Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Marriages

Tamlaght O’Crilly Lower Marriages. A few marriage extracts.

No. Date Names Age Condition Occupation Residence Father’s Name Father’s Occupation Witnesses

30 Jul 1845 James Boyd Full Bachelor Shoemaker Glenone John Boyd Labourer _____
Esther Fowler Minor Spinster None Ahoghill _____ _____ _____

15 Apr 1850 Francis Boyd Full Widower Farmer Glenone John Boyd Farmer Henry Browne
Jane Price Full Spinster None Glenone James Price Pensioner James Price

10 Mar 1851 James Stewart Full Bachelor Farmer Glenone James Stewart Farmer Robert Proctor?
Elizabeth Sloan Full Spinster None Glenone Charles Sloan Farmer David Sloan

1 Jul 1858 John Gamble Full Bachelor Labourer Glenone Frank Gamble Labourer William West
Ellen Boyd Full Spinster None Glenone John Boyd Farmer James Lyons

23 Aug 1860 John Boyd Full Bachelor Labourer Glenone John Boyd Farmer William John McClelland
Ellen Jane Tilly Full Spinster Servant Portglenone James Tilly Office Clerk Jane Menoimee?

7 Apr 1864 Henry Boyd full Bachelor Shoemaker Glenone John Boyd Farmer William French
Mary Keenan full Spinster none Glenone James Keenan Farmer Samuel Preston

14 May 1891 James Rodgers Full Bachelor Servant Glenone William Rodgers Farmer Thomas Wilson
Martha Boyd Full Spinster None Glenone James Boyd Farmer Isabella Campbell

86 Aug 3rd 1892 John Waring Scott Full age Bachelor Farmer Tyanee William Scott Farmer David Robinson
Anne Ellen Campbell Full age Spinster – Tyanee James Campbell Farmer Minnie Elizabeth Campbell

98 June 10th 1902 Robert Richardson Hunter 22 Bachelor Laburer Culnady Parish of Maghera John Hunter Labourer Lizzie Holmes
Catherine Holmes 18 Spinster – Innishrush James Holmes Labourer Thomas Graham

5 April 15th 1908 William James Gamble Full Bachelor Farmer Innisrush Co. Derry James Gamble Farmer Willial Gamble
Mary Doole Full Spinster – Tyanee Co. Derry John Doole Farmer Lizzie Doole

6 April 21st 1908 Robert Henderson Full Bachelor Constable R.I.C. Brickfield Barrracks Belfast David Henderson Farmer Samue L Chambers Maggie Hastings
Jane Hastings Full Spinster – Innisrush Thomas Hastings Farmer Mary Hamilton A Henderson

9 August 9th 1912 John Miller Full Bachelor Joiner Glenone House Portglenone John Miller Workhouse Master James Barkley
Mary Jane Stewart Full Spinster – Portglenone David Stewart Lab. Minnie Scott

16 29th March 1917 Joseph Johnston Full Bach. Insurance Agent Gortamey Tobermore Co. Derry John Johnston Farmer George Johnston
Louisa Irene Scott 19 Spinster – Tyanee Portglenone Co. Antrim James Scott Farmer Elizabeth Scott

19 22nd March 1921 Joseph Moore 25 Bachelor Labourer Innishrush James Moore Labourer Andrew Moore
Helen Maud Robinson 27 Spinster _ Glenone Thomas Robinson Labourer Susan Robinson

20 31st March 1921 James Richard Mulholland Full Bachelor Farmer Eden Beresford Mulholland Farmer James Pinkerton Greer
Sara Maria Black Full Spinster – Eden William Jas Black Farmer Isabella Black

Transcribed by Denver Boyd

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  1. I can’t read the letters as they all are broken up and read from top down

    I am looking for Robert Bellingham married to Mary McCord. Living at Monisyallin township and my grandmothers birth was registered at Tamlaght o Crilley … I would love to find the house which I suspect was on Monasyllin road towards tamlaght o crilley . I do hope to visit again this year
    Thank you Maureen

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