Moneymore Second Presbyterian Church


Moneymore Second Presbyterian Church lies in the village of Moneymore

Moneymore Second Presbyterian Church Marriages

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  1. We visited Moneymore a month ago (from New Zealand) and failed to find the 2nd Presbyterian Church sadly. We were looking for the grave of William Samuel Bownes and his wife- unknown. They had lived on Ballyeglish Rd and although he possibly died in Glengormley near Belfast was said to have come back to Moneymore for burial in about March1981 . Are there any records showing his death/burial here and maybe even his marriage about 1950 to a widowed lady from Moneymore. Any assistance would be appreciated
    Thank you

  2. There are no graves at 2ns Moneymore as both churches share the same buildings and the graveyard is only at 1st Moneymore. I will check next week if there is a record of this person.

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