Hugh Cunningham’s Horse Stolen

Belfast Newsletter 11th February 1785
A HORSE, the property of Hugh Cunningham, near Maghera, county L:Derry, strayed or stolen out of his stable, on the night of Tuesday the first instant: He is a dark bay, about 14 hands high, a few whit hairs in the forehead, black mane, and the hair off the tail, unskilfully cut so that the rump appears, well forehanded, hunter-made behind, travels well, and rising five years old.
Whoever returns said Horse to the present Sovereign of Armagh, to Thomas Campbell, Esq: of Moy, or to Hugh Cunningham, near Maghera, shall be generously rewarded; but for Horse and Thief, four guineas shall be given. Dated at Maghera this 7th day of Feb. 1785.