Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Church of Ireland

Tamlaght O'Crilly Lower Parish Church - Copy

St. Nossonus Parish Church (Church of Ireland), (also known as Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower) is located about a quarter mile outside the hamlet of Innishrush. It was described in the Ordnance Survey memoirs of 1830 as a ‘Chapel of Ease’ (and also calls it Tyanee Church) and that it was “a slated, rectangular building with four windows, three at the southern wall, one in the eastern. “  It describes the church as having a 3 storey belfry with Gothic pinnacles at the western end of the church, and had enough room inside for 192 people. In 1830 the date of the erection of the church was unknown!

Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower marriage extracts

St. Lurach’s Funerals

A patial transcription of St. Lurach’s Funeral records.

No.Date of BurialNameResidenceApprox. AgeMnister's CommentsTranscriber Comments
__20 Mar 1813Samuel McDowellMaghera___A dissenter. Funeral service read by the Rev. Clothworthy Soden.
11 Jul 1813Mrs ?___ Clark SenMagheraA dissenter. Funeral service read in Church by the Rev. John Graham
29 Nov 1813George MarlinCurranGeorge Marlin of Curran, senr
24 Apr 1818?George MarlinCurranGeorge Marlin of Curran, junrThe year SEEMS to be 1818!
6 Jun 1818?MaryMary, the illegitimate daugr of the late Major Sodden of the 68th R.
Apr [1819?]MagheraThe infant child of Wm. Dougal of Maghera
20 ?? [1819?]Abraham DougalMagheraAbraham Dougal of Maghera, junior
4 ??? [1819?]Mrs Barbara MillarMagheraMrs Barbara Millar wife of William Millar of Maghera [??????]
18 ?? [1819?]Mrs Flora PattersonMrs Flora Patterson wife of Mr Joseph Patterson senior
2055 May 1870Isabella KaneTamneymullan1
973 Jan 1871Francis KaneTamneymullan80
140?8 May 1875Henry McIlreeTullyheron?87
2138 Mar 1881Mary KaneMaghera73
21823 Aug 1881James PorterMaghera61
22622 Mar 1882Robert KaneMaghera71
23120? Jan 1883Catherine MackerrillBallinahone76
29012 Jan 1891Hugh KaneTamneymullan92
34705/30/1900Lizzie ScottCulnady23
38102/20/1903Isabella (Jane) HunterCulnady62


Transcribed by Denver Boyd

St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867)

A selection of transcriptions of St. Lurach’s Baptisms (1840-1867

Date of BaptismName of ChildDate of BirthFather's ForeameFather's SurnameMother's ForenameMother's SurnameResidenceFather's OccupationMinister's Comment
8 Mar 1840Sarah 1 Mar 1840Jackson ClarkePeggyMagheraLabourer
7 Apr 1840James 29 Dec 1839James GrahamMaryCurragh
4 Apr 1841Elizabeth John ClarkeElizabethMagheraShoemaker
25 Jul 1841Sarah 5 Jan 1841Robert PorterJaneCurraghWeaver
15 Aug 1841James 27 Jul 1841James MackerillCatherineBallinahoneFarmer
8 May 1842William 3 Apr 1842Samuel GrahamMary?CurraghWeaver
13 Feb 1843Alex 13 Feb 1842Alexander PorterMarianneMagheraWeaver
7 Aug 1843Joseph 6 Aug 1843John ClarkeJaneSlattybogieLabourer
10 Dec 1843Mary 9 Nov 1843George ScottMargaretBeaghFarmer
26 Jan 1845John 3 Mar 1829Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
26 Jan 1845Thomas 11 Feb 1831Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Sarah 21 Jun 1833Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Esther 4 Jun 1835?Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845Jane 30 Jun 1838Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
2 Feb 1845William Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
3 Feb 1845Mary 12 May 1840Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
3 Feb 1845Catherine Aug 1842Thomas PhillipsAgnes BallinahoneFarmer
16 Feb 1845Nancy 31 Jan 1845Alexander GrahamElizabethBeaghFarmer
27 Mar 1846Sarah Robert GrahamJaneCulnadyWeaver
3 Jan 1847George John 22 Dec 1846Thomas ScottEliza? JaneMagheraShoemaker
2 Apr 1848Mary 5 Feb 1847RobertPorterMaryCulnadyLabourer
22 Sep 1848Henry12 Sep 1848James PorterRoseMagheraMaster??
7 Oct 1849James Johnston24 Jun 1849Thomas ScottEliza Jane?BallynacrossShoemaker
5 Jun 1853Matilda 25 Mar 1853John ShieldsMatildaBallinahoneLabourer
4 Sep 1854Mary Eliza 22 May 1854Robert ShieldsPatriciaGrillaghFarmer
30 Sep 1854?Archibald ArchibaldMcKinnyMary AnnBallymacilcurr?? / Ballinahone??LabourerNo. 37
22 Apr 1856Isabella 27 Mar 1838?Robert ShieldsMaryBeaghFarmer
6 Dec 1857John 22 Oct 1857Daniel ScottElizabethCulnadyLabourer
17 Apr 1867James 10 Feb 1867John ScottMary AnnCulnadyLabourer


Transcribed by Denver Boyd

St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland Baptisms (1786-1838)

St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland Baptisms (1786-1838). Please bear in mind that this information was taken from microfilm which was extremely difficult to read, due in part to the hap hazard way the original rectors recorded the information and partly due to the microfilming itself. The best tanscription possible has been attempted, but errors may (and probably have) occurred.

Date of BaptismName of ChildFather's ForeameFather's SurnameMother's ForenameMother's SurnameResidenceFather's OccupationMinister's CommentTranscriber Comments
7 Apr 1786James William PhillipsEstherBallinahone
25 Sep 1787WilliamWilliamReadMargaretKnocknakielt
30 Sep 1787JosephFrancisLoudenJaneMaghera
2 Oct 1787JaneAudkly?Magill??JaneHoustonTamneymullan
7 Oct 1787EleanorThomasPettigrewMaryMaghera
18 Oct 1787Sarah ThomasMulhollandOlivia?Maghera
1? Nov 1787ArthurAbrahamDuganAgnesMaghera
4 Nov 1787JaneRobertWalkers?SarahMaghera
4? Nov 1787Andrew John ClarkSarahGooladuff Gulladuff
22 Nov 1787WilliamJamesElliotMaryCrigadickCraigadick
25 Nov 1787MargaretWilliamGlenholmeSarahBeagh
28 Nov 1787Thomas JohnHughCahanEstherMaghera
10 Dec 1787Richardson?W. JohnAverilEstherBarclayFather: Lurganagoose / Mother: Maghera
3? Jan 1788ElizabethMatthewLoganAnneUpperlane
20 Jan 1788????hAlexanderMcKenna?Mary?Maghera
26 Jan 1788WilliamRichardBroal?SarahTamneymullan
6 Feb 1788JohnAndrewMary?Travillenit does look like 'Travillen' but I am unaware of this place
12 Feb 1788PatrickBLANKBLANKCatherineMcShaneMoneysharvin
12? Feb 1788JamesJames?AnneMaghera
24 Feb 1788SamuelWilliamThompsonMaryClarkFather: Castledawson / Mother: Belly..??
1 Mar 1788ElizabethJohn MitchellFrancesMaghera
21 Mar 1788ElizabethBLANKBLANKMaryMcSarlan??manger???
30 Mar 1788IsabellaWilliamChurchMaryMaghera
18 Apr 1788GreggJamesSheil?JaneDrummuck
19 Apr 1788HenryEdwardLoganMaryCrew
2 May 1788ElizabethThomasVance?ElizabethGooladuff
3 May 1788RobertRobertBroxton?AnneYoungHillhead
18 May 1788Rowley ThomasScottMargaretBeagh Spiritual
24 May 1788Sarah Robert ClarkSarah StewartMaghera
1 Jun 1788ThomasWilliamBrookesCatharionMaghera
4 Jul 1788JaneRichardCreightonAnneMaghera
5 Jul 1788ArchibaldHughScottElizabethSwatragh
12 Jul 1788JohnJohnKemphillMaryMoneymoreHemphill is a name around Garvagh, but this is written like 'Kemphill'
18 Jul 1788JamesWilliamBoydMaryTirnoney
23 Jul 1788SamuelJohnBrownAgnesKnocknakielt
27 Jul 1788EleanorGeorgeBuchanonEleanorMaghera
27? Jul 1788ElizabethJamesBrananMargaretMagheraNo date recorded. I assume it's the same date as the one above
10 Aug 1788JaneJohnKemphillMaryMoneymoreLooks even more like 'Kemphill' than the one above (12th July 1788)
24 Aug 1788MaryJohnMcGuichanEleanorMaghera
2 Sep 1788SarahJames McKennaMaryGrahamFather: Aghagaskin / Mother: Crew
10 Sep 1788ThomasJohn NorrisMarthaSwatragh
14 Sep 1788MargaretWilliamMcMullinMaryGooladuff Gulladuff
5 Oct 1788MaryHenryMackrilMaryBallinahone
12 Oct 1788JohnRobertMcMullinMaryBallynacrush?Ballinacross?
12? Oct 1788David JohnAveril?AnneMcCarrol?LurganagoosNo date recorded. I assume it's the same date as the one above
26 Oct 1788Jane ElizabethWilliamRiceJaneCrigadickCraigadick
9 Nov 1788SamuelSamuelLoganCampbellTamneymullan
21 Nov 1788MaryJosephLoganCatherineApportaneAmportaine
23 Nov? 1788RebeccaCharlesMcGuichanElizabethMaghera
7? Dec 1788JamesFrancisStuartMaryGooladuff
19 Dec 1788RobertJohnMcCagheyMarthaBallinacruck?Not sure - perhaps Ballinacross?
31 Dec 1788WilliamJamesMartinAnneBallinacruck?Not sure - perhaps Ballinacross?
15 Jan 1789WilliamJohnWalkinshawElizabethFallahery? ?????
21 Jan 1789RachelRobertCampbellMargaretUpperlane
25 Jan 1789MarthaJamesCrawfordJaneBroagh, Termonene
13 Feb 1789ElizabethJohnDowningCatherineLemnaroy?, Termonene
15 Feb 1789RachelRichard?BrookeSarahTamneymullan
15? Feb 1789ElizabethJohnMillerMargaret?McMullin?Father: Ballin???? / Mother: Ballinahone?
19 Feb 1789SusannaHughKaneEsther?Maghera
21 Feb 1789MargaretAlexanderCowanMaryCrew
1 Mar 1789MosesMoses???MarianMillikenBallin????
21 Ma 1789GeorgeGeorgeLappinJaneBallinacrum???Not a townland in this or any surrounding parish!! Maybe Ballinacross??
22 Mar 1789RobertRobertWorkmanAgnes?Maghera
26 Mar 1789JohnJohnGordonJane???aghGrillagh??? It's unclear
2 Apr 1789??? (son of)James????AgnesDreenanlooks a bit like Munro??
4 Apr 1789EstherDowningDreenan
14 Apr 1789AnneAlex?ElizabethA black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
7 May 1789David JamesPaulSarahMullagh, Termonene
20 May 1789JamesBLANKBLANKCatherineBLANK???
24 May 1789MaryWilliam?Torens???ElizabethTobberideToberhead?
24? May 1789MaryAlexanderMontgomuryJaneBallinacarush?Ballinacross?
31 May 1789MaryHugh????Anne?Maghera
4 Jun 1789Mary AnnHenryMcHenry?MargaretMaghera
17 Jun 1789Elizabeth JamesNorrisMarySwatragh
21 Jun 1789ElizabethFrancisLoudenJaneMaghera
26 Jun 1789SarahAdamKatherinMary???? ?????It LOOKS like 'Katherin'!! Maybe a misheard 'Caugherin'
3 Aug 1789MarthaRobert???Mary???
11 Aug 1789JohnGeorge???MargaretUpperlane
14 Aug 1789RoseJamesHipson?AnneMaghera
23 Aug 1789MargaretJames ShepherdMaryDrumuckA black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
8 Sep 1789JamesAndrewDunbarJaneTamneymullan??
10 Sep 1789SarahJohnBracken??CatherineMagheraHard to discern.. It looks like 'Bracken'.. Not sure
1? Oct 1789JaneThomasMcWhirterMaryGorteade
13 Oct 1789CatharinePhilipKening?MagaretMaghera
21 Oct 1789JohnGeorgeDowningElizabethDreenan
26 Oct 1789MaryJamesDonell??MaryBallinahoneSurname is hard to make out..A black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
15 Nov 1789Robert?WilliamWalshJaneMaghera
15? Nov 1789JamesThomasRichardson?MargaretMaghera
2? Dec 1789DanielDaniel?????aghSarahConnorBoth of Maghera
15 Dec 1789IsabellDavidPoole??MargaretTamneymullin?
22 Dec 1789JaneDanielMackrelElizabethBallinahone
27 Dec 1789Robert Hugh KainMaryMaghera
3 Jan 1790AnneThomasMulholland?Olivia?MagheraInk blot on start of surname.. 'Mulholland' fits (from previous entry.. Right parents firstnames)
7 Feb 1790SarahRobert??Jane????Can't make it out
27 Feb 1790MarthaJohnSmithMaryBallinihone
18 Mar 1790EstherJamesMarlinMaryBallincrush
25 Mar 1790MaryJamesSteelJaneDrummuck
6 Apr 1790AgnesWilliamBrookesCatherineMoneymore
11 Apr 1790Mary Ann Andrew SearightMaryMaghera
10 May 1790SarahEdwardLoganMaryCrew
22 May 1790SusannaJamesLeichElizabethSwatragh
6 Jun 1790MaryPatrickMaguire?MaryGorteadeor could be Maguin
7 Jun 1790Thomas John ClarkSarahGooladuff Gulladuff
20 Jun 1790HughFrederickMulhollandElizabethMaghera
25 Jun 1790FrancisFrancisStewartMaryGooladuff
27 Jun 1790WilliamWilliamNorrisElizabethSwatragh
30 Jun 1790Elizabeth James NorrisMarthaSwatragh
17 Jul 1790RobertJohnStinsonJamesBallinahoneNo, NOT an error! Entry says "July 17 Robert...Son of John & James Stinson of Ballinahone'.. Someone as got confused SOMEWHERE along the way!!!
13 Aug 1790StuartWilliamReadMaryKnocknikiltKnocknakielt
15 Aug 1790Alexander Hugh ScottElizabethSwatragh
22 Aug 1790MaryArchibaldMcIlpatrickMargaretMcIlpatrickCraigm...Craigmore
10 Sep 1790SamuelAlexanderLawrenceElizabethTullykeerinAlmost looks like 'Samial'
13 Sep 1790MaryJamesShielMaryCrigadickCraigadick
22 Sep 1790Henry?JamesBrannonMargaretMaghera
28 Sep 1790JamesJamesHipson?Anne?Maghera
6? Oct 1790JaneThomasCampbellElizabethMaghera
21 Oct 1790JohnJohnMcGuiganMarthaBallinahone
5 Nov 1790ThomasJamesHughesSarahBallymackilcurr
12? Nov 1790JamesPaulWhiteMary?CrigadickCraigadick
?? Nov 1790WilliamAbrahamDougalAnnMaghera
30? Nov 1790CharlesEdwardChurchJaneGuthryCrew
26 Dec 1790JohnWilliamWalkinshawAnneMagawBoth of Ballinock
31 Dec 1790Thomas Nathaniel MackrelElizabethBallinahone
25 Jan 1791Hannah Henry MackerillMaryBallinahone
6 Feb 1790JamesThomasNeillyMargaretCarricknakielt
10 Feb 1791John John Graham Mary McElhoneFather: Slaghtybogie / Mother: Curragh
13 Feb 1791IsaacWilliamMcReadyMarthaBoone als SmithFather: America / Mother: Ballinahone
14 Feb 1791JohnJohnHaysJaneDoheryFather: Knocknakielt / Mother: Mullagh
14 Feb 1791JaneJohnHaysJaneDoheryFather: Knocknakielt / Mother: Mullagh
15 Feb 1791ElizabethJosephShannonLillyMaghera
15? Feb 1791Anne JaneWilliamDavisonMarthaMaghera
27 Feb 1791AdamDavidRiddleMargaretKnocknakielt
24 Mar 1791David William BoydMaryTirnoney
7 Apr 1791JaneThomasAtkinsSarahMaghera
10 Apr 1791MarthaSamCassidyMargaretMcRlaneFather: Maghera? / Mother: BallinahoneWritten as Caϸidy
13 Apr 1791JaneGeorgeDowningElizabethDreenan
16 Apr 1791John Robert ClarkSarahMaghera
19 Apr 1791??? (son of)DavidBradleyMarySlattybogy
19? Apr 1791WilliamRobertCarsonMaryBallina???k
23 Apr 1791MathewBLANKBLANKMaryMooreCraigmore
10 May 1791DanielHenryMcReadySarahTircane
22 May 1791Esther William PhillipsEstherBallinahone
27 May 1791MaryJohnHolmesMargaretMooreFather: Garvagh / Mother: Craigmore
1 Jun 1791FrancisHugh KainMaryMaghera
5 Jun 1791SarahWilliamBrannonMaryMaghera
5? Jun 1791MarthaThomasSmirlAnneGrillagh
9 Jun 1791SamuelSamuelStuartSarahConnorFather: Termoneny / Mother: Slatybogy
12? Jun 1791NealJohnMcKeownMargeryUpperlane
12? Jun 1791MaryWilliamHazlett?CharlotteDrumballyhagan
12? Jun 1791CatharineFrancisLoudonJaneMaghera
13 Jun 1791MargaretWilliamWilliamsonIsabell????
9 Aug 1791WilliamRobertClarkMary????
11 Aug 1791ElizabethThomasJohnstonElizabethCrew
14 Sep 1791ElizabethJohnBookisle??Sarah????
22 Sep 1791JohnAlexanderCowan?MaryBallymackilcurr
15 Oct 1791WilliamJohnMillerEphy??Knocknakielt
6 Nov 1791RalphGeorgeLapsley?JaneBallynacross
12 Nov 1791GeorgeGeorgeDobbinJaneMcGuiganFather: Randalstown Mother: Maghera
24 Nov 1791CatherineRobert KainEleanor GallagherMullagh
27 Nov 1791MaryAndrewGalbraithMaryMaghera (at ???)
9 Dec 1791SarahCharlesMaddenMargaret?Maghera
11 Dec 1791Alexander HughMcKeowenMaryCurragh
16? Dec 1791Alexander ??Mark??????RebeccaMullagh
16? Dec 1791JohnJohnMcCordAnneMaghera
22 Dec 1791ElizabethJohnDunbarCatherineTamneymullan
4 Jan 1792MarthaWilliamGiven?Jane?Ballinacross?
22 Jan 1792MargaretJamesWhiteMary Drips???
23 Jan 1792JamesJohnBarry?AnneMaghera?
11 Feb 1792AnneWilliamReedJane????
26 Feb 1792ElizabethRobertDorking?AnneMaghera
4? Mar 1792AnneJamesMeek?JaneDrummuck?
4? Mar 1792JosephThomasVance?Elizabeth???
14 Mar 1792MaryJamesMartinJane?????
2 Apr 1792ThomasJohnNeilsonCatherine????
14 Apr 1792MargaretPhilip?????Tamara????????
15 May 1792AnneThomas??????????
27 May 1792JamesHughBarclayAnneMaghera
30 May 1792MarySamuelStewart????????
10 Jun 1792WilliamAndrewDunbarJaneTamneymullan??
1 Jul 1792MaryThomasCarsonMary???????
1? July 1792AnneWilliamKidd??MargaretL??????
15 Jul 1792GeorgeThomas ScottMargaretsl?????
15? Jul 1792MaryBLANKBLANKAnn?Right?Maghera
22? Jul 1792WilliamWilliamGlenholmeSarahCarricknakielt
24 Jul 1792ArchibaldJamesMorran????CatherineCrueCrew
25 Jul 1792SusanJamesHughesSarahCrue ???? ???? ???Crew
30 Jul 1792JaneJohnJohnstonAgnesMaghera?
1 Aug 1792EleanorJohnGarran?????AnneGrillagh
5 Aug 1792EleanorWilliamSinclairAnne RocksFather: Molyshanare / Mother: Maghera
9 Aug 1792James GlenholmeJohnMcTullyRachelMaghera
11 Aug 1792RobertRobertMagawAgnesWilsonFather: Maghera / Mother: Crue (Crew)
26 Aug 1792WilliamJohnMcTool? (McTod?)MaryDunglady
30 Aug 1792ClothworthyJamesMillikenJaneCourtneyFather: Knock-cloghran / Mother: BallintoyKnockloughrim & Ballintoy (must be County Antrim)
5 Sep 1792GeorgeThomasNeelyMargaretCarricknakielt
6 Sep 1792JohnBenjaminCrocketSarahCrueCrew
21 Sep 1792JaneWilliamMcReadyMaryMaghera
22 Sep 1792JamesPeterBen (or Beri)MaryLurganagoose
28 Sep 1792MaryEdwardLoganMaryCrue
1 Oct 1792Jane Hugh MontgomeryLillyCarricknakielt
1? Oct 1792WilliamMatthew S?HarnMaryAllen" Co. Cash lampl "It LOOKS like that.. Perhaps " cocash, lampl " it doesn't make sense to me (at this moment in time!)
2? Oct 1792JohnThomasMawhurterMaryBallynacrush?Ballinacross?
14 Oct 1792Hannah JamesKennedyRoll?CrueHer name LOOKS like 'Roll' perhaps ' Ron' .. Neither of which seem like a ladies' name.. Hmmm...
21 Oct 1792Thomas William PhillipsEstherBallinahone
1 Nov 1792LetitiaJamesAndersonBLANKGuager? Of Maghera
4 Nov 1792HenryHenryMcHenryMargaretMaghera
11 Nov 1792JaneRobertHemphillMargaretMullagh
14 Nov 1792ThomasFrancisHansert?MaryGooladuff A black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
18 Nov 1792JaneWilliamBrookeCatharineMonymore
2 Dec 1792WilliamGeorgeDowningElizabethDreenan?
18 Dec 1792KiverKiverArmstrongMaryCounty of TyroneBoth the son and father SEEM to be KIVER, a name unknown to me.. But that's what it LOOKS like!
6 Jan 1793MaryDavidBurnsSarahBallinacrush
6? Jan 1793MaryAbrahamDougalAnneMaghera
12 Jan 1793ElizabethJamesThomsonMaryBallynacrush
12? Jan 1793ArchibaldArchibaldLoganAnne? Upperlane
14 Jan 1793JonathanJamesBrannonMargaretMullagh
14 Jan 1793Andrew JamesBrannonMargaretMullagh
20 Jan 1793NeillA foundling
27 Jan 1793HughAndrewHenryMaryKnocknakielt
27? Jan 1793MaryDavidEarlMargaretTamneymullin
7 Feb 1793EdwardJamesBaxterMaryDerganagh
10 Feb 1793GraceJohnScalesMaryTamneymullin
22 Feb 1793Hannah William BoydMaryTirnoney
9 Mar 1793WilliamJamesNorrisMarySwatragh
21 Mar 1793JamesJohnDoghertySarahFalgarevy
21? Mar 1793AnneJohnArrellMargaretMillikenFather: Cabragh / Mother: Derganagh?
25 Mar 1793WilliamMatthewElliotAnneBallinacrush
7 Apr 1793Margaret RobertJas.McCoskeyMargaretBLANKMargaret was first written, then struck through and 'Robert son of' inserted
7? Apr 1793RobertFrancisLoudenJaneMaghera
14 Apr 1793AnneRobertMcCauslandMaryCraigmore
19 Apr 1793AlicePatrickMcGuinJaneGorteade
25 Apr 1793SarahHenryRaineyMargaretDrummuck
25? Apr 1793JohnMatthewLoganJaneUpperllane
12 May 1793JohnHenryMcReadyJaneKillelagh
14? May 1793JamesFrancisMarshJaneMaghera
19 May 1793MaryRobertCarsonMaryBallinacrush
29 May 1793MargaretPaulWhiteMaryApportlane
29? May 1793FrancisFrancisLoaneMargaretCarlanFather: Tullykeeran / Mother: of the same place
2 Jun 1793ElizabethAdamMcMilins?MaryDerganaghor Mothilins... But McMilins seems more plausable
5 Jun 1793ElizabethHenryJenkinsonAliceMcTaneBallymackillcurrLooks like ' MTane '
11 Jun 1793Eleanor JaneWilliamGibsonJaneApportlane
16 Jun 1793Nathaniel Nathaniel MackrelElizabethBallinahone
20 Jun 1793JohnJohnMon?MaryCullnadyThe name LOOKS like 'Mon' .. Maybe 'More'.. Hard to decide
22 Jun 1793StewartJamesWisnerRachelBallinahone
22 Jun 1793WilliamJamesWisnerRachelBallinahone
22? Jun 1793ArchibaldArchibaldHawMarthaBallynacrush
24 Jun 1793JohnThomasLeckerBridgetCarrownenagh
1 Jul 1793JohnSamuelRaineyJaneRocktown, Ballinacraig
3 Jul 1793BernardCharlesDuffinMargeryBallydollaghan, near Garvagh
6 Jul 1793SarahArthurO' DonaghyHonora??nger??Daught of Arthur & Honora o Donaghy'.. I am ASSUMING it is O' Donaghy.. Could just be Donaghy
17 Jul 1793John James PaulMaryMoneymore
19 Jul 1793JohnWilliamMcMullanJaneCrue
19 Aug 1793CharlesJohnDawsonA. H. Maghera
19? Aug 1793EstherCharlesLaddon?MargaretMaghera
31 Aug 1793AgnesRobertElliotHannahFarrilFather:Slatybogy / Mother: Carricknakielt
31? Aug 1793MaryWilliamCourtneyMaryBallinahone
2? Sep 1793WilliamBernardMcConailtyCatharineMullagh
The foregoing persons were baptised by the Rev'd ????? Downing curate of Maghera
The following persons were baptised by the Rev'd ........
20 Oct 1793Tracy John ClarkSarahGulladuff
20 Nov 1793MargaretRobertCampbellMargaretTirkane?
29 Nov 1793AliciaJamesSteel?JaneDrummuck
25 Dec 1793AbrahamAbrahamBarberElizabethBLANK
12 Jan 1794DanielDanielLowryEleanorSoldier in 38th Reg.
25 Jan 1794ElizabethArchibald???MaryBallinacrush
13 Feb 1794GeorgeRobert????ane (Jane? / Anne?)A black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
23 Feb 1794WilliamJohn AverillAnne?????Father: Lurganagoose / Mother: ????
15 Mar 1794AgnesThomasScottMargaretBeagh Spr
19 Mar 1794WilliamWilliam?????MargaretBeagh SprA black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
6 Apr 1794HenryHenryMackrelMaryBallinahone
29 Apr 1794CatharineThomasStewartAnne?????
3 May 1794ElizabethAlexDempseyHannahLike??Of Tirnageerah?? and of CurraghThe first townland is hard to make out.. Could be 'Tirmmcoosrah'.. But that makes no sense.. So I am making an educated guess at Tirnageeragh
8 May 1794ThomasAlister?RaffertyBLANKApportlane(his wife died in Child)
11 May 1794MaryMichaelMc????AnneMagheraDoctor?Daughtr of Dr. Michael....McColais???
13 May 1794AnneWilliamClarkWilliam Cark sen?Writing too faint to read from microfilm photocopy.. Need to check original to see if any clearer
15 May 1794DanielWilliamMcReadyMarthaKillilagh
15? May 1794RobertHughKain?Mary?Tamneymullan
30 May 1794ElizabethMatthew??MarthaMaghera
9 Jun 1794RobertPerterBeor??MaryCurrin
13 Jun 1794MaryAdamMcDade?AnneMaghera
13? Jun 1794JamesJohnWilson???Catharine?Crue
19 Jun 1794HenryHenryEdwardsBridgetLate of Maghera
29 Jun 1794JamesJamesNeillJaneLate of Strabane
1 Jul 1794IsabellaA foundling from Coleraine on the way to DublinThere is a word after Isabella.. 'Moore' perhaps??
14 Jul 1794JaneHughMcConomyElizabethMaghera
19 Jul 1794GeorgeThomasRodgersMaryLurganagoose
24 Jul 1794Margaret Daniel McConaghtyCatherine GillespyFather: Milltown / Mother: Maghera
17 Aug 1794ThomasRobertMcMathElizabethMoneyservin
20 Aug 1794MaryDavidMcMullinMaryGibsonBoth of Crue
23 Aug 1794CharlesJohnClarkeMaryDreenan
25 Aug 1794JohnDennisMcCormacAnneMaghera
6 Sep 1794StaffordGeorgeDowningElizabethDreenan
7 Sep 1794JaneFrancisLoudonJaneMaghera
7? Sep 1794MarthaWilliamWatsonAgnesCrue
8 Sep 1794ThomasJohnOttersonMargaretBallynacrush
8? Sep 1794William EdwardWilliamRiceJaneMaghera
8? Sep 1794Hannah JamesMagawMargaretMaghera
30 Sep 1794JohnJohnDowningCathGrahamFather: Derganagh / Mother: Ballinacrush
30 Sep 1794JaneJohnDowningCathGrahamFather: Derganagh / Mother: Ballinacrush
12 Oct 1794ElizabethJohnMcKowenAnneKnocknakielt
11? Nov 1794ElizabelleFrancisMadden??JaneMagherait LOOKS like 'Elizabelle' or maybe 'Elizabette' it is DEFINETLY DIFFERENT from the Elizabeth above this one
14 Dec 1794JohnNealMcFaddenUnityMagheraJohn McFadden, son of Neal & Unity McFaddenThis is the first time I've noted that the surname of the child is recorded as well as the parent's surname.. Even though BOTH are the SAME
14? Dec 1794EstherHegirtyDoghertyAnneDungiven
14? Dec 1794JaneThos.MulhollandBLANKMaghera
20 Dec 1794OliviaAndrewMulhollandIsabellaMayogol
20? Dec 1794GeorgeJamesHeneryCatherine Crew
24 Dec 1794MarthaAlfred???eich?MargaretTirnow__Tirnoney?
24 Dec 1794MaryAlfred???eich?MargaretTirnow__Tirnoney?
28 Dec 1794MaryannThos.VanceElizabethGooladuff
20 Jan 1795MaryJohn McNullaRachelMaghera
28 Jan 1795HenryJamesKenedyRoseCrew
19 Mar 1795JamesWilliamCunninghamMary??bane
16 May 1795Jane?BLANKBLANKAnneTr[ ]noly???FallagloonThe g of the entry above 'Cunningham' falls over her surname making it difficult to interpret
17 May 1795JohnDavidArmstrongAnneMillikenBallinacross
June 1795AnneJasMooreMaryMacray???The Three Moore baptisms are recorded together.. Almost as though someone had copied them from somewhere else...
4 Jun 1797?Arch.JasMooreMaryMacray???The Three Moore baptisms are recorded together.. Almost as though someone had copied them from somewhere else...
2 Jul 1798RobrThos.M'hindryMagttMaghera
3 Jul 1798PaulPaulWhiteMaryApportland
20 Jul 1798Eliz.LawsonEwingJaneCarrick, TermoninyCarricknakielt
24 July 1798JohnWm.AndersonElinorBallinacross
5 Aug 1798JamesThos.MckowenRachl.BLANK
15 Aug 1798AnneRobtDickeyJaneAberdeenshire Regt.
15 Aug 1798Wm. M'CrackenWm.M'CrackenMarySlatabogy
21 Aug 1798Margt.Joh:GordonJaneAberdeenshire
5 Sep 1798Thos. ?ThomasHamiltonM.Swatragh
9 Sep 1798JohnThos.Gordon??SarahAberdeenshire
18 Sep 1798JohnJoh:Mills??MaryAberdeenshire
25 Sep 1798Margt.Jas.Berry?AnneBay
30 Sep 1798Eliz.???Too faint to read
7 Oct 1798Esther?Thos?Too faint to read
7? Oct 1798Too faint to read
9 Oct 1798Roseanna?JamesHenry?AgnesBallina????
9? Oct 1798JohnWmKane???MarthaCarrickakielt
25 Oct 1798ElizabethWmM'WiganHannahMaghera
15 Nov 1798Eliz.?Jas. ?Hipson???
26 Nov 1798Thos. Jos ??PatersonMargt.Beagh
22 Dec 1798NancySaml.McKergan??MaryTamneymullan
23 Dec 1798MattyWm.Lappins?BettyApportlane
8 Jan 1799DavidGeo.ScottMaryBallys (=gairet (amkBallys' is written after the details, then on a second line ' (=gairet ' and on the third line ' (amk '. At least that is what it looks like!! Not sure!!!
8 Jan 1799ElizGeo.ScottMaryBallys (=gairet (amk
20 Jan 1799SarahBenjn. ??PatersonSarah
20? Jan 1799EstherJos.FlemingSarah?Macknagh
22 Jan 1799Andw.Jn.M'Curdy??BLANKBallyin????
3 Feb 1799AnneDavidBradleyMaryCurragh
13 Feb 1799Eliz.BLANKBLANKMarthaDrips?CulnadyEliz. Bastard daughter to Martha Drips? Culnady Would not declare the father's nameMaybe Drips.. Could be Doyle perhaps??
10 Feb 1799MaryHughDougalJaneTamneymullan
19 Feb 1799Mary AnneJohnMitchelFannydo (Tamneymullan)Place of residence is recorded as 'Do'.. With Tamneymullan being the place mentioned above this entry
19 Feb 1799JaneWm.Akinson?MarthaSlatabogythe initial letter appears (from comparison to other capital 'A''s to be A..
20 Feb 1799JohnRobt.?Carton?MaryBallynacrossor could be Carron
24 Feb 1799MaryWm.M'KowenElinorCurragh
24? Feb 1799John LindsayJas.LindsaySallyGulladuff
3 Mar 1799Abrahm.UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAbrahm. Father and Mother unknown
7 Mar 1799MargtWm.Shiels Margt.Falgortrevy
22 Mar 1799Robt.BLANKBLANKEliz.Mham?Robt. Son to Eliz. Mham? A foundlingElizabeth's surname LOOKS like 'M ham' or 'M harn'
26 Mar 1799MaryRobt.?ShawMaryCulnady
8 Apr 1799Saml.Jn.AvarallAnneKellyLurganagoose
30 Apr 1799MaryJam.AllenMaryMoniesharvinJam: could also be Sam: depending on whether it's a styalised S or J!!
5 May 1799Jn. ClaudiusSaml.MitchelCatherineGardiner Jn. Claudius son to Saml. Mitchel Gardiner to Rev. Clotworthy Snodden Catharine the mother same?the last word could be 'same'.. Although it actually doesnt look like an 'S'.. More like an 'A'. But if it ISN'T 'same' not sure what else it could be..
5? May 1799AnnePeterM'CahanBLANKBroagh
7 May 1799Thos. ?Jos:NeilyAnneSwatragh
15 May 1799SarahSam:McConnellEliz.Culnady
25 May 1799JohnJohnSloss?Margt.Sloss?A Bastardok. Lots going on here! The entry is recorded in a fine ink . '25 John son to John & Margt Sloss [unreadable]. Then what appears an after thought the Sloss (or perhaps Scott) after Margaret's name appear crossed out and it's inserted after John's name. The words 'A Bastard' are written below in the same fine ink (whereas the entry below that is in heavy smudged ink, leading me to believe that the words 'A Bastard' are associated with the John & Margaret entry.
3 Jun 1799Sam:Sam:BrannonElinorMoneymore
5 Jun 1799Wm.JasMooreMaryMacray???The Three Moore baptisms are recorded together.. Almost as though someone had copied them from somewhere else...
6 Jun 1799EzekillEzekielWilsonMarthaBLANK
7 Jul 1799JohnSamArmstrongElinCrew
14 Jul 1799HughJohnRow?Cathr.Derganagh
30 Jul 1799GeorgeWilliamMillsSallyMoneymore
31 Jul 1799AnneWm.NeilsonMargt.Crewthe surname looks like 'Seilson'
1 Aug 1799Wm.JohnShawMaryTyrnageeragh
27 Aug 1799Robt.Wm.GibsonBLANKMunisharvan
5 Sep 1799Sam:Mr.PatersonMrs.Grillagh
8 Sep 1799Margt.Wm.Robison?MaryDunleady
18 Sep 1799Chas.Wm.RaineyEstherMardien???A black line runs through this entry. I don't know if it's on the microfilm or on the original ledger page..
22 Sep 1799Thos.J???M'AllisterMaryCarrick____
26 Sep 1799JohnJohnHillJaneMonimore?The townland isn't clear.. It looks like 'Monulmore' with the 'l' in the middle resembling a long s or an f without the cross bar.. Neither of which maks any sense..
1 Oct 1799IsabellaWmPurdy?SarahDarginah
7 Oct 1799Robr.Robr.PatersonSarahGrillagh
20 Oct 1799AgnesSam:KenedyRoseCrew
21 Oct 1799Josph.JosephShannonLillyMaghera
27 Oct 1799JohnJas.MurphyMaryMaghera
3 Nov 1799AgnesFrans.MarsJaneGon???in Frans name, it is recorded like this 'Fran.l' with what looks like a small raised l at the end.. This MUST be a styalised S.. What name other than Francis could it be??
4 Nov 1799MaryTerenceM'CristalEliz.Maghera
5 Nov 1799Eliz.Saml.Deen?Margt.ColeraineThere is a small stroke in front of the 5, making it look like 15 but upon thought, it must be 5th
7 Nov 1799WilliamDr. Saml.McDowellSarahMagheraThere is a small curved stroke in front of the 7, making it look like 27 but upon thought, it must be 7th as the next numbered entry is the 22nd!
7? Nov 1799Thos.Thos.ArmstrongLetitiado (Maghera)
22 Nov 1799JaneSaml.BrannonRacheldo (Maghera)
26? Nov 1799Eliz.Robt. ?Bear?Eliz.Culnady
26? Nov 1799RebeccaJos.McDowellKittyMaghera
1 Dec 1799Eliz.Tho?McConomyEstherMaghera
4 Dec 1799Robt.Danl.Andw.RachelKillyl???
6 Dec 1799Eliz.Wm.M'Voy??MarthaMagheraActually looks like 'M Yoy'
8 Dec 1799AnneJosh:PaulMaryCulnady
8 Dec 1799Frans.Tho.?M'GomeryNancyMackna
14 Dec 1799Eliz.Andw.MulhollandIsabellado (Mackna)
15 Dec 1799JamesWm.Lappins?AnneApportlane
18 Dec 1799SamuelRobtLittle?Maryillegible (smudged)
19 Dec 1799IsaacMr IsaacWilliamsMargt.Maghera
22 Dec 1799EstherChas?CanningAnneApportlane
24 Dec 1799Sam:Alexr.Morgan M'Millin?Cathr.DrumuckThe name 'Morgan' is crossed out and what looks like M'Milliy' written instead.. Could it be M'Millin???
4 Jan 1800JaneWmBoyleJaneCulnady
14 Jan 1800Sam:Jn.HickisonMaryMaghera
15 Jan 1800JohnJn.StevensonJaneCurragh
15? Jan 1800FlorindaMr.LoudonMrs.Maghera
24 Jan 1800JaneAndyDunbarGilisTamneymullan
27 Jan 1800JaneSaml:ShawPeggyMadiganBarlandIt LOOKS like 'Barland'..the 'g' or Madigan overlaps the 'r' of 'Barland'. Maybe it's 'r' or 's'.
31 Jan 1800MaryRich'd.LewisAgnesCulnadythe writer tends to write his 'R's' like 'M's'
2 Feb 1800AnneGeo.HunterEliz.Maghera
5 Feb 1800MaryThos.WhiteAbbeyTyrnageeragh
9 Feb 1800Thos.Thos.MulhollandAgnes?Maghera
16 Feb 1800MarthaHeny.McGradySarahBallylagal???
18 Feb 1800LetitiaJas.NeilsonCath.CulnadyThis entry is on 2 lines (due to the way the previous entry was recorded). It's hard to work out if the townland beside Jas. Name relates to HIM or the entry above. I am ASSUMING it's the entry above.. But there appears to be a word written above the townland name.. it LOOKS like Scott (well a styalised version). Hmmm.. not sure
19 Feb 1800WmWm.HutchinsonJaneKnockcloug[ran?]The last 2 letters of the twnland are smudged together
21 Feb 1800WmWm.M'KowenElinorCurragh
5 Mar 1800MargtAndyShawJaneMaghera
6 Mar 1800Geo.Wm.NeillyEstherTyrgarvil
17 Mar 1800ElizSaml.MaddenMargt.Maghera
25 Mar 1800Wm.Will:WilliamsonBellTraveller
30 Mar 1800Sam:Thos.MilikenMargt.Ballynacross??
2 May 1800Agnes Jn.ScalesMaryTamneymullanTwins
2 May 1800RebeccaJn.ScalesMaryTamneymullanTwins
6 May 1800Margt.JohnAkinsonHannahKnockcloughrim
6? May 1800ElizSam.MooreAgnesTamneymullan
15 May 1800Cathr.Jn.DowningCath:Dreenan
16 May 1800Jane Nathl. MackarallEliz.?Ballinahone
16? May 1800AnneMattElliotAnneBallyna[ ]Townland in crease of page
25 May 1800HughSaml.ArmorRoseCurragh
30 May 1800Robt.Alexr.MooreSarahCalbemIt LOOKS like Calbem.. But, if correct, there is no local townland of that name..
2 Jun 1800HughHughM'CauslandMaryAntrim
12 Jun 1800MargtJohnAllenCathr.Ternony
13 Jun 1800AnneEdwd.LoganMargt.Crew
15 Jun 1800JohThosVanceBettyGooladuff
15? Jun 1800JaneJohnCas?????Margt.MagheraThe surname was written in heavy ink and is smudged (plus has ink bleed through from the previous page)
15? Jun 1800Margt.David?Trow?AnneMagherait LOOKS like 'Trow'
22 Jun 1800Cathr.Saml.CampbellCathr.Tamnymullan
16 Jul 1800Arthr.Abrahm.DougleAnneMaghera
28 Jul 1800JamesSam: WillMcCreadyMarthaKillylaghTwins
28 Jul 1800Thos.??Sam: WillMcCreadyMarthaKillylaghTwins
1 Aug 1800Sam:Wm.McKeeRoseTernony
7 Aug 1800MarySam:DowningSarahDreenan
20 Aug 1800Wm.JohnPatersonSallySlatabogy
27 Aug 1800AnneSam:DicksonMaryEden???it looks like 'Gdcky'!!
31 Aug 1800WmJohnMooreSarahCraigmore
3 Sep 1800JaneEzek:WilsonMarthaMoneymore
5 Sep 1800Alexr.Danl.SutherlandFannyTamneymullan
6 Sep 1800AnnieJo:McCrackenMyBay
6 Sep 1800Eliz.Jo:McCrackenMyBay
6? Sep 1800SarahJn.AllenEliz.Bay
16 Sep 1800ElizTho.BoyleMattyTyrnageeragh
13 Oct 1800MaryWmClarkeMargt.Craigmore
17 Oct 1800Andw.Andw.MulhollandIsabellaCraigmore
9 Nov 1800Robt.Andw.FlemingEstherMacknaghAlmost looks like 'Mosn' or 'Mobn'.. The writer makes his 'R' look like an 'M'
18 Nov 1800PatrickThos.HamiltonRoseSwatragh
24 Nov 1800JohnWm.GarlandMargt.Lisnagroat
26 Nov 1800Cathr.Mr.PatersonMrs.Grillagh
12 Dec 1800MaryHu:Guthry?Margt.Crew
24 Dec 1800JaneAndw.NeelyJaneTyrgarvil
25 Dec 1800JaneJn.MulhollandMaryMaghera?
31 Dec 1800MaryJos:ElliotSarahMacknagh
13 Jan 1801MaryUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownMary daughter to persons unknown
9 Feb 1801MarthaUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownMartha a foundling
11? Feb 1801Matt?HughMulhollandAnneThe family name is off the bottom of the page (and it LOOKS like 'M'E_______'), but Mulholland is written above this. Mulholland OBVIOUSLY can't relate to the foundling, Martha.. So it's hard to decide WHAT is going on here
1 Mar 1801LetitiaJohnBarryAnneBay
3 Apr 1801JohnWmBrookes?athr???Moneymore
5 Apr 1801MaryWmM'CoyMarthaMaghera
3 May 1801WmPat:Maskernan?MargtDrumard
3? May 1801Thos.JamesLindsaySarahGooladuff
10 May 1801AgnesHeny.McHenryMargt.Maghera
17 May 1801Robt.Saml.McWiganMaryTamneymullan
9 Jun 1801ShawDavidShawAnneMaghera
23 Jun 1801MarthaHenryFlemingAnneCrew
25 Jun 1801Wm.M'CleanA soldier stationed? At Maghera?
28 Jun 1801JaneSam:McIlreeMargaretDrumuck
1 Jul 1801PhelisPhelisConvreyMargt.Ballynock?Phelis son to Phelis & Margt Conrey..
1? Jul 1801HannahWm.McWiganHannahMaghera
Jul 1801Geo:Chas.YoungEliz.Drumuck
7 Aug 1801JohnRich.LewisRoseTamnmartin?
8 Aug 1801JohnChas.M'CahyJane
24 Aug 1801AnneFras.LoudonMrs.Maghera
27 Aug 1801JohnJamesHenry?SarahMaghera
26 Sep 1801MaryJohnGalagherJaneBallynchr????
2[ ]Oct 1801Geo:Wm.AndersonElinor[ ]illy[ ]The entry is in heavy ink and sumdged in many places, including the townland
15 Nov 1801CharlotteJohnAverileAnneLurganagoose
17 Dec 1801MariaUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownMaria a foundling parents unknown
15 Jan 1802SarahJamesAndersonMaryBallinahone
22 Jan 1802AnneRobt.PatersonJaneCraigmore
22? Jan 1802ThomasThos.MulhollandOliviaMaghera
7 Feb 1802Eliz.JohnCaulfieldMary RachelCraigmore
24 Feb 1802BarbaraJohnShawMaryTyrnageeragh
Mar 1802Robt??CharlesHasan??MaryConolly?A bastard
Mar 1802AnneJohnMahonCatherineMoyag[ ]Doesn't look like Mayogall.. More like Moyagoney (near Kilrea)
Apr 1802James??JamesMcDowellMaryTobbermoreApr John??? Son to James & Mary McDowell Tobberm_____Very dark and hard to read. Perhaps name is James and not John?? Could even be Samuel
6 Apr 1802JohnBarnardMcShaneJane???WintonA bastard
15 Apr 1802CharlotteGeo.ScottMary AnnBallynacross
16 Apr 1802MaryWm.MillerEliz.Maghera
14 May 1802DavidSaml.McCleland?BellStuartMagheraA bastard
6 Jun 1802OliverJohnCampbellAnneTraveller
6 Jun 1802JamesRobt.Carson?MaryBallynacross
6 Jun 1802JamesSaml.ElliotRoseSlatabogy
10 Jun 1802Tamneymullan10 Wm. & Kitty Dunbar Wm Shilds name Tamneymullan'This entry is hard to understand, not because of the handwriting which is clear, but because of what it appears to say. It is worded in the opposite way to every other baptism entry. Are Wm & Kitty Dunbar the parents.. Or 2 children of Wm Shilds??
26 Jun 1802SarahAlexr.GrayEliz.YoungBallynardin?A bastard
13 Jul 1802MaryJohn?Carrick?Maryis Carrick the residence.. Or the surname??
22 Jul 1802Eliz.Jn.HepburnMargt.Drumballyhagan
5 Aug 1802JamesThos.JacksonMaryPlattMagheraA bastard
17 Aug 1802Jam:Patt:PorterMargttThere is a bit of confusion here. Between the entry of 17th &22nd, in a heavy ink is written 'Porter' and below that what looks like 'Marksmgh'. It doesn't look like Macknagh.. More like Marksman. Beside that in a lighter ink is 'Crew' (which resembles the entry of the 22nd..but that entry says Slatabogy and this has NOT been crossed out.. so WHICH entry do these two inserts belong to??
22 Aug 1802MaryJohnPatersonSarahSlatabogy
27 Aug 1802AnneDavidEarle?Margt.Tamneymullan
3 Sep 1802JohnJos.NeillyAnneSwatragh
5 Sep 1802Jn.JohnShilesMaryShiles?Tann[smudge]
14 Sep 1802Margt.JamesM??elop??MaryDrummuck
19 Sep 1802Rose AnnaThos.LorimerEliz.Maghera
20 Sep 1802JohnRobn.LoveMaryMaghera
24 Sep 1802JaneJamesM'ArrallEstherBallynahone
26 Sep 1802Anne AgnesWm.CrocketMore??Gooladuff
3? Nov 1802MaryJohnNielsonCatherineCulnady
3? Nov 1802ElizJno:?DevelinAbbeyDrumuck
7 Nov 1802JohnAndr.DunbarGilisTamneymullan
8 Nov 1802MarthaWm.Mardy??MarthaKillylagh
17 Nov 1802Jn.?Chas.Downing?AnneKenningUpperland
20 Nov 1802Mossn.?Jas:Flieming?SarahMaghera
18 Dec 1802JohnPaulWhiteMaryUpperland
21? Dec 1802MarthaRichd.Lewis??Rose?Tamneymartin
30 Dec 1802SarahHenryMcCreadySarahKillylagh
5 Jan 1803JohnJamesNeilMaryCoyleCrewA bastard
24 Jan 1803Thos.Thos.LeckyBridgetCrew
24 Feb 1803JohnWm.AkinsonMargt.Norahill???
8 Mar 1803AgnesJamesAndersonMaryMunishi???
9 Mar 1803HannahHarryMcNeileFannyLara
11 Mar 1803HenryHenryReynoldsMargt.Tamnymullan
24 Mar 1803HenryWilliamTollanMargt.Bay
27 Mar 1803IsaacJohnCrocketAnnCoolagh??
30 Mar 1803Robt.Wm.ClarkeMargt.Maghera
3 Apr 1803JamesGeorgeGivenMatt.?Slatabogy
10? Apr 1803Andw.Andw.MulhollandIsabellaMaghera
16? Apr 1803Frans.Mr.PatersonMrs.Gracefield
22 Apr 1803ElinorJamesBrannonRachelMilltown22 Elinor & Agnes twin daughters to James & Rachel Brannon Milltown'
22 Apr 1803AgnesJamesBrannonRachelMilltown
28 Apr 1803Robt.Robt.Getty?EstherCraigmore
13 May 1803Saml.Saml.ConnorMarySlatabogy
15 May 1803HannahAbrahamDougleAnneMoneymore
20 May 1803Eliz.Wm.CanningAnneApportlane
25? May 1803MarySaml.CampbellMaryMagheraThe second digit is a '5' with a 'I' tight in front of it. This date was either 26 over written by 25, or vice aversa.
30 May 1803ElinorJn.McArrallJaneBallynahone
6 Jun 1803AgnesAndw.NeelyJaneTyrgarvill
11 Jun 1803Eliz.Saml.Milligan?MaryMaghera
12 Jun 1803JohnJamesLindsaySarahGooladuff
23 Jun 1803Saml.Jam:ClarkeElizabethCulnady
6 Jul 1803AnneHen:FlemingAnneCulnady
21 Jul 1803Geo:Hen:McArrallJaneCraigmore
22 Jul 1803JohnJohnReid?ElizKennedyKnockakiltA Bastard
27 Jul 1803IsabellaJoh:HarrisonElizBLANKA soldier
6 Sep 1803AnneArchyBradleyMaryCullackeythe first 'l' of the place name almost looks like a 'T'.. Perhaps he wrote 'l' an tried to change it to 'r'
6 Sep 1803JamesJam:McIlreeMargt.DrumackThe father's name could be 'Jam:' or 'Sam:' the writer makes his S and J very similar
29 Sep 1803CharlesThos.MulhollandOliviaMaghera
2 Oct 1803AnneJohnScalesMaryTamneymullan
3 Oct 1803RobertCharlesWilliamsJennyMayBLANKA Foundling
24 Oct 1803Margt.Edwd.LoganMaryCrew
1 Nov 1803DavidGeo.NelsonMaryTyrnageeragh
7 Nov 1803Eliz.Will.ChartresMaryBallynahone
7? Nov 1803Mary Cath.JohnMcArrallJanedo (Ballynahone)
8? Nov 1803AnneDavidWintonSarahDrumballyhagan
26 Dec 1803FannyHarryMulhollandMary GibsonA Bastard
30 Dec 1803JaneRobt.M'GomeryAnneDrumuck
2 Jan 1804JohnMichl.DonohyMaryMaghera
7 Jan 1804Jam:Robt.PatersonJaneCraigmorecould also be Sam:
21 Jan 1804Mary AnneJoh.Rany?AnneBayName LOOKS like 'Many'.. Since this writer has on occasions before turned the letter 'R' sideways to look like a 'M'..my GUESS is 'Rany' (i.e. Rainey)
15 Mar 1804Eliz. AnneSaml.ElliotRose?SlatabogyAgain it LOOKS like 'Mose'.. But MUST be Rose!!
23 Mar 1804MaryAndr.ShawJaneMaghera
8? April 1804Wm.Robt.ShaneJaneMagheraThe '8' of the date (if that is what it is!) LOOKS like a 'S' on it's side!! Again, the 'R' of Robert looks like a 'M'
9 April 1804Anne"Anne daughter to persons unknown - A foundling"
15 Apr 1804MaryJam:PorterMaryCrewI think it's Jam[es] but could be Sam[uel]
2 May 1804Esther????ClydeMaryCarrick
6 May 1804JamesDanl.StuartMaryCurran
BLANKJames??Thos.Off PageOff PageCrewThis entry is on the very bottom of the page and the microfilm doesn't record it all (IF it still exists!!)
13 May 1804HughHn:TonorMaryBallynah[in crease]
13? May 1804EstherAndw.FlemingEstherCur[in crease]The townland looks like 'Curg' Perhaps 'Curragh'??? Uncertain
29 May 1804SarahWm.MillarEliz.LindsayA Foundling
3 Jun 1804CharlesAndw.MulhollandBellMaghera
9 Jun 1804Charles John BoonAnneTirna-geeraghLast part of townland witten sandwiched up to the Maghera of the next baptism entry
9 Jun 1804Jane John BoonAnneTirna-geeraghLast part of townland witten sandwiched up to the Maghera of the next baptism entry
14? Jun 1804Chas.Chas?MadiganMargt.Maghera
18 Jun 1804Eliz.BLANKBLANKMargt.Dalrymple?A Foundling
29 Jun 1804Margt.Robt.?MooreMarthaTamneymullan
8 Jul 1804Robt.?Andw.Kelsy?AnneDrumulish Tamlaght
11 Jul 1804MaryWm.KaneElinorMcWiganMagheraA Ba[stard] (rest of word in crease of book]
20 Jul 1804GeorgeRobt.CarsonMaryBallinacross
27 Jul 1804Alexr.Thos.Hips?EstherMaghera
28 Jul 1804WilliamJoh:DallaghanCatherineCrew basinit APPEARS to say 'Basin' after the townland of crew.. I am unaware of this term in connection with this townland &can offer no clue to what it means
18 Aug 1804SallyWoods"Sally Woods a foundling left in Drumlamph by person unknown"
7 Sep 1804Joh:HenryMcWiganSallyMaghera
11 Sep 1804NancyRobt.WalkerAnneTmneymullan
11? Oct 1804Thos.WalterCollinsMargt.CrewThe date is impossible to read.. It COULD be '11'th or '5'th.. Or.. Anything else!!
11? Oct 1804Joh:Joh:NeilsonCathr.Culnady
18 Nov 1804BridgetJohn AtkinsonBLANKCrew
18 Nov 1804MargaretJohn AtkinsonBLANKCrew
11 Dec 1804Anne JaneSaml.McGuiganMaryMagh[in crease]The date is impossible to read.. It COULD be '11'th or '5'th.. Or.. Anything else!!
12 Jan 1805Margt.Fras.MurphyMaryMay The townland looks like 'Ħay' (imagine an M superimposed on an H'..) Maybe it represents Mag[hera] or Bay (Beagh).. Hard to say
16? Jan 1805Elizabeth Joh:PhillipsNancy McWigan?BallinahoneA bastard
20 Jan 1805JaneJohn PetticrewJaneMaghera
13 Feb 1805Margt.BLANKBLANKMargt.McKeeA traveller
16 Feb 1805Robt.JamesLindsaySallySlatabogyThe R of Robert is the ministers usual 'm'
17 Feb 1805MaryAnty?PaulMattyPattersonMullaghThe name is very unclear.. Maybe 'anty'.. Further work required to identify exactly what it is. The word 'Foundling' is written below this entry, but has a dark line aparently 'walling' it off from the next entry.. Is it part of this entry?? If the 'parents' are known, how is the child a foundling? Or did they find the child and have 'adopted' it?? This is very unclear!
26 Feb 1805JamesPatt:?Marksman?Margt.CrewThe word 'Foundling' is written beside this entry, but has a dark line aparently 'walling' it off from this entry.. Is it part of the above entry??
27 Feb 1805Jam:Sam:KenedyEliz.Culnady
3 Mar 1805RoseJamesKenedyRoseCrew
3? Mar 1805WilliamJoh:ClarkeIsabellaDarganagh
11? Mar? 1805Eliz.HughDougleJennyMcCooke?Tamneymartin?A foundling
13 Mar? 1805MarthaDavidB/Rin??ElinorMcArrellA foundling
17 Mar? 1805Eliz:DavidWintonSarahDrumballyhagan
8? May 1805Wm.Thos.LorimerLetitiaMaghera
14 May 1805Agnes William ClarkeMargaretMaghera
10 Jun 1805Robert?Jos:Fleming?SarahBallynacross
14 Jun 1805ElizaThos.DobbinHannahGooladuff
14? Jun 1805Margt.ArchyGrahamAnneDrumuck
16 Jun 1805Eliz:HenryMcHeneryMaryBLANK
19 Jun 1805ElizaJohnHughesEliz.thBri??dMaghera
12 Jul 1805Alexr.?Jos:WalshMary?Craigmore
27 Jul 1805HughTho.LeckeyBridgetCrew
3 Aug 1805Jane Louden PatersonPatesonGreenfield3 Aug 1805 Jane Louden Pateson daughter to Mr & Mrs Paterson Greenfield
3? Aug 1805JohnAlex.r McMullanMargt.Ballinahone
?? Aug 1805Jne?Heny?MulhollandSarah?Todd?BallinahoneFoundling
19 Aug 1805John Clark?John Clark??Moore??DrumoolishFoundling The words 'Returned to visitation? 23rd' are written below this entry.. Is this a statement or part of this entry??
Returned to visitation? 23rd
11 Sep 1805PatrickJoh:?O'Hara??Mary[smudged]
22 Sep? 1805DavidJosephCatherineSwatraghLitle? Mills??? Unclear on microfilm
11 Nov 1805LiviaThos.MulhollandBellMaghera
4 Dec 1805JohnHenryO'NeillAlleyMaghera
4? Dec 1805Maria JanePeterHasn?Cath.eA Foundling
15 Dec 1805Mary AnneJos:NeelyAnnSwatagh
2 Feb 1806JeanWm.Kane?ElinorMcWiganMagheraA foundling
17 Feb 1806Sarah JanePatrickM/Bunlow?BarbaraCanar????CraigmoreA foundlingCraigmore seems to be inserted below this entry.. It appears to have the same 'hand presure' as this entry.. (The next one is heavier and smudged)
20 Feb 1806Eliz.Geo.JamisonMargt.?????Fallagloon?
9 Mar 1806Robt.Robt. ?McKowenAnneCurragh
16 Mar 1806Agnes Robert KaneJane Maghera
20 Mar 1806CharlotteThos.BullionMargt.L?????A foundling
21 Mar 1806PaulPaulDividsonRoseMcKeown?Tamneymartin
10 April 1806Chas.??Wm.DougleMarthaga[ ]g[ ]A foundling
11 May 1806Wm.Saml.ElliotRoseSlatabogy
26 May 1806MaryWillLeckeyBellArdson?????
2 Jun 1806Robt.Robt.WalkerJaneMaghera
9 Jun 1806Jebuand????at foot of page and microfilm not the easiest to seeif it just wasn't filimed or if it has beenn lost off the page bottom
10? Jun 1806Eliz.[Ke]nedyCrossNancyTamneym[artin?]There is a smudge at the beginning of the father's name.. But 'Kenedy' seems to fit.
15 Jun 1806Joh??JamesLynnSarahGooladuffin Church15 [Joh?? ] son to James & Sarah Lynn Gooladuff in Church'
20 Jun 1806IsaacHenyClydeMaryCarrick
23 Jun 1806AnneJohnHustonFannyDrum[lamph?]The townland falls into the crease, but seems to be Drumlamph
8 Aug 1806Joh:Robt.WorkmanElinorDr[??????]
19 Aug 1806NancyJosephMontgomeryBettyCulnady?? Son to to Nancy daughter to Joseph & Betty Montgomery Culnady _______' A boys (unreadable)name was incorrectly wrote & then crossed through
2 Sept 1806Robt.Robt.StuartAnne ParkMullaghA foundling
9 Sep 1806Anne Robt.Withrale?Anne ColraineIt LOOKS like'Withrale'..
16? Sep 1806ElizaChas.Campbell?Feedam?TamlaghtDate is blotted.. The last digit LOOKS like 6.. And since 9 preceeds it and 21 comes after.. Seems like 16. The mother's name is unclear.. It LOOKS like 'Feed am'.. Of 'feed am' or 'jeed me'
21 Sep 1806WilliamRobt.OrrMargt.MagheraSurgeon
26 Sep 1806JamesWm.ChartresMaryBallynahone
28 Sep 1806ElizaRobt.PatersonJean?Maghera
30 Sep 1806Thos.Rich.Silly?Eliz.Tamneym[ullan?]The end of the townland is in the crease, but it LOOKS like Tamneymullan!
2 Oct 1806SusannahWm.Dougle?No name just 'Mrs.'MagheraThe surname is unclear.. It LOOKS like ' Dougle' or 'Boujde' .. Probable Dougle but (less likely) could be Boyd or Boyle too
16? Oct 1806JeremiahJohnJohnstonA travelling womanBLANK16 Oct Jeremiah son to John Johnston & a travelling woman'
4 Nov 1806Wm.Joh:CampbleAnneTamnym[ ]The end of the townland is in the crease, could be Tamneymartin or Tamneymullan!
6 Nov 1806MarthaRobt.StoneEllenHawBallynahoneA foundling
11 Nov 1806MaryJoseph????MaryCraigmoreThe surname is unclear.. It falls into the crease.. It LOOKS like it begins with 'W' or 'H'
12 Nov 1806Thos.James????AnneThe surname is unclear.. It LOOKS like ' Bere Jyan' with perhaps 'of' and a word lost in the crease!!
12 Nov 1806SarahJoh:HipsonSallyCurragh
1? Dec 1806Eliz.Saml.McLynn??MaryTamneymullan
6 Dec 1806MargeryHenyHepburnMaryDrumballyhagan
7 Dec 1806Thos..Joh:PettigrewJaneMaghera
9 Dec 1806Wm.Harry?McHenryNo name just 'Mrs.'Maghera
29 Jan 1807PattPatt:NoherMargt.A traveller
31 Jan 1807RobertRobertMooreEstherGettyGrillaghThis baptism entry is NOT recorded with the rest of the baptisms for 1807… it was recorded between two marriages!!
11 Feb 1807Mary AnneAndr.MulhollandIsabellaMaghera
1 Mar 1807AnneJamesMcWiganSarahBallynahone
10 Mar 1807James James McLeanMaryBallinahone
11 Mar 1807Wm.JohnSlevan?SallySlevan?ToberheadA foundlingThere is another word written above Esther in the lower entry but beside 'Toberhead'.. It LOOS like 'Hglly'.. Unclear
20 Mar 1807Eliz.Chas.HipsonEstherMaghera
31 Mar 1807Mary AnneJohElliotLettieMagheraor Ellis
13 Apr 1807MaryGeoWilsonSarahToberheadApl 13 Mary daughter to Geo Wilson Tobberhead & Sarah marriage"...Geo Wilson Tobberhead & Sarah marriage'. Yes, it APPEARS to say 'marriage' after Sarah's name!!
16 Apr 1807ThomasThos.CorrMary CorrCrewA Foundling
24 Apr 1807Wm.Rogr.CorrKittyBallynahone
11? May 1807MargarettJoh:ReidMaryMilikanDrumuckA Foundling
16 May 1807CharlesEdwd.McKready??Eliza.SlatabogyThe surname has an inkblot.. I THINK the name is McKready
21 May 1807Joh:Joh:McGillAlley?BadgerCurrinA Foundling
31 May 1807JosephHughFleming?SarahBallinacross
2 Jun 1807Wm.WilliamArmerRose?CourtnayA Foundling
4 Jun 1807MarthaWm.McCoyMarthaMagee?A Foundling
9 Jun 1807CharlesOwenCarletonJettyGalaherMagheraA Foundling
30 Jun 1807Isabella?Wm ?Clark???Hard to tell. It LOOKS like there is a very faint 'crew' above what appears to say 'Macross'.. Very unclear
22 Jul 1807PeterMichl.McKennaCathr.McGennisTamneymullanA Foundling
22? July 1807HenyJoh: Mathe.NeilsonCulnady
22? July 1807JohnJames????ElizabethBallynahonevery difficult to read.. LOOKS a bit like 'Janet' or 'Jinet' neither of which are surnames…
31 Jul 1807Eliz.Sam:KenedyRoseCulnady
19 Aug 1807JamesJacksonGrayJaneTobbermore
3 Oct 1807Thos.Saml.BlackMarySwattragh
12 Nov 1807DavidJoh:PeadyMaryHany?A Foundling
?? Nov 1807AnneRobertJenningsLucy?McGuigan???A FoundlingThe mother's name LOOKS a bit like 'Lucy' and the surname could be 'McGahan'.. Both unclear
28 Nov 1807MaryFrancisMcNameeIsabellaStewartMagheraA Foundling
29 Nov 1807EstherHenryName off page bottomMar[ ]tSurname is off page bottom…
23 Dec 1807William Robert ShieldsMarthaDrumballyhaganDrumbelly___
20 Feb 1808John Henry PorterJane Maghera
26 Jul 1808William William NorrisElizabethSwatragh
29 Sep 1808Rose? John StewartMary AnneSwatragh
6 Aug 1809George William ClarkeMargaretMaghera
18 Oct 1809Robert James McCleanMaryBallinahone
12 Nov 1809William William ChartersMaryBallinahone
6 Dec 1809Samuel William BlackCatherineTobermore
23 Dec 1809William Robert ShieldsMarthaDrumballyhagan
2 Feb 1810John John ScalesMaryTamneymullan
9 Mar 1810Alex Robert ShieldsCatherineFallagloon
24 Jun 1810Margaret Thomas ScottJane Beagh Spiritual
22 Jul 1810Esther Henry PorterJane Maghera
1 Sep 1810Jane Bryan ShielLydiaTamneymullan
16 Dec 1810James Isaac TaylorMaryMilltown
24 Apr? 1811Charles William ScottMargaretSwatragh
12 Jun 1811WilliamWilliamMcreadyMargaretBallinahone
18 Aug 1811John Joseph MackerillElizabethBallinahone
7 Mar 1812Jane Robert ShieldsMarthaDrumballyhagan
7 Jul 1812Anne John GrahamElizabethMinister
11 Aug 1814John JohnGrahamElizabethTamneymullanMinister
17 Apr 1815John John ScottMaryKnocknakielt17 Apr 1814??
29 Aug 1817Mary Thomas Scott
19 Aug 1818Robert James MackerillBallinahone
27 Dec 1819John John StewartSwatragh
14 Mar 1819Robert James HunterFalgortrevey
21 Nov 1819Bernard Edward KaneCatherineTamneymullan
30 Jan 1820Robert RobertMcClainBallinahone
30 Jan 1820Eleanor RobertMcClainBallinahone
30 Jan 1820Thomas RobertMcClainBallinahone
5 Mar 1820ThomasThomasScottBeagh
26 Mar 1820James Joseph MackerillMargaret WisenerBallinahone
27 Aug 1820Anne FrancisJohnstonElizabethSlattybogie
10 Nov 1820Martha Samuel StewartElizabeth WorkmanMullagh
21 Oct 1820James Thomas ClarkeGulladuff
24 Oct 1820James James NorrisSwatragh
3 Feb 1821James James NorrisSwatragh
5 Feb 1821Jane JamesAdamsElizabethHunterMullagh
9 Apr 1821Margaret John TailorMargaretMaghera
21 Jun 1821David Robert Porter???
10 Jul 1821Jane ____FlemingIsabella PattersonGrillagh
12 Jul 1821William John CrockettL? OttersonMother: Maghera Surgeon in Royal Navy
27 Jul 1821John JamesHunterJane BlackFalgortrevey
2 Sep 1821James James ShieldsIsabella MooreFalgortreveyAn Illegitimate Child
21 Oct 1821James Thomas ClarkGulladuff
4 Nov 1821Ellen James PorterNancy MeenanBallinahone
18 Nov 1821Esther Edward KaneCatherine BlackTamneymullan
29 Dec 1821MayWm.GrahamHannahHarbidonThe Bay Beagh Spiritual
16 Mar 1822Margaret JaneJames AdamsElizabeth HunterMullaghOr 10th Mar 1821
25 Mar 1822ElizabethWilliam Shiels Elizabeth JohnstonFather: Drumballyhagan / Mother: CoolaghAn Illegitimate Child
27 Mar 1822Adam Henry PorterBallinahone
4 Aug 1822Elizabeth Joseph MackerillMargaret WisenerBallinahone
10 Aug 1822James Thomas ScottJane HenryThe Bay Beagh Spiritual
12 Aug 1822John Robert LittleJane BendermanFalgortrevey
25 Sep 1822William Alexander GrahamAgnes KiddBeagh Beagh Spiritual
24 Nov 1822SusannaWilliamBarclayElizabethCaldwellMaghera
2 Jan 1823EleanorIsaac FlemingIsabella PattersonGrillagh
19 Jan 1823John James GrahamElizabeth MaddenBeagh An Illegitimate ChildBeagh Spiritual
25 May 1823Robert Robert PorterJane FultonCurragh
2 Jul 1823Nancy Samuel KennedyMary ScottUpperland alias Amportaine
12 Jul 1823Henry William ClarkSarah Johnston
25 Jan 1824MariaJames ScottMarianneMaghera
29 Jan 1824David JamesBowmanMayMcKeeToberhead
23 Feb 1824Jane James PorterNancy MeenanBallinahone
30 Apr 1824Mary George ScottMaryHenryBeaghBeagh Spiritual
30 Apr 1824Nancy George ScottMaryHenryBeaghBeagh Spiritual
13 Jul 1824John John TailorElizabeth McGuiganMaghera
29 Sep 1824Roseanne Saml PhillipsMargaret NicholBall____Place in crease.. Probably Ballinahone
26 Oct 1824John John CrockettL? Otterson Mother: Maghera Surgeon in Royal Navy
25 Jan 1825Isabella Isaac FlemingIsabella PattersonGracefield, Parish of Maghera
12 Feb 1825Catherine JohnNeelyMary AnneMcKinneyTirgarvil
10 May 1825Alexander George NeilyJaneKissockTirgarvil
12 Feb 1825Thomas James NorrisSarah McKeefryCulnagrew
14 Sep 1825ThomasAndrew LamontMaryMoffitCrew
24 Oct 1825Sarah Jane James ScottMarianneMaghera
6 Jan 1826Peggy Jane Thomas Clark? Hickman?Gulladuff
14 Jul 1826Jane Patrick ShieldsJane GallagherBallinahone
23 Aug 1826Joseph Thomas ScottJane HenryBeagh Beagh Spiritual
25 Aug 1826Matty James NorrisSarah McKeefrySwatragh
28 Nov 1826David James KaneNancy NeelyGorteadeAn Illegi____Remainder lost in crease
26 Aug 1827Mary William JudgePeggy CampbellTamneym__Place in crease.. Tamneymullan / Tamneymartin.. Unclear
26 Aug 1827BettyWilliam JudgePeggy CampbellTamneym__Place in crease.. Tamneymullan / Tamneymartin.. Unclear
17 Sep 1827Hugh Edward KaneCatherineBlakeTamneymullan
11 Mar 1828Robert RobertKaneJane McGuiganAn Illegitimate Child
18 Apr 1828David JohnNeelyCatherineMcKinneySwatragh
13 Jul 1828Samuel JohnClarkSarahAllenDrumuckLabourerNo, 26
18 Aug 1828John Matthew ClarkeEllen KearneyDrumballyhaganNo. 33
3 Dec 1828WilliamWatty GrahamEllenBruceCurragh?An Illegitimate Child
13 Dec 1828John John Clark Madge HayburnFather: Rockfield / Mother: DrumballyhaganAn Illegitimate Child
28 Dec 1828Jane Thomas ScottJane HenryBeaghBeagh Spiritual
? 1828JohnJohn ClarkJane FoxBeagh LabourerNo. 39
21 Mar 1829Alex Stewart William PorterAnne DeighanFather: Beagh / Mother: his wife of Maghera
22 Apr 1829Nancy Robin McConaghtyJane ConveryTullyheron
19 May 1829George George GivenKnocknakielt
28 Jan 1829Jane Thomas ScottJane HenryBeaghFarmerNo. 50
6 Jan 1829JohnJohnNeelyCatherineMcKinneySwatraghFarmerNo. 51
? 1829MaryPatrick Shiels JaneGallagherBallinahoneLabourerNo. 63
17 Feb 1830WilliamShoe??HunterBallinahoneLabourer
5 Jun 1830JohnJohnEldonMary AnneNeelySwatragh(An Illegitimate)
5 Oct 1831Jane PeterMcCormickJaneBeagh?????
16 Oct 1831ElizaMichRouall?Cay?CarricknakieltLabourer
23 Oct 1831John Roney?MaryBalaghy?Weaver
30? Oct 1831NancyJas.EarlJaneT. MullenLabourer
30 Oct 1831???ElizthCurraWeaver
6 Nov 1831BarbaraJohn Moore??Margt.CoolaghLabourer
13 Nov 1831Jane Thos.Palmer?Anna?TullyheronFarmer?
14 Nov 1831GeorgeJamesShannonBLANKMagheraShoemaker??Page 12
21 Nov 1831JohnRobt?Roney?PeggyBellaghy?Farmer?Microfilm has many MANY lines across it at this point making reading next to impossible!!
1 Dec 1831SusannaSaml.?Downing??B. M????Farmer?
4 Dec 1831JohnPat.Farmer?
10 Dec 1831????Robt?C????Agnes?Curragh
1 Jan 1832???AndwMarlinCurrin
1 Jan 1832???JamesMarlinCurrin
8 Jan 1832ArchyJohn McDonnellAnneCurrinFarmer
8 Jan 1832JamesJas.Humphris?Hesy?B. McilcurrFarmer
15 Jan 1832Henry Jas.Robt.Slevin?Mary?CurranFarmer
29 Jan 1832DavidRobt.BruceHesy?CurraghFarmer
29 Jan 1832Boyde???Jas.OrrNancyCurraghLabourer
29 Jan 1832Thos. GeorgeJohn McGuiganNancyMagheraShoemaker
30 Jan 1832Margt. JaneParents unknown brought by Mary McKenna left / kept ????
7 Feb 1832Mary AnneJohnPorter?SarahKillynumber [ ]
7 Feb 1832????Off page bottom
12 Mar 1835ElizabethKane?Tamneymullan
20/23 Feb 1837Robt.Wm.JudgePeggyMagheraLabourer
25 Sep 1838JamesJamesShiels ElizabethKnocknakieltLabourer
11 Nov 1838James William ScottMarianneCurraghFarmer

Transcribed by Denver Boyd


St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland Marriages (1845-1918)

A selection of marriages transcribed from the marriage registers of St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland, Maghera

Complete 20th April 1846 to 6th August 1856, partial transcriptions before and after (although we hope to have a full transcription soon.

No.YearNameAgeConditionOccupationResidenceFather's NameOccupationWitnessesAdditional Information
5 Jun 1845James AdamsFullBachelorFarmerCrew, MagheraJohn Adams deceasedFarmerJames Johnston
Mary McElreeFullSpinsterNoneCrew, MagheraSamuel McElreeFarmerHenry May
11 Jun 1845James PhillipsFullBachelorFarmerBallinahoneSamuel PhillipsFarmerJames Crossit?
Eliza McKeownFullSpinsterNoneCurraghWilliam McKeownFarmerFrancis McGuigan
12 Aug 1845William AndersonFullBachelorFarmerSlattybogieWilliam AndersonFarmerJames Crossit
Isabella ElliotFullSpinsterNoneCarricknakieltRobert ElliotFarmerRobert Elliot
24 Apr 1846James GrahamFullBachelorCotton ManufacturerNear CastledawsonWilliam GrahamManufacturerWilliam R Patterson
Marianne Mawhinney19SpinsterNoneCurrinJames MawhinneyInnkeeper?Henry Rowan
14 Apr 1847Henry MitchellFullBachelorFarmerLurganagoose, Parish of TermoneenyJames MitchellFarmerGeorge ?
May Jane AndersonFullSpinsterNoneHillheadJames AndersonFarmerCharles Bersford Knox
14 May 1847Hugh McKinneyFullBachelorLabourerSwatraghJohn McKinneyFarmerThomas McKinney
Eliza Jane CrocketFullSpinsterNoneTamlaght O'CrillyGeorge CrockitFarmerArchibald Smile
15 Oct 1847Thomas GallagherFullBachelorFarmerBallinahoneJohn GallagherScripture ReaderJohn McConway
Roseanna Phillips19SpinsterNoneBallinahoneSamuel PhillipsFarmerAlexander Phillips
29 Apr 1849William AndersonFullBachelorLabourerCurraghJames AndersonFarmerJohn McIves
Jane HenryFullSpinsterServantCurraghJoseph HenryFarmerJohn Smith
5 Jun 1849Stewart Graham21 yrsBachelorLabourerDrumuckJack GrahamLabourerM. M. Kane
Mary Jane Clark21 yrsSpinsterNoneDrumuckMatthew ClarkFarmerRinny? McKenny
12 Aug 1850Robert HunterFullBachelorFarmerBallinahoneJohn HunterFarmerGeorge Clark
Henrietta ClydeFullSpinsterNoneTernagerahSolomon ClydeFarmerJames J Greer
8 Sep 1850Robert Judge20BachelorWeaverBellaghyRobert JudgeFarmerJames J Greah?
Nancy Anne Ferrier20SpinsterNoneToberhead, Parish of MagheraRobert FerrierFarmerRobert Evans
120 Apr 1851John AtkinsonFullBachelorLabourerLismoyle, P.O. Tamlaght O'CrillyWilliam AtkinsonLabourerThomas Mackerell
Mattha WilsonFullSpinsterNoneToberheadJohn WilsonLabourerSandy Wilson
225 May 1851Hugh Wilson19BachelorLabourerCulnadyThomas WilsonLabourerWilliam ?
Sarah ServiceFullSpinsterServantCulnadySamuel ServiceClark Culnady Meeting HouseHugh McKeagueHard to make out.. Almost looks like Swain but EA has Service
329 May 1851John Johnston19BachelorLabourerDrumlamphJohn JohnstonLabourerAlexander McCarroll
Jane BruceFullSpinsterSeamstressDrumlamphWilliam BruceLabourerWhiteside Bruce
411 Jul 1851James Martin20BachelorLabourerMagheraAlexander MartinMasonWilliam Kane
Ellen Scott20SpinsterSeamstress?MagheraWilliam ScottBlacksmithGeorge Kyle
530 Jul 1851John MartinFullBachelorWeaverDrummuck, P.O. MagheraSamuel MartinFarmerWilliam Wilson
Nancy DowlingFullSpinsterNoneToberhead, P.O. MagheraJoseph DowlingFarmerJohn Wilson
628 Aug 1851David Paul20BachelorFarmerMullaghJames PaulFarmerHenry McKinney Samuel Martin
Martha Anne Wilson19SpinsterNoneMoneymore, P.O. MagheraEzekiel WilsonFarmerHugh Kane
720 Oct 1851Joseph WilsonFullBachelorWeaverBallymacilcurrWilliam WilsonBuilder?William Kane
Mary PeacockFullSpinsterNoneBallymacilcurrHenry PeacockFarmerFrances McGuigan
831 Oct 1851Patrick Scullion18BachelorFlax DealerCrewCharles ScullionFlax DealerWilliam Kane
Margaret WrightFullSpinsterWeaverKnocknakielt, P.O. TermoneenyJohn WrightFarmerJohn Shiels
920 Nov 1851Robert FlemingFullBachelorFarmerCulnadyRobin? FlemingFarmer?I originally transcibed bride's name as 'Dora' but subseuent records suggest 'Rose'
Rose YoungFullSpinsterNoneTirgarvilJohn YoungFarmerRobert Lynn
1024 Nov 1851John ClarkFullBachelorSoldier 90th Reg't.CurranBLANKFarmerWilliam Kane
Rachel KennedyFullSpinsterNoneCurranBLANKTailorCharles Kennedy
114 Dec 1851William KennedyFullBachelorWeaverParish of TermoneenyHenry KennedyFarmer?William Kennedy
Jane WattFullSpinsterNoneParish of MagheraHugh WattFarmerRobert Curry?
1210 Dec 1851John Magee?FullBachelorLabourerSwateraghJohn MageeLabourerWilliam Kane
Mary GordonFullSpinsterNoneDreenanJames GordonLabourerFrancis McGuigan
1317 Feb 1852Thomas SimpsonFullBachelorFarmerRocktownWilliam SimpsonFarmerWilliam Kane
Wilhelmina BruceFullSpinsterNoneDrumlamphJoseph BruceFarmerRobt McIntyre
144 Mar 1852Dennis McAfeeFullBachelorServantCastledawsonJohn McAfeeLabourerWilliam Kane
Anne Jane MartinFullSpinsterNoneMagheraSamuel MartinServantFrancis McGuigan
1520 Apr 1852James NelsonFullBachelorServantTobermoreRobert Nelson?LabourerWilliam Kane
Mary Jane McCeon alias WhiteFullWidowWeaverColah, P.O. Maghera (Coolagh)William McCroryLabourer?Hamilton Paul
1620 Apr 1852Andrew MartinFullBachelorWeaverCurranAndrew MartinFarmerWilliam Kane
Peggy LennoxFullSpinsterWeaverP.O. MagherafeltJames LennoxFarmerWilliam Marlin
1728 Apr 1852John NeelyFullWidowerLabourerBallinahone P.O. MagheraJoseph NeelyFarmer & BailiffThomas Simpson
Jane HannaFullSpinsterNoneTobermore P.O. KilcronaghanJames HannaThatcherFrancis McGuigan
188 May 1852Hugh WattFullWidowerFarmerP.O. MagheraHugh WattFarmerWilliam Kane
Mary McDonaldFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraCharles McDonaldGuager?James McGaw?
1921 May 1852David HoustonFullBachelorWeaverCurragh P.O. MagheraDavid HoustonWeaverWilliam Kane
Maria Coscoran (she signs Coskran)FullSpinsterWeaverCurragh P.O. MagheraDominick? CoskeranLabourerAllan Hamilton
209 Jun 1852Samuel McKeownFullBachelorFarmerCurraghWilliam McKeown?William Kane
Marianne McCreadyFullSpinsterNoneCrewJames McCreadyFarmerJ.C. McKeown
211 Jun 1852John WrightFullWidowerLabourerFallagloonJames WrightLabourerWilliam Kane
Eliza McLoughlinFullSpinsterNoneFallagloonJames McLoughlinLabourerGeorge Kyle
226 Aug 1852William WilsonFullBachelorFarmerDrumuckRobert WilsonFarmerWilliam Kane
Letitia GrahamFullSpinsterNoneCurrin? (Dreenin? Not clear)David GrahamFarmerWilliam Mulholland
239 Aug 1852John ElliotFullBachelorFarmerLemnaroyRobert ElliotFarmerVance? Richly?
Jane FlemingFullSpinsterServantBallinacrossIsaac FlemingFarmerFrancis McGuigan
246 Sep 1852Samuel MillarFullBachelorLabourerBallymacilcurrJames MillarFarmerWilliam Kane
Peggy Jane MillikenFullSpinsterServantCurragh P.O. MagheraJohn MillikenFarmerIsaac Hamilton
2526 Oct 1852Robert HamiltonFullBachelorWeaverDrumlamphJames HamiltonSoldierRobert Kane
Martha McNeilFullSpinsterWeaverDrumlamphArchibald McNeilFarmerWilliam MacIntyre
269 Nov 1852William Henry RichardsonFullBachelorPrinterMagherafeltLewis RichardsonPrinterRobert Kane
Matilda WallaceFullSpinsterNoneBallinahone P.O. MagheraWilliam WallaceFarmerCharles McGinnis
2715 Nov 1852Samuel BrownFullBachelorWeaverToberheadJoseph BrowneFarmerWilliam Kane
Isabella LeesFullSpinsterNoneToberheadJohn LeesFarmerJames Stewart
2822 Nov 1852John GettyMinorBachelorWeaverCrewJohn GettyProvisioner?William Stewart
Peggy Jane DickeyFullSpinsterNoneMagheraThomas DickeyLabourerJohn Elliot
2925 Feb 1853Hugh ThompsonFullBachelorFarmerParish of BallyscullionJohn ThompsonFarmerWilliam Kane
Esther PhillipsFullSpinsterNoneParish of MagheraThomas PhillipsFarmerJames Anderson
3012 Apr 1853George KentFullWidowerFarmerCurrin P.O. MagheraThomas KentFarmerRobert Kane
Carloine WallaceFullWidowNoneCurrin P.O. MagheraThomas WallaceFarmerThomas Marlin
3113 May 1853Thomas KaneFullBachelorWeaverP.O. TermoneenyThomas KaneLabourerThomas Brown
Margaret BadgerFullSpinsterWeaverCurrinRobt. BadgerLabourerJoseph Marshall
3216 May 1853Samuel Stinton?FullBachelorWeaverBay P.O. MagheraRobert Stinton?LabourerJames Crocket
Peggy McCleanFullSpinsterWeaverBay P.O. MagheraConnolly McCleanLabourerCharles McClean
3320 May 1853John NicholFullBachelorLabourerP.O. BallyscullionThomas NicholLabourerJames McHenry
Betty SpeerFullSpinsterServantP.O. MagheraJohn SpeerLabourerFrancis McGuigan
343 Sep 1853John WilsonFullBachelorFarmerDrummuck P.O. MagheraRobert WilsonFarmerWilliam Kane
Anne SteeleFullSpinsterNoneP.O. BallyscullionWilliam SteeleFarmerDavid Wilson
3520 Sep 1853Campbell McDonaldMinorBachelorWeaverToberheadJohn McDonaldMowerWilliam Kane
Mary HamiltonFullSpinsterWeaverToberheadJames HamiltonLabourerRobert Kane
3629 Sep 1853James McGinnisFullBachelorFlax Dresser?CulnadyJohn MaginnisLabourerWilliam Kane
Sarah Jane WilliamsonFullWidowNoneCulnadyJames MagillFarmerRobert Kane
3711 Oct 1853Archibald McElfetrichFullBachelorFarmer & DealerP.O. Tamlaght O'CrillyArchibald McElpatrichFarmerWilliam Kane
Margaret McCoolFullSpinsterNoneDungleady P.O. MagheraGeorge McCoolFarmerRobert Sloan
3819 Oct 1853Samuel WintonFullBachelorWeaverTobermore P.O. KilcronaghanJohn WintonFarmerWilliam Kane
Matilda LynnMinorSpinsterSeamstressBallymacilcurrSamuel LynnFarmerFrederick Long
3924 Oct 1853Thomas WassFullBachelorFarmerP.O. MagherafeltJames WassFarmerWilliam Kane
Rachel McConaghtyFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraDennis McConaghtyFarmerJohn Garven
4027 Oct 1853William StewartFullBachelorLabourerBay P.O. MagheraAlex? StewartFarmerWilliam Kane
Rebecca McMullanFullSpinsterNoneTamneymullanSamuel? McMullanFarmerJohn Smyth
4110 Nov 1853Robert SimpsonMinorBachelorFarmerDrumlamphRobert SimpsonFarmerRobert Kane
Elizabeth BruceFullSpinsterNoneDrumlamphMatthew BruceFarmerWilliam McIntyre
4210 Nov 1853William ShepherdFullBachelorFarmerParish of MagheraJohn ShepherdFarmerRobert Kane
Elizabeth WhyteFullSpinsterNoneParish of MagheraRobert WhyteFarmerDavid Wilson
4328 Nov 1853Thomas ScottFullBachelorScutcherCulnadyJohn ScottFarmerWilliam Kane
Mary RoweFullSpinsterWeaverDrumoolish Parish of Tamlaght O'CrillyFrancis RoweFarmerAlexander Campbell
4414 Dec 1853James SteeleFullBachelorFarmerP.O. BallyscullionWilliam SteeleFarmerWilliam Kane
Jane WilsonFullSpinsterNoneDrummuck, MagheraRobert WilsonFarmerAlexander Campbell
457 Feb 1854Joseph NeelyFullBachelorLabourerBallinahoneJohn NeelyFarmerWilliam Kane
Matilda BrownFullSpinsterWeaverColahJoseph BrownCottierWilliam Fulton
4623 Feb 1854Alexander McKeownFullBachelorFarmerBay ---Alexander McKeownFarmerWilliam Kane
Elizabeth HipsonFullSpinsterServantCrew ---James Hipson??? SinkerWilliam Fulton
472 Mar 1854Moses McKeeFullBachelorFarmerP.O.KillelaghMichael McKeeFarmerWilliam Kane
Peggy Jane DowningFullSpinsterNoneDreenanHertford DowningPensioner & FarmerAlexander Wilson
484 Apr 1854John McGonigh?21BachelorFarmerP.O. BallyscullionGeorge McGonigh?ShoemakerWilliam Kane
Elizabeth Mayberry21SpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraWilliam MayberryFarmerJohn Hughes
494 Apr 1854Peter Barkley40WidowerWeaverP.O. MagheraHenry BarkleyFarmerWilliam Kane
Margaret Dunlop40WidowNoneP.O. DesertoghillAdam MeekFarmerWilliam John Clark
508 Apr 1854Shaw MontgomeryFullBachelorFarmerP.O. MagheraAlexander MontgomeryFarmerWilliam Kane
Jane AndersonFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraWilliam AndersonLabourerFrancis McGuigan
5113 Apr 1854Thomas HutchinsonFullBachelorLabourerTobermoreNorman HutchinsonLabourerWilliam Kane
Mary ClarkMinorSpinsterSeamstressMagheraRobert ClarkShoemakerRobert Hutchinson
5213 Apr 1854Robert HayesFullBachelorFarmerGortreagh, P.O. Kildress, Co. TyroneRobert HayesFarmerWilliam Kane
Martha FlemingFullSpinsterNoneBallymacilcurrJames FlemingFarmerJohn Johnston
5324 May 1854John Thomas NeelyFullBachelorFarmerP.O. Tamlaght O'CrillyGeorge NeelyFarmerWilliam Kane2 Jun 1854 edition -On the 24th ult., in the Parish Church of Maghera, by the Rev. James Spencer Knox, A.M., Vicar General of the Diocese of Derry, John Thomas,
Nancy Anne LyttleFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraAlexander LyttleFarmerMatthew Lyttleeldest son of Mr. George Neely, Firaconarey, to Nancy Ann, daughter of Mr. Alexander Lytle, of Falgortrany, Maghera.
5412 Jun 1854Thomas EllisFullWidowerFarmerP.O. BanagherRobert EllisFarmerWilliam Kane
Sarah ClarkFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraJames ClarkFarmerJohn Ellis
5520 Sep 1854Robert MulhollandMinorBachelorFarmerEden P.O. Tamlaght O'CrillyHenry MulhollandFarmerWilliam Kane
Nancy AndersonMinorSpinsterNoneCurraghSamuel AndersonFarmerJohn Ellis
566 Oct 1854William ScottFullBachelorFarmerTyanee, P.O. Tamlaght O'CrillyAdam ScottFarmerWilliam Kane
Isabella FrenchFullSpinsterNoneCulnady, MagheraWilliam FrenchFarmerJoseph Robison
579 Oct 1854William John ClarkFullBachelorFarmerDrummuck P.O. MagheraJames ClarkFarmerWilliam Kane
Anne BaxterFullSpinsterNonePerpetual Care? Of Portglenone, ConnorWilliam BaxterFarmerJane? Crocket
5826 Oct 1854William John WilsonFullBachelorBaptist MinisterMagheraWilliam WilsonBuilderJames Barkley
Elizabeth Douglas ThompsonFullSpinsterNoneMagheraDavid ThompsonMerchantJ A Robson
592 Nov 1854John ShielFullBachelorLabourerRocktown, MagheraJames ShielLabourerWilliam Kane
Sarah LyonFullSpinsterNoneRocktown, MagheraRobert Lyon?LabourerJames Crosset
6016 Nov 1854Robert AndersonFullBachelorWeaverCurragh of MagheraJames AndersonThatcherWilliam Brown
Eliza HenryFullSpinsterServantTernageeragh P.O. MagheraRobert HenryLabourerSamuel Miller
6123 Nov 1854Samuel KeenanFullBachelorServantDrumlamphJohn KeenanLabourerWilliam Kane
Catherine TaggartFullSpinsterServantDrumlamphP.A. TaggartShoemakerThomas Atkinson (or Allison?)
6223 Nov 1854John O'NeillFullWidowerrWeaverP.O. MagheraBernard O'NeillLabourerWilliam Kane
Margaret StewartSpinsterEmbroidererP.O. MagheraJames StewartLabourerJames Armour?
6330 Nov 1854William MagugonMinorBachelorLabourerCulnadyPutative father William Magugon?TailorWilliam Kane
Peggy CassidyFullSpinsterServantCulnadyJames CassidyLabourerJohn Braman? (Brannan?)
644 Dec 1854David PorterFullBachelorWeaverCurraghRobert PorterFarmerWilliam Kane
Margaret SmithFullSpinster?apestryBeaghJames SmithFarmerJames Crawford
6515 Mar 1855Thomas WallaceFullBachelorFarmerMoneyshanere, Parish of KilcronaghanThomas WallaceFarmerWilliam Kane17 Mar 1855 edition - At Maghera parish Church, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Knox, Mr. Thomas Wallace, Monishinure, Tubbermore, to Roseanna, second daughter
Roseanna PhillipsFullSpinsterNoneBallinahoneJohn PhillipsFarmerJohn McElreeof John Phillips,Ballinahone.
6616 Apr 1855Isabella McKeownFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraWilliam McKeownFarmerWilliam Kane
Wm A McKeownFullBachelorWeaverP.O. MagheraJames McKeownFarmerJames Nisean?
6727 Apr 1855Robert CrocketFullBachelorFarmerSlatabogyWilliam CrocketFarmerWm Kane
Jane TaylorFullSpinsterNoneSlatabogyRobt TaylorFarmerJohn Gray
6816 May 1855Samuel HaganFullBachelorLabourerCurranJames HaganLabourerJohn W??
Nancy KeriganFullSpinsterServantCurranPeter KeriganLabourerJohn Chambers
699 Jul 1855Stephen HarperFullBachelorSoldier, Derry Miof MagheraStephen HarperLabourerRobert McGaw
Nancy GaultFullSpinsterServantof KilreaThomas GaultLabourerWilliam McMillen
7026 Jul 1855Alexander McKeownBachelorFarmerP.O. Maghera CurraghJoseph McKeownFarmerRobert McGaw
Anna Jane FlemingSpinsterNonep.O. Maghera BallymacilcurrJames FlemingFarmerRobt McFarland
7123 Oct 1855Thomas ThompsonFullBachelorLabourerP.O. MagheraDaniel ThompsonLabourerRobt McGaw?
Margaret NugentFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraJohn NugentLabourerArch'd McGinnis
729 Nov 1855David BoysFullBachelorLabourerB hone P.O. MagheraWilliam BoysFarmerWilliam Kane
Esther McConaghyFullSpinsterNoneCraigadick P.O. MagheraThomas McConaghtyFarmerWilliam Hogg
739 Nov 1855Richard McLaughlinFullBachelorLabourerP.O. MagheraJames McLaughlinLabourerWilliam Kane
Jane StockmanFullSpinsterNoneTullyheron, P.O. KillelaghRobert StockmanFarmerWilliam Hogg
7418 Nov 1855John BrownFullBachelorWeaverBay P.O. MagheraJames BrownFarmerThomas Brown
Mariane KelsieFullSpinsterNoneBay P.O. MagheraJames KelsieFarmerWilliam Bra??
754 Dec 1855Thomas McKeownFullBachelorWeaverP.O. DesertmartinJohn McKeownFarmerWilliam Kane
Sarah McKinneyFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraWilliam McKinneyFarmerAlexander Phillips
764 Dec 1855David BullionFullBachelorFarmerCulnadyJames BullionFarmerWilliam McKee
Isabella JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneSlatabogieJohn JohnstonFarmerJames Walkinshaw
7729 Jan 1856John WilsonFullWidowerConstable, ConstabularyMagheraJohn WilsonFarmerWilliam Kane
Mary McMasterFullWidowNoneMagheraJames Mewhon?FarmerWm McDonald
7820 Feb 1856James CrillyFullBachelorLabourerFalgatrevyJohn CrillyLabourerWilliam Kane
Nancy MasonFullSpinsterNoneMullagh, P.O. TermoneenyBenj MasonLabourerRobert McGaw
7921 Feb 1856John BerkleyFullBachelorWeaverDrumoolish, P.O. Tamlaght O'CrillyJames BerkeleyFarmerWilliam Kane
Sarah StewartFullSpinsterNoneP.O. MagheraAlick StewartFarmerThomas Brown
806 Mar 1856George MartinFullBachelorShoemakerMagheraSamuel MartinServantWilliam Kane
Sarah LindsayFullSpinsterSeamstressMagheraRobert LindsayLabourerWilliam Wallace
8125 Mar 1856Michael KeenanFullBachelorRoyal ArtilleryDrumlamphJohn KeenanLabourerRobert Kane
Sarah BanksMinorSpinsterSeamstressDrumlamphDavid BanksLabourerRobert McGaw
8231 Mar 1856James GodfreyFullBachelorLabourerP.O. DesertlynWilliam GodfreyLabourerWilliam Kane
Sarah Anne HumphreyFullSpinsterServantP.O. MagheraJames HumphreyLabourerJohn Wilson
8325 Apr 1856James DixonFullBachelorFarmerDrummackAndrew DixonFarmerWilliam Kane
Margaret Jane ToshFullSpinsterNoneDrummackJames ToshFarmerDavid Clark
8414 May 1856James McConnellFullBachelorServantP.O. Tamlaght O'CrillyJames McConnellLabourerJohn Gray
Martha GivenFullSpinsterServantP.O. MagheraJames GivenLabourerJames Scott
8523 Jun 1856James ClarkFullBachelorFarmerParish of MagheraThomas? ClarkFarmerWilliam Kane
Nancy CooperFullSpinsterNoneParish of MagheraJohn CooperFarmerAndrew Brooks?
866 Aug 1856Richard MayberryFullBachelorLabourerDrumlamphWilliam MayberryLabourerRobert McGaw
Margaret McIntyreFullSpinsterNoneDrumlamphHugh McIntyreLabourerWilliam McIntyre
952 Jan 1857Daniel ScottFullBachelorLabourerCulnadyJohn ScottLabourerWilliam Kane28
Elizabeth KaneFullSpinsterNoneCulnadyJohn KaneLabourerThomas Hutchinson
969 Jan 1857Archibald GrahamFullBachelorWeaverBallynacrossRobert GrahamFarmerWilliam Anderson
Isabella CaskeyFullSpinsterNoneBallynacrossFrancis CaskeyLabourerWilliam Kane
1059 Jul 1857David BoydFullBachelorFarmerCulnadyHugh BoydFarmerWilliam Kane
Sarah LongFullSpinsterNoneCulnadySamuel LongFarmerRobert Mc?
24 Nov 1857John ClarkeFullBachelorSoldierCurrinJohn ClarkeFarmerWilliam Kane
Rachel KennedyFullSpinsterNoneCurrinJohn KennedyFarmerCharles Kennedy
11920 Feb 1858Andrew LyleFullWidowerFarmerAghagaskin, Parish of MagherafeltJohn LyleFarmerWilliam Kane
Charlotte BuntingFullSpinsterNoneToberhead, Parish of MagheraThomas Bunting?Robert McGaw?
1203 Mar 1858Robert KaneFullBachelorShoemakerTamneymullanFrank KaneFarmerRifleman? Kane
Matilda MehargFullSpinsterNoneMagheraJohn MehargFarmerJohn Wilson
1232 Sep 1858William DavidsonFullBachelorFarmerDerryganard, Parish of LissanRobert DavidsonFarmerWilliam Kane
Elizabeth ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneGulladuff, Parish of MagheraThomas ClarkeFarmerWilliam Knight
1293 Mar 1859James ConnorFullBachelorFarmerTamneymullanJames ConnorFarmerWilliam Kane
Matilda DunlopFullSpinsterNoneSwatragh, Parish of KillyleaghCharles DunlopFarmerEdmond Dunlop
12 Nov 1860David ClarkeFullBachelorFarmerDrumuckJames ClarkeFarmerAndyO'Kane
Margaret Eliza StonesFullSpinsterNoneSlatabogeyEdward StonesLabourerFrancis McGuigan
14919 Apr 1861Benjamin ScottFullBachelorFarmerParish of Tamlaght O'CrillyThomas ScottFarmerWilliam Kane
Mary Ann BrownFullSpinsterNoneParish of MagheraThomas BrownFarmerWilliam Brown
1541 Aug 1861Joseph WarnockFullBachelorFarmerRock, Parish of Desertcreat? TyroneJoseph WarnockFarmerHugh Wilson?
Jane PhillipsFullSpinsterNoneBallinahone, Parish of MagheraThomas PhillipsFarmerJohn ??
15728 Aug 1861William McCleanFullBachelorFarmerBallinahone, Parish of MagheraJames McCleanFarmerRobert McGaw
Esther HunterFullSpinsterNoneBallinahone, Parish of TermoneenyJames HunterFarmerSamuel Lyle
16018 Dec 1861John PhillipsFullBachelorFarmerBallinahoneThomas PhillipsFarmerWilliam Kane
Fanny YoungFullSpinsterNoneCalmoreWilliam YoungFarmerRobert Patterson
16221 Jan 1862Hugh PattersonFullBachelorFarmerCulnadyWilliam PattersonFarmerWilliam Kane
Mary Jane HustonFullSpinsterNoneBallymacilcurr??Thomas HuestonFarmerThomas Huston
169?23 Oct 1862William HunterFullWidowerPensioner? Peuseon?BallymacpeakeRichard HunterRevenue? OfficerWilliam Kane
Jane GrahamFullWidowNoneBallymacpeakeRobert GrahamShoemakerRobert Stewart
17219 Nov 1862John Porter21BachelorFarmerCurranWilliam PorterWeaverJohn Nugent
Nancy Hughes23SpinsterNoneRocktownHenry HughesFarmerJohn Wilson
17320 Nov 1862John ClarkeFullBachelorFarmerMagheraRobert ClarkeShoemakerWilliam Kane
Mary Scales20SpinsterNoneCrewThomas ScalesFarmerAlexander Clarke
17830 Jun 1863Alexander PorterFullBachelorFarmerKillynumber, Parish of KilcronaghanJohn PorterFarmerAlexander Porter
Mary Anne McKinneyFullSpinsterNoneBallinahoneAlexander McKinneyFarmerDebey/Deluy? McKinney
1798 Jan 1864David PorterFullBachelorLabourerSlattybogieWilliam PorterWeaverWilliam Kane
Jane HammondFullSpinsterNoneSlattybogieBernard HammondWeaverSamuel Anderson
18021 Jan 1864Robert HunterFullBachelorLabourerKnocknakielt, Parish of TermoneenyAlexander HunterLabourerThomas Calcutt
Elizabeth GivenFullSpinsterNoneMagheraJames GivenLabourerKnox Homall??
185?22 Jul 1864Alexander PhillipsFullBachelorFarmerBallinahoneJohn PhillipsFarmerAdam Phillips
Maria McKinneyFullSpinsterNoneMagheraArchibald McKinneyFarmerWilliam John Crockett
19021 Sep 1865James CaldwellFullBachelorSoldierMagheraJohn CaldwellUnknownJames Clarke
Margaret ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneMagheraRobert ClarkeShoemakerRobert Clarke
1916 Oct 1865John ScottMinorBachelorLabourerCulnadyJohn ScottFarmerJoseph Marshall
Mary Ann SmythMinorSpinsterNoneBeaghJames SmythFarmerWilliam Scott
2004 May 1866John HillFullBachelorFarmerParish of DesertoghillNeil HillFarmerThomas Hill
Catherine PhillipsFullSpinsterNoneBallinahoneThomas PhillipsFarmerJohn Phillips
20111 Oct 1866Samuel HunterFullBachelorLabourerCulnadyAlexander HunterLabourerWilliam Kane
Isabella CartonFullSpinsterNoneSlattybogieWilliam CartonLabourerFrancis McGuigan
20218 Oct 1866William ScottFullBachelorLabourerCulnadyJohn ScottFarmerWilliam Bradley
Bridget McAnollaFullSpinsterNoneTirgarvilJames McAnollaFarmerNancy Ewing
20714 Feb 1867Samuel StockmanFullWidowerFarmerTullyheronRobert StockmanLabourerEliza Shiels
Isabella ClarkeFullSpinsterNoneBallynockGeorge ClarkeFarmerWilliam Shiels
21 Feb 1867Thomas S. AshFullBachelorGentleman J.P.Manor House, MagherafeltGeorge AshClergyman? Hamilton Clark
Eliza Hall ClarkFullSpinsterNoneLargantogherJames J ClarkEsquire, J.P.Frances Clark Hall
2413 Aug 1872William PorterFullBachelorFarmerBallynacrossWilliam PorterLabourerFrancis McGuigan
Jane ElliotFullSpinsterNoneBallynacrossThomas ElliotLabourerThomas Elliot
8 Aug 1872Francis KaneFullBachelorFarmerTamneymullinFrancis KaneFarmerJohn Kane
Mary Annie KaneFullSpinsterNoneCalmore, Parish of KilcronaghanGeorge KaneFarmerBella Kane
13 May 1879Andrew DohertyFullBachelorLabourerCulnadyWilliam DohertyLabourerWilliam Scott
Elizabeth ScottFullSpinsterNoneDreenanThomas ScottLabourerLavinia McMullan
25 Sep 1882James ScottFullBachelorLabourerDreenanThomas ScottLabourerAndrew Doherty
Margaret JohnstonFullSpinsterNoneMoneysharvinRobert JohnstonFarmerMargaret Doherty
3914 Oct 1882William MontgomeryFullBachelorFarmerCulnadyShaw MontgomeryFarmerThomas McGinnis
Margaret PorterFullSpinsterNoneCulnadyRobert PorterLabourerMary Anne Clarke
4115 Feb 1883Shaw MontgomeryFullBachelorFarmerCulnadyShaw MontgomeryFarmerArchibald Patton
Margaret ShepperdFullSpinsterNoneBallymacilcurr?James ShepperdFarmerMary Shepperd
4328 Aug 1883Robert PorterFullBachelorLabourerCulnadyRobert PorterLabourerRobert Carmichael
Elizabeth CarmichaelFullSpinsterNoneCurragh?Hugh? CarmichaelFarmerRobert Wilson
4511 Oct 1883James ScottFullBachelorFarmerDungladyMatthew ScottFarmerWilly John Forkhill
Anna Maria CrockettFullSpinsterNoneMagheraJames CrockettFarmerEliza Jane Crockett
6512 Apr 1889James BlackFullBachelorBakerMagheraThomas BlackGardenerWilliam Porter
Annie Porter20?SpinsterNoneMagheraRobert PorterCarpenterAgnes Hamill
6816 May 1890John PorterFullBachelorScutcherCulnadyRobert PorterLabourerAlex Hunter
Catherine HunterFullSpinsterServantCulnadyJohn HunterLabourerMatilda Hunter
7331 Mar 1891William John Hunter22BachelorFarm ServantThe CrewJohn HunterLabourerWilliam Armstrong
Sarah Gibson22SpinsterFarm ServantDrumnacanon, Parish of Tamlaght O'CrillyRobert GibsonLabourerMargaret Elizabeth Hunter
767 Jan 1892John QuinnFullWidowerFarmerCraigmoreNeally QuinnFarmerWilliam Flowers?
Isabella PalmerFullSpinsterNoneTullyheronWilliam PalmerFarmerCharlotte Palmer
7918 Feb 1892John JohnstonFullBachelorFarmerSlattybogieRobert JohnstonFarmerRobert John Lindsay
Elizabeth HunterFullSpinsterNoneDrumlamphRobert HunterFarmerRoseanna Thompson
8215 Nov 1892John ScottFullBachelorDyer?CulnadyJohn ScottLabourerRobert Lindsey
Anne MartinMinorSpinsterDomestic ServantAt Mrs Poole's, Maghera - Parents living at DrumardRobert John MartinLabourerRobert John Martin
9130 Aug 1894Alexander BradleyFullBachelorFarmerDrumard, Parish of TermoneenyJoseph BradleyFarmerEdward Clarke
Eliza Jane CrocketFullSpinsterNoneMagheraJames CrockettPublican and GrocerRose Ann Clarke
9718 Nov 1895Thomas ScottFullBachelorLabourerCulnadyDaniel ScottLabourerJames Lindsay
Jane MulhollandMinorSpinsterNoneEden Parish of TermoneenyJames MulhollandLabourerMargaret Scott
10530 Mar 1897James MichaelFullBachelorLinen LapperKillymuckAlex MichaelLabourerJohn Audy??
Isabella CanningFullSpinsterNoneUpperlandsRobert CanningLabourerMatilda Kissick
114Jul-19-1900David HenryFullBachelorForeman Linen DyerUpperlandsRobert HenryLabourerSamuel Bovill
Sarah Barker GrahamFullSpinsterNoneKillymuckJohn GrahamLabourerSarah Donaldson
117May-15-1901Robert HunterFullBachelorFarm LabourerCulnadySamuel HunterLabourerAnne Field
Mary Ann YoungFullSpinsterNoneCrewGeorge YoungLabourerHugh Field
124Jan-01-1903John BlackFullBachelorLabourerInnishrushJohn BlackLabourerTom Scott
Mary ScottFullSpinsterServantCulnadyAdam ScottLabourerRebecca Parke
125Feb-12-1903John LamontFullBachelorMill WorkerTirgarvilRobert LamontScutcherJoseph Lamont
Jane ScottFullSpinsterScutcherCulnadyAndrew ScottScutcherRebecca Parke
126May-21-1903Edward ClarkeFullBachelorFarmerDrumuckDavid ClarkeFarmerHugh Riddell
Martha DowningFullSpinsterDressmakerDreenanJohn DowningFarmerEliza Jane Stewart
159Feb-11-1913Hugh Alexander KaneFullBachelorMerchantMagheraFrancis KaneFarmerNone
Elizabeth GrahamFullSpinsterNoneCraigmoreJohn GrahamFarmerNone
160Jul-03-1913Thomas James ScottFullBachelorCloth Presser?CraigmoreJames ScottFarmerSamuel Palmer
Margaret CushleyFullSpinsterNoneUpperlandsJohn CushleyFarmerMary Elizabeth Cushley
162Jul-09-1914Robert Porter22BachelorLabourerCulnadyJohn PorterLabourerJoseph Hill
Agnes Turkington18SpinsterNoneUpperlandsGeorge TurkingtonLinen Cutter?Eliza Ramsey
168Oct-22-1914Alexander MontgomeryFullBachelorLinen BeetlerCulnadyWilliam MontgomeryFarmerEdward Montgomery?
Elizabeth Paul GrahamFullSpinsterDomestic ServantTirgarvilDavid GrahamFarmerEliza Montgomery?
169Nov-26-1914Benjamin ScottFullBachelorFarm LabourerCrewThomas ScottFarmerThomas Scott
Martha StockmanFullSpinsterNoneTullyheronGeorge StockmanRural PostmanSamuel Stockman
179Jun-14-1917John Scott22BachelorLabourerCulnadyWilliam Scott??
Martha Crossett19SpinsterNoneCulnadyRobert Crossett??
185Apr-01-1918Gawn Graham34BachelorDraper271 Springfield Road, BelfastSamuel GrahamFarmerW R Workman
Isabella Agnes Bradley22SpinsterNoneMagheraAlex BradleyMerchantIsabella A Scott

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

(with thanks to Jackie Jones for permitting access to the records)

St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland

St Lurachs Old Church, Magherast-lurachs-church-front-sd-lytlest-lurachs-church-of-ireland-circa-1905st-lurachs-church-of-ireland-maghera-by-morren-copyright-walton

The Church of St. Lurach and associated religious sites in the Maghera area can be said to be the foundation stone that the town was built on. In fact, the name Maghera is derived from the Irish Machaire Rátha meaning “plain of the fort”. However this is itself derived from the older name for the parish, Ráth Lúraigh, meaning “Lúrach’s fort”. One manuscript states that Lúrach was from Ráith, which hints at an even earlier name for the parish before Lúrach’s name was suffixed to it. A Rath or fortified homestead would make sense when you consider that Lurach was of the family of Colla Uais, King of Ireland and they were local chieftains and held a degree of political importance in the area, with seven descendants of Lúrach’s father Cuanu being kings of Airgíalla. There is circumstantial evidence to place their seat of power at Ráth Lúraigh.

Lúrach mac Cuanach was himself the 6th-century patron of the eccesliastical parish, with the local parish church which he is credited with founding, St. Lurachs, named after him. His connection with early Christianity is most probably gained from his Uncle (his mother’s brother) St. Patrick himself. Lurach was nicknamed “Lurach of the poems” and was bishop of Derrygloran, County Derry. St’ Lurach’s church is the centre of a monastic settlement which also includes the monastery (later church) on the Mullagh hill and the convent at the Grillagh.

St. Lurach’s church was plundered by Vikings in 832 according to the Annals of Ulster, and in 1135 was one of several churches burnt down during a period of internecine wars. The ruins of the medieval church still stand in the town of Maghera in the townland of Largantogher, with the earliest remaining sections dating to between the 10th and 12th centuries. Within the old church there is a beautiful carving of the crucifixion, which is thought to date from the 10th Century, but the church is of varying ages of construction; the tower, for example, dates to the 17th or 18th Century. The east end was built about the year 1790 at the expense of the parish of Killelagh, which at that time was united with Maghera. This is therefore a very ancient and historically colourful site.

In 1111, the parish of Maghera was incorporated into the diocese of the Cinéal Eoghain, the seat of which was located at Ardstraw. In 1150 however the seat was transferred to Maghera, until 1254 when after complaints of its isolation from the “mainstream of civilisation” it was removed to Derry.

As a result of the Plantation of Ulster in 1606, the lands of the parish of Maghera were divided among three of the London livery companies, namely, the Drapers, Mercers, and Vintners and a large portion of land around the modern settlement of Maghera was given over to the Established Church.[

The Old church continued in use until 1819 when it was dismantled and part of the stones used to build the new church just across the road. It has always been speculated that there were tunnels emanating from the old church to various parts including the Mullagh hill, St. Lurach’s well etc. The Presbyterian church is close to old St. Lurach’s and when the foundations were being dug for the new Presbyterian church, a workman’s shovel fell down into a cavity. This hole was then investigated and a subterranean room was found in which wsas discovered a wooden watering can, a book and the remnants of an old turf fire. Clearly the room has been occupied at some time unknown.

St. Lurach’s Baptism records 1786-1838

St. Lurach’s Baptism records 1840-1867

St. Lurach Marriage records 1845 to 1918

St. Lurach’s funeral records


Church and Civil Records

Carson Memorial Baptist Church (McWhinney)Bellaghy St Mary's ChapelSt. Patrick's (Glen) ChapelSt Lurachs Old Church, MagheraSt. Swithin's Church c1910St. Patrick's Church Of Ireland, Kilrea 2

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Magherafelt District Registrar Marriage Records

Moneymore First Presbyterian Church

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St. Lurach’s Church of Ireland

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