrawfordKnocknakielt(Certified to Wm? Fitzpatrick)
282_____James HannaMagheraremoved and disjoined
283_____Mary Jane Elliott??Crew?? (Mrs. Elliott)Question marks are ministers - not crossed out
2842 Nov 1859Jane CaldwellTullyherronRemoved after certificated from Rev J. MacDonnell-Coleraine
285_____Thomas Milling JunrMagheradead 1861
286_____Hugh BarkleyMagheraNot crossed out
287_____Thomas MooreTamneymullan
288_____Andrew To??MagheraBy certificate to Crew?/Clone? 1863
289_____George C???MagheraBy certificate to Manchester 1863
290_____Robert Lytle JunrMaghera(Belfast - dead)
291_____William MillingMagheraNot crossed out
292_____Robert ShielsMullagh(America)
293_____Henry McKeownCurraghCertificate 23 July 1862 to America
294_____James WilsonMagheraNot crossed out
295_____James GrayMagheraRemoved to Co. Donegal
296_____Joseph McKeownCurraghNot crossed out
297_____Hugh CunninghamMagheraBy certificate to Clones (returned)
298_____Maria ThompsonMagheraMrs. Thos. Kerr - Maghera
299_____Mary Ann PattersonMagheraMarried & gone to America
290_____Mary Ann NeelyTamneymullandead 1860
291_____Eliza MackyBeaghMrs. Wm. Millikan (Slattybogy)
292_____Maria MackyBeagh(Certified to Wm? Fitzpatrick)
293_____James ThomsonMagheraEmigrated with certificate 1861
294_____Matilda WilsonGrillagh(dead 1872)
295_____Jane TaylorMagheraMarried a Roman Catholic 1861
296_____Elizabeth MillingMaghera(dead March 1871)
297_____Mary Ann McKeownMaghera(Struck off 1871)
298_____Mrs. James WilsonMaghera(dead)
299_____Mary MaconaghieMullaghgone to America
300_____Jane ShielsMullagh(gone to America)
301_____Elisa? ConnorMoneysharvinStruck off for fornication
302_____Maria PaulCrewMarried to Andy McKeown
303_____Sarah LyonsCulnadyGone to America
304_____Mrs. John NeelyTamneymullan
305_____James ReidMaghera(Lives in Coleraine)
306_____James S.? LytleTullyherron(Removed)
307_____Nancy McKeownCurragh(Mrs. Thos? Moore)
308_____Margaret McKeownCurraghMrs James McMullan - Tamneymartin
309_____Mary McKeownCurraghMrs. Scales - by certificate to America
310_____Eliza Jane McKeownCurraghCertificate 23 July 1862 to Americasee Henry McKeown above
311_____Eliza Ellen LytleTullyherronCertified to Coleraine
312_____Nancy Jane LytleTullyherronMrs. John Lytle - Falgatrevy (dead)
313_____Mrs. LappinMoneymoreNot crossed out
314_____Wm. McKeown Junior(Gone to America)
3154 May 1860Robert McKeownMoneysharvinCertified from Swatera
316_____Mrs. Robert McKeown_____Certified from Swatera
317_____Samuel GalwayTamneymullanCertified by Rev. M. Richey -Coleraine
318_____Mrs. GalwayTamneymullanCertified by Rev. M. Richey - Coleraine (dead)
319_____Eliza PaulBallymacilcurr(Gone to America) (dead)
320____Anne ServiceMullagh(Mrs. Neilson)
321_____Rose SheilsBallynock(Certified to America)
322_____ Mary Anne GrahamBeagh(Mrs. McNeil)
323_____James George WileyMagheraCertified to Cootehill
324_____James GrahamMaghera?Question is Minister's
325_____Mary Jane HazlettGrillagh(Removed and gone to Belfast)
326_____Matilda McKeownMoneysharvinMrs. John LoganNot crossed out
327_____Mrs. McIlroy a. M. TaylorMagheraNot crossed out
328_____Elizabeth TaylorMaghera(Restored after professing repentance for fornication)
329_____Eliza NelsonBallymacilcurr(married - removed)
330_____Sarah Jane AndersonCurraghCertified to Hu????? Magherafelt
331_____Sarah TaylorMaghera(Married a churchman)
332_____Mary Ann Graham_____(Mrs. Jas. Boyle)
333_____William GrahamCraigmore(Struck off for drunkeness - Oct 1878)
334_____Thomas SheilsKnocknakieltNot crossed out
335_____Robert McCrackenKnocknakielt(Slattybogy)Not crossed out
336_____Margaret GrahamCraigmoreMrs. William Lytle - TirnoneyNot crossed out
337_____Fanny GrahamCraigmore(Mrs. Wm? Lytle - Tullyheron)Not crossed out
338_____Eliza LytleTullyherron(Mrs. Boyle)Not crossed out
339_____Sarah KyleCulnadyNot crossed out
340_____Betty PattersonTernageraghillegible
341_____Nancy McConaghieMullagh(Mrs. Hopper - Tobermore)
342_____Sarah MooreMagheraMrs. John Watson (Certified to C. Dawson)
343_____Matilda Ann BoydTernageragh(Gone to Culnady - Certified)
344_____Thomas TaylorMaghera(Certified to Scotland - Aug 1862)
317 Persons attended on this occasion - Minister's comment
34514 May 1861Letitia MooreMaghera(America)
346_____Margaret CampbellTamneymartin(removed to Glasgow with certificate)
347_____Mary Ann HazlettCrewCertified to Australia 9 Feb 1863
348_____Eliza CrawfordKnocknakielt(Married Robt Poole - Culnady)
349_____George ClarkCraigmoreNot crossed out
350_____Mary Jane GrahamCurragh
351_____Mrs. W. H. AndersonMaghera(removed)
352_____Mrs. Fleming BurnsMullaghNot crossed out
35320 May 1861Mrs. Ellen Connor a. Denham?Moneysharvinafter confession of sin - lifted certificate
354_____James MorrisonTirnoneyafter confession of sin
3556 Nov 1861Mary Ann ClarkBallymacilcurrNot crossed out
325 communicants attended 11 Nov 1861 - Minister's comment
356_____Jane McCrackenKnocknakielt
357_____Fanny SheilsMullaghMrs. John McCracken JunrNot crossed out
358_____Mary Jane McIlreeBallymacilcurrMrs. Harry Orr - certified
359_____Henry LytleTullyherronCertified to Coleraine
360_____Catherine PaulCrew
361_____Nancy PaulCrewNot crossed out
362_____Robert ClarkBallymacilcurrNot crossed out
363_____John McCracken JunrKnocknakielt(dead 1878)
364_____John NelsonBeagh (Knock)after confession of sinNot crossed out
365_____Mrs. BoltonCarricknakieltCertified from Swatera (dead)
366_____Saml BoltonCarricknakieltCertified from SwateraNot crossed out
367_____John BoltonCarricknakieltCertified from Swatera - removed to Tamlaghtbracketed with above two
368_____Mrs. James Kyle JunrCulnadyCertified from ChurchtownNot crossed out
369_____Andrew McCreaMagheraCertified from Ballindrait
3707 May 1862Archibald LytleMoneysharvin
320 communicants attended 11 May 1862 - Minister's comment
371_____Thomas McLenon?Maghera(dead)
372_____Robert Lamont ? ?Culnady(removed)2 Question marks by minister
373_____Mrs. LamontCulnady(dead)
374_____Samuel BoyleCulnady(dead)
375_____Ellen DrennanMullaghcertified to England
376_____Elizabeth ShielsMullagh?Not crossed out - Question mark by minister
377_____Nancy ShielsMullagh
378_____Martha WilsonBallymacilcurr(dead)
379_____Mary Jane WilsonBallymacilcurr
380_____Matilda BoyleMacknagh(Mrs. Robert Wilson)
3812 Nov 1862Margaret CunninghamGrillagh(struck off for ante nuptial fornication
382_____Elizabeth MartinBallymacilcurr(Mrs. Gray ?)Not crossed out - Question mark by minister
383_____Mary Ann WilsonBallymacilcurr(removed)
384_____Margaret Jane McCrackenCrew(dead)
385_____Mrs. Wm Taylor ?MagheraQuestion mark is minister's
386_____James McCormackMagheraCertified by Rev. J. MacNaughton (Struck off)
315 Persons at communion 16 Nov 1862
387_____Mrs. McCormackMaghera(certified)
388____Robert Kennedy MDMagheraNot crossed out
389_____Mrs. KennedyMagheraNot crossed out
390_____Miss MontgomeryMagheraNow Mrs. Paul - removed to Garvagh
400_____Margaret BrownMagheraCertified by Rev. A. Minnis (Mrs. Poole - Culnady)
40122 Apr 1863Hugh McKeownMoneysharvinafter repentanceNot crossed out
402_____Mrs. Matthew LytleMagheraCertified by Rev. M. Woodburn
403_____Mr. P.? MackintoshMagheraCertified from Mr. Anderson - Banbridge (Removed to Newtonards)
404_____Mrs. __________
405_____Samuel MartinBallymacilcurr(Certified to America)
406_____John LoganMacknaghNot crossed out
407_____Lecky SmithFalgatrevyDisjoined by certificate to Oritor
408_____James SmithTergarvilNot crossed out
409_____Sarah FlemingGrillagh(Mrs. Anderson - struck off for non attendance)
410_____Nancy Jane ConnorMoneysharvin(Married near Coleraine)
411_____Eliza McConachyMullagh(America)
412_____Eliza Jane McNallyBeagh(dead)
413_____Letitia MahargMagheraMarried a Churchman - ceased to attend
414_____Nancy McHargMaghera(dead 78)
415_____Eleanor LytleTullyherron(Mrs. Shields - To Tobermore)
4164 Nov 1863Sally QuigleyMagheraOn certificate of Rev. S. Smyth - Draperstown (dead)
417_____James HazlettTamneymullan(dead)
304 persons at Communion 8 Nov 1863
418_____Isabella HazlettTamneymullan(Certified to Draperstown)
419_____Nancy HoustonBallymacilcurMrs. Henry MartinNot crossed out
420John CrawfordKnocknakieltNot crossed out
42128 Feb 1864Betty Ann PaulMacknaghAfter confessing to ante nuptial fornication before the session
422April 1864Robert ParkerMagheraCertified by Rev M. McClure - Crossroads - Left town without cert 1865
423_____Mrs. ParkerMagherabracketed with above
424_____James J. ElderMagheraCertified to Kilrush
299 attended Communion 8 May 1864
425_____Matilda EarlTamneymullanMrs. M.
426_____Sarah Jane LytleTullyherron
427_____? Sarah Jane FlemingKnocknakielt(Gone to America)Question mark is minister's
428_____Margaret FlemingKnocknakieltbracketed with above
4292 Nov 1864Margaret Jane McMullanCrewafter examination (Mrs Moore - to America)
430_____Martha HazlettGrillaghafter examination
431_____Sarah Jane McCrackenCrewafter examinationNot crossed out
432_____Elizabeth McKean?Magheraafter examination (Struck off - 1868)
433_____John Shornack?MagheraCertified from Rev. Jas. Macnaughie - Urney?
434_____Thomas PooleMagheraCertificate from J. C. Stewart - Culnady
435_____Mrs. Eliza PooleMaghera(Certificate to Wm? Fitzpatrick)bracketed with above
436_____Jane McCutcheonMagheraCertificate from Rev. A. Montgomery
437_____Eliza PaulMagheraCertificate from Rev. Robt Black
438_____Mrs. Hugh McKean?MacknaghBy special act out of session (dead)
43910 May 1865Mary LyndMagheraCertificate from Mr. Markin - Crossgar (Mrs. Hugh Barklie)Not crossed out
440_____Mrs. Jane CanningMagheraCertificate from Mr. Fitzpatrick -KnockcloghinNot crossed out
441_____Anne TaylorRectoryCertificate from Mr. Jamison - Derrymore
442_____Margaret BlairMagheraCertificate from Mr. Huston - Bellaghy (to America)
443_____Mrs. John GrayBallynacrossAfter examinationNot crossed out
444_____Mary Jane DysartCurraghAfter examination - Mrs. BarnettNot crossed out - bracketed with above
44512 May 1865Hugh HazlettBallymacilcurBy special act of my ownNot crossed out
44622 Sep 1865William LoganMacknaghAfter examinationNot crossed out
447_____Robert ShielsMullaghafter examinationNot crossed out
448_____Robert GrahamCraigmoreafter examination (Tamney mullan)Not crossed out
449_____Elizabeth ClarkBallymacilcurafter examination (dead)
450_____Ann GrahamBallymacilcurafter examination (America)
317 attended Communion 24 Sep 1865
451_____Mrs. JohnstonTergarvilafter examination (dead - 74)
452_____Peggy MitchellGortadeafter examinationNot crossed out
453_____Jane HazlettGrillaghafter examination (removed)
454_____Thomas C. HustonTergarvilafter examination (gone to church)
455_____James PaulCrewafter examinationNot crossed out
456_____William McIvorMagheraafter examinationNot crossed out


Transcribed by William Scott & Barbara Braswell

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